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REVIEWS OF 21 Club IN New Jersey

Cheryl Kastner

Disappointing for a well known and pricey iconic restaurant. It is a pretty place. Food was nothing special. Waiter was mediocre although other staff that were part of the team were good. Did not live up to what I was expecting at all. Much better choices in the area!

Dino Rivera

Old world perfection. The food is terrific, and the service flawless. Every time I go, the people who work there always make me feel so welcome and missed. The decor is quaint and fun. Always busy with a well healed crowd so best to make reservation.

Lavina Birbal

Overall disappointing. The staff is exceptional, dinner however was extremely underwhelming.

Cristina Lucas

Love the Atmosphere


Just 5 star for everything. Great historical bar

Cara l

A truly special experience visiting a landmark with such amazing food and ambiance!!

Mark Kraus

Everything you expect from a, high end restaurant!

Donald Jay Byers

Old school....if you think the prices are too high......don't go. Enjoy the Clubby atmosphere.

David Garlinski

Classic NY Restaurant. The steak, wine and deserts were amazing

Benny Nieves

Awesome top notch venue. Food and drinks are fantastic.

Gregory Sanon

This place by far is the best establishment I’ve ever worked for. The staff, the people, the ambience... simply amazing to say the least. If this establishment decided to contact me In the future to come work for them, I would come back to NYC in a Heartbeat!!!!

Andy Benavidez

The staff at the 21 Club are top notch and extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They appear to have a genuine enjoyment of their work. The smoked salmon melts in your mouth and delivers a small piece of heaven. The filet mignon was ok but not at the same level. The blue cheese added a unique flavor but you will need to be careful on a wine pairing as it can become a distraction and not an enhancement. Kudos to Johnny for recommending the South African varietal that was a perfect compliment.

Andrew Yarger

Delightful service, charming atmosphere and tasty drinks.

Mauricio Manfredi

Especial for a early dinner before teather

Dirk Weiß

This place was awesome. Their food, staff, and service were fantastic. The atmosphere was nice and comfortable.


outstanding service, great food (dinner and dessert) - 100% old school class.

Ernst Goldman

The elevator took forever. Service folks were very awkward and barely spoke English and oddly didn't even ask me how I want my stake done and forgot to bring stake knife. Food was decent but very forgettable. Wine was of good quality. At the end of the dinner club hostess was very gracious, but dinner service overall was subpar.

Joe Berger

Old New Yor at it's finest.

charles carway

Very attentive / courteous staff, fine menu choices, vintage Manhattan ambience.

lisa shi

Great atmosphere for business meetings. A quite formal place with very attentive staff and high quality cuisine. I was full off my appetizer, and our waiter immediately replaced my plate and utensils for the entree course.

Rhonda warner

Happened upon this .. didn't have any idea what it was .. so I took a chance and went in and asked. .. they said it was a secret club during prohibition. One of the rich guys brought his own lawn jockey statue and then others did it .. and it became a thing. I gather its a nice restaurant and bar. we didn't eat or drink there .. but it looked really nice.

karla scimeca

Classic NYC eatery loved it then love it now.

Paula Zackeru

My boyfriend and I had a fabulous post-theatre dinner. We were seated at a cozy table for two. The food was delicious and the staff was wonderful. Special Kudos to Luciano and his informative tour and history of the 21Club and the wine cellar! We were the last guests to leave the restaurant that night. What a special treat and night!

Rebeca LInares

Classic and beautiful place. Very handsome guys and very kind. Costly but worthy.


Very cool spot. Food is really good! Very different, has a great history. Staff is really friendly and nice!

Cyril Uebbing

Nice Space

Caroline McGurk

One of my favorite places in midtown for a fun lunch or dinner. Nostalgic old trucks, planes and paraphernalia hanging from the roof of the dining area. great old school mad men feeling restaurant. also fun to just stop by the bar for drinks too. Just wear a jacket if you're a male as they have a strict dress code. no jeans. For women, business casual is fine. If you forget your jacket, they have extras!

John hale

One of the best and elite restaurants in NYC. Dress to impress and make a reservation if you decide to go. Highly recommend

Jon Smith

Believe it or not this is the top place in New York City time, if you want to know what a real steakhouse as you come here but it’s much more, it’s got fantastic food professional service, and when we were there we learned that the president it’s there on a regular basis so if it’s good enough for a president it’s certainly good enough for us, interesting but the hamburger is fantastic

Ian Tyack

Timeless classic New York bar and restaurant with history going back to the days of prohibition.

Oleg Lynch

This is an elegant place with excellent service, food and outstanding martinis. A great place for brunch or dinner with family, friends or partners. There is a dress code so please be alert. Enjoy the atmosphere and by the way here is a lovely steak tartare.

Marcello Scotton

good food and atmosphere but very expensive.

John David Olsen

It's always a pleasure to stop in to 21 for a drink when I'm in New York and this trip was no different. No, wait it was different, I actually went twice on this trip. The staff is always gracious and the 21 burger is amazing.

Alex Lopez Negrete

Always magnificent. Consistently unforgettable. Extraordinary service, food and very much a NYC classic.

Byron Munson

As an advocate of Belmonde I was expecting exceptional experience. My table instead encountered outdated approaches to hospitality and in appropriate judgement. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone visiting NYC. Instead invest your time in relevant 6 star dining experiences, not this outdated irrelevant offering. Cheers

Maria Math Tutor

An excellent experience. It is my first time in this restaurant during a restaurant week. The lunch menu was excellent, the service was excellent. It reminds me of the old beautiful NYC. I was happy to be there.

Lawrence Otter Esq

Great Manhattan near the fireplace.

Allen Root

Have steak tartare. Ask to see the speakeasy. It’s just a great piece of NY history. Investigate the Salvation Army events at Christmas - fun for year end parties or families. Pricey of course. I love 21.

Erik Parks

Great food in a unique setting. The "toys" hanging from the ceiling make the bar room a lot of fun. Get the steak tartare. Now it's on the menu.

Steven Margolin

Completely classic old-school vibe. Great food, better drinks

Brie L.


AJ Stribling

Class all the way, from the doorman to the maitre 'd to the wait staff. Nice quiet dining apart from the bustle of the main bar. Great to have career servers who actually care about making your experience memorable.

Diomedes Delgado

The best in downtown


The 21 Club is steeped in history, and centrally located in Mid-Town East(ish) at 6th Avenue. Past the Polo Ponies that line the outside, akin to an English Pub, or something you'd see in Palm Beach, is a front bar that's a nice combination of conservative lux, and approachable drinking. TUESDAY AFTER WORK, the crowd consisted of all - as in every single person - a Silver Foxes - (that is an attractive man of a certain age, and financial stature, wearing a dark blue, or black suit). Tables near the fireplace were reserved, but I eventually found a spot at a bar - height table. The service was impeccable, although not over - reaching. Original Remington sketches were hung inside, as I was informed by my guest. The men were polite, although not approachable. FRIDAY AFTERNOON, the crowd was more age, and ethnically diverse, with a young and attractive West African diplomate, Asian business woman, and others peppered amongst a spare helping of Caucasian men. COST: Drinks are moderately expensive, with a soda costing $7.00, including snacks. Pictured is a salmon lox platter (huge, and delicious looking), and fish dish ordered by a professional chef. I recommend the 21 Club, based on the front bar.

Diane Ashley

Attended a special dinner event. Wonderful food and service

Nikta Radfar

I took my boyfriend here for his birthday and we both absolutely adored it. The old-world wood-paneling, classic New York memorabilia, warm and friendly service, and unmatchable food were worth every penny spent.

Thomas Hegnauer

Cool place for a date night (no matter how long you've been together:-)) or family gathering! bar - quirky restaurant or posh dining, choice is yours. Reservation a must, celebrity spotting likely.

Kenneth Ho

You can't go wrong with the iconic 21 Club. Top notch decor and rich in history. Good drinks selection.

Rama Katta

Very interesting place. Ambience is great. On the expensive side but food quality is excellent. Jacket is required fo Men, if not they do provide one.

Diana Pineda

The place is worth a visit. They have the best service I have found in NYC. From the doorman and the host to the girl at the coat check-in, everyone is looking how to improve your visit. The food is very good, however there are better places to eat American food in NY. The wine list is so extensive and varied that it is fun just to read it. Decor is amazing! Read the "history" at their website before going. Definitively a memorable place!

Christine Jones

Such a shame should have been one of the highlights of our trip. Sadly a huge party came in just after we took our table and service was so bad we left after main course (We had ordered the summer 3 course special) waiters said we won't charge you for dessert you haven't received . So guess what they did??? Charged us for the courses separately so we paid more!!

Matt Perrone

Amazing service, delicious food and pretty cool decorations. The downstairs is where it's at, lots of neat things hanging from the ceiling or hung on the walls. This is a pretty upscale place, so make sure you dress up (jacket for guys). Truffle Mac and cheese, chicken paillard, and the cheesecake are the go to's here. The bar up top with the fireplace is a bit more of the upscale that you may be looking for. This is a good place to go out and celebrate if you're willing to spend a little excuse money.

Wyatt Jeffery

My girlfriend and I got a reservation for drinks here, and were treated like complete trash after the wait staff realized we were getting drinks! I could maybe understand the attitude if it was a busy night and we were taking up tablespace but this was on a Tuesday night and the restaurant wasn't even half full. The maitre'd and bartender we're even having a conversation trash-talking us at the bar close/loud enough for us to hear! They essentially had the attitude if we weren't willing to spend anywhere between $500 to $1,000 on a meal that we were disrespectful customers, this is all also after having confirmed reservations and also confirming that it would be okay for us to just get drinks at this place. I don't know if I will ever come back to this place because of how poorly I was treated, save your money and go to the Algonquin much better and much nicer wait staff.

Alicia Candi Ramdeo

Great location, good food, Excellent service, a piece of NY history.

Mark LoGiurato

A landmark for upscale dining in New York City. The food, the ambience, the staff, and the cocktails are all topnotch. The restaurant is curated with history on its walls and ceilings. Make reservations.

Marion Kabengele Lanouziere

No possible comparison in all New York.


Their steak Diane is the most delicious steak I’ve ever had. The caviar was also amazing. No other restaurant has been able to compare to it. The service is excellent, you can’t get customer service like this anymore.

Gabriela Rivera

I have gone many times even had my wedding reception and my mother's 50th and each time the food is heavenly and the staff above and beyond

Sil Curiati

Fun place and great food

Sebastian Anchaño

Nice and beautiful place, with good waiters and delicious food. It is expensive but worth it

Jerry Clark

Nice evening good food but very overpriced

Joseph Suh

This place has been unremarkable in food and service for a very long time. I asked for a table away from the kitchen traffic and they put us right next to the kitchen. The $70 Dover sole was chewy and over cooked. Apple tart was too sweet. The kale salad and bread were excellent, however. This place is not terrible but it's overpriced for what you get in terms of food and service. It's surviving on reputation alone.

Barry Korn

The Lounge is a great place for drinks and light bite. Staff terrific.

Peter Wilhelm

Top five restaurant in NYC, year in and year out. Never disappoints. Always amazing.

Francis Duffy

One of a kind....a NYC treasure for over 75 years....the history of power and success in America can find it's roots here.

Arthur Greyf DDS, FICOI

New York Institution. Great food, terrific service tons of history.

Luca Avalle

Place to go for a classy dinner thinking about Betty and Humphrey

Yolanda Espejo

The service is on point , gracious,and impeccable. The bartender Jason was engaging and knowledgeable. The "bar food" was delicious. Lovely experience!

Kreshnik Musa

Nice staff, and great food!

Todd Lewis

Gourmet delight. BEST NY strip I've eaten. Wonderful apps. Great service

Carol Rooney

You MUST eat here! A Bucket List place. An culinary experience!

Dwayne Perry

Tremendous in every way

Carlos Flores

The dishes served were messy, and not appealing. Very bland. Need to work on better entrees, etc.

Olivia Johnson

place was very dirty when I came in. There was napkins and straws on the floor. tables were not even cleaned! disgusting

S Sosrodjojo

Most definitely a bucket list restaurant. Great service and food. We asked for some of the history and Nick the manager came over to our table. He took the already great night and made it better than we could of imaged. It wasn't just the stories but how he told them. Anyone thinking of stopping by should ask for Nick during their visit. I can't wait to return. Thank you Flavio, Nick and team!

Brayden Mora

We had dinner at 21 Club recently, as part of Restaurant Month. When you arrive you are instantly taken by the exterior, with jockey replicas lining the stairs and the balcony. There is a bar area just within where you can have a casual drink and enjoy bar food. If you want to eat at the restaurant, gentlemen have to wear a jacket. The ceiling is adorned with planes and all manner of paraphernalia - quite amazing and quirky. The meal was most enjoyable and they also recognized the fact that it was our first wedding anniversary.

Liliana C.

Excellent service. The place was full during evening so I assume is better to book in advance. The food was tasty. Recommend the local burger!

Buzze Hendrix

Decor is great. Food was good. Amazing wine list. Great staff

Charlie Shay

21 Club, with its rich history and unique decor, definitely has a lot of character. The place has quite an old school, exclusive club vibe. Food here is nothing short of wonderful, although I can't say if they justify the price tag. Service is a bit of a mixed bag. The staffs are professional and courteous, but I felt the efficiency was lacking. Nonetheless, it is worth the experience.

Linda Froccaro

Good food, good service, good ambience.

Ivan Figueroa

Best experience ever! Me and wife came here from Arkasas the services was top notch.

Lori Ross Artist

One of my favorite places in NYC. Food is amazing highly recommend cavier and crab and the 21 burger is the best! Consistently wonderful service. Love love love 21 Club!

Jeffrey Paine

Incredible service, amazing staff, fantastic ambiance. The 21 Club is my favorite restaurant in all of New York

Peter Lucey

A True American Classic - the best drinks, the best food, the best service anywhere.


The atmosphere is a black tie/black dress. With a call-reminder about a jacket upfront. After that it's strange to see messy looking collect pieces hanging off the ceiling. I was wondering how many spiders are working there to keep all that museum dust away of my plate. Napa Cab. Full-body was fantastic! The rabbit was boneless and amazing (thanks God didn't match the casual collection!) Scallops were average.

Michael Cooper

Iconic restaurant of old New York. Food, atmosphere and history of the club are fabulous.

Dan Bergey

Wow is the best way to express this place. Service is second to none!

Ayush S

Good formal setting and professional staff. Good history as well.

Roy Currlin

Expensive and worth it. End of story.

James Thorsen

NYC experience non pariel.

Lisa Wheeler

Great ambiance. Wonderful, attentive service. Loved the menu. The crab cake is the best I've ever had. So moist. The sauce was flavorful and complimentary to the seafood. The sommelier was fabulous and picked one if the best Super Tuscans. I can't wait to find this wine at my wine store back home! The coq au vin was very flavorful, but a little dry. My partner loved his chicken hash, but it was a bit bland for me. The midnight chocolate cake brought it all back. Amazing!! The presentation was something our of a East Coast foodie magazine. Didn't want to touch it! The chocolate and the ice cream were absolutely a perfect combo. I'm already planning my next trip back!

Nick Kerins-Mills

Absolutely brilliant.

Benjamin Romero

OMG. 1st 5 star handed out. As advertised. A Historical experience. There is something but walking where the greats walked.

Corey Scott

I stopped in for a pre-dinner cocktail with my wife. The drinks were generous, servers were attentive and crowd was friendly. We couldn't have dinner here, that night. We plan to come back for dinner the next time were in town.

Michael Bellantoni

Cool NYC landmark known for its speak easy roots and tartare

Melissa Natale

outstanding service, food, and history. love it.

Ronald Foster

A beautiful place to relax with friends

David Mccreery

One of the best evenings of my life.

Tony O'Shea

Very fine establishment near Rockefeller Centre. Hi class excellent service. Happy to spend a few hours there having wine and cheese

Vincent Reynaud

Loved it. Yes it is a pricy place but compare to some other places it was definitely reasonable. Food was delicious, the service was perfect, the actual place was so interesting and unique. We had a fantastic time and will definitely come back. Oh one thing, you need a jacket! I didn't know and they gave me one, which i am not a fan of but there are rules and this is my fault for not knowing

Tricia Fowley

Excellent as always

Olive Catill

The service was wonderful and the servers were incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating. I really enjoyed eating here. The food was good and flavorful, it came out quick. The ambiance is very calming and comforting. Be back for sure!

Thomas Ollquist

A real New York experience....

Art cuesta

Hey! 21!! When are you going to reopen? This is one of the last great institutions in New York. Why is it taking so long to reopen?? Mr. Prez, you are a frequent patron. Can you help and get our favorite NY spot reopened?

Chris Collins

Great experience will be coming back for sure

Elizabeth Bean

Iconic American restaurant that represents all that is this great country. Staff, food, and ambience make this a unique, only in America fine dining experience.

Scoob Doo

Excellent corporate meeting place, which provides a quality lunch and excellent bar for post corporate wrap up and review sessions.

Gregg Lanez

Great food and service. The pineapple pannacotta is my favorite dessert.

Michael Dinneen

We held a fabulous rehearsal dinner here before my sons wedding. 10 stars!!

Kit Menkin

Have come here every time we visit New York. We were here right before Christmas with a price fixe menu to hear the Salvation Army sing Christmas songs, which many of the crowd joined in (they gave out the Christmas songs lyrics in small pamphlet). We were a family of seven with Sue's daughter, her husband, and two children joining us in this trip to New York. The drinks are always excellent, as well as the food and service. Some say it is expensive, but we feel you get what you pay for! I had the steak tartar, several had steaks, and we all had different deserts. It certainly was a memorable experience.

Loren Myers

The spirit of Christmas captured in a restaurant! Could not be happier with the service, food, and atmosphere

Nelson Lai

We come during restaurant week. I took some employees here.

Brian Rudowski

Great service, food was ok, nothing special. Kind of a tourist trap. Over priced for what you get.

Moore McMahon

Simply the best classic restaurant in America!

Jonathan Spangler Bean

A purely American restaurant. Defines the term.

John Cooney

Classic New York experience. Great food and service.

Andrew Schott

Consistently amazing dining experience.

Kiran Mandhadi

I was excited to visit this place for lunch. We've made reservations couple of days in advance. Everything about this restaurant felt OK. Food was ok. Ambience was ok. There were too many things hanging around everywhere. It was bit crowded and noisy. Customer service was good though. Not a typical restaurant targeting millennials I guess.

Maria Celine

Really nice experience came here with me and my girlfriends they was very sweet they were so kind they even gave us all each a glass of champagne for free thought that was very nice of them and it was my friends birthday so she was very please with that thank you so much will always be coming back

Hetal Bhuta

We, being new here, weren't really aware of any places for food as such, so we were exploring places on Zomato and came across this place Club 21 and we had merely seen the pictures of it's ambience and we instantly decided that this going to be the place that we'd really love to visit. No camera can do justice to this beautiful place. The ambience is beyond perfection. The food is Superb. We had a burger and a soft mousse like dessert with two strawberries.

Anne Fernandena

We stopped in for a quick drink and were escorted to the "standing bar" as the regular bar was full. Jason the bartender took great care of us and had fun telling us about all the artifacts hanging from the ceiling. The food looked amazing! While we were there several tables ordered wine to be decanted and it was fun to see it happen the traditional way over a candle. We'll definitely go back for dinner.

Maria Mekas

Went for rehearsal dinner. Loved the old school New York feel. Amazing cocktails, shrimp, dessert and espresso!

Eleanor Owens

Everything I expected. We had 5:30 reservation for dinner before a show. Had a drink at the back bar...a beautiful smokey rioja. At 5:30 promptly we were seated in Charlie Allen's corner us the perfect view to watch the whole restaurant. I took advantage of the Restaurant Week menu and ordered the goat cheese ravioli, Berkshire pork loin and cheesecake. Everything was amazing! I wish the ravioli was an entree because I could've eaten an entire plate full. The cheesecake was the best I've had. Creamy and melted in your mouth. Again...I could've eaten an entire plate full. The staff were extremely empty glass or plate didn't sit for more than a couple of minutes. I wanted an old NY experience...and I got it.

Lyssa Tineo

Clean environment nice staff

Chele Hipp

Can’t say enough good about enjoying a meal here. So much atmosphere and absolutely delicious food to boot.

Lauren C

Came here for restaurant week with my sister, made a reservation in advance so I didn't expect a wait of at least 15 minutes when we arrived. Great ambiance though the food wasn't anything out of the ordinary. All in all, you are dining at a historical landmark, take in your surroundings and enjoy all the decors. Be prepared to spend over $80 on lunch, though this pricetag is nothing considering the clientele there.

Dave K

Food was great. Service impeccable. Great wine list and the theatre offering menu was outstanding.


I visit the restaurant 3 months ago with my daughter and my wife..the service was mediocre because I'm assuming the server didn't put attention to our request, my filet mignon was overcooked and I requested medium , he took it back and brought it back completely rare.. I couldn't enjoy the dinner with my family because of this detail, I wasn't gonna keep returning the steak , it was frustrating. The burger that my daughter order was good but the fries were too salty. This was my second time coming here but this second time was not a good experience for us . It's a shame because this service is not as expected from an iconic and historical restaurant like 21. I just wanna to share my experience.

Bob B

Always a classic!

Richard Carlo

Stunning Food and great quality is what you get when you come to 21 Club to eat, #1 Chefs on site and the service is Second to none.

Alex Jemetz

High-end, old school, excellent service restaurant. A great place to go for a celebration. Lots of families and kid friendly. Tremendous wine list and accomodative staff. Unbelievable Dover sole, delicious steaks and burger. Very tast ceasar salad.

Clare Hirrel

Amazing, fantastic, wonderful food, great in every way.. it's a must visit, but book beforehand.

Dana Montante

Came in for dinner with my son. This was our first time dining at 21 but will not be our last. We were happily greeted at the door and immediately felt welcomed. Once seated our waiter seemed to be having a bit of an off night & was super unpleasant. I was irritated as I really wanted to enjoy this night with my son. The General Manager, Teddy stopped by our table and I mentioned my disappointment with the waiter. We ended up with a different waiter (exceptional I will say) and from that moment forward Teddy made it a point to make us feel special. I will definitely return and will refer to others. FOOD & DRINK were GREAT!

Nayeem Mian Siddique


Reinard Volschenk

Incredible beef cheeks!

Osais 56

AWFUL! Absolutely terrible customer service, when I called in to cancel my reservation 10 min after I reserved it, the customer service employe talking to me was treating me as if I was a child saying stuff like “mmmmhhh ok your the guy who called” “okayyyyyy perfect so your cancelling huhhhhh?” She had a very sarcastic voice and as I was speaking she was cutting me and saying “ok ok ok” all the time which is disrespectful especially if it’s a fine restaurant employee. 21 club if your reading this fix this issue please and have a better reputation for customer service.

Tom Moncho

Iconic and beautiful. Great food. Love the wine cellar.

rhea bell

Food wad amazing, service was good. Not too busy. Great service and music, but could use a few more beers on the list. Overall great place. I highly recommend this company. Excellent food!

Melissa Heintjes

Less than impressed! A mediocre filet mignon- undercooked and most definitely underseasoned. The champagne recommended was decent, though not the "queen's drink" we were promised. The BEST sell-out move was the over-zealous bartender that bragged about a private tour of a "speak-easy/prohibition style- 2 and half-ton wine cellar door" that we would NEVER receive (after being promised by three staff members!.) Don't waste your time or your money. $550 you will never get back.

Amanda Zukofski

One of my favorite restaurants in the city! Great for special occasions. Service and atmosphere are always incredible. I highly recommend the steak tartare, escargot and pommes soufflées. Cocktails are always a bit heavy handed, too. Go early and grab a drink at the bar before your reservation.

Virginia Watkins

Our first visit was the most enjoyable- the service was exceptional, and the food was very good. Judging by the firs experience, this restaurant remains on top!

Rich Giarrusso

Perennial power lunch spot. Classic menu.

Thomas Wyse

One of my all time favourite New York venues. The service is impeccable, the venue like no other and I can never go past the burger!!!

Maria Picciano

Very impressive, especially all of the toys on the ceiling. Excellent service, pleasant staff. Old school bartenders.

Katherine Kibler

Incredible food and atmosphere

Melvin Bonilla

Great place.

Valerie Duffy

Perfect preconcert meal. The bar is terrific - generous and perfectly prepared cocktails. The restaurant has wonderful waitstaff ready to serve the delicious food. The prix fixe menu was just the right amount of food! Will definitely be back! Really felt pampered!

JaVonne Harley

Good food, excellent service

Alexandra M. Yarger

We went to the lounge for a drink to escape the weather. Service was great, drinks were delish. They even brought us out a surprise round of grapefruit cocktails. Try the pigs in a blanket.

Marie Stewart

I have been coming to 21 since I was six years old. The treatment today was inexcusable. A table for two next to a table for four max. They seated 20 people next to us. Discussed it beforehand within our hearing and destroyed what was a lovely experience. Warning!!!! They do not care about your long-time support only the $$$$$!!! This is inexcusable. We will not be back! Such a pity.

LoomRoger Sargent

This is a truly a great classic restaurant. The oysters were delightful. Tenderlon was cook to perfection.

Albert K

We had a party of 10 for 21 Club, and the experience was awesome. There was the Salvation Army there for Christmas caroling, which was an interesting experience. They went around to collect donations after. The menu was also pre-fixed. For the first starter, I got the Lobster Bisque (4.5/5). Then I got the duck (3/5) - great sized portions, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then I had the tiramisu (4/5). Overall, the food quality was high. They were very courteous, professional, and quick. The overall lunch took 2.5 hours, which was longer than expected, so keep that in mind. I would come back for business meetings for sure. Super swanky with a jacket required. There is a lot of old money in here!

Bonnie P.

Barely make it 3 stars! A bit disappointed, don't know if because restaurant week or so. But I would think they should keep up the reputation even if participating in restaurant week. Minimum effort of presentation, the food was mediocre. The pork was a bit dry. The service was very good though.

Andy Maynard

Dined at Trumps table. Great food good drinks.

Jared Malone

Ordered the steak tartare it was divine !!!! Loved it

george mcphillips jr

I have been going for years. Never disappoints

Jeremy Block

Great place for a fancy yet understated lunch. Remember the dress code and make reservations. Be sure to eat in the dining room.

Moe Thanks

Great experience! Ambiance was a hybrid between elegant and fun. Service was excellent, food was delicious and decor is wild and entertaining! I'll be back!

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