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REVIEWS OF Sake House IN New Hampshire

Jim McEwen

Some of my favorite guilty pleasures are from here! Good Chinese food!

Peter Kucmas

Great place for Chinese food and sushi. Sake House is our favorite place to visit for lunch, dinner or drinks. Fun for the family, with friends and or customers. Vast menu of great selections. Great service. Great takeout. Nice place for a table of 20 or just you. Enjoy

Chris LaFave


Martha Jacques

1/2 price sushi made while you wait on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Chris Eugley

Good food. Sushi is excellent too.


Chicken fingers were undercooked and got me very sick.


Great food, service, and friendly owners. We go there all the time.

val gerl

Love the food but one waitress has a bad attitude every time we go to eat there.

Gilad Erel

Un-proportional huge menu from 4 different kitchen but non quality dishes

K Corbit

Not a fan of the traditional offerings but the sushi is good as far as my poor palate can tell. I have to preface this by saying that New England Chinese food is vastly different from the rest of the country and this seems to be like something you would find outside of new england.


Great sushi and Mai Tai's!

Matthew Alsfeld

Food is hit or miss. Drinks are good.

Daniel Borrelli

Just not good any more, Food was just bad

wendy Crandlemere

That was the fastest Eva ;)

Dana Colburn

Both food and drinks very good as well as the service

Len Schein

Half price sushi Monday through Wednesday here is a great deal and their sushi is decent. The rest of their food is also pretty good. Nothing on some of the "higher end" Chinese restaurants like Lilac Blossom or Golden Koi but a great value for the price.

Warren Green

Excellent food and service!

Shelly McLaughlin

Poor food quality

Joe Whitmore

Half priced sushi is the reason we go. Standard selection, made fresh to order with some interesting specialty rolls. The rest of the menu is just so-so.

Amy Dally

Great place! The owner Jerry is so friendly and Kayleigh the bartender is the best!!!

Ashley Bailey Guelfi

Yummy food. 1/2 price sushi night Tue before 6pm. Some vegetarian options.

Therry Neilsen-Steinhardt

Terrifically inventive sushi, especially the wet Kiss roll. YUM YUM YUM! Don't miss their half-off sushi special on Mon Tues WED.

Cassie Lowman

I've been here once before on one of their discount days, but haven't been for quite some time since I don't eat out much anymore. However, I found out recently that they offer a take out option every day of the week and deliver on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. What's better than eating delicious sushi without having to leave the comfort of your own home? So last night we decided to treat ourselves after a long couple weeks and put together an order of maki rolls, edamame, and tempura vegetables. We placed the order online with ease and waited. They use Beyondmenu, so you can order from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone with or without an app. It was reasonably priced, the wait was a little long, but the food was excellent quality. We ordered on a Friday so we expected to have a long wait but it wasn't unreasonable; about 45 minutes to an hour but well worth it. And if you're a vegetarian, pregnant, or just don't like fish, there are plenty of options available. I don't particularly like fish and was very impressed with the selection of cooked crab and vegetarian sushi. My boyfriend does eat fish and was very happy with his meal as well.


Service is always prompt, professional, and with a smile. Half price days don't mean half the quality either, superb every time!

Kory Hopkins


Johna O'neil

Great food, good service!

John Folger

Beat Chinese in town, also great sushi!

Richard Heaps

Sushi is unknown but great.

Melissa Scheurich


Nathan Moreau

Good food staff has a little bit a of tough time understanding what your saying sometimes

Robert Maciorowski

No delivery on New Year's Eve. I placed my order at Wok Wok, which was willingly accepted!

kevin mellen

Awesome food and great service. Very friendly servers and customers.

Wmc Registrar

Slowest Sushi Chef this Side of Sapporo Went here on a Wednesday night for the 1/2 priced sushi. Arriving around 7:30, the place didn't seem all that busy, perhaps 2/3rds of the tables full. Our drinks were served rapidly and the hot appetizers. But our sushi....where oh where is the sushi? 8:45 a polite inquiry to the server bought lots of "so sorry, we're busy".... There is no excuse for this treatment of your dining-in customers. If you can't handle the demand, then don't offer the 1/2 price special. Or at least go find a sushi chef who can handle the workload. This place would be out of business in a week in any major city.

vikki Garceau

They don't deliver any more even though their Google page says they do.

audrey andresen

Nice place to eat, great food. Hibachi and sushi. Sushi cheaper during weekdays. Always fresh and always good. The best in Milford for sushi and Hibachi.

Ethan Howard

Staff was prompt and friendly. Food was delicious.

Zellah Moon

I like the staff. The bartender is adorable! The food is always good, too. This is a spot I meet friends at from time to time and we always enjoy it.

Belinda Jordan

Great food and people

Jennifer Gray

Was not greeted when we walked in, no heat on (10 degrees outside), then sat for 10 minutes and listened to the employees fight, before even coming over to us and asking if we wanted a drink. Another man waited longer then us, still had no drink. This is a Friday night, and nobody was in the restaurant. We left, nobody was there to say anything to us and went 1/2 mile down the road to Jade Dragon, greeted upon arrival, water, and great customer service. This was my second chance with the Sake House, and now I took my business somewhere else. The food at Sake was good the first time I went there!

Matt Jones

Tommy bell

Great food freshly cooked!!! Accomondating to gluten free diet.

jessica lusczyk

Go here once a week I love the employee's and the food

Nicole Abbott

I'm very picky with my Chinese food and I have to say this is one of the best restaurants in Milford.

Bjorn Ronaldson

The food is alright. Nothing super exciting, but not super disappointing either.

Lisa Byrne

Good food but watch for sales of underaged drinking

Bobby Holder

Good, reasonably-priced food and friendly staff! What your looking for in normal Chinese food.

Kurt Steinbrecher

Favorite in milford

Brian Szarko

We had a party of 5 and the food and service was excellent !

Pam England

Love every meal I've had here & today is no exception. Sushi @ 1/2 price is even better! Made fresh & right!

Stephanie Gulezian

New to the area, got takeout for the first time. I picked up within 15 minutes of ordering, my food was soggy and tasteless. It took over 5 minutes of waiting at the checkout counter before I had anyone even look in my direction even after asking for help to pay for my food. Always willing to give a place a second chance, hope the next time is better

Gregory Nichols

I've always gotten great food and service here. Half price sushi is a staple in my life. I just ate some, I'll be back for more.

Dejia Rodriguez

I always come here between Monday and Wednesday when they have their promotional half off sushi. I stock up and leave with a box and a belly full of delicious hand made sushi. It's made fresh, and never tastes old or cheap. The food on the actual menu is delicious, and the PuPu platters are fantastic. The wait staff is so friendly, and always make sure you have what you need. I've never been disappointed here.

Jerell Briere

Good drinks and service but sushi wasn't the best

David Palance

Great food and the most kind informative waitress! Thanks!

Valerie Manha

For the price, the sushi is excellent and always well prepared. I love their half off sushi Mon-Wed; makes a great lunch and I can get two rolls for $6.


There was gum in my napkin That's so disgusting in my opinion!

Linda Ead

Food is great! Best take out we've had. Always perfect service with a smile.

Kristen Lawson

So inconsistent. I used to love the mai tais and sushi rolls, but you never know what you'll get now. Sometimes there is one waiter for the whole restaurant, and it seems like a new person every time. Disappointing.

TR Corsair

Hibachi was ok.

Jay Marciano

For budget sushi, you'd be hard pressed to beat the variety and price

Mike G

Best lunch buffet around .. unique food is decent

Deb Holmes

Get the filet mignon! It's awesome.

Domonique Gaudreau

Decided to try this place for the first time yesterday. If you call this sushi you have never had real sushi. All the rolls were 90% some type of breading, probably tempura flake and we didn't order anything tempura. There was hardly any fish in anything, tasted awful, even the miso soup was terrible. Simply the worst sushi I have ever had. Market basket has better sushi. I would never recommend this place to anyone. We ended up throwing what we couldn't stomach away, truly terrible. Never again.

Joe Paquette

2 star ... The food was average at best service was eh . ok if your just hungry.

Bruce Dodge

This is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants, family friendly, as is the staff. The food is great,as is the service. The hibachi part of the restaurant is fun and the two for one on Sunday is a bargain. The saki house is the place to go for sushi! Another strong point is their website one of the best for ordering on line I have ever used. Check it out and enjoy.

Ellen Miller-Grant

Friendly staff, great service. Great food especially the sushi

Alice Finocchiaro

Their food is very tasty. I like the place because I can join my sister there, sit down and relax and have a good meal with her


Bartender is excellent, I go for 1/2 price sushi Monday-Weds, rolls are a bit small but it's cheap enough

LOLA Estrada

Love it.

Michelle DiBernardo

Great hot and sour soup!

Cassandra Kniffin

My boyfriend and I decided to eat here the other day . we ordered general tsi and sesame chicken with brown rice . It was so gross and the rice tasted microwaved from a market basket one dollar rice packet . The meat tasted like pigeon meat and was chewy . I looked at the bill after and it came to 30 dollars which to me was way too expensive for what we got . Also the waiter never even came around to ask us how we liked our food . Just dropped the food off and went on his way . Never coming here again

Linda Anfuso

Sushi, steak, Chinese, Japanese. All good here, plus a neighborhood bar.

Gregory Cormier

Good for quick service

Samantha Mcmann

Drinks are very stiff love it

Mary Ann watkins

Awesome food at a great price! The service is great too!

Jane Carr

Very good food. Quailty and taste excellent. Waiter very attentive and personable. Will definitely go back again.

Dahjong Haley Kim

Service, took a while but not bad. Rolls, okay. Sushi? Questionable. I had a couple of rolls with a glass of beer, and also had tamago(egg omelet) sushi and this is the worst tamago sushi I’ve ever had in my life. Tamago slices were really thin and it’s hard to find this thin tamago slices. There was too much rice for the amount of tamago. Tamago is the basic of all sushi. It made me question the quality of other sushi at this place. And people... really? They have good sushi at this place?

Scott Bilik

Affordable, tasty, and reliable on getting the order correct.

Randy McGravey

Sushi was pretty bland but the prices were very cheap and it is a relaxed environment

Shawn Higgins

Always good food, generous portions.

Cliff Hilton

We had a drink at the bar and ordered takeout. Bartender Kaylee was awesome great service attentive and very accommodating. We will definitely be back again soon.

Vanessa Crandlemere

Love the sushi

steve gaudreau

Good food!

Laurie McLean

Typically I feel leaving a bad review is petty, but this is just too much. This is the second time in the last few months that I have been here and my experience from start to finish has been two hours long. To be fair both times were with a large group of about 10 but we called ahead, and the first time there was nearly no one else in the restaurant at all. Tonight there were other patrons but I would not have called it a busy night. We frequent restaurants in Milford as a large group very often and have never had this type of experience anywhere else. Tonight our drink order was taken before we even got our menus. 5 waters, 4 sodas, and an iced tea. Not complicated, no cocktails or anything. Ten minutes later we got our menus. 20 minutes later our drinks came and our order was placed. We ordered a variety of soups, appetizers, dinners and sushi so obviously every ones food was going to come at separate times. Our sushi, the last of our food, arrived roughly an hour and 20 minutes after we were seated. Except for one, which at nearly the 2 hour mark still had not arrived. Throughout the two hours we stood and waved to staff countless times who blatantly ignored us. The sushi dinner that had not arrived was also the only food this person had ordered. At this point we requested it to go. Checks came and we requested that the one sushi dinner be removed from the bill since she was not able to eat at all during our two hour meal. The manager offered 10% off. We argued that wasn’t acceptable treatment and the manager told us that we could pay with a 10% discount or give back the sushi. So, we gave back the sushi. Just....unbelievable. To make things weirder, not that this has anything to do with our level of service, but a smaller group sitting off to the side of us mumbled something as we left about us being a biker gang. Here’s a run down of what they saw: man with gray hair in jeans, mother of a high schooler is a sun dress, four 20-30 something girls with nose rings wearing jeans, a tiny suuuper pregnant woman in a dress and her husband in his business casual, three other 20-30 something guys wearing jeans. There was one helmet on a near by empty table and there were two bikes in the lot. When we left, all 11 of us piled onto our two bikes, with the tiny pregnant woman appropriately perched on the handle bars. Don’t worry we gave her the helmet.

David Minshall

Fast service!

Rhonda Nichols

Love this place!

Heather Smith

Great half-price specials Mon-Wednesday on their good sushi. Hibachi tables are a lot of fun as well on the weekend, weekdays you have to arrange ahead of time for them. They are gluten free accommodating.

Vikki Garceau

The staff put us in a corner because I had my service dog , which was ok . The sushi was good

Rosalba Ramírez

Everything fresh, varieties to choose, delicious and excellent service. They have take out

Nick Johnston

The best chinese food restaurant in the area

Madeline Hastings

Food was good pretty long wait tho will go back


Well-made sushi, lovely house salads, and a nice variety of specialities make this the best of the asian themed restaurants in Milford.

Valquirio Carvalho

We went there for lunch and were the only people in the restaurant. The bar area did fill up while we ate. The sushi rolls were good. One of my sons and I had those. My wife and my two other boys had their Chinese food. The chicken fingers, spring rolls and boneless ribs were good. The fried rice tasted like it had sat for a while. The service was good. All in all it was a good experience. I would go back.

Mc fids

Great half priced sushi during the week! And I love me some scallion pancakes.

Francis Saucier

Good variety of sushi


We usually do take out. Food is good and they have a wide selection. They have "eat in" specials on their hibachi offerings. Their sushi is good, in the years we have been customers never had a freshness issue. Best to review your take order even though they do a great job.

Shawnee Saunders

1/2 off sushi is amazing. Great drinks. Good food. Fair prices. Friendly staff

Marc Nozell

Sooooo good!

Morgan Caspary

please bring back Hibachi ! LOVE THIS PLACE! awessome food and we will be back . we love Carl on hibachi!

John Williams

Great place, great food!

Benjamin Sherman


Philip Valliant

Best place around for Japanese food

Robert Young

Had a wonderful time doing the hibachi lots of fun.

Nick D'augustine

Great food ! Very friendly People. I would give 6 ****** stars if I could.

Jamie Demello

Great food and service! Eat here all the time. Very satisfied!!

Matthew Myers

Good food but the rolls are a bit small for the price

Kathy Hilton

Great food, great service, phenomenal drinks.

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