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REVIEWS OF Puritan Backroom Restaurant IN New Hampshire

Papa D

Chicken tenders are good, but MUDSLIDES are great! Finally hit this place for dinner. The chicken tenders are pretty good, but wish they had different meal sizes, like they do for take out orders. The fries was not good and tasted like they were made hours before served. The Mudslides were defiintely the best thing here. Along with the service! Our waitress Jen L. was so friendly and attentive. Great Job!

Heather Lievens

Great times and wonderful mudslides!! Everyone is so happy and pleasant. Food was cooked perfectly. Even enjoyed the Puritan ice cream after dinner. Very satisfied!

Matt Madi

Went here for dinner on a Sunday night. Huge dining room, got seated right away. Great service. Salad/bread were both great. Entrees were mediocre. Chicken tender parm didn't live up to expectations. Felt as though menu/food didn't match the atmosphere.

Linda Kearns

Love the fried chicken tenders. We're from Cali visiting and always make it a point to go multiple times. Greek owned restaurant husband likes the lamb, sister loves chicken in sause. I take an order of tenders back home. And I'm not a fried food person. Great milkshakes.

Randy Adams

Loved the place! As soon as you try the chicken tenders you can understand why the place has been there for 100+ years!

Aric Wilsie

One of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Machester NH. The chicken tenders are the best anywhere. The mudslides are to die for and if you can eve get to desert after all the food they pile on your plate, you will not be sorry. Bring a big appetite or share with a friend. The tender plate easily feeds two people.

melanie valley

By far the BEST chicken I have ever had! I'm not into the coconut chicken, but I have never heard anything bad about those either.

Kathy Mannion

Chicken tender dinner was yummy!

James Johnson

Excellent service and food. Warm family oriented atmosphere.

Robert McIntire

I really use to love this place but it's definitely changed over the years. The portion sizes have shrank and the prices have gone up. The service is definitely stretched thin too. I found a piece of rotten lettuce in my salad and pointed it out to the server and didn't even get a check in by a manager or anything. Kinda scares me to think what the kitchen might be like if they weren't appauled to hear that.

Sarah Galle

The waitress was rather rude, the regular chicken tenders they're famous for, had a weird sweetness to the coating, the BBQ sauce covered it up. The mashed potatoes were lumpy but the flavor was on point. The portion sizes are generous. This place was crazy busy though from the moment we arrived until an hour and a half later when we left. Expect a wait time about least 20 minutes, this is a place that you can bring your children, I saw many children there, well-behaved mostly. There was a very rushed atmosphere though, get in get out not very welcoming. With as much business as I feel like they have, I think they should take some of their money and expand their seating area. Perhaps include a space with books and toys where parents with kids can wait. the place reminds me of a restaurant we had in Vermont called sirloin saloon. Later it became the shelburne steakhouse. It went out of business after more than 30 years, but it had the same type of menu and atmosphere. This is not the place to go if you want a quiet relaxing romantic dinner. This is the place to go if you enjoy hustle and bustle and enjoy being rushed out the door. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say the food was between a 5 and a 6, but I didn't get everything. I also thought it was strange, that they have a strange flavor of"vegan" macaroni and cheese, that includes cheddar cheese??? But they don't have a regular mac and cheese. With the amount of children that I counted, it's astonishing to me that they don't have regular macaroni and cheese. They do have small breaded broccoli and cheese puffs, that unfortunately did have some kind of yellow cheese inside, but those would likely appeal to children who are picky eaters and perfer finger foods. Enjoy.

Darlene Schachter

This was perfect place 2 celebrate. Gatherings n family. Birthday parties. Thank u .

Erika Mitchell

Great food, great staff. Recommended.

Sue Wood

Conference rooms were nice but weren't soundproof. Excellent foods and drinks! Parking hard to get a spot but become available when some are short visits....

Christopher White

Great food, got the king cut prime rib. Server was below par. But strongly recommend this place.

Annemarie Tompsen

Great place for food and drink, awesome onion soup. Menu could use a slight update in a few areas but we will be back again!

James Roux

Everyone knows about their food. We catered my grandmothers funeral here highly recommend. Thank you Puritan!

Ed Smith

We have been here several times and the food has always been great! The famous chicken tenders are my favorite menu item.

Lissy Feliciano

Food always made just right, quick cooking and fresh coleslaw. Worth every penny and tip the employees well. The earn it and aim to please.

Terri Fazio

Excellent food. The Mudslides are famous there and now I know why. The fried scallops and clams were the best. The oils used to fry them and the light coating made them incredible. Service was great too. Overall an A+ experience

Claudia Alvarado

This is one of the best homemade ice cream.


Very good food good service large portions for the price

Michael Sayward

They made a small mistake on my take-out order, so they took $10 off the bill and let me to grab a free half-gallon of ice cream. Best greek salad, chicken tenders, and mudslides in town.

Austin Skora

Best food options and workers are really nice and though the lilacs was packed they were calm

Moe O

Mmmm. Chicken Tenders! 'nuf said.


We got very sick from food poisoning there. Not good, lazy kitchen.

Beth Cook

Upstairs for a function. Menu and decor need to be redone. Would not recommend, but downstairs dining looks much more appealing

Kennedy O'Brien

I don't have any problem with the service or the environment at the Puritan Backroom. I've eaten there twice: once in 2008 and once yesterday (2019). In both instances, the food was simply not good. 11 years ago, I had an overcooked burger. Yesterday, my fiancee and I got calamari and chicken parm. The calamari did NOT taste like seafood (go ahead and Google "calamari pork"). The marinara sauce on the chicken parm was incredibly sweet. So sweet that I stopped eating it and took it to go in hopes I could salvage it at home. I'm surprised that the reviews here are so flawless. I gave it two tries, and they failed to serve anything good during either of my visits. I will not be eating there again.


Best chicken tenders I have ever had. Also amazing icecream. Next time I plan on trying the mudslide as I heard they were out of this world. Please open another location in Concord!

Brian Hoffmann

overpriced, overly large portions of barely warm food. Water was never refilled, took almost 20 minutes to get to-go boxes your check and pay. Save your money go to Popeyes.

Anthony Bezeredy

Ice cream take out and chicken tenders mudslides 5/5. Dinning in for other menu items not so much one time I ordered a burger and got half a bun. My father got seafood plate and the clams were very rubbery

Maureen Kelley

Everyone's meals were delicious. Great chicken fingers. Try their ice cream for desert. Prices reasonable.

Emily Berlin

Delicious food! Nice ambiance

Brian Breault

We arrived with a party of 9 mid-afternoon on a Saturday and were surprised to see how busy it was. However, our wait was short, all things considered. Our server was attentive and everybody was happy with their meals. My order of fried chicken tenders started with a Greek salad followed by the tenders and spicy fries. The Greek salad was very good. The tenders were excellent and the portion large enough to bring nearly half of it home for later. Very enjoyable.

Justin Bell

Delicious classic family food. Cant beat the chicken tenders or their mudslides

Jasmin Omanovic

Great food especially the chicken. The mudslides are hands down the best. Highly recommend this establishment.

Grant Descheneaux

I have been here often. Just tried the fried haddock add on for $9—excellent, fried perfect, flaky, and fresh. We get the chicken tenders in the restaurant and at takeout. 3 weeks ago got takeout tenders and I would swear the order was 1/2 the size that I used to get, same container—but there was room in it, before it was packed and the cover barely met the bottom of the container. Tonight went in the restaurant—new china plates that appear smaller, the portion still looked was way smaller than it used to be. The portion is still big, but 1/2 of what it was. My husband and 23 year old son always ate until full and still took home about the same amount of tenders that they just ate. They always got 2 meals out of an order. They could never eat more than 1/2 of what was on the plate. Tonight they both finished what was on the plate with no problem. Thinking other people have noticed, no line at 5pm (usually packed), and when we left seemed like less people than usual were waiting. It is a shame. I think of the Hilltop Restaurant that killed it’s own business by reducing quality and portion size. I hope Puritan isn’t starting down that road. Senator Pappas might want to check in his restaurant if this is not his doing.

Julie Hopkins

I think I recommend this restaurant to someone new every single day. The coconut chicken tenders cannot be beat! Amazing mudslides that are large and STRONG! Lol.. a great dinner spot for a date or with family.

Charles Borchers

Very nice place and delicious lobster rolls.

Jonathan Kiley

Excellent service and outstanding food. Plan on spending some time and money here, its worth it. Mudslides are fantastic if your looking for drinks.

Burt Willey

Huge portions and the clam/scallops plate was amazing. Save room for the ice cream, it's creamy, smooth, and not overpowering sweet like most modern ice cream.

W Abbott

Cant dpeak to a dining experience. We got take out. Food was delicious as always. Service was wonderful!

Luke Sutton

Awesome restaurant.. great rooms for private parties.. super clean friendly staff

debraj ghosal

Good takeout and ice cream options. I like their veggie burger.

Terry Christopher

Always quick courteous service and everything on the menu is delicious.

Ceelo L

Beer batter cheddar sticks! Dish worth driving to.

Kirsten McCarthy

Yum! The chicken fingers and sauce are excellent. The salad is so good with the big piece of feta!

John Bolduc

Temperature of the meal ranged from not warm enough to had to wait a long time for some things to cool. 2nd visit in a row sub-par.

Tim MacLean

Good pub food, really nice waitress and great mud slides!

Shelly McLaughlin

1st time for us fantastic food, good atmosphere super busy

Paul Wyman

Very nice homey atmosphere and THE best chicken tenders I have ever had.

Karen O'Connor

Great restaurant. Great food. Always a long wait to be seated.

Yamilis Centeno

Good and fast service, Great milkshake(frappe), but be aware that what they call milkshake is just milk and syrup, the name for the one they use icecream in it they call it Frappe and the price is 2 times the price of the milkshake, so be aware, even though it worth it, so enjoy!

Carolyn Dow

Delicious drinks! The atmosphere is nice, however, I think it is too bright. They could turn it down. They are known for the chicken tenders, which are great I had a frozen mudslide which is excellent. The service at the bar is excellent! The seats are comfortable leather highback swivel chairs. The filet mignon is perfectly cooked. I had that tonight. Definitely will go back again!

Crystal Wiltshire

Amazing food and pleasant service. Fried clams were perfectly cooked!!

Dan Desgrosseilliers

Ice cream and chicken tenders. Yummy

Jim Moore

Puritan ice cream. Best ice cream in the world. !

Bree Whalon

Classic place, always good for most any occasion. Nice without being fussy.

leslie grima

Chicken tenders never dissapoint! Had spanakopita and it was amazing! Salads were fresh&amazing, can't wait to go back!

Lisa Binachi

Great food, busy place excellent staff ! Lovedit!

Seth Window

This place defines overrated. Therefore, must receive 5 stars.

Alex Plaza

Good place. Busy on a Friday but even when busy the wait wasnt too bad. And big portions! Chicken finger dinner is easily a dinner for 2. Or 3 kids.

Jason Plant

The chicken at this place is phenomenal and their portions are massive, which I love! Luckily their prices are the same as a regular order of chicken at another restaurant, but they give you 3-4 times as much chicken. Highly recommend- their ice cream is amazing too

Jennifer Maszczak

Best mudslides. Good comfort food.

Joshua Moore

I really enjoyed myself here at this restaurant. There is lots of room and a comfortable atmosphere. The waitress who served us was very friendly. We had a small problem with our order and she fixed it without any complaints whatsoever. I was grateful to find that the restaurant has a gluten-free menu. I enjoyed a delicious salad and some fries (which they cautioned me were not technically gluten free). The portions were very generous.

Natalia Urbano

Very nice vibes. Its spacious and accomdating re seating. The food was yummy and there menu had a good variety to choose from and service was good.

wendy black

Horrible experience today thurs after work. In the parking lot there was a staff member asking why I was there for a function or dinner then telling me to repark since I was one inch over the line. Then she was walking in front of a car coming in gesturing them slow down before she entered into the back door. Generally being nasty gripping this is a parking lot. So then I get in with a friend to have drinks and appetizers which where great. Some random young girls walk in bossing the bar side patrons telling us to relocate for incoming friends and would not stop being obnoxious. I asked for help from staff and got none. They need more front managers or a cop. My first ever almost bar brawl!!!

jason duckless

There's a reason The Backroom still around. Old client base that loves their Mudslides and chicken tendies... and other menus items! Keep it classy PBR

Craig Buchanan

Great food. You won’t leave hungry. Used to be the best place around for chicken tenders, but they aren’t as good as they used to be because they don’t trim the chicken as well anymore. They also don’t know how to make tartar sauce. The dinners are fantastic, like lasagnas and things like that. They ply you with bread and big Greek salads . The servers are the best around. Try the onion rings. They also have the best ice cream and have an old fashioned stand on the corner.

Nathan Landry

We live in Massachusetts, and we make special trips to this restaurant often. Awesome chicken fingers, and even better frozen mudslides. Overall a great place. Ask for Sheila, hands down our favorite waitress in New Hampshire.

denise hill

Very pricey but the chicken was well worth it! Tender an juicy. Would def recommend. Amazing mudslides! And the decor is stunning!

Samantha Lee

Puritan Ice Cream Stand is an indoor ice cream shop that serves homemade ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, and low-fat hard yogurt. Their menu features 36 ice cream flavors, 3 sorbet flavors, 4 sherbet flavors, and 5 low-fat hard yogurt. Ice cream comes in three sizes - Kiddie ($3.00), Small ($4.00), and Large ($5.00). Ice cream can be upgraded to one of the following ultimate treats - Sundae ($6.25), Brownie Sundae ($7.25), or Banana Split ($7.25). My friend Nick ordered a Small of Mudslide, which consisted of coffee and bailey's flavored ice cream with a fudge swirl. He must have enjoyed it because it was gone in sixty seconds. I ordered a Small of Cherry Seinfield, which consisted of almond milk based black cherry ice cream with black cherries and chocolate chips. It reminded me of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Jason Lerman

Nice restraunt close everthing

Christie LaValley

I just went to the ice cream part but the chocolate Walnut is wonderful! whole walnuts are found its ice cream

Joyce Robitaille

We love the food and staff at the Backroom. My only question/complaint is: Why are you still using non-recyclable Styrofoam boxes to put our take-home leftovers in? I will start bringing my own containers in the future.

Linda Woods

Excellent! Good food and plenty of it. Friend chicken strips out of this world!

Paul Caron

I love the quality and portions dining in, but take out leaves something to be desired.

Bradly Aubut

The great puritan restaurant. What can I say? The decor is as old as its reputation. Don’t get me wrong the food is good but it needs some updating and I feel like when this current older generation dies, they’ll have to survive off of more than just their chicken fingers and mudslides. I will say though that even when you have to park three miles away because it’s so busy, the wait isn’t usually all that long.


If you're local we all know of the Puritan. It's a local staple. Highly recommended if you have never had it before - strictly for their chicken fingers and duck sauce. Otherwise, generally a rather busy place. Your typical restaurant, bar and even ice cream bar.

Chelzea Carpentier

They have the best chicken fingers. Service is good and usually the time is enjoyable. Lately their service and quality has backslid a little but all in all the price is right and the food is good!!

Stephenie Rogers

Horrible service today tonight. After we waited an hour for our table we had wait another two hours for our food. Half of our table didn't get their drinks and when they did two drinks had plastic in their drinks. Our waitress seemed to have better things to do then wait on our table. That was the atmosphere tonight then when I asked to speak to the manager on the duty that wasn't any better as she didn't care that my eight year old fell asleep in the booth waiting for her food. We had to feed her someone's salad and bread rolls for dinner as we didn't eat until almost 8:30.

David DuCharme

Always fine food. A bit crowded at times, where you feel a bit claustrophobic... but I suppose that's a good thing for them.

Donna Flanders

Was very good. Service was great.

Jenny Talari

I have been going to the Puritan since it was just the the "front room" when I was a child, 52 years ago!! Went to The Back Room all through my high school years and beyond. Always could count on the drinks there to be large and worth your money...went there last night with my two sons and something has changed drinks were much smaller and iced down....was shocked!!! Food was great and large portions as always, but what is with the drinks??? Has anyone else noticed this??

peter casella

Pretty good chicken. Almost the best.

Patrick Malaison

The chicken tenders are always awesome. The French onion soup was also good

Josh Baum

Best chicken tenders ever, try the spicy and the coconut ones too!

Chad Gil

So much food... really good food!

William Mermell

Beautiful interior. Friendly wait staff. Food is very tasty, especially the chicken platters which are gigantic! Take out is sometimes cold and/or doesn't taste as good. Their rice is not good.

Betty Mackey

Everything was Mah-velous!

Sarah Duverger

The menu has not changed for the better and food quality has gone down as has service. So sad, I would suggest only going here for ice cream otherwise its no longer doing well.

Ashley Terenzi

Delicious food and great atmosphere

Josh Prestigiacomo

Great food and excellent drinks. Short beer list but great options on it. Sip of Sunshine was on tap when we went. They are famous for their chicken tenders but I find you will either love them or hate them. The breading they use is sweet, which can be a little jarring if you order chicken parm and the chicken tastes sweet. I still enjoyed it, but just a heads up in case that isn't your thing. The wait was about 45 minutes for a table but worth it. You can grab a drink at the bar while you wait.

Mark Hess

This place was a surprise to me. The way people described the food and the fact that the Puritan has been around for 100 years I thought this was going to be a diner style restaurant. Instead, I found it to be comfortably upscale dining. There is plenty of seating in the dining area and a complete bar area. The menu consists of casual dining options that was very good. I had a wrap that came with french fries and it was very good. We topped the evening off with a cup of ice cream from the take out window that made a great ending.

Austin Delson

Everything is big and consistent at Puritan. It's often crowded and even though the service is great I feel invisible at times. Great family dining place.

Ernie Roy

Service was good and so was the food

Todd Wimpel

My Tumor Potato - This is not the first time I have gotten a baked potato like this from takeout at the Puritan. I called up and spoke to Erin, who said she was the manager on duty and would be refunding my chicken kabob meal and I should see the results in about a week. The food can be good at the Puritan as long as your are ordering one of their specialty items like the chicken, but it is a 50/50 chance that you have either the right stuff of all of your items ordered when you go through the takeout. They continually hire high school kids to work the front and help out in the kitchen. They need to hire adults who are paid a decent wage and benefits, so that they will stay there for years. It is not like the place is lacking in money, it is always crowded, but inconsistent with quality. This place could do a lot to make improvements on with its Takeout portion of the business.

Kory Powers

Legend has it that life gave the Puritans chickens and they made chicken tenders, served them up in a backroom and the rest is history. While milkshakes bring boys to the yard- Puritan’s A+ mudslides must bring the chicks to the yard which is how they serve some A+ chicken fingers.


just had the banana split it was decent .It was the traditional chocolate vanilla and strawberry. The strawberry was to sweet for me . I guess im just used to memories ice cream

Douglas DeRienze

Some one said they have the best chicken tenders in the state. Do not doubt this. Also they make great ice cream as well

Chuk Pitts

Great food. Great service. Great environment.

Christopher Boots

Apparently the chicken fingers are to die for but I don't eat chicken so I can't speak to that. My blackened Caribbean salmon with mashed potatoes was amazing though! Nice place. Well rounded menu. Great place whether if you have kids or not.

Stephen Denis

A New Hampshire staple. Friendly staff. High quality American food for a fair price. Chicken tenders are the best I've ever had. Take my family here every time they visit. You're going to want to try the ice cream too!

Wayne Jacques

I find this dark and dated but the food is great and always consistent.

Katie Pare

I went for a graduation and they accommodated 18 of us on 4 checks! I sampled many plates and it was all delicious, especially my Greek pizza! The dessert looked yummy too! I'm not from this city, but I certainly hope to come back!

Shane Price

Extremely good food and service. Food is delish and they don't skimp on portions. Make sure to call ahead as there usually is a wait for a table. No matter how small the party

Matt Unger

I love this place. Great food, great staff and a nice atmosphere.

Dave Funai

We waited about 15 minutes for a seat .service and food was good, Had Chicken Tenders they were Great , A lot of food for the money. I would definitely recommend it. And will return again.

Ren Tetrault

Haha do I even need to add words here? Chicken Fingers..chicken fingers. So delish.

Stu Gilman

Toula is an amazing server, and the food is always great!

Debra Connor

The chicken fingers were pretty good but very fatty. The onion rings were not impressive at all. Very soggy. Duck sauce was fabulous. Most likely wouldn't go out of my way to visit again.

Pat Walsh

Doesn't get any better any place, food, service, atmosphere. Can't say enough good about this place. NEVER disappointed.

Beckys Creative Kitchen

Perfect place to see and be seen. If there is anywhere you will bump into people this is the place. It's always busy and bustling around the dinner hour, but it's worth a little wait to get a table. Large diverse menu with excellent daily specials. Excellent bar with a full menu if you are just stopping for a quick drink with a friend.

Jamie Elgie

My kids love the place. Chicken tenders are great. Beer selection for dad is above average. Service is great. Just sometimes a little busy. And ambience leaves something to be desired, but that’s part of the whole appeal I guess. Oh ice cream is great too!

Heidi Locke

I thought the chicken tenders were so delicious and their mudslides are amazing!

Betsy Wilson

Very good service and food was great!! Portions were very plentful!!

Barbara Mulroy

Big disappointment. Food was just plain lousy! Anyone that can ruin a simple plate of fried clams does not belong in the kitchen! Even the baked potato looked pretty sad. Its a fairly nice restaurant.. Old decor. A lot of older couples seem to be the regulars. Whether they don't know the difference between good food or lousy food they still keep coming back. I have been there maybe 3 or 4 times in the past 20yrs and nothing has changed. The servers were pleasant but they don't look happy overall!

Vinnie Golden

Food was average in my opinion, staff was great, and tenders didn't really meet expectations. They set the bar really high with their tenders and for me personally it was slightly above average at best. Good place to stop by for a bite if you want to pay a bit more than a comparable restaurant.

Wendy Wolski

Fantastic chicken fingers! Worth the 45 minute drive.

Daniel Hachey

The food was good here. They are known for their chicken tenders but they were just okay. The special sauce was too sweet for me. However, they make their own ice cream and that was great.

robert cormier

Best chicken tenders in NH. There sauce is home made. Recommend showing up 30-60 minutes before your desired dinner time, their is almost always a wait. Bathrooms always clean.

Sarah Dube

Delicious chicken, incredible mudslides, and fantastic service!

Melanie Cramer

Thank you so much for the gluten-free menu and having a great variety available!!

Rainbow The Macaw

We always enjoy this restaurant. Mostly an older crowd. Very good food. Excellent service and reasonable prices. Lots of parking.. well worth a visit.

Tim Bridge

Fast seating and service. Food was hot, good, and prepared right. Even the burger was good. Waitress was attentive and friendly. We were there at the height of the lunch rush, and our experience was still good.

Chris Joyce

Always a great go to if you are in the area. Famous chicken tenders and mudslides. The ice cream is amazing too.

Amanda Horrocks

Dining-in is absolutely wonderful, 5 stars there! But take out has proven very challenging. For the past year, almost every takeout order has been wrong. Such a shame.

Kenneth Haley

I really like the food there the chicken fingers are amazing, last time I went I had a bartender wave there hand in my face to be quiet I walked out, hopefully she was just having a bad day.

Melissa Cole

It's always a good experience at the Puritan/Backroom restaurant. My friend and I both ordered the exact same thing (fried chicken tender plate), which were awesome as always, but as someone who loves those chicken tenders I was not happy that my friend got more than I did. As usual though there was enough left over to make another meal tomorrow. I will definitely be back.

Gene Tallman

Food was good service fantastic

Ellen Holmes

Nice place for a casual family meal. The Lamb Kabob and extensive Gluten Free Menu is Awesome. Also I highly recommend the hand made ice cream with fresh ingredients. Excellent efficient service. The Acoustic ceiling tiles and carpeted floors make it quiet even though it is HUGE. Nice to be able to have a regular conversation without having to raise your voice to hear your neighbor.

Bernice Dodge

I've been going to the Puritan all my life. My mother used to take us there for ice cream when I was a little kid and I only order one thing every time I go there and that's the chicken tenders. If they only sold chicken tenders they never go out of business but everything else is good too.

Tammy Mailhot

Everyone knows they are the best. Huge portions and fair prices with great service.

Daniel R

I really can't fully judge the Puritan Backroom; because, the place was so packed, and nobody greeted us, to take our names down for seating. My initial impression was, they were overcrowded and disorderly, in the way they were handling their patrons. Maybe; it's just that my wife and I were there, during an extremely busy time, for the restaurant. The food must be good; because, it was slammed; but, very disorderly on how they handled their patrons. This is solely based on my initial impression and is subject to change.


Delicious food, beautifully prepared. Terrific staff. Must try!

john Kulpowich

If you love sea food you picked a winner

Emily Russell

The chicken tender dinner is amazing. They give you way too much food, I got two meals out of it. Next time I'm craving tendies the puritan will be at the top of my list.

Sarah Picard

The food is great. The takeout service is HORRENDOUS. called for a simple takeout order (2 orders of chicken tenders and 2 sides) and was told the order would be ready in 15-20 minutes for pickup. The food was FINALLY finished 1 hour after the time they told me it would be ready. I waited for 45 minutes MORE than they told me on the phone. Disgusting service with no resolution other than a "sorry." Not ordering takeout here anymore- absolutely horrid experience!!!

Kaleigh Hensley

Great mudslides and great food. Always happy when we leave here

julian b

Excellent food. Fair prices. Best chicken tenders in town.

Susan Smith

Always very busy long wait great food not 2 pricy great drinks a family place

martin dullea

Wonderful wait staff. Awesome food always. Love the Puritan.

Garrett Poltack

Awesome meal for a great price. And amazing mudslides! I got in before 4:30 and beat the rush hour crowd. Great wait staff who are attentive and helped me pick a great meal. Oh, and they have some of the BEST craft beers on tap, including Able Ebenezer and Lawson’s!

Kathleen Buhl

The Coconut chicken tenders are my absolute favorite. They are an occasional splurge. I can easily make at least 2 meals out of one serving. Yum!

Jeff Porter

Service was slower than normal, but it was still nice to be there

Deb Hathoot

Loved this place for over 30 years and still do.

Timothy M. Yin

Just heard too much hype before i actually got to try the chicken tenders also lasagna. Classy joint just nothing stands out to me

Bill Hammond

Great food, generous portions, and fun atmosphere. Go early as it tends to get crazy towards dinner time.


Good food good prices, service ware little slow!

Danielle Mclean

This was my first time here and the service was amazing! Tamie is the waiter of all time. Now the food is out standing nice portions and tastes soo good. I will definitely be back.

Cecilia Labrecque

Their Mudslides and Fried Chicken Tenders are amazing!

Sue Cooper

Nice banquet room, but too noisy from banquet room next to ours. Fish was dry and tasteless. Nice servers.

Donna Floyd

Very poor service. Got served our food never saw our waitress again at our table but did see her at all the other tables surrounded by us. had to ask another server for a refill on our sodas asked to see the manager the manager showed up 10 minutes later with all kinds of excuses food was overcooked was never asked how our food was. was seated at 6:15 then served Food shortly after that well waited a few minutes our server never came back to ask us how our meal was until I had gotten up and asked for the manager and then she came over after we had been there an hour and 20 minutes and asked us how everything was.

Jay Guarneri

Pretty good restaurant with some solid food. They are known for their chicken tenders. I thought these were just OK, but the food overall was quite good and the staff was friendly and helpful. The desserts were excellent and the drinks were good.

Todd Privitera

I eat food. I love food. I love going out once in awhile and I love cooking. The local rave about the chicken tenders is "intense". Tried it today and I had a dumbfounded reaction because the rave now has no redeeming qualities to me.. its dumb. Onion rings weren't rings, just soggy deconstructed fried onions. Their signature chicken tender sauce is thinned out sauce.. it just drips off the chicken as if your dipping the tender(s) into water... I hope many of you take this review into consideration. I'm not a troll just a Manchester resident since 2011. I will say they're not bad just not sure what the big rave is about and the tenders are only floured not breaded.. CMC (Catholic Medical Center) cafeteria has the best tenders thus far in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Louis Tanguay

First time visitor to this popular Manchester "Comfort Food" staple. I was quite surprised to see a vehicle filled parking lot, with many patrons waiting outside on a Thursday night! Our wait was estimated at 30-35 min. We were called to dine in about 20-25 min. The dining area and the bar were lively with families, friends, young and old, in addition to many adult couples. The back corner booth was our hostesses choice. My wife and I love the hint of seclusion that the last corner booth provides. Our server was average at best, overall, for the usual reasons which diners come to expect. The place was jumping and packed .... so service was not at a premium. As far as the food quality and quantity goes..... It could not have been better notwithstanding the french fries presented being barely warm in temperature. I had their highly sought after Fried Chicken Tenders entree. My wife ordered the Baked Stuffed Haddock Dinner. Both were flavorful and plentiful! My Puritan's signature Duck Sauce added so much richness and depth of flavor to the tenders. The fresh Haddock had a top layer of buttered bread crust with more pieces of haddock. A choice of salad or soup, and also one choice of a side were part of the meals in addition to a basket of fresh warm bread rolls and Syrian halves. Prices are a bit elevated, but still in proportion to the amount of food plated. We will make a return visit soon..... as we attempt to explore the Lunch Menu.

Anthony Waniski

Went here for lunch. Food was average I had the haddock fillet plate which seemed of skimpy portion and slightly over cooked. When first arrived I seen the hostess and indicated party of six they indicated we needed to wait for entire party to arrive in order to be seated. There were three of us waiting for other half of party. Two other parties showed up without full party and were immediately seated upon arrival. Our waitstaff was top notch. I do realize they do not cook the food. I have been here several times in the past both eating in and take out. Sadly I have witnessed a steady decline in both quality and portions of food. I realize this is a very iconic and traditional place. Friends and family alike. I may give it another try in the future however there are a great deal of restaurants waiting to be discovered.

Stephen Gagnon

The icecream and shakes are the best in the area. Definitely worth dropping by for food too.

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