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12A Weaver St, Newmarket, NH 03857

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REVIEWS OF Panzanellas Italian Pizzeria & Bar IN New Hampshire

Jamie Evans

Very impressed with the food and the service! By the time we took our to go order home the owner tried calling us three times. He apologized for making a mistake on the order and that he would like to correct it! Now that is how you run a business. I will make it a point to order takeout from them more often!

Austin Fuchs

Best pizza place in town!

Jennfer Cecchetti

Food was great but staff was inattentive.

Juan Whitlock


Chris Garceau

Always great food, we eat here whenever in area and there is a ton of options in Newmarket

Cali Holt

The last handful of calls I've made to place an order for delivery left me on hold for over 5 minutes, the entire time I could hear the girls laughing/joking not even taking orders. This last call I made I was left on wait for about 6 minutes, when the woman finally picked up she said it would be an hour wait &I when she tried finding my address she AGAIN put me on hold to ask management if they even delivered to my area (which they have many times before). I hung up and called another pizza place and they had my order and delivery time done in under a minute! Very irritated & not impressed with Panzanellas service.

Mike Davies

Pizzas are awesome. Only had takeout but always good and staff are great!

Paul Mahony

Busy family style Italian restaurant. Good pub food, pizza and Italian food.

Tara Blaize

Great food. Well worth the wait from how busy they can get. Service is top notch. I would totally recommend this place to locals and tourists or UNH students. I like the specials menu ...always some interesting takes on comfort food.

Jesse Hache

Best Chicken cordon blue ever

Allen Wright

Very good food

K Naz

Always fresh and made to order with good quality and quantity; look forward to the new building!

Ted Olofson

Good Italian!!

Doug K

Great place to eat, great food and the staff is excellent

Emily H-C

This place was wonderful. Service was great. Servers were very helpful when requesting a special order. Offer beer on tap, wine and mixed drink option. A smaller place but great atmosphere. Kid friendly. Although no kids menu. Pizza was offered in different sizes and was very good. Offer special for the day. Take out also available.

Brian Beers

Great Italian food

james carmody

Great service and great food they are very friendly.


The food is alright enough. Nothing to really write home about. Service was pretty bad though... The staff was nice, just wildly inattentive.

Ima Fool

I have been going to Panzanellas for a number of years, it is by far the best pizza I have had in NH.

Cindy Reid

Ordered delivery, chicken cor Don blue. Upon opening of bag the contents of packages were running down side of bag (onto my carpet through the bag). The mash potatoes and chicken pieces were slopped to one side so it was more like a KFC chicken bowl of slop. I know to call in they would just offer a replacement, which it wasn't good the first time... why would I want more?

Anne Meddaugh

Choice of food and taste of food is great. The only negative is that it's super loud in there and hard to hear when talking with people at your table. Some sort of sound absorbing panels might be a good solution.

Maria Wallace

When it's good, it's great but it's, unfortunately, inconsistent. The staff & service is fabulous. The atmosphere is great if you don't want meaningful conversation - It's sooo loud in there.

Timothy House

Fantastic food. Love chicken primavera

Jeremy Crow

The food here is so good it makes my snooty out of town friends admit it is damn good. The new building and the old Mill industrial styling is beautiful and fits the town beautifully.

Joseph Normand

Nice atmosphere. Good place to take the family. Good beer selection. Had some apps, cheese sauce was great.


This could be a good pizza and restaurant. The service at the restaurant was slow and disappointed considering most of the workers there are friendly. Their house pizza used to be very fresh but started to lack in quality in the last few years. Worst of all, there is a reckless delivery driver who almost hit my daughter in his blue Jaguar. We've seen him honk at slow drivers and peel out of the street. We've made a complaint once to Newmarket police due to the situation but seems like this place likes to keep him. It really left a bad taste in our mouth. We haven't really recommended the place in the last few years.

Jen Lewis

Can't beat the drinks and the pizza is the best around!!!

Kirsten Pacyna

Great food decent prices

Jerry Sneirson

The food is good but the noise generated by the terrible acoustics turns many away from this restaurant. The cacophony created by the hard ceiling, floor and walls makes it difficult to carry on a conversion with a person seated on the other side of the table, and most people are nearly shouting in order to be heard. This is a problem that can be remedied with carpeting and baffling and would add at least one more star and probably a lot more customers.

steven swank

Great selection of beer and food.

Kenneth Stagnaro

Food isn’t bad but the service is bad! I have never seen so many people just ignore guest! Gave it 3 chances and I give up!

xxheartlandfanxxxlove amy and ty

I got take out from this place and it was horrible! The chicken was undercooked and the french fries were soaking with grease and mushy to the point that I didn't even have to chew. I opened the container and the buffalo sauce was spilled EVERYWHERE! A HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! Will be sticking to gepettos from now on!

Gary Graichen

Prices are great, food is even better.

erin oshaughnessy


Susan Den Bleyker

Food was awesome. Big portions but a bit pricey.

Brad Weit

Amazing food, great staff. Highly recommended.

Monica M Coyne

Good pizza calzones, and hot subs, as well as special and traditional Italian fare. Excellent service, good prices, and Happy Hour weekdays, with many craft beer choices. Delivery available. Clean restrooms!

Maryann Watson

Great food !! Great staff. Only problem everything is very loud. High ceiling make it very loud.


My friends found a piece of hair in his pizza and the waitress kept stoping a talking and doing someones hair.

Jamie Demopoulos

Love the food but the $20 minimum is bogus I literally live a mile outside of Newmarket and there making me pay $20 dollars just to buy a pizza. What gives. #nevergoingagain, #lostaregular, I am disappointed that you refuse to deliver the pizza we deserve. I am disappointed you disrespected the customers that helped build you from the ground. I vow to never eat here again

Kamra Stucker

Great local place to eat!!

Rod Bowles

Delicious "Sheppard's Pie" with Salads and Garlic Bread - delightful, relaxing lunch (Mid Afternoon)

Jan Geremia

Great, as always.

Shawn Wjaun

I have only done takeout but I’ve never been disappointed with anything. Of course it’s always pizza or subs, what else is there at a pizzeria ;). It may be a little pricier than others in town but it is the best pizza in town.

Jenica Mills

Great food! Huge portions. And great staff.

Dave Costa

I've never had anything I didn't like here. Nice neighborhood place where you can hang out, watch sports or just have a good time.

Jady Girlz

My son ordered 2 medium pizzas and mozz stix. He told me it was $41!!!. I couldn't afford that so I called back 3 minutes later to change the order to 1 pizza and mozz stix. I spoke to Meghan and she said the pizzas were already in the oven and so were the stix. She said she couldn't do anything about it. I thought about just not showing up but decided that wasn't very nice to do. So I went to pick up the pizzas and asked how long it takes to cook a pizza. Kathryn stated 10 minutes. So I asked if my pizza had been sitting for 20 minutes because they told me a half hour when we called originally. I didn't really get an answer so I was even more upset. Meghan said I could speak to a manager. I waited about 5 minutes for Jamie to come out. We went over the entire situation and Jamie took $13 off the total. I was satisfied with this agreement. Definitely very loud i there and the delivery guy seems to have a problem that's why I gave 4 stars. He's definitely offputting as another review stated. He just stared at me the entire time I was there which was probably about 10 minutes total. Not appealing at all.

Tumpa Forever

Very open when you first walk in. Family friendly. Sports bar. Good food. Couple TVs.

Eugene Bilodeau

Good family spot with a few TVs for the game. Usually no sound, but a decent compromise for us all on a Sunday funday


Pizza was fine. The militia-looking delivery guy with the camo and the "Come and take it" shirt with the assault rifle on it was a little offputting. I mean I get it, you're a pizza delivery guy and not a lawyer, but it starts off the pizza adventure with a really weird energy. That his boss didn't suggest a more welcoming attire betrays a certain lack of aspiration of quality.

Richard Avila

Best pizza in town and the seafood was surprisingly large and fresh

Doug Oberly

Excellent pizza.

Mike Furman

I ordered delivery at 6:35 didn't show till we called back 7:50 finally showed up 8:03. Ordered scallops, steak and cheese and chicken finger plate. Scallops and steak and cheese both cold. Drove back they said they would replace scallops... they reheated same plate and handed back. Got home and I know because one that I cut was still in plate I called back and they lied and said they did replace thanks for making us pay 48.00 for food I wouldn't give to the dog! NEVER AGIAN! if it's going to take hour in half for delivery then maybe cook the food closer to delivery time.. that's how they treat people that have gone there for 11 years

Repo 37

Awesome food

Bill Harrington

Service took a long time and employees were rude. Two mediocre meals for pickup was completely over priced.

Scott Pelletier

Very good food I always go in to pick up my food but they have a very large menu and can be quite busy at times but its worth it my dad really likes this place probably his favorite take out near him

Carolyn LeBlanc

Great food (especially when eating there). Great people (all so friendly). soooo noisy!!!!! I would give 5 stars if the noise level was fixed!!!

megan delanoy

Love them.

Jennifer Moseley

Pizza was tasty and good portion sizes. Located next to deciduous brewery so convenient to go for pizza right after.

NH1 Motorplex

Awesome food!! Awesome service!!

Thor Tulloh

This place has gotten pretty good once it moved, and got a bigger space. Honestly, the food before the restaurant moved was pretty mediocre, but after they moved it is so much better.

Kyle Noel

Cool place, Boston sports bar feel. Good food with a great beer selection.

Larry Kindberg

Second time that we dined at Panzanellas. Food was mediocre at best and service was terrible. They need Gordon Ramsey to show them how it's done. Also, it is too noisy...needs some sound dampening panels.


Great, fresh food. Super service!

Mace Ravenwolf

Good food, not much in the way of atmosphere, but not a bad place.

Matt V

Pizza is the best in town. I usually will order from them instead of any of the other pizza joint in town.

Adam Woodman

Delicious, authentic Italian food and of course excellent pizza.

Jim Manville

Nice place to catch up with friends. Slightly pricey, and the acoustics of the place are a little rough. Friendly staff.

Jane Withington

Great food and service!

Colin Daly

Very good pizza dining in or out. Has a cool little bar to watch a game while I wait plus out door seating when the weather is cooperating. Usually get this chicken and broccoli white pizza which is delicious.

Peter Gaeta

Friendly staff, decent prices, inconsistent food prep.

chris boylan

I don't visit Newmarket that much but I've been here a few times and had a blast each visit! Plenty of great beers to choose from and the food is soooo good! If you're looking killer pizza, calzones, great beers, and a friendly staff look no further! The place was packed each time I've gone there but that made for a better experience in my opinion! Looks like a lot of locals go there and now I know why. Can't wait to go back!

Roland Abrahams

Foods Ok. Ordered there 4 times,3 times had to return to get the rest of the orders.

Daniel Stedfast

Good food and they pour a great burbon on the rocks

Don Baillargeon

First time and deffinately not my last. Fantastic pizza!

Garrett Thompson

The pizza was great. The service was quick and responsive. When ordering delivery I have had them mess up orders more than i would like, but when contacted they are quick to fix the issue.

Jacob Downs

Food was good and service was fast.

Emily Ferver

I like the food but your really need to update your website with the proper hours. My friend and I both called on Saturdays to find that your close at 10 instead of 11 like your website says.

Rachael Castro

Pizza is good, buffalo chicken calzone was ok. Kind of tasted like some boiled chicken drenched in franks red hot and thrown onto the dough before the cheese, making it soggy and wet and weird.

John C

Surprisingly good seafood for a pizza joint! Try the baked/broiled seafood, you wont be disappointed

Kayla MacKay

Got two salads. Came to $25. They put the dressing on one of the salads so by the time we picked it up and brought it to our destination the lettuce was incredibly soggy . The other one was buffalo chicken. Chicken was good but there was next to nothing in this salad. Some lettuce , 4 cucumber circles, one pepper circle, 4 cherry tomatoes, some onion. Extremely disappointed and would not ever order another salad again.

Todd Puterbaugh

Just went once. Decent salad and sub.

Anh Pham

I had the pizza and found it mediocre. It was a little soggy and too doughy for my taste. Service was good.

Betsy Wilson

Great food everytime we have been in.

Tony Kassas

Bruschetta was doused in balsamic on stale bread. Wings were frozen and microwaved, definitely not homemade. Chicken parm had a thick oily crust. Couldn't go into work today because of food poisoning. Work restaurant I've gone to in quite a while.

Ulika's Work

This place is awesome.

rebecca abrahams

Go here with my daughter her favorite place friendly staff

Adriana Papallo

Great food and atmosphere

gary jensen

Only good pizza in town!

Jd Richardson

consistent.... good food. quick service. great lunch spot.

Peter Gardyna

Hamburger not handmade. Tasted funny. Not seared! French fries handcut . Soft in middle. But didnt leave in fryer long enough to be crunchy! 2nd visit! Wasnt too impressive with Taco pizza . Too dry! Wouldnt be visiting too often

David Cline

Great happy hour specials. Pizza and wings delicious.

Kimberly Hall

We love this place! Best chicken parm around and the service is amazing!

Sue Carney

Always good. Just wish they would identify themselves as "Panzanellas" when you call. Rather than just say... "Hello." Courteous as well as good to clarify that you've called the right place...3 years now since I found them and all they do is say, "hello.. can you here me...hello."

Stephen Hopping

Outstanding meal and service.

Nick Lawrence

Best place in Newmarket!

Brandon Bouvier

Frequently eat here (dine in) and most of the time food is great but can be inconsistent quality of good and service. Tonight I ordered a Buffalo chicken calzone to go and it was pure soup almost as if they poured half a bottle of buffalo sauce onto the thing. Very disappointing. Also the girl at the counter forgot my name and what I was waiting for in a matter of minutes and I was the only person sitting waiting for a takeout order.

David Curry

Good food, great service.

Barbara L. James

Food is generally very good, especially their pizza. We have to do take out because it usually too noisy. Service is fine.

Ryan Contino

Little pricey but good quality food and beer selection

Ram Charan Khalsa

Pizza is just fine, better than a house of pizza and about the same price.

Jennifer B

Please put on the menu "breaded" eggplant instead of just eggplant. I was excited to come in because the website said they have gluten free options. I ordered a gluten free gourmet pizza. I did recieve a gluten free crust, but they put breaded eggplant on it. On the menu there was no information about it being breaded, it was just classified as "eggplant" . Most of it was under the cheese, so I didnt realize until after I took a few bites.

Brock Kerr

Little expensive, but the food is good. Only thing I would avoid are the chicken tenders. Way too salty for my taste. Noisy restaurant, sound carries. Need to put some sound deadening materials in.

Joel Huntress

Great food & service!

Polly Golden

Good food. Nice atmosphere. Decent prices.

Austin Garber

Only been here once, so my review may not reflect everything but the one time I was there was enough to make me easily say I’d be back. Ordered a hot sub and it was AMAZING! Shredded lettuce and finely diced pickles and onions was a great touch so it didn’t feel like you had a salad just slapped onto the sub. The other thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars, is that when we sat outside, it reeked of cigarettes and body odor even though we were the only ones outside. Upon looking around, there was trash and cigarette butts littering the area. Tables also were nowhere near clean.

Steven Rainville

The best meat sauce around!

M. Tremblay

Fresh, consistent, and reliable! Options for everybody. Never had a bad experience :)

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