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REVIEWS OF Orient Pearl IN New Hampshire

John Ratto

Great lunch buffet. Plenty of good food.

Alexandria L

The food here is delicious! The crab Rangoon was perfect! Had just the right amount of seasoning/flavoring and it was perfectly crispy! The Veggie lo mein noodles were also so delicious!

Daniel S

Our go to place for sushi take out, they have a good selection of chinese as well. Their lunch sushi specials are amazing as I found out a few weeks ago.

Lionel Houde

Friendly greeting, attentive service, great buffet. Six stars to whoever sealed my hot mustard and sweet and sour sauce... some jerk got me turning fast in a traffic circle and it easily could have gone into the windshield heating vents but just rolled from side to side. Be back soon.

Amanda L

Excellent food, everything tasted fresh! Our waitor was very friendly and accommodating, drew a picture for my 2 year old and gave her a pretty paper flower. Sushi, wonton soup, lo mein, generals chicken, chicken fingers were all a hit with our party of 8. Fast service

Michael Hackett

Best SUSHI around!

Art Gourgue

The food has continually gone down hill. It’s hard to even tell what the chicken wings are!!

Michelle Whisnant

The lunch buffet was disappointing. Used to be a favorite, but last two times not worth it. Limited items and not refilled quickly when items are out. Was there at noon, should be plentiful.

Amber Moore

I ordered a couple rolls of sushi from them last night. It tasted fine, their Volcank roll tasted a bit odd to me but otherwise it was good! Unfortunately, I came down with food poisoning. All in all though, the sushi was good up until I got sick from it :)

James Orfanides

This place was the worst I have ever been to. Talk about rude and disgusting people. There were flies everywhere in the restaurant and I will never ever go back there.

Sherry Thibodeau

Delicious food

Jeff Desantae

Service here is garbage. I called and told the man on the phone to please hold because i had to get my son situated in his room. But when i said that he screamed at me and said and i quote " WHY WHY WHY WHY I HAVE TO WAIT" and he was full …

Mike B

Utterly average. Ordinary Asian food at reasonable prices.

Casey DeYoung

Awesome food and even better drinks!! Mongolian beef and vegetable fried rice are 2 of our faves... also the white mai tai!

Frances Klinger

Always the best

Ambient Girl Relic Hunter

If you are looking for great food this is the place. The offer a wonderful buffet too. Service is good and prices are reasonable.

Steve Rogers

You will have a better dining experience if you go to the dumpster at PF Chang and select your meal there. We have gone a few times for takeout and it’s always been that “ok” Chinese food that’s just convenient. The other day we went and ordered a few apps and some sushi. The apps were all “ok” but just a little warmer than room temperature. The sushi was good until we found a nice long hair rolled into one. The quality of the food wasn’t the worst part. We had to wait till we were done eating till we saw our “waitress” again. When she came I told her the problems, very politely. When I noted the hair she responded “no, I don’t think so”. She then ignored us, left the food on the table, and went over to another staff member and clearly complained and trash talked us to them in an Asian language. Eventually the manager came over and told us he would heat up the food for us.....after we were finished eating. Needless to say we will never return. SUSHI TIME in Plaistow is the only good Chinese around here.

Joe Diamond

Mongolian triple delight was awesome!

Ryan Schwartz

Pretty good food. Service was a little slow. Buffet is ridiculously small. Just order from the menu.

Lexie Lennon

This is one of my favorite places to eat. The service is excellent, very friendly and professional. The sushi is amazing, large portions and creatively placed on the plates. I haven't had any food that I disliked, it is all very good. The waitstaff are excellent for making recommendations on menu items.

Ryan Morris

Food was decent but the waitress with the red hair mullet was absolutely atrocious. Made the entire experience unbearable and awkward because we asked for tea. Once the meal was finished she hovered over us like a begging dog and waited for us to tip. It was like we had wronged her in the past but me and my significant other have never seen this person in our lives. Management must reconsider this person as an employee if they want to keep customers satisfied......again, sushi was aight

Crystal Hatzimanolis

Always delicious food. Plenty of vegetarian options too! You won't be disappointed, they use excellent fresh vegetables in their dishes!

Eileen Foley Bennis

We only had Apps but tbey were all great. Nice combination of cuisines, Sushi, Chinese and Japanese. We ate til we were filled to capacity and still bring home a treat for today. Our waiter, KC was terrific, we had him before and he is jyst wonderful.

Grace Frost

Everything we ordered was perfect..our host was fabulous and very attentive. Very nice evening

Stephanie Tozzi

Food and prices are great! Friendly atmosphere

Stephanie Hopkins

Great food and a really lovely staff <3


Their food used to be pretty good, but now it's just insanely overpriced and not worth the money. Go an extra mile or two out to the kume's nearby if you want better (but still not THE BEST) Asian food.

Bernard Hammond

I've been going to this restaurant for a year now. The food is delicious! The wait staff are very nice, prompt, informative and care about their customers. My normal waiter even gave me a Christmas gift. Never had that done before!!!

Harris Hatfield

Wilson is one of the best bartenders in the seacoast area. The sushi is really good, and the Chinese food tastes great too.

C. Anthony Gore

Always buffet, always great service.

Megan Parke

Love going to the Orient Pearl. It feels like visiting with family. Wilson, the bartender, is so good at remembering your drinks and what you like to order. Always a great experience all around.

Heather Brook

Great sushi, really good American-style Chinese food (orange beef, crab rangoon, egg foo yung). BEST fried calamari ever. Good service, fairly consistent quality, and a clean and attractive setting.

Sheila Caron

Food wasn't the greatest but was edible. Since we rarely drink cold drinks we asked for tea which we didn't get until half way through the meal and I had to ask her for it even though that was the first thing we ordered. Parking isn't easy to find

Diana Doucette

Wonderful food!

Frances Nichols

Very good.

Joseph Boucher

They are so friendly!!!

Nancy Littleton

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food here as I'm originally from Hong Kong! Excellent selection of dishes and the staff were very kind. Would come here again!

Walter Atigian

Voted one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the country and well worth the visit. Fresh well prepared meals makes this one of our favorite places to eat. It is larger inside than it looks and we have never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a table.

Peter Sorrentino

Went for lunch, too late for the buffet. Smallish selection of combination plates which included entree, rice, an app OR soup. Most places I know offer an app and soup. Could order of the dinner menu, but didn't. Price was good, food good. Nothing special for lunch. Maybe the buffet is why to go for lunch, but we missed it.

Megan Douglas

Great food, great atmosphere, strong drinks.

Raymond Bushey

Freshest Chinese food around. Great sushi too

Kathie Morris

Excellence food. Very good with gluten free diets. They even have gluten free soy sauce. The pork ribs are awesome, I love the rice noodle dishes in white sauce. And the sushi is amazing!! Reasonable pricing too!

Sarah McGlone

Good food

Christian Gebauer

Fantastic Chinese food. Never had a bad dish here. Always sit at the bar for Wilson. He makes a fantastic mai tai and will always make sure everything you've ordered is up to par. Best in the area.

Kevin Short

Outstanding Chinese food!


Great food

Debra Park

Best Chinese Food and Amazing Staff Service !!!

Hannah Hughes

great food, great service! Only complaint is that there is way too much packaging for take-out orders

Patti Morris

Nice people good food but watch the location for traffic.

Kelly Chasney

Good slection of vapes and supplies. Knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to answer questions. Prices are a little high but difference is generally only about $5 or so.

Daniel Powell

Great service even better food!

Chris E.

I come here for the sushi. Always fresh and prepared flawlessly.

Miska Hadik

Very nice meal and service

Jeff Morrison

It was fine. Decent buffet, nothing spectacular. Staff was nice.

Nancy Tortorello

We really like Orient Pearl but this time it wasn't as good. Maybe they were having an off night. The house fried rice had no flavor. We will go back and try again.

Michael C

Typical Chinese American restaurant that caters to the locals so don't expect 'Authentic' Chinese food. Don't know if people around the area know what 'Authentic' Chinese food is and probably won't eat it. If you want authentic, then leave NH and go south to MA where there's lots of good 'Chinese' restaurants as there are a lot of Asian population to support them, just not in NH! This restaurant serves a buffet only for lunch. It's not much but 1 big table and a smaller one for desserts. Many buffet places have reduced the food sizes down to cut costs and reduce food waste. The food needs to be replaced more often so sometimes it may appear a bit dry since it's been out for awhile. If it's busy enough, the dish replacements will be done sooner. The food selection is small, the food itself was good though some can be dry on the outside. Haven't seen the soups so you may have to ask for it though it may or may not be included with the buffet. It's relatively affordable as the price including tip is ~$10-11 which includes a drink. The regular prices are average but it does get somewhat pricey depending on the dish ordered. The dining area is roomy and clean. The men's room is relatively clean. This place is good for its luncheon buffet which is affordable.

Richard Nigro

All you can eat lunch buffet...everything is very good


Pretty bog-standard as far as Chinese food goes. Had the buffet. Selection was very limited and quality was about the least that could be expected. Perfectly serviceable but not something I would go far out of my way for. Not disappointing but not thrilling either. If you're on the way and hungry, sure. But if you're in the mood for something quality, look elsewhere. Service bordered on hostile but hey, it's a Chinese restaurant, that's par for the course.

jen hammarstrom

Love this place. Friendly atmosphere. Fresh food.

Alexandria Jordan

Just a heads up ---Stopped by today only to find that buffet wouldn't be available at 11 am like website said. They said 11:30 ish.

Amy Alajajian

You really should go for their lunch buffet. Reasonably priced and a large selection. Staff is friendly, best servers around

Maddi Watson

Called New Year’s Eve to find out what time they close, they told me 11 o clock. I called them back at 9:50 pm and ordered 4 small things. I was about 20-30 mins away, they called me 15 mins after asking where I was. Mind you this was a major snow storm so it was taking me a little longer. I explained I will be there shortly. They called me again 10 mins after, asking where I am, I explained once again. They called me AGAIN when I was 3 mins from there restaurant per my gps. I explained that this is ridiculous that they keep calling me, it’s a snow storm, and I was told they close at 11, they told me I WAS WRONG and they had a room full of people who are waiting on me and they closed AT 10 apparently, when I pulled in they turned all the lights off and locked the doors. I never got my food. WORST customer service. I will not be back.

Gail Howe

Excellent and place to.take my granddaughter for sushi

Paul Grimes

Food seemed fresh, but not temperature hot.

Robert Tessier

Food is good. But if you enjoy going to a bar and having a drink while you eat. Find another place. Wilson, the bar tender, is rude and so unpleasant, it is not worth the trip. They used to have and excellent bar tender, Robert. We went on one occasion, Wilson was sick, and got a real nice young guy. We won't be back till Wilson is gone. Try the other Epping Chinese place or travel to Eastern Paradise in Rochester for excellent food and service.

Adam Mulholland

This is easily the best Chinese food around Dover, Barrington, Lee, Durham and neighboring towns. We have tried them all in 2018 and have been disappointed. Granted that I am from CT and the best Chinese in the US is there and in RI. Namely Chens. For NH, this is worth the trip to the buffet. They have a small buffet but it's all good. Better than 100 meh items any day. Staff is pleasant, and go out of their way for you.

Alyssa Goupee

Amazing!!! Hot, fresh, clean!!! And great price! I went on a Monday, and was surprised at the number of people strolling in, but the great food explains it. Someone referred this place to me, and I am grateful :)

tom howcroft jr

Fast friendly take out service

Nik Duq

I have a very severe shellfish allergy and that often makes eating Asian quisine in this area difficult and nerve wracking. My server was considerate and amazing, he personally spoke to the kitchen staff and sushi chefs and ensured they changed things over. Having worked in the industry I know how much that work is and I truly appreciate it. The food is always amazing here and affordable. They will continue to have our business and we will tell others. 10/10

Laura Johnson


Blais Aldridge

Really great food and good prices.

Stephen Priest

Good sushi and okay service. I had the Salmon roll and Twin Roll. The Twin Roll had salmon and tuna with scallions in the center with avacado and yellowtail on the outside. It had a sweet crunch as well in the center. I had a coconut punch for my drink. I enjoyed my meal. Service was okay. My server, though pleasant, was a little brusque. He was busy, but, didn't seem welcoming. Nice atmosphere. Wifi available. Prices reasonable. I did the buy one sushi roll get one free Wednesday/Thursday deal. I recommend this restaurant.

Susanne Preble

I do not recommend this restaurant. They have terrible customer service and poor quality food. We were visiting with a party of 7. Our waitress was extremely rude during our entire service, start to finish. Do not ask for tea, they will be annoyed by the request! Several waitresses stared and talked about us the entire time within a few feet of us. We were asked to leave before we were ready because there was another party waiting for our table. We were one of two parties at an otherwise empty restaurant! But we had a big table so I guess they couldn't figure out to slide small tables together. It was an awkward, uncomfortable experience and I'll never go back as their food was pretty crappy too!

Ken Moulton Jr.

Good food and atmosphere, as well as the service. What the place lacked for my visit were the broken cosmetic and functional fixtures throughout the restaurant. I was seated in a booth that had been broken prior to my visit. This gave an uncomfortable feeling of sitting in a large hole, and gave little back support. Another thing that "stuck out" was that most of the vertical wooden trim on the walls had been broken and remained partially on the wall.

Jo McLean

The food was great and we had a very large party and thry handled it well. Very accomodating.


Well prepared food, varied menu, pleasant staff

Patricia Shogren

The best Asian food around. The crab Rangoon are the best I have ever tasted.

Amy Smith

Love, love, love this place. Fresh food, and great selection.

T Porter

Good food. Prices on the higher side by comparison.

Brian Fuller

I ordered food to go,then went to use the restroom while waiting, walked in and there was an employee using the urinal while playing on his phone,then he didn't even wash his hands when he left the restroom.....never again will i go there...

Molyda Damico

Went out to eat yesterday. Total of 7 of us and 1 child and at the end of the night they took about 9% tip for the waiter automatically and we gave them 18 % tip considering this fact they already took some out and the waiter had the nerve to come back to the table and tell us the tip wasnt right. WE GAVE YOU MORE THAN A 20% TIP AND IT STILL WASNT ENOUGH. Not to mention he wasnt to nice of a waiter and I didnt care for the food. Will not be coming back.

Cindy Lariviere

Wilson the bartender makes the best Scorpion Bowls!

Neal Burns

Great food. Reasonable prices

Greg Pruitt

Good food, fast and excellent service. Nice find!

Perry Hanges

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Everything was delicious. The hot and sour soup could have been a little spicier. The scallion pancakes and crab rangoon was cooked to perfection. I had the chicken tempura. I would recommend it. Lightly battered and fried chicken and an assortment of vegetables fried up and tasty. I suggest you go and enjoy.

Mary Duford

They have gone down hill food like chicken fingers. Skinny. Very greasy. I am so disappointed in that place. This has been going down for a couple years and its worse than ever. And they charge more for sweet sauce or you get a 2 once with food

Mace Ravenwolf

Always friendly, clean place, food is decent, always like the buffet.

Steve Bailey

Really good Chinese food, superb Japanese menu, and a great selection of drinks.

Joe Seluk

Casual dining at it's best. Fresh sushi, excellent scorpion bowls

Benjamin Lilyestrom

My family always gets our Chinese food here and it's the best place around.

Katherine Desrochers

Great food and service!

epicgamer 283646

Paid my tab with debit card and paid tip with cash got my bank statement and the 39 dollar tab was padded by another 10 dollars which brought the tip to almost twice as much!!! customer beware watch your statements when it comes to this place

Dylan Clark

Terrible service. Ate at the buffet got my second plate came back check was on the table. Paid more then should have for terrible service and got screamed at because he didnt think i left him enough of a tip. Will never be back there and will not recommend this terrible place to anyone. Server ID 6 didnt get a name but he is not a good waiter and should be fired. Should not have even given it one star

Christine Wilson

We go every Friday for the lunch buffet. If they run out of your favorite item, just ask that it be refreshed and the staff is very responsive to all requests.

Jessica Jasper

Very dark.... felt a little slow for a Saturday.... we were 10 before the buffet closed (very small buffet) and there was still food there but told us were couldn't eat from the buffet... we ordered food... and the egg drop soup wasn't that great... lacking flavor... not really as good as other places I have had it from... crab rangoons weren't the best to me either... nor were the egg rolls the greatest but not inedible.... sushi was the best part... and nicely done and decorated.... very nice if I was to go on a date with my husband. We also had beef lo main.... also not the best but not to bad... would try again. And we were sat right where the wait staff were doing up the crab rangoons.... made it a little odd... especially since they had so many other tables open...

Christianne McAskill

Only Chinese food place I enjoy! Ask Wilson to make you a planters punch - DELISH!!!

Stephanie Nickles

great spread of food at their buffet lunch. always a go-to spot to eat

April Patterson

I have been eating here for 3 years and the food is always great, and service is friendly. This is the second time now we have gone for lunch (admittedly late) and have ordered a bit of everything we like, so there will be take home for my husbands (and nephews) lunches. And once the bill came I tipped the normal 15% as per my rule... and the waiter came back to the table, and I thought I had maybe signed the wrong copy... he asked why I only tipped this amount, was my food and service not good? I was shocked... my husband was beyond pissed. Shaken down for more money on a tip... are you kidding me? We will not be returning...EVER!

Andre Gonthier

3 visits. Very good!

Luis Bernardo

Great place. Love the food. Its comfortable and quite. Oh drinks are moderately priced and are good and strong.

Art Wolinsky

One of the best around. Not your typical Chinese fare. Dishes are well prepared and presented. Very good sushi and service.

George manos

The manager had excellent customer service skills, he made a special order for us when it ran out and brought it to our table; excellent Hispanic fare.

Tulasi Meduri

Great place for a quick bite. Spice level.adjusted as per taste.

Thompson Mullen

Good food!! Alright drinks.

Rob Reeby

Food is amazing as usual. Service has much to be desired.

Jessica Morin

Came for lunch. The sushi, which I got, was fine. The lunch buffet was not great. The choices were minimal, and some of the food was cold. They also charged full price for my 3-year-old, which I found odd. The service was friendly enough, but not attentive. They never refilled my water, or checked to see how the food was. With so many other choices in town, I wouldn’t come back, personally.

Ty L

I've never had a bad experience here. The food is always great and priced fairly. The service is always super fast even on the busiest nights.

Christopher Gaudet

Great food selection wonderful staff great atmosphere

Daniel Negri

Super fast service! Great food great drinks always a good time here

jay greene

Best Chinese food I have had in this area.. their Sushi is just average however. .

Boni Hunter

Great food, fast service for take out

Claudette Labonte Porter

Love it

Christal DeBoer

Great sushi!

Cat Dean

Great food and good service

Donald Luis

Went for the lunch buffet. Almost all the pans were empty and they gave me an attitude when I asked if they could get some more. Then the waitress hovered over me watching me sign my receipt. Real bad attitude on that one. I will think twice about coming back because of her.

Ron Arguin

I moved away from the area a few years ago and we travel back here a few times a year and, this is our go to place to meet up with a bunch of friends to have mia Tia's and some great food. This trip back was an absolute disappointment for all of us. I am not sure if they got in trouble for over serving somebody but, the first Mia Tia I ordered tasted like a juice box ( so disappointing) so next I ordered a scorpion bowl to see if it was just a fluke thing. It was not. I paid top shelf prices for juice boxes. I was far from happy but, the food was still on pare. After food I wanted to go to the bar and try once more and that's where it got worse. The bar tender asked how many drinks I had with diner and I told him none. I only had two cups of fruit juice that had zero alcohol in them for some odd reason. He said he would not serve me anything until my friend said she was the designated driver for our group and then things changed. He served me the drink I remember them making for many years. If they had just said they had some issue that lead to them cutting back I would have understood. I used to brag about this place all over the country about how great it was but, no more. I come back to New England very few times a year and now when I do we will be having our get together sat Hawaiian Isles in Plaistow So sad If you are going to serve fruit juice don't charge $15 for a cup of it

Deborah Rogers

We ordered the regular fare, our first time there, and we will be going back again. Flavors were rich and delicious. Rice noodles cooked perfectly and the chicken in them tender and moist. The pork fried rice was also delicious, the chicken tempura was fun to try, and the chicken fingers were as good as it gets. Also delicious. I would only change two things, one i wish the noodle dish had more veggies, and the chicken in the tempura dish was a bit over cooked and dry, i wouldn't cook it as long. 4 stars. Very good!

John Frost

Quick take out! Good food!

Jesse Cilley

Excellent food, excellent staff ..two thumbs up !!!

Thomas O'Rourke

Wilson is the best, Mark the owner always takes care me. Love this place and the food.

Erik Hammarstrom

Excellent food, great service. Server explained all dishes through us. Will come again, and have to try the lunch buffet.

Tia Collins

So good, their flavors and selection is great, and I'm super picky about my Chinese food. The only thing I wish they had that they don't is dim sum.

Lena Malaguti

Excellent service, yummy food!

Linda Paolera

Food was great did the buffet this time service was great came in at 130 buffet ends at 2 we wanted more dumplings they brout more out for us great drinks

Melanie Ross

The new manager yells at customers. She spoiled our preciously great rating.

Joshua Miller

I love this place. Very good food and very quick service. Try the Basil Beef or Chicken, I don't think you will be disappointed.

StilleGeist Films

I have been going here for years but this time the service was really uncomfortable here. We arrived just an hour before the buffet closed and nearly all the pans were empty and our server Tina was sneering at us and was very cold and short tempered during our short time there. Even as we left we thanked her and her response was just "BYE."


My boyfriend and I had a wonderful experience. Delicious food and drinks, great service, good atmosphere. Very pleased that it was just as good as our friends said it was.

Bill Nickles

One of the best places I've been to

Norman Zimmermann

was ok. the food was good .drinks were watered down though.

Barbara Thibeault


Lynn Elizabeth

We had fun....servers were nice.

Amanda M

Great food and service.

Xavier Dixon

The food and service was ok, but upon paying they got upset with my group and demanded a more money for a tip after we gave them close to 20%

lillian doyle

Good food, had a whole meal to take home large servings.

Ruth Kenneway

So very yummy for epping nh!

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