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1227 Providence Rd, Whitinsville, MA 01588, United States

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REVIEWS OF Jube's Family Restaurant-Pizza IN New Hampshire

Katherine Hamilton

I love these types of restaurants. Family restaurants that are quiet, staffed by close-knit people that act like family and always greet you with a smile. Everything in the menu is my favorite food. They're subs are amazing as are the pizzas, sandwiches, and French fries. Good food, sweet people. :)

james reiffarth

Breakfast omlet and coffee was great. Service is fantastic. I highly recommend this place

Vicki Bowie

Was alright... they had awesome fries pickles. Wasn't a fan of their burgers, tasted like 1oz meat with a ton of breadcrumbs. Maybe it was just the day.

Gail Hadad

Lisa O

Good food and good prices

Audy Coffin

Great spinach pie and Greek salad.

Misael Adorno

Hezzie Hipshot

Food was OK. Waitress seemed overwhelmed. Coffee was good with occasional special offerings.

Cynthia Wood

Patti McNeill

Underdog RC

love this place. food is great. staff is friendly and attentive. one of a kind pizzas. I give it 2 thumbs up

Abigail Epplett

A local restaurant known for its wide variety of pizza toppings.

Mark English

Family run business; they do catering, and their waitresses are always pleasant.

Ken Ballou

Absolutely disgusting food, I would give this place zero stars if I could. Went with 4 other people and no one liked their dishes, found hair on two plates and made us sick to our stomachs. Very undercooked and didn’t taste anywhere near fresh at all. Tasted like microwaved slop. Also do not order the Taco salad, visually unappealing to the point of nausea.

fred billings

Great place to have a meal and a beer

david mccarthy

Rinkie Linthicum

Jamie Skamarack

Tom Na

Good food my wife likes the all you can eat fish on Wednesdays and I like there small pizza's green pepper or sausage is my favorite. Also the breakfasts are very good. Good prices and service you can not go wrong.

Emma c

Great service very friendly, food was really good ,I would like to see a spicy dish if anything but overall great experience

Peter Casey

Kathleen Lewis

Fast service They keep a check on your needs Keep your coffee cup filled and great personalitys


Jube's is usually good but lately they've been slacking. My boyfriend ordered a fish and chips. The chips were clearly overcooked like someone had cooked extra and then put them back in the oil. The fish was soggy and undercooked. He left hungry. My burger was dry. We haven't and won't be back anytime soon, if ever again.

cody theberge

Jennifer Munger

Jube's Family Restaurant has a large selection of menu items that are cooked by their Chefs on site. They have many items to choose from, including chicken, fish, and many other favorites. Families are welcome, and know you will want to come back!

jen corey

Steve Lovejoy

Good food,good prices.

Glen Fournier

Not bad, although the waitress gave me soda water instead of tonic water.

Douglas Slocum

Great place to eat friendly

Charles Sutton

A good breakfast with great service, as usual, on 24 April 2018.


Jesse Sawicki

Food is always good but today their apple and cranberry juice were very watered down


Ariel Lamontagne

Food here is always great and I've never had bad service. The potato head pizza is AMAZING

Joslin L

Usually enjoy jibes last few times service slow and today food cold

Tommy Prescott

Was a busy morning but even with the crowd the service was a little too slow food was good and it's a nice friendly place I will definitely go again but they should probably hire a couple more people for the busy weekend mornings

Thomas Raymond

Excellent prices, friendly service, great food!

Robin Dick

Darcie Peters

Friendly prompt and delicious

Paul Shanowski

Great food. Very filling. Hot coffee. Extensive catering menu. Ami our waitress is wonderful.

wholewolf 67

Breakfast the dessert it's all amazing I would suggest to try it

Donna Lapierre

Christopher Tremblay

Great place great food

Lucille O'Day

Kathleen Magnuson

Jeff Barr

Walter K Parker

Fast service a lot of booths

Peter Lewandowski

Suzanne Cornelia

Delicious menu choices. Super service!

Michelle Matthews

Joseph Dougherty

Great family restaurant.

Eric Downing

Great restaurant, only place in the area that makes a good potato pizza, easily the best restaurant in whitensville

The A Team .

The staff here is AMAZING! I can't put my finger on it, but everything on the menu is poorly executed. The fried fish is soggy, the pizza tastes like it came from a warm freezer, and the hot dogs are always overcooked. The restaurant has an overall "lived-in" smell that old carpet tends to take on. This place is in desperate need of a full on overhaul - both the menu and the dining room. Unfortunately, there aren't alot of sit down restaurants in this area to compare it to.

carroll lyons

Love Jube,s for breakfast, they have a great variety, large portions with a fair price!

Steve Palmari

Reasonably priced and the biscuits and gravy are out of this world

Cassandra Janton

Always a good breakfast

Robie Townsend

Good food,fast service.

Heather Graham

This place was great. The fries and fish I ordered were fried perfectly, very crispy with good flavor. My mom ordered a turkey club and they give you a pretty big sandwich with a really tasty pickle and yummy fries. They have excellent pizza selection a well. The restaurant looked like a standard diner and was very clean and organized. They seem to be very kid friendly as well, good crayon selection and extensive kids menu plus ball machines and crane game! Pretty good value and great service, great family environment!

Abby Bergeron

It is very nice and so are the people

Jamie C

Great place for families. Great selection and great food. Never had a bad meal or bad service.

Veronica Comeau

Family get together, 2 adult son's @ Mom. Greeted friendly and sat quickly. Orders delivered and food well done. Thank you

April Jacobs

Delicious food with great service. Always a pleasure!

Lisa Ferrelli

Good food, reasonably priced. Good service.

Laurie Riordan


Ndog boss

I absolutely love this place it's food is sooooo good and it's an all out amazing restaurant!!!

Larson Fam


tom wick

Just read all of the prior positive reviews. That's my review. Delicious food, local, clean, no pretence.

Scott Lavallee Jr

Amazing service and the food is priced lower then other restaurant around, I love the Red Hots Buffalo Pizza.

Josh Coyne

Hanna Geoffrey

Jubes family resturaunt has amasing staff and food. Their prices are fair and in relation to the amounts given. Jubes resturaunt has a home towm feel and you come out happy everytime.

Don Howes

Nice, clean old school, non-chain type place. Good food and service at a reasonable price.

Joshua Youngsma

I thought the pizza here was decent but my wife didn't like the crust and it was a bit soggy in the center. I think it just may have had too many toppings on it. The fish and chips tasted ok but the fish had way too much batter. I would rather have the fish with a thinner coating of batter. The tomato sauce provided with the cheese sticks was very good! I am willing to try other things on the menu here.

MR Stephen Pucci

Good foos

Shirley Mercure

Good food fast service

Jennifer Goulart Snyder

Very busy place! I just wish their biscuits and gravy were sausage in the gravy, and highly spiced with sage ...

Rob Petrin

I went there when I first moved here. Pretty good. Went twice more over the course of a few months. Inedible overpriced food. Average service. Always packed. How?!

Rebecca Clark

My favorite breakfast place! Lunch and dinner not so much. Got a steak that was supposed to be medium and could barely get a knife through it

Mike Kasiecki

Todd Mongeau

Great food and service.

M2 Hinkley

They have great food

Jason Webb

Great food at great prices

George Levasseur

Great breakfast place. Excellent wait staff.

Matt McKeon

Good food. Great value. Excellent service. Possibly the best breakfast for the money in the valley.

Diane Mongeon

Food was delicious. Reasonable prices like the young at heart menus

Sally Legg

Everything was good but we thought it was cold in there, also took awhile to get the check

Scott Allen

This is one of those places that you can go anytime breakfast lunch or dinner for a reasonable price

Robert McFetridge

Good food , good prices friendly atmosphere

Donna Ciccone

Benjamin S

Despite sometimes being a bid crowded the wait staff gets it done and makes it look good.

Paul Julian

A wonderful gem in Northbridge! A great va

Roy Peters

Food is just okay nothing special here.

Jeff Collette

Come with an empty stomach and love your time here. Great food, great servers, fair prices.

Debra Abate

Joyce Phipps

Full only 2 waitresses couldnt handle it. Was ignired

Cassie Heney

Really slow staff. Grosses eggs Benedict I've ever had. Sauce was brown clumpy and just nasty

nathan B

Fun and family friendly dining. Cheap and cost effective. Don't expect high end, expect the 90s familly booth restaurant.

Carole Tougas

Awesome..waitresses know you..friendly staff..

Douglas Tourgee

Always enjoy the food and the service at Jube's

Jason Souza

Great selection of great tasting food!

Dave Cook

Bob Parkhurst

Great place for breakfast, prices are reasonable, and staff is very friendly.

cherilyn clemmer

Amazing pizza, fairly priced

Janet Cafferky

Yummy food. A very nice waitress

Calderon HI

Friendly staff.

Tracie McLellan

Joe Ferraro

Great breakfast, fair pricing

Mary Anne Moore

The waitresses here are very sweet and remember your name. The chicken parm was delicious!

Dominic Coombe

Great food large portions and great prices always seem to have seating and accepts large partie as well as seating for 2

Steven Dowell

Lorraine Hartmann

John Oatis

Great for breakfast!

Jennifer H

Good restaurant

Carolyn Preble

Barry Hans

Great food and selection

Laboy Albert

The costumer service is the worst. Don’t spend your money in places that do appreciate the customer. Food is ok. King Jade should be fired.

Alma DeManche

Michele Jones


Small family run business, with diner style food. It has had the same decor for like 15 plus years. Some booths are duck taped with blue tape over the rips. Its dated decor and look as though most of it comes from the dollar store across the way depending on the upcoming holiday. The staff will vaccuum while you are eating all around you and wipe things down quickly, leaving crumbs and such on the tables set for the next customers. The food is consistent with what you would expect from a low scale diner. I had a piece of hair cooked into my burger on my last visit and my husbands plate was covered in grease from his. We requested well done husbands came well done, but mine was literally raw bleeding. On another visit he had a dried out roast beef sandwhich, when he picked it up he had tuna fish all over it and the plate was filthy with what looked like someone's leftovers!!! The fried haddock has a very thick coating of batter and the baked is very watery. Not once have we be comped our meal after showing them how gross it was. They just take it and say okay we will fix it. It comes back the same as you return it just cooked to dust with new bread. Everything is frozen food here, reheated and over priced. Sorry if this is harsh, but my reviews are 100% honest.

Joe Dufresne

Jodi Dills

My friend and I went to lunch at Jube's and after we ordered, our food came out quickly!!! Our waitress was very knowledgeable with the menu and options!!! When it came time for our lunch, it came with attractive colors and looked very appealing!!! The food was cooked perfectly!!! I LOVE their Sweet potato fries!!! I had a wrap, my friend had a burger. They both came quickly and tasted very good!!! Our waitress was prompt and courteous as well!!! As an aside, it was nice to see they have locals who are regular diners there so they had a LARGE sign in back about a new baby boy having been born!!! I LOVE my small towns!!!

Mrbat Bat

Excellent place for breakfast. Opens early,place is always clean,food is awesome and waitress always friendly.

Johnny Keys

Great food and lots of it!

Nathan Bird

I have never had a bad encounter with food or service, keep up the good work!!

Tyler Blair

Tiffany Daigle

Always have a great experience here. The food is always great and the wait staff is very attentive.


Tara Cardinal

Richard Mullins

Clean friendly great food

Rebecca Frenière

Albert Hendrickson

Super average hole in the wall. Not bad by any means. Slightly more expensive than it should be. Very basic menu. Food was good. Service was friendly but crazy slow. When we ate we waited alot on every aspect of the experience. There were 4 tables occupied and 3 waitress'. A refill on a soda shouldn't take 15 minutes in a dead restaurant. Not terrible but not special

Greg Jordan

Great food and service

debra powers

Excellent service and food

Mark Fingerman

The sausage gravy is somewhat bland, and the biscuits have practically no flavor at all.

Eevee King

Jubes pancakes are amazing! I request getting them. If you love breakfast Jubes is the place to go.

Pauline Abbis

Very friendly, food gr8. Kim was awesome. Hope she has a gr8 time in Fla.

Joseph Nazareno

Quick bite? Ha!!!! We ordered steak and cheese, pizza, and a chicken wrap. 45 minutes later still no food! What’s worse is that other people that came after us were getting theirs first.

John Morris

Nothing special but decent food. Service was fast and friendly. I would stop here again but not make a special trip.

ian murray

Rarely can be good very slow waiting on you the food is never the same lot of things are typically undercooked thing is I still show every once in awhile

Tim Sullivan

Craig Hay

Andy Mihail

First time going & it was actually a disappointment. My burger was a frozen patty, cooked it was soft. The wife's popcorn chicken was also frozen, seemed like they were from a bag of Banquet nuggets. The cheese on the nachos wasn't real cheese, no better than the movie theater. For $35, I was hoping for better food than I could have gotten from the freezer asile.

Chris Rocheleau

Food was good but not amazing, service was very fast and friendly, great atmosphere.

Jeannine Gilmore

Quick pleasant service with good food

Kenneth Vance

Love the early bird special meal

Bob Holden

Good service, clean. Average food.

Whitie White

Paige Marie

Bob Anderson

King Jade was great, as usual

Carrie Frollo

Great food...great prices!

John Cournoyer

alicia belanger

Love the antipastos and the italian dressing is perfect . Always fast service and fresh food

Todd Austin

Excellent food.

Paul Hathaway

Awesome local eatery... Great food/service

Henry Savelli

A nice, family style restaurant that serves good breakfasts.

CJ Henning

Marilyn Gelinas

Good food for a good price. Service is always great. Love the Irish Eggs Benedict!!!!!

Brian Kearney

Great food and service! Would definitely come back as it has that local, homestyle feel

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