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143 Park St, Northfield, NH 03276, United States

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This Restaurant belongs to the category of Seafood restaurant.

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REVIEWS OF Dipsy Doodle Dairy Bar IN New Hampshire

Timothy Gurshin

Best roadside seafood in New Hampshire! Seafood chowder is the best you will find.

Katherine von Jan

Huge, juicy and delicious lobster rolls!

Danielle Remillard

Josh Ratty

Awesome little place. Great food and friendly service.

Holly French

Great icecream and seafood

Heather Allar

Great food especially seafood and ice cream !

Kristen Vaughn

Love their cookie dough ice cream!

Andre Dupont

Good food, prices could be better

Jon Fisher


Cindy Smith

Leisa Moses

Nice lunch ! Clams&Scallops perfect! Burger was undercooked, had to eat around the middle.Friendly and accommodating staff! Will definitely go back!

Melissa Leigh

Every season brings great food & pleasant staff!

Mohamed Eldardir

good ice cream and very friendly owner and staff

Elise Ford

Awesome quality ice cream!! Both soft serve and hard. Seafood is excellent!! Lobster rolls a must try!! Clam strips were the best I've had in years! Helpers are friendly and polite like they are part of your family.

Catheryn Burke

Great selection, clean, nice service

Joshua Gosselin

The employees, while young, all are extremely nice, and excellent at their jobs.

Jaymee's Journey

Very friendly staff. Love the ice cream and food is delicious!

Rosalie Philibert

Brenda Jeanne Walker

Good food

Taylor Morgan

Heidi Carignan

Very clean, pleasant service, and good food.

Donna Noelte

Best fried clams ever. Wait staff friendly and the restaurant was very clean. Will be returning.

Tanya Chesnell

Susan May

Omg wonderful seafood!!

Amy Lavin

Great food and friendly service.

Elizabeth Hackett

Great food.

Judith A Roberge

The seniors menue comes with a free children's ice cream, which is a pretty good amount.

Benjamin Dussault

Reena Bammi

Corina Alexander

Left us standing there for 10 mins before taking our order. Did not fill the kids orders first. We all got the same flavor, so when they ran out I gave mine to my son. I had to pick a different flavor and then was charged more money even though it was their error. So 1 star because of poor customer service. Just go to DQ.

Bill Kiesel

Best seafood and dairy bar in the area

Delphine Waldrep

Rachel W


Frank Desjardins

A Dipsy Doodle has great food

Dan W

Nice ice cream. I ordered 1 scoop it looked like 1 and a half to 2 scoops

Julianne & Marc Palucchio

Lots of awesome flavors, generous portions, and great prices!

Justin Noseworthy

Diane Seamans

Kat Esperanza

Fast, friendly, and the best scallops I've ever Had! Seafood chowder was also amazing. Definetly recommend and will be visiting again soon!

Gregg Couture

Dawn G

Had clamp strip and they were very good. Will go again.

Cindy Porter


Jeannie Ledoux

Eric Lewis

David Bowers

Nice friendly place. Great ice cream. Wish there was more of a selection, but it was after labor day and towards the end of the season.

Frank D'Agostino

Best place arround. Fresh food homemade ice cream and the also have soft serve. Try the cheese fries real cheese and bacon on them

Debbie Morgan

Seafood is fresh, fried to perfection, ice cream is super rich & creamy. Prices are very reasonable for what you get

Jayne Regan

Great food especially their ice cream!

Becky Oneil

The lobster BLT and fried scallops are amazing. Emily is the best waitress ever and a great scooper!

Matthew Rolnick

Jennifer Stednitz

Delicious fried seafood and ice cream

Joseph Morgan

Service could be a little more efficient

Madie Brown

Enjoyed coming here! Everything was homemade from the ice cream to the seafood to even the waffle cones!

Jimclue Wayman

The staff are the best and very friendly . Great Ice cream and sea food is best in town.

Mike S

Debbie Wright

Joshua DeFeo

Kim Rizzuto

Very tasty seafood and ice cream !

Darren Robitaille

Clams were extremely small not worth the 22 bucks I paid for it very disappointed

Geoffrey Kilar

Fun place for some ice cream in the summer!

Dave Furbush

Ordered the scallop plate with half onion rings and half fries. It was like... $25. Expensive? Sure. But it's seafood, not a bag of Chicken McNuggets. It was in the ballpark of what I expected to pay. I haven't done seafood in literally years. I sat in my car to wait, in air conditioning, because it was super hot out. My order was ready before I knew it, and, because my car window was closed, the girl that took my order waved to me from the order window to let me know my plate was ready. She let me know that there was one container of tartar sauce, and verified that was sufficient. She didn't just assume. Awesome. The cole slaw and tartar were in a separate bag. A lot of places will put that stuff with the hot food, and by the time you get home, the cold items are warm and gross. These guys knew better. Much appreciated. I arrived home in ten minutes, and unpacked everything, and it was amazing. Great portion sizes of everything. The fries and o-rings were crispy and hot, and the scallops were tender, sweet, and flavorful. I barely touched the tartar. That's how good they were. The cole slaw was cold, crunchy, and creamy. I don't normally post reviews for anything. If I do, it's typically a sentence or two. The fact that I felt strongly enough to take ten minutes out of my day to write a several paragraph long blurb about my fantastic, friendly experience at DDDB should speak volumes. 6/5. Will return ASAP.

Melonie Sheppard

David Sullivan

Don't go here if you want to live! They keep all their seafood in a sweltering trailer outback. The food is greasy and overpriced. And they charge $6.50 +tax for a one size milkshake! Not family budget friendly. Seems like all.they care about is taking the tourists money.

Russel Drew

Shag Gee

Joycelin Barker

The King Of Mystery

Okay Ice Cream

David Clouter

Jackie Norton

Food is prices...delicious

Jonathan hatch

Sharon Andrews




Gavin Mullen

Great food

Eury Dice

Peter Mason

Peanut Butter Pie ice cream! Yum.


Great big scallops

Zaneta Braswell-Ellis

Nice friendly place to get quick bite to eat.

John Dorval

Great seafood, I had fried clams and they were fabulous. Tried the haddock nuggets and they were awesome. Topped off the meal with sea salt caramel truffle ice cream and it was so good.

Tristan McNeel

Awful experience, food is just okay and the owners should NOT be running a business. They are decietful and rude. When working for them they pay you as they please, messing with your hours and when confronted they tell you they owe you nothing then tell you to get out. Absolutely disgusting.

Odessa Weeks

The BEST seafood in the area, and super friendly staff!

Álvaro Martínez Higes

Great icecream

Jessica Vintinner

Awesome food! I will go back again and tell everyone about it

Jonathan Allard

So good, Amazing seafood, and ice-cream!

Robert Benwell

Margaret Manfra Smith

Lisa lundstrom

Love this place... Great selections and friendly staff!!!

Courtney Beckner

Antoine Welch

The owners are wonderful, kind and thoughtful people. They definitely try and cater and please their customers! Food is also very good and fresh!

Sandy Bailey

Matthew Ingles

Miah Vincent

Denise Lewis

Taylor Calley

Katie Currier

Cory Tupeck

Had a great seafood platter, then icecream for desert.

Thomason Ly

Scot Sabins

Great ice cream after pizza at Tilton House of Pizza

Cary Silverstein

Whitney Beck

Mark/Sylvia Dawalga

Large plate sizes but a little high on.prices.

Michael Szymkowski

Great ice cream and friendly staff. Everything was reasonably priced as well.

Sean Negron

Larissa Healey

Gwen Gaudette

John Holt

Seafood shack and ice cream bar that's New England right there...


Very nice place, great small sized sundaes. Not too giant. Great, but also NOT great for a diet. Lolllll

Mike Falkner

They were very friendly and welcomed our dog to sit at the outdoor picnic tables. Lobster rolls were great (I had hot and my wife had cold).

Roger Simmons

Its a small town ice cream stand serving fried food on a seasonal basis. For the niche it's in nothing particularly stands out. That is to say I wouldn't go out of my way to stop but it's the only ice cream stand in town.

Kandy Dennison

Lynn Hathorne

Bentley 1 up

I went here today and ordered a lg Lobster Roll it was the worst Lobster Roll I've ever had. There was no taste to it and if that's what they call a lg I'd hate to see a small. Hardly any meat in it. WORST $25 I've ever spent on a lobster roll.

Ron Clark

Shelby Reed

Peter Moskal

Camden White

Everyone in my group lived the frappes and ice cream.

Andreanne Lefebvre

Jamie Eichelberger


It's good over priced but good

Kelly Bissell

Great place to stop for ice cream.

Laura Erhart

Trish Beauchesne

Awesome seafood!

Ashley B

Kayla is the ice cream queen! Every time I have had the pleasure of getting her in the window she has been very personable, friendly and can sure make a cone the correct way! Always looks professional in Dipsey Doodle wear and a welcoming smile. Icecream you scream we all scream for Kayla. Ps. There’s no crunch coat - but there is Kayla

Casual Pixel

Very good ice cream. There is usualy a small line during the hot months.


Jonathan Miner

Ice cream was great, service was slow.

Jen Ball

Nice place

TJ Erquhart

The Haddock Nuggets plate with fries/rings & cole slaw was amazing! Great service & friendly people! The dogs loved their doggie dishes of ice cream too!

Melanie Michael

kind of expensive & small portions. besides that it is great food and the ice cream is to die for.

kate carlson

Best lobster roll in the area! 2 ways to have it: salad form- cold or hot with just lobster with melted butter on top on a toasted hotdog roll!

Carrol Johnson

Good Summer Fried Food meal. Fast pleasant service!

Chris Carter

Bob Rea

It has ice cream

christopher coleman

Ellen Ruch

Spent over 10.00 on two ice cream was in a cup and hardly had any ice cream,the other was a two scoop on a waffle jimmy cone which was stale,I threw the cone out. When I called to let them know, the call never got picked up.

Dale Barton

Excellent! Fried food not too heavy or greasy. Full of flavor. Highly recommend it!!!!

Diana Szacik

Laura Estelle

Great service! Great food! Worth going.

Mary Lambert


Kalena Graham

Tim Thompson

The soft serve ice cream is very creamy. My favorite place in NH. I love the vanilla and my wife the chocolate.

Brittney Briggs

Sea food platter was so good! Campfire smores ice cream was also good but there was a hair in it.

Dan Stickney

Always delicious, quick, and fairly priced. One of our favorite summer spots!

Dennis Wilson

Stopped here on the spur of the moment. Delicious ice cream, giant portions!

Steph Dufour

Best lobster roll in town!

Sam Foresta

Great ice cream and staff, delicious coconut shrimp!! Fair prices

Christine Wiseman

Really good ice cream! The toasted coconut was fabulous! My companions had salted chocolate caramel, peach, and NH blackbear raspberry.

F. B. I. Iberger

lobster seemed frozen and the clerk didn't take down the order correctly. sweet potato fries were very good


Love it, goof service, good food.

Danny Bartlett

Fried Clams, Cheeseburgers, Frenchfries, Milkshakes, Ice Cream. The only thing missing is footlong hotdogs to bring me back to my childhood!

Conner Shipp

Earlier commenter “Ashley B” was not kidding!!! My soft serve swirl ice cream was a perfect 50/50 chocolate vanilla ratio (if you can believe it some places skimp on the chocolate). To no surprise it was perfectly prepared by Kayla. Every time I pass through the Tilton/Northfield area I will surely be stopping in to indulge in the artistically sculpted dessert that is a dipsy doodle swirl cone

Danielle Higuera

Dipsy Doodle is a great local, family-owned spot that I go when I want my seafood fix! Their lobster rolls are ridiculously good! The only thing I wish they had was non-dairy icecream options! However, all my family and friends rave about their icecream selection as well! I highly recommend stopping in and checking them out!!

EvaMarie Frank

Good, great clear lobster on a hot dog bun. Delicious.

Rd Tr

This place is amazing!! The new owners really know their stuff

Michael Bonenfant

Awesome ice cream and seating!

Ronald Maclean

Pat Walsh

Just ok. A bit greasy and over priced but ok for an occasional I indulgence

Keith Plasse

Good ice cream....

Bill and Jennifer Miller

So good! We were up from ATL and I was bound and determined to have clams for my birthday. This place exceeded our expectations. Good prices and great food.

Alex Nichols

The homemade chips are amazing. Very nice employee's. Highly recommend checking them out.

Rebecca Lake-Bonenfant

I loved the selection of ice cream. The staff was friendly. On a nice day you can sit outside at their tables with shade and enjoy food and ice cream. They even have a kids table with bubble blowing stuff for little ones.

Lizz DoubleZ

Been going here since the place had opened. If your looking for great, cheap food, this is the place for you!! Food is great! It comes out fast. Their icecream is even better!! Highly recommended!!

Melanie Butler

Michael Teunessen

This is a quaint, small, restaurant with great food and service. Here you can either eat inside or outside on the tables.For a seasonal place, the prices are very fair. It's a little off the beaten path, but it is well worth visiting. The place is spotless and it is very evident that the staff takes the time to keep it that way.

Tyler Sawicki

Kurt Schaffner

james lamanuzzi

Like the doodle very much! Only wish there were more items that weren't deep fried.

Erin Clark

samantha heys

Before you eat there take a look at how the place looks behind the restaurant. Really gross!!!

Roger Dionne

Great food! Good prices!

Naomi Brown

Steve Knight

Denise Bodwell

Only had ice icream. Noted meal of another person. Smelled and looked delicious

Trevor Laplante

Have always enjoyed the food every visit.

Robin Pinard

Wow is all I can say!!! We found this ice cream shop a month ago and loved it right away. Just stopped again, tried another ice cream and was WOW'd again. I live 45 minutes away but I will definitely be back.

Warrene Kemery Reed

ALWAYS great food and great service

Gail Granfield

Ice cream was good

Douglas Ingham

Great ice cream

Roger Davidson

Carole Besson

Holly Cheney

The ice cream is great and the staff are very helpful and friendly! Great place to go!

Teresa Cate

Great ice cream, so so prices.

Jamie Ferrante

Cute! Great service, clean and reasonably priced - good ice cream!

Lee Kelley

The calories don't count if you are on vacation... or even if you aren't. Brought the whole family here for dessert just before they were closing and the staff was friendly and the food came right out. No issues parking and they even have chalk to keep the kids entertained while you finish those last bites. Fun experience.


Good stuff

Autumn Rob

Won best Fried Clams / NH Magazine, in 2008. Just doesn't get any better.

Tom Alosso

John Disario

Great clams.

Trygg Williamson

Marlene Bailey

Fran Granfield

Great little place

jason goddard

Laura Moody

Thomas Murphy

Christopher Amrich

Perfect homemade icecream.

Josh Fraser

Good food, they have everything that you would expect a small place to have. More of an ice cream shop than anything and gets busy on summer nights.

Patrick Riess

David Nangle

Diane Beetle

Jacob Watson

Great food.

Larry Costa

Sheila Clark


Always delicious

Debra Blomquist

Great food, very nice servers

Tammie Bowers

Erin DesMeules Burke

Good ice cream, WAY expensive.

Pam Clark

Merrick Smith

Gets the job done when you need a cone or dish of soft serve.

Lisa Clark

Good fried sea food! Great lobster rolls and onion rings

Amanda Kelly


Britt M

Good ice cream with inventive flavors. Great after a white water session on the Winnie.

Richard O'Brien

Their seafood is absolutely grand, and their ice cream is definitely worth coming back for!

Andrew Palmer

Terrific fried belly clams! Large portions too.

Rose Sokol-Chang

Best ice cream, best prices around! Haven't tried the food yet but smells good cooking.

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