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73 Ocean Blvd, Hampton, NH 03842, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bernie's Beach Bar IN New Hampshire

Natalia Rezende

Bernie's is the place to be in the summer at Hampton. Been coming here for over 3 years now. Love their frozen margs and their gluten free menu! They have a dedicated fryer so my GF boyfriend can have onion rings!! (Very rare). Love the view from the deck overlooking the beach strip and the live music. Morgan was awesome!

Gary Griffin

Great food, kind waitresses. Love the Painkiller drinks, steak tips, fettuccine Alfredo and fried fish. Bouncers were kind and helpful. One bartender did not want to be there yesterday, but other than that, awesome vacation vibe! Will return for sure.

Gary Graichen

Cool place, best on the strip. Outdoor seating, beautiful views, large live music venue. A staple for every beach visit

Rachel Degenova

Good food and alot of fun

Margaret Honan

Bernie's is a little of everything. You can do take out. Sit inside or outside for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Great night life and party scene, live music, outdoor games, fun atmosphere whatever floor you're on. Food is delicious and many choices on the menu.

Lisa mendez

Kool place ...from texas

Paul Andrews

I'm so happy to see a large entertainment and out door dining offering at Hampton. They do everything right here. It's huge, food is great, atmosphere is fun, and the band we saw today was awesome! Highly recommend!

Rebecca Hillier

Nice dinner, kid friendly, great service

Valerie Sikora

Jake G is the best waiter

Steven Linnehan

It's a beach bar fine Talent

Major Wheelock

Love this place, great veiw of the beach, good menu, nice breeze.

David Taveroff

Late night drinks. Service very good. Music was great, though the salty words were inappropriate for music that wafted easily onto the street. Musician could have easily had same result without the words that were not fit for family entertainment.

Steve Rogers

Young pretty girl with tattoos on her arms and blonde hair made our day. She was just so helpful and happy, one of the best bartender I’ve ever had and we go out a lot. I want to say her name was Laura or Lauren, either way look for her as she makes the best Mojito I’ve ever had and that’s my drink of choice!

Tammy Rager

Great gluten free menu

Mallory Shaffer

Great food! Very inviting and kid friendly! Our go to for beach eating.

Diana McGinnis

Great view of beach and tons of TVs. The food was good. Great oysters, wings and chowder!

Linda Riedle

Great view...great food...great service. But to my dismay they were out of Bud Lite Draft.

John Supple

Great food, great view

Zach Prescott

A must stop if you're in the area. Bernies is an awesome beach bar with a great drink menu and food. They recently renovated their establishment and it now includes a boardwalk bar right off the strip, an upstairs patio with a bar and tables for lunch and dinner, an extended deck area with a stage which they host concerts during the summer, and a lounge area with another bar.

Fisher Manda

Amazing venue the crowd is definitely 25 and under but they have a lot of amazing bands there. The food is on the pricey side and the beer lineup is pretty basic. Good place to go if you are looking for a night out with friends and are under 25.

funny ish

This place is amazing. We spent 4th of July afternoon there. Our server jovan was amazing despite the restaurant being slammed had a great night as well when live music started

Ellen Stavropoulos

Huge gluten free menu

william head

Great food and drinks with a view

Rachael Lord

Beautiful view of that cool blue water

Anouk Savoie-Côté

Food was ok, service was good, but too much plastic was used that could have easily been avoided (water served in a plastic cup, multiple plastic straws given to the same person, dressing served in plastic cups, etc). I do not endorse such practices, especially at a beach front restaurant.

Maretta Poston

Great atmosphere,always have a good time, food quality varies ,depending on the year or the season

Bonnie Hoffman

Went here for lunch, which was fantastic, server was great, very professional. And did I mention the rooftop view of the beach? Doesn't get much better. Also came back in the evening for beers and live music on the rooftop. Wow!

robert wassman

I had had a haddock sandwich and french fries and it beer. The service was fantastic.

Hannah Stimpson

Bartender pushed shots on us that were basically malibu and blue curacao yet coated 9 bucks, you got me that time... gorgeous location, weird vibe

Braden Chagnon

Very cool spot on the Hampton boardwalk. The upstairs bar is the perfect place to grab a drink, get out of the sun, and still feel like you're at the beach. There is also a huge space for games like Cornhole and live music. Bernie's is a great addition to Hampton beach.

Narun Ros

I had fun hanging out with you at Bernie's beach bar. Looking to come again and meet with you like before.

Abdullah kaberi

Its really good food and drink

Joanne Fish

Great beach views on the 2nd floor. Delicious Body Mary and the best fried scallops I've had in a good long time. Light breathing and tender. I wanted to offer another dinner just for the taste!

Dari B.

If I could give this place negative starts I would based on my last experience alone! I went to watch the lil John concert and purchased my ticket at the door. When my friends and I got in we were on the top part of the outdoor bar and two women were throwing beers at each other. One of the women became upset and tossed a glass of beer to the crowd and most of it went on me. I went to security to let them know what was going on (man standing between the entrance of the top stage and the hostess section at 9:30pm) he said ok and turned away. After I paid to go and watch a show I had to leave before the opening act was over because I was covered in beer! The employees could careless of the well being of guests who visit this restaurant. I have been coming to Bernie’s for years and have told countless people to also come but you have lost a customer and as I shared how wonderful you were for years I will also share my horrific experience!

emeka unegbu

Good food, great prize. Great view of the ocean

Jacqueline Ruff

Live music was good, views were amazing, and the seating was comfortable. I gave it three stars because we had to wait almost an hour for our nachos and friend calamari that we ordered. The restaurant wasn't busy at all as there was only two other people seated on the balcony with us. Once we got our food we were really not impressed. If we ever go back it will only be for the live music and drinks, and definitely not the food.

Linda Ditommaso

Nice place! Loved the corn hole!

Wayne Machado

Food service and cocktails were all very good. Played a little corn hole as well. Fun place to visit with a great view.

lynn mungo

Love this place I'm there every chance I get

Angela Ross

I wish I could give this place 1/2 a star. I brought my mother and cousin out for a nice dinner at the beach. I am severely allergic to shellfish and I advised the waitress..she let me know that all fried items are fried in the same oil....shrimp, clams, Braddock, chicken tenders and even the French fries. My options for dinner were already limited because of all the I ordered a burger....big mistake! It was flavorless and I suspect it was prepared very near seafood because I had an allergic reaction to the burger. Great view...long wait....and not the best when it comes to service and food.

Dan Smith

Good was undercooked and overpriced

Butch Ashleigh

Great food and drinks!!! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that it is a bit pricey, even for a beach bar. That still hasn't stopped me from going every day while at Hampton Beach though.

Alexis Clough

This is absolutely the worst establishment that I have ever attempted to see a performer in my life. I go out in Boston normally and frequently travel going out in places from Miami to Vegas to Barcelona. I went here for the first time last night to go see Lil’ Jon driving up to meet a friend that had an extra ticket. The bouncers were unbelievably rude, granted my friend was a little tipsy and confused but I was completely sober since I don’t drink. She mistakenly thought she could bring my ticket down since she had been there for hours and have me skip the line. Their response to her was unacceptable and when we went back and waited in line following the interaction they refused to let us in when we got to the front saying they had kicked us out. They actually had the audacity to make us wait and line with the plan to not let us in when we got to the front. I am truly horrified by the management of this establishment and would never ever go here again in my life. If you are use to going out in Boston and/or have any expectations of being treated with respect, don’t drive up to this place. They are trashy and rude! When I posted this review on Instagram, instead of management actually contacting me to try to make things right or apologize they blocked me so I can’t comment and share my experience. Clearly they do not care about customers or service. Pretty sure the incident last night was just so they could sell more tickets.

Sal Lombardo

Love the outdoor seating, and a nice venue too.

Rob Wiley

Great atmosphere right across from the beach! Really fun drinks and the food menu is pretty god too. Live music and lots of space. A must try!

Senee O'Connell

Best rooftop bar around.

Edy POJOY PojoyGuzman

My 1st time visiting this place and I definitely coming back a lot of people here in very clean please is kind of far away for us cause we leave in Boston but when it comes to up beautiful place to visit you need to come here

Marc Fisher

Twin lobsters for $13.95 enough said....

Logan DeTour-Rowan

Great food with tons of gluten free options and an awesome view.

Kelly Morrow

Drizzly Saturday afternoon stopped at Bernies for lunch with a party of 7. Three twin lobster meals, deal of the day at $13.75, one haddock sandwich and two clam strip meals. Food was great, service not so great. Our young server had no sense of humor though we tried to be friendly. Eventually coming around but not enough to redeem herself. We had to hunt her down twice for help. Location is great with amazing views of Hampton Beach from the outside deck. Could have been a five star review with great service!!

Annette Tessier

My husband and I were seated immediately and it was on the busiest weekend due to seafood festival. We placed our drink orders and when the drinks arrived, we placed our meal order. Having waited for at least 45 minutes, we watched while other diners received their meals... some arriving after us. We began to inquire our server about our dinner. It had to be another 30 minutes before our twin lobsters arrived. French fries and onion rings clumped together as if they had been sitting out for a while. Twin lobsters the same. Our server only apologetic when she brought us the bill. I believe it must be a standard policy to refer issues to the manager. I told her I didn't care who's fault it was, our disappointment will be reflected in her tip on our $100 bill...ZERO!

Adam B

Great spot with a great view. Waitress was terrible and I advise not to get the fish tacos. $18 and it was mainly cheese. The little bit if fish I got was like a pencil sized piece in each of the 3 tacos. Bar and bartender were excellent. Drinks were made strong and standard price ~$10. Lots of space and they have 3 cornhole sets for the afternoon.

Lori Wiswell

Had been told it would be a 30 minute wait for a table. We were seated in less than 5 minutes. The waitress was great and hardworking. We ordered drinks and food. After a ONE HOUR wait for our food, I asked the waitress to send over the manager. He came and told us “we are trying to get your food to you. We watched everyone in the place get their food, eat and leave. After another 45 minutes with NO food on the table we got up and walked out. The manager didn’t even offer to give us free drinks - we were having soda! Will NEVER go back and tell everyone we know not to bother.

Christine Dubois

Gave this Place a Second Chance...Ordered a Bern Burger Cooked "Medium"...Got it/Ate it...Cool to Temperture and Was Basically "Well Done"...Maybe 3 Partys Were There Ao It Wasn't Busy So Why Did I Have My Food Served This Way....They Ask Me Why I Had Eatin My Burger So My Reponse "I WAS HUNGRY" They Threw There Hands Up Like To Bad For Me...I Will "NEVER GO THERE AGAIN"

Rebecca Clocher

Great big dance floor!!

sheila cincone

Great food and entertainment

Mckayla Mancini

My dad and I bike from our beach house to Bernie’s all the time for the atmosphere and the food. Plus, it’s a great place to watch fireworks from on Wednesday nights! I’ve never had a bad experience here and anyone who has, it was probably their fault considering there is a bar and the staff just want everyone to be happy. Kind of pricey, but I will stand by the food because all of my orders have been awesome so far and I’ve been going there for two years now. I recommend it highly to all my friends and anyone who is hungry! Also, the cornhole games and band are a great touch.

tony mazzeo

Great all round here. Highly recommend

Janine Davies

Wonderful clam chowder and lobsta bisque.

Lisa Tebo

Great food and drinks ocean front view.

Charlie A

Great food and prices and service, ask for Sam she was great server.

Sonia Livingston

Food is always great! View is spectacular.

chris Boulton

Great place to see a show....

Jason durbin

A weekend at Bernies isn't a bad thing… great seafood with an inviting environment.

Chelsea Schmidt

There was a bit of a wait but it was totally worth it. The did was fresh and the drinks were amazing.

Jonna Gagnon

A great open air bar and restaurant with a view of the ocean..great food, great staff!

kevin fields

Nothing original or stand out... like no effort was put into this beach bar

Shen Yuan Huang

Great place to go for seafood and drinks in the summer on the NH coast. There can be a wait for a table but it's worth it!

logan hunter

Celiac friendly, onion rings are a good time.

Karen Scott

Super great! Best waiter. Food and drinks excellent.

Lucas Tabolt

Music and food...all good

Andrea Stone

Great food, but ff were soggy

John Gray

Great food. Great location!!

Greg Caron

Best clam chowder on the beach!

Chris L

Great views of the beach from the top deck, super fun atmosphere and amazing drinks! Malibu 151 made this event go smoothly.

eva kinyua

We always eat here with my family everytime we came to Hampton beach.. Service is great and the view upstairs is excellent as you eat.

Andy Tolbert

Had a fun night with the family. The spinach appetizer was delicious, and the fish entrees (Joy amd Logan had that) were good but Dylan and my meal were mediocre at best (burger and wings). Our waitress was great! She brewed me some fresh coffee! She gets 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐! The band wasn't very good either. The dude with the guitar downshifts was WAY better.

michael chateauneuf

Awesome service food very well prepared and on the beach can t wait to go back

Alexander Stavrinos

Cool place to grab a drink, enjoy some good seafood, and take in the ocean view overlooking Hampton Beach.

Kevin O'Connor

Cool bar overlooking the beach or you can stop by and see a show there.

Jeff D

Had drinks. Very well made tasty cocktail. Friendly staff and cozy atmosphere

Don Bordeau

You can't go to bar and drink unless you're ordering food

Thedoria Goldsmith

A bartender was awesome except for a couple of hours and he was polite respectful and on point

Yolanda Lopez

The waiter Dennis was more than professional beautiful personality...nice to have staff wait on you like this great job Dennis!

pam pla

Labor Day weekend and not a long wait for a table. Gal playing music upstairs and a fella downstairs too! Great afternoon at the beach. Great Bloody Mary and Cobb Salad.

Peter DiTommaso

This place is huge. Multiple bars and live entertainment. Tuesday night Corn Hole tournaments! Overlooks the beach.

Matt C

You can sit out on the beach and listen to the music

Karina Ritter

My boyfriend and I longboarded here to get the longboard lemonade (a drink on the menu) but the hostess told us we weren’t allowed in with our longboards.. It looked like a cool place but I’m really disappointed that somewhere that sells a drink with longboard in the name wouldn’t let us in with ours.

Ashley Gauthier

Loved the atmosphere. The bartenders were amazing and so friendly.

Joanne Lecuyer

Just good food and people

Google Guest

Came here on Saturday for night life, heard good things about Bernie's, left disappointed. No cover charge which was a plus, music was terrible, drinks were overpriced like CRAZY, security is rude and looking to kick anyone out any minute they can. Was packed but I really don't know why. NH nightlife is trash, would rather party in Boston

Richard Werkowski

Great service, drinks, & staff. GM took time to chat with us from out of town! Great views!

Teri Muscarella

Fun place.

Alex Bug

They had awesome live music and the bartender got our drinks to us fast, and she was very kind.

Kareem Lake

Food was reasonably priced (remember to ask for the daily dinner specials menu), service with a smile and great live music! All with outdoor seating looking out to the Atlantic Ocean!

Jazmine N. Gulezian

Friendly environment, good food, love the live music, fun with friends, beautiful view of the beach.

Alicia Donnell

Great entertainment. Drinks are nice and strong. Great view and open air concept. Service is a bit slow though because it is so busy. Keep an eye on your check.... had a few problems with that. Other than that it's a pretty chill spot

Moses Fumero

Great waitress and food came quick and was delicious

Jeana Jordan

Food was fine. Drinks and service awful. I sent back the first gross cocktail that the waitress recommended and then received a warm sickly sweet drink. Waitress said she was sorry but still charged us even though I didn’t drink it. I won’t be back

Earl Burlstein

13.75 twin lobsters. Full menu of beach drinks. Fried food was crispy and tasty.. Wife wasn't super impressed with the mussels. I had the twins with a side of twins. What can I say ,It was lobster .it was fresh. Great enterainment .the bearded biker looking dude rocked the guitar. give it 5 stars .my wife gives it 4.5 stars.

Kate H

They have a huge gluten free menu. Their pulled pork sandwich and onion rings were so good! At first I was worried they gave me a gluten bun because it looked and felt like it couldn't possibly be gluten free. I am extremely sensitive to contamination and I had zero issues.

Monica Williams

Great atmosphere and energy! Awesome music and plenty of room to dance and socialize.

David Dumm

Underwhelmed...friendly enough staff. Food was mediocre..


Spectacular sound! A great night for seeing Harsh Armadillo ✌

jeremy miller

Great location and food was decent. The prices are high but a great spot music and quick service

Ramon Tomzer

My go to spot at Hampton Beach... Also looks way better and seats much more since the renovation. Good food, good staff, good times.

Kamilla Brooks

Nice and great food

Brabant Jean-christophe

Globally , the bar is a great place to be, with some good vibes. The open sky terrasse with the dancefloor and the band are cool. Great waitress and great drink. BUT My one star rating is coming from that experience I've had this 31th July 2019. I were brutally kick out by a doorman for no reason. his reason was because I was too drunk, but it was my second beer so it was impossible. Also, my friends were there with me and they told I was not drunk at all. Since i'm a Canadian and I don't want any problem in USA, I,ve got out of the bar, asking the doorman to talk to the boss. He then punched me because of my questions. Also, my credit card were hold by the waitress because I had a build up bill. I wanted my credit card back and the doorman never wanted to give me back my card. Then, my friend went inside to get it, he brung me a 75$ bill to sign when I only ordered a drink. The doorman clearly told me he does not give a **** and I refused to sign the bill. He told me he will sign it for me and pushed me on the street. I had to call mastercard to tell them I got robbed and to cancel this purchase. I totally not accept to be treatened like this. I'm a customer, a tourist and I spent money in your place. It is sad because like I said, the bar and the place, the music was really good. Thanks to reading me

Jordan Leal

You want to like this place because of the outdoor deck/music, however the staff have no idea what they are doing, it is VERY disorganized and the food was AWFUL

Nicholas Proszkow

Good service, huge portions, and right on the beach!

Christine DeMento

Food was brought out before appetizer so we had to cancel the appetizer.

Bill Mullen

Great chillin' place. Lots of space. Good music too!

Sarah Pilkington

Always love to see music here!

TJ Erquhart

Great atmosphere and good food! The Coconit shrimp was so good! Their Blueberry BBQ sauce was fabulous with the chicken tenders and fries! Dirty Banana drink was amazing, and they didn't skip on the booze!


They would not let me in with a normal beach bag. They wouldn’t even check it in. I don’t know how they are running a business this way but don’t waste your time dealing with this. The Sea Ketch let us in with our beach bag.

Patrick D'alba

Great place band was awesome

Mark Dolloff

Awesome bar with late night activities

Cheryl Waitt - Homes of NH Realty, llc

Fun, food, friends and football... With a view of gorgeous Hampton Beach, what more could a person by ask for?

Stace Mac

Bernie’s is my second fav place to go to at Hampton. I love the outdoor environment. The surfboard lemonades make me forget everything, the food is pretty good. My only negative is the last few times I’ve been I haven’t been able to get a seat at the bar.

Doug chazotte

Great place, little pricey but you are eating right on the beach so expect that anywhere.

Christie 91

Such a cool place! 2 floor beach bar, right on the water, with great food, huge terrasse, dance floor and stage with love music!

Ken Ziehm

Poor service, poor food quality

Eugene Scurio

Great place at the beach for food and drinks dollar oysters on Monday

Kelly Brady

Fun place to eat inside or outside, great gluten free menu, have eaten here many times, no issues , fav place to eat in Hampton beach !!

Josh Barrows

My server, ( I believe her name was Madison) did a fantastic job! Great service and even better food. I would highly recommend Bernie's to any local or out of town guest.

John McCatherin

Good spot loved the cornhole on the top deck. Pretty ladies. They WILL card you.

Judy Baldasaro

Best place to eat, play and drink on Hampton Beach

Robert Macdonald

Good place for a drink I guess. You will get asked for your ID about 5 times while drinking at the bar kinda annoying. Like I'm 30 and I look 40 and I'm drinking a beer why ask me again for my license.

Michael Wright

Great place good food great drinks and good service

Phillip Hicks

Twin lobsters- $14! Everything was perfect in this night.

Raymond Tammany

Love this place! Great people, awesome food! Fun and games while you wait to be seated. I saw some awesome musicians play on the big stage!

D. Paul Topel

This place offers 2 full lobsters for less than $15, however if you order oysters, don't expect to get any crackers and/or hot sauce! The servers had no clue as to what a saltine crackers were, nor did they understand what hot sauce was either. Now, I understand that my friends have a bit of an accent, being that some of them are from the deep south (Louisiana, Florida and Georgia). But the servers were from another country (Romania I believe is what she said), and they only come to the USA is to work for the season and then they all go back home to their country! The food was very good, but there was nothing good about the service we received. To this day, I do not understand why they hire people from Romania instead of hiring local people or even anyone that is looking for work that is willing and able to travel to work that lives in the USA!

Rainbow The Macaw

Just walked by. Never stopped in. Keeps asking for a review.

Chad Blose

I had the ahi tuna tacos and they were amazing. The Chipotle mashed potatoes were delicious too. Good view.

Taryn Mermigos

Great food, great music. Love this place!

Roni Russell

Great place. Very friendly

Michael Vaughan

IF, you get seated food Is good. If you are going to the bar, all is great.

Kimberly M

Great atmosphere. Live bands, good food and drinks.

Guy Harvey

Bernie's is a really cool place to go because well, it just is. It's enormous and very comfortable. If you're walking down the strip in Hampton it's elusive because it looks like a nice small bar on the boulevard but when you walk up the stairs you get an idea of just how interesting of place it is. They usually have live music and often have really fun games to play.

denise hites

Food was unbelievable in the service was great

Paul Jewell

AWSOME music hudge stage

Mario Mogianesi

Just wow. I had the lobster roll and capris skews blew me away. I can only imagine what the rest of their menu is like. Fantastic delicious drinks. Awesome overall....

Jeremy Ménard

Good food, super location and great shows!

Mercedes Snedeker

Love the view and atmosphere

evans festo

It has a good bar area and the bartenders are good

John R

Couldn't believe how selectively aggressive the bouncers are at this place. Girl is taking up the men's bathroom puking, and all that needs to be asked is why you can't go to the bathroom (they were blocking the door) - and you are literally thrown out, in a very inappropriate and aggressive manner. This has never happened to me in any other place. Read the reviews; this isn't unusual for Bernie's. There are better places to go to on Hampton Beach.


The staff are rude, not to me but i watched them in action. Goons on steroids. Unless you're, ( standing room only ) in front of the stage you can barely here the band. The best place is across the street where you can hear the music better. But here's the killer, life changing position going to any place at Hampton Beach. The cops, set up easy trap for pulling people over after the clubs empty out. There's one road in & one road ! There's no escape. The club employees don't have to wirry about that cuz it doesn't affect them. Hampton Beach is inexperience kids or burnt out older folk who don't drink. Either way stay out of corrupt Hampton Beach. To many cops.

Rick Wengel

The best beach bar atmosphere in the north east. Great venue to see a live band, killer sound system. Good menu but prices have gotten too high. Service could be more consistent, mixed drinks have gotten far too weak to recommend. Overall value has much room for improvement. Used to be a weekly regular.

Debbie McCabe-Atamanchuk

I need gluten free! What a find. Beach fries scallops, onion rings too. So happy. Stay open all year!

Mary Jane Tardy

Great service and good food and beautiful beach

Coty Phachansiri

Food was excellent. The waitress was more than accommodating(Megan S) she was prompt, knowledgeable, and very polite.

ratman18 fl

Awesome place to eat and they seem to have great taste in the bands they hire .

Jesse Rende

Food and drinks were reasonable and well portioned. However, as far as live performances go the bouncers were incredibly rude and basically assaulting people. Your staff has ZERO right to lay hands on anybody that does not intend to harm you. I personally watched one of your bartenders lie to a police officer that responded to one of your bouncers assaults. At one point police officers had to station themselves inside due to multiple calls, and this was for a small Zach Deputy show. Your bouncers need some seriouse training on both the professional and legal aspects of their positions.

Alex Klatt

It's a huge place. Multiple bars, cornhole setups, a stage, deck seating, plenty of standing room, and abundant shade for real hot days. Prices are high but what do you expect.

T Bradshaw

Visited for a late lunch on an overcast Mothers Day with 3 generations .... everyone found something they enjoyed even if it wasn't the fabulous seafood. Beach Views are wonderful. Service was quick but non-attentive, pricey for me!

Aneta Andreeva

Great Place to hang out on a weekend. Went there for my friends birthday and they had live music. You can get a table outside or hang where the bar and dancing floor are. They serve food late (pass 10pm) as well from my observation. We got in around 10pm and they were still serving food. The majority of people was around the dance floor and next to the stage. Bartenders were fast, too.

Rasberry Surles

Nothing like drinking a cold draft beer at a beach bar. Fantastic experience.

Amy Kelly

Nice spot, hard working staff.

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