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REVIEWS OF Athens Pizza & Family Restaurant IN New Hampshire

Lorrie Melanson

Ordered a grinder with everything on it and got nothing but lettuce and meat i will never order from them again

Kathryn Greenwood

The food is always great. I make a special trip to eat there

Jason Sturgeon

Good pizza and grinders. Try the homemade hot sauce, it's one of a kind and delicious.

James Myshrall

I called to order a pizza and the guy told me...”we are out of pizza” WHAT?????

Jan Dinsmore

Delicious food

Jim Eklund

Love this place for good simple meals: pizza (including gluten-free), Italian specialties, Greek salads, sandwiches. Great place for families, get-togethers, and sports viewing on multiple screens

Joe Cabral

Best Gluten Free Pizza in NH! Fresh ingredients and friendly atmosphere.

Alanah Cunningham

Pretty good tossed salad and pizza! Good service and large portions.

Kristopher Spooner

I love this place. Excellent food and great staff.

Samuel Colburn

The pizza is great, but mind you this is coming from a monstrous carnivore of a human being. I've had many, many meats on my pizzas from them, but I can't vouch in the least for their vegetables (though you veggie heads might be pleased, so don't write it off due to lack of information). The pizza is not too greasy, but not too healthful either (it has to taste good, after all). Their sides (especially the mozzarella sticks) are delightful, their service is superb, and to top it off, I get a discount because they were nice enough to team up with my employer. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Riedell

The pizza here was ok, but nothing really special. The crust had a bit of a buttery taste, but didn't have that great chewy texture I want. The sauce was also too sweet, which I didn't expect, considering the toppings were all delicious. I'll keep looking for a go-to pizza place in Keene!


the only pizza in keene worth your time and money

Renee Goldberg

Always good food and good service


Good food. Friendly staff.

Angela Johnson

Delicious fresh food, friendly service.

Joseph Marrone

Great pizza, great location. Parking isn't great

steven stroud

Not bad for pre-made dough. We ordered 3 pies and whats the deal with cutting it in squares. We enjoyed the pizza.

James Smith

Jummy & his Crew put together THE BEST pizza's in the Northern Empire!

Jeff Harrison

Best gluten free pizza any place. It makes me not miss regular pizza. It is so good I have recommended it to people who don't even have glutton issues and they have enjoyed it as well.

Wendy John

Great place... very family oriented :-) great staff, great food color gray owners :-)

Nicholas Kathrein

Just ate a family size sausage pizza. Had a lot to take Hobe and was $17 for the pizza and and a Pepsi. It was good. It could have had a bit more sausage but you can't go wrong. Service was good. You pay upfront and they call you up by number to get the food.

Brian Macie

Great food and good portion sizes for the price

Ed Letourneau

Best pizza in Keene go there at least at least twice a week great grinders and salads ready to go there today thanks

Fritz Schneider

I like Athens a lot. It's good food, reasonable prices. I used to manage a chain of pizza restaurants and I know a thing or two about pizza. They use good, quality ingredients, a good dough that isn't frozen or out of a box and isn't greasy. The amount of toppings are on the generous side, fresh, with a good quality sauce. The decor is that of a family friendly pizza place, they serve beer and wine but in a college town, is one of the few places that isn't drunkard oriented. The staff is always friendly and polite, a big plus in Keene. Overall, a good place, good pizza, good prices. Oh yeah, their wings, grinders, etc are pretty decent too.

Amanda Giglio

Fast service and super delicious! Family friendly atmosphere and even when busy I the people are great

Justin Dunton

Good food. Owner is nice.

Laura Chen

Great pizza and friendly staff!

Tom Carrier

Best pepperoni pizza super friendly service

Randy Tefft

Great usual...!

Hannah Mercier

Best pizza place around! DELICIOUS pizza (Athens special is our favorite) & grinders are also delicious. Staff is always friendly, even on the busiest bights & the owners often times are working and making convo with customers. BY FAR our favorite place in Keene.

John Rouhana

The pizza is pretty good here (if you like Greek style), and the buffalo tenders are amazing (they're more sour than hot though). My only gripe is that the staff doesn't seem entirely organized. They forgot to get us an order of tenders, I came back and informed them, the lady behind the counter (who was not the person who took the order) worked out a price way below what I paid and asked if that's what I paid, I stated it wasn't, and the whole ordeal was just confusing. They were nice enough to end up just bringing us the missing order of wings, but in the confusion I lost track of what I should have paid and I don't know if I overpaid.

Nick Klugie

DO NOT place an order to-go from this place. Their prices are incorrect online and they will charge WAY more than their posted menu shows (nearly 30% more). When we called to inform them that we were overcharged, we were told that we were not overcharged but that the prices on their website are incorrect and that, while they know about the discrepancy, it's another location's fault. If you're aware that your pricing online is wrong (especially when your actual pricing is significantly higher than what you’re publicly advertising), you should make it a priority to let your customers know before they place their order (or make sure pricing is correctly reflected on your website in the first place). Even worse that you don't even offer customers an apology, let alone recompense, for misleading and overcharging. As for the food, the pizza itself was decent. While it lacked the same depth of flavor, the thickness and texture of the crust was on-par with what you'd find at any Domino's franchise (as a positive aside, the fact that we found a couple of olive pits on our pizza is at least proof of the fresh ingredients used). The best part of the meal was the Greek side salad, which was quite good but ultimately disappointing when you're expecting superior pizza. Overall, poor customer service and overcharging customers leaves us unable to support this business. Unfortunately, Athen's Pizza in Keene just left a bad taste in our mouths.

Mike Cox

By far the best pizza in keene

Bryan butler

Best pizza in town, hands down. Always generous with toppings and the topping are all high quality and fresh.

Sandy Hanson

I think Athens has the best pizza in Keene everyone is very peasant. It has a nice dining room and a good atmosphere.

Pamala Watson

Awesome pizza and friendly staff

Farah Adam

food is low cost, fast, and tasty, our rule is amici for pizza, Athens for EVERYTHING else. staff is kind and courteous, only complaint is they are always packed.

Melissa Ann Sachetti

They have excellent food! The staff and owners are very polite and helpful. They remember your name and sometimes even remember your favorite meal. Family owned and operated! Excellent family as well!!! They always make it a point to say thank you to all the customers when they are done and leaving.

Nicole Rushlow

Always happy with the food and the service!

Jacklyn Sands

Greasy pizza... I love it and they have it lol! It's so cheesy and amazing!! Their fries are pretty good too! Customer service is pretty good most of the time! ^_^

Amanda Wirrell

Love love love this place! The food is great and the place is always busy. But like I said the food is wonderful and it's always ready when they say it will be, if I had to say one negative thing or might be the food is a little pricey but your definitely getting what you pay for!

Steven Elliott

I've always had a good experience at Athens Pizza. Both Jimmy and Chris and their late father Tony great bunch of people really know how to take care of their customers. My family's been going there since they opened back in the 80s.

Wayne Benner

My fiance and the kids and I go here often. Really great staff and decent food. Just a nice place to take the kids in a casual environment.

Jeff Clough

Athens is the best pizza in Keene, hands down. From the crunch of the crust, to the abundance of toppings, this is the pizza you want and need. My favorite is a carnivorous feast loaded with pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, bacon, and kielbasa. And when you order toppings like this from *this* restaurant, you won't be able to see the cheese. Call ahead, pick up your pizza, and you will never be disappointed. This is truly the best you'll have in town.

Gina Rogers

Best pizza place in Keene by far. Their sauce is to die for, their employees are the kindest of people, and on valentine’s day they make heart shaped pizzas! Definitely my go to place in Keene for pizza and I hope it becomes yours too. (P.s. if you’re not a fan of crust, try their garlic butter, it makes the crust worthwhile)

Gary Plumber

This is the best Pizza place in Keene!! Debbie at the front desk was so helpful and polite!! More businesses need associates like Debbie!!!

Danny O'Melia

Great experience! Go there with my grandpa a lot and they treat him as if he were family. The food is wonderful and so isn't the atmosphere. Highly recommend

Bob Lantz

Best Souvlaki ever!

Betsy Wilder

Good visit....good food...good friendly service

steve quakenbush

Great service, friendly and fast , best pizza ever, a pie for which to die, would recommend them to anyone

Juli LeClair

This place is a joke. Ordered delivery and one of the mozarella sticks had a bite taken out of it already. Called to complain and was told it must've broke during transfer. The manager refuses to even acknowledge the complaint. Ive worked in restaurants a long time, I know the difference between a broken mozarella stick and a half eaten one. Disgusting. Never again

Richard Clapp

Very best pizza in Keene

Rj Bode

There is a reason this place has won best local pizza so many times.

Michelle Laporte

Was very suprised been going to Athens since i was young. Went in recently on a sunday night. Ordered a greek salad to bring home. Everyone behind the counter working was young and the girl who took my order wasnt friendly. Then got home with my salad and was very disappointed. Salad had 2 big pieces of cukes and tomatoes . Very little feta 3 greek olives! Mostly lettuce and very watery on the bottom. I guess ill think twice about getting another one from there. I hate to say but cheshire village blows athens salads away

Travis tarbell jr

Love athens they got good pizza and great people amd good customer service Ben a customer at athens for 15+ years

Chip Chipperson

Best gluten free pizza l ever had. Friendly service as well.

Jennifer Matheson

Excellent food

Beth Baldwin

Always a good meal

Felicia Hunt

Athens pizza is a great place ... family oriented pizzas great ... my favorite is their steak and cheese grinder ... they also serve alcholic beverages l!!

Shane Rivet

COLLEGE BRATS!!!!! - will never go back after 40 years of repeat dine-in and takeout. The attitude is awful from the college "kids". try acting a little less annoyed with your customers and try taking a class in respect, courtesy and decency rather than socialism. Nobody that walks in that door owes you anything. respect is not a participation trophy... it's earned so earn it.

Kara Mastriano

Came here last Sunday, July 7th with family around 6:30-7. Place was packed, we expected a wait going in. Placed our order (two large pizzas and two orders of wings), was told the wait would be about a half hour-forty-five minutes. Grabbed a table, our drinks, and watched people who came in a significant amount of time AFTER us get their food. After waiting just over an hour with no sign of our food in sight, went up to the front counter for a status check. Was told our food had NOT even been made yet because there was a question on the order. Immediately upset, if there was a question on the order, why not call out our order (number 78) and ask us -instead of completing avoiding our order for over an hour. Sat back down, was told it would be out as soon as possible. Another half hour later, our PIZZAS come out. Made wrong, there is a tomato allergy in our family and we ordered a white pizza specifically for those with the allergy with specific toppings. Pizzas were flip-flopped, and thank God the mistake was caught before we dove in -didn’t bring this up to the staff because of headache we already dealt with. Pizza with white sauce was dripping with oil -gross. When the pizzas came out, our wings didn’t. The girl who came over with our pizzas said she did not charge us for the wings earlier, but our bill did not come to over $60 for two basic pizzas. She checked out receipt, apologized, and we waited another 20 minutes for our wings (which were fantastic, so I guess there’s that). Overall, a miserable experience. We were all starving and other patrons seated near us heard of our issues and expressed their sympathy as they waited for over an hour as well (and explained that they have eaten here on multiple occasions before with no issues, and that today was their absolute worst experience ever). I’m not sure what happened, but they certainly were NOT understaffed (if anything, overstaffed, there was a million heads in that kitchen). I work in food service myself, and understand that things happen -especially during a hectic night. That being said, this was just downright awful.

Wil Cordio

Went to eat here 6- 11- 17. The last time I ate here was in 1996. The food was awesome. Store was clean. Decor was nice. I didn't see any real serious problems with employees. Or customer service. I will be back.

Hannah Therriault

Absolutely LOVE the grilled chicken salad. It’s always amazing and the staff is so friendly!

Lisa Hilow

I order hear quite often. I love their chicken ceaser salads. Pizza is great too. My kids love their chicken fingers. My only issue is that sometimes delivery takes forever. A couple weeks ago it took an hour and a half and when it got here everything was cold. The salad was still good and the pizza was alright but the fries were dripping with grease through the bag and they were completely soggy and gross. Also everytime i order extra dressing i either don't get it or i end up with a different kind. But overall my experiences have always been pretty good here.


Love Athens Pizza! So many quality food choices!!

Randall Blodgett

Favorite pizza place in Keene

Shawn White

Good food. A little pricey

Aaron Potter

Great food and great service! Worth going back too!

Bethany Smith

Very friendly staff!! Always a great visit!

Keith Clark

Best value for great pizza in Keene. Owners or great locals.

Angela Sun

Good pizza. You'll feel like you're back in the 1980's, which is nice actually!

Sandra Hamilton

Awesome food and great staff

Nancy Bleam

Best gyros plate I have find in New England. Bright, clean atmosphere. Attentive employees.

Cori Smith

Amazing pizza just right spices in sauce, tons of cheese and crust was perfectly browned. Delicious recommend definitely worth it.

Angel Chapman

Delicious pizza! And they have terrific whoopie pies!

Keegan O'Brien

Pizza is great and plenty of different choices. They tend to mess up your order if you call online though.

Chester Lapointe

I have eaten at Athens for years. I honestly consider getting pizza while in the keene area anywhere else as a crime. Jimmy is amazing and his staff is great.

Nicole Fontaine

So It is 8 Pm and i just Spent 20 min on the Phone with a very rude shift lead named Bill. I tried to explain to him that my 10+ dollar chef salad was terrible and i literally drained out an exact measurement of 1/2 cup of water. All i added to it was there honey mustard. I took a bite and realized it was very watery. Bill ther supposed leader was very hostile, arrogant, and disrespectful. He was argumentative and did not try to fix the problem. Thank you athens for my ten dollar water.

Laurent Brack

If you are looking to eat pizza, while the restaurant might look like nothing from the outside (the parking is full which is a sign), the pizza is absolutely delicious.

Bill Brown

Probably one of the best pizzas you can get! Very clean, very friendly, very efficient. Ordered a pizza to eat inside at 4:05, we were leaving by 4:30.

Xx Yy

Always had great food, Andy was the best. RIP kalós fílos (good Friend). His family continues his traditions.

Robert E. Lafond

Always the best, service and food.

Jaylin DeMond

We've gone to this restaurant for a long, long time and have never had any complaints. It's one of the best pizza places in the area by far. Prices are great, food is great, and the staff is great.

Keith Williams

Best of the best. Always fantastic almost every Friday.

Ethan Daley

The Chicken Kabob plate is one the absolute best plates and deals in town. 2 fresh kabobs, greek salad, fries and a legit pita for like $10 or so. So amazing.

Jonathan Bialek

Good inexpensive food.

Brian Carroll

Great place for dinner, or take out,or delivery. Fresh every day

Randy Daniels

Great service

Dan Wright

Always slow. They yell at you if you try to order something from their online menu that they don't have. Their menu is not correct on their web site - it's from another one of their stores. I have had good pizza and not so good from here. The last couple of pies have been not so good. But they're always busy, so perhaps it's just to my taste. The Greek salad plate is pretty good.

Turbo Gaming

Love this place my Great Grandma and grandpa used to go all the time

Kevin Smith

Very good service and food, worth the trip

Damien Fitton

I love going here to hangout with friends, also the best pizzas in the area

Josh Aldrich

Employee used the restroom and didnt wash his hands he then proceeds to make a pizza with his bare hands.

Shay Langley

Always forgets sauce always

Connie Pelkey

They have pizza that isn't bad for this area but the parking lot is a ridicolous mess. I have to have someone with me so I can drop them off and ride around the block for 30 minutes because you can never find a parking space and then get home and have the wrong order. THeir current parking is a joke and I will never waste my precious time going there again. In NH no one knows how to make a pizza anyway!


Best gluten free pizza ever...

Seth Stabler

Such amazing pizza!

Sue Bundy

Very fast&pleasant staff&service hot food&excellent

Patrick Raleigh

Great food and a great atmosphere

Nick G

Good Pizza. Great Prices.

Thomas Caron

Great Greek pizza and deserts.

Andy Beauregard

Been going since I can remember. Never once had a bad experience at my local favorite pizza place. Both the food and service is outstanding!

Ty Tomasko

Their pizza and wings are amazing. Fast and friendly service. Would recommend checking them out.


Good food good prices. And the people are really nice and friendly..... I recommend this place

Vee Bropas

Some workers need to smile while serving customer(s).

Julie Croteau

Awesome pizza nice atmosphere friendly staff

Catherine Mayrand

Great pizza and good service.

Alan M

I keep going back for the chicken kabob gyro! You won't be disappointed!

The Carpenter's Son

So nice, super clean, amazing food, love it. I eat here 3 times a week. Never disappointed.

Devin Hardy

Phone call was very rude! “Did I not ask u if u wanted anything else?!”

Dwayne Guillemette

Best pizza in N.H. I remember when Athens first opened.Andy the original owner moved up from a restuarant in Winchester. He sold part of the business to Dino which became Dino,s in Wivchester. Then Andy Purchased this building in Keene I was good friends with Andy when he lived in Winchester along with Johnny pizza that was his nickname. But I would always go by and visit with Andy until I left the area. I left in the 90's. I miss Andy. Anyway great pizza great food period!!! Great family!!!! Dwayne A. Guillemette

Christine Delaine R

Still the same pizza I grew up with! I appreciate that! Especially when it has been 14 years and living in Denver.

Eric Johnson

It's a staple of Keene - always consistent

Bruce Di Castro

Dine here often . Large menu to choose from and food is delicious ! Counter help very friendly and do their job efficiently. Everyone from the counter to the back of the resturant runs like a well oiled machine . Thanks again for the great meal .

Sara L

BEST pizza EVER! My kids and I were beginning to get disappointed bc we couldn't find a decent Pizza place that was good and not expensive. My daughter was invited to a bday party here and we were HOOKED after that! It's just the right crust, the sauce is so sweet, but not too sweet, they use just the right amounts of sauce, cheese and toppings and for an AWESOME price. They have super staff, great cooks and a decent place to eat at. That's the only reason it's 4, not 5 stars. The dining area is a bit small and closed in, and often times, really warm. Other than that, the place rocks!

Doug Bence

Good pizza... best we've had in this area

Sandy Baggy

I have been recommended this place, we had some deliveries at work from Athens pizza and the pizza was great, so I decided to visit the place. A) The style is very old, and you would expect ancient Greek style instead of the 80's American style, afterall it is called Athen's and the pictures on the wall of Athens do not help, and the fake stereotype ceiling is the worst. Environment 1/5 B) The place Is somewhat clean, the tables were clean when I came in some of the seats were dirty, the furniture is worn down, and out if context, I would strongly recommend to change it! The condiments trays were quite dusty, and the corners of the tables next to he wall have food particles and dust buildup, perfect breeding ground for bacteria, I work in healthcare so such things are unacceptable to me! Some of the employees had quite dirty uniforms, from food, which again, bacteria grow in such grounds. The kitchen is not the cleanest all in all sanitation is 3/5. C) The employees were polite and friendly, they didn't mess up the order, and it was fulfilled reasonably fast. Service 5/5 Another minus is that they don't offer any Vegan options. I was going to rate 2 stars, but the service personal and the tasty pizza bumped it to 3. All in all I would revisit, and monitor any changes, that are hopefully for the better!

chef lee

Great family style dining, plenty of food options, authentic flavors, and friendly staff. I have not been disappointed here.

Jessie Carpenter

Delivery! Spinache, feta black, olives, garlic, and pineapple. Nice pizza for 6!

Nick Roy

Still one of the best after decades of operation. Great Greek styled pizza with plenty of fresh ingredients to throw on top. There's salad, sandwiches, side items and desserts to order from. The place is usually pretty busy but they can almost always get your food to you in about 30 minutes.

Gina G

Good but no workers in the afternoon poor girl working was unsure of herself to make gyros but they were fine. Felt bad for her

John Collins

Stopped in for a Pizza and beer. Quick service, friendly staff, GOOD pizza! Clean, friendly staff, reasonable prices. Definitely go back again!

Alexis Jubin

Delicious town pizzeria with helpful and friendly staff! We had grinders that were much better than the ones we had had on the Cape a few days previously. Will be back!

Rick Anderson

They always get my order right and the good is always good

Toni Miller

Love this place.

Teamed Onward LLC

They were nice and friendly. Food was the typical fare. Get a bit more here than at other locals except few others.

Laura Edgington

Great pizza and salads. Casual counter ordering with seating


Nice place. Family style. Food was good, prices reasonable. Will definitely return.

Sabrina French

Inexpensive and quality

Lucas Burkhardt

Really good food at a very fair price. Only problem I've had is location. There is never anywhere to park.

Shannon Smith

Pizza is very good although a bit greasy. The meatball subs are top notch as well. The delivery is very but generally worth the wait.


Very nice staff, pizza is greasy.

Ryan Watterson

Great service, food is affordable and enjoyable

Joseph Settipane

Great pizza! Love going here!

richard daneau

I stop in everytime I'm up there from RI. The puzza is by far second to none, staff is always friendly and smiling. The owner Chris always finds time to sit with us for some chat. I highly recommend Athens Pizza to anyone!

Jean Mclendon

Pizza was great, service was a bit slow, employees were not that friendly

Phyllis Phelps

Love the pizza although they put the wrong toppings on the second time in a row

AJ Sears

Great service, food came out quick, the fries were the best I've ever had 100% recommend

Heather Camp

Grinder was soggy, never received drink but paid for it. Kid friendly, emotional support dog friendly. Gluten free pizza

Felisberto Silva

One of the best in New England Restaurants

Tristan Aho

Great if you love greasy pizza. Not saying it's a bad thing. You can't get pizza anywhere else in Keene like it. And I like it.

Seeking 70

Excellent pizza at a fair price. Our "go to" pizza parlor when in Keene.

Monica Truesdell

Fast Service! Great Food! Love their house root beer!!

Peter Chiovitti

Good pizza

Turk H

The pizza is really good first time I had pizza with kielbasa on it

Lauren Ali Taha

Best pizza in keene! Great atmosphere. I always look forward to the hug I get from Jimmy. All of the staff they have over there are great. They all make it work and seem to work together very well. Athens is definitely our place to go for pizza in Keene.

Dog Thereisno

I ordered delivery so I don't know what the place looks like but it has delicious food for good prices.


I've been going there since I was a teenager. Always good food! Comfortable booths. And beer or wine is nice with dinner!

Kunal Sonar

Great American Italian diner. Simple yet terrifically delicious food! Can't go wrong here, everything is brilliant.

Mick Ciresoli

I work there, so its important for me to give the best service to our customers, and represent the owners to the best of my abilities

Mike Athansopoulos

Best dry buffalo wings in town

Chloe Rosario

The staff were horribly rude they made us and many other people wait at the least an hour then they didn’t even apologize and also the reason for us waiting for an hour is because the haven’t even started the pizza so if we haven’t said anything we would have not have hour pizza not to mention the fact that my grandpa and I are alergec to tomato’s and we got pepperoni and they got mixed they put the wrong sauces on the pizza good thing I checked or things would have gotten nasty really fast

Laura Thogode

Very good pizza and great service

Kristy Elliott

Amazing food and great staff

Anthony Brown

I had one of the best Italian grinders I have ever had for a long time. The other meals I saw there looked absolutely great. This is a place to try!

Emily McGrath

Very good classic New England Greek style pizza and grinders. Love that they still cut the larger pies in squares - many don't anymore. The staff is friendly and the food was reasonably priced and delicious. If we find ourselves in the area again, will definitely come back.

Kelley O

Amazing gluten free pizza, Amazing regular pizza. Really great quality.

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