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REVIEWS OF Amigos Mexican Cantina IN New Hampshire

Nicole Proulx

I was not upset with the food, it was amazing tho it did take a while to be served just an appetizer, I was not upset that we were seated but the hostess forgot to tell the waitress that we were at her table, and I am not upset that we had to wait about 5 minutes to be seated. I am completely flabbergasted and quite annoyed that we had to listen to the employees complain about the kitchen, other employees and that there were to go orders. We were at the table that was next to the waitress station and the did not seem to understand it was a half wall. WE COULD HEAR EVERYTHING, including all the swearing and bashing of fellow employees! 1 hour for 2 waters and an app, we were afraid to order a full meal didn’t want to wait 3 hours.

Rae Schaller

Amigo's is a yes please from the husband and myself! Delicious food, great atmosphere and service, and an all around delightful meal. We've planned many a birthday dinner there, and often meet friends there - a great dining experience, and super yummy!

Kristina Anderson

Mexican Mac and Cheese is so good! Voodoo juice is even better! But the Mexican stuffed peppers are the best, when they're available!!

Squid Billy

Pretty good. We just had apps but they were huge. The 5$ margarita was deadly with booze so very good. Scott the waiter/bartender was really nice and attentive. Taquitos weren't taquitos but very good and huge and I didn't care for the salsa were the only downside for me. I recommend giving it a try.

Michael Scott

Shelby is an amazing bartender! She was super friendly and served me fast.

Brian Wood

Good food and drinks

Jeffrey Scott

This is about the worst run place I have ever bin if you have a gluten allergy, went with my son tonight, he first ordered wings and we told them about my sons gluten allergies, took ten min and she brought them out , he had two of them and our waitress came out and said sorry we gave you non gluten free wings don’t eat any more and will bring right out new ones , I said big mistake he might get sick, no manager ever came out to check on us, now it gets worse , we are now they 40 min and no wings and no main meal, I ask the waitress and am told they are real busy, restaurant was half empty , was then told new cook and he does not know about gluten free, if your menu is more then half gluten free you should 100% know, we just got up and left and no one seemed to care, this is a big mistake and I understand things happen, but for no manager to come out and then never to bring our food , if you have an a gluten free problem , I would stay away from this place, as who knows if my son will be sick tonight , but to have no one care that is worse then the mistake , Jeff w

Kennedy Daniels

I grew up at this place! The waiters are so nice and the food is amazing. I have always loved how cozy it felt in there. I recommend Sunny as your waiter. He has been there for years and has always cared for each and every one of the people he waits on. He has always been there on me and my brothers birthdays and after 9 years he still remembers us!

Kelly Byam

Food and drinks are awesome. Accommodated my keto diet. Waitress was incredible

Isabela Glick

Tried out this restaurant with my husband last night. The busser was not on top of things and two people that came in after us got their chips and salsa before us. They were understaffed and the bartender was having to wait tables, which led it to us getting our drinks and having to wait another 20 minutes to order, when we finally got our food which took forever to come out, it tasted really dry and we wanted to tell that to the staff but nobody ever came to check on us. I ended up sharing my dish(which was decent) with my husband and only when they came to take my plate away they saw that he hadn’t touched his food really. When we complained about it they said “I wish you would have said something earlier so you could get something else” but there was no waiter in the dining room! Never going back.

Cheryl Allison

Friendly bar. Superior margaritas. Scotty the bartender is the real thing!

Jaccie Uehling

Delish food. Great service. Pleasant atmosphere.

Robert OHannon

Great food and service. Friendly staff. Great margaritas. Always something new and exciting to try.

thomas nevins

nice day for a ride and for a walk around the milford oval and we stopped in here for some lunch, outside seating looked nice but we decided to go for the bar.....service was pleasant, a nice menu....margaritas were good and the nachos excellent, not real fancy with a lot of different stuff but chips cheese and meat which is a good combo....liked it here!!

Kristina Salokangas

It's a nice place with good food it's just always beyond packed and understaffed. They make too many mistakes when it comes to your order and take out can be a nightmare. Always check your food there before heading home!


I love Amigos. It’s a small restaurant in Milford with great food. I recommend the Cheeseburger Quesadilla. However, it should be a once-in-a-while thing, because it’s not the healthiest. Good service and environment.

Daniel Cerritos

First time being here, the food was amazing! A little pricey, but worth it! It's best to go when it's less busy, and the food was great! No complaints, Walter was very friendly, and she was awesome! I would recommend this place if anyone is interested.

Peter Kline

Food is decent and the wait staff is mostly friemdly. Parking is now considerably more painful with the spots removed out front of the restaurant. Craft beer rotation is nice. Very family friendly.

John Thibodeaux

Awesome place! Try anything on the menu, you can't go wrong.


Waited forever, rice was ok but overall food quality was not great. Took way too long given that there were only two tables being served at the time. Chips we're good but salsa was out of a jar.

Len Schein

Good drinks, good food, good atmosphere. Prices are good for what you're getting. My only issue what-so-ever is that everything is good, but to my taste nothing is great. Which is okay, but I find myself often recommending some other restaurants if people are willing to travel.

Ben Duncan

Food and setting were very enjoyable. Quality of service was top noth without being overbearing. Only downside was three items on the menu we're either no longer available.

Warren Green

Excellent food, excellent service, excellent drinks, super nice staff and owners!

Michael Maurice

Good food and good prices

Sharon Huettner

Great fresh food!

Stephen Rizzo

Come see Greg. He's a server. Food was amazing service was awesome. We had a table of 15 and waited all of 10 mins for our food. It was a very good experience.

Ginger James

Sami is a neat fella

Joe Whitmore

Good for a quick bite and drink by yourself or a large group. Food is better than average, and happy hours deals are a good bargain.

Randy King

Food and margaritas were just mediocre, service ok. Better places to get Mexican food.

Roula Giokas

Solid restaurant. I would definitely recommend visiting on a Thursday when they run their specials. Awesome spot for around the oval.

Duke Call

Great service and food, largest gluten free menu I have ever seen

Maia Horsegirl

Good but a little greasy

Ann M. Schlueter

Mmm mmm good

John Folger

Great Specials (all you can eat Tacos!) , more Tex-Mex then Mexican

Matt Panneton

Called in for take out. Person on the phone seemed distracted. Told me the burger orders come with 2 sides not 1 so we ordered an additional side. Arrived and was very confused about where to go as there is no obvious pickup counter or otherwise. Waitress in front of me was having a conversation with someone at the bar. Turns out I was right the first time and the burger meals only have one side. Instead of calling me to verify the sides they just left out the fries and spicy fries. So I had to request the sides we originally wanted anyway. They forgot the sauce we asked for on the side, we asked for extra sauce on the side for a burger and the burger came with no sauce at all. My burgers sauce was watery and most of it pooled into the take out container saturating my hun which was now soggy. The staff apologized for all the errors but I am thoroughly disappointed in the quality of food and that I had to take the initiative to ask for the fixes even after pointing out the errors. Will not be going back.

Ken Madsen

Average at best, incredibly over priced.


The the subprimeo burrito go here with family all the time we all love it plenty of stuff on the kenue every one is always nice food come out fast never a disappointment with the food music always playing even if it is some times interesting decorations are eye catching decently a place to bring family friends or just to get a meal on your own

Lori Parent

Really good pulled pork....quesadilla excellent

Lauran Higgins

Excellent food, great service, friendly staff.

Joe Russell

Great food. Great service.

Ava French

Awesome bartender waitress, she made our drinks extremely strong and the drink menu had tons of choices! The food was awesome and the service was so fast. Really enjoyed coming here and I definitely plan on coming again!

Jamison Nevins

Great selection of gluten free options. Some nights are better as far as service, but the food is always good.

SC Marshall

This place is great I highly recommend it! Great food and service and prices are good

Toby Garcia

Amigos has wonderful Mexican meals and large portions. It's a bit pricey, but a delicious option for gluten-free dining.

Chris Bergeron

Great food !

Sarah Mace

The food tastes good and the staff are friendly. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing.

Chris Moore

Food is good, but the food tends to take a long time to come out. Edit 10/24/2017 - I've lowered the rating from 4 stars down to 2. The food is enjoyable, but the service here is incredibly, frustratingly slow. After placing your order, you better plan on a 20 minute wait, minimum. Servers seem to disappear after dropping off your food, so make sure you ask for condiments or a refill when they drop off the food.

Steve Gosselin

Cozy restaurant, good food.

Wookie Jones

Great margaritas make for great neighbors!

Anne Altman

I'm a big fan of take out from Amigo's, but sit down dining is hit or miss. The food is usually pretty good, but the service can be on point, or unbelievably slow. Unfortunately, my most recent visit was an unbelievably slow experience.

Sheena Jennings

Great service!Best margarita around!

Bobby Holder

Delicious food and friendly staff, quick service.. what more do you need?

Andre Imperiali

I had a delicious chimichanga and a margarita - in my opinion the most authentic meal I've had outside of a family owned Mexican restaurant. Not too crowded on a weeknight but the place was lively. The prices were very reasonable and had I known there was a discount on the margaritas this evening I would have had another. A pitfall of many chain restaurants is that every meal with the same core ingredients tastes the same but every dish on our table was unique. They provided a selection of hot sauces at our request including Cholula and three that were bottled by the restaurant. The sauce I tried had great flavor and noticable heat and it appeared to be the mildest sauce they provided - aside from the Cholula. The complementary salsa was not watery but it had a sweetness to it that I would personally use the hot sauce to cover up. Overall I look forward to my next visit to try a new entree and the rest of their hot sauces.

Mary Elizabeth Fairfield

The food was ok the wait time was a little long mostly because they told us they were short staffed. Seems like it could be a good place, I've only been there the one time. I hope more people work there

Cindy Harrington

Good food, service and reasonable prices. Nice neighborhood hangout. Good happy hour specials.

John Crabtree

Great place!! Always a great time at Amigos!! Great food awesome staff!!

Fred Luce

Excellent food and service. I recommend it.

Jeannie Morley

Great food! Great atmosphere!

Dawn G

We love the food here. The Ruben is a must try it's the best!! Death Valley chicken so good!! Grab a Dr. Dave's Margarita too!!

yahoo ghost

They have good portions of food and very good salsa which you can ask for your burritos and other food. I recommend trying something that looks good to you.

Miss Fæ

I have never had a bad experience here. Been several times for dine-in and take out. Excellent food, great gluten-free options, decent service. I highly recommend it.

Nancy Stewart

Great food and "casa" margaritas!

Tyler Waite

Great staff, great margarita options

Marie Morley

Great Mexican food prepared home style! Great atmosphere and family friendly!

estefania gil navarro

They changed the menu, and now is only american food. I got a jambalaya and it was so bad. Vegetables badly cut, sauce from the bottle, rice from the box... Very disappointed. I used come here a LOT, but I am not going to come here anymore.

Ashley Marie

Best American Mexican around! The menu is clearly marked for dietary restrictions, and they take those restrictions seriously. Totally appreciated. My number one choice restaurant. Always.

Tim Geiger

Fried ice cream is the desert of choice.

Jackie Stugart

The visit started out questionable. The waitress knew nothing about Mexican food and kept looking over the menu to tell is what was already there. The traditional red sauce on my food came out black and tar-like. My food tasted soggy and like it had one spice poured on everything. My husband's food was hard as a rock, and my son refused to eat his hotdog. I have wanted to eat at this restaurant forever and am only hoping this is a one time coincidence. We will not be back.

Robert Lampen

Good drinks. The food is ok. Nothing to write home about. You would think it would be better with how long you have to wait for it once you order.

Celene Beaton

Great people and food


The service there was EXCELLENT! (Greg C. is finestkind. ) Yeah, I've had better Mexican.

Ben Philbrick

Always a great place to come for an amazinging meal or even snack!!!

Preferred Landscape

Just Right

S Maurice

Excellent service, great food!

Tim Seppala

Great !

Kris H

My first visit while at the pumpkin festival. Ate at the bar. Super friendly staff and great atmosphere. The beers on tap were delicious and equally the food. Some of the best Mexican I’ve had in Northern New England. Wish this place was closer to home.

Scott Black

Great food, good service . Corned beef and cabbage, on St. Patrick's day, excellent.

Jenny Fiola

I really enjoy this place. It is a fun and relaxed atmosphere with good food. The staff is friendly and went out of their way to make sure we had a great time. Thank you for another great evening

Shawn Murrin

Took for ever, we ended up having to leave!

Mark W Paro

One of 3 restaurants owned by the same group. All are a great place to eat with cordial and eager staff

Gail Hickland

Great food and service

Amber Johnson

The place has fun decor. But the service and food are so-so.

Cathy Caswell

Always good food and great service

Shari Marston

A favorite of ours! Always great food & service!

Philip Puliafico

Delicious food. Ask for Greg's section when you show up. He is an amazing server!

Nancy Klarman

Good food, but too noisy.

Aimee Bernard

I love coming to Amigos! Best margaritas in town, hands down! The bartenders are the best, along with the staff. When you come here you feel like you're hanging out with friends, and less like just a customer. My favorite item on the menu is the cheeseburger quesadilla! It's so delicious! I love the atmosphere as well! Since my husband and I discovered this place about a year ago, it has become one of our favorites and we try to come by atleast twice a month, so I guess you can call us regulars now. Our service has been nothing short of spectacular, which is why we keep coming back! Love seeing all of the staff's faces, always great conversations with all of them! You rock Amigos, keep it up!

Kyle Beroney

Second time being here and once again I was happily servered. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is welcoming and there is plenty of choices for food and drink.

Amy Poutre

Amazing drinks and great servers

Daryl Trask

Pretty terrible bar service just now. 2 bud light drafts for me and my girl then had to run. Never did get the bill after being acknowledged and left more than was deserved. I guess bad service does payoff... Uuugghh!!!

Alice Jacobs

I really don't even want to give this place a star at all. Service was just terrible. Our waitress was very disorganized/unprofessional/ & didn't handle answering questions well. It was painfully slow, we waited an hour to eat a lukewarm meal that seemed as though was entirely prepared from frozen food in a microwave, or that it had been sitting out too long before being served. We had no silverware & had to request silverware three times before getting any, which only let the lukewarm food become even colder. Serving sizes are quite large -- but I believe this is due to the cheap quality. The food was bland & the menu is hardly "Mexican". Calling this restaurant "Mexican" is very misleading. Despite the fact that I live on the same road as this place -- walking distance, I will NOT be returning. Awful, awful experience!

Chris Ouellette

Place has great gluten free options and the food tastes great. I would have given more stars if they had the salsa ready before they opened for business. I came in for lunch at 1pm and the salsa wasn't ready. Weren't told that until we had already ordered and gotten our tacos. Eating tacos without salsa made them pretty dry and not as appetizing.

emerson hunt

This is a local favorite of ours we call it meximericana! The taco sampler is great!! We love the house margaritas too and We Can't get enough of the burritos, the specials are always changing and updated regularly. My favorite bartender left a long time ago but the staff is always trying their best and customer service is very good srteet parking or across the street usually is available. If not I would suggest parking at one of the public lots not too far from the oval.

Cliff Hilton

Love this place best margaritas in the world. Great food choices not your typical Mexican restaurant. Sexy bartenders with great personalities that keep you entertained.

Heidi Carvalho

Takes forever to get your food...and the food is gross!

Traveling Traveler

I am ill and I have dietary restrictions. I don't like doing it, thinking about it or least of all EXPLAINING myself to strangers. That is what lead into having such a bad experience. Friends asked me out and it's nice to get out and be with people. I have to be extremely careful about what I eat and drink. Ice machines/bins and the whole soda dispenser nozzle/hose in restaurants can be BAD. I am NOT saying yours is I'm saying I can't risk any of them and there was no option for me on that regard. There is no bottled water so I had to order a beer just to "toast" with friends. There my waitress started to cop an attitude at me. I wasn't going to drink it and only had a sip but she never even asked if it was ok or if I wanted anything else after seeing it sit there untouched the entire dinner. Everything is fried or covered in some kind of sauce or loaded with I ordered the salad and got scoffed at by the waitress and her attitude continued passive aggressive for the rest of the night. That is why Amigos gets 1 star from me

Seth Watson

I go here fairly often, and I have NEVER ONCE gotten a bad meal! It's always packed, so go early. All of the food seems very fresh, I think they make the majority of it from scratch there. In particular, I love the Puerco Burrito, and Mexican Mac & Cheese. The service and prices also seem better than average. While anyone can have a bad night, I don't recall ever getting crappy service. They serve Pepsi products, not Coke, another plus! Note, however, that this is not super authentic Mexican food, it is Americanized. In any case, I highly recommend.

TA Perry

Love this place. Great food, great drinks, great service, good prices. What more can you ask for?

Donna Pucciarello

Love the skinny margaritas!

David Minshall

Dr Dave's margarita makes you feela shift in the force

Gene Anderson

Great Mexican food. Reasonable pricing.

Donut Shorts


Erin Cushing

Food was okay. Not great enough for another visit. Had to ask for utensils 5 minutes after receiving my meal. Wait staff was friendly though.

Derek Ottman

This is the Best Mexican restaurant all staff is Excellent our waiter was awesome bartender Scotty makes the best Margaritas food is Top Notch

Toby Flenderson

FANTASTIC FOOD!!! Some of the best mexiocan I have ever had

Nanette Chiafala

Great food, reasonable prices, very pleasant staff, & "atmosphere"


Personally loved this place, we showed up during a very busy time, our server was very attentive. The margaritas may have helped :) Our food was great.


I recommend not to come here!!! I came here for lunch and got steak bomb burrito. I ate it but the sausage tested sour I thought it’s normally come, I never have it before. Then I came back home and my husband asked me how was it. I told him that weird sausage tested sour. He said the sausage shouldn’t test sour!!! They served BAD FOOD!!! DO NOT COME HERE!!

Richard Bastow

Asked for salad before meal. Salad came w/ meal. Burrito specia I ordered was cold. Waitress returned & stated they put it under a heat lamp for a while. Didn't heat my burrito. Wonderful service.

Bettyann Cernese

Bikeshop Margarita is the best! Good GF food options, even the chips are handled separately.

Marty Michener

Amazing authentic food. Wait service excellent, quality and quantity amazing High quality and very reasonable prices.

Debbie Rosana

Great margaritas! Food and service was good too!

Aron Duquette

Love this local Mexican restaurant. Very friendly staff and authentic food.

Garnet Rock 2017 McGinnis

Food and drinks were very good! Service not so good would have liked another drink but no one came to ask as we were at the bar

Suzanne Vecchia

Amazing food and drink. Extremely large portions.

Tony Levesque

Great wings and nice atmosphere.


Great service and food. Already can't wait to come back.

Kathy Hilton

Drinks are delicious, food...very mushy

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