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285 N Main St, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States

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REVIEWS OF Asian Buffet IN Montana

Carol Nash

I always enjoy earing at the Asian Buffet. The food is fresh, good variety, the staff is always friendly. A great place to eat way to much, but very good.

Lloyd Anderson

Like all buffets one has to watch what you take. Dish from the fresher trays and I have never been disappointed. The server's are very attentive. Prices are very reasonable for all you can eat.

Geoffrey Nelson

One of the best Asian buffets I have been to. Great variety and very well maintained. During peak hours it can get pretty busy so plan accordingly. This was a pleasant surprise for me, I will be back for sure.


The food is the best and it has everything you can think of. So many selections you won't know what to do with yourself but go after more plates of deliciousness. Seriously though the place is nice and clean and the staff is super nice and make you feel at home. Its my favorite overall place to go out to eat now and I like a lot of places but this place takes the cake for the best food around hands down. Highly recommended!


Great selection and service. Their desserts are bomb as well. My kids love going there. The bathroom needs a little work.

Donny O

An older yet well-established all-you-can-eat buffet in Kalispel. Prices are reasonable, and selection is good. Staff is very friendly and there is ample parking. The restaurant could use some refurbishing as some booths have torn or ripped upholstery. Overall, this a great place to bring a very hungry family. There is also soft serve ice cream as well.

Anna Huber

This was so amazing great people fresh beyond wonderful food very clean restaurant! Thank you I strongly recomend this place to everyone!

Shall McHinther

Love the food! Just wish the dining room was a little nicer....

Cadon Brown

Good honey chicken and crab ragoon, overall a great place to eat.

Josh Dinelli

For what it is, I think it's money spent well. It may not always be the cleanest, but the food is damn good in my opinion. Plus, it's all you can eat.

Alex Childs

Nice selection and great pots.

Victoria W

I've been several times now and every time has been amazing.

Google user

Good food depending on the time you go

Nimrick Kids

The food is amazing

Eileen Pryor

A decent meal quick and clean for a good price.

clay seymore

This an awsome place to eat. Have to be 50 items on buffet from desert bar with real scoop ice cream to a real sushi bar plus all the regular chinese items. Clean, efficient, pleasant atmosphere. What more can you ask in a small town. Week day lunch buffet was only $8.83 with tax. Smokin deal. Enjoy people. I will return for sure. Clay

Rebecca Smith

Yummy food and decent service

Saurav Das

Best buffet in town!

Del Brooks

When it comes to Chinese buffets, this one is one of the better I've been too. I'm typically not a buffet person. But the food is always fresh & the service is as I would expect, if not better. The price is reasonable at 8 or $9 a person. Which includes hot tea & dessert.

Colleen Perkins

Polite and professional service! Delicious sushi and kimchi!

Donald Roe

This is my go to for Chinese here in the valley. The food is always tasty and this visit was no exception. However, everything on the hot buffet could have been a little warmer.

Susie Keller

I love this place. It's good every time I go, and the staff is perfect- attentive yet unobtrusive. The flavors are delicious, sweet and savory in all the right places without being cloying (I'm looking at you, PE). The constant stream of customers keeps fresh food flowing out and even my picky Asians love it!

Patti McIlhargey

Used to be really good when they first came to it's not very good and they have attitudes that aren't very good

Drew Clark

Amazing food and amazing service like always!!! Always a pleasure to eat here

Jamie Stoll

Food is excellent! Everything is kept fresh and well stocked. Servers are attentive and courteous. Not terribly high prices.

Joe Herrera


Leslie Ramos

Wonderful food!! Awesome service! Highly recommend! We go there at least once a week!!

Trace Leetch

Service is Awesome, Would Reccomend, Food is Great!

Reo Radford

Good food & service

Obliviverse S

Very good food, clean and welcoming. Staff was friendly. Floor was a little slippery and food could have been a touch warmer but very good overall

Johnny Appleseed

Eat an be happy! Great food!

marlene butcher

We have traveled over 200 miles round trip to eat at their buffet and so glad we only have to go a few miles now to have the best food and service in town. Lots and lots of variety to choose from and you are sure to find items you will love. Guaranteed!

Kimberly B

Restaurant was clean, staff was very friendly and attentive without being intrusive, food was good, and the sushi and seaweed salad were a spectacular find here.

Gina B

Gave lots of food but it was soggy and not very good. Pleasant service.

Frank Cooper Jr.

Nice atmosphere the people are very polite and is always the Sushi

Mike Perez

Always good food and lots of variety. Very reasonably priced and friendly service.

Carolyn Nelson

It was great. We will be back again!

Michelle Guest

Love the variety of sushi

Calvin Ong

Great prices and good food.


Very clean! Food is always fresh! Excellent!

Biruta Walton

Food was great, wait staff were very friendly.

Natasha Stambaugh

If your ready for some great Asian cuisine this is an affordable eat that you won't forget. So come on in enjoy the atmosphere. The food. The smiles with family and friends. You won't leave hungry. By the way if you like fresh sushi dinner time is the best time for fresh sushi seafood and much more, but don't get me started on desserts

Terri Spath

They have amazing food. Always fresh and hot!

Q Tip

It's alright Asian food.. great variety! Even has sushi!

wenzel landowski

Out standing dinner and lunch thank you so much.

kurt murphy

Nice polite people working there Great Chinese food Good price too

Mychele Moody

Very bland food! Clean nice staff, but the food was lacking in flavor!

Thomas Koefod

Best Asian food I've yet found in Montana.

Kaylinn Harimon

Really good food and service, friendly staff, wide selection of food

Sharon John

We went to Asian Buffet about 3 days ago, I have been sick every since then, we were there for a later lunch and were unhappy about the cleanliness of the area around the buffet, the floors were sticky, the buffet tables had food mixed with the other dishes, very unappetizing to say the least. We don't plan on going again.

celia touchstone

Sorry...but I rate it a failure! The best place for eating Asians food got to try. CHINA BUFFET In Missoula..everything on my plate aT the Asian Buffet was not qualitie food!

Donelle Smith

Best Asian food in town! Amazing sushi!

Da Funk

It's turning out to be my favorite Chinese restaurant in town. They have a big selection and great food. Also has a very nice atmosphere!

Cass Rice

Decent food and not very friendly staff

Rick Todd

Reasonable prices, very good food.

justin lindsey

Do not waste your money or time on the buffet. It was by far the worst buffet I've been to. Should of ate at Charlie Wong's.

Mom Converse

The food was good, great variety and fast service. Would definitely reccomend,and look forward to going again.

John Blackshirt

Great food.Really clean.

Pam Goding

Excellent food and service

Ceci Morera

Good moment to enjoy in family

Flame Wolf

Amazing food!!! Clean place, great C's. Will definitely go back!

Doug Haggerty

Great joint for Asian food! Friendly staff and quick service.

Marcus Tecca

Decent food and all you can eat

Allison Thomas

The service is always awesome, never pushy like most buffets I've been to. They keep the food fresh and hot. Love every dish I've had here. I highly recommend them for lunch or dinner. Not a fancy establishment but well worth it.

David Magnuson

Great place was recommended by others in town , it did not disappoint


It was one of the best Asian Buffet I have ever gone to.

Mistah Skippypie

It's an Asian buffet in the middle of Kalispell, MT.. you can't really complain. The food here is pretty great, customer service is awesome, they're always very nice to me and my wife. I personally feel like you get bang for your buck here especially if it's just two people eating without soda and you get water instead. The lunch is definitely better than the dinner in my opinion, as I'm not a fan of the seafood dinner buffet. Spring rolls for life baby!

Am Holder

Surprised by how good the buffet was in the small rural town. They even had good sushi. It's not perfect but it's probably the best in town. If you're on the fence I'd say give it a try.

Marisella Gurrola

It's nice to finally have a GOOD buffet in town!

kenn forden

Good food good price

Mae St.

Cheap food that's usually good, but terrible customer service and an obvious reluctance to throw out stale food. I've been going here for years and must have been lucky to get fresh food during peak hours, because today I went in a little later than usual and it was just bad. I love getting sushi there, so I got my usual 5 California rolls. Popped the first one in my mouth. The imitation crab was obviously stale and the whole roll was room temperature. They put the plates over ice, but in the open air it just doesn't cut it for something sitting out for several hours. Gross. That being said, I left the other four on my plate. When the waiter came over and saw it he asked if I was still working on it, to which I replied no. Tried to tell him it was stale, but he snapped at me with a "WASTE A LOT!" and stormed off. If they're this reluctant to throw away food a customer obviously had a problem with (I was still eating, so he must have known it wasn't because my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I grabbed more than I was physically capable of eating), I don't even want to know what goes on in the kitchen when the health inspector isn't in. That being said, I won't be going back.

Cody Bryant

Haven't had any issues love the food and prices great all around

Scott Campbell

We came in on a Sunday afternoon The place was fairly busy so the food should have had good turn around. However most if not all the food looked stale tasted stale and actually made us sick. I would not recommend this place at all.

Karen Sauer

The meal I had a week ago wasn't even worth 1 star! I threw out 2/3's of it cause I just couldn't force myself to eat any more! It was all MUSHY, fried shrimp, sweet & sour Pork, vegetables and everything! It was like eating food that had been left out for 2 days and I was real glad when I didn't get sick! We will never return!!!

Krittika Kriss Mahasing

Good food on weekend I heard, I have not visit on weekdays but it's cheaper. However best Asian buffet so far.

Elissa Harvey

It was great food in perfect customer service

Kenia Chavez

Great variety

Beverly Russell

Buffet is attractive; food is fresh.

Nate Beck

Tasty, affordable buffet. Good spread of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean dishes. Surprisingly good kimchi for this part of Montana.

Julia Shaw

Good food, nice ppl

Timothy Allen

Not impressed. Food was so so.

Brandon Trust

Great value and good food and service. Don't have high expectations and you will enjoy what is offered. A good place to go for noodled rice and specialized home made dishes. I like it a lot

DJDr Wattz

My Wife and I love this restaurant. The service is so friendly and the food is always so fresh. The staff is amazing, we live you guys, DJ DR WATTz

Randy Evans

Very good and friendly as well.

Cliff & Denise Willis

Definitely needs a good cleaning

Jean-François Ager

Tasty sushi for sure..

Tina Putnam

Loved the food.

Cynthia Mills

This Buffet was not good. We read ALL of the great reviews and decided to give it a shot. Honestly don’t do it!!!!

Linda Onstott

Wonderful food, great service, friendly staff. Our new favorite Asian cuisine restaurant, bar none!

Stan Zimmerman

Great food and service

Wolfe Moss

Awesome food, friendly environment and reasonable price for such good food.


I love Asian Buffet! The variety is considerable. They have struggled with keeping the food warm but I have noticed improvement on both that and keep the food trays filled during the busy rushes.

Kenz k

It's usually decent and we come here now and then, but we were just berated by an employee for "wasting food" for leaving one stick of beef on a plate. Not impressed with being talked down to and probably won't return.

juan perez

Great and inexpensive

Adam Theis

Great place

Kathy Peters


Matt Gann

It is what it is. I always regret it when I walk out of there and say I'll never come back. I am a bit hungry..Asian buffet?

Holly Scott

Amazing buffet. Everything was fresh. Very friendly staff. Will go back again. Best Chinese in town. And they even have sushi during the day.

Joe Stricker

Very good food and service.

Cymbra Hobbs

Omg so good!

Lecia Robertson

Not real good. Most food was cold. Watched a woman fill to go containers and it was disgusting. Too bad they let the worst kind of customer, dictate their service

Marilou Helmen

Best place to eat

Ken Lo

Actually not a bad buffet considering the price. Went there for lunch and there were some tasty Chinese dishes. I forgot money in the car and asked if they would let me run out and they let me so I think they are great people. I would go there again.

Tracy A

Best place in town to eat, the owners are amazing and John is the best waiter ever, luv him

Jeremy Williams

Good food, good service, reasonable prices.

henry marker

Exelant food &service. Berry reasonable. 5 stars

Anna Barragan

Good food good service

Frank O.


Cayla de Wys

Environment is welcoming and clean. Staff is polite. Food is amazing, good quality, good price. I would most definitely recommend this place to family and friends.

Orville Marlin

I really enjoy Asian buffets. Plenty of selections. Good food

Hannah Gharst

The people are rude and the food is mediocre!

Mary Allen

Consist quality of the entrees and excellent service!!!

Missy Guinard

Great food,nice place to eat!

Alison Weldele

Good eats

Randall King

The servers here are very friendly, kind, caring, & welcoming. They always make us feel welcome.


Love that you can get what you want

Peggie Michael

A great selection of classic American Chinese dishes. Seafood dishes on Friday and Saturday with different selections each weekend. I've eaten softshell crab and loved it. Price is good for what you can eat and for kids it's based on age, lunch is very reasonable and all you can eat. The sushi is good but very limited. There's fresh fruit, pastries, and ice cream. I have always had a clean table and friendly service. One of my favorite places in Scottsbluff/Gering.

Julie Page

Awesome place very clean good hot food that is always fresh

Stephen Potratz

All you can eat Chinese food

Pamela Wasserman

My biggest complaint is the labeling of their dishes...its illegible.

Christina Gonzales

Good food and the price, service is great

Chris Cooper

Excellent selection of freshly prepared Asian dishes. Friendly service, clean restaurant, reasonable price---it's everything that you hope a buffet will be, though they usually aren't. We've taken several friends since they opened, and everyone we've introduced to this buffet had been very glad we did.

Donna Godwin

Great place and a great view.

Dene' Schmidt

Very good greasy food but not enough Sushi

Miranda Hanna

Good fresh food good service tasty chicken and vegetables old looking g but good food

Luke Josephson

Bathroom is nasty but decent prices and good is great for a buffet

Rachel Schmitt

Yummy love the sweet and sour chicken, and pork on a stick!

Eugene Hansen

Better than our local China buffet worth the drive

Troy Hale

Great food great service.

G Daly

Pur fav place to eat !

Wesley Poulin

Best Chinese food in town, fresh, flavor, and selection. Staff is always curtious and happy. Love this place!

Gerry Waters

Love it .. always eat there .. while I am there

Sherry Shaner

Wonderful selection of food. Clean. Every thing was warm and fresh and delishish

Local Pisces

Awesome as always

Dondi G

Nice employees, tasty food, but the food wasn't warm. If had been I'd gave it a 5

Taylor Ponce

My fav place to eat.

Gene Stark

Good food. Priced right fresh fruits

Wild Bill

Good variety of tasty foods


Not very large variety of foods, but the quality is a lot better than expected for buffet. Very clean and we'll maintained.

John McKenzie

Great food decent prices.

LittleChild I eat taco bell

It’s so amazing and delicious and I live inside the walls and this is what I eat (sometimes I eat Dairy Queen but whatever) 10/10 EAT THERE NOW

Isaiah Steinbrecher

Good to food and great price

Ricky Wohl

Very nice and friendly staff, Great selection of food and quite reasonable prices. I would recommend stopping in.

Fred Chase

All you can eat Asian food including seafood that is consistently very good. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Great place for small parties if you give them advance notice about seating requirements.

Becky Sue Strauch

Best Asian buffet I've ever tried!! Always fresh and very clean

Zach Mohr

The food here is hit and miss. If you go at the right time of day when it all is fresh the food can be great. If you go at the wrong time though, the food can be older and not so fresh. The staff are all very polite and seem to actually care about their customers.

Jupiter Floros

We got the 'all you can eat' deal for 12 bucks. I can't complain, they had great variety and average taste. Service was OK.

Keith Shepard

Love this place. Just wish I knew what the staff was saying. Maybe about us lol


The food was pretty good, decent variety & a friendly employee or 2.. But the meat skewers are too hard to bite through & the other big pieces of meat were pretty chewy & fatty. :-\ Id go back though

Timothy Cook

Friendly service and great food

Todd Hoke

Always clean good for the money

Christina Chavarria

Amazing food, quick service, great selection!!! Will definitely be back!!!

Michela Short

Most of the food was cold. Sushi was not replenished and the waitress was very unfriendly. Staff members we're arguing when we walked in and we had to wait to be seated until they settled their dispute. First and last time we will dine here.

Philip Shields

This is a great place to eat if you are hungry and enjoy a large variety of asian dishes. The sesame chicken, crab legs, many noodle dishes, potstickers, soft serve icecream, and other dishes all were enjoyable. I left satisfied. The price is higher than an average meal but very reasonable for a buffet.

Byron Baumann

Seriously the BEST service and nicest people. I am from Southern California, so sushi is a staple in our family. I had low expectations, but was very pleasantly ssurprised. The hot buffet had excellent choices as well. We are visiting from out of town....we ate here two times. It was very good, great selection, and very clean facility. I definitely recommend.

Darselle McDaniel

Wonderful variety of food best place in town to eat

Robert Veliz

Waited after being informed could accomodate 8 people together, only to learn later we had to sit separate. Frustrating.

Aaron Collins

I'm fat and it's a all you can eat buffet! 5 stars!!

Pamela Harmon

Good value but questionable quality

richard goldsby

Nice place.

Kay Grote

So happy for the success of this place after it's switch to a buffet. Excellent selection and everything is so fresh tasting. Quick, too!

Kat Stensland

I'd live here if my husband and the staff would let me, I absolutely love their food. It's so good! Very friendly, too!

Isaac Gonzales

Been to lots of buffets and this one is one of the best!! My buttons are struggling now haha thanks!

lou m

I will not be eating here again. The selection was small, which would have been fine if any of the food was any good. The fried rice was dry and tasteless. The coconut chicken which should have been moist was not. About the only thing ok was the crab ragoon. The wait staff refiled our beverages once and I had to ask to get them to do so.

Thay Giao Truong Xuan Vinh - Thai Binh

New. Overall very good & reasonable price.

Peggy Aquino

Good n variety of dishes.

Katja Weindl

Excellent food and customer service

Virginia Judd Twinkle50

Good food. Within our budget.

nicole gallagher

Horrible service

Jennifer Lofton

The waiter tonight was very attentive & nice! He was patient with our hyper 4 year old as well!! The food was fresh & had great flavor!!

Dakota Herman

Always a cheap and quick meal. Can be in and out, or eat and chat. Friendly service

Rae Bogacki

The food is excellent and consistent every time I come. The staff is always friendly and helpful and gives great service. Very reasonably priced for all-you-can-eat or one charge for a box to take with you.

Ron Wynne

The food was very good

Ryan Lenhart

Clean and modern atmosphere, very prompt and helpful wait staff. The food was good, certainly better than the average Asian buffet. The tidiness and layout of the buffet itself is a major plus. I'll surely be back.

Nicki C

I absolutely love their food. It's my kids favorite place

Taryn Stoddard

I love the food there was like super good

Eileen pryor

Good food, fair prices and convenient to park.

Sandra Vaughan

It has a nice variety of choices.

Exchiela Benusi

Inexpensive but you get what you pay for

Sonja L. Dawson Urano

Nice staff & good food.

Robin Cunningham

Good sushi as always just think for the price a drink should be free

Brittany Johnson

It's the best Asian food we've had since we've gotten into town from Denver.. the Sushi is delicious. And, even though it's a buffet, you get great service. They even gave us a fun calendar for Christmas!

Lynn Wolf

Good place good food

KristenMarie Daoud

Definitely not my favorite place to fact I have been once and have never gone back. Major stomach issues after eating here....not allergic to any foods and had not eaten anything else during the day leading up to and after eating at this establishment. The

Marleen Hartjes

This used to be a nice place. Now carpet is dirty. Food looked and tasted left over. To its credit, it is super cheap. $15.50 for two senior lunches. Hot and sour soup was really good.

kelly kearns

Me and my boyfriend get dinner here all the time !! We are always seated and waited on by the same two gentlemen, always the same guy making the AMAZING sushi ! And the same woman and cute little kiddo who check us out at the end. It is great customer service you can depend on! They have a large selection of food and you definitely get your money’s worth. Also love the music they play in the evenings, it’s so peaceful and just the cutest little place !! Definitely my favorite Asian restaraunt in kalispell :)

Andrea Jiang

Great selection!They have sushi and a lot seafood.


It was good as always, the dinner crab could have bigger legs instead of small, more sushi variety, and the flies are a bit concerning.

Arnold Janell

Food is old every time we go in there, there's no flavor to any of the food

Charles Major

They have really good food and I always enjoy the sushi. It's the only place you can go for dinner and have all you can eat snow crab. They do need to work on their cleanliness especially the bathrooms I know that the men's bathroom really is disgusting. And that is sad because it does not take that much to clean a bathroom. The food though is always fresh and it always tastes good

Terry Hess

Food is really good.

Carol Perez

Asian Buffet is a Wonderful place to Eat. Friendly and Clean

Jessie Ditter

Food was really good and fresh. Employees very friendly.

William Bibb

Great place to eat large menu

Kennon Shupe

The food is gooey and mushes together as if it has all been sitting around for a long time. The chicken tasted like it was on its way out. I had to throw up afterwards.

Bill Watson

Been here half a dozen times. Always been good. Friendly staff. They have eat 10 times get 11th meal free cards.

S Buff

Great place to eat Chinese food with a little American mixed in.

Grace Bechle

What you'd expect from a small town Chinese buffet... Mediocre food but all you can eat of your favorites, so fulfills that craving. Most dishes were under seasoned but mostly satisfying.

Kat Smhalt

Amazing variety and high quality food. The sushi here is about on par with the only other place in town that serves it. Well priced, good service. A new favorite!


Food is delicious,Love the variety, great staff and services.

Joyce Bertrand

Tables were dirty. Need to be checked more often

Sierra Ostdiek

One of my favorite places in town!

Chrysalna Pyles

I give this place a 3 1/2 stars. The food is decent but the floors and bathroom a grimy. Honestly my family eats here regularly because it’s ready now and a fair price. Love the older gentlemen waiter he is GREAT at his job he always provides wonderful service.

Howard Bryant

It is a great place to eat. Food is always fresh and delicious not bad price for great food and service is awesome

Misty Weare

Fun place, loved the food. But not enough group seating areas. We had 4 adults, 3 kids and they didn't have a table that big.

glenda larsen

It is always great. Clean and friendly. The variety and quantities of food should satisfy anyone's palate and requirements. The atmosphere is fun. The owners and workers are very enjoyable and helpful. Everyone is always right at your service, to make your experience memorable and pleasant. This establishment keeps its customers coming back. People love this place.

Bill Prichard

Normally all's great. But the service was the worse I've ever experienced in this Valley. All the servicer we're on there phones and didn't care what was to take care of.

Heather Kyger

Yuck. Old location had a huge rat infestation. New location is getting better health scores but it's still greasy yucky bad quality food.

Julie Baszler

Was very clean and inviting. The food was very good especially for a buffet. Will definitely go again.

Laurie Marquez

Great place nice and clean

Jason Lynch

The food was decent, my drink was brought out promptly, the food on the buffet seemed to be rotated out frequently,

Gary Larson

Most of the food was cool not cold but close

Sean McCain

All you can eat

Ryan Wheatley

2.5 stars. It's your typical Asian buffet. Not bad, not great, and it fills the hole. Like any buffet, make sure to hit the proper meal hours for the fresh stuff.

Lael McCutcheon

The air conditioner always seems not to work. It's too warm in there to enjoy .

Michelle Mauer

The food isn't great and there's not much to choose from that's good. The staff is very friendly.

Kevin Schaneman

Great place to go great food the people that work there our vary friendly

Pamela Dylina

Very good food..I've never been disappointed..

ken rowen

Good buffet Chinese food

scuba steve

Best buffet in town. It is usual Asian food but everything is fresh and delicious. Reasonable prices as well!


Great food and price! Just wish they keep the food warm though. Bec it was past noon, the food wasn't keep warm enough and I hate cold food!

Sherry Wehrman

Food was mildly warm and needed to be rotated we were there at 7pm but good service

Rodney Matilainen

Good food

Brea Macarov

Great staff but selection was pretty lame and less than desirable. We were tired and hungry looking forward to eating there but were severely disappointed. For being a family restaurant there were no changing tables in the restrooms this was a bit frustrating. The carpets are filthy dirty. Not just needs a good vacuuming but rather replaced or deeply shampooed. Looking around the whole place was dusty and dirty. Thankfully the food area was clean but made me wonder about the kitchen.

Willson Bronson

Great food and awesome venue I love coming here

Jeff Gunther

The food was hot and properly cooked. The staff was very friendly, fast and curtious. The price was very affordable and the atmosphere was traditional.

Connie Knodel

I love this place because they have so much items than King Moon or China Buffet I rather come here than any where else

Maia Shaver

Friendly staff. Fresh refills of food often. Many meat, veggie, and sushi choices. All made in-house. Very family friendly!

Anita Moyer

Great service and good food.

DeAnna Covey

Great Asian food , great service, good casino attached

Kasidy Futrell

Food was great and the staff very nice

Edward Davis

I got sick bad

James Eddington

Great oriental food always happy with my visit

lynn sullivan

Pretty good food... when it's not cold

Robert OBrien

Very nice little Chinese restaurant. Food was excellent. Will definitely eat there again

Amy Rauert

I couldn't be happier with this place. My boyfriend and I have gone for date night several times and my friends and I have gotten lunch here three times in the past week! I took my parents here while they were in town visiting as well and they absolutely loved it.

Jeff Catencamp

My wife and I eat here almost once a week, which through the years, equates to a couple of hundred times, minimum. The staff treats us like family, and the food is always good. Pretty much our go to place in the valley. Plus the kitchen has an A+ rating which is always comforting. Would suggest this place to anyone-------------------

Katjo Blah

Waited for a table for over 30 minutes. They seated other groups before us, even though the group came in after. Left and had a delicious lunch elsewhere.

Ty Walsh

Like most food and Montana it's OK. Kind of has your standard array of American Chinese food. The service is nice, but the location is not the cleanest. I'm not gonna knock a small business you can make your own choice for yourself, I've eaten here more than once.

Starla Eleson

I’ve been here three times and each visit has topped the one prior. Service is amazing, the food is fantastic- great selection for people trying to steer clear of gluten and/or load up on vegetables. Lots of meat options and lots of desserts. Excited to go again!

Corey Dennis

Very small crab legs. Some food is good but you can tell that it is cheap food untill you get the bill. All in all you can get your belly full.

Clyde Stemberg

Favorite lunch spot. Friendly staff and delicious food!

Timothy Lundstrom

They've got all kinds of goodies in there you definitely always get a fill up there all different types of Asian foods goodies and snacks staff is friendly and helpful drinks very comfortable place to go sit and have yourself a good lunch and get filled up have all you can eat buffet and it's gray

Ryan Allen

Although I greatly miss the previous Chinese restaurant in his location as it was my favorite takeout location. The buffet is large with many options and priced very reasonably. Everything I tried was average to good tasting.

Jacob Anawalt

I enjoyed everything we sampled. Really appreciated the price. Great end to a day of driving and hiking.

Corina Whitaker

Hmmmm good food and variety

Jennifer A

After taking a sampling of several different dishes they had to offer I would say that they were all pretty bad. I’ve certainly found other Asian buffets that were delicious and don’t consider myself especially snobby about Asian food but I was definitely disappointed. Service was kind and speedy however.

andrew butler

Average fast-food

Cheryl Nelson

Good food great service reasonably priced

Kevin Forsythe

Good food at a decent price.

Leo Allred

Food was bland at best and very dry. We waited nearly ten minutes for the check. Only got one refill which we had to flag down the waitress and ask for. When we finally got the check it was barely legible.

Tina Ong

So good

Isaac King

Awesome place!! Kid discounts!!! Delivery!! Sit down!! or Walk in fill up a bowl and walk out!! Great music!!! I love it!!!!

Lori Bruegger

Great food, nice people.

Martin Spring

Good food good service

Tom Langston

The food was just Ok. The restaurant has no ambiance. Wait staff was inattentive. The saving Grace was the price, very inexpensive dinner.

Kathy Verdetto

It was hot and fresh and delicious.

Conrad Bravo

Heard great things about this new buffet from friends on Facebook. Decided I needed to try it myself. Was pretty packed when we went as it’s new and seems to have a buzz. Been skeptical as other similar places aren’t very tasty a lot of times. The food was all very good with lots of variety. I was pleasantly surprised. I did visit a second time and the food was a bit cold that time but it was a less busy time of day. Would recommend giving this place a try if you’re interested.

charolette loeks

Very good. Great selection. And the sushi is good here.

Scott Wallace

The food is great, and service is perfect, they are not up in your face, and they don't just leave you alone the entire time.

Laurie R

Good Buffet-priced reasonable for great dinner!

GizmoGuy Entertainment

Oh my! I should start with how often I get diarrhea from this place. I mean I might as well be asking for diarrhea when I say, "Hey let's go to Asian Buffet!" I do like the oolong tea though.

Marnie Smith

Some things were empty and stayed empty the entire time we were there maybe just not a good time of day. Also a bit dismissive at the payment counter and at one point completely unfocused.


Great sushi, selection, and service. The only downside is that the meat tastes weird and different upon different visits. Strongly recommend to anyone who likes Asian food.


Food was great but charged us at noon dinner pricing kinda upset over that

Mike Hernandez

This place has the best selection of food when it comes to Asian cuisine! The staff is always friendly very deserving of a great tip! Can't wait for the next visit with friends and family from out of town.

Justin McAllister

Lots of different choices on food! Good food and it's pretty cheap! Very friendly staff as well!

Ket cash

This is a great buffet! Friendly servers, delicious options, the vegetable lo mein and crab Rangoons are my personal favorites!

Shawn n Joyce Lovitt

Best food in town

Alyssa Beach

I've never had a bad experience. Good food, good service.

Nancy Wood

Consistent good great prices

Jamie B. Just a mommy


Audrey Smith

The food is good, the service is friendly and all you can eat is always nice.

Tami J Daniels gig I KBJR HGTV GBJ

Good food and friendly people

Bill Wineman

Really great buffet! Had all my favorites, souchi and a great dessert area.

Mike Holien

Um... there’s lots of food. Mediocre. But lots.

tinbus67 bus

Always have a good selection pork chicken beef crab legs sushi noodles veggies and it's buffet style so you all you can eat. If you leave hungry it's your own fault

Annette Lowder

Delicious food! Of course it's not authentic asian, but it still tastes great!

debbie nevels

The service was bad. The food could have been better. Had tummy trouble after eating there. Will not go back.

Rodney Brink

Great food at a fair price. Best buffet in Scottsbluff by a long shot.


Reasonable prices. Good good. Great service.

Lone Star Drifter

A great place to eat. Great service and hot and fresh food at a good price.

Donna Yates

Locals don't go here for the ambience but if you want tasty Chinese buffet give it a shot. My personal favorite is the Coconut Chicken...yum.

Dan Cottrell

Great selection of freshly prepared items. Friendly staff!

Rolando Rios

Loved it really good food friendly staff

Dennis Braulick

I was very impressed with the buffet it had a very very good variety...and the trick to over spice the buffet food is not used here... It made the food excellent and super tasty. I felt that the Asian Buffet was one of the very very best that I've ever eaten at while on vacation... Yes super clean an awesome fiid

James Olmedo

Was great

Danny Roach

Great place fresh food every day and great service. And you can go at lunch time and still get back to work on time and good price.

Kathy Van Pelt

Excellent variety of food. Staff friendly especially the cashier who checked us out.

Mike Miller

This is my favorite restaurant in the valley great price for all you can eat, excellent service have not gotten sick once all those other people who say they got sick obviously ate more then they could but I love it

Phyllis Nelson

Great food, great staff !

Pokey LeCornu

Pretty good food... very friendly staff

Jerry Gutierrez

Very nice people and very wide range of foods there. You have your sushi and your typical Asian food. Very delicious, will come here again.

Gloria Rita Morales

Nice and clean but food was blah.

John Meyer

Good food with a good selection and terrific service. Also very clean and modern. Don't miss out on this place!

Rosemary Bob

Table A5 is a bad location in the winter , my food got cold fast due to the front door opening, and people holding the door open for their guests and it seemed like the food wasn't hot, it got cold fast even if the door wasnt opening.

Angel Ford

Love this place, great food and service

Valerie Rahrs

Very good meal and excellent service. Very recommended.

jasper kuchenski

Poor service had to ask 2-3 times for a drink refill will not come back!

Robin Lynnette

Food has gone down hill

Brittney Daun

Food was amazing and very reasonable priced. Very good selection and was always hot and fresh. Even at 3 in the afternoon.

Jennifer Hull

One of my favorites.

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