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REVIEWS OF World Street Kitchen IN Minnesota

Aaron Miller

This is one of my favorite spots in Uptown. Great selection of different foods. MFC (Fried Chicken) Biscuit Sandwich is my favorite. Relaxed vibe, you order at the counter and they bring the food out to you.

Jason Dahlen

Good food. Korean Short Rib Rice bowl was excellent. Casual atmosphere. A little loud inside, but not enough that you can't have a conversation.

Arasu S

Excellent food at great prices. Not a large menu, but just right. Service is friendly and fast. My favorite is the lemongrass meatball bowl. It has just the right amount of kick.

Beverly Grandison

Great customer service. Delicious food! Nice vegan options to include the ice cream sandwich ;)

Jonathan Lin

Interesting fusion takes on traditional east Asian / southeast Asian flavors

brian keller

Solid and diverse choice of food. Good atmosphere too!

James Bjork

The food is very creative and delicious. The Sweet Onion Stuffed Falafel Burger is excellent as is the Beef Shawarma. Lots of vegan and gluten free options on the menu as well. You order at the counter and they bring your food to you making so service is fast making it a great place for a quick lunch.

Devon Dodge

Happy hour here makes for affordable beers and apps. Good prices for tasty food. Friendly service, and the food came out pretty quickly.

farooq sattar

Unique place to have ice cream especially when the outside temperature is also freezing

Eric Sinakhone

I've never been a fan of fusion foods, but this place nails it! I had the Korean ribs Bangkok Burrito and it was amazing. The "special sauce" was flavorful and gave the fried rice a savory tang. The ribs portioning was generous, finely shredded, and had a rich Korean BBQ flavor. If you like some heat, don't forget to add the house made hot sauces, which are uniquely hot and delicious. Give this place a try and you'll be coming back for more!

Lee Nelson

Nice place to stop before / after a visit to MIA. I had a tasty Korean BBQ item - but they have a few other choices ranging from Mexican, to vegetarian and more.

Levi For Waifu

Eclectic selection of food, all items I had were good.

Vamsi Konchada

Friendly people, fast service and tasty fusion food options! Yum yum bowl is aptly named.. The place is very crowded when we went there which tells how popular it is. Good place to catch up with friends but it can be noisy if you go there for a business lunch or dinner..

Nate Benyousky

Street food brought inside. Tasty, fast, and relatively inexpensive. And the Milkjam is next door. Head over for ice cream after eating.

Kathryn Nelson

Very tasty, but a little over salted


One of the best places I have eaten in the Twin Cities. I had the Korean beef bowel, my husband had lamb bowel. Both outstandingly delicious. Korean beef tasted authentic, though a little on the salty side. Who cares about a little bit saltiness on the tongue when your brain screams yes with every bite of it. I would come back all the time.

jennifer enstad

Guac dog was delicious!! Cant wait to try more menu items

Kristen Suloff

Absolutely love the food, very tasty when eating in restaurant, one of my favorite places in uptown. Delivery/pickup however I do not recommend. I have had both many times, and it’s always a bad experience with food arriving late and cold, or not all of the food/the correct food delivered or picked up. Today my rice bowl wasn’t made, and the burrito delivered was the wrong meat. I had to ask for a refund on the burrito, it wasn’t offered at first. Very frustrated, especially since no apologies were given. Still going to dine in, but that was the last straw for ordering out

Samuel Webster

Eat WSK. I'm still mad at you Saed for taking away the rasta torta.

Patrick Fuentes

Great casual inexpensive eats. Stop by MilkJam next door for dessert

Francis P.

Eclectic menu options for an adventurous flavor pallet. I had the brussel sprouts and they were crispy and super flavorful and had a great kick, also enjoyed the short rib lettuce wraps tho I had enough food with just the brussels.

Shanna Woods

Delicious brussels sprouts!

Christopher Wheeler

Never on my life have I been treated so rudely. The day before today I had asked to buy something so I can use the restroom and a very polite blonde worker told me I didn't need to buy anything. (I live close by any my bathroom is being re-done) used it again today and had left 80 dollars in there when emptying receipts put of my wallet. Went back to go get it and a short brunette woman didn't even say anything except "If you're not a customer you need to leave" me and my family used to love coming here. But after being treated like a vagrant I don't mind not coming back. And to the taller blonde (dirty I didn't catch your name) I hope they recognize you for treating people how they should be treated

Louisa L. Sauro

Lots of options on the menu! I was there for happy hour which was nice. Very cool space, though the music was loud which made it difficult to socialize. The hummus I ordered was good.

Illaly Walsh

The best curry burrito

Kyle Frankhouser

Amazing streek style food. The Korean BBQ burrito is my favorite!

Bianca Mlekus

Food was delicious, not crazy about the music choice and it was too loud to hear people in our group.

Marijke Decuir

I always stop at WSK when I go to uptown. Everything is delicious. I like them so much, we had them cater our wedding.

Tom Rolseth

All the food is amazing & fast!

Scottie Tuska

The best restaurant in the cities. Period.

Diane Blaschko

Best burritos ever! Love the authentic food.

James Austin

Nice but pricy

Jeffrey Joseph

Had a quick stop in Minneapolis for a night and came here with my fiancée for dinner. Had the sangria, lamb belly tacos and beef lettuce wraps. The food was average at best. I found the glass of sangria to be overpriced and didn’t really taste like a sangria to begin with. Service was pretty good and they were nice to give us thorough explanations on the food we were ordering.

Kent Levi

Been here a couple times and absolutely loved it. Very low priced, extremely high quality, great portions. Excellent cooks. International variety of fare. Wonderful fun atmosphere. Great staff. High overall value. I'll definitely be back.

Kevin Burk

World Street Kitchen is one of those spots that you know will be consistently awesome day in and day out. Great, crazy flavorful food, super affordable, good beer selection, staff is friendly. The rice bowls and burritos are great of course, but try the Brussel sprouts too, they’re always well roasted and the addition of Thai fish sauce dressing makes them really stand out.

Jared Leith

I like the food but what's the deal with the tipping? There's no real difference between this place and a place like smashburger and assuming I'll tip 15-25% onscreen rubs me the wrong way.

Patti Kimble

Very good Asian food.

Christine Slowinski

So many options for many tastes. Drinks out of the ordinary. Really good bowls, guacamole. And MilkJam next door!


Always solid and I love the ability to get some MilkJam points when they are not open.

Jason Ruetten

Lost my keys here and the staff was really kind to keep track of them until I got back. The food wasn’t quite my type though. Oriental dishes are great, but not for me.

Brigham Starks

Ordered the vegan option .. got steak.This is the 2nd time this has happened .. WSK just lost my business as their incapable of being vegan/plant-based friendly

Missy Isles

I first discovered their food at a food truck festival. Everyone I was with agreed it was the best thing we had eaten that day, so we went on a mission to find it again. We we're ecstatic when we found it had a restaurant location. They have a great selection of food. We try something new every time we go and have never been disappointed. We also have a few vegan friends, and they have some good options for them. Definitely would recommend!


Awesome spot to dine in or do take out. Highly recommend both the chicken curry and Korean bbq burritos. The brussel sprouts are also excellent. The Mexican steak sandwich is also a good choice.

jeff curry

Great bowl food and desserts are right next door for awesome icecream

Emily Kinnunen

Maybe the best burrito I’ve ever had. The Korean bbq will change your life.

Kaitlin Harrington

Loved this place I had the steak and egg sandwich with avocado!!! My two issues is prices are a little high and they have no good alcohol options.

Kyle Weber

Perhaps a bit closer to 3.5*, but I’m bumping it up because my companion’s red curry burrito was excellent. I thought my lamb rice bowl was just okay and the prices were a bit high for what you get. Service was fast and friendly

Sarah J.

Best lamb tacos!! They are God’s gift to food.

Richard Dongses

I’m generally a fan of fusion foods and this place hits the spot. Nice mix of ethnic flavors and I also really dig the chill and lively ambiance too. It also was a nice bonus that it’s next door to Milkjam, so my friends and I could grab dessert right after or dinner!

Laura Farvour

The marinated tofu bowl is the only thing I have gotten here,. I am so enamoured with it, I just can't bring myself to order anything else. However, I have full confidence that everything on their menu is full flavored and delicious :D

Daisy Simpson

My family of six loves this place. My kids love their food from the kids quesadillas to the adult size Korean burrito.

John Daly

Get the red curry burrito, unbelievable

Jacob Brekken

This place was fantastic, highly recommend. I got the chicken curry burrito, and it was phenomenal.

Pa Thao

I went here for the second time with my sisters. The food was good, though a bit too flavorful for my tastebuds. The place is nice and it also has a nice vibe.

J Boy

Was visiting out of town, ordered there Bangkok burrito, with exception of just regular chicken instead of curry chicken. Got my order, took a bite and red curry chicken, mentioned it to the staff and without hesitation brought me there supervisor (Alea ). She immediately apologized for the issue and took it upon herself to to correct it. Hands down, awesome food, but even more outstanding staff and leadership. Will come back.

Rosie Schwartz

Great service!! We had a little guacamole left over and the server gave us free chips to finish it up!!! Thank you

Ian Allen

Great food, my favorite are the rice bowls (I’ve had all of them and there’s no way I could choose a favorite—they’re all excellent!). The red curry chicken burrito is also great. While I like dining in, lately I’ve been ordering through their app or through Postmates and the food always arrives within 30 minutes. Of course the advantage to dining in is being able to wander next door and get ice cream afterward!

Brennen Hogen

This is by far one of my favorite places for food. I've now tried everything on their menu food wise and the ONLY bad experience I've had is when they over-cook the brussel sprout dish, but some may prefer that. The service is fast and very accommodating of any special requests. I'm not a big fan of the drinks in bags, but I'm rather picky with cocktails.

Bennett Snyder

Easily one of the worst restaurants in the twin cities. Oversalted food and low-quality ingredients.

Kimberley Alvares

Really good fast casual, fast food place. I had the yum yum bowl with chicken and it was very good, not greasy at all and lots of flavor. I loved the sticky rice in there. The atmosphere is like an upscale fast food place, but great spot to grab a quick bite to eat or take-out.

Ben Daniels

Brussel sprouts were amazing

Alex Albert

Love their bbq beef short rib burritos and bowls, both are fantastic, go here almost every time I'm in minneapolis

Pejmon Nadimi

Great food at an affordable price. I would eat here wayyyy too much if I lived closer. A unique blend of dishes inspired from regions all over the world

mary durbin

I moved away from Mpls. awhile ago. My son was asking me where I would want to eat when I visit. I'm a vegetarian and seriously love to eat...I remembered fondly all of the many restaurants I have tried in the Twin Cities area and also checked my list. Yep, I have a list. My pick was this restaurant. It was so delicious.


Fast dependable service. Consistent high quality food. Lemongrass meatball lettuce wraps and of chicken yum yum bowl are our go tos.

Alona McCreary

Great food and lightning quick service. The atmosphere is friendly but loud.

Maggie Gannon

V. Yummy. Try the hummus!

Devin Livingston

Always amazing food with an evolving menu and great Vegetarian/Vegan options.

Wuji Fei

I found this place from a website listed out the best places to eat in Minneapolis. It's a bit different than what I thought but I liked the food. It's an American twist of some international food, e.g., fast food Bim Bim Bum, etc. I ordered a bowl with Korean BBQ. The service was lighting fast, and it tasted pretty good.

Ryan Sundberg

I heard a lot of great things so decided to give it a try. Cookie was overcooked, bahn mi dog was very underwhelming (soggy bun, over could boiled dog, tons of mayo added). Pickled veggies were good!! Some of the other dishes coming out looked great, I'll have to go back and try something else.

Mike DiScala

Loved the food truck and love the spot. I'm always in for the Bangkok burrito and the Yum Yum bowl is pretty much perfect food in a bowl (get the chicken one and add a side of beef.) Plus side is the owner is awesome and also runs the great ice cream shop next door.

Alioune Gueye

I found this place by pure chance and couldn't have been happier. I loved the chicken burrito and am looking forward to trying the WSK salad. Loved the food I tried, received awesome service, will definitely try it again soon.

Michaëlle Abraham

The menu leaves a lot to be desired; I’m not a fan of the American “twists” out on ethnic dishes. The side options are also sparse. The saving grace of this restaurant would be the customer service and brunch menu.

Suzanne Hanle

Love a good yum yum rice bowl. Followed by Milk Jam ice cream!

Lauren Robertson

World Street Kitchen is the best sandwich shop that I have ever tried. Their sandwiches are a good price for the size and taste and everything is fresh and incredibly delicious.The workers there are also so kind and helpful. Highly recommend coming here for delicious food.

Adam Wirtzfeld

Wonderfully innovative fusion cuisine. Affordable and fast. Top of my list for out of town guests.

Steven Steffey

Awesome food. Usually get a rice bowl, but had the MFC sandwich today. Fast, friendly service. Interesting drink choices. Amazing ice cream

Arunkumar Pillai

I liked the Korean bbq rice bowl. It had a mix of flavors, and the Kim chi went well with it.

Jackson Hample

The food was really good! I got the carmelized lamb belly taco and it was very good. Got some of their icecream after eating which was also absolutely delicious!

Henry Ohlschmidt

Amazing food and service, cannot recommend enough


Pretty good food. Although possibly a bit too salty. For example, after eating the Brussels sprouts you'll want to chug a gallon of water to hydrate. Overall, food is savory and pretty good. Staff is usually very friendly. Some of the cookies are weird though.

Ben Reburn

I love the chicken curry burrito from this place. I go out of my way whenever I am in the city to stop and grab one. They have a really diverse menu that is not overwhelmingly large at all. Make sure to top by the ice cream place next door after you are done.

Michael Calhoun

One of our favorite spots. Everything is delicious. Great for a quick bite, brunch or dinner. Even fun to stop in and grab a prebatched craft cocktail or beer. Be sure to stop next door for a scoop of ice cream at Milk Jam for dessert

Brogan Berg

Such a wonderful staff and such incredible food!

Luke Hammer

I ordered it through Postmates last night for the first time and guess what? I ordered it again this morning for lunch. The Korean BBQ beef bowl was so good. All the flavors are so bold and it's a fun menu to order from! The curry chicken burrito was good, not life changing, but would order again. This place is amazing!

Kumbabatch Khan

I seriously love this epic Arab and Korean fusion bowl of deliciousness. House made kimchi is heavenly. The seating is so cozy. I hope WSK opens up more branches soon.

John Hiebert

Awesome food with great ice cream next doir!!

benjamin anderson

I cannot stop eating at this place!! YUM BOWL all day!!!

Orrin Dabney

You'll be full, and you'll want more. The burritos, the bowls, whatever you choose just be ready to take some home or have an hour to rest before you try to move. First bite till the last will have you wanting to finish the amazing foods.

Katie Spence

We’ve ordered from here multiple times, tried 75% of the menu and constantly have issue with whatever we’ve ordered. The only thing consistent and worth your time is the Korean beef bowl, or you can get it as a lettuce wrap as well which is pretty good. Just got the squash and mushroom tacos and they were SWIMMING in olive oil. So much so that I couldn’t eat them with my hands. They fell right apart and I couldn’t even finish the two tacos due to how soaked they were in oil. The main frustration I have with this restaurant is that the food could be SO good. The flavors are often decent, components good, but terrible execution and quality every single time. Need new cooks.

Emily Young

I'd go back for those carmelized lamb belly tacos. Perfectly balanced with sesame seeds adding a nice crunch. Old fashioned in a bag was fun. I could have sucked down three of those probably. We went on a Monday afternoon and it was not busy.

Laurie McElmeel

I had the Korean BBQ bowl and it was really good but a little salty for me - I think it had a little too much added sauce. My husband had the Korean BBQ burrito and it was delicious! The fried cauliflower (on special) was amazing. We will definitely go again.

Steve Ramgren

Good food, made fresh that comes out quickly.

Brian Ferdman

The primarily Asian-style, flavorful food here is served quickly and at affordable prices. This is a good place to eat if you're looking to have a lower carb meal.

Angela Weeldreyer

It’s ok. The menu wasn’t very impressive and the yum yum bowl was alright. Wouldn’t recommend this place for street food.. you can find better options all over the twin cities.

Patrick Yoder

Great spot to get some interesting dishes. Unique flavors!

Christy Woehler

Has a weird odor just due to all of the global foods but the food is wonderful!

Arfon Janetkhan

Loved the food there and one member from the staff she was very welcoming and realized it was my first time there. She was very helpful and awesome

Kinsey Nephele

Taylor was awesome ringing me up! She was super friendly and easy to talk to, made my first time experience at WSK perfect :)

Leah Morgan

Some of the fusion dishes are a bit unique and unexpected but the flavor is good. Having an ice cream store attached is a huge plus!

Aaron Teslow

Decent food, but the service was a little slow, especially for it not being too busy while we were there.

Bailey Wendinger

Great food flavor. Expensive for the small portions

Ken Sanders

Clean, great service along with an excellent meal. Had the Yum Yum with Korean BBQ. Very good with the correct amount of spice. My friend had the same but he had the chicken version. He loved it. Will be returning again.

Nick Preese

Cool place that has some great dishes. Quick service.

Jayson Massa

WSK. Everything is great here - from the famous bowls and burritos, to the enormous fish sandwich. Never had a bad thing here. If you’re lucky enough to make it on Sunday brunch. The sunny side may change your life. Stop over to milk jam and your world will be a happy one

Joshua Ewer

Fantastic food, really great atmosphere, one of my favorite places to eat in the cities.

Kelsey Mullins

I love stopping into WSK for a quick dinner. I'm vegan and I always get the Bangkok burrito.

Andrew Little

The Korean BBQ Burrito is a classic. Perfect take out dish. The rest of the meals are quirky, scrumptious and delight the tongue every time.

Serena McDaniels

I ordered the lamb belly rice bowl and it was amazing as always! The only thing I would complain about is that the lamb belly had a “soapy” after taste to it.

Tony Raycraft

Extraordinarily good food from all over the planet, it's rare to see a place do so much so well.

Robbie klein

Amazing food. Try the brussel sprouts roasted in sweet chillies vinegar. Amazing.

Chia Stallings

Decided to head out for a late night dinner with my cousin and this was the perfect spot! Great atmosphere with a hip vibe. All the staff was friendly and the food was amazing. We decided to share the Caramelized Lamb Belly Yum Yum Rice Bowl and it was divine! I ordered a red sangria and my cousin ordered the Raspberry Shandy. Both great drinks! After the meal, we couldn't resist but get their Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sundae. It was sweet, but satisfying. I would definitely be back again!

Max Maltese

Just ordered dinner there, waited 25 minutes before asking about our meal since we were seeing others who came after us getting food. Lost our order. We were of course irritated (and hangry!) So they fired our bowls quick to go since we now didn't have time to hang out and eat. The truly upsetting thing was when the next expo guy came out and apologized, he recommended if we wait that long again to come ask sooner as if the wait was out fault. Nothing to make up for our time or anything. Been coming here for a couple years but I'll be looking for a new fast casual place in uptown adter this. Disappointing.

s pags

Had them cater an event for me last year, and was so impressed I decided to hit the main store up. I was a bit worried about a Saturday night line, but it was quick and spacious enough that it moved fast. If anything, a quarter of the restaurant was taken up by Milkjam customers from next door. Do yourself a favor and try anything on the menu.

Jay Nelson

Perfect dinner. Friendly staff

Molly Kascel

I had a mishap via Postmates with an order I had placed. And though some of the food I received wasn’t spectacular I want to leave space for the fact that delivery definitely impacts the quality of food, presentation, etc. I want to specifically mention the customer service I received from WSK. I spoke with a manager Abbie on the phone and she was absolutely wonderful. She was kind, listened to my feedback and offered to fix the mistake and deliver the missing item. This was kindness in pure form. I work in the food industry and I know the challenges of righting wrongs in customer service and I have to offer high praise for her genuine care and commitment to customer service. That alone makes me want to be a repeat costumer.

Helens Games

The food is fabulous, amazing and abundant. The doors are hard to open of you need a walking device. No wifi.

Jackie Neely

One of my favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities. So many global options and I pick something different almost every time and it never disappoints. One thing I always stick with are their brussel sprouts - so amazing.

Mary Secor

Super delish, nice friendly, fabulously fast. Hummas and fresh pita SO good. Crunchy chickpeas on top

Josh S

I stopped in for the first time today and had the Korean BBQ bowl and it was amazing! The people that work there are super friendly and the service was top notch. I will most definitely be back! I highly recommend this place!

Arsalon Hafeez

Service was great and red curry chicken burrito


Super good food.

Samantha Koshiol


Sami Fure

Food is always fresh and delicious!


All good until I asked for my egg to be fully cooked. I eat here about 2x week, maybe more and never had issues. But, because I want an egg fully cooked in my rice bowl (because I don't want a half cooked egg sitting in there while I won't get to eat it later), it is not possible. Whaaaaaaaat? You can't spend another 3 mins to fully cook that egg? My only option was to not have eggs but still pay the same price. Okaaaaaay, no gracias. I won't be eating here anymore. Remember my face.

Amber St

Went with a friend on 2 seperate occasions. Terrible food! Lamb Belly Tacos were somehow both dry and greasy. Chicken Rice Bowl was all rice and none of the broccoli and mushrooms that were mentioned in the description, almost no chicken and wilted herbs. And seriously, "secret sauce"? Emulsified oil and sriracha? Just tell us what it is cuz it's not good enough for anyone to want to steal the recipe. If another friend suggests this place I will seriously question our friendship.

Anthony Anderson

Food was great. Beer overpriced af though but expected in Uptown

Skyler Kanegi

Good but not worth the hype in my opinion. I had the lamb belly yum yum bowl which was decent, but I thought there was way too much sauce drowning everything. In addition the flavor was not distributed evenly so you had random pockets of intense saltiness on the lamb. The lamb indeed had a nice crunch, but that was pretty much it. The Brussel sprouts were burnt.

Anthony Trinh

Red curry burrito will bring me back here. Great place serving quality food. Also connected to a ice cream shop which speaks for itself.

David Erickson

Food was awesome, price was reasonable. Neat little place. Just wish the music were more background to make it easier to talk, instead of trying to be foreground and to loud.

Marina Duchesneau

Fresh and flavorful food!! Love the menu, they have a little bit of everything! If you are feeling Korean short ribs, but maybe your friend wants shawarma, come here for the variety! You won’t be disappointed.

Sean Bragman

This is a walk up and order and they bring you the food kind of place. The food came quick and it was so good!!! We got the Bangkok burritos with tofu and shared the Turkish Hummus. We thoroughly enjoyed both things and will definitely be coming back for more!

Laura Doberstein

Really enjoyed the food! Tried the Korean beef burrito. Very fresh ingredients and you could taste all of the elements of the burrito individually within the burrito itself. Yum!

Jim Andrews

I've loved everything I've had here. The chicken curry Bangkok burrito is my favorite or maybe the lamb tacos or possible the short rib yum yum bowl...hard to pick one.

Yazan Wadi

They have great costumer service

Kaitlyn Olson

Not only was the food great and came super fast, the cashier ran out into the parking lot to give us one of our cookies we forgot!!!!! Amazing

William Bidinger

Delicious Yum Rice Bowls. Try the lamb belly it's fantastic. The parking situation can be tight if it's during peak times but they do have a parking lot. Also try a cookie for dessert.

Stephan Kieu

The rice bowl options are fantastic! Wonderful flavor.

Shawn Wermerskirchen

Honestly some of the most unique and delicious food in the city. It's a very laid back and casual spot. Get the Korean BBQ yum yum bowl or burrito. Lamb belly tacos are great, they usually have 1 special going like today was fish tacos. I wasn't overly impressed with the guacamole but after 20+ visits, I'll keep coming back.

Dan Brandt

Treat yourself: Bangkok Burrito, Miller High Life 40oz, cereal killer ice cream from MilkJam. You're welcome for a good time from WSK.

Brian McLean

Delicious fusion food! Gluten free and vegan options. All taste amazing. Counter service style restaurant. It's connected to MilkJam Creamery so that can't hurt!

Marty Greer

Brunch -a special treat - ordered the Southside. The potatoes were just frozen hash browns, not peeled and cooked there. The lamb was supposed to be carmelized but it was in reality burned. The special sauce was good. Interested meal but it lacked details of execution.

Vee Vette

Hi. There are a lot of great reviews here. It is great to see so many people with wonderful experiences at World Street Kitchen. I unfortunately was not so lucky. I was visiting Minneapolis and friends suggested this place because they absolutely love it. I thought I would too. I treated everyone to lunch and added a tip. We made sure to tell the cashier about my daughter's peanut allergy. She noted it on the order. I asked for receipt to be emailed but never received it. When the food was delivered the server could not guarantee my daughter's meal was not prepared on the same grill as food mixed with nuts. Being uncomfortable with this news, the server graciously took the meal back and assured us we would get a refund. After about 30 minutes, I approached the cashier to discuss the matter and she informed me that the credit will be applied in about 2-3 days. I asked if she need my credit card and she tells me no. I asked for some proof the credit will be applied. She tells me not to worry it will be done and that they are really busy. I kindly told her I from out of town and need to have something to show the credit was applied. At this point she gets frustrated and storms away to speak to a gentleman in the back who sends her to get someone from the other side. Introducing herself as manager, I'm told the same thing. Don't worry, the credit will be applied in a few days. I asked how does she know which is my order. She responds we will take care of it and says it is Labor Day and we are busy. At this point I insist that they provide me a credit while I'm in town and assure me it has been done. The 'manager' walks away with frustration and finds WSK copy of my receipt and process credit (so I thought). She hands me a copy as proof of credit. Reviewing the receipt, I notice that there are two charges. Now I question if these are debits or credits. I walk away confused but confident they did the right thing. Upon a second review of the receipts, my party and I noticed they over-charged me for our order. How did this happen? Believing they did the right thing and credit my bill, I didn't fight it. Back home, I call my bank and was told WSK has charged me twice. I never received the credit. I called first thing this morning and asked for management. After waiting for a long time, I'm told management isn't there after all. Management stepped out to run an errand and will return in a hour or two. Looks like I'm forced to challenge this charge to my credit card and/or call the Better Business Bureau. CHECK YOUR RECEIPT! - visiting from Chicago

Madeline Braverman

Love this place. Reasonable, delicious, quick, and unique. Vegan friendly too!

Cole Carter

Love this place. The food is fantastic and the staff is the best! You really can't beat the good vibes in this shop. They have a parking lot and are connected to an ice-cream shop. I've eaten here countless times and have never had a negative experience.

Chris Buchanan

Casual, vibrant space with unique world flavors. A little proud of their beverage prices, but the food is reasonable, well-prepared, and delicious.

Grace Anderson

This restaurant is my go-to. Everyone needs to give it a try. That is all.

Angie Ryazanova

We had their food from a food truck as well as the restaurant. Both were delicious and offered a modern take on global flavor.

Mike V

Just about everything is cooked with soy ( the cheapest oil ) If a restaurant starts with cheap oil, you know they only care about the bottom line, not a quality product. They have an allergen chart but don't trust it. Things listed without soy contained soy products and cross contaminated. Scary for those with allergens.

Kari Peterson

MFC biscuit sandwich is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life! Love this place

Sarah Robinson

Delicious, unique food and always great service. Happy hour food and drinks are a great deal.

Noah Levine

World street kitchen has a great happy hour! Definitely check it out if you’re around 3-5pm. Their apps are nicely sized as well.

Evan McCarthy

The food is pretty good, and ice cream is okay. The staff was quite rude.

Zachary Offner

Great friend/romantic date spot. Parking is a bear!

Mike Green

Living in Mankato means I dont often spend time in the Twin Cities. When I'm do make it to the cities this is my #1 food place to visit. The tofu yum yum bowl is so good I have dreams about it!

Laura Coey

Get the Yum Yum Rice Bowl with Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs. You’ll thank me.

Zoey Melf

Great food. Great menu. Great location. World Street Kitchen, overall is pretty darned good. There is a little bit of a weird vibe around the edges. (I.E. little passive aggressive notes placed around the place that seem to make you feel like you've got the potential to be a bad customer.) That weird vibe stuff is forgivable though. The food is delish. Prices are reasonable. The staff is very friendly. Good veggie and vegan options as well as meatier stuff. Yum!

Sabina Ion

Fun, creative food in a great space. MFC Biscuit Sandwich is a go to. The bowls are always giant.

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