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Enter through the Red Door inside Burgers and Bottles, 1278 Lone Oak Rd, Eagan, MN 55121, United States

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Where is Volstead House -- Whiskey Bar and Speakeasy Eagan?

REVIEWS OF Volstead House -- Whiskey Bar and Speakeasy Eagan IN Minnesota

Lumberjack Gaming

Amazing duck wontons!! Service was slow but that was due to how busy it got on a Sunday! But so worth it. Great beer and such an extensive whiskey list. Must try! Great for date night

Lynn Franklin

Great selection of whiskey and cocktails (hence the 4 stars), just don't assume you can go in and sit down assuming this is a bar. It's a restaurant, even though its billed as a speakeasy. All the tables are 'reserved'. You have to put your name in at the front of the Other restaurant that is in front of it, though they post no signs in the speakeasy telling you to see a host to get a table. Apparently no one explained to the mgt that speakeasy implies it's a bar. And don't order the parmesan fries. They are skin on fries with pre-shredded parmesan from a plastic container thrown on top. 2.5 stars for the food.

Padraic McGuire

The best bar in town. Mixologists that know what they are doing. A stunning selection.

Chad Friedrich

The atmosphere in the back room is awesome. They also usually have a band or something going on at night. Not sure if only weekend or on week days. I had a old fashion which was fantastic. I would love to have tried more drinks but had to drive. I will definitely be back to try more.

Jovan Banister

Omg it was to die for!! I'm sad I didn't take pics; but the Valentine's day food choice was just perfect on the 3 course meal, having a 14 oz. Steak choice

Barbarajo Kuzelka

A great first visit. We will be back!

Darrell Hiscock

Overall kinda disappointed. Good drinks, but extremely limited menu. Server could have been more attentive and better informed. Seemed like a newbe. Didn't realize the extreme separation from Burgers and Bottles. Didn't like receiving emails from B & B for Volstead's and then experiencing the distinct separation.

Jenna Ronquillo

Don’t even waste your time unless you’re a middle aged surbuban person who can’t handle the ‘city’. Otherwise enjoy yourself

Ron Bearden

This place is awesome. Every time I have gone it has been crowded. The speakeasy atmosphere is fun. Small patio allows for outside dining. It can be tough to find as it is in the back of a small restaurant through a curtain but that just adds to the speakeasy feel. This is not a place to go for typical drinks. Drink menu is fun and the assortment of alchol is very large.

Erin Nguyen

An impressive speakeasy! I highly recommend the mixed drinks. You won't be disappointed!

Amy Osman

Super cool atmosphere, decor, and drink selection. Good food too, plus really helpful and knowledgeable staff. Be ready for long waits for seating during peak times, but it is worth it if you can get in. Call ahead or go early!

Bryce Foley

Burgers are fantastic. If you like whiskey, check it out.

J Massey

Really really cool place. Wednesday night at 7-8pm. About 40 people and 1 waitress. I don't blame her. Great place. Just make sure you come with friends and good conversation to pass the time. And get the smoked Manhattan.... Super cool. The drink prices by Atlanta's standards are ridiculously cheap. Still... 1 waitress. Come on guys.

Michael Brine

Super cool spot and awesome drinks.

Joshua Greene

This was a really cool hangout with an amazing whiskey selection! The atmosphere was really great and the live music was very fun! That being said, the reason this place didn't get a 5 star rating for me was there food menu was very small and had few options. Also our service was spotty... The bartenders were very good, fun and friendly. The hostess and our server were both lacking in the customer service department.

Biff Larson

Great place for drinks and food. Friendly staff. Gets busy so arive early.

Jeff Rea

Fantastic drinks... And very knowledgeable staff!

Chris Jennings

Definitely my experience here was quite unusual. The Volstead House puts a great emphasis on consuming "adult beverages." That's another way of saying the food selection is quite limited. Perhaps you might be better served if you stay in the restaurant's front section. This is especially true if you're interested in a wider variety of food than is, apparently, available in the back section, of the restaurant, that comprises the entire Volstead House. Everyone who comes here has to choose their own preferred setting.

Kimber Lina

Wonderful cocktails! Cute space with outdoor seating. Service wasn’t the greatest, prob better off bellied up to the bar.

Tim Michalski

Perhaps the largest whiskey selection in Minnesota. Where has this place been all of my life? Whiskey flights where you pick from anyone of the gigantic wall of whiskey. There is a whiskey heaven and I was there today at Volstead. Amen.

John Kienzle

Been here 4 times and unfortunately it has gotten worse every time. But they were busy so obviously its good for some and not so much for others. Won't be a 5th time.

Lesley Zelaya

Very nice and cozy. Staff is very courteous.

Kayla Kuhlman

Was a smaller than I expected - the $12 cocktails were great but the prohibition party event we attended and the service was a bit of a let down.

David Oshefsky

Love the atmosphere and food.

Rob Sutherlin

If you don't like this place, something is wrong with you.

Peter May

Atmosphere was great. Location was lacking though. Drinks were fantastic. Only had an appetizer but it was very good.

abigail eddy

Went there for happy hour. SO CUTE. great patio! I ordered fish Tacos. Got the tacos.. raw chicken on them. Sent them back for new ones... they never came. When i cancelled the order after 1 hr the waiter had the amused look on his face. No apology. Drinks were slow. Not enough staff. Sinking ship. It could be so cool... but service and food are horrible. Very Disappointed.

Philip Davis

Excellent food and awesome atmosphere.This place was amazing! Staff was very helpful. Absolutely amazing meal. I recommend this restaurant to everyone!

Kent Levi

Overall great place. Great service, exceptional Cocktail concoctions, well prepared food. Great ambiance. Prices are reasonable.

ShiShi McB

Great drinks selection, great music, and even better service! Specially after a long hard day.

Chris Reichenbach

Was very busy but wait staff were very friendly and efficient. Whiskey selection was enormous, the wall shelves looks great.

Kathryn Wieland

Awesome place. Super cool drinks. It really does feel like a world of its own once you're inside. Service was a little slow.

Matt Dowell

One of the best drinks (Reverse Smoked Manhattan) I have ever had. The gas-light tables on the patio are difficult to sit at if you want to put your legs underneath. The appetizers, food and drinks especially are terrific. The inside decor is great, the patio is a little small, and has high-walls to protect us from the parking lot.

Randy Batz

Nice and secluded but understaffed. Tasty old fashions, bartenders are talented making drinks. Had troubles last visit with the front room wait staff and getting seating. Had hour wait with 2 open booths in back.

Ashley Snedeker

I don't know why anyone would give less than 5 stars for this place. It's amazing! It's in an odd part of town by the mall. It would fit in a metropolitan downtown area perfectly. Anyway, that doesn't matter. It's just very unassuming. Great cocktails and great food! Jocelyn, our bartender, was tremendously busy but still had time to provide excellent service and info.

Mariah Havlicek

Very fun environment with great drinks. Friendly staff, Christian is a very charismatic bartender.

Tim Matson

Exceptional good food. Steak bites once again were very good. Burger was also very tasty. Our server was new but did a great job. Only complaint is that their food menu in the Volstead Room is very limited. They have done away with the small plates items. The food selection has no chicken but at least 4 types of seafood. Disappointed by the change.

Mitzi Beliveau

It was pack with little room. It's small. Great decor.

Heather Peterson

Cool drinks. Fun atmosphere. But a little disappointed in having to wait 20+ minutes for a cocktail, when the place was not busy. Not good service when you see the look on your waitresses face that she forgot to put your drink order in more than once. It was much faster to just go to the bar and order from the bartenders.

Joe Carlson

Small plates and excellent drinks! The bar was full when I arrived and the place was filling up as I had dinner and drinks. The drinks and food came out fast and my server was great!

Michael Weise

Great whiskey bar excellent drinks, I highly recommend it.

Angie Smith

I'm really between a 3 and 4 here... The booth seating was really uncomfortable. The vibe was ok. Drinks were good, food was just ok. Not a great place to go for food imo. Go for an after dinner drink or a quick happy hour nip. I think there was only one server for the entire place, she was amazing despite being entirely overwhelmed.

Josh Montenegro

Great bar. Whisky selection is impressive. I highly recommend it. Prices are fair. Bartender knows where it's at - single malts forever...!

Heather Hunter

Super tasty drinks! The drink called "get off my cloud" is probably one of my favorites now!

Christy Johnson

Great drinks and great food. I waited 45 minutes on a Monday night though. The other parties that were before me were late checking in. Always call in to check the wait time. You can also check in prior to arriving by checking in on

Lauren Hefty

Love the atmosphere, the drinks, and the food. There was live music one of the times we visited and it certainly was a treat. I'd recommend for anyone looking for a unique experience but isn't concerned with the price tag.

Alison Johnson

Unique spot situated in a suburban strip mall! It is inside and behind Burgers and Bottles. Wonderfully delicious food, vast drink menu to include craft cocktails, whiskey flights, and wines. Expect a wait PRO TIP: check in on Yelp app to get a spot on waitlist. The staff is very knowledgeable and attentive. There is an outdoor seating area and entertainment depending on the night.

Andrew Heairet

Volsteads is all about the ambiance. The Eagan location has none. Do yourself a favor and go to the real Volsteads in uptown.

Kayla Cole

Came here with a group of coworkers for dinner and loved the atmosphere! Unfortunately we did not share that same sentiment for our service. Our server was passive aggressive and easily irritated. That being said, we hope next time is a better experience!

trevor wozniak

Nice spot to share some appetizers and have a drink.

Matt Leaf

Amazing selection of the finest bourbons—certainly the best I have found in the south metro! They do some of the trendy mixology stuff (eg smoker box for cocktails, charring herbs to drop in, etc) that i am not personally into, but the they also make knockout traditional cocktails like Manhattans or Old Fashions with their own flair.

Tom Motzel

Very cool and unexpected atmosphere for the suburbs! It's definitely a must experience.

Kelly Meyers

The drink menu is extensive and fun to peruse. I wish the food menu had a bit more to offer, but we had good service and a great time.

Lanier Pratt

Oh my Lord! I've never seen such a diverse selection of spirits. My Old Fashioned was out of this world. A must visit!

Kelly Moe

This is a prohibition style speak easy fun lighting style and atmosphere.

Angela Kamrud

Loud, but otherwise nice cozy space. Lots of selection, and attentive staff.

James Current

Let's start off with the good: Our server, Parker, was amazing, my girlfriend's cocktail was decent, and the food we ordered was good. Parker is really the only reason that I'm giving them 2 stars instead of 1. The bad: They have the biggest whisk(e)y selection in Minnesota because they seemingly concentrate on volume. Oddly enough the first couple I tried to order were not available, so perhaps they just have a large menu, but not as many unique bottles as others. The atmosphere is terrible. My girlfriend and I had troubles talking to one another over the general noise, the acoustics were horrendous. Parking was worse than downtown Minneapolis, they have a small parking lot, but no street parking, and they're surrounded by apartments, so no other lots to park in and walk. While Parker was an amazing server, he unfortunately lacked training (that he should have gotten from Volstead House) on their whisk(e)y menu. All in all this place is a typical suburban bar with a thin veneer of dark wood and leather. I'm not going back and if recommend no one else does either (sorry Parker).

Deb Chinander

What a cool place! Beautiful outside seating and tasty drinks!

Diane Dixon

I fully love this place! Excellent food! Reasonable prices. Family run business.

Noah Brown

Great atmosphere and a large range of good drinks

Nathaniel Pitts

Great atmosphere and great drinks. My wife and I love bringing friends here.

Lucas Miller

What kind of speakeasy has a patio? Drinks and service were good, but it's less a speakeasy and more like a suburban strip mall bar. It's almost as if Eagan is trying to hard. If you live in the City, it's not worth your drive.

Born Awsumb

If you want to treat yourself with an amzing beverage, get over here! Is it pricey? Yes, but you get what you pay for in spades. I was a little jealous of the magnificent fro on the mixologist but the drunks he made got me over it. If you haven't found this place, you are missing out.

Diane Nelson

Service slow, inattentive wait person. Environment fun!! Food ok. Burgerbrushetta great! Drinks good. Live music excellent. Will try again.

Elmarie Horn

Great atmosphere and some of the best cocktails I've had

K.J. Schendel

Great bar, sooo many whiskey's! Also beer and wine

Greg Goldsworthy

Food was awesome... drinks were outstanding ... service was good bordering on great

shane Burgess

A little pretentious for the locale but overall a very pleasant experience. The burger was exceptional and the bourbon old fashioned was perfect. By comparison to the cocktails the taps are fairly expensive. The whiskey list is endless! Good for an intimate occasion, not ideal for groups. Expect a wait.

Bradley Nelson

There isn't much here for food, but what they do have is good. That said, you don't really come to a whiskey bar for the food. They have a large selection of whiskey and scotch available, and a standard slate of bar alcohol. I recommend the grumpy old man, as a drink to try. The atmosphere is lots of fun, too. From the wood flooring on the walls, to the oak barrels, the child sized bathtub, and the waist to ceiling wall of whiskey, there is always something to look at.

William Quiggin

Great place to try different whiskeys food was very good staff was great

Daniel P

Amazing atmosphere, fantastic drinks, polite and helpful staff. Really all you want out of a cocktail bar. The good menu is limited but the options they do have are very good. I highly recommend the pistachio sour.

mike frame

Had an old fashion. With out a doubt it was the best old fashion I ever had. The Volstead burger was amazing as well. Also had the steak bit, their are a must order.

Debra Fields

Very good food! Very clean and welcoming staff. Relaxing atmosphere. Recommended.

Rachelle Strasburg

Love the environment! Best old fashioned I think I've ever had. Looking forward to trying some food next time we come back, it smelled and looked delicious.

Jeff Blanchard

This is one of the best places in the cities to sit down and enjoy a whiskey with friends. Amazing drink selection, great service and a nice vibe that feels chic without being pretentious. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of a prohibition era speakeasy behind a nondescript black curtain at the back of a burger joint? Five stars.

Sean Cradick

Great whiskey selection. Some cocktails are served in a case full of smoke. It's a great presentation and adds interesting flavor but your hands can end up smelling like a fireplace.

Michael Gofman

If you did not reserve a table the wait can get very long. Otherwise a great place in every way.

Warren Hess

Shhh. Don't tell anyone this exists! It's a speak-easy. The service and drinks were great. The food was okay. The flatbread pizza was too sweet, and the crab cakes had little crab.

Grace Strehle

I usually get great service at this place except for last Saturday. The waitress was hardly around to answer our questions about the menu and to take our order. She was mostly seen talking to the blond bartender. The old fashions we ordered we're not a full glass like they usually are just halfway full, which is too bad because they are expensive drinks. It took us forever to get our receipt, we ended up walking up to the bar and asking the male bartender to print us out our receipt. Sadly we won't be stopping by this place anytime soon. The speakeasy place at Lucky's 13 in Mendota Heights is way better!!

Travis DeMeester

2 hour wait. Rude staff telling me to get out of the way (while I was waiting for a table). Neat vibe in the back room, but that wont be enough to get me back here.

Michelle Gaydeski

I loved the absinthe cocktail I had with the Margherita pizza! I highly recommend!

Matt Vatter

Great burgers and drinks on the restaurant side. Fun throw back on the speakeasy side.

Jennifer King

We visited on a Friday between 6 and 7. We were seated immediately and most of the room was full. The selection of whiskeys was phenomenal! If you're into that, you'll love this place. The menu was small, although we did see food ordered from the front menu as well. We both ordered carne asada tacos. They tasted good, but the meat was so gristly that I couldn't handle it. We tried to chat since we were finally out of the house on a date night but we couldn't hear each other over the noise in the bar. We didn't stay long. We might return to try the outside seating sometime.

Keith Bradley

Excellent customer service! It is the main reason that I go out of my way to make it to this store.

Angela Nelson

Great place for the scotch and whiskey connoisseur like my husband. Unfortunately small selection of tap beers for the brew lover such as myself. However, the few choices they did have were all craft, unique and very tasty. Outdoor patio seating is fantastic

David Williams

Love this place. The food is good and the mixologists are very creative. Always have a great time here

Matt Dietz

Ordered the Tequila drink was exceptional, and environment was great, but service and food were TERRIBLE. I got the short rib “pizza”, and it was honestly the worst pizza I have ever had. There was no meat on 2/5 of the slices, and it tasted like eating unleavened communion bread. There was no substance to the “pizza”, and no sauce. It should have been called a flatbread. I was disappointed the waiter had no compensation or apology for the poor food. It was a sad experience for such a nice looking ambiance.

Nick Beattie

Great place, great cocktails. Get the smoked Manhattan.

Kristine Jean

I love the Volstead! Authentic atmosphere. Great drink selection. Friendly staff. Love the "speakeasy" era and the Volstead pulls it off stunningly!

Ant Corrie

Smoked Manhattan, a nice gimmick, but you have to try it. Whiskey selection is awesome.

N Suvor

Is it possible to dodge a star because the drinks were TOO strong? Seems so. I really wanted to try a few signature cocktails, but my first few sips had me wanting to climb furniture and find the nearest karaoke bar. Very nice place. Beautifully decorated.

Matt Henning

MASSIVE whiskey selection and amazing atmosphere. Great for anyone who wants to try different or rarer whiskeys

Renee Frey

Charcuterie plate is the best I’ve ever had! Phenomenal tequila old fashioned. Great ambiance and when I was there, there were flappers performing!

Kent Paulson

Service was a bit slow and if I could have had a cigar with my old fashioned it would have been better. No smoking in a speakeasy??

The Ole Bob

Beautiful bar and friendly staff. Restaurant is has true speakeasy look and feel. The furniture is highend and comfortable and the bar setting makes you not want to leave. Great place if you can find it, a true old fashion speak easy was always hard to find. This authentic touch, truly makes it a enjoyable experience. You won't be disappointed!

Zachary Kunesh

Consistency meets craft. Witchcraft - these divine cocktails are almost magical, especially paired with a dark, rustic environment in the back of Burgers and Bottles. The outside patio is spacious with gas fire tables and plenty of seating, but get there quick, they fill up quick! The food is pretty good too!

Kyle Sinnott

Nice drink menu and great atmosphere.

Roxanne Olson

I can't say enough about the wealth of knowledge that was offered, specifically a bartender and whiskey aficionado named Christian. I was on a date and he made it such an enjoyable experiences in helping us choose which whiskeys to taste and why. The margherita pizza was magical. Highly recommend. Great date!

Pratik Patil

There cocktails are really really good. The Old fashioned is a classic but definitely the best drink on the menu is their Tequila Old Fashioned. It's a class apart. It's definitely cocktail wizardry that goes into that drink. Food is good. 5 stars to their Duck Wontons. Wish the service was a bit better and they would be open a little late. They close too early for a speakeasy

Arthur Williams

First time visitor and it was great. Went on a Sunday right after they opened. The bar tender was awesome - very friendly and offered suggestions and told us all about their deals. Was able to get food, which was great!! I would recommend this place, especially if you like whiskey!

Julie Meidinger

Really enjoy the intimacy... Great service and food.. very unique cocktails if you want to come to a place and get lost this is it

Anders O

Cool place, great atmosphere and outdoor seating when it's nice out

Cheng Lo

Smaller space than I expected however was worth the wait for wide selection of drinks. If you like whiskey and want a place to hang out with friends, give them a try. They have the biggest wall of liquor stock I've seen yet. Note, it's not just for show!

Luke Michalowski

Good drinks and live music

Matt Cain

Sevice not great. Served me a bad oyster. Seriously. How do you not notice the oyster is open already when you are shucking them?? Server didnt even offer to take it off my bill. Also the rest of the food was not great, and service was slow. Never again.

Rich Argentieri

Second time wasn't a charm.... Last night was our second visit in a month. Once again, great food and atmosphere! However, the bearded bozo in the back is simply the worst server I've ever had. If you dine in the speakeasy, there is a good chance you'll get this guy and don't expect to see him (or your order) very often . Until they get a better server I won't be back.

farryh waqt

Glad to have found myfavorite item on the menu, cocktails. This classy restaurant is a must visit for me. Double thumbs up!

Colton Stedman

Great drinks and service.

benjamin hawkins

I was hoping this would be a nice spot for conversation and some delicious whisky. I was half right. It was very... Very loud. Also the whisky is over priced. They charge approximately 30% of the cost youd pay at a liquor store for an entire bottle even for crappy booze. The ambiance is outstanding, warm, comfortable and inviting.

Prime Risk

Impressive selection of whiskey, bourbon, and scotch to tempt and desire. Great food and good service. In the pricy side, but worth the visit if you're looking for something out of the ordinary.

Ernie L

Had a blast here. Beer flights, good food and huge selection of whiskey. the back area is for sit down and the front is more informal and relaxed.

Noel Voss

Amazing cocktails! They have an ENORMOUS selection of whiskey and Scotch, which is half-priced on Sundays! The bartenders were really friendly! They even smoke their own drinks. They do serve food and they are in the back of Burgers and Bottles.

Dean DeGroot

Great service, bartender was a friendly mixologist. Food was pretty good.

Rene' Rasmussen

A completely shocking experience- go through the red door!! We went the night before the super bowl and had a blast! The place was awesome! The ICE bar outside was perfect for an old fashion bourbon.

Alex Hall

Amazing atmosphere amazing people amazing drinks. Yes it is a little spendy but we'll worth it. It is the best hangout spot. It's perfect place to bring someone on a date to. Reason I say that is because when you pull up to the building it looks like you are taking them out to a burger joint or a gas station but really once you walk behind the curtains you find this very beautiful bar/restaurant.

Udeeb Shankhadev

Knowledgeable and energetic bartender. Place was a bit empty for midnight on Friday but still offers good cocktails. Highly recommend this place.

Jake Miller

Great place, excellent atmosphere, just really exciting from the standpoint that it is a speakeasy, you wouldn't know where it was. Good food, and the old fashions are the best around. Every the ice is a spectacle, chopped right off a block and they are crystal clear. Highly recommended.

Glenda Dowd

What a fun little hidden gem! This tiny little bar is at the back of a tiny little place called Burgers and Brews and it was amazing! We shared some appetizers, and a dessert as well as some drinks. Everything was fantastic and the service was awesome as well. Really enjoyed myself.

Laura Hoke

Beautiful but be ready for. Long wait. Thought it was overpriced.

Tim Vanover

Service was terrible and stuck-up. Hipster paradise. The gas station and Bottles are a much better customer experience. Hire sociable tenders and the place will be enjoyable

Steven Nicolae

Lots of liquor...but NO TVs!! I guess they want you to chat and relax...

Michele Handzel

The cocktails were SUPERB but the service was mediocre. Highly recommend going for drinks.

Cheryl Weaver

We had a great time here. All the food was delicious and spiced perfectly while the service was great. More importantly, excellently pricing!.

Shane Schlechter

Just phenomenal! Seems like a restaurant when you enter then a speak easy bar appears in the back. Clean and discreet nothing better.


Clean and super staff

Patricia Perkins

This place was amazing! Staff was very helpful and you could tell they were having fun.Absolutely amazing meal. I recommend this restaurant to everyone!

David Holt

Nice atmosphere and drinks.

Kim Schultz

I almost didn't want to review this one, because I wanted to keep the secret to myself! A must-go for people who appreciate the complexity and depth of a finely made cocktail. I had trouble deciding between one of the well-crafted classics or one of their own creations. Huge selection for a modestly sized venue, and great atmosphere. I love this place!

Tim O'Connor

Food was pretty good. Must have been Hawaiian night or something the night we went. They had decorations and music playing. Was really interested in the whiskey menu posted online and paper form but to my disappointment they did not have what I was looking for. I was told at the time that some of the items they had, some they didn't, and some they had, but weren't on the (whiskey) menu. I guess why have a menu?

Kristy Johnson

Wednesday night, hoping to beat the dinner crowd. We were seated at a dirty table, was told they’d come back to clean, but didn’t until I asked them to. Service was not good, took 30 plus minutes for 3 duck wontons. Asked for medium done burger but it came out well done and very dry. The bun was dry as well crumbling as it was eaten. Fries were over cooked and with no seasoning. Drinks were okay. Overall disappointed, felt like we could have gone to Culver’s and received better service and food for $80 less. Apparently you need to know someone that works there to get good service. Two women’s sat at a reserved table close by and were immediately served by one of the bartenders. My guess is they won’t have the $100 bill either. Oh-well, lesson learned.

Hendrix Paul

The customer service is constantly fast, awesome mood, nice employees. Will eat here again when I am in town.

Taylor Wise

Great chill spot will be back when I'm back in town

Andrew Leugers

Don't let the exterior fool you. Inside is a nice bar up front and a really cool "speakeasy" back behind the curtain. Amazing whiskey list backed by a solid set of cocktails and beers!

Jorge N. Robertson

Great drinks. Knowledgeable bar staff.

Matt Floerke

Great live music & amazing atmosphere

Robert Eppley

I love this place. I was in town for work, hooked up with a buddy fron way back and had a great time. Drinks were on point, good food and atmosphere.

emily m

Great ambiance. Huge selection of liquor, cool drinks and friendly bartenders. Has outdoor patio area with rock fire pits in the tables for the winter and an ice bar. Located in the back of the burger joint! Cool place!

Robert O'Brien

The bar & whiskey room are always an enjoyable time here. Friendly staff and great selection every time I have visited. Food is always very good. Smaller location so that can mean a wait or standing room only but they do the best they can with the space.

Josh Pence

Awesome place! I was visiting and found this palace on Yelp. Great atmosphere, good drinks and good food! The service was great as well and there was live music too.

Blues Man The Movie

Amazing place that takes you back to the roaring 20s. Good music at times. Last night Preston Gunderson performed.

Violet Steinkamp

Every experience here has been phenomenal! Kudos to the staff, and the owners! The liquor selection is huge, and the drinks are a nice mix of unique, and signature, and they are all delicious!

Kimberly Palmer

Great ambiance, great beverages, great live music

Terry Hosch

Sat in the back bar, awesome drinks and great food!

George Sawyer

Half off scotch on Sundays and decent food. Can't go wrong. Staff is great too

Ben Peters

over rated and over priced

Tracey Bastic

Amazing ambiance! But it was agonizing waiting on our first round of drinks. I think we waited about 30 minutes.

Gina Cuoco

I wanted to love this place but the service is horrible. With such limited seating you would think they could develop a system for people waiting to be seated. As you enter the front of house burger joint you are given the option to leave your name and wait or head back and sit at the bar "if" you are lucky enough to find a seat. In the event you can't find a seat you are COMPLETELY ignored and not offered service or a drink while you wait. No one acknowledged us on my most recent visit. Not one of the 3 waitresses and definitely not by the 2 bartenders working at the bar. This has happened on more than one occasion. I wanted to give your place a chance but you have proven that good service is NOT a priority. Safe to say I won't return nor would I recommend this place.


Yo, I am gonna let you in on a secret, and I may get in trouble for it. This place ain't on any map. You gotta enter a restaurant called Burgers and Bottles. Then you gotta go through the red door in the back and viola, you in a 1920's style speakeasy where getting caught drinking will get you thrown in jail. So be careful. Atmosphere is fairly low key the times I went, so if you are a mafioso, then don't say I didn't do nothing for you

Katherine Gayl

Always a hit - great food, fantastic drinks. If only it was a little less crowded!!

Chad Halstead

It feels like you are walking into the 1920s and the smoked Manhattan was delicious.

Daniel Cartwright

Cool place, great drinks

John LaMonte

Wow! Great selection of scotch, whiskey and bourbon. Delicious.

Dave Wicks

Great place. Come early to get a good spot on the weekend. I love the Old Fashioneds. In addition to that they make a wide variety of cocktails and drinks. One of our favorite spots in Eagan

Tammy Rozenberg

WOW! It's got it ALL in spades: ambiance, drinks, service. Great place to go if you have someone to impress.

Heather Malberg

I had been wanting to go here for a very long time and was excited to finally get the chance. So disappointing. Yes, its cozy and dark and aesthetically beautiful in the whiskey room. But the staff's pretentious demeanor ruined it for us. From the hostess up front, to the front of house bartender behind her, all way to the servers in the prestigious back room - worst customer service I have ever experienced in a venue that relies on patron's money to stay in business. Not a single smile or welcoming face from the entire staff. We were treated rudely and like an inconvenience at the front of the house where it wasn't very busy. We were on a 2hr waitlist for a table but were eventually told after getting drinks from the front bar that we could walk back to the whiskey room and stand. There were two large booths sitting open yet we are still on a 2hr wait - interesting. Never even got to see a drink menu or food so I can't review the quality. Crossing this one off the list of places to spend my money.

Emily Richardson

A great restaurant and amazing server. Restaurant smart. would recommend this spot to anyone.This place has excellent food along with a awesome atmosphere.

Jessica Geffre

Great happy hour special on Sunday. Love the atmosphere, food and drinks

Kaitlin T

Super fun place to be. Loved the wine flight I got!

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