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1201 S Robert St #17, West St Paul, MN 55118, United States Located in: Signal Hills Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet IN Minnesota

Rebecca Jarrett

Came here for the first time as we were looking for a new buffet to try, great variety of food, but unfortunately most the food was cold. Seemed like the warmers weren't on as couldn't even feel the warmth coming from them. Otherwise the staff is very nice and friendly and hibachi was good.

Amanda Rosario

I love going here with my toddlers for lunch. Ample seating. Wait staff is very friendly with children. The variety of cuisine is another plus. Picky children and foodie adults can each find something they like. Lunch price is very affordable. Kids 2 and under free.

Nirmalya Biswas

Great place to eat dinner and great food. Great Chinese food.

Padraic McGuire

Perhaps the best chinese buffet in town (in spite of its name!) Good sushi, diverse, large selection, mongolian grill etc.


Good food! Clean place. I could have given 5 stars but the sushi/Japanese section weren't that great. It's okay for the norm but not for the aficionados.

Jazminee Pastor

Great food and good variety. We had a good experience until we were about to leave. We were BARELY putting on our jackets when the waitress asked if we had good service, and if we were going to leave a tip. We were not even done putting our coats on. There is no reason for any waitress to ASK for a tip.

Victoria Draper

I ate here for the first time last week and the service was amazing and the food was even better. Everything is made from scratch and the service was super fast! Highly recommend!!! Going back again for sure.

Nata Hon

I love this place. Hostesses and waitresses are great, always nice and smiling. Food is tasty and delicious.


Awesome sushi! Friendly Staff!! Absolutely love this place.

Faith Evans

Great service. All the staff was nice and we were waited fast. Will be returning

Kellie Gillespie

The large buffets are okay, but the fresh food you pick and get made for you at the Hibachi is awesome!

Ramon Ortiz

Large selection of seafood. Good pho and nice side dishes. Customer services are good too

Candi Strohman

Yummy chocolate fountain. LOTS of options, but everything was eh. It was worth the price but not enough to become our go-to. We'd go back if in the area.

Jose Burciaga

Very awesome place to eat alone or with your family staff is absolutely incredible food is tremendous wouldnt go anywhere else if hungry hands down best hubachi buffet in twin cities! Marvelous experience.

Brock's Black Excellence

Im pretty much a regular here due to my proximity and like for buffets. This place is what you want when you go out to dine. The sushi is also very very good.

Mike k

Asked for hit tea. Got a large pot of very good hot tea. To many food items to post. There is something for every one, including bbq ribs.

Parker Schuck

Amazing food for a great price! Wide selection and plenty of seating! Would recommend.


Courteous staff, prompt service. Went to have dinner on a Saturday around 6 and it wasnt as packed. They serve hot pot and pho, but didnt try it.

June Blue

Place smelled musty, like spilled food/drinks. Waiter was very good and I gave him a good tip. Food was ok, though some of it was on the floor for quite a while.

Slava Sponitz

Huge selection of Chinese food and sushi. Large selection of different soups that they can cook for you with Mongolian barbecue area with selection of different meats or poultry, vegetables, souses and even eggs.

Damien Mathew

Wide selection of buffet items, from sushi rolls to traditional Chinese and @American dishes.

John Mount

Clean, organized and no shortcuts. Food was fresh and surprisingly good.

Summer Jones

2stars for lots of seafood. But very messy and not much hot dishes. Also a bit expensive

M nunez

It was aight if it were not for the pecsi that was just water did complain and they did promptly correct the issue

Y Steele

This place constantly delivers. They serve fresh food for fair pricing, there are no long waits even when they are loaded.

Becca Dabe

Our normal buffet just removed their hibachi grill so we decided to look for a new place to try. After looking at the reviews decided on this one. I was not impressed. To be fair, we did go during a slow time, but the food was luke warm, not very fresh, and tasteless. When we arrived we headed right to the grill. The employee working the grill saw us and proceeded to disappear for 10 minutes. Wish it was worth the wait but the stir fry was tasteless and the ingredients very limited. We found the decor and environment to be drab and depressing whereas many restaurants similar to this are vibrant. Our waitress was also rude and acted like we were putting her out. Her and another employee were giggling and on their phones behind us. Then when other parties started to come in they were all put on top of us and eachother even though the whole restaurant was empty. Went to this restaurant hoping to find a great new spot close to home, instead found the opposite.

Bill Jones

There for a birthday party in the Vegas room, wait staff was very courteous and efficient, food was very yummy!

Jeremy Drake

My wife and I frequent this buffet often. The establishment is clean and well kept. The food is always fresh and the selection is greater than other buffets in the area.

fun fun

I was there with my family and we enjoyed it, it is clean and has a lot of food , many varieties

chris sager


Chauncey Williams

Great service. Wide variety of tasty food and great deals throughout the week. Seating sections organized very well.

Cari Fisher

It’s a good variety of food. Good menu nice atmosphere.


Nice service. Food was cold with not much flavor.

Arielle Hermanson

I went this previous Sunday with my fiance and sister-in-laws, and although it was $15 per person (on Sundays, you pay the "Seafood Dinner" price), it was so worth it! They have a whole sushi bar, hibachi grill, a chocolate fountain and sooooo much more! The food was amazing and at first, the variety was overwhelming! A potential frequent spot for Chinese food lovers!!!

tamer azzazi

Definitely a crowd-pleaser. Something for everyone. Great selection of seafood and other foods including sushi and hibachi. fantastic well-lit nicely designed restaurant.

ben Bukkila

Food was good but they need some help on their American cheese dishes

Tony Farley

Great selection of chinese dishes. Also has a hibachi station, hot pot station, dim sum station and an extensive cold salad bar. Tons of variety of you americanized chinese favorites. LOVE the sushi bar as well which is included in buffet!!

Michael Balboa

Good food and service

Light Lee

Came here around 8:25pm Aug 13, 2019. The Cashier (Also the one who seated us) was professional and nice. Some food was good and some were dry. The one who took our plates never re-filled our drinks and never gave us back our receipt after asking for our reciept. Please give customers back their receipt next time! Thank you!

Maggie Parins

The spread and variety is amazing here. The 3 star rating is due to the food not being hot enough temperature wise for me.

celina dahlager

Lots of vegetarian options and good quality, I would definitely come back with my family.

Josh Wise

Fantastic sushi and other food. Can't beat the price for lunch value. Very good variety. Best of the buffets on Robert Street.

Patsy Jo Patet

Every staff member was on their phone. Had to wait ten minutes after sitting down before the waiter looked up from his phone and noticed us to get our drinks. Then never got a refill because he was again on his phone. Had a stack of plates piled up for pretty much the whole time I was there before those were taken. Im sorry I tipped when I first paid otherwise i wouldn't have left a thing. Even the front desk girl was on her phone.

Sam Kunjummen

I went here with a friend, they have really great lunch, food was hot and fresh and there a lot of food to choose from! I would highly recommend this place! The staff were also really friendly!

Ivry Morseth

Huge selection friendly staff great food

Catherine Stock

Was not as I expected. Got there at 11 and the food was still cold and not that great. Felt sick after eating there.. the only thing that was okay was the hibachi grill and that was not even great. Was hoping for a good place to eat. I think it was good for kids and bringing family but the food quality was not good at all. Tasted like microwaved food from a grocery store.

Michelle Boecker

Great food! Not only do they have your typical Asian buffet food like lo mein, sesame chicken and some American for those who just want chicken and ribs but they have hibachi and good sushi rolls for a decent price!

Troy Bednarek

Food was cold and they ask for a tip before the service. $40 later and some cold/old food. Was so mad. Never again.

MINAS Rangers

Wide selection that all taste pretty good. Good price too. The environment is very cool too.

Marissa Petersen

Best place around to get a huge variety of food. Great customer service!

Marc Silverman

Sushi was very nice. Many of the dishes were good and a few things great. The unfortunate part of this visit on 7/12/19 was that I noticed the paneled wall beside the booth had been splattered with food but not cleaned for awhile. This almost made me sick it was so disgusting.

Brandon Leiws

Great atmosphere and a lovely place to bring your kids

Brandy Harris

Pho was good. The place is huge enough, were everyone isn't all up on you. The stir fry is pick what you want, so I went for what I know.

Jonathan Knudson

They have a wide variety of seafood and non-seafood options, as well as sushi rolls and dessert, which was nice. The atmosphere is also nice and spacious and relatively quiet. I would go here again, as it’s a pretty good price for the value and quantity of food.

Atlass show

I have been here a couple times, but tonight was the best service out of all my visits! The waitress was attentive and super nice. I came mostly for the soup bar, but did enjoy the sushi bar as well. The sushi may look plain but had great flavor! As always, the bufffet was clean and stocked. I appreciate the dim sum too- small variety but tasty. I will definitely come back!

Ashlee Barton

The selection was great, and the service was very attentive.


Great food at reasonable price .Vast array of selections

Victor Boomgaarden

I came back this time food was great the waiter was so nice that she even complimented my new shoes! A lot of improvement and the sesame chicken was perfectly cooked! Definitely recommending this place to my coworkers!

Jose Burciaga jr

I love this place it's the best in twin cities wouldn't go anywhere else! Definitely 5 stars

Anthony Titus

Great buffet and great prices

Great Qa

I love this place , I am always enjoying my buffet every time coming here . Such great atmosphere and great hospitality , plus enormous variety of buffet Sushi , seafood , just I recommend it , thanks administrators

gao vang

It was great as usual ! The manager, cashier and Waitresses were fabulous !

Chris Allen

Always a great place to come for lunch or dinner, it's ffordable tasty hot food. You wont be disappointed there's plenty to choose from.

joel moncada

Good price and good food

Tyler Toutant

Extraordinarily food and value.

Carly Galbraith

This was the biggest buffet I've ever been to and the price was incredible. Check their website for a free drink coupon!

See Coo

I love Tokyo 23 lots of food there I’d been there 10 times every 2 months.

KPop Fandom

Really good foods. Been going there since I was little. Maybe new foods?

David Gregoire

This place is amazing. The food is wonderful and the employees are great and very nice. We regularly drive here from the other side of the twin cities because it is so great. Highly recommended.

Mpls 455

Tokyo 23 is absolutely marvelous! Had lunch today and it was amazing I wouldn't go to any other buffet MN has to offer! If choose this one Everytime! Great staff too! Simply splendid.

Jessica Magana

Awesome place to spend with loved ones. Very delious food. Best time to come is dinner. I will definitely keep coming here.

Roxanne Markwood

The service was excellent and so was our waitress! Delicious food

Holly Poehls

Great food! I love how there is such a variety of choices. The service is great. I highly recommend it.

Ray Gee

you know what's sad? a child not receiving a present in Christmas morning. wanna know what's infuriating? this restaurant claiming to be one of the premier Chinese buffets in the twin cities. sure the variety is alluring to the uninformed, but there are too many disappointments to justify even the low cost of $9 for lunch. arrived at 11:30 on a Thursday and somehow the food on the line is barely warm. most was room temperature. talk about food safety violation! I know sometimes at opening the steam tables haven't warmed up yet but even 45 minutes later it was the same way. how can a restaurant fail at the basic concept of serving hot food... hot? the general taos / sesame chicken was the high point of the visit. luckily the sushi table was kept quite cold, but how one manages to stuff so much rice into a 1 inch diameter roll befuddles me. stir fry, if hot, would be good. fried food, forget about it. fried rice, noodles, chow fun all greasy, soggy, and you guessed it: cold! one last nail in the coffin, the plates were visibly dirty, with grease caked on and dried on the plate rim. again don't let the variety of selection entice you to sit down here. do yourself a big favor and spend the extra few bucks and go to another place. if you want a good buffet head to great moon in Maplewood. if you're open to other cuisine west st paul has many different options to suit your tastes.

Norma Jean Husemoller

The fresh cooked hibatchi grill and desserts are all i really like here.. Drink service is also a little slow. Nice establishment otherwise.. Clean too.

Adam Jass

What do you want at a buffet? Cheap prices, tons of food, variety, enough space for you and your family... Well this place has it. Very solid Chinese buffet. Plus they have hibachi, sushi, seafood, soup... Have gone, and will go again.

Muse Sun

It is a buffet with affordable price not expensive fine-dining restaurant. Food and services are fantastic. Free birthday celebration is awesome. As long as everyone especially kids in the family has a good time together, it is the best restaurant to me.

Lindsey M

This place has always been fine before but this last trip on Christmas was just not the best. We got there 2 hours before they closed. And they stopped making food. There was very limited choices and many empty spots because they refused to cook more. That was just the least of my concern. I went to the bathroom along with one of the waitresses. As I was washing my hands, she came out of the bathroom stall and walked right out. She did not wash her hands!! I went back to our dining area and that waitress was wrapping and packing the silverware. DISGUSTING!! Please tell your employees to wash their hands especially because they are handling things people will be putting in their mouths!

Jon Kistler

The variety is what makes this one stand out. Sushi, teppanyaki, hibachi, pho, dim sum, plus a very generously sized regular buffet and deaert bar. Also the atmosphere was great, very clean looking, and very reasonably priced. A few dishes were hit and miss, (dry beef, cold octopus, salmon was too fishy) but they had so much to sample from that that was to be expected. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend this restaurant to anyone.

Sean A

Great food and service! I was really surprised. Most places are sub par at best. Too many places don't try or care. You can tell that they do, here. The place was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. I will be back!

Kong Vue

Come here often. I enjoy my experience everytime. The food is good. Lunch and dinnet is wonderful.

Jesus arce

Wonderful very satisfied with the taste, eat and eat and wanted to continue eating very tasty

Mike Rowan

Probably the coolest restaurant I’ve been to in a while. The indoor design is very interesting and fascinating to me. I love the little fish in the entrance. There are so many good options ranging to straight pizza to sushi to squid legs and regular hibachi. Everything tasted amazing and our server was extremely polite and even made a few nice comments on our Christmas attire. Would rate 6/5 stars if possible

Devin Rhode

This is an honest review. They have sushi but it's overloaded with rice and has really small thin cut of meat. They have a pretty good selection.

Yeng Xiong

Wide variety of food for selection. Sushi bar was great for a buffet. Place well kept. Prices fair. Waitress was very kind. Some hot dishes were cold. Overall satisfied and would recommend.

Hunter Foiles

This is the best asian buffet. There is such a variety of food!

rohi suhas

Very tasty food in affordable price. Visited this place on a Sunday and I was completely satisfied with wide variety of Asian food. Hot pot, hibachi (no frozen meat), clams, crawfish and ambience are my favorites here. If you are a foody, I’ll definitely recommend this place.


Been a fav spot for years. Love the after hours take out special. Good food.

Allison Dimler

Service was excellent! The food was great! We will definitely be back!

Leslie Lelii

Variety of food was incredible. Service was amazing. My super fussy eater could not get enough. Hibachi, Sushi, Dim Sum, traditional Chinese/Asian and lots of seafood. Baked triple delight was the best.

Chi Ezi

This buffet was ok, im not too big on buffets. Definitely try the hibachi if you do come. Also the desserts were very good also.

Soren Danelius

please, never step foot in this scam. i beg you!!! they give you a free lunch if you rate them good on google, all the 5 stars are fake. the restaurant was not clean and the booth was falling apart as i sat in it. the food was not good at best and was not even hot. all of the food i ate was cold. the waitress i had was begging me for a better tip when she didn’t clear my plates or refill my drinks the whole time i was there, it was like she wouldn’t let me leave till i tipped her more!!! very disappointed by this place!!

Pearl Cheng

Great sushi place! Udon noodles are also really nice! Our family come here almost every weekend. We absolutely love it!

Misty Struck

Great food, wide variety of choices. Excellent sushi. They also have pho and hibachi grill. We love going here when we are hungry for a good buffet. Relaxed atmosphere.

Fred Rocque

It just ok the server was nice though

penc0008 University of Minnesota

Lot's and lot's of choices. Quite clean and attentive servers. Sushi was very good. I will return here!


Good selection and amazing service. I really like their grill section. The noodles were really good from there. The only thing is like to see changed is if they added rice to the grill.

Jordan Yang

Good place for Buffett alots varieties to choose f rrc om

Doua Xiong

Was excited for the hotpot/pho but when I was selecting what I wanted in my bowl, I found that there was fruit flies in one of the meat options and found a fly by the limes. After the discovery, I was disgusted and lost my appetite. But other than that the service was great.


Great food and service, 5 stars.

Gao Gao

The best buffet ever. Better than Great Moon. Will come back.

Susan Taylor

I love those little sesame seed balls they have it's all good.


The waitress NEVER refill our drinks! It's a buffet yet no drink refills so aweful!

R Gerold

The food was fresh and good.

Jessica Burciaga

Tokyo 23 is an amazing spot to bring your family and spend cuality time together. Very good and attentive staff. And best of all very good food served.

Liberty Longbeard

Very friendly staff! 40% off takeout food after 9pm so you can get a big container of food for cheap! I enjoy the seafood

Kira Fennell

Impressed by the amount they offer. Good prices and food!

Garrett Williams

Great tradition American Chinese buffet. The items were fresh and not sitting under a heat lamp all day.

Fernando Avalos

In the entrance the smell of fish is really strong. Probably put like something in there to make it more welcoming. The reason(s) I gave this 1 star was that One, the waitress stared at us the whole time while we ate which made the experience uncomfortable and very shi**y. Two, For the price I paid for 3 adults I would expect A whole lot more, and the food did NOT meet my expectation at all. Although the atmosphere gives off an Asian buffet vibe, the food, the waiters, and the price do not. If there was an option for no stars I would choose that honestly :/

Tou Yang

The staff was very accommodating and the crawfish dish was on point! Delicious with just right amount of heat! Definitely 5 stars


There's always something good when you go, however, the quality of each dish changes with each visit. There's no consistency but I still visit a few times a year because of variety

lil mounk

Best place to eat

Chuezeng Vang

Lots of delicious food here and fair price.

Joseph Xiong

Back again and wow. There's has been a very nice upgrade to the food quality and verities. Plus they added crab legs( per order).

Zoo Moua

The variety was good. The seafood was adequate. Bathrooms were clean. The staff was great. The only thing not completely great was the pho/soup/hotpot area. People did not know what to do to get started. Solid buffet for the price. The busser gave us preferential seating for our handicapped family member. I do recommend.

Jose Ramirez

It's an alright buffet good selection and ok sushi. Not bad for a quick bite

Jacob Roslin

Food was good saw the staff washing their hands often and the guys working the grill where letting the meat cook all the way though. Our waiter was really nice and tried having a conversation with us we didn't really understand him though. Staff where over all really nice. Food was amazing the entrace was really nice and clean.

jon ruppert

Haven't been let seen yet and the service is always really enjoyable. Foods got and plentiful whenever we've weren't in. And the sushi is pretty good as well!

Brianne Wallgren

Was really excited To bring my out of town family here. I had been here several times. This time was not great , most of the food was cold. All the chickens general szo, orange, black pepper , egg rolls, sesame, noodles and rice were all Cold :( it could have been fine , the banes Were set too low and wasn’t keeping any food warm. Bummer.

yer yang

Food was flavorful, but not hot. Lots of choices to choose from. They serve crab legs, but unfortunately it's a la carte at $7.99 a cluster. We ordered it when we paid (you pay for your meal before you are seated,) but didn't receive it …

Bud Markey

Good place to eat if your into oriental food get plenty to eat

yan yan

I always order party trays for my family reunion dinner. Good Price. Quality Food. Much better than Great Moon across the Street.

Jasmine O'Neal

Excellent food , excellent service. Thank you for having good warm food always filled up.

Elle McSmith

I always love going there .. The food is always fresh!!

Chana Okoroh

This use to be my favorite restaurant, but went there recently and there was flies everywhere and the food was cold. The sad part was I got there when they just opened.


Tldr; this place was good and turned now its been turned into complete trash, dont eat here. I've been here multiple times with my family and friends and it was amazing. Great prices and bustling with people and great food. Not a whole lot of good things to say after the place changed owners. Food was cold, bland, warm at best and taste weird. Almost no fresh food, pans were barely half stocked with only several people. The sushi doesn't have some ingredients when they did before and tasted weird. The workers previously were always moving and looked like they loved their job, last I saw them they were leaned over resting and looked like they wanted to be anywhere else. Theres a sign saying to review them 5 star for a free lunch coupon the next time they return in order to make themselves look better (which wasnt there before). The owner is constantly yelling at her staff for god knows what. I have yet to experience the tip beggers, but they didnt talk at all. At best they come around and take your empty plates. Previously you could have a whole conversation with them. The place is dead silent besides the music. Theres minimal effort being put out and the reviews they reply back to seems dull as if they could care any less. The place needs better management and better morale raisers. Do yourself a favor and make your own food at home or go somewhere else. I would rather see the place be shut down than have their reputation be tarnished. Edit: The music isnt loud enough, I was able to whisper to my family. The owner and staff were next to each other so her voice does not need to be raised and is very audible. I dont speak fluent Chinese, but my parents do and they seem surprised at what she's saying. My bad on the part of the waiters, and if you are giving out coupons for 3 or 4 stars with an explanation, put that on your sign

Jen Johnson Parratt

Came in between the lunch and dinner rush, I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting to be so pleased with the selection and sauce flavors. Our server was kind and attentive with our drinks and the food will definitely prompt a return visit. I think we have found another hidden gem in the neighborhood =)

Noah Edlin

Good food selection, fast service, well priced


Horrible decor.... old and ratty chairs... hot food wasnt hot , super concerning that nothing was to temp- pretty dicey decision to eat or not

Nethan Thompson

Very impressed with the food selection, courteous staff, clean and well kept. For the price is worth every penny.

Jess Maga

very good variety of food. i really enjoy coming here with my significant other

Jessica Sullivan

Sushi tasted like it had been sitting there all day. Good selection on the buffet


Great buffet with lots and lots of options including hot pot and vegan tofu stirfry I've never seen at a buffet! Wow!

Amos Anon

This place is surprisingly good. Large selection, cleanish, with a hibachi and bold your own soup. And those dumplings they eat in king fu movies. I just had never seen one in person. They often have things I've never seen. So if you are a bland crusty white dude, like my dad, you may prefer Lee an chin. But if you like to try different sometimes strange dishes, this place is fun.

Kirsten O

Good buffet with a number of more traditional Chinese selections like chicken feet, pork trotters, etc. As with all buffets like these we tend to take little from the set out foods and prefer to get the items cooked to order. This buffet offers made to order pho and other soups, hibachi items and others.

Hannah Brian

This place has amazing service and food choices! Great sushi bar as well! Super excited to eat here again soon! - Hannah G.

cool kids

One of my absolute favorite buffet in the Twincities! The food are so delicious, I like to pile my plate as much as I could. The staffs are so friendly and outgoing and the atmosphere is just so relaxed and calming. I definitely recommend those who haven't tried Tokyo 23 hibachi buffet to come on down

Mark Steinbach

Tokyo 23 has had consistently good food for a long time! Too bad they don't have green tea ice cream....

Day Du

The food is amazing. There’s a lot of foods that I like. My family and I are really enjoying it so much..great place for a family and friends to enjoy lunch together..

Jordan Cass

Always good food for the most part, I just wish they had sticky rice more often!

Elmer Luzon

The food is good enough but the service is what makes it best. Dannie the server is very much welcoming. She always look after our needs. She is very friendly and professional on her actions. I really like how she make our experience in Tokyo 23 exceptional. We will definitely see you again in our next visit girl ... xie xie

Shace Zigler

Nasty. Nasty. Nasty. Everything was old and dried up. Then the waitress says "What?! Nothing?!" When we had added the tip when we paid instead of cash on the table.

Nicholas Peng

Best buffet in town! The hot pot was amazing! Not to mention the sushi bar, dim sum bar. And oh, the pork feet! Wonderful!

Rachel Olson

Very good food and selection! Will definitely be back.

Jay Kim

Seafood items were fresh and tasty. Large buffet selection.

Damarion Evans

Great food. Service was great and I love the grill option.

cheng lee

I had lunch several times after the gym. Best food and lots of variety for lunch. I cant imaginr what dinner is like. I will have to try it. The staff is courteous. My waiter was excellent. My tea was hot and empty plates were taken away immediately. Great place!!!

Kim Letexier

Food is delicious, great veriety for everyone's taste.

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