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113 E 26th St #110, Minneapolis, MN 55404, United States

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REVIEWS OF TILT Pinball Bar IN Minnesota

Murad M

Great atmosphere, good pinball selection. Drinks and food are okay too

Jake Blegen

Great place. A bit small and can easily get crowded past 5pm, but with the most reasonable priced drinks in the area, it's easy to see why.

Michael Malone

Love the place, the atmosphere - everything is perfect for a local niche hangout spot. They increased the price of the machines awhile back to 2 quarters, and it can get pretty loud at times. Even so, the games and the food make up for it. Recommended to anyone looking for a cozier, less chuck e cheesy Up/down

Nate Mitchell

Sooooo much fun! Great food, great atmosphere, and even better service! They could double their space and it still wouldn't be big enough.

Corey Kristin Mead

Great bar tender!

Ada Loveless

The most passionately curated collection of pinball machines possibly in the entire Midwest. Every time I come there is something new... The machines are living works of art and sometimes technological showcases. Highly recommended geek destination. Kid friendly before 9pm

Megan Snyder

Killer Queen bee game was super fun with our group of 10! Otherwise good selection of pinball games - a bit smaller space than I expected so hard to get a table if you were hoping to sit down. Tasty selection of cocktails and beers within the theme of the bar though - recommend you check it out!

James Arroyo Miller

A good vibe at this place. Ask for tips from the staff on your first go, and definitely try the bees game.

Mitch Jones

Great atmosphere and a really friendly crowd/staff. Easy way to spend a date night.

byoung cho

Awesome place. They have pinball machines, alcohol, food, and the music playlist is from the 90's/2000's.

Edward Garcia

Great place to meet and hang! Or better yet, celebrate! Nice selection of beer and great mix of pinball machines. Love this place!

Bree Sieplinga

Pinball is the focus here but fancy hotdogs are good, there's a full bar, and great rotating selection of craft beers on tap.

Lisa Jenkins

So much fun!

Leah Warren

So fun !! Very nice quality pinball machines

Shannon Keller

chili dogs are amazing. Nothing but pinball.

T Martin

Love love love , so much fun for the whole family

Ashley MacLennan

So much fun. Great way to spend an afternoon

Dane Lusty

Very good pinball games. Food is a bit pricy but was definitely worth the stay. All machines were interesting and fun to play.

Susan N.

Its more like 4.5 stars. My husband and 6 year old son had a fun time at Tilt. They have old and new games which were all in great condition. They're either .25 or .50 in tokens. They have footstools for the little people and we all felt welcome especially as out of towners. The bartender even came over and told us some places to check out in Minneapolis which was super nice. Definitely it's a place to check out even if you're not a "pinhead" but want the nostalgia and fun.

Mark Tokheim

Awesome beer selection and good food. Friendly and helpful staff people. 20 plus pinball machines make this a fun place for people of all ages.

Matthew Zwilling

Not a huge pinball fan to begin with, but if I were the place seems set up well for it. The art and decor of the place is well done, makes it feel like an arcade without feeling kiddie. They have a good selection of drinks for the small bar, and have a rotating drink of the week if you like to try new things. Space is fairly limited so unless you are looking to play pinball this isn't a great place to just hangout. Owner/staff is very accommodating to the people that play and have heard great things about the leagues that get ran there.

Benjy Dillar

very small space, but the hot dog selection is to die for!!! love the kimchi too (worth the up charge!!)

gina dalton

Beardy staff guy could brush up on his people skills.

Danielle Holst

Very awesome. I'm a pinball fanatic though.

Jared Leith

Best pinball bar in the city! New, well maintained cabs, dnd my favorite - Attack from Mars.

John Armstrong

Traditional birthday stop. Nice collection of pinball with a full bar and decent food options.

Zaratroz Zalashi

Great staff, great food, and great games. An awesome place to go just for fun during the day, or a long night of drinking and games!

allen blaylock

Everything about this was cool. The food looked and was presented very well but the hot dog actual beef that we were served had to have been heated all day. It was hard and chewy. It was very very salty. The games were all new and in good working order. Also of fun especially the options to play a few 50s style pinball games which made the pinball experience even more fun.

Jason Schoon

Tasty dogs and brats, but the pinball and atmosphere is what shines here. Machines are well-maintained and lighting is perfect for enjoying the game. All machines play for 1 or 2 tokens (leave the quarters at home). ATM and bonus tokens for $5/$10/$20. We all enjoyed a mix of food, beers, and pinball. Great environment.

Laurie Rossbach

Great selection of games, all super clean and well maintained.

Nick Cross

Fun place to hang out and play some pinball. Food and drink menu were great.

Bobby Stillz

Amazing bar with vintage and new pinball machines. I was visiting from Atlanta and went 3 different times.

Ben Harkins

Very fun! Nice food and beverage selection, all the machines are in great condition and it's surprisingly kid-friendly!

Josh Montenegro


Danielle Lindberg

Diverse pinball games! Every one I played worked super well (not always the case) it seems like they are well maintained. The bartender was friendly and it would seem that they have many regulars. I will go out of my way to stop here again!

Michael Waldegerma

Plenty of pinball machines, good range of fun/chaotic to ones that are designed to rip you off. ATM and token machine there so it's easy to start playing. Food and drink available, great drunk food, still good sober.

Nel Duo

Good fun just a bit small

Emily Bartel

Very fun bar! Lots of pinball machines and the venue has a fun late night bar atmosphere (cool lighting, music, etc.). No coat check, but they have a few places to hang them (unsecured). They serve food, but I didn't order any. They serve liquor and other alcohol. I'll definitely be back.

Peter Goldberg

Fun atmosphere with good drinks and happy hour specials. We played about 30 minutes of pinball, switching back and forth between two people, for $5 worth of tokens. There were several people in there, so it didn't feel empty, but we had easy access to the almost 30 machines without getting in people's way or feeling self-conscious

Laura Hoffman

You go to TILT once because you think it's a fun novelty game bar, but you keep going back for the AMAZING hot dogs. They have all sorts of toppings, every named dog in the menu is both innovative and delicious, and they get their vegan brats from The Herbivorous Butcher, so you know they're good. Highly recommend!

JCorduroy .

Spectacular. Fantastic, cheap food that tastes like it should cost twice as much. Great tables. Great drinks. Perfect place to have some fun!

Lucas Welsh

One of the best “arcade bars” I’ve ever been too. This bar just has pinball. Plenty of the older pinball machines there play like they just took them out of the box. It’s amazing. Games don’t even cost $1 they’re 50 cents each. Beer, amazing. Hotdogs?! So good. Went here the first night on our trip to Minneapolis and we immediately went back the second night. I’d go back in a heartbeat. If your anywhere near here and you like pinball you have to go.

Kate Bieler

Great place! Definitely can get a little crowded but for the most part people are considerate and don't stay on a machine forever. I didn't get the food but it looked and smelled delicious!

james dubeau

Love the pin ball awesome time

Greg Leary

Fun place. Specialty hotdogs are okay but not great. Service was good. Lots of pinball games to choose from but the games are set very high for getting a replay. Honestly I am a little rusty so this might have played a part too. I loved seeing the Beatles pinball game! See picture.

Eric Whalen

Great cocktails and pinball options, and a Killer Queen cab to boot. Food is pretty good too.

chris kramer

Beer is a litte expensive but overall it was good experiance. Awesome pinball games and friendly service. Place was also very clean.

Tristan Alexander

Didn't have all the games listed online. I'm guessing they switch out over time but otherwise was a really fun little place to hang out for a few hours.

Estraya DVS

Unless you know the bartenders, the alcohol pours are weak.

daniel mattes

A fun, yet small, pinball bar. Lots of games to pick from and the prices are great. Food and drink selection is average-to-above-average, though more taps would be great. No Summit EPA? That's like THE pinball beer in my mind! That said, a great little hole in the wall that everyone should enjoy!

Shadow Laviolette

Pinball games are ..25 or .50 each except for killer queen machine which is $1.00 but for 2 to 10 players at once. Menu is expanding slowly and varied with specialty hot dogs and chips and dip and craft beers. Bathrooms are labeled "P1" and "P2" lol

Jamie Dr Boom Riekens

What a concept! I had a blast. Lots of great games and a fun atmosphere.

Matt Huntington

They keep their machines at only 50 cents and they maintain them. As if that isn't enough most machines are LE versions!! Best place in the twin cities for some pinball and a beer no question.

Jacob Lipp

The only complaint I have about this place is that it's not much, much closer to my home. Terrific selection of pinball game, great contemporary hip hop on the speakers (lots of RTJ) and while I'm not an expert on Minneapolis beer, the selection seemed very nice. Would definitely recommend & return.

Monica Hanson

Fun pinball machines. Some old school, some newer. Nice to have a bar right there too. The only problem is when it’s busy, it’s a small space, and between the music and all the different machines, it is very loud. You can’t hear your own game. But, it is still a lot of fun.

Ian Jura-Baum

Tilt is the best. Go and have a wonderful time

Bradley Gossell

This place rocks! Great atmosphere, music and people.

Mike Shanker

if you set the high record they'll put your name on the board If you like to play pinball and this is the rest place in Minneapolis to do it. the staff is awesome laid-back friendly and make sure you get what you want no problems at all. If your looking for some late-night pinball action then you should stop here and get ready to play all night. The nachos and shots of fireball where exactly what we needed to play all night. You should come here because it's amazing

Christopher Phillips

Great pinball bar with food and drink specials.

TJ Charlson

I truly wanted to love this place. The owners & I (and many others) love pinball. I appreciate the effort, and I will return, but it's small, loud and the bartender that was working during my last visit was - hands down - THE WORST bartender that I've ever had. Separate review for why this guy was soooo bad.


Pinball gets the respect it deserves.... in the heart of the city. Bravo guys

Frederic Dahm

Superbly well maintained machines, excellent atmosphere, fun times. Even the bar is pinball themed. So far, it's the best pinball experience I have had when going to a bar, barcade or pinball themed bar.

Jake Van Duyne

Small bar, with not much space, but if you love Pinball and hate having to wait 20 minutes to play it at Up-Down, this is the place to be. They have 20+ pinball machines that are all quite fun to play and the atmosphere is very friendly and laid back. I had a blast while I was there.

Brittni Dye

This place is super unique and so much fun. They have an amazing selection of craft beers on tap and some really delicious hot dogs.

Andrea Johnson

So much fun!! Bring your own quarters, though.

Torleiv Flatebo

Really great place to play pinball, they keep the machines in perfect shape. Kids love Killer queen and the food is great too!

Ian Leighly

Most fun place to hang out in The Cities. The food is superb, the staff is great, and best of all is the pinball. Tilt's collection of pinball machines is well curated, with a nice balance of the best classic machines and the most exciting new machines.

Michael Joyce

This place is awesome....if you're just getting into pinball as a hobby it's a great place to cultivate your game. In my opinion it's the best in the twin cities.

ashley winters

Had so much fun playing pinball and having time with family and friends

Erick Swanson

Always a kid's favorite! $30 kept 6 kids (ages 10 to 15) busy for an hour and a half! Good times! They always have a nice rotation of tables. Never the same tables when I get back in. Decent beer selection on tap plus a wider variety in cans.

reid lapakko

Nice and chill. If you're really into pinball this is the place for you. However if you're just a casual one and done kinda person like me it's a more of a nice stop through.

A-Dubb Morales

Fun place for pinball. I love the new pinball games. Definitely go if you're into pinball. If not, well... Let's hope you're willing to support who ever brought you there.

Cody Morin

Awesome place! Lots of machines spanning a wide range of ages and themes, great beer on tap, what more could you ask for?

andrew skahen

Great place to get a few drink relax and play some pinball. Staff was quick with the drink and friendly.

Kevin Northrup

Great place with a good selection of machines. Very well maintained and didnt have to wait too long for a technician to come retrieve a stuck ball. Excellent prices on food and beer too. Definitely a lot of value to be had for $50

Denki Gai

Wonderful staff who was super friendly, great drinks and food, and fun games. Stopped here for with my partner for my birthday and the man working (he had said his name but I forgot) was extremely helpful and funny and made us perfect drinks. Ordered nachos and they were the BEST nachos I've ever had! I liked the spices they put on the tortilla chips and the taste of the meat was delicious and rich. Great selection of beers as well. I felt extremely comfortable and welcome here, which I didn't expect from a city since I'm a small town girl. My partner and I plan on coming back to play more Beatles pinball. :)

Adam Jorgenson

Flipping, <---- eh?!?!

Jesse Wilson

This is such a sweet spot for a fun date night or just some time with friends! I’ve visited TILT for both, and was not wanting for a good time—the rows of classic pinball machines, easy access to change and tokens, friendly staff and high-top area to relax/eat make for a lovely selection of activities to keep a group out for an hour or two. It’s a lot less packed than most of Uptown, even on weekends, and the interactive “High Score” board creates an atmosphere of friendly competition. If you have a friend who doesn’t want to play, there are plenty of spots to catch the game on TV, or to chat with people at the bar.

Chris Cain

This is a fun place to go to. A nice selection of pinball machines. The beer choices are good, not great. The sandwich that I got was okay. The bread was not good for that sandwich and it was missing some flavors. Asking nine dollars for a hotdog is way too much. Even with all that I would still go back because the have some cool pinball machines.

Nick Schultz

This was the best place I went on my stay in MN. So much pinball in one place. Absolutely great.

Jen Lundstrom

So much fun for all ages - lots of tournaments and ways to get involved, and machines cost $.25-$.50 (very reasonable!). While I didn't eat here, everyone seemed very happy with the food and service!

Elizabeth Marty

Great Bar! Went here for my birthday, I love the bar top itself because it’s pinball machine artwork itself and it lights up. Also I love that this place has Herbivorous Butcher vegan dogs as an option. I had the Mac and Cheese dog & it was amazing. Also a great selection of tap beers!


Tons of pinball, good drinks, friendly staff

Emma Engberg

I can not believe how cheap it is to eat and drink here. Totally solid collection of machines, a great way to spend an evening. Laid-back place where everyone is really nice


Fun place! Amazing amount of tokens for your money. Great beer selection and excellent food.

Drew Running

Friendly clientele! It's welcoming to be able to strike up a conversation about pinball with a regular. You get to ask questions and you learn a little

Deedee S

Great food. Wonderful games. You can spend hours here.

Dicks Oak

Cool place. Good staff good food

Mike Davis

This place is great!! Plenty of pinball machines and good atmosphere.

Ken Sanders

Fun place to play pin ball games & have a beer with friends. Shocked by how cheap it was to play. I haven't paid those prices in mega years/early 80s. Fun time.

Matt Christianson

Great place with some of the nicest limited edition pinball machines that will blow your mind!

Kris Brock man

So much fun and really good food.

Eric Britton

The staff was very friendly to start with. The bartender with her arm in a sling was awesome to my daughter and I. (sorry for not catching a name) The sandwich that we ordered was delicious as was the Tilt brew on tap. The pinball games were very cool and we enjoyed getting away from electronic games to play them. We will be back!

Matthew Bratland

Retro and modern pinball games, drinks and appys in a cool spot. What's not to love?

Rudy Towns

Super small but loved the atmosphere. Lots of pinball games. Only pinball actually. And a little bar. If you like this place you might like can can wonderland and updown

Matth Escopeland

Surly bartender—lost a star there—but otherwise a pretty great spot. I’d say 20+ working pinball machines at good prices. Good beer/liquor list. I recommend this place

Bart Hillberg

Pretty neat place to go with friends. The pin ball games are pretty sweet with a decent variety of backgrounds/themes (I am not a major player just go to have fun/button mash). Love that they have drink holders next to the pinball machines too. The "usual's" are also very welcoming and give info on what's best to play and help you out if a ball gets stuck.

Matthew wilking

It's ok. Pretty pricey for food and only a few good pinball machines. I'd say up down is a better choice if you want variety

Megan Dietrich

Fun pinball machines with different themes, a variety of drinks

Scott Smith

This place is great! A couple dozen new and vintage pinball machines to play. Plus they are always switching them up with different pinball machines. Also a great craft beer list with several good local beers. Fun place.

Tami Kelley

Went for a birthday party, couldn't wait to leave.

Philip Kelley

Kinda expensive food and drinks, but if you like pinball, you'll probably not care about that.

Beth Weishalla

You exchange bills for tokens. Most games are 2 tokens per play. Some games are only 1 token per play. My friend and I split a huge, soft, warm pretzel that was delicious. With 2 dipping sauces. $6.00. Cocktails were $5.00 each.

Jesse Brueshaber

Monday is Industry night. HighLife tall boys $3. Doorman unusually friendly. Parking easy as I arrived after midnight. Music good even if volume a little high. 3 machines out of order but a great variety fully functional.

Jessica Swanson

I went to play games with friends after a show one night and had a blast! The service was fast and friendly, and the beer selection was great!

Aaron N

How can you go wrong meeting at a pinball bar. Good drinks, assortment of tap beer, and many games to be played. It does get loud with the small space and loud music playing so not a great place for deep conversations.


This place is awesome if you love pinball!

Francesca Leore

fun place, love the hot dogs and kimchi!!


Great place, great food, amazing pinball machines and constantly taken care of and maintained. Love this place

Hayly Feist

Very cool place.. all machines look new with that led light. Service was poor tho!

Yiyang Li

Very fun for pinball fan.

Dave M

Most of the pinball machines are in proper condition. Alic Coopers Nightmare Castle seemed like the ball was too heavy or the initial launcher was not delivering enough power to the ball. Had a blast playing deadpool and the beatles pinball machines. I will come back to test out more of the machines. A big plus for having Killer Queen. That is a good game to have to play in groups with friends or make new friends. Drink and food prices were fair. I had the deviled eggs which had jalapeno peppers topped on it. It was presented very well in a way that you would not expect from a pub. Definately earned this five star review, Tilt.

Paul Economon

Fun place. And very well kept.

Karlie Fischer

Delicious food! Smaller space, but isn’t usually overcrowded.

Rodney Johnson

Crowded w/beer holding phone watchers. Small place, not many machines

Lisa Johnson

Tilt pinball had an awesome selection of beers and Liquors in addition to a very extensive menu. It has a great atmosphere and I had a fabulous time there. I would highly recommend!

Justine Carroll

Getting a pinball workout in today. ;)

Robert Kenyon

Such a cool place..hope to be back soon.

Tyler Doylson

My girlfriend and I went there while we were in town for the weekend. We had a BLAST!!! Fun, good drinks, not expensive...three hours went by just like that. I would highly recommend going there.

theyanceyman .

Always a great selection of pinball games and good beers!! Not a fan of the food, but I don't go here to eat. I have had a few items off the menu and it's not my favorite.

Jeffrey Wilkins

Que excellente. If you are a pin person, this is a great venue. All the machines are in excellent working order, which is huge to those who've played for 50 years. Enjoy!!

Robert Hixon

Great Music, food, and games. Played Tribe Called Quest and Grand Puba.

Tess Lietzau

Great little bar with lots of locals big into pinball. A nice bar with some specials, rockin music, and a number of machines. Space is a bit small, but the people have always been friendly.

Mike Walton

This place was quite fun! They have maybe two dozen pinball machines. They have my personal favorite, Medieval Madness! The only downside of my visit was that parking was very difficult to find.

John Wendorf

Excellent value! Inexpensive game play!

Erin Hallis

Never knew pinball was so much fun!! I stop in whenever I'm in Uptown.

Rob Peterson

It's a fun place, decent pinball machines, and good, but not great beer. The food was alright but asking $9 for a hot dog is insane! This is one of few places that have a working Medival Madness machine. That alone will bring me back

Code Plumbing

Great place for the pinball enthusiast or novice! Enjoy a bite to eat, bring the kids have fun!!!

Hot Eats and Cool Reads

If you're looking for fun on a budget, this is the place to be! Great games and drinks! Will be back to check out the food!

Marshall Hilgemann

Best place to play pinball in Minneapolis. Great selection of games, may not be the cheapest in town but usually the best maintained hands down--which in my opinion is worth it by far. Excellent taps selection, all craft dominate local …

Joseph Emison

This a a really fun place to go if you're in the mood for some good old fashioned pinball. They have a decent selection of beers, ciders, and liquors. My only complaint is that the staff had a cold attitude.

Carolyn Lovelace

Great experience and atmosphere. Had a really good hard cider when there too.

Zachary Kahn

You know when you stumble into a local spot right after they've opened and you have that moment where you think: "man, when word gets out about this place..." I can't comment on the food, but every time I've been to Tilt we've had a blast. Awesome and reasonably priced drink variety and about 30 pinball machines. Every game is either 25 cents or 50 cents, and they have a variety of classics and new games. It's loud (courtesy of the pinball machines and people having a blast) and can get really busy. This place was 6

Kevin Johnson

Always a good time. Great bar staff, cheapest and, most well maintained pinball machines in the state...maybe the country. Food is always on point, from fancy dogs/brats to sandwiches, nachos and quesadillas. Great beer/seltzer selection as well.

Mike Kaiser

Can't get enough. I go for pinball. It's so much more than that. Small menu that is focused mostly on dogs. It's quaint. Can get crowded, but not overly. Tap list has regulars, but they have great one offs. Always rotating. Family friendly. I bring my minions once or twice a month. Service is incredible. Everyone is welcome. I have no issue giving my full 10% a month to them. My favorite bar, not even close.

Ash Cyress

Anytime I'm in Minneapolis, Tilt is one of my favorite bars in Eat Street. Love the pinball machines and craft beer selection!

Tony Middendorf

Best place to play pinball in MN, period. They take pride in their games. They welcome casual and competitive players alike. The owner is a true pinball enthusiast with plenty of experience maintaining high quality games. You'll always find the latest and greatest games along with classics. Great hot dogs and excellent beer selection.

Robert Oakland

Great atmosphere! A fun place to relax, have a beer, something to eat and play a few games of pinball.

Ashley Erickson

Too busy. And a little small. I think it would be really great it just needs to be bigger

Corina Wierschke

They have great service. They are cheap. They help need s

jedediah dake

The food was good atmosphere was nics cool bar

Andre war

Great beer, grimey bar. Give er a warsh lol

Craig Rhode Jr.

Amazing fun for the whole crew. I love everything about this place!

The Refunked Kennedy

I LOVE PINBALL, Tilt has PINBALL GAMES, Therefore I LOVE TILT. 1st lesson in Logic. This place is beyond. It's a little pinball speakeasy, there's a small sign, but if you didn't know where it was you would able to walk right by it. They …

Sarah Heil

Very fun place to visit. Lots of pinball machines to choose from. Very cool atmsophere.

Doug Martin

About 15-20 pinball machines. Most cost $.50 to play. Fun but often a wait. Smaller place than expected. Expect to wait to get in a game. Good beer menu.

Zachary Duncan

This is a fantastic spot for a little fun and drinking! There are area multitude of pin ball machines from all eras with differing degrees of difficulty. The machines are easily accessible and affordable with an on site cash for tokens machine that takes anything from ones to twenties. I also enjoy the friendly bartenders that serve good drinks at a very competitive price. If you are looking for a good time on a comparatively low budget the tilt bar is the place for you! Definitely one of the best moving and social bars in uptown!

David M Ball

Cool place but the hot dogs are $9. I guess I am cheap. It's a nice quaint little place. Bring cash or quarters.

Grant Nelson

Pricey to play but they have the best and best quality pins around.

Robert Sheairs

Great selection of pinball, some new , some old. Had the cubano and it was tasty. Great atmosphere too.

Jen Gilbert

Great variety of machines and drinks. Panini is flavorful also. Bread is a little soft though.

Skaht Hansen

A bar dedicated to pinball! Though many arcades and bars that happen to have pinball games have continued to make flipper fun more and more expensive, Tilt keeps the games affordable. Respectable drink selection. Limited menu, but vegan options available. Can sometimes be a bit loud.

SiK Henke

Love this bar. Great specials and so much pinball!


Good drink selection with a decent amount of machines to play. You'll want to try to get there before six so you can have your pick of what to play.

Jim Lind

We accidentally went on a League Night and the people who were playing for the league were extremely polite to those of us visiting for recreational play. Always keeping a hand on a machine if they were waiting for somebody or a tilt to …

Rob Zupancich

My wife surprised me and said we were going on a date but wouldn't say where. It was a blast from the past. Tilt has a fabulous assortment of older refurbished and some newer pinball machines. They had two 90s classics that we used to play all the time when we were in college. I couldn't move beyond playing those. There were many more that I'll play next time around. A variety of gourmet hot dogs. Craft beers on tap. A great environment. We'll be back.

Jack McTigue

Great spot. All the machines are well oiled and have a lot of action. Plus it's crazy affordable. If you like pinball, find a machine and post up. You're in for a great night.

Geoff Enright

I love this place, it has a great set of machines, some rotate depending on if they need maintenance and the bar has good food and drinks. Really good hotdogs, bit expensive, and you can make your own. Rotating beer taps, microbrews, and standard domestics available with expected prices. For the pinball, they use a token system with each token priced at a quarter and each machine credit costs two tokens. As of this writing $1 = 4 tokens, but $20 = 100 tokens. And that is the rough ratio the higher the dollar bill you put in. I'm not sure if there are any days with specials for tokens, food or drinks. And the bar has a high score board too.

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