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REVIEWS OF The Sample Room IN Minnesota

Miquel Medina

Sample Room has a charming atmosphere and great small plates to snack on with your cocktails. As an added bonus: you can walk dockside for a scenic view of the river. A northeast gem that excels in class without being pretentious.

Colee Bean

Food was excellent but service was so-so, lunch outing for 2. Great ambience and atmosphere. I just don't like feeling like I'm annoying a server when I ask questions or want a refill. Never checked in to see if we were ok, slow to bring the check, etc.

Spencer Tilmon

This venue was superb. Very quaint and friendly environment. Great customer service. The food and sample platters were out of this world. Chef Alex and staff thanks for the great time. I recommend a must try.

Mary Goldsberry-Troyer

Really delicious food/drinks! Everything is served as samples so you can share all your food with the whole table. I would absolutely recommend the cheese board with wine flights.

Archer Griffin

Meh. Overpriced, portions on the small side, flavors so-so. This place is SO Noisy! Even when not very busy. I'm sure there are positive experiences had here. We have yet to have one and won't be back with so many places killing it out there.

Brandon Jay Rockensock Sutton

I call this place "the simple dimple". But there is nothing simple about it. Charcuterie and cornichon. Compressed melon and confit. Order alacarte. Or their happy hour menu. It's the best happy hour around.

Cory Shoen

Great food and fun drink menu

Sheila Neu

It was our last night in the area and we were hoping to find some "real" food after being subjected to over priced, and poorly executed meals near the Mall of America. We were lucky enough to find parking next to Sample Room and hoped we they would have an acceptable menu. We were pleasantly surprised at the unique setting, tasty beer, cheerful and friendly staff and the most delicious meal of our trip.The fried chicken is to die for! The chicken was moist and succulent and the breading light and perfectly seasoned. The hot sauce was too hot for our taste, but the ranch type dressing was perfect, and went great with our fries. We also ordered the meatloaf and salade greens with vinaigrette. Very yummy and filling. Love your "sample plate" concept. When we are in town again, we would love to share the experience with friends/family. Whishing you much sucess!

Rebecca Moore

I saw the menu and thought this is typical pub food then was pleasantly surprised and how good the food was crafted. I think q small menu means they really think about the recipees. I recommend splitting a meal with someone. I split a Cesar salad and rueben with my mom. Both best Cesar salad and rueban I've ever had. I have yet to try a drink but I'd love to go back.

Emily C

I was disappointed with the place. I ordered fried chicken and it was raw. When I asked the waitress, she said it was sous vide so it was supposed to look pink inside. She said she had eaten it before too, so I believed her. I ate it, didn't get sick, but went back and asked a chef friend and it's supposed to cook and not pink and runny. My fiance ordered meatloaf and it was dry and salty. The portions were lacking, though it was a small plates place. Even so, the prices did not represent a small plates to share place. I wanted to like it. The ambiance was good. The area is awesome. The wait staff was nice and well trained. The food is just lacking.

august johnston

Always a nice treat

Baek Sung-hyun

greatest cocktails in the universe

Marty Lindsey

Comfortable atmosphere, great drinks, enjoyable music, and the urinal is oddly low to the ground..

Zack Gill

Really liked this spot! Small and nice inside. Quiet when I got there between lunch and dinner time. Had a super tasty bloody and just the fries and homemade ketchup, but that alone was enough to likely bring me back. Felt like a date spot, but you don't stand out if you're alone.

Anna Z

Love the shared plates - always good quality and tasting food. Love the wine flights and friendly staff.

Evie Jones

Food was ok, service was mediocre. Server got my drink order wrong, and never bothered to tell us what the specials were. Meatloaf was drenched in a sauce but really was Ketchup. Atmosphere was ok. Cramped and very loud. Hard to hold a conversation. On the positive, the corn cakes were delicious, as was the caesar side salad and burger. Overall, we'll probably go back.

David Blazevic

Casual setting with outdoor seating Good food and great service

Adam Kreger

Very classy, intimate, and unassuming joint. They have great cocktails and excellent food. Definitely give the cheese curds a try. Everything goes well with a whiskey flight!

Michael Pepin

Always an exciting experience. The food is not normal. It is delicious and very satisfying. Great date night. Great gathering of friends. Staff is always welcoming and ready to make your pleasure their pleasure. Sample Room is a can't miss eating adventure!

Jeanne Sponsel

I like the unusual menu and was good, I wouldn't say great. Cozy atmosphere

Jeremy W

Food is great. Service is average. Menu is pretty diverse. Patio is OK, interior has a satisfying old school feel. Parking is usually pretty good. It seems cheap for how good it is.

Kate Block

Good service, friendly bartenders. Cheri Cheri cocktail was good as was the steak tartare and chef's special vegetable (asparagus with egg "snow")

Kenyotta Williams

Went there tonight for the first time had a burger n fries and both was great hats off to the chef FLO also service was fast

Matt Jensen

We went there for dinner after a show. Both of our meals were excellent. We had good service, nice cocktails and enough ambience to have a good evening together.

Peter May

I have been here multiple times. Never had anything less than great food. Service is always fast and on top of it. The patio is small but if you can sit outside its a great atmosphere.

Carol Matthews

High quality cocktails, intimate atmosphere, friendly service. Tried the trick dog off the menu. Tasty burger/dog! If in the area will go back. Dark inside, hard to see the very intricate menu which I would have liked to enjoy more. Might be worth investing in some table lighting.

Gabriel Castellon

Impressive ambiance when you walk through the door which builds as you find your seat and see the detail in design. I love the concept of the flights, and if you would just like to have an alcohol flight (which I did, and enjoyed) then this is the spot for you. If you are looking for getting a cocktail after that, I would recommend going elsewhere. Or if you want to get food to enjoy with your flight, don't have too high of expectations. It's definitely better than any chain restaurant (for food, not drinks). But if you are looking for a nice meal, to enjoy with someone, or a quick bite by yourself, there are many places that are far better. Especially for the price. I wanted to like this place, but was really let down, and underwhelmed by the food and service. Aside from who I presumed what the manager/gm who was a kind gentleman who visited our table more than our server to ensure we were enjoying the drinks and meal. He even brought us our drinks. When we wanted to order our next round and looked for our server, she was no where in sight. Heck, we even emptied our water glasses waiting.

Mark Yackley

Wife & I love this place! My recommendations would be the Bottineau Burger or Fish and Chips. Save room for Spumoni Ice Cream w/Rum Sauce.

Lisa Donabauer

Drinks were fine but food not so much. The nachos were actually overly salty potato chips with a bit of cheese on them. Ugh. Server was good.

Devin Batkiewicz

Okay cocktails with okay food and okay service at an okay price. I don't think you could go wrong here. But I'm not sure if it's right.

Robert Marks

Cool place

larry stanchfield

Friendly staff and great food.

Jack Fitzpatrick

Had such a positive experience here! Great local vegetables, food, and drinks. The vegetable section of the menu is a highlight not to be missed. Darker ambiance, warm vibe.

Timothy Schaaf

Disregard this review... This place is so exceptional. I want them to be packed all the time, but I also don't want to wait for a table. I'm selfish like that. Sincerely, this is that hidden gem that you've seen and heard about, but have passed on. Now is the time to experience it! Yes, you reading this now... Go there!

Stevi Rose

We sat at the bar and decided to not even have a second drink or eat since the staff were more engaged with each other and didn’t care to ask. We didn’t feel welcome or wanted, so we moved on and gave another establishment our is a shame, I remember falling in love with this place when I moved here.

Nancy Nordlund

I don't want to say how great this place is because it will get busier.

Joe Bergman

We wanted to try the menu and we were not disappointed, the popcorn with bacon fat and truffle oil was packed with flavor and tasty. We also got an order of the cheese curds, they were very tasty with a little siracha flavor. Heat was minimal. The “Nordeast Fish N Chips” was very tasty. The fries were top notch and the fish was flaky and moist and the batter was crunchy and crisp. I would recommend asking for an extra serving of the tarter sauce as they smear the plate with it but more is always better.

Theo Knaeble

I liked it. Dim and groovy atmosphere. Service was good, but super pricy. If you're feeling fancy this is a good place to go, just hard to justify some of the drink prices I felt.


Cheese and meat platter had a great variety and pleasant individual tastes, but a poor combination of flavors. The burger with pork belly was good, although nothing special to someone who cooks regularly with pork belly. Just tasted like a burger with good quality beef and pork fat slapped on top. For the price ($22 meat/cheese platter and $14 burger), the food was nothing special and could be found somewhere else.

Christopher Ferris

I'm a huge fan of fried Brussels sprouts, and I can say without a doubt that this has one of the BEST Brussels sprouts dish I've had in multiple major cities. That dish alone is worth 5 stars. The biscuits and gravy were also phenomenal - get it with the eggs. It was so good that we ordered a second one. Service was wonderful and the ambiance is relaxed. I would go back just for those two dishes alone.

Taylor Moore

This is definitely my favorite place in the cities! Amazing service, great cocktails (I love the beet shrub ones), and food is on point. Love the reasonable prices and variety of dishes with amazing flavors and yet simple! Head chef Ashley is amazing. Server Mara is so thoughtful and accommodating. I take all of my out of town guests here and they want to come back every time they visit (plus then I get to try more things).

Dana Cousins

I love the atmosphere but not crazy about the small plates or service. We spent 2 hours there despite them not being busy on a Friday night. We had to ask for the check when the entrees arrived for fear we would never get out of there. A couple dishes were completely inedible. The blackened shrimp tasted like a salt bottle. The skirt steak was was tough and the side of steak fries were also horrible. Who screws up fries? The chicken thighs were very good. The tacos were ok. Sadly disappointed.

Elle Bea

My husband and I went to the sample room after a big Vikings home opener win! V-I-K-I-N-G-S. It was a delightful game. After the game, we ventured to Betty dangers and on our walk to psycho Susie’s we can across the sample room. We treated ourselves to some spicy wings and scallops. My hubs says, “the scallops were delectable”. We overheard a first date who were talking nasty to each other (whoa nelly!!). Overall, a great stop!


Generally a mellow place, good to relax and socialize.



Ali Bodensteiner

Really unique atmosphere that I really enjoyed! I tried one of the wine flights and a cheese platter. The platter was delicious and it was fun to have a flight of wine (instead of the typical flight of beer)! The waiter we had was very knowledgeable on the entire menu and went out of his way to bring our table a sample of one of the new wines.,

Laurel Behning

Very friendly with good food and drinks and cozy bar. Interesting history to building.

Briana Brady

Sat on the patio, lovely night. Got the mussels, warm goat cheese and the beet salad. Was enough food for my fiancee and myself. Most importantly, oh my god the sauce that the mussels were in was AMAZING! Get those. 100%.

ladi hawx

The service, food, and cocktails are always great. Nice and cozy spot with a parking lot and cute little patio by the river.

Neal Heuss

You must try the beef tartare. Great place.

Chris Carter

I am a huge fan of Cuban sandwiches and go to elaborate steps to make my own. The Cuban here is the best I have ever eaten! The bloody Marys are amazing also!

Robert Erlandson

Food was amazing, happy hour prices were awesome! Scallops and salmon were both cooked perfectly.

Aaron Stine

I've gone to the Sample Room a lot as I used to live right up the road. The food is always great so if you're simply looking for an excellent and adventurous food experience, look no further. The staff is friendly and professional. My qualms with the SR is its weak tap list and price to entry if you order from their menu as intended. Ordering multiple small plates to share gets extremely expensive very quick. They did add more bar food options (a delicious chicken sandwich, burger, and reuben, etc.) that have brought me back more regularly.

Tom Smertneck

Love The Sample Room! Great cocktails and selections of craft beers and wines. Their small plate approach allows assembly of a highly delectable meal of veggies, meats, fish and foul to share that will delight! Their Chefs are accomplished farm-to-table experts. I urge you to try The Sample Room, but not on my favorite night!

Darlene Ackley-Raymond

Mondays are half price for bottles of wine. The smoked trout spread was exceptional with the Montepulciano d'abruzzo wine. My friend and I each ordered the ceasar salad. I enjoyed the salmon and she liked the chicken very much. The wait staff was knowledgeable and engaging. All in all, it was a very enjoyable dinner with a great selection of dishes fresh from the farm with a delicious twist.

danielle adams

Always fantastic. Perfect service, food and drinks.

Wendy Solnitzky

Haven't been for a while and was a little disappointed Not bad but not great The cheese plate was really good and the jerky was amazing. The main courses (ribs and fried chicken) were okay... warm but not hot. Ribs had more flavor but chicken had a thick breading with little flavor.

Diane Helgren-Bradley

Very good sandwiches. Good service and reasonable prices. Sits on the river, very nice.

Grant Bielefeld

The food was excellent and our waiter was so helpful he gave us a list of recommendations for other great places to eat in Minneapolis.

Laura Arneson

This is one of my favorite restaurants in the twin cities! The menu changes frequently so they always have something fresh and delicious to offer. Service is always great! Definitely try the Negroni or the Cello flight!

Vahid Raboodan

Incredible food and cocktails. This is hands down one of the best restaurants in the cities. I highly recommend it!


The kitchen staff do an amazing job of preparing every thing that comes out of the kitchen. Ambiance is outstanding. The young lady (Rachel) who took care of us did an amazing job. She took care of us like we were the only ones there. She was so much fun and was definitely a bright spot in my day.

Ron Simon

Drinks were good, a little pricey

Brenda Anderson

Great food and service

Seamus O'Halloran

Go, it's amazing across the board

Doug Adelmann

Love the atmosphere, the food is great, nice patio, parking in the back and a great happy hour!

Kelsey Gese

Disappointed in the shrimp and crab pappardelle. Seafood did not smell or taste fresh, very fishy. Sauce was bland and watery. Everyone else's meals seemed o.k. though. Waitress was timely and attentive.

Jana B

Great cocktails and sharables. Coming back for dinner

armin brueckner

Remains a classic twin cities spot. Great food and drinks, comfortable patio, and the small plate format still works well from dining solo to groups.

Benjamin Rattle

Excellent atmosphere for a foodie bar. A good range of alcoholic flights ranging from American Whiskey to Gin. Fun times!

Andrew Brandt

There for an office celebration, we had most of the appetizers cheese plates the hotdish all of it was amazing! Great environment to sit down with a drink and try new things.

Brent Carlson-Lee

One of my long-standing favorites. Food is excellent. If you have kids (or there is a wait) you can take 37 stairs (my son counted) down to the river. There is also a park (no playground) adjacent to run around.

Jennifer M. Jones

I've been going to the sample room since it opened in my neighborhood. This is my first review bc of the fantastic shrimp pappardelle we had back in June or July, 2018, can't remember the month. But I sure do remember that dish! Omg, so excellent in all aspects of cooking, flavors, pasta and shrimp cooked correctly. Heavenly ❤

James Radtke

Great food, chill atmosphere.

Patrick Wenzel

Quiet place that is just busy enough that you can get a table. Always serving delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices with great staff.

Matthew Messina

I would give it 6/5 stars if I could. Went for a special occasion and could not be more thrilled with the choice of drinks, delicious savory food, and wonderful dessert. Thank you, Nick, for the incredible and personal service. We had a great time! Candles and fun music make it a place for a formal, yet far more relaxed dinner anyone can enjoy if you’re looking for great food and something unique. I would recommend trying the best sounding option for you on each category of their samples. What an amazing spot!

Sue Perpich

Very cozy yet spirited. Wonderful place to go!

Lynn Eggers

We found the food excellent and the service by our waiter, Nick, exceptional. He was helpful and attentive, without being invasive, and went out of his way to accommodate the needs of our 95-year-old cousin. I don't know how it is when it's busy, but the quiet, laid-back ambiance when we were there was great. We've add it to our list of favorite restaurants.

Ralph Knowlton

Good service, food was decent. Was told trail mix was made in house but not sure about that. Will be back again.

christopher brodd

I ate at the bar with my father. The locally made soda was delicious and the burger was phenomenal. I’m not sure how I missed this place for 15 years. If you haven’t yet, visit!

mary dulmage

Food was fabulous and service outstanding!

Megan Wika

I really liked the patio and location on a beautiful summer evening. However, the food wasn’t as good as I was hoping. We got the cheese board, Brussels spouts, and arancini. None of the cheeses on the cheese board were very good. The Brussels sprouts and arancini were average. For the quality the prices were also a bit high. I wanted to like this restaurant more than I did.

Alora K. Jones

Everything on fleek

Kristina Kothrade

I went here for my birthday. I was disappointed in our appetizer. We had the combo board for an appetizer. I can still taste the vinegar. If you don't like things that are pickled, don't get this!! The Cuban and French fries were good though. My friends had the cheese curds for an app and they were yummy.

Tim Johnson

The food was great, but it was so noisy we couldn't carry on a conversation.

Jeff Hauck

Nice outdoor seating area. Great sidewalls plates and entrees

Karen Peterson

Really busy but worth the wait!

betty hackbarth

My food, shrimp and grits was so spicy and way to charred. It was supposed to be charred, but was so overcooked and spicy and greasy, I could not eat. My friend next to me, had the same issue. I ordered fresh veggies, and I like them not over cooked, but these you couldn't tell if they were cooked.

Shannon Smith

Great Sunday brunch menu. Superb service. Pictured here is the Fried chicken egg Benedict and hash brown with cheddar cheese. The hollandaise sauce was delightful. Chicken was tender and breaded perfectly. I’m excited to try everything on the menu!!

Stephanie Owen

Great Food!

james Nielsen

Great food! Service is always professional and personal. Atmosphere is intimate and happy!

Michael McElhinney

One of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. I love their happy hour smoked salmon and beer specials.

Conway Reese

Good food nice atmosphere.

Rob Denton

This a place that has not let me down and all the food is good.

Kiki K.

Cute, old fashioned bar! Great place to stop for a quick bite or drink!

Moi Self

Cute place with a nice atmosphere and small patio. The wine was good, and they offer flights. The food was just ok. I had a salad, and the combination of foods/tastes was a bit strange. Price was as expected. Big drawback: no AC on a very hot day. Miserable! If I go back, it won't be til fall.

Andrew Maleson

The atmosphere and cuisine are a happy mix!

Shannon Hoff

My son wanted to try this place for his birthday and it is amazing!! Loved our waiter.

Marty Flanagan

The best food. It’s obvious they put passion into their menu.

Paul Tetreault

Great place for a date, especially early in the week when it's slow. Everything is delicious, even stuff you wouldn't normally eat.

John Eckhardt

Good ambience, the food was generally acceptable for the price range they chose, but there are other places that do the same meal and feel much better.

Mary Nazmy

Beets salad was delicious!

Chelsey Peterson

Friendly staff. They were super accommodating of my allergy and my food was delicious!

Diane Green

This use to be my go to place, but in the last couple of years I felt that the food has gone down hill. It seems bland and uninspired. Luckily the drinks are still top notch.

Jackie Simons lll

Service is amazing. Food, mehhh. Tried it twice, same experience. I love to support locals. Mpls has so many options for the money.

Gordon Overing

Awesome place. Great service and unbelievable food. Amazing history too.

Santiago Reynal O'Connor

Bit disappoinment, menue not to atractivo and the food was just ok

Mark Peterson

Line em up. Yeah I'm talking about the big guys, all the little guys bunch up

Zach Sutherland

This is one of my favorite hidden gems around Minneapolis. The atmosphere is really dark and relaxing. This is a perfect date night place. The food is offered in small shareable size plates. You want to order around 2 items for each person. The cocktails are also top notch. I’ve always enjoyed great service when I’ve gone here. I’d give it more than five stars if I could!

Jackie Neely

The food and drink selections are great, will be coming back often.

Anne Clark

One of my favorite NE spots! Happy Hour is the best time to go-to get the smoked trout dip!!

Eric Woodruff

Top notch. One of my favorites

Martin Latimer

Really enjoyed my few times here. Great happy hour. Take time to check out the dock on the river. Or boat up if you're on the water.

Steve Evans

This place never disappoints, imaginative menus and good selection of adult beverages. Love this place in Spring and Summer, we enjoy their patio.

John Shirley

Our first visit based on Dara's recommendation and we will be back. Great service and the food was fantastic!!

Sarah Rice

Really nice staff. Comfortable setting. And the food was lovely.

Bronwyn Hartung

Sooooo good!

Curt Gast

I had bourbon flight and my wife had a wine flight, we both enjoyed it. We walked two miles (voluntarily) to get there. Staff was fantastic.

Aimee Luu

They are not flexible in modifying food for allergens. There was a situation where my meal should have been comped (it had an allergen they said wasn't there). Instead they charged me half price for a replacement plain burger patty - in addition to the original dish!! The decor and history are really cool. Good ambiance and friendly staff. Just not experienced in customer service.

Ryan Haley

Awesome spot with great farm to table food

Mike Libby

Such a great little place. Delicious food and good prices. I had a dish with Lions Mane mushrooms and it was, truly the best mushroom dish I have ever had.

Catherine Hunt

This is my "go to" place for GOOD food. Fresh, handmade and creative. The current executive chef, Ashley Estrada is awesome. Everything we had was delicious and beautifully prepared. That woman can cook a steak!!! The atmosphere is relaxing, but with an up beat vibe!


We have been here many times and loved it. Last night we stopped by and the hostess was so rude that we left. She snapped and made us feel like we were bothering her.

Susan White

I love this place! Every plate we tried was delicious, and the service is great.

Sarah Dixon

Lovely small and cozy bar seating on patio.

Randy Bey

True foodie restaurant...

Laurie Thomas

Great happy hour! Good drinks and better food. Definitely worth checking out!

Anne Letourneau

Worth it. Very cool food.

Andrew Tralle

Best burger I've ever had. Great beers on tap. The only downside was a sub-par apple cobbler. Still, five stars for the burger alone.

Joel Weixel

We do brunch here often. Rachel is an awesome server. The corned beef hash is wonderful. Steak and eggs are great!

Ann Erickson

Great service, amazing cocktail list and yummy food!

Clint Weathers

Incredibly loud, long wait on a Weds evening. We left before getting seated.

Chelsie GawneMark

Good cocktails and small plates. Good place for happy hour. Small bar but cozy.

Todd LaVine

Atmosphere and service was great. Did not care for the wings. They were soggy for dry rub and I've never been a fine for wings not being broken apart.

Maria Tatzmann

Great food. A favorite

Brandon Bankston

Reliably excellent. Great food, fabulous drinks, excellent service.


The food was fantastic. The servers were great and came over whenever we needed something. The happy hour menu was great, and I would recommend the beef tartare.

Debra Soderman

Great drinks, food! Love the history of the place!

Candace Ghee

Amazing food, atmosphere, service - I could go on and on! Simply fantastic.

Kayla Rasmussen

A lovely little spot

Kat Mann

I can't believe I didn't know about this place for so long, what a treasure! The inside is gorgeous and cozy with aluminum stamped ceilings and tasteful wallpaper. The food itself was to die for, we split four different dishes and they were all incredible. I got a wine flight to accompany the meal and it was all so perfect, and for a surprisingly affordable price tag for the experience and quality. Can't recommend enough!

Shannon S

We were traveling to the Minneapolis area for vacation and was recommended this place from a mutual friend. We were very pleased with the entire experience! The atmosphere was very chill and relaxing. Jay was our tour guide for the evening and ordered everything for us which was a great surprise! We were not disappointed with anything! Great variety of local brews, amazing history with the building and long time employees! We will definitely be visiting again when we return! Thank you for a wonderful evening!!

Patricia Richardson

The food and service were supreme.

Brenda Thornton

Love this place!!! Always great food and cocktails are awesome highly recommend.

Rhonda Kohout

Based on their long history in MPLS. I was impressed by authentic decor and just the feel of the place. Good wine choices if you know your wines. Little pricey yet enjoyable.

rebecca wark

I love this cozy place. It’s a great place if you love wine! The food is terrific and a great place for lunch as the portions are appropriate.

Katie Roggow

Awesome food. Great atmosphere. Beef tartar, corn cakes, and Brussel sprouts are fantastic. We then had the chicken, reuban, and Cuban sandwiches--they were all great. Desserts to go, all fantastic. Cocktails were strong and tasty. I'd recommend and will return.

Niki Wilson

outdated menu but good drinks

Noah Levine

Be ready for really small plates! The food is excellent but you probably will need two plates per person. The happy hour here is pretty great, though, and I would absolutely recommend it give it a shot if you're in the area.

Rosa D'Ostilio

Service was on point. Came late for bubbly and snacks. Will definitely return.

Becky Degendorfer

Always great service! Tasty, tasty eats. Never disappointed in the food or drinks. Whenever our out of state family visits, they always request a meal here.

Thomas Petersen

Great spot for small plates. Went for lunch. I had the fried goat cheese and a slice of meatloaf. Both were excellent. Service was great. They have a nice outdoor area as well. I will be back for Happy Hour 3 - 6 pm!

Jolyn Hanna

Very good food for a reasonable price. Nice outdoor patio

Grant Nelson

Great atmosphere, delicious food and an amazing drink selection

Charles Kim

The location of the building itself is very unique, and feels like it has the entire block to itself. The décor and set up inside were very nice, but because the weather wasn't that great, the place was darker than my coworkers and I would have cared for (which is the reason for the four-star rating). I got the Bottineau Burger (which was solid, but I wish there was a bigger slab of pork belly than the small piece that was on it), and my coworkers got the BLT, and the cheese platter. I don't know what it was, but I think there was also a tomato jam that was used in the BLT, which definitely took it to another level. The cheese platter was nice, and what you would expect--nothing too crazy, and no surprises.

Katie Knauer

Tried this place last night for the first time and loved it! Not too busy, seating wasnt crowded and staff was friendly. We tried the reuben and the cuban, both were fantastic! The fries were some of the best ive had too! Reasonable prices on both food and drinks.

Shane Oborn

Great apps, and great service!

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