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REVIEWS OF Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet IN Minnesota

Evans Lovdahl

After a very active day, I decided to stop into the buffet to grab a late dinner with a friend. The food was delicious and the service was good until it came to the end of the meal. I noticed their was green tea ice cream which made me very excited. I decided to grab some soup before having dessert. The establishment lists that they close at 10pm on Fridays. When I came back to grab the green tea ice cream, 3 of the workers had pulled out all the ice cream containers and started to clean out the freezer at 9:40. I don’t understand why a place would start pulling the food, especially dessert(a product that typically is eaten at the end of the meal) 20 minutes before closing. I politely asked if I could have some green tea ice cream, they responded, “no, no more ice cream” and continued to scrub out the freezer. My friend who I had dined in with was also a huge green tea fan, had went up to ask and they told him “no” as well. This is terrible customer service as I had paid for the dessert in the overall price, which I did not receive. I had already paid out my portion of the meal and left a $4 gratuity before walking up to see the ice cream pulled out and taken away. I may have tipped differently had I of known this was going to happen.

Lue Vang

Servers are rude as fuck, kept asking for more and more tip. Other than that, everything is perfect, good food and ice cream but no good worker. Can’t go home if you don’t tip much to make them satisfied.

Robert Bradley

Hands down a great place for the BEST BUFFET you can lay your eyes on. The food is always freshly replaced and taste really good!

C. S.

Went here for a lunch buffet, and the place was packed. We had no problem getting a table for the eight of us, and we immediately were seated upon arrival. We received our drinks relatively quickly, and then we all went and got food from this ginormous Buffet. There is also a second location in South Minneapolis off of Lake Street. Oddly enough the same items are at both locations, and both locations offer a sushi bar as well as a grill Teppanyaki. I chose Teppanyaki, and there was quite the line waiting for the grill. And even though there were plenty of vegetarian options, or rather I should say meatless options available, the food was cooked on the same grill that cooked raw chicken and shellfish from the previous plate before mine. Which is fine because I'm not a vegetarian and I'm not allergic to fish or shellfish. But if somebody was, then that would be an issue. Like many other buffets, this place has little to no low-sodium options. Most of the sauces available have a high sodium content, and even though the Teppanyaki Grill had many options of seasonings, besides garlic and white pepper there was not much to choose from. Overall it is a fabulous Buffet that offers a pretty decent series of choices for food that many people regardless of need may be able to eat there without issue. The food is relatively decently cooked, and is pretty tasty. The service was really good when it came to having our plates removed from the table, but they were a little slow on the refill offers, and we had to ask quite a few times. But, we understand that it's quite busy during lunch, and certain Services may be a little slow. Overall the service was really very good and decent. Overall a good bargain for your dollar, and I would recommend.

Phillip Nguyen

Wide variety of food and great service all around. Food was mediocre and the cleanliness 2/5.

yookaii Guumihooo

I went with my family, it was a very busy day and my family was big, about 11 of us, everything was fine to the food and all, HOWEVER we barely got our cups refilled and when we finished eating, one of the waitress came to clean our table, but stopped my family as we were leaving. She complained about our tip, she had the audacity to point fingers to each of my family members (RUDE) and say “11 people and this is the tip!!”, “This is the tip!!!” We were all confused as to why she was stopping us for the tip, my eldest sister said “we gave you a tip??!” she looked at us with disgrace, literally side eyeing my family, she shook her head and just shoo us to go away. The American family who sat behind our table was also confused as to why she stopped us. That day was a family day, We all brought our cards ready to pay but my brother in law decided to pay for all of us, he payed with cash, the tip was the leftover cash which was like 8$ tip. Seriously, She should be glad, we gave her a tip. I’ve heard other stories of people going through worst than what my family went through just for tips at different restaurants and buffets, but this needs to be changed. I don’t care how bad of a day your waiters/waitress are having they should NOT be stopping family’s because of tip or no tip!

Erlinda Johnson

Upon entry, there are two sofas with teak carved trimmed. Though beautiful, both of them were torn badly on seats, not wanting to sit. Nice place and food displayed by category, once sat down to eat, the food was ALL cold! Never before have I ever had to eat hot food and it be so cold. Going for seconds and to try other selections, again the food was cold! The only thing hot was my pot of hot tea. Though flavor was good, will not be returning anywhere soon.

Maria Cvar

Prices inclining again! October 15th 2019 I mean at that price me and hubby can and would rather dine at RED LOBSTER and get the feast that's CHEAPER than what this place is going to charge now.. I mean the food being great here is a hit or miss at times it's never consistent. Hubby eats good though

Adrian Solorzano

This restaurant does not have a good higiene bathroom was all cloged up of paper towels and a person was vomiting in the sink cause there was not a toilet available and food food was kinda cold and everything was messy in the food area

Archer Griffin

Excellent selection, good quality, good service. What more could you ask for at a buffet? Well, the bathroom was rough.

Jeremiah Peterson

It wasn't bad, but wasnt great either. The food options were more limited for it's size from the outside. I would compare this to Super Moon in St Louis Park except they have better food and it is laid out better and much cleaner than this place is.

Franck Sessan Morakinyo

Awesome food nice place and nice people

Tiger Vang

Decent, but I think the food was little too sweet for my taste.

Kelly Jacobson

Lots of food, Asian and American. Pho and green tea ice cream were decent. Sushi is not that good. Excellent lunch buffet price: $11 includes beverage. Great place for large groups - we had 20.

king_kanneh 00

Best buffet I've ever been to, great variety of food and desert was A1

Nicole Raves

Ome of the best buffets around! Not only Chinese but also some American options (pizza, mac n cheese, fried chicken) along with a very diverse dessert bar. They even have a chocolate fountain! A sushi bar is available with the cost of the buffet, and all in all I think they have something for everyone at an affordable rate!

Mai Khang

The variety of food was good, but when we were done and already paid our bill, the waitress came and demanded that we give her more tip. Tip and gratuity is for their service but no where does it say that we are REQUIRED or OBLIGATED to pay extra, it's what we give them. Buffets are self-serve, the servers helped clear our plates, but the service we got wasn't exceptional nor did they offer to refill our drinks when we were out (which was already included in our cost). Also we weren't a huge party of 20 or so, only a quarter that (five people). I wouldn't go again unless I want mediocre service and to get yelled at again (in both English and another language, out loud and under their breath, next to me) for not "tipping enough" to the servers liking. I am a generous tipper, but I also tip according to the service I got too.

Michael Romero

Real amazing food it's better during lunch time. Great variety and amazing staff

William Satnan

So much variety, and they keep on top of putting fresh food out.

Ronald Brewer

I absolutely loved their food and customer service, great location right next to my house. The staff members are always friendly. I highly recommend this place.

Veechia Smith

This place has awesome food you cine here to eat you won't regret it

Matthew X

Auto tip if 7 people. Food ok. Sushi interesting, noodles good, ice cream a lot.

Troy M

Upholstery is tore up and foam cushions showing. Fix the seating please. Food was not that great. Kids digging their hands into the ice cream and chocolate fountain. Won’t be going back.

James Ommart

I love going here! This place has a mix between Japanese, Chinese, and Mongolian cuisine.

Isaac flores lopez

food is always delicious when is being cooked in front of me !! shout out teppanyaki!

Lamar Childs

Good food just a little too busy

nek namirrem

Eh. It's a Chinese buffet and I think I went there at the wrong time. I feel like I should go there again and give it another shot. Also, I should rate it higher because it is a buffet and it deserves a separate rating system.

Kym Thongsavanh

This is my go-to buffet when eating out with the family. There food selection is pretty international. They are busy during rush hour, so go early and don't go hungry, the wait can be awhile. But it is worth it.

aketo granberry

Way too much hype behind this place. The food was ok and the staff treated us like we where going to run off on the bill. I literally had to say look i know this must be something that happens on a regular but I'm standing here ready to pay my bill. I dont need to give my credit card to three different staff before it makes it too the head cashier. I'll just give my card to the cashier with my bill myself. Never going back and we drove 27 min across town for it. Never again.

Treena Tims

Grill was being remodeled when I went was good.

Gary Tester

Good food, great selection, friendly staff, comfortable seating. I wasn't impressed with the sushi by any means, wasn't the worst, definitely not the best though, mediocre. They do have real ice cream as well instead of the soft serve machines, great for the kids!

Rod Diller

Seafood was fresh but everything else they didn't keep fresh

Aaron Goldstein

I am eating lunch here right now. I've had one plate of food and already feel like I am dying. The iced tea has a glass full of ice yet the liquid is warmer than room temparature. How is this possible? Pray for me. More to come.

Apollo Herring

Fantastic food, very welcoming employees, regularly awesome mood. They charge convenient pricing and the food quality is good. Keep up the good work.

Liam Reagan

I'd say this is the best buffet in the area. I haven't visited them all, but from the few that I have, I'd give this one the cake. Food is excellently cooked, there is an ample selection of food, drinks, and desert to make anyone happy.

Myself Myself

Your waitress demands we pay our bill when we weren't finish eatting. To be honest, we as customers don't feel right to give the waitress money or our credit cards. Today, my family and I went to eat there. Our waitress demand us to give our money to her and tip her. When it's time to pay our bill, I gave her exact changed. She came running behind me told me that I was short. I told her that I gave her the the amount on the billed. Our waitress argues with me. And she demands tip. I told her, I only tip a waitress if she do her job giving us our drinks on time. We kept asking for our drinks. Which she gave us our drink when we almost done eatting. And never did she refill our drinks. The waitress told us never to come back. You just lost customers.This is a bad place, Bad customer services, and waitress have attitude problems. You need to re-train your waitress not to be so demanding. You need to change your policy and let the customer pay at the cashier instead of giving it to the waitress.

Bert Haglund

So many food selections and place is clean except every time i eat there i end up having migraine. There must using MSG. So i tried to go there 5 times just to make sure it’s not coincidence but after eating I have a migraine and my friend always end up having a running nose. I wonder why?


The variety is really impressive. Seafood, pizza, French fries, fresh fruit, salmon, roast beef, shrimp Alfredo, all sort of stuff. They even had chocolate fondue. The food quality is pretty solid. Most of the food was fresh. I wasn't a fan of the pizza, but the Alfredo was great. Service was a bit slow. They took their time when refilling my drink and taking my old plates. Overall, it was a good experience and certainly worth the lunch price. I plan to eat here again if I'm ever in the area.


Biggest Chinese buffet - what more do you need?! Amazing selection of food, also have American options for children or the picky! Everything is always kept full, and they have something for everyone. Clean and comfortable seating with plenty of room to fit big crowds. Would highly suggest for any lovers of Chinese food!!

The Ferg family

So many different food not just Chinese but all American food buffet 13 a person not bad for all the food and its really good.

Jordan Tarrios

The food of this location was very delicious. I believe that the price is reasonable. On one of my experiences the hostess sat us down and like usual we went to serve ourselves, when we got back to out table after 5 minutes our server came to tell us that the foor bar was going to close and that he "suggested" we go and get more food, and so we did. 5 minutes later he came and told us "you guy's need to eat faster because we are closing," I asked for a box to go because I had not eaten my food and they were charging me around an extra 10 dollars plus the full dine in check. If they would have said that they were closing that would have been understandable, but they sat us down and told us to eat faster. I have never had this bad experience in my life.

Joni Lepinski

Great for family reunions and children. They really don't mind rice being dropped on the floor! Very nice staff!

Kameron Avery

They serve big dishes and for reasonable rates. very kind staff. I recommend this place.

David Rivard

The best all you can eat sushi

Sara Spears

A favorite of my family, usually busy at dinner time, we pulled into a near empty parking lot to soon find out why. My daughter got sick from the hibachi grill, the obviously new & inexperienced cook barely cooked our food. They kept bringing food out and piling up on top of the older food. The sign over the cooler for the hibachi grill said under construction and when finished this part would be charged separately from the buffet! On a positive note they finally made the mashed potatoes right. We will not be back.

Mariann Beard-Goss

My BFF and I went for an early dinner. Food was very good and usually take pictures of all my food but it was so good I forgot. The wait staff was inconsistent in cleaning our table of plates and providing refills.

D Sunshine

this is a very nice place, love the decorations inside. The food was great, lots of seafood options and the desserts are great!

Michael English

Awsome prices and service.

Nicole Larson

Very nice place and the food is good and the place is clean and bathrooms are plesent

Stephanie Alexander

Good food and pleasant atmosphere great selection of food

Zog Anz

Just got in the door before 5pm on a Saturday and the waiting area is packed. The wait was over an hour. I left. The food must have been good to have a line that long, but not for me not today.

Debra Alto

We gave them 3 times before reviewing.. Overpriced, underseasoned, rude customers, rude servers who demand 25% tips and will stare at you blatantly and question why you didn't give them that tip for taking away stacked plates and you have to actually request for drink refills. Sat/Sun priced at $14.99 a person isn't worth the hassle nor attitude. I love a good teppanyaki grill so I REALLY wanted this to turn out differently. We even asked to speak with manager about the rude servers. All she could say were people were leaving before paying is the reason for someone looking over your shoulder. Prepare yourself to receive the bill before you even think you are ready to leave as if to say, we're trying to turn this table over. I saw many questions about kids pricing. I can't remember the pricing but it by age. 0-2, 3-6, and 7-10 yrs. Also.. if you were one of the people who love the teppanyaki grill, prepare yourself to start paying extra. There was a notice posted saying that the grill needed to be repaired and when renovating was done, the buffet price would remain the same but the grill would be requiring another price on top to buffet to use it.

Anthony Alford

I love eating here the food is good and fresh and clean

Stephen Ababio

Will never go there. Waiter was disrespectful, she told me my tip was not enough and handed it back to me. Horrible first experience. There are better places to go for memorable experience.

Roy Owens

Great place. Fresh food, good prices which was cool. Worth a visit.

Melissa King

I’ve come here a handful of times. Each time the staff watches us eat, they act like there cleaning up and then stand there watching. Very rude, if they are worried about people leaving before paying they should make you pay before your seated. Then they clearly talk about the customers looking and laughing. This was my last time here, the food is great but I’d rather spend more money somewhere else with better service where I’m not harassed trying to enjoy family and food.


A good Chinese buffet. Cheap and filling. Can be a bit loud and unclean though.

Oscar Morales

Wow this place has unlimited options for food. Any asian food like noodles, sushi, protein, veggies, sweets, etc., they have it here. I also love that they use actual ice cream rather than soft serve that other places have. I came here when it was crowded and I can see why many people would come here.

Michelle McGrayor

I always come here and have great service. But today my family and I had the worst service ever. They never came to refill our drinks or never even serve drinks to a few of my family members. The workers rolled their eyes and huddled at the back talking to each other and looked at our table when we asked them to bring drinks to my other family members. Our table had 3 different waiters/waitresses, I lost count after the third. The worst part was when the tall fair skinned asian gal with the short hair cut harassed my family to tip her! And we refused to tip her because my family were not satisfied with the service. She even argued with us, and slammed dishes on our table and she pouted away like a little toddler. We reported this to the supervisor and I hope this problem will be taking care off. I would love to come back and support restaurants/buffet that I love but if I receive this kind of service, I don't think I'll come back again. If you value your customers, then train your staffs to do business the right way.

Leisha Greenlee

Love the teppanyaki chicken. The chocolate fountain is fun. The fish in the pond is fun for kids to see. Food is so good, never been disappointed here.

Donovan Hap

Price a little hi and was expecting the hibachi grill open.. they don't tell you it is closed till after you pay and are was warm not cold which is a plus. General tso was spicy And flavorful.sushi bar was lacking in taste and appeal.. real rating 2.75 but had to round up. Would i recommend....not really there are way better and cheaper within a 15 mile area.

Lone Wander

Good steak... whenever you actually get some medium rare ones.

John Martin

The food is not bad. However you have to wait 40-60 minutes during weekend. Weekend price is $14.99

Paula Stucci

One of the best and biggest we ever been to. So many choices, there is something for everyone.

Ify Waturuocha

Had so much fun here. Food was great. The waiter kept refilling my friend's sweet tea. He must've known it was her birthday.

Snoop Dog

Great food wish we had one in eau claire wi


Very terrible experience the food was decent but the server tried to force me to tip her before we even finished our meals. It became very awkward and uncomfortable for me and my fiancé. We didn’t even get to finish our meal and when we tried to complain to management they basically acted like nothing happened and it didn’t matter. They told us there’s nothing they can do about it. We paid $32 for a buffet and only had one small plate each. I honestly feel robbed.

Brandi Hermanson

GREAT food!!! Dont be nervous of the line when you walk inside it moves VERY fast! Usually only have to wait 5-10 minutes and thats when they are very busy

chee lee

I’ve always loved the place but recently their service is just awful now... I would have to wait 15 to 20 minutes just to get a refill and when that happens I always see about 2-4 workers on their phones. They also don’t wash their cups so be careful when you go because my boyfriend noticed black things floating in his drink, he notified a worker, the work apologized, took his drink back, the worker did something to it but the black thing was still floating around so after that we just got up and left.

Meisha N

The food is decent but the service really poor. I went because they have a fresh Ramen selection; however I was not able to get any Ramen or service because person working that area did not speak any English. The girls at the front desk were rude as well.

Dennis Johnson Jr

Took my family here for Mother's Day The waitress spilled hot soup on my daughter and all over my wife jacket. Because they're too much in a hurry to clean off those tables and get in your way while you're eating dinner I highly recommend that you do not use this place whatsoever So the confrontation that they gave us was $4 off our $100 bill we personally will not ever eat here again.

Anna Reed

Fresh food, great selection there's so much food to chose from. I'd go here over any other buffet in the twin cities.

Nate Rynders

I'm comparing this place to other Chinese buffets. That said... it's a Chinese buffet. Lots of various breaded chicken nuggets with sauce, rice, beef, broccoli and my personal favorite - "Rat on a Stick." (Terriyaki Chicken!) I'm giving them four stars because they have a good "made to order bar." The food from ths line is far better than the typical luke warm buffet line food that you can find at any other Americanized Chinese buffet.

Hons Hardy

Really good, but some time on a slow day the food is not that fresh and a busy day you have to wait long line. I love how they don’t charge you tip.

choua vang

When your waiter doesn't fill your drinks up or take your plates but when the check comes up she sits behind your back to make sure you sign it and if you dont tip her she says you going to tip me? Also made a verbal complaint to the manager who proceeded to clean and not address it. I am in the industry and i only tip people who obviously deserve it and do there job.

Nee Y

On the days it's not busy, the food is old. The days it's busy, you wait long in line. So up to you what you prefer. They have a variety of food though. They also have pho and hibachi. No soft serve ice cream if that's what you like, they have a chocolate fountain, bathrooms could be cleaner, tables could be less sticky. But overall, if you want fast buffet food once seated, then it's not bad.

Maria Salas

It has a HUGE buffet and the food is great. The only downer was they charged $2.00 for my granddaughter who is only 2 years

jennifer cleveland

Food choices are great and includes a drink. But the cleaning staff sit and watch you eat to try an rush you out of there very rude and awkward. They stare u down and talk while sitting in the next booth. They were even sweeping up the floor while we were eating.

Kyle Milhaupt

My 1st time eating there, but I gotta say: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE BUFFET. All you can eat & I'm a big guy so I tend to eat big. Plenty to chose from & nothing skimpy being set out. I'm definitely going to frequent this place

Toby Erickson

I meet with friends this restaurant from time to time! This is my favorite place to dine. I go there routinely. The cooking is just great, the workers are courteous and the price is decent. I like eating in this restaurant over a good dinner.

angela corey

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is appetizing and the stuff is very friendly and cooperative. Whenever we visit this place we have a cheerful time. I recommend this place with pleasure.

jl hatlen linnell

Really good variety of food. The grill makes good stuff to your specifications, and the sushi is always a treat. Salad bar is a bit limited, but there is a wide variety of fried foods, sides, meat and veggie dishes as well. Downsides: during busy rush sometimes things get understocked and a bit messy, and I will also say quality of food (aside from sushi and grill) has varied from one visit to another... But its good food in general!

bill palmer

We went there for lunch 16Apr19. The service was terrible. There was a fight that broke out between the employees. There was around 8 of them yelling and throwing punches. It was both Males and females. Our waitress was involved so we had to wait for all the stuff to stop before we could get our drinks refilled. The fight broke out next to the food area where we needed to go to get the food. Needless to say we had to leave before we were done because it took to long. Not once did a manager say a word.

Deni Johnson

Nice and clean inside and the Food was Delicious

Chanis Davis

They had a swarm of flys flying over their fish pond today. And a worker tried to rush out group out after we paid and tipped them well. This isn't good business.

Theorose Stebbins

We always have a nice variety of foods to choose from and plenty of it. Thanks.

Tyler Rohweder

They claim to be the largest buffet in Minnesota and I am definitely inclined to believe it! They offer standard Chinese food, some American options, sea food, sushi, and also have a grill option where you dish the ingredients and they cook it in front of you. For all fans of Chinese food it is a must try!

Lucia Lo

Delicious selection of foods! Decent pricing. Very busy place.

Nkau Xiong

Today is mother's day -5/12/2019. The waitress who served us had move another table to our table due to so many of us in which my husband had help moved the table as well. At the end my husband had tipped her. After that two waitress back to us attacking and demanding more money from us! The main waitress said she needs the tip because she move the table for us. We paid for the whole meal and even tip! She wanted tip from everyone who paid. The second waitress called us "shame on you!" I never have this kind of experience at all. I love coming here but now will be the very last time!! Most of the time the waitress would stand around the corner and peek at you eating and expecting a tip. We give tip but they demand more money! The owner needs to train their employees better or else they will lose more customers!!! Customer are NOT OBLIGATED to pay tip!! I've read most comments and it's most related to the employees demanding for tips! Dissapointing.

Chaimaa Ezzaid

Worst service anyone could get at a family friendly restaurant, rude staff with a very rude manger. Very ignorant behavior definitely don’t recommend eating there and giving your money to a group of disrespectful people.

Jeanetta Brackins

It's not as good as it used to be. Edit: 1. "We always have fresh delicious options" this is a lie. You're buffet was covered in flies at one point, I'm glad you fixed it though. I didn't get refunded or compensated for that. 2. "but we'd love another chance to show you that we haven't changed a bit" You literally are going through changes right now. How ridiculous is this response? I wasn't complaining about this but you are changing the prices of your hibachi. Something I LOVED. Try harder in showing you care about your customer and their reviews. Your responsive on most of these reviews are defensive and didnt try to solve any sort of issues/take feedback whatsoever. Response: "Jeanetta, we're very disappointed that you feel that way. We can assure you that we're the same great buffet you know and love. We always have fresh, delicious options for you whenever you come in, and we want to make sure you leave full and happy. We're not sure what happened during your last visit, but we'd love another chance to show you that we haven't changed a bit. -The Teppanyaki Team"

chuyee vang

Was demanded tip when service was bad. I told him I'm not obligated to put tip if service was bad. Waiter got mad and storm off. Really unprofessional. I would had given tip if service was better.

Joane Gerken

Really great service, awesome selections that were never allowed to run out. Very clean and well kept, employees take pride in their restaurant and it shows

Barry Vang

I wish there was a big ZERO on a specific category for this buffet: tipping! I love coming to this buffet with my family, but when it comes down to tipping, the servers ALWAYS DEMAND for more money. This hasn’t happened to me once but almost every single time I come. Your servers have no right to come demand for more. When I give tip, I give it based on your service not based on your DEMANDS. You guys should feel shameful of demanding customers for more tip! You want more tip, you give your TOP level service! Don’t let people wait and wait for service and in the end expect and demand for money! And sure, we completely understand that tip isn’t included, but again, that goes along the line, DON’ T COME BACK AND ASK FOR MORE because you get what you serviced!


I have been to my fair share of buffets and this place was awful. After driving by many times we finally gave it a shot. The sushi was not fresh and no labels showing what you were grabbing. Most of the other items had been sitting around and did not taste fresh. The hibachi was shut down so missed out on that. My wife barely ate anything and when she went to get ice cream the containers were empty. You couldn't pay me to eat there again! On top of that ended up feeling sick to my stomach the following day.

Justin Jordan

Get ready for a mob style shake down when you leave! My cousin and I ate here tonight and the food was fine. Then the bill came and the server hovered around the table until we paid. Then upon bringing the receipt, he stood there waiting for the check to be signed. We quickly realized that he was waiting to be tipped, which we always do very generously. In fact, we had fully intended to tip the guy, but he was being forceful and extraordinarily rude about it, so as my cousin signed for the bill, he left the tip line blank. This was completely warranted given the man's behavior. The server then doubled down on his rudeness actually pointing to the tip line and then insisting on cash. My cousin refused, so the man stood there, blocking him from leaving. Already standing, I piped up and asked, "Is there a problem here?" I was honestly afraid we were going to have to physically fight our way out of the restaurant. The man sighed heavily and begrudgingly moved aside after a long moment of tense, awkward silence. We left shocked at the experience and will never go back. There was no good reason for his behavior. We were polite and orderly, even stacking plates when they were empty. We gave no reason for him to be so insistent. It could only have been due to his entitlement. As my cousin thoughtfully pointed out on our drive home, this shakedown tactic has likely worked for him in the past. We're grown men and even we felt threatened. Imagine him doing this to an elderly person or a petite young girl! They'd feel completely unsafe and probably would comply simply out of fear. Absolutely devastating if this has ever been the case! I should add that I've seen servers at this establishment do things like this before, but not to such a degree. However, this attitude and behavior is evidently common among the servers. I'd sincerely recommend going somewhere else the next time you decide to eat out!

Brenden dvorak

Fresh sushi, hibachi grill, tons of buffet options and the chocolate fountain at the desert bar is a favorite of many!

Kim Wasiluk

My family was very excited to try this buffet, especially the hibachi grill. We drove from Woodbury instead of going to our favorite buffet here and were very disappointed to see the hibachi was closed. They of course charged full price for the buffet. We came at prime lunch time and all of the food that I selected was luke warm at best. Cream puffs were cold, battered chicken was luke warm and overcooked, fried rice was yellow and flavorless, pho was bland and the noodles tasted like grease. Seems like alot of choices but very sub-par. Our server was tentative and we left him a very generous tip. I will, however, not be back. If Hibachi is closed for remodeling that should be stayed on website or Google or a discount should be offered.

Jay Ham

Was good but greasy.. and the girl waiter was kind of a brat. Otherwise buffet was crazy


American and Asian buffet together. American food was bland, undercooked, or overcooked. The Asian food was a tiny bit better but they have nothing labeled. So people with allergies would never know what they were eating. We asked what some of the sushi was and the chef said he could not say. The host was rude and partially racist to us. The server was probably the best thing about this place. Thank god for her

Nelson Mak

Good Asian food, reasonable price.

Kaitlyn Thompson

Definitely one of the better times I've been there. Food was fresh and timely stocked.

Teresa Nelson

I have a sea food allergy. I realize that I run the risk of exposure at a buffet. That being said, the fried foods all tasted fishy. There is a lot of cross contamination going on. I am lucky to not have had an allergic reaction, but the next person may not be as fortunate. I brought it to the managers attention and his response was to discount my meal by $3.00. He didn't seem to be concerned about my or anyone else's health. I wasn't looking for a free meal, which is kind of how I was treated. So beware, if you have food allergies, try having a meal somewhere else! I know that I will.

Blong Lor

To be completely honest. The food was very bland and not very satisfying. A lot of the food was completely full of grease and some were even watered down which made the experience awful. I've never seen a waiter beg for a tip until I have gone to this buffet. Complete garbage customer service and food. I don't recommend this garbage place at all.

Leen Alsamman

Favorite place on earth! Love the food ! The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because of the waitresses behavior and attitude! They are rude..

Julio Lopez

Service was bad. The waiters couldn't count how many people where paying we told them there was 8 of us. They kept sending people over to check how many where in the group. After the 5 time we told them 5 adult 3 kids there a total of 8. Kept asking how old the kids where kept telling them there ages and when it came to the bill they wouldn't let us go because we all paid separate bills, and didn't leave a tip. They kept asking where the tip till we told them. If you have to ask for one that's sad. The service and experience was just bad.

priscila rivera

This is the kind of place that makes me wish google had the option to rate zero stars. They were extremely rude. Service was awful. Do NOT waste your money in this place. I will never go here again and I'll tell everyone I know to never go to this place.

Fes Works

Very wide variety of asian foods! Even a chocolate fountain was there! Parents should be looking after their kids more though. Decor was actually very nice, clean. Koi pond in the front as well! Very cool! Also, the food was good!

loving dove

This place used to be fantastic. Has been going down hill fast. We absolutely will try again. We travel very far to go to your resturant. Hopefully next time its back to normal.

kham yang

Would be nice to get refills whenever running low on our drinks. We literally had to shake the cup so the ice will make noise to get the waitress attention. The crabs took forever to come. But other than that it's ok.

Steve Kallio

Buffet has a lot of good choices. My only complaint was in the sushi bar, there was a very dull kimchi, and the ginger had a musty after taste. Everything else was very tasty. Good wait staff, clean, friendly place.

Night Owl

We come here for our birthday celebrations and they have yet to disappoint.

Bob Heil

Good service. Did not like the food.

D. Grimes

Decent selection, food is pretty standard Chinese buffet quality. Best bet is the "Make your own dishes" area where you bring raw meats, veggies, etc. to a counter and they're cooked for you. Price was $16 for dinner inc. beverage which struck me as a little high. I was there close to closing and they began putting away food before they were actually closed - let your diners finish or change your hours.

zoua yang

The wait for dining in is super long. Although the food was great until it was paying time. The waitress and waiter was super rude. I paid the meal and amount I owed but because of bad customer service of not refilling my water I have every right not to tip. The waitress DEMANDED a $10 tip. I have told her the reasons why I have the right to refuse due to not refilling my water and I have waited patiently even eating all the ice due to being so thirsty. The Male waiter approached and DEMANDED for me to pay up for tip when HE was the one who never refilled my water. He had told me, "I refill right now and you pay tip" I of course ignored him because I already paid! His last comment before I walked away from this issue was, "you no come back, we no refill water!" Thank You, but I sure will take that into consideration and will NOT be returning.

Emily Day

The price is right and food was good. This place is a step above any other Chinese buffets in the area. The price is reasonable for all you can eat with drink included. Sushi, Chinese food, American fare, make your own stir fry, and a chocolate fountain. There can be a wait at peak dinner hours and they do not take reservations for less than 15 people. Location is convenient off the highway and easy to notice from traffic. Bring your appetite and enjoy!

Mai C. Vang

It appears that tipping is a huge issue for this restaurant. We came in with a party of about 15 people. We ate, food was good, but not even 10mins into our meal, we were told to pay at the table before we leave. At the end of our meal, we proceed to pay. Once we paid, we were getting up to leave when one of the servers demanded tip. DEMANDED. He pointed to the table demanding we tip before we could leave. Mind you, we had already tipped when we paid. So I guess, what we tipped was not enough and your servers wanted more money on the table. I have been to plenty of other buffets in the twin cities and have never felt treated so low and rudely. Definitely not coming back. Your business mentions in the reviews that "you want to remind customers that tip is not included in the buffet price", we understand that part. What your establishment does not understand is that tipping is optional based on service. You guys did great until you demanded a tip. I will not tip you when you demand to be tipped. It is RUDE. Continue to demand tips and I guarantee you, you will lose more customers.

Pa Lee

I went here today with my friends and we were enjoying our meal. About 30 minutes later, they gave us the bill and STOOD there waiting for us to pay when we were obviously not done eating yet. We said we were still eating and they continued standing there so we just decided to pay and THEN continue our meal. One of the waitress’ asked my friend where was the tip because he paid with a card and he responded that he was going to leave tip on the table. But due to that situation of her demanding tip, he decided he wasn’t going to tip. We were all thrown off and didn’t want to stay any longer. They CONTINUED to stand there and ask us for tip which we were going to leave anyways. We decided to leave without even fully enjoying our meal and they gathered our stuff rapidly and gossiped next to us. I don’t want to come back ever again.

Miguel Rodriguez

It was a nice place to dine in. They have put a 2 hour limit for dining in! After 2 and 1/2 hours they will charge you a fee if you consume food or not during your visit!

Najeem Baysudee

Excellent buffet selection at a decent price. Service was also great!

Joseph Hill

Take out a bit pricey for sushi. But good.


I always enjoy coming here to eat variety of seafood. Though the wait time to enter maybe long cos a lot of people come here so there’s always a queue.

Tom Pielow

Decided to remove the hot grill from the buffet and make it an extra fee. Effectively already making an expensive to almost a 50% price increase.

Tim Sireno

The selection ia bland and NEVER changes. and they need to clean more.

Orlando Soto

The food and the atmosphere was great but they expect payment while your eating you cant enjoy your meal I took my wallet out to check on something then the waiter was there asking if I'm gonna pay now pay me tip. DAMN they have to be pushy waiters demanding tips. Every other buffet I went to with my family dont demand tips I give tips cause of good service. This place will not let you leave without paying a tip for a buffet that I get up to get my own food Golden Corral doesnt neither does Old Country Buffet cause they earn there tips dont push me and my family out the door it's not like it's an Applebees. We came to eat and socialize to take out the tip eliminate all the hassle and bs put the pop dispensers out along with the food. Just like I can get up to get my food I can get my drink to avoid tipping.

Carolyn Dahlen

Wonderful staff great variety of food.Good location

Joe Lucas

Wasnt really worth the price to be honest


Excellent food spacious and lot's of variety! Go again-lots more.


Hands down the South Minneapolis location is way better. Fresh food, okay service.

abbas mazhari

We find a plastic piece on the sushi, can you imagine if kids will eat that.and grill it’s not working for months, food quality is so bad

Teresa Chrissinger

Great ace to medt your friends. Great lunch.

Lucas Lee

Me and my coworkers had a great time. The food and environment was great, the ice cream had a variety of flavors and toppings which I was very surprised and excited about. I gave this a 4 star rating mainly because our drinks weren't being refilled regularly and we had to ask for refills throughout but it was understandable for me because there were about 20 of us and it was also a busy night.

Lucas Kosek

The food was good and the service was great. My only issue is that the servers would hover over you when you pay for your order.

Kelly Xaypannha

food n staff are always friendly

Charles Winning

This is definitely my favorite Chinese buffet in the cities. There is a huge variety of Chinese'ish and American food. Only four stars because of two issues. Their mashed potatoes are always soupy. There's an odd fish smell when you walk in the door. It goes away a few feet into the restaurant.

rj Hill

This restaurant at first sight appears to be a great spot to take your family to enjoy a great meal and celebrate special occasions. Me and 10 members of my family went there today to celebrate my grandsons 16 year birthday. First we had to wait a very long time before we were seated, we never rushed or complained to anyone about having to wait. Food was ok , nothing to brag about. It's a lot ,but nothing compared to Golden Corral. The waiter bought the check while we were still eating. We made a great great mistake by paying the bill and giving the waiter a generous tip before we had finished eating. If you are planning on visiting this restaurant please learn from our mistake. Don't Pay Them Until You Finish Eating. After you have paid them they will not refresh your drinks but what they will do is come over and pressure you to leave. Remember, that's after you have paid your bill and left a generous tip. This is one restaurant I will never go to again. I'm so happy that Minnesota have so many great palaces to Dine in. It seems to me they are more about getting your money than giving you great service. A customer lost forever. Also: As my family was leaving they noticed all the nats flying over the fish pond and wondered if they were also getting into the food. This place is very nasty, especially the ice cream area. I really feeling sick and will not be back. RJ's wife.

Kylee Black

Food was good. There was a big variety for food. Exept desert variety didn't impress me.

Shannon Detlefsen

HUGE selection! Smells funky when you walk in, I'm assuming because of the koi fuah near the door. If you get past that, food was overall decent, lots of options for kids.

Brittany Zachman

Soup station, hibachi grill, and a great hot buffet. Three adults and one child only cost about 40 for a lunch buffet! Super reasonable and food was amazing. I had octopus and clams!

Mindy Thorson

This place is always stupid busy. They got rid of the hibachi grill, which takes away half of its appeal. The website says they are adding it back, but it won't be part of the buffet price anymore. Overall, there are decent options.... but prepare to wait.

Kou L Vang

Wished the servers don't come running around to ask for tips. It's on the table, just look. Smh. Overall, food was good.

jedediah dake

I am honestly and a toss-up with this any Buffet has just a taste or a consistency that is typically Buffet but they have a lot of options so

A 9

I have been going here for 2 years and came very often when lunch was around 8$ before it included beverages. It was a nice option to try foods out on my child without having to waste huge amounts of cooking it myself. The teppanyaki chicken, veggie egg rolls, cream cheese wontons, baked chicken and jello are my absolute favorites. Their sushi is actually extremely high quality for a buffet. The sushi alone is worth the buffet. They have the best jello that has a layer of condensed milk and is a toddler favorite! Their chocolate mousse like cake is also amazing and tastes like tiramisu (sometimes they have strawberry as well) the rest of the desserts are ok, a bit dry for options, but they have a chocolate fountain and bucket style ice cream with great toppings (not cheap soft serve with thin, liquidy syrups) I will say though, the tip issue and servers not refilling drinks is a serious issue. I never spoke up about lack of refilling drinks, even water, and also tipped by buffet standards (not as much as a sit down full service restaurant, but very decent) and there was one time I needed change for 10$ bill. The female server asked if I wanted change, which I said yes.... but she never brought it back and waited close by to clear the table. My partner then asked if she was bringing change back and she totally changed her demeaner. She came back and didn't say a word, then smacked the change back. I still left a 5$ tip but to think she expected a 10$ tip on 24$ bill with not exceptional service is a bit much. That's a 20% tip on a 65$ bill. We've been uncomfortable to go back since, fearing we would be remembered and hated by the servers.

Yanna Thierstein

Food was great. However, after paying, and not leaving tip on the card, (we weren't finished yet). The server comes to us and says that a tip wasn't charged and proceeses to ask for her tip and stood next to our table. This was VERY RUDE. I ended up leaving the $5 bill for the tip I had planned to leave anyways. I really shouldn't have. I put it under the tray on the table and after we got up she muttered something until she lifted the tray that revealed the $5 bill. This was incredibly rude of her. I work in an industry that relies on tips so I get it. But that was ridiculous.

Annabela Mazurek

Large selection of food. Staff surpringly keep up with the large volume of people at all times. I have never been there and it's not busy. They stock food regularly. Food is yummy and love bringing my 3 year old to see the fish too!

Ii Oo

Lots of options but all low quality. Worst service- no refills of drinks, waitress drops my utensils on the floor and just puts it back on the table but then demands a big tip?

Sara Florek

Where are the old cooks before the remodel of the hibachi grill?! Inexperienced cooks! Didnt even know how to make our food. Complained and asked for a manager, and they said they didnt have one?!????? Finally found someone to Express my concerns and all she said was "This is a grill just throw it out and grab more food" UMM again not experienced cooks?! Why would I go get more?!!? I wouldn't give this even a star anymore. We were regular customers before this remodel.

subaru [RATED]

Felt like they saved some cooked seafood from the day before and just reheated it for dinner. It's was obviously not fresh.


Each time I eat here I have a great experience. It's always so clean, and the staff are very speedy. The food is fresh and hot. Also did I mention they have a chocolate fountain? ♥️ Shout-out to Mike

denise F

Food had good selection was average taste for a buffet. Was busy and people were very pushy. Fish pond had tons of small gnats flying around plants on wall. Wait staff was okay, offered refill x 1 only. Will not be back though because of cashier, very pushy and out of line arguing and demanding how much I should pay for a tip, pushing for a 20% tip.

Janel Coffman

Great food! Lots of choices. The sushi and other seafood is really good. We like the salmon, crab and shrimp to name a few. We also like the fresh fruit and the stir fry with lots of veggies. The people are very friendly and it’s fun with the indoor pond and fish.

Chue Vang

One of the better buffet still around even if is a little more on the expensive side compared to it's competitor. But, for a couple dollar more, you get a whole lot more selection. So it's worth it.

Nicole Dreamcaster

I became very sick after eating here. I never ever get sick. I ate a lost of sushi, and noodle salads. After going home and puking everything up I felt much better. Also our waitress was rude and our bill on the table when we weren’t even close to done. We were never offered drink refills. Some of the food was really stale and flavorless. This was our first and last time eating here for sure. Not worth the food poisoning.

Ashley Yang

Decent buffet, that being said I love all Chinese food the same. However, when I came here with a celebratory party and tried to leave, we were immediately demanded to tip. On our receipt we had the option to pay 10%, 15% or 20% yet the waitresses demanded nothing less than 20%. We wanted to pay 15% initially, but the waitress insisted that it wasn’t enough. The manager offered no relief on our behalf, she simply encouraged the payment of the 20% tip. Honestly, if we could have got up and left I would have. Tipping although expected, IS OPTIONAL AND UP TO THE CUSTOMER! (Especially for how their service wasn’t anything superb. They stood around for most of the time anyways. I mean, it’s a freakin’ self serve buffet for crying out loud.) The waiters must either be really underpaid or really greedy to want to pocket so much. I would definitely not recommend unless you enjoy being bombarded and practically begged for tips. *By the way, you get your best tips when you don’t ask for it.

Avionna Anderson

The food is absoulety amazing plus its a buffet

Dan Herrick

Never go here. Spent 100.00 and then I'm told I must leave a tip for clearing off plates they are paid to do. Why would I pay twice? They didn't serve me. They did nothing but clear plates. But yet forced to leave a tip.

tevin till

A buffet is a Buffett plenty of room with a relaxing atomsphere

Mikhail Kuksenko

Probably the best selection of Asian food there. Kids price is excessive in my opinion. Some seafood and fruit is often of not good quality. I would give it 4 and a half stars if i could.

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