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REVIEWS OF Tavial Grill IN Minnesota

Jeff Perry

Good food, prices decent. Not much ambiance so we always get food to go

Josephine Walsh

After the first visit I tried the the chicken burrito and have only ordered that since as it's consistently so good (have ordered it a half dozen times at least now). It's put together really well, and the seasoning they use makes for a magical mouth experience within each bite. It's also very generous with serving size and you get a handful of chips, the combination is more than enough to fill you up.

Padraic McGuire

Really nice place. Got a couple of tacos. Pastor and Carnitas. Both excellent. The staff are very friendly and the place is clean.

Shelby Edwards

Yum! Neighborhood place and always great. Their in-house made salsa's are a must.

David Gogins

Great food and service. I ordered the xangos OMG they are awesome! I will be back

Dusty Thune

Amazing food, friendly staff, quick service, perfect dinner experience.

Jana Woodman

Ok. The food here is good and the two home made hot sauces are great. One major detail that ruins this place: the neighborhood. On the way in, I passed two teens next to the door smoking weed right out in the open facing West 7th. I went to the bathroom right away and opened the door to a woman snorting something off of the freezer. You know, the freezer in the bathroom, of course. This wasn't the first time I saw shady activity here. It seems the management of this place doesn't control or care about the activity on their property. I'm sure it isn't easy to police all of their clientele, being that they are located on the lousy street of West 7th. No one really cares about what happens on the typical street in St. Paul, including police. This city continues to go downhill... and it never was respectable to begin with. Fortunately I don't spend much time in the armpit of the metro area. It's too bad that this restaurant isn't: 1. Located anywhere else, or 2. managed by people who care to control the slimy activity taking place on their property.

Brendan Chlebeck

Great food that’s priced right. Family owned and operated with terrific customer service. I’ve been working my way through the menu since I first discovered Tavial and everything has been delicious. Plus, they have the BEST horchata! My only complaint is that they don’t stay open later. If you’re looking for great tasting authentic Mexican food this is the place.

baughn gintherns

One of the best spanish restaurants in the Twin Cities hands-down. The service is spot-on and the taste and portion sizes were amazing.

Brett Lebreck

Try the Pastor (Pineapple pork) delicious!!

Matthew Heidt

I've been to this place a lot over the past year. The food is great and the portion sizes were a lot bigger than I expected. The service is great , everyone is really friendly. This place is an awesome find and you owe it to yourself to try it.

Casey Trahan

Did not care for the food.

Mike Heitzig

Fantastic food, great prices. Try the Choriqueso!

Jake S

Hands down best mexican food in st. paul.

Stephen Schmitz

Decent mexican food at a reasonable price


Tavial grill does it right. The food and service is great. They are always polite and happy to welcome you in. They take pride in their restaurant and it shows. Have never had a bad meal since they have opened. Keep up the great food and service. Look forward to trying more menu items.

Lavi Yatziv

Authentic atmosphere and delicious food. I don't know what spice they're putting on the fries. But they are fantastic.

Martha Gingras

We had their tamales. The owner let us know that they were made just that day. Oh man... they had to be his mom's or grandmother's recipe because they were the best. Just the right filling amount and so so moist. No sauce needed and they melted in your mouth. The burritos are so good and the tacos looked amazing. Real deal! And we will be back. (Plus we took two chicken tamales home for tomorrow's lunch. That good!)

doggo asmr

Good food :)

Dan Kokkila

Excellent food. We eat hear quite often and its always good and the prices are good.

Jonathan Wilson

Pretty good Mexican food. The ingredients were decent and service was prompt. Interior is sparse, mainly used as a waiting area. Could improve with fresher ingredients and an updated interior.

Brian Numainville

Excellent value, authentic tasty food and warm inviting service. The tacos are fabulous..especially the pork and pineapple. And use the green sauce!

Adam Sager

Great little authentic Mexican joint! We had the carne asada taco, the cabeza taco, chicken nachos, and a kids quesadilla. All were wonderful. Can't wait to go back and try more.

Amy Chouanard

Great food,nice staff,good price and fast service.

Joe Beaudet

Awesome food! As close to authentic in st Paul that you can get. Very yeah asada tacos! Always come here. No questions asked

Jorden Hoflock

Great little hole I the wall kind of place good food

David Pendleton

Some of the best tacos in Saint Paul. Family run and friendly.

Rebekah Moffett

Really good Mexican counter service restaurant. Beef quesadilla was delicious...salsa with chips was a really fabulous pico de gallo. The Galaxy cake is amazing.

Rebekah Doyle

Great for a quick meal and food is top notch.

Nathaniel Jones

This is my happy place. The staff is genuine and menu is delicious.

Karina Lopez

Nachos are BOMB


My favorite local casual restaurant. Everything I’ve tried is fantastic— quality ingredients, well cooked, well seasoned, and generously portioned. My favorites are the asada nachos, chicken enchiladas, and anything with the pastor. Plus, the owners and employees are very kind, courteous and efficient.

Joe Kokonovitz

Salsa is not at all chucky otherwise good food.

Salvador Cisneros

Great music! Great food!

Mike Kirwin

Tacos are excellent

mike multz

I had some pretty decent Mexican food there

Claire Wiklund

Best burritos in St. Paul hands down. Great, quick place to stop in for lunch.

Charlie Detviler

This is our go-to takeout. If you're looking for cheap, delicious food, this is the place.

Zach Thompson

Great customer service and even better food, everything on the menu is bomb

Olivia Charette

Amazing food! Will definitely be coming back next time I'm in St.Paul

Mike Tapio

Food was good and quick. The green sauce was the right spice and flavor too.

Kevin Stocks

Pastor was too sweet for me, and don't care for the flavor of the rice. Also, lots of unmelted cheese on many of their dishes, including nachos. Torta bread is killer. Convenient to work, so I'll go back. Owner is super nice.


This is a gem hidden in plain sight. Great food. I could go just for the chips

Jane Koster

Food good but pricey.

Ellery J

There are a number of taco houses in the twin cities and most bland down and over salt food for Minnesotans taste. This family joint is one of two I return to because it does neither. The meats are cooked well, never over cooked . The tacos are never over stuffed with the veggies. The get four stars instead on 5 because the beans taste like canned. While it is common to use canned beans even in high end places. I wish they would take the time to do scratch. I prefer the chicken and tongue but get the steak with rice and beans. If you go in the afternoon you will some of the kids looking over the father's shoulder. I have seen a pro hockey player on the way to the X stop in.

Ashley Weed

Great local, family run Mexican food! Orders are served up quickly, even when it's busy. They also came through when I needed a last minute catering order. The food is so good! I love the enchiladas and tamales!

Eric Johnson

Tacos are excellent!

Ale xox Bella

The taco need more season, there's just no taste.... The salsa to can use more work... Miss restaurant Paisano's on Payne ave .. they made everything fresh in the front of you. . Well the guacamole and salsa and etc., Obviously the food is made in the back... But loved the atmosphere there...

Michael Lee

The staff was great, good humored. fast service, clean work space.

Kevin Skerrett

Great place!!

daniel mattes

Great little taco (and more!) shop! Everything is delicious and tastes fresh. Food comes quickly and is worth every cent!

Jax Zimmermann

Always, always, always good food! Can be greasy sometimes but let's be real it just makes it better. Tried a little of everything. Burritos are the size of your head, quesadillas to die for, & man good tamales! A must try!

Zoee Walker

I love this restaurant so much! My favorite thing to get is their chicken enchiladas, which comes with rice and beans. The service here is always amazing and always correct. 100% recommend.

Shannon Collins

Honestly, the tacos were trash. The meat was under seasoned, and it gave me freaking food poison after. I will not be going back, and now I'm scared to try anymore tacos from St. Paul bc of them. Disgusting.

Heidi Clyne Farnham

Absolutely great soft tacos. Yummy fresh tortillas. Carnitas was good. They did say the sauces were hot; they must have thought I have an MN palate. They were quite tasty. I'll ask for extra hot next time. Meet someone who is a regular and he was effusive in his praise. I can't wait to go back and try the tamales and enchiladas.


While all of their food is amazing, I HIGHLY recommend ordering the 2 tamales with beans and rice. The tamales are to die for. The tiger cake is also pretty amazing. I've never had a dish from Tavial Grill that I didn't absolutely love. The prices are reasonable as well. Give em a chance and you will not be disappointed.

kevin Lariva

Very flavorful carnitas

Robert Hancock

Authentic Mexican cuisine that is fantastic. Some of the best tacos in the twin cities

Noah Logsdon

Simply fantastic. One of the better Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities. And they're fast!

Chris George

Decent food in a no muss no fuss counter style joint, but extra points for the drive thru!


I tried 1 steak and 1 carnitas taco with cilantro and limes as well as a chicken quesadilla and they were all top notch! The green bottle of salsa rules!

Henry Landsem

To be honest the isn’t too bad. Very standard is the best way to put it. The best is to small and is a dump. It was a fast food joint at one point so I get the abandoned drive thru. But they have a giant parking lot so they expand the restaurant and try to make a nicer, bigger space. The food is authentic but I find it to be mediocre. Plenty of room for improvement.

Lucas Witt

A great place when you want good food without a long wait. Everything I good, especially From the Grill. Burritos will fill you up. Guacamole has a lot of cilantro, which makes me skip it. In my opinion, not quite as good as El Burrito Mercado in West St Paul, but a very solid neighborhood choice.

Mike Wickmann

Some of the best flavored Mexican food in St. Paul.

Priya Melander

One of my favorite places for authentic Mexican. Very fresh and mouthwatering deliciousness! Try their steak tacos with green salsa.

Howard Simms

The Tavial Grill is a great location for a quick lunch. I had their Chicken Green Chile Tamal and a Chicken Tinga Taco. I highly recommend both of these items. I hope you stop by and visit, because I would really like to see this restaurant succeed.

David Wallinga

Terrible. No flavor. Overpriced. Don’t bother.

Aaron Burnett

Awesome, authentic Mexican food! Super kid friendly too!

Scott Johnston

Great food. Too expensive for me on a fixed income. But worth it

Chaunce Stanton

Great family-run place with homemade horchada. Love their burritos!


THE most charming, wonderful neighborhood restaurant. The owner is a kind family man. Every time I'm in there he compliments my beautiful family. The food is absolutely top notch and the restaurant is spotless. All of the employees are clearly dedicated to their job and not one has ever let me down. It's clear that they all love the owner as much as we do. I can't recommend this place enough.


They closed a half hour earlier than their website says, but the food is fantastic.

Jordan Mlodzik

Been here 4 times or so.... delicious everytime.. should be busier then it is.

Ethan Meyer

Authentic Hispanic food with quick, friendly service. Price is worth it for the quality of food you get. DELICIOUS!

Jenna Crowe

Looking for a great place to eat while we were in town. This one was highly rated and for good reason. Friendly staff and fantastic food. Got the fajitas, chips and salsa. Hands down the best fresh salsa I've ever had.

Rebecca Green

Excellent food and fast service. Went with a large party of family and friends. Everyone found something that they liked on the menu and the food came out quickly.

T Walker

They have the best Authentic Mexican food in the Twin cities!

Dale Wiggins

Hubba hubba

Jen Ario

Short wait for an inline order. Friendly staff.. authentic food.

Bill Quick

Great Mexican food.

Malena Marschinke

Fantastic food and service!!

Dsteurer Lahr

Great authentic Mexican food

Kayla McDonald

Everything is delicious here! I love the chicken tamales with salsa verde. Fast, friendly, clean.

Nellie Goodwin

Tasty Mexican food. I recommend the chimichanga, spiced well and not too heavy. But every dish I've had here has been excellent. It's a casual atmosphere with counter service. Plenty of parking. The staff is extremely friendly and often gives us food recommendations that never steers us wrong.

Sylvia Carrillo

Food is great, cashier could be more warm and know the menu better.

Talia Bawa

This place is awesome! I love their enchiladas and tamales, you should definitely consider coming!

Leonard Addison

I was craving Mexican food so I googled good locations and this was one of many that popped up that I had never been to. Service was fast, the employees were nice and the food was great. Tavial Grill has just replaced Morelos as my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Twin Cities. Try their chicken or pork tamales and the Al Pastor tacos with great griddled corn tortillas that had a fresh taste. Try their homemade horchata as well it was really good probably the best tasting I’ve had so far. Completely satisfied

Heather Friedli-Ratzlaff

The food is good! The indoor seating is not so great. We usually take everything to go.

Raven LeMarque

As a former resident of north Texas and Arizona, I feel it's safe to say that you'll have a hard time finding a more authentic Mexican cafe this far north of the border. The food was incredible and the service was fast and friendly. I would definitely recommend eating here and I'll be back!

Brandon Helm

Ordered chicken quesadilla and there was honestly more sliced onion than chicken. Food here is really good but they need to put less onion in their shredded chicken and stop screwing customers over on something that is lacking the main ingredient

Philip Kelley

Pretty quick service. Great food. I had a chicken tinga taco and a steak asada burrito and both were excellent. Definitely check it out if you want authentic Mexican and are in the neighborhood.


Great food for the money, very quick service, friendly staff, will definitely go back.

Rachel LaVallie

Good food is hard to come by when looking for a place to eat. Tavial Grill is definitely one of my favorites! I get the chicken tinga tacos with rice and it's amazing and authentic. Definitely made with lots of love❤

David Speidel

Great food, fast and polite service at reasonable prices. I would recommend!

Heidi Eskeli

Authentic Mexican food. Definitely comfort food. Quick and friendly service.


Just like my grandma use to make

Eric Foss

Our favorite Mexican food in town. El Pastor for dayz.

Monty Zavadil

Love the taco's. Super nice people

Kong Vang

The people working there are kind and welcoming. Because I love food, especially tacos, I have high expectations. I couldn't give this place five stars. The fish tacos was like a frozen fish fillet tender from your local grocery frozen food section. It didnt have any flavor, the breading/fried batter overpowered the fish. There was no special sauce to go with the fish taco. I also ordered the buche(pork stomach) tacos. I expected the soft texture of the meat, but I was also hoping it to be pan fried for some crispyness; there was none. The fillings portions are the same as many other restaurants. The fries were terrible, don't order them. The food was okay, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

Rebecca March

Love Tavial! Great food and great service. Best refried beans in town.

Joel Ebbers

Love this place. Everyone is super friendly. Tacos are awesome and the burritos are gigantic! My go to lunch spot

Justine Van Sickle

Best Mexican food in st paul

VibeZ OnVibeZ

Kinda fell off since the owner Got deported fuck trump and free Eric's dad

Ken Keate

Great food, always. I love that they have horchata.

Jake Kelley

Really great food. Went with my dad and had the tamale plate with beans and rice. Wow it was nice. The hot sauce was unlike anything I've ever had before and was really nice. The place was clean and the staff was great.

Maggie Casale

This place feels very authentic walking in. You see options on the menu for tongue and cheek and there's pictures in case you're unfamiliar with the food. My cheek quesadilla was awesome! The only thing missing was a margarita :D

Ashley Chavez

Love their food prices are good and staff is very nice

Bambi Koch

I had chicken enchiladas and chicken quesadillas. They were amazing! Very flavorful!

Veronica Marchan

Excellent! What a hidden gem

amy mc

Delicious, fast, fresh. I like the tostadas and the chicken tinga tacos

Terri Messelt

Amazing food! Really fantastic place. It may not look like much, but the food will convince you otherwise. And the owners are always so kind and welcoming!

Brian and Georgia Nins

Best authentic Mexican food PERIOD! We love the owners. Taco Time!

Kate Bee

Priced right, fast and great taste! Hard to go wrong here with the tacos. Also loved my nachos.

Glenn Brown

Love this place. best service. Wonderfully fresh food every single time.

Mike Pilgrim


Tim McHugh

The hidden gem on West 7th! Super fresh and authentic, family-run restaurant. Takeout is quick, and catering is an option.


Two chimichanga meals & two pops for LUNCH on a Wednesday, was $31.28. The food was good but not for that price, for me anyway.

Dave Combs

Excellent food. Friendly and helpful servers!

Jake Twaddle

Quality Mexican food extremely fast. Good prices, huge burritos

Kelley Nemec

Fantastic food! The burritos are better than Chipotle! The chips and guac are really good too. The service has been excellent as well. I've ordered around 10 burritos a couple times for delivery and they've gotten everything right and delivery was on time. I try to eat here once a month for some high quality, fast casual Mexican food. I would highly recommend!

Austin Holik

Seriously great food.

Nicole Feest

Favorite street tacos in Saint Paul! Their guacamole is some of the best in the Twin Cities!

Forrest Rhoads

Wonderful, carefully prepared Mexican food. Highly recommend. A gem!

James Pham

Delicious and authentic Mexican staples! They always put the right amount of kick and spice. Food is well worth the average $7 entrees. Interior seating is small to medium and usually clean with pleasant music. The only thing that makes it short of 5 stars is that the counter service could use a boost in friendliness. Regardless, it's my go to in the West End.

Karl Stumpfa

Authentic, quality food with a drive-thru atmosphere

Mirna Delgadillo

Great food and service

Andrea Booker

Best tacos! I recommend the beef tongue and carnitas. I only went to this restaurant from the 5 star reviews on multiple sites. 3 words: get green sauce. Hole in the wall place, that I absolutely adore! $2.50 for each taco!

Matt Silver

Supposed to be open until 9. Got there at 8:30p on a Saturday in July and they were closed for no apparent reason. Not a good way to do business. Too bad, because I like their food. Probably why it’s so disappointing.

Priscilla P

Thank you for your great service!!

Stephen Collins

Best tacos I've had in the twin cities

Tessa Kino

So flavorful! My favorite place to get tacos.

Arion Lee

Watch your credit card receipts. I went there today for lunch. After paying with my credit card, the counter girl told me that I "Didn't need to sign my receipt". I have always signed my receipts there. When I got home I realized that my card was charged an extra $2. I went back to see my actual receipt in person and they "couldn't find it". It's not about the's broken trust.

Michael Dougherty

Love this place, family ran, great food!

Frank Vorlicky

Great food, awesome people, quick service

Greg Towne

Tinga chicken was very good. Nice people on staff.

Maggie Hathaway

Fast service, delicious food at an affordable price. Portions are as-expected, large menu with a variety of food options. Staff is courteous and answers any questions happily. Great for take-out!

Tammy Watkins-Kelly

Great food and great service

Joel Van Horn

I go here 2-3 times a week and it is great.

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