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2000 Williams Dr #105, Burnsville, MN 55337

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REVIEWS OF Taqueria La Hacienda IN Minnesota

Live Life Exotic

Fire!! For all my SoCali folk- this Al Pastor is ver similar to TJ tacos! They got the rotisserie and everything. Horchata on point too. Will be back again.

Mike Suter

Great little gem that has wonderful street style tacos. Not to spicy if you have a more delicate Minnesotan palette. About 5-6 wait from order to food.

Rip N.

At $2.00 a taco, you cant beat the quality, price, and service you get here. It was a busy Friday night but the timing was reasonable and worth the little wait. They have the best pickled carrots and the Jamica was made to perfection. Love this place and will definitely be going again.

Melissa Miller

Good food, higher prices and not particularly fast. However food is fresh and made to order. Careful when modifying to order (i.e. no pico) as it often comes regardless. I am ok with picking unwanted items off but not very appetizing for those with me or should you have allergies.

Aronda Reichelle

Love coming here and so glad they are close! They have really great food! One of the first places I've had that has tacos close to home (Cali) and I that's saying a lot for MN lol

Chris Hoel

Wonderful. Huge variety of tacos. Fast and friendly service. Clean restaurant. And judging by how busy it is, I suspect most people agree!

Graham Wilson

Friendly staff, delicious food. I'm always searching for good authentic mexican food, and let me tell ya, this is it. Recommend the tacos al pastor

Luis Montenegro

Are drunk? Is it Friday? Is it 3:37 AM and everything is closed? Well not here! Their 24/7 hours on special nights has saved myself from starvation quite a few times with their selection of tacos, tortas and horchata. 15/10 place!

John Zanussi

favorite tacos in the city!! the barbacoa melts in your mouth, al pastor has great flavor and the tres leches rivals that of cafe latte! love it.

Richard Tiev

Great authentic tacos

Maria Cvar

Nice service as always

Brandi Kateri

I love this place. Authentic Mexican food. Delicious tacos will be back again and again.

Heather McCourtney

This place is fantastic. I'm a native Texas and this is the kind of stuff I miss from back home.

Sylvia Caskey

Good food and pretty fast service considering how busy they were.

Jude Ghang

Best freaking place ever. No cap.

Karen Sano

The Shrimp Soft Tacos take me back to my FAVORITE Cali-Fresh Sea Food Shrimp Tacos that I have been CRAVING for years and FINALLY found at this Great little Mom & Pop Fresh Mex Neighborhood Restaurant ... So give them a try & Enjoy !! And their chips are pretty great too !!

Ben White

Top notch tacos. These are the real deal. Legit meats. Legit prices. Legit place.

Pronoy Roy

The place has amazing food with low prices that are comparable to fast food restaurants. The corn tortillas were soft, thin, and tasted delicious. The pork was well cooked and the service was quick. It was a delight to eat at such a good place after so long!

Kellie Gillespie

Employees are very friendly and fluent in both Spanish and English. Helpings are huge, and food is very tasty. It might have been a little expensive for our family of 5, but we ended up with lunch and leftovers for dinner!

Kelly Jacobson

This place is amazing. Some of the best authentic tacos you will ever have. The prices are very reasonable, the service is super fast, and the employees are very nice. They also offer military discount. It is becoming a regular spot for me. Highly recommended!!

jose aguilar

Good food but extremely slow to serve a very small order literally 30 minutes waiting for 2 tacos and a burrito....smh ...hope they improve this

joe schmoe

Open 24hrs on the weekend and the food is good

Kayleen Campbell Sanchez

A bit too costly for the quality of the food . no salsa w my steak torta wtfff

David Vazquez

Practice your spanish. You know your mom would be proud. Bangers top to bottom

Sarah Bacon

Best Mexican food I've had in Minnesota.

Guru Venkatesan

Very mildly rude cashier but I'd still give this place 5 stars!

Carmen Rodriguez

Is that there right now that there were at what you made me do you may need this right now that they're back what you

Brice F.

I love the tacos here, they're made the authentic way like they should be by staff who know how to make real Mexican food. It's not too fancy, but it is true and tasty south-of-the-border grub at really great prices.

Jessica Mendez Robles

Great food, good prices

Christoph Durrenmatt

Al pastor and carne asada tacos were excellent. Extremely well priced At $2 per taco. Could use a couple more variations of salsa but otherwise I'll be coming back here often. The torta with milanesa de pollo was good but not the best I've had. Great value though - huge torta for only $10

Javier Ramos

Nice place yo way Mexican food

iliana martinez

Para que tienen telefono si no van a contestar? Why do you have a phone if you're not going to answer it?? Zero stars . Bad service .

Travel Fun For Everyone

One of the best quick taco places around! We will be back again!!

Jose Tamayo

Very rude. I tried to explain him if he could change me one taco that we didn't order in a 10 taco order. He said no.

Ryan P

This is the place to go if you want to get authentic Mexican tacos that taste delicious. They have every type of meat you could want and some you might not unless you're the adventurous type (tripe, beef face, stomach) I've never been there when it wasn't busy as long as they are open there is probably a line but don't worry, it moves quickly and the food is usually ready quickly after you order.

Ismael Aguirre

Food is great. Great taco place. Good atmosphere and fast service. It gets extremely busy late Friday and Saturday nights. The parking lot is somewhat small for busy nights and you'll have to park across the street. The food however makes up for the lack of a good parking space.

Regina Buchanan

Their food is tasty and even better at 3am after a night of drinking.

Jose Gutierrez

I love this place. Great food.

Keith Travers

Like the service very fast and good food

Pamela M

Ten years I have been coming here and for ten years the food has been amazing and the service has been excellent! Thank you!

John Lyons

This place has great authentic food. Every time im in the area I have to stop and get some lengua tacos!

Mandy Fobear

Always great food. And no long waits you get your food pretty quick.

Evan Kerr

The AL Pastor is just one of a kind. So far, my favorite taco place for the price and the quality of taste. Will go again!

Houston hb

Your hours and suggestive services are beyond what you can provide.. I’d rather give zero stars than anything!

Eugene Florentin Popa

Quick lunch next to Speedy gas station Most Mexican food I stop 1 week when in the area We like it...quick service, all fresh Recommend

John O'Sullivan

Great food and service

Lope Xwambalingdwarf

2nd place behind California for Authentic Mexican food.

Sally Anne McShane

Best tacqueria! Definitely try the hibiscus tea. So good!

Latrice Howard

Always satisfied! Delicious and authentic food. No franchise. The seating has a great view. Customers are kind. Nice place to sit with a friend and enjoy a meal. No alcohol is served there. So you have to wait until you get home to drink a brew.

Mike Hunt

Best al pastor I've ever eaten. Can't compliment them enough. Great food great staff. Always a favorite place to go.

Reynaldo Robles

Amaizng food. Street tacos are delicious. I had the large 2 pound torta, mexican sandwich, and that was huge! Perfect in every way. So much meat and sauce. The only problem here is that its hidden behind a few buildings and the parking is very small. So very hard to come in if its busy.

Robin Hood

If you have the chance, try everything on the menu. Seriously, you should strive to enjoy as many items as they have. The tacos al pastor are amazing, the alambres are gooey and cheesy and delicious. The tacos arabes and quesadillas are just right. And if you should so happen to be one of those folks doing intermittent fasting or one-meal-a-day type diets, you'll love the tortas they serve. Especially the new, and by my reckoning 1.5 pound heavy, Torta Gordo. Avocado, lettuce, al pastor meat, pulled pork, flank steak and breaded steak, and chorizo all grace this beautiful sandwich, and yes, it is a two hander.

Dan Nguyen

Hands down the best (authentic) taco place in town! I come here almost weekly just for their tacos. The wait can be long especially during peak times, but I promise you it's well worth it. The tacos are smaller in size but I think that's what makes it authentic and delicious. Also, if you can't handle spicy foods, be sure to let them know so they won't add in the spicy salsa.

Lance Spicher

Everything they do they do well. Still working my way through the menu but any torta, or tacos arabes, any side or drink is going to make you happy. They're going to squash your hunger and make you happy, and to me that's what food is all about. This joint spreads love and joy.

Gabe Hansen

Wonderful food and a wide selection to choose from. Friendly and inviting atmosphere. Reasons it doesn't recieve full stars are because of limited parking, steep prices, and a longer than usual wait time for your food to be ready.

Luis Estrada

Food was okay not the best! I read the reviews and said decent price so we decided to give it a try! Almost 10 $ for a burrito!!! That's a lil too much for a regular burrito that back at home Sioux city they are around 6$ and let me tell you those are burritos!! The Tortillas for the tacos where small and too soft for my like! Would I come back prolly not! Not worth the 60$ we paid!! Oh and we asked if they could add sour cream to one of our burritos and they said no! What kind of joke is that .

Denise Bishop

Very good mostly authentic food. A couple of the dishes were a little too mild for my taste. Although portion sizes were amazing. The store connected to the restaurant is a big bonus as well.

Eric Bodelson

Always love this place, and really love that I live so close to it. The chicken burrito tasted great and the chips with homemade sauces are a nice addition to the meal. I took it to go, but the atmosphere in the restaurant is always welcoming and comfortable. I would recommend Taquiera la Hacienda to anyone who likes good Mexican food.

Lucas B

Just about as authentic as it gets for around here. Food is delicious. The order taker couldn't understand what we were trying to order, in English or Spanish. Not sure why they chose him to be the person taking orders. They had signs all over for pizzolli soup but when we ordered they said no we don't have that. That was sad.

Magma Dude

It's great. Loved the tortas. But expect to wait for a bit to get your food.

mala persaud

Man i love tacos, but making an online order with this place ...DON'T DO IT!!!!! I NEVER made a review, good or bad on anything but this place sucks so bad with online orders, i called and she put me on hold for 20 mins so i thought to hang up and try again... and then i keep getting sent to voicemail? Im allergic to onions and online they dont accept special request? I love this place honestly but after the service i got today i dont think ill ever order from here again ill go to mericano central, same tacos, better service.

Reese Gallagher

I'm a native south Texan and this place is the closest I've come after moving here to authentic Mexican food I've found. Tacos are $2 and they're phenomenal. I've yet to try the tortas but they look great . The hole in the wall nature just adds authenticity to the place and the staff is friendly and very fast. I highly recommend trying this out if you want a little taste of authentic Mexican cuisine. Thanks hacienda :)

Keo Robin

Quick service. You walk in and know your going to get great food. Options are plentiful.

Chad Garlich

Very clean in front and the kitchen top!

Jordan Zempel

Best frickin' tacos in Burnsville! Cheap prices and delicious food. You have to try the rice water and Al pastor marinated pork!

Amy kay

Really long line! Slow service and subpar food.

spikie G

The food is good I would recommend alambre de asada.

Kristy Kinney

Amazing street tacos. I wont go anywhere else and the price makes it that much better.

Daniel Chen

May be my favorite taqueria in the Twin Cities. Get some Tacos Al Pastor and a horchata. A perfect meal.

Noah Laack-Veeder

Best tacos in Minneapolis. Absolutely love their Al pastor and my new favorite, the barbacoa.

Jeffrey Peterson

Everything here is fantastic. Got the al pastor alambres and lengua tacos. I go here whenever i can because they're done off the best in the cities.

meme sarmiento

The food was good, very tasty! The wife had a quesadilla which it was very good! I order some tacos! The meat was very good, the only thing that I didn't like were the tortilla shells! I like my shells to be corn tortillas because they don't have a funky smell or a funky taste, it was my first time going there so I'm not familiar with their system but apparently I went there during their busy time because i waited about 20+ minutes for my food! Would I go back? Yes I would definitely go back, but I would order something else just for the fact that I didn't like the tortilla shells!

leonardo a Pineda Rivera

Very good place very good food

Juan Jose Reyes

Really bad service & bad food.


Quesadillas and tacos alll daaayyy.

Mike Owen

One of my favorite taco spots in MPLS, you will not be disappointed.

Christopher Popov

Wow, I was truly taken aback at how abysmal the burritos were. Filled with rice and no beans presumably as a cost saving measure which is frankly ridiculous considering it's priced at $10.... Chorizo and pastor had bland flavors as if they weren't marinated for long enough. Is this amateur hour? Happy to no longer patronize them.


Leticia Villarreal

I ordered barbacoa tacos from them and asked that they do not put onions, which they did anyways. Then when I tried to call them, they just kept sending me to voicemail. Horrible communication with customers. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Rochelle Gambrell

Excellent service

Santiago Guachamin

Good food, late night food, bad parking. I have been around this place for a while, their menu has added certain new items and if you are the kind of person who likes food late at night and I talk around 3:30 am, you will find it open and still crowded. Good luck parking there at busy times, if you go late at night and there is no parking there you can always go to the Autozone parking space.

Kay Hanson

Quesadilla, no meat no lettuce no sour cream, really sad meal, give the customer what their paying for meat please!

cari degidio

Oh this place has perfect portion of authentic Mexican food thanks Amanda

Jaysin Decora

Open late! Authentic food!

Tianna Ross

Best place ever after a night dancing conga ☺️

Jean Cruz

This place is a classic and one of my go to spots to get late night tacos, or actually any time of the day. The chorizo and barbacoa with everything on it is a must. I would give it a 5 star but more and more recently the service and timing of the order has been getting worse with all the online orders coming in. They prioritize them and it took me 30-40 minutes for my order to come in. But other than that. Food is bomb!

Robert Bostic

Delicious tacos! Inexpensive. Clean. Nice staff.

Gabriel Gonzalez

Tacos al pastor are my favorite, needless to say, when I saw them on the menu, it was a no brainer. Fast and friendly service, great tasting food. Great salsas too.

Linh Nguyen

The best al pastor tacos I’ve had in Minnesota! No others can compare. Service is quick and food has never disappointed.

Shaya Panda

Good place for tacos and Mexican food... a little pricey but their quality is good. I would recommend them.

Ernesto Rivas

Some of the best tacos in town, have been going for years!

Eric Thomson

Best Mexican food in Burnsville. Very fresh and fair price. Really cool cashier very nice staff good food.This place is always on top of it!

Andy & Mandy Fobear

It is decent fast Mexican food.

Ricardo Pineda

Good food but don't go very late on weekends people flight often after nightclubs close everyone go there

David A

Prices are fairly high. Stingy as hell with their tiny salsa containers. 10 chips later, the salsa is gone. Service is meh.. depends on the day. Food is tasty.

Deeku Harmenson

Two dollar tacos that are almost perfect... I recently joined a group of friends for a late night outing to this wonderful establishment. It was loud and had a slight chaotic vibe, but that places it squarely at home for what I would expect from a genuine Mexican restaurant. The staff were friendly and swift, the meat was cooked correctly and tasted as I would expect. Where I take a few points off is in the rather tight seating arrangement due to everyone being handed full trays for a small paper basket of tacos, and in the parking lot department. Neither of things are necessarily fully controlled by the establishment, I understand, but these details still stood out to me as an inconvenience to my patronage. Overall, very solid, love that it's local, and great prices/hours for a young adult on a budget. 4.2 / 5. Also thank you for giving two tortilla's per taco instead of one. :)

Paris paris

Great family restaurant not expensive and amazing food. Me and my family are looking forward to coming back soon

Krystle Boland

Maria is bomb. She knows what’s up. Tacos are to die for. Great selection and so authentic tasting.

Sonya Wanvig

Omg delicious! It is a Mexican place but the food is unique to the place. Very friendly.


Is cheap....but the service it is less than cheap

Amy Neumeyer-RingmastersWord

The best authentic Mexican food I've ever eaten!


Best authentic tacos, rice and beans I have had south of the river! They are a bit pricey but worth it!

Gabino Barrera

Good service, and tasty food.

Pamela Carrigan

Good food fast but staff not very friendly.

Steve Gjerdingen

Quite busy for a Saturday evening. I had to wait about 20 minutes for my tacos it seemed. The tacos were good but I'd find another place next time just due to the wait. Simple food shouldn't take that long to prepare.

Tony Schumann

The food is amazing. One of the best burritos i've ever had. Unfortunately it's poorly managed. Waited 35 minutes for 2 burritos after calling ahead.

Maija McCloskeyo BC h UB

So dam good and really nice people!!

Big Nil

Food is great at all locations. But today the meat wasn't cooked as normal. But overall it is a great place to eat.

Miles Livingston

It takes to long for ok food ok that's it.

kat b ramos

Staff little rude but food awesome best tacos

Luis Castellanos

Great tacos to alambres torts and the menudo for hang over cures highly recommended

Tascha Zapata

The tacos were amazing, I will come back again N again! A win win!

josh pearson

Carnitas tacos were awesome

Leslie Baker

Great authentic food

Sal Rodriguez

Best tacos in Minnesota

Ronald Brown

Great food friendly people nice atmosphere

dianne stokes

It was ok, food was ok. Service was great

Ian Boje

This place is likely in the top 5 best tacos list for the twin cities. It's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall looking inside. Off-street parking is behind the bank next door.

Charlee Pepper

Best late night food! Well the food is good during the day also. Lol. Being able to have good tasting food after 2am i

Mawrgyn Roper

Authentic, yummy, open 24hrs on the weekends. What more could you ask for?

Victoria Roessler

Had the Barbacoa burrito Soooo Goood do come here its Amazing!!! Ooih and the horchata was perfect!!!

Victor Ronaldo

A nice place to eat

Daniel Zavala

Best tacos up north

Tunde University of Minnesota

If you are ever honestly, totally, and TRULY starving, order the Torta Gorda. Oh. My. Word. Flavor-filled hunger-crushing monster slab, guaranteed.

Nana Aforo

Delicious food, and great service!

Jorge Riera

They have an amazing steak quesadilla. If you want more bang for your buck, order a platillo instead of regular tacos. You get the taco deconstructed and you get wayyyy more meat than you would by ordering 4-5 tacos

Mimi Wharms

The food is so delicious and authentic. I love their Tacos!

Nicholas Popehn

The food is outstanding, the service is decent. The wait times can be bad, this is not a place I go if I'm in any sort of a hurry or have to be anywhere soon, I believe you can call ahead and pickup your order when you get there. That being said if you have the time is worth the wait, but if you're trying to hit it quick on a lunch break, this probably isn't a good choice.

Narciso M. Salas

It is a bit pricey. I have to add that I found to lime wedges in my menudo and this causes me to think that "maybe" it was recycled??? The coktel de camaron (mexican shrimp cocktail is too sweet and you can taste that the sauce is made separate and the shrimp are only added when you order, thus the shrimp has hardly any flavor. The portions are very small for what you get. It does seem that a variety of people come here, black white and brown, so they do have clientele. ..

Emily Anderson

Really decent authentic Mexican food.

Sarai Z

Omg! Torta chilanga is DELICIOUS also this is a very fast place even in rush hour

Lyle H. Iron Moccasin

Good food, thank you!

Mason Lugo

Cool little spot, the al pastor could of been better but the tacos de suadero are where it’s at. They almost remind me of the tacos from TJ. Good flavor overall

Fernando Marquez

Long lines sometimes. Good food.


Always a great experience. I felt that this time my food was a bit served differently. I ordered chorizo and tripa tacos. They came with the salsa over it (before I always had to ask). The chorizo was fine, but the tripa lacked the crunch it normally has, so I'm not sure what happened there. I always order an horchata because it's really the only time I get to have it.

Team-Marceezy's Adventures

As authentic Mexican food as you can get in Minnesota. While staying in Minnesota I visited a few local places but the taste was bland. Here they bring traditional recipes and platters to fruition.

Jossie Regan

This place was authentic, being a person that recently moved here from Arizona and being half Hispanic. I know my Mexican food and their Al Pastor tacos are the best will be coming back for sure.

Vic W

If you're looking for some of the most delicious food in a truly authentic Mexican joint, I highly recommend checking this place out. They have a wide variety of proteins to choose from, and everything from chimichangas and burritos, to …

Alexgaming :D

I love it everything very good and fresh

Emily Frazier

Great food and hard working staff. It's extremely popular and the hours accommodate for those that have late night cravings. I'd say the only temporary downfall is its location. It's a little hard to find if you've never been there, but still deserves five

Colton Anderson

Great food and friendly staff

Oscar Infante

Very busy place, tacos are very small parking can be difficult

Nader Banilohi

Best after-bar food always! The tacos and burritos here are very authentic and very good! The people behind the counter don't have the best English, but that makes the food even more authentic!

Maritza Nava

I always enjoy coming to this place, the food here is amazing, I've been coming to this place for almost 10 years and the flavor of the food hasn't changed.

CeeCee D

I absolutely love their food! It is some of the most authentic that I've had since being in Mexico! LOL I suggest going very late night only because they're always extremely busy

Lindsey Dorsett-Golberg

BRING BACK $1 TACOS!!! Best Al Pastor I have ever had! I've had it from here to San Diego. Nothing beats theirs. Carne Asada.....not so much. Everything else on the menus is super good!!!!!!!! Since moving to the cities in 2011 I have brought SO MANY people to this place. And don't ya know it, I run into those people here later, everybody loves it. Do yourself a favor and put these in your mouth. You're welcome.

Mark Fleming

Oh my Torta!!! This is our go-to local spot for outstanding Mexican food in the south metro. The flavors are terrific, the staff is friendly (and kind if you’re inquisitive about trying dishes for the first time), and the prices aren’t bad. If you’re looking to branch out from your usual grab and go (or chain sit-down) Mexican fare, in favor of the real deal, look no further! All of the dishes (many) we have ordered have been exceptional. My wife loves the shrimp tacos (small on corn tortillas - think “street tacos” size), and I am totally sold on the carne asada, and al pastor (the house special). Can’t make up your mind? Order the “Torta Gorda” (pictured) for over 2lbs of meat of nearly every variety and the amazing house flavors this spot is known for, on an absolutely massive sandwich. I’m a big guy and a big eater, and this thing demolished me - in the best way!!


Best al pastor. It can get busy, but always worth the wait.

Jerrod Barker

Al Pastor is amazing!

Henry Nieberg

The tacos al pastor were nothing special, I'd definitely stick with the tortas here. I was a huge fan of the carnitas, the meat was juicy and they give you plenty.

Ferrel Xavier

Second fav Mexican place. Great food and great prices.

Jessie Bower

Catering date mistakes were made on their side, but did their very best to get the order ready in 30 min. Good food!

Esila Lopez

Food here is AWESOME! Wait time is minimal considering how fresh they make everything and staff are always friendly and courteous. Even BETTER is that they are also available on DoorDash for when you can't stop in yourself!

N. S.

The food is fantastic and if you time it right the parking isn't too bad. With that said, smaller vehicles won't have a problem anytime. I recommend one of the platters and green salsa/sauce.

Breann Hooper

yummy food, quick service!

Jacob Myers

Awesome taste, quality, staff and clean bright environment. Al pastor is incredible!


Amazing fast food | sit in authentic Mexican restaurant. Puts anything else of its class to shame. A truely great place to eat and awesome prices.

Ivelisse Machuca

Great fast service and really great food

Deb Loers

Good food, friendly service. Family friendly

Tobias Martin

The tacos slap!! Especially the al pastor

Steven Davitt

Delicious al pastor platter with rice and beans for less than $10. Hard to beat that. Tasty horchata too.

Mitchell Brown

The food was delicious and the people there were friendly and very attentive to the needs of the customers.

Angela Lewis

Saturday night & the line was almost out of the door. We ordered to go. The food was pretty good & fairly priced.

Rafa Sanchez

Good atmosphere good location but the tacos lack on the flavor. Compared to the Taqueria la Hacienda in Burnsville. The Burnsville location has best tasting tacos in my opinion.

Clorissa Olson

Delicious and authentic. Best horchata around too.

Kathy Thomas

Great authentic food and inexpensive.

Gina Cuoco

Food is always made to order. Fresh, hot and delicious. My entire family loves it here! I'm especially fond of the carnita tacos!

Brian Wood

Really good food. Very friendly staff. More expensive than Qdoba or Chipotle but mostly worth it

Jordan Cass

It was so fresh and so delicious that we went back two nights in a row. The fact that we live in Saint Paul all the way by Woodbury/ Oakdale side should say alot. We usually get good food from most places. Not this place. It was amazing! The best part is the fact that they are 24 hours a day on the weekends!!! I could say the line can get long and if you dont speak Spanish it can get hard to ask details but otherwise its fantastic!

Renee Boynton

Amazing authentic Mexican food. I'm from the Bay Area and this place reminds me of the plentiful taquerias in San Jose, California. I always get the tacos and choose a bunch of different varieties and splash on their housemade salsas.

Eric DuMarce

The tacos al pastor are my favorite. Good hot sauces; a verde and standard red offering, offering nice heat. Always go with the platter, includes a side of rice and beans.

Keli Gilbertson

Best tacos in the city.

Angi Desp

What a great place! Food is made fresh and tastes amazing. Great food and reasonable prices It gets very busy during lunch time and sometimes the food takes a little longer but it's worth it!


The food is great but the patrons are racist AF...

Lisa Bistodeau

Not the fastest but dang good

Samir Saxena

Took 40 mins to get order of 3 tacos on Saturday afternoon. Their service is very poor and slow. Food is good but unnecessary wait time may kill your mood.

Ariel Aiyegunle

Open 24 hours serving yummy tacos and other delicious items the best horchata ever! Good spot to chow down after a concert or clubbing prices are nice and the food is good quality too!!!

Black Cat

I've been going here since they first opened.. I was 12 and my parents often brought us here because they loved the authentic al pastor. I'm now 30 and this is still my top taco place in MN. Love that they're open 24 hours on weekends, best place for late night cravings. Biggest burritos in Mpls! This place is a must visit if you're craving flavorful street tacos.

Ashley Hernandez

Alway's delicious best Torta Azteca MMMMmmm!!!!

Dylan Freese

Always love coming here. Amazing food and super friendly service. Their al pastor is to die for.

zacharie stankey

The best taco place around hand down! They have hours of operation that are for everyone. If you want real authentic Mexican food this is the place to go!

Jose Torres

The tacos here are literally a dream! Everytime I travel to the cities I make sure to make this place my destination.

Joseph Klein

They do everything right here

Mindy Zea

Good street tacos. Fast and friendly service.

Sixta Barboza

They take a long time for simple tacos

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Bonchon - Uptown Minneapolis
Bonchon - Uptown Minneapolis
Restaurant - Minnesota

Asian restaurant