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REVIEWS OF Taco Libre IN Minnesota

Linda Olson

Always clean and service is amazing. Delicious food. I would eat here all day everyday if possible. 5 stars

Jessica Mastey

I'm addicted! I just can't get enough. Their food is delicious. They have a wide variety. Their queso is delicious. They have sweet plantains!!!!! They're so excellent. I wish they had more locations.

Brian Viengthong

Delicioso! This food is amazing. I remember going to Oaxaca for some mole. Though this place does not sell it, it brought back great memories!

Bethany Wells

This place is great. Quick service, good food. Pretty authentic. Its approachable whether or not you speak Spanish. I recommend the nachos! Service is quick and the place is always clean and friendly.

Shauna Valdez

Simply the best! Order a machete - you won’t be disappointed. SO delicious! They have a salsa bar so you can choose which salsas you want. Todo está muy rico aquí, especialmente los machetes!!

Meg Wild

It was good.

Sarvesh Desai

Really unique taco flavors

Missy Blake

Yummy food and nice service! Thank you! Mrs. Missy Blake

Jorge Perez

Food is good and more than enough meat on each taco and all sauces are very tasty

Steven Barth

Great food! The tamales are amazing. Good place to go for authentic tacos, not american style (although I think they have both)

Lamar Nygaard

This is the best thing about Robert Street! The machete is delicious, their tortas are oddly comforting, and their sauces are incredible. The Robert Street location is the original, and the best location...but this is going to be a franchise you'll want to try for yourself!! High recommend.

Ben Robbins

Had the Machete, with pork al pastor and chorizo. It was excellent. The horchata was also fantastic.

Jackelyn doyle

Please go here instead of chipotle or qdoba. Much better.

jennifer stanley

Amazing AUTHENTIC food! Will definitely be on the top of my list if I'm in the area!

Victoria Lane

Taco Libre serves top-notch authentic Mexican food that are reasonably priced. Servers are friendly and helpful as well!

Jennifer Brown

The best tacos I've ever had! First time there and I left very satisfied! Highly recommend as the prices are reasonable also

Geoff Eide

I hate cilantro. There. I said it. It's difficult to find something on the menu that *doesn't* have cilantro in it. But this last visit, I found a few things and they were pretty good.

jorgea MENA

The time me and my wife were here we were surprised how good the food is here, we both had the Machete which is about 12 inch taco with carne asada, it was really good but it was super oily and greasy, couldn't eat the whole thing but It was good, the salsas are really good ranging from mild to super hot, will return here soon!

Gerardo huerta

This is a good choice for tacos, clean fast service, love it

Michael Cimbura

Food is really good ,staff is curtious and friendly...

Craig Schwantes

Street tacos they were good.

Andrea Phillips

They were Really Great. I couldn't have certain food colors and they made my order "made to order" The place is very clean and family friendly. The proportions are more then adequate. Definitely worth the price.

Amy Jarrell

The atmosphere is fast food but the food is restaurant quality and there is a lot of it. The machete is ginormous and yummy. The alambres is pure meat decadence. The sauces are hotter than you expect them to be, so be cautious. My only regret is that I didn't try them sooner!

Kris Krager

Best tacos I've had in the cities. The "machete" is super legit with the pastor and carnitas

First Last

Awesome food and great staff!

Leon Sanders

I can't stop speaking praises about this place. The food was outstanding. The service was excellent and timely. You simply must try their food. You will not be disappointed.

Tanya Decker

Absolutely delicious! Food was fresh and seasoning was perfect. There's a great selection of hot sauces to add to your taco. Be warned; however, that even the "mild" sauce has a good level of heat!

Kathy Yanez

Very good but my last two visits the food has been cold making it not as appetizing as hot

Gail Gavin

I'm not sure why people think this place is so great. I spent over $8 for two tiny tacos, pico de gallo, and refried beans. The tacos were so small that I was still really hungry afterward, and I'm not a big eater. The tacos were soggy and bland. Definitely not worth what I paid.

Hassan Ali

Good tacos for good price

shamil ranasinghe

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Service/server - 8 out of 10 Torta Cubana - Cuban sandwich - 10 out of 10 A bit greezy Various sauces to go with the chips and food - 10 out of 10 WOW... Would I go again ? Yes I would, Not too expensive and good food. Kids will love it too. I would take my entire family there.

Dylan Giebel

Can I get a hell yes? Best Mexican food in the Twin Cities. Can't wait for the St. Paul location to open up. Menu is plenty diverse, and everything is delicious. While I'm not personally a fan of the house-made salsas, their drink options make up for it. If I was dying and had to choose a final meal, I just might go with 14 different bowls from Taco Libre.

Jennifer Smith

Absolutely horrible. This is not my first time in coming to this restaurant. me and my boyfriend both have come to this restaurant multiple times and this last time I had to tell my order at least six different times, and still ended with things in my tacos that I can't eat.. my boyfriend then ordered his burrito.. He went to go pay but his card got declined, mine you he has well over $3--- on his card... Then to add to that, I paid for the food. We got it may be a few minutes later And by the time we got back home which is a mere few minutes My for tacos were completely soggy,and food under cooked, and our tamale's wasn't cooked thoroughly. My boyfriend's food was beyond greasy and barely able to eat it. Never again, are we coming to this restaurant..

Deborah Ohmann

They have good tasting food. I really liked the variety of their hot toppings. I'll be back to try other food.

guitarplayer654 .

This spot is such a great stop for bang for your buck food. The Machete is a great deal to split with a couple friends, and everything tastes fresh and authentic. The service was amazing and staff were checking up on us which was really appreciated considering it’s an order and sit style restaurant. Will absolutely be returning.

bubba gump

Awesome taco spot. Clean, great service, legit taco shop with delicious food. Wish I could do 10stars!!! Seriously one of the best taco shops in the twin cities

Dezmond Juan

Love their Machete, I get it every single time. Its a must get with half Pastor and Asada.


Fun spot! Wait staff was helpful with the menu. I got the machete with cabeza, a rather cheeky dish!

Derek Cornelius

This is a good mexican spot, best I've had in the area! Plus they have horchata, amazing!

Chris Bartyzel

Decent place, but far from authentic. Too many other options West Side.

Marcelo J

You get a lots of food for the price but in my case I have a sensitive stomach and I did not feel well after eating but that is only my experience. a lots of people were enjoying their mega portions if you like Latin street cuisine you probably enjoy it. MJ.

Brittany Sibenaller

Tried this place on a whim and was NOT disappointed! The cashier/host was very informative as my husband and I were first time visitors. Lots of meat varieties to try. My husband and I both tried their signature, the machete which is like a slightly fried tortilla that is the size of a foot long with 2 types of meats included. Totally worth trying and want to go back again soon!

Diane Ripley

Great food and staff. Try it you'll love it!

Jon Anderson

Like a taco truck in a store front! Authentic Mexican fare.

Leah Thompson

Absolutey Delicious!

Denny Stallman

Great fresh ingredients, very pleasant staff!

Karina Marin

Went to try them one more time. My family and I were hungry for authentic Mexican tacos. They did change the asada again and the flavor of the meat it is not like a steak. Still the cheap kind, pieces of leftover of meat just not as bad as before. Salsas are great, horchata and alambre of pastor really good.

Patrick Henry

Great food! Vegetarian's out there I recommend the Mexican Truffles and Pumpkin Flour. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There's a lot of cool art on the wall and the prices are reasonable. What's not to love?

Bae Yani

Yummay lingua tacos!! Good spicy sauce. Awesome n generous portions. Love the extra onions!!

Alex T

It hurts me to give this pace 2 stars. As recent as a year ago, I was going here every week. The food quality was always superb and was definitely 5 star worthy. Since then the food quality and standards have been getting progressively worse. It's like they don't care anymore. Picture of my most recent tamale is evidence the falling standards. The meat didn't even make it inside the masa. My last 3 trips there have all been a flop. I wish they'd get back to the same quality & standards they had when they first opened.

Talon Kilgore

For a long time the food here was really good, but the last 4-5 times I've eaten here its been really awful. This most recent time was the last time for me. I came in an hour before close, which I know sucks, I didn't expect it to be great, we have all had long days and just want to go home. I kept it simple just ordered a few tacos. It came out quick, and I went on my way. On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and when I got back into my car it smelled like a dumpster. I picked up the to go box and gave it a smell, which I immediately regretted. With the box unwrapped I didn't make it more than a few hundred feet before having to roll down then windows to keep from throwing up. I thought, well maybe its just on the box, they were cleaning when I arrived. I got home and took a bite, and immediately know what happened, as the taco tasted like dish rag and soap. It was fairly disappointing, not even the cat would eat it. And again, I get it, its the end of the day, but this could make someone really sick. I came in with very low expectations, I wouldn't have even cared if the food was cold and just carelessly thrown in a box. Cooking the food with soap and day old dishrag water is definitely where I draw the line with this establishment.

Samuel Nikle

Favorite place for tacos in the area. Their Tinga De Res tacos are amazing, and definitely warrant a visit on their own. The wait is a bit long for food however, as everything is made fresh.

Erica Pitzen

Love their selection of salsa! Food was prepared quickly and it tasted great!

alex Wolf

I had a green chicken and beef tounge "machete" taco, which was nearly over two feet long. Fresh ingredients and a pretty cashier. Definitely a cool spot for a quick taco.

Margarita Medina

Good service, amazing food and best prices.

osvaldo portillo

The best tacos al pastor, nice service and fast I highly recomend

VaVa Love D

No hard shell tacos.. But the Tostadas made up for it!! Yum yum and yum .. The staff was very kind, the sauces are banging..And its some type of 13" taco or burrito..That EVERYONE was eating.. Imma try it next..looked delicious as well..#GOLibre

Robert Walbon

Anytime I come to St. Paul . I head straight for Taco Libre . in my Opinion , the " BEST " Mexican street Taco Restaurant in St. Paul . I usually get the " Machete " filled your choice of meat . ( I get " Pastor "- Pork ) with Oaxaca cheese onions & lettuce served hot in 2ft. Tortilla . multiple sauces , mild , medium and xtra HOT .


Ate here for the first time and it was some of the best food I have had. Every single bite was magical, I felt like I was eating a dinner for kings. I used to think Chipotle was good but after experiencing Taco Libre I have second thoughts... thank you to every employee that was working on 5/11/19 around 8pm, you guys did phenomenal and you all deserve a raise. I will be returning to this location and I reccomend this place to all!

Patrick Dippel

Had the Huerache fur the first time. Really good.

- Wright

The food is amazing, the staff is absolutely wonderful. Between my fiance, best friend, and I we've tried 80% of the menu and haven't been disappointed by anything.

Jena Bean

Highly recommend the Machete!!! Very friendly staff and the food is always awesome! Only con is the quality of the napkins!

Trevor Vaubel

The street tacos are so good. I recommend the pollo a la mexicana with salsa verde! Yum!

Joshua Iwan

On the pricey side but neat and clean none the less.

Richard Fong

‪Made it to new Taco Libre location in DT St Paul. This place is legit - flavorful street tacos and extra tasty tamales with a salsa bar. Also, an interesting tap room area with an impressive list of beer which I’d like to try soon.‬ Yes, I will be back!

Jamie G

Food was good, staff was friendly and helpful took time to explain ordering process, will definitely eat here again.

Luis Contreras Ruiz

Really authentic Mexican street fast food

Mark Steam Master

Our 1st experience was pretty good, can't wait to go back and try some other items. Their Barbacoa street tacos are awesome.

Carolina Vazquez

Where to begin? I absolutely love this place! It has great Mexican street food. Their tacos and filling choices are excellent! The pastor is probably the best pastor I have had in the Twin Cities. When I go there, I usually get their tacos, machete or bowls. I have had their tortas, which are also good but a little too carb/calorie rich for me. I love their churros, which are accompanied by a caramel/cajeta side dip and it is delicious. One of the great perks of eating here is the complementary salsa bar, which is also excellent; they range from mild to extra hot and are always fresh - a delicious way to spice up your tacos.

Houa Yang

salsa bar is bomb! asada tacos are one of the best in the cities.

Terry Vasquez

I like taco libre cause there fast good food polite helpful with there menuif you dont know what it is ask thell tell you

Nickk Hertzfield

Asada Street Tacos are some of the best I've had, try them with the green extra hot salsa.

Davenia Porter

Pretty good!! My favorite are the different sauces.

Darren Takeshita

Menu has a lot of variety. Convenient and great taste.

Mike F

If you want tacos....go here often! Nom nom nom

vang xiong

Great tacos!!! Always get street corn! And always fills my taco cravings. My taxo go to place! Please dont ever change!

Thuan Hung Vo

I think the food here is better than all the other Taco Libre for some reason. Maybe it's because it's in West St. Paul.

Travis Hansen

Wow. Was very happy with our experience. Fair prices, excellent food quality - the machete is hilarious and delicious - and man, those churros. Highly recommend.


Steak is good. Americanized tacos are good. If you want authentic Mexican there are some ma and Pa shops that are a bit better, just down the road. Open late is a plus!

Paul Santiago

Best tacos and great service

Jason Coleman

This was my first time going here. I ordered the Tacos Azul with Carnitas and they were delicious! So good that 6 hours later i went back and ordered more to bring home for a late night snack. I do highly recommend this place. They have a variety of meats to choose from and there customer service was A-1. I also suggest you try their Limon with Chia. Its mexican style lemonade, so good. I will be going back.

Sam Cifuentes

Very tasty kinda pricey but worth

Erica Evert

Biggest selection of different types of tacos I've seen, with meat as well as vegetarian options. Delicious and fast!

Rachel Baerga

Everything is fresh and always finished within 5 -8 mins. I love the unlimited fresh bar of condiments

Beth Swanberg

Authentic Mexico City street tacos- WITHOUT the food poisoning.

Orlando NIeves

Clean really clean a traste food, easy to know.... Yuumm

Mike Casey

Taco libre is awesome, they serve authentic tacos and their delicous. They have many different salsas to choose from aswell. I had the machete which is a 2 foot taco and it was amazing. The art on the wall was very unique.

Sarah Lechowich

THIS is my favorite place for street tacos (outside of an actual street taco stand)!! I have been coming here for over a year and I dont normally return to restaurants. So many to explore yet. The salsa options are amazing as well.

Brett Hurlbut

This is an amazing joint for some authentic Mexican food. They have an item on the menu called the machete that is pretty much as giant as it sounds. There isn't much going on in Signal Hills shopping center anymore so this restaurant is a beacon of hope to this part of Robert Street.


I loved the food and the manager Anthony Ramirez was super nice and helpful. Give that man a raise

Tim Petschauer

The tacos are really good. I wouldn't say they're better than most taquerias, but one area that they NAIL is the salsa. The red, in particular. It's the smokiest, most vibrant salsa I've had since I lived in San Diego many years ago. And for that, I will go back often.

Lonnie Letexier

Food came out fast and service was good. Chorizo was really burnt. Everything else was good.

Gerardo Alarcon

Ok so I'm from Mexico, born and raised, and these are the best tacos I've found in the twin cities. These are the type of tacos you'd find specifically in Mexico City.

Samantha peterson

A co-worker recommended me this place, since I am big fan of tacos I asked my husband to take me here all the way from Minneapolis, totally worth it! Tacos are super tasty and flavorful, salsas are also good and they have from mild to super spicy ones

Cindy G

Haven't had a bad thing here. The Machete is the best around. You want street tacos?? This is the place.

A Runnels

Always friendly and the food is great. We just moved to the neighborhood and we’ve been going once a week. Bring your appetite!

Chelsea Breza-Berndt

Authentic Mexican tacos! We will be back again and again. High quality ingredients and friendly staff. The food is very affordable. Tacos and chips and guac for less than $10 a person.

Not from Minnesota

Im sure this place is worth 4 stars at one point. The food was good but I hope I don't get sick. Tonight the place was filthy. Food all over the floors and all over the top of the dish disposal area. I won't even describe the bathroom. Place was full of spilled food and trash.

Brian Smith

The best street style Mexican food I’ve had in the TC area. Went here by recommendation of a Mexican friend and I was not disappointed. Meat is juicy and tender packing great flavor. I’ve tried most of their meats and they are all fantastic. Highly recommend if you want authentic style food.

Regina Kurandina

Best food around. We drive 30 minutes out of the way because it's so good. The service is always quick, the food leaves you craving for more. Plenty of seating space inside and parking is also good.


Well, this wasn't what I was expecting or hoping for. It's okay, and it has a large menu for a place where you order from the counter, but the food just didn't cut it. I had a bowl, which was watery on the bottom, and didn't have a lot of flavor. I splurged and got Tres Leche cake too, and what a disappointment!! It was a huge, two-layered piece. The top layer was completely dry, with an overly sweet frosting. The bottom layer had about a half inch that was with milk. It was an absolute injustice to true Tres Leche. I am continuing my search for an authentic Mexican place on the east side of the cities, because this place unfortunately doesn't cut it.

Elise Z

Some of the best tacos in St. Paul! Authentic choices, decent salsa. Only gave it 4 stars because the tables were not clean, and the guacamole was disappointing, but the machete and the tamales were really good. Extra points for making the super spicy salsa. Muy picante!!!

Cory Grinstead

Great vegetarian options, great meats. Definitely try the machete. A machete sized fried taco!

Bette Bugg

Awesome place,good food

Glenn Brown

Wonderful and fresh foods. Give it a try.

Alec Fotsch

Really good. I'd go back and try the tacos. The meat was well seasoned and the guacamole was really delicious. I think the machete had a bit too much cheese for my taste but adding red medium hot sauce did the trick!

Abby S

The food here was great! The tacos were cooked well and tasted great. I liked the salsa bar so I could try multiple ones and pick the ones I liked. Friendly staff.

Brian Kimball

Wow, best tacos I’ve had outside of California! I was born and raised less than 2 hours from the CA/Mexico border and am used to good authentic Mexican food, especially tacos. This place has good reviews but I was a little skeptical. They did NOT disappoint with fresh and flavorful meat,tasty tortillas and the fixings were authentic, fresh and delicious. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone!

Nathan Rogerson

Awesome tacos al pastor. One if the only places that I know of around town who actually uses a rotisserie. Believe makes all the difference.

Mackenzie Glander-Dolo

Love this place. Mexican fast food. Tacos with a variety of meats and vegetarian options, good flavor, and watch sports too.


Very very good and great prices

Qui Lewis

The food was good, the prices were fair and the staff was very polite. I recommend the Machete.

Archana Desai

Fast food, good vegetarian options. Wide range of salsas to choose from.

June Yang-Gungsing

I like the offerings of traditional taco meats and authentic drinks like horchata. I usually order beef cheek tacos, which are soft and delicious, especially with the lime and salsas. Service is great but the wait can be long, which is fine if you're sipping on a delicious drink while waiting.


Phenomenal !... the steak tacos are my favorite ❤ everything is so good here

Riley Haynes

This is easily the best Mexican food I've had in the Twin Cities. All the ingredients seem fresh and high quality. The menu has plenty of authentic Mexican food, compared to a more Americanized menu that I typically find. The restaurant is always clean, the staff are friendly and helpful. This is our go-to spot for comfort food.

Makhtal Kofiro

Make sure you understand what you are ordering. I made the mistake of ordering $8 meal and ended up with toddler portion size.


Is an okay, quick bite place.

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