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517 W 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55420, United States Located in: Oxboro Center

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REVIEWS OF Surabhi Indian Cuisine IN Minnesota

Ajaz Bulbul

Bil besi, very average. Sambhar had no tamarind and dahi vada was just bad

merlyn george

Surabhi Indian cuisine catered for my wedding on July 1, 2017 and they did a phenomenal job from the planning, the catering and the execution. Surabhi is a licensed restaurant and was able to adhere to the stringent requirements of my venue towards catered food which was a huge advantage for us. My point of contact was Luxman and he worked with me and promptly responded to all my concerns in an extremely timely and smooth manner. He also worked with my budget and provided an excellent menu which tasted great on my big day. I would definitely recommend Surabhi for any big events. They delivered as promised and I am extremely satisfied and happy that I chose them to be my vendor. Thank you so much Lux and Surabhi for an outstanding job! :)


Such a dirty place and no customer sense at all. My husband found a big thumb nail from his veg biriyani plate and couldn't eat anything after that. Manager looked like a Indian road side dhaba dirty attendant. There are many other places that has worth spending the money. Never wl go again there.

Brian B

Under New Mismanagement. Read Your Own Menu, it comes with a side... I haven't been here in a year or so and the place is under new mismanagement. My waiter, evidently the only person working the entire restaurant, was mixing up everyone's orders and insisted that an item didn't come with my order...when it was clearly marked on the menu. I showed him the menu, because it appeared he was new, and he still argued with me that '...that item wouldn't taste good...' with the rest of the order!!! Naan bread was rubbery and not done properly. I won't be back until the next 'new management'

tom Burt

The inside isn't very fancy but everything we ordered was great. Take out is also an option.

Mike Z

Not for me. Bread was good though.

Indian Rasoi

Not at all good place to eat

Angelo Fernando

Best place that offer all you can eat Indian foods and great Indian restaurant ever in Minneapolis.

fithealthynhappy 88

I could eat their Manchurian Vegetable time after time, absolutely delicious!!

Artur Onu

The food quality has declined over time and no longer warrants a recommendation. It's actually pretty pathetic. You can find better places than this to enjoy Indian cuisine..

priya sankaran

I have never seen a chole poori where the poori looked that flat and hard, looked like a disc. Chicken was equally bad and sambar was bitter and tasteless.Cleanliness rates negative.

Nikhil Bedmutha

Did not like the buffet when we went last was not tasting good..

Costas Stavrou

Very tasty and spicy! Best time to go there is at lunch time for their buffet.

Kelly Lonto

The food at the lunch buffet is excellent. The service is strange and awkward.

niraj kumar

Went here for weekend buffet and not a single item on the menu was even close to the standard.. Worst food, tasteless chicken, no taste in biryani, no test in tandoori, overcooked naan, and worst service i have seen here.. I wish there was option of zero star.. Don't ever visit this place if you are looking for having a delicious lunch/dinner. When we told about food to the staff, they behaved as if they don't care !! I mean seriously.. Stay away guys

Mike Sager


Md Atikur Rahman

Good taste, great space.

Diary Diary

Very tasty. Try GOAT CURRY!! And Saag Paneer! Good food!

Luke Jenkins

Really really tasty food and spicy in a perfect kind of way. Just a bit expensive, but I'm sometimes kinda cheap.

Sudhir Anarasi

Never again, What an awful experience... I went with my family to close this year end expecting some good food here. First of all there is not much options for veg... I had some appetizer initially and then went on to get some Veg biriyani. It was not of that great taste. I took a spoon of Veg biriyani in mouth and suddenly felt like some hard things and spilled it out. To my surprise, it came out as BIG PIECE OF NAIL cut out from finger(Appeared to be of THUMB) and I GOT REALLY PISSED OFF. Showed it to the attendants and went to the front desk person. The response was : "Sir, we get our meat from outside vendors we will check with them" E...Helllllloooo..... I didn't eat any meat, I am vegetarian and this big piece of DIRTY nail came out of your so called Vegetable biriyani. Again the response was of same nature... we get rice and vegetables from vendors. the used plates were never picked up from table even after telling few times to the attendant and manager. I couldn't eat anything and was kind of feeling to vomit right there. Paid for the buffet and walked out. I AM SURE I WILL NEVER GO BACK AGAIN THERE.

Anwesha Das

Food was not up to the mark. Ordered a 70mm dosa which was limp and folded. The samosa chaat was just like adding samosa to cholley. Did not feel like ordering anything else after tasting these 2 dishes.

Brittany Lawrence

Great food ! Took my husband randomly for his first try at Indian food . Good chicken 555 , chicken curry, butter chicken and chicken Tikka ( tandoor section) . Never been to this restaurant but will come again.

Siddharth Naik

Came to Minneapolis 4 months back. went to this place for good food and it was just ok. We thought we might not have ordered their specialities and so next time, we asked whats good here and ordered the same. It sucked big time. I have seen some reviews stating EXCELLENT service and FOOD IS AWSOME, but i am not sure whether the staff themselves gave the review . Food sucks, Staff is slow and rude and i think all the other reviews should be enough for management to open their eyes, i.e. if they really want to.

Rajat Bhatnagar

I went here for the first time today for dinner and was disappointed.. i ordered 70 mm dosa which was raw and uncooked ... and the sambhar accompanying it was terrible in taste like a thin lentil soup... The food was not at all edible and was a waste of time and money . I left after two bites and stormed out of the restaurant..

palani venkatesan

Food varieties less in buffet. No refill items. Chicken biriyani without chicken and goat curry without goat. Worst indian restaurant in st paul- Minneapolis area.

Tom Butala

Very good food! The food was spicier than I expected it to be. Still very good!

Arne Garvander

Buffet came with wonderful tea. Wonderful food that has improved over time.

Arasu S

Excellent food and service. I've been here many times for both the buffet and a la carte. Both excellent. Good quality and price.

Mike Kennedy

Buffet food quality is good, but selection is a little limited.

surabhi patil

Not fresh food. Spice level high.

Leslie Pico

I will always come here. Chana masala is on point. Price is great for buffet.

Ronak Kamat

I think its the best indian buffet in the twin cities. Other people may argue. But its spicier than most places so its more authentic i think. Its very close to food tasting like what it does back home.

lee mo

Lovely lunch buffet and service is great

Deepak R

Delicious buffet. Especially south Indian. Hot and fresh. But come early as refilling is slow.

Raj Kumar

We came to buffet, it was really worst . Biryani which they kept was very dry .

Smitha K M

Buffet is very good , they have a lot of varieties for vegges too.

Emma Kay

The gulag jamun can be better, but the lunch buffet is diverse and the service is one of the best for this kind of restaurants

mohammed ali

Food is delicious, but the waiters are not up to the mark they always prefer their own country ppl, they also some time over charge u for example I order chicken korma so they gave me options of either to take white rice or naan so I choose the naan and yet they separately charged me, I always go with my family and when we ask them children's high chair they always give dirty chairs which they never clean even their restrooms are always dirty, I have been going there a while now and it's always the same. I recommend think twice before going there

Jose Tista


Abdullah Alqwaizani

It doesn’t taste like Indian food at all

BRIAN Banish

Great buffet although when ordering ala carte I've had inconsistent quality chicken tikka. Sometimes they overdo it

Brett Bennett

Top notch food at good prices. Skill in Indian spices is obvious, and translates well to an American palate.


Awesome food and reasonable price. Must try their uthapam and samosa chat.

Vin S

You will find a fair number of dishes to eat... And some will be stale... Not sure how they get away with it... I argued with the manager.. Some how next time around the sambhaar and or chutney was stale... Unacceptable as a customer... I've stopped visiting this place and may go there by chance... My comments hold good for vegetarians only...

Abdihakim Omar

This place is absolutely not the way it use to be, I think either the management or the chefs have been replaced, because the food tastes very very bad, I tried twice since then, just to make sure. I will never go back again until they make some change, Not worth it at all.

Bish Singh

I ordered their Surabhi Chicken Curry through Doordash. Food was horrible. The rice was not even Basamati rice, even if it was told as Basmati in the menu. Will not recommend anyone.

deb zachman

Excellent food & service

Adel Merchant

Decent Indian food. Not great though.

Joseph Haake

The Chicken Makhani is great, I can't get anything else because it's so good. Maybe next time.

Benhur Fernandes

One of three best in MN, if not THE best! Haven't had a bad meal, but then I usually stick with the biryani. My wife loves the Palak Paneer and the kids dig the Butter Chicken.

Morgan Erickson-Davis

Just stopped in and had the lunch buffet - it was so good! Love that they had so many non-meat options, and many of the dishes even had some heat (rare for an Indian buffet in MN). Our favorites were the okra curry (wonderful hints of tamarind), goat curry, wada, raita, and whatever that orange sauce was (coriander/turmeric chutney?). Oh and the mango cake! We totally plan on returning whenever we're in Bloomington.

Katie Knutson

This hidden gem in Bloomington offers a large selection, good food, and good service. Highly recommend the butter chicken.

Markki Meyer

The lunch buffet was $13 and that was with water to drink. The floors were sticky, the table was sticky, the buffet selection was awful. The naan was burnt on the bottom and crispy, the samosa was dry. Really poor selection and just not a good environment. I will definitely not be coming back.

Joel Abraham

Last day under the old management and so severs items were not on the menu. We had samosa chat, chicken aura hi, garlic naan, samosa, Mysore dosa and lassi. Service was average as usual. Chicken surabhi was definitely not what I’ve had previously. Mysore dosa and lassi was excellent like always . Would need to check out how things are running under the new management.

jonny max

what happened to this place?!? it’s not even worth 1 star. I used to come here all the time: friendly staff, great atmosphere, good food (a little on the spicey side.) the price was reasonable. I ate here a month ago and it tasted a little off—a few hours later I was vomiting. I decided to give it one more try. The food was so old, it smelt and tasted fermented...even the white rice. the dosa was raw, every dish was just caked in too much spice. I came in not even an hour after they opened and had to stir every dish to make it look appealing. probably going to contact the health department. STAY AWAY!!!

Srinivas GS

Initially the food was very good. Slowly i feel they are taking it very light. Some items are good but some are not. They have to improve a lot.

Braden Estenson

Had awesome lamb surabhi. Great service and atmosphere.

Mohamad Nazar

Best Pepper chicken in town.

Gordon Kwong

Really good dosa and rava dosa options and some great tasting curries. Good service and overall very good indian food. Not far from MoA and all the hotels, they should be a takeout delivery option but prob need more marketing.

Biswajit Panda

Probably the last place to go for Indian food in the twin cities, service is pretty bad, variety is pretty low.

Seth Menning

The service is occasionally problematic, but the food is excellent. Great food trumps good-to-mediocre service. I can't speak to the authenticity of the Indian-ness, but I have ordered many different dishes and enjoyed them all.

shiva k

I would rather give NO star. Worst food ever in buffet history . I went by google reviews . They should focus on good food than posting these fake reviews in google. Would never visit this place again.


(Review edited 5/2019) we used to eat here at least once a month. Now the food is so inconsistent. I have ordered probably 5 times since new management and the same things I order every time are completely different every time. Plus, when I do a "to go" order it takes forever and something is missing or wrong every time!!! My husband and I will no longer eat here. It looks dirty and it is super disorganized. :( (2 years ago an easy 5 stars)If you're looking for high class service, this is not the place for you. If you're looking for good food at good prices with good service, then you'll like this place. Portions are quite large and often give me two meals. They butter chicken and palak paneer are awesome !!! I highly recommend the buffet as well. Great value, great options and makes for a quick and easy lunch during the work week.

Kanth Ineedi

Had lunch at this place and it was just horrible. There was not even a single fresh item and has been feeling discomfort since we had food. Service was very bad too

Brittany Stevens

The employees here were very helpful when it came to selecting food I would enjoy. They offered great suggestions that were low on their spiciness scale because I'm a bit of a spice wimp. Everything tasted delicious... I will definitely be back!

Kristen Delwai

Went here for lunch today. The girl that greeted us was very courteous and one of the most pleasant hostess we have come across. She was very helpful in making us understand the menu and the dishes. Food was really good and service was top notch. I would definitely go back and recommend this place to friends.This is our new favorite place.

Lisa Kregel

Slipping again under new mgmt

Bhaswati Panda

Not a good Indian food experience at all. We ordered butter chicken thali, Chilly chicken a la carte and a chicken appetizer . Didn't like it. Chicken had a very bad taste like preserved or old or something. Didn't seem like it was cooked properly. Though the Naan and gulab jamun came in the side was ok.

Alexandra Harris

The best food ever, hands down love the buffet at a good price ..lovely people ,nice atmosphere

Alex Fane

Took friends to the lunch buffet who had lived in India and they were impressed. My fav restaurant in Bloomington.

Nicholas Singh

Came for lunch buffet... food was actually fairly good but the experience was rather poor. Staff is waking around in street clothing, do not greet customers and are constantly txting or taking calls, or even listening to videos. Background music was being flipped around constantly - is the customers experience the important one or the experience of the staff? My empty plates were left on my table as front desk person texted and watched loud videos. Everything has an unclean, unprofessional feel to it. The bathroom was absolutely filthy, which gives one insight into cleanliness practices. The owner needs to know what's going on. Result of very poor/nonexistent management.

Igor Pavlenko

Very tasty food, a bit spicy although I ordered mild. No kids menu, but there are some not too spicy options. I really liked Indian beer, especially Taj mahal. Lassi and shake are really nice. Overall very nice, service was good, we could use some extra forks or spoons and plates for dessert.

Rahul Roy

If you miss South indian spicy food, check out sursbhis Sunday die for

Andrew Pierce

Great lunch buffet. Curries are all very tasty as is the tandori chicken. Try the palek paneer or the goat curry. Some fried items can be cold, and the nan bread is always cold, like they made it once in the morning. Still, really tasty, decent bargain.

Sergey Burstein

Food is okay

Justin Vander Ziel

Surabhi serves the usual assortment of vegetarian and meat Indian curries for their daily buffet. The food was good before but has improved over the last 3 years to become what seems to be more authentic and more spicy. I docked a star because the ambience is not particularly welcoming though neither is it intolerable.

Hasith D

Good food. They offer a great lunch buffet. Friendly staff. I have tried their regular menu items quite a few times and they impressed me every time!!

Daniel Lenort

I really enjoy their Butter Chicken as a dinner. I stopped for lunch for the first time. For lunch they only offer a buffet. While good, nothing was labelled. I will go again.

Nicole Morgan

I absolutely love the food! everything I try has such a depth of flavor it makes my taste buds sing but the thing that really brings this place down is their lack of service. I've been to this place for over a year now and their service has not gotten any better!?! I can sit there with an empty glass of water for over a half an hour even after asking them for more water!! such a simple thing should not be overlooked. Not even just that but most of their waiters just seem off in their own little world not worried about the customers at all. They took away the thali! absolutely ludicrous!!

prasad movva


Eric Frisbie

One of my favorite Indian food places! Pretty much everything is good. You can't go wrong. Spice level is pretty spot on; not too much, not too mild.

Steve Raab

Very terrible service, but some really fantastic (though inconsistent) food. When I lived in the area, I did a lot of take out, though now I mostly hit the lunch buffet and have found they've slipped a notch in quality and consistency. That said, if you don't expect the usual cliché dishes, and acknowledge that some of the food may have been sitting on the line too long, there are some really good items available. I typically walk in, say no water, go to the buffet, get my own drinks, silverware, napkins, etc... Then tip myself with some extra gulab jamon instead of tipping the staff.

Vineet Joglekar

3.5 stars may be. I tried South Indian food. The taste was good They need to improve on cleanliness.

Abba I belong to You.

STAY FAR AWAY. The lunch we just had is all old, watered down and REHEATED food. The rice was dry and clearly from a different day. The curry and others were all watered down from someone just continuing to reheat and add more liquid. We should have known since there were not many people there in the middle of what would be a lunch hour to leave. Plus it was over priced.

Vipul Uplenchwar

I would give negative reviews.. The paneer kadhai was rassam flavored .. Kofta had just another weird taste .. No water or refill until we ask .. Serving spoon was not there with the food ..

Vicki Wilson

Lamb Surabhi was excellent. My husband had the chicken Surabhi and he said my lamb was really good and his was OK.


This is the best Indian food in the twin cities. Service and ambiance could use a boost but the food is worth it. You must try the pepper fish and the tika marsal (try getting the fish in the marsala instead of the chicken.). . The tandoor chicken is standard, and the fried rice (!) is outstanding. Garlic naan and a samosa completes the meal. I do get other things periodically but these are my faves.

Brad Ganzer

Hot and spicy. Awesome buffet.

Jeff Sturgeon

Food was hot fresh and just like I ordered. Excellent!!

Chloe Everson

I never write reviews, but I’m very surprised by the good reviews and I gotta complain. I love Indian food and this is by far the worst Indian food I’ve ever had. Lunch buffet - best thing was the chicken curry and it tasted like tomato soup. The place is dirty, floors sticky. Do not go here ppl. There’s a lot better out there

dan beck

Large menu. Very authentic and bursting with flavors.

Forrester S

Great food. Always love curry and I appreciate the customer service

Beaulin Twinkle J

Wonderful Indian buffet. I frequently enjoyed it on sundays.

Marphilia Owens

Yes I have eaten. Dave food is absolutely delicious it must be so good to me where I go 3 times a week if I can I just wanted to share that keep up the good work

Zahid Dewan

Not satisfied. One of the worst Indian Place. Food mixing was really bad. May be family Chef. Need professionalism. Good luck will never try in near future.

Lokesh Kumar Kotha

I liked quality, they maintained the temperature for all Food, all over the buffet time.

Matthew Towns

First thing, I have to state right out of the gate, I am not an expert on Indian or Sri Lankan food. I have been to this place 2 times over the course of a year. The last was 12/22/16. Having never tried this cuisine until last year I made the choice to try something that might agree with me. I ordered the Chicken 65. This was perfect! I absolutely loved it. The chicken was tender and spicy, not so spicy that I was put off to it. Also, this kind of spicy would not work as a Minnesota spicy, you know the people who think tacos from a fast food place is spicy. We also ordered the Chicken Manchurian.and it was fantastic! Outstanding. Who doesn't love naan? Theirs is fantastic! The Vegetable Samosa was good, however, I'm not a huge veggie fan so I was neutral on this. Service isn't bad, but could be a little more attentive. They also did not break down the buffet table all the way and there was still food left in there at 7pm at night. Trying to get the check was a Herculean task, that I had to finally go to the register and get boxes and pay. Overall a solid dining experience.

Benjamin Freeman

Decent Indian lunch buffet with both meat and vegetarian options.

vivek shinde

Good food but you need to be early bird

Leah Morgan

Buffet is great although it gets pretty busy! The food is hot and tasty with plenty of vegetarian options. If ordering off the menu they will happily make your dish spicier on request - I do it every time as I like some heat in my curry! They are knowledgeable about the dairy free and soy free options as well and my son can eat here safely despite his allergies. Delicious spot for lunch, dinner or sharing some drinks and dishes with friends!

Siva Karnati

Fake 5 star reviews. Worst place to eat Indian food. Service was very bad. We went at 2.00PM for buffet and the manager said he will refill food but he never refill buffet trays with food. We told him that you didn't refill our food but then he started arguing that no other indian restaurants will refill food at 2.30PM. I gave 1 star but want to give minus 5 stars. Never ever go to that place .

Najma Omar

I love Indian food but when I came here for the buffet, I saw that there weren't many options to choose from. The biryani was extremely dry, and the food was bland. I was extremely upset.

Jennifer Nguyen

Buffet during lunch time. Buffet entrees are pretty spicy, so if you like your Indian food mild, probably best to order off the menu.

Russell Kerber

The food here is top notch. Yea it's in a strip mall and next door to a dry cleaners. But the staff is great, portion sizes are good and the food is great.

Tony Raycraft

Best Indian I've found in the cities so far, prices are good and food is fantastic.

Benjamin Winninger

Great food. A bit more care could be taken by service staff.

April Rosendahl

It was by far the worst food experience of my life- the vegetables were dried up and unrecognizable. The doughnuts had egg shells baked in. The rice had large pieces of burnt food tossed in. If I could give a negative review I would- Never going back. I only chose 1 star to enable this to post. I guess picking up my food last night and seeing not a single person in the dining room at 6 pm should have clued me in.


Nice Indian restaurant. I visited this place on a Sunday afternoon. They have lunch buffet for approx $16 each. Their goat curry, Madras biryani, Samosa chat, Gulab Jamoon were great. But only complain here was that they left the Dosa, Naan, and Idli open. It made them dry and un-consumable! Otherwise it's great and value for money for sure.

Ben Weiss

buffet was horribly overpriced and had none of the indian staples you would expect. served luke warm water. nobody came by to refill my water, went and got my own so i could assure i got ice.

Megan L

The food is great. The lunch buffet on the weekends is a good way to try multiple dishes. It helped me to familiarize myself with Indian cuisine.

venkatesh parepelly

I moved from Dallas to Minneapolis a week ago and my moving is not complete yet so i was eating outside food since i came to Minneapolis I tried all most all Indian Restaurants in Minneapolis the only place(food) I liked is Surabhi Indian Cuisine.... Biryani is far better than some places which name their restaurant with Biryani. and also it is far better than some expansive restaurants ....

Dipesh Shrestha

The food was great but the service could have been better. Had to make a request for spoon/cutlery, and also our water dint get refilled. Besides these the food was good regardless of the service, service could have been better.

emily d

Food is great but the service needed work.

Gokila Velmurugan

We're into this place after couple of months. Earlier food used to be good. Today totally disappointed, none of the food is tasting good and they aren't refilling too. Not worth for money paid.

Defendor Videos

A smart choice for Indian food in East Bloomington. The Lamb Biryani is excellent. The staff is a bit shy, but they are still awesome. Do not let other reviews fool you--this is the best Indian restaurant around.

Michael Helfer

Tasty food. Recommend the Friday lunch buffet as they roll out some better options than on the rest of the weeks buffet.

Robert Slembarski

My favorite restaurant in Bloomington. The lunch buffet is amazing. The flavors are great and the price is right.

Himanshu Gusain

Good dishes selection

Steven Yanta

Bad for vegans, vegetarians in my opinion. The Naan was under done, rice had way to much spice, the rest is sub par. Multiple times we had no water and had to ask for a refill, and it was warm. Not many options for vegetarians/vegans. Not coming back. India palace and gandhi mahal are the place to go.

KP channel

Food is good but seating could have been better

Rachel Berg

It's tough to find truly good Indian food in the twin cities. Surabhi doesn't disappoint. The food had great flavor.

Imanuel Laiser

The food was great I can't wait to go back

Vijay Kaggal

They made a mistake in the order, but quickly accepted the issue and made amends. Service was good. We tried dosas and poori. Taste was below average - dosa batter was probably old and it tasted sour. Poori channa was very salty

Deryk Randt

Buffet seemed like it was sitting there all day. The staff was very rude. We're were served Luke warm water. No ice. Rice was old and crunchy.

Sam M

It's not Indian food taste. Waste of money.

Griffin Myslivecek

1st time. Ordered takeout. Nice gentleman who talked me through the menu. Ordered a chicken curry with vegetables gievn his recommendation. The meal was very tasteful, and of high quality. For $15 i was surprised with the portion size. Swatadees entrees and rice are 2x the size. An $8 chipotle burrito is a more significant helping than what i received. I expected better portions given cost and Indian cuisine. Disappointed. I was still hungry after finishing the take out.

Avinab Rajbhandary

The quality of food has degraded in past couple of years. It used to be one of our go to Indian place. The pepper chicken is delicious. I would have given it a 4 star couple of years back. Now I'd give it only 2 stars.

Don Thompson

It has changed and I have to give it 3 stars. The food is good, but the selection is very limited.

Jake Southmayd

Dirty place with a small buffet that is overpriced. Staff was hardly visible. Atmosphere is dark and dreary. I recommend finding another place if you're looking for Indian cuisine.

leah crumb

a long-standing favorite for my boyfriend and me! the staff make a point of remembering their customers, and the food is spectacular! also very vegetarian-friendly.

Vivekanand Tiwari

It sucks.. If you are north indian then you will definately not like it. They put coconut oil in every curry and stomach will pain. The sadness and bitterness of food will not go awaya for couple of hours. try surabhi dumplings ... ha ha and then you will have fun.. come back and read my review...

Jackie Yip

First time here today, not many people so getting food was very quick. First impression was that the food had flavor that definitely is Indian but one particular dish was a bit undercooked. So I give it 4.5 for the variety but 3.5 for the quality.


Horrible in one word.

Shubham Saxena

A few dishes are okay. Spicy level is too spicy.... Medium level is too bland no in-between option. The dry dishes are absolutely inedible. Ordered a mutton kebob.... It was like tyre rubber. They don't have daal makhni. Butter chicken was good. Biryani is okay. Chicken fried rice is okay.

Chris R

Very friendly, but Bathrooms are disgusting! Was told food wasn't very spicey but that was a lie. Soda out if work, took forever to get water Ugh! Won't ever go there again!

Adam Zubrzycki

The lunch buffet is very good the price has gone up but there have been improvements made so I am ok with that. Dinner is also very good definitely try the vindaloo.

Smit Chechani

Very nice lunch buffet. Lot of varieties available and food is very tasty.. Liked it..

Mindy Whalberg

This is our favorite place to go! Always leaving satisfied and full! ❤️

John Booth

good buffet with a nice selection. the Goat curry was spicy and tasty.

Michael Hill

Can't get enough of this place. Their blend of Sri Lankan and Indian food is fantastic. Their lunch buffet options rotate regularly, too, so you get to try lots of different things if you go on different days. Ordering off the menu is even better! Delicious food at a good rate. I highly recommend Surabhi.

Roxanne Savaryn-Wicks

The food was very good. My one disappointment is that the dish does not come with enough rice. I probably could have asked for more but I didn’t.

Mary Weber

They have many unique goods for sale and you can tell they put pride in their work. I recommend this restaurant highly!!

Bo Genis

Ordered to go from here yesterday. Got the chicken tikka masala and butter chicken -delicious! Friendly, fast service, good prices. And really generous portions of food! I will be enjoying these yummy leftovers for days to come :)

Srini Reddy

Food was very bad tasteless. I used debit card to pay for buffet, check amount was $13 but they charged $16 on my card. Folks check you accounts for final charges and report fraud transactions.

Sri Lakshmi Manasa Madhurakavi

I say it's an average Indian restaurant based on my experience. Some of my friends say it's a good restaurant though.

Rejath Ajayan

Disappointed with the food and service. We ordered Masala Dosa's and the sambhar that came with it was spoilt. When we complained it to the waitor his comment was that let me check in the kitchen. He never came back to offer replacement nor an apology. Bad food bad service.

Luke Wiley

They have awesome Tikka

aaron berg

Surabhi has great southern Indian cooking. They have good fresh spice flavor that can be hard to find. The dosa, dal, and curries all come out very hot.

Jabed Abu

Food was better although staffs didn't look professional!

Ethel Reyes

Super good food , not busy

Rauthi P

We went here for Lunch on 3/27 Easter “special lunch buffet”, great food so many different dishes and great meat dishes, the fish curry was tasty. The food is flavorful and rich, there was something for everyone.

Sajith Anantharaman

It's okay food. Not a proper taste in all the dishes. I think this is over rated restaurant. No offense here. Came for Sat lunch buffet. There were many dishes but it's all average.

Shawn Organ

Service is not great, food is ok. There are other Indian restaurants in Bloomington that have better food and better service.

प्रबीण गौतम

I thought Bawarchi,Plymouth is the worst Indian Restaurant in Minnesota but I was wrong. Surabhi proved me wrong. The flies were flying here and there. Table was not clean. They serve the worst Samosa chat with hell lot of masala and no yogurt,sauce, chopped onions.. It was just masala chana. They served 2 biryani with 1 small bowl of raita. I asked for one and they say they just gave me one.... Rude waiter... Nothing good about this place.

Judah Arul

This restaurant doesn’t have any integrity on what they are selling or display in the menu. 2 weeks back I went and bought buffet meal, I asked the guy about the spicy level, he said “medium”, but it was so spicy and we were not able to eat anything and throw it out. Today, I ordered chicken kadai and fish masala, the taste like ,they mixed the same gravy for both, and it seems they mixed Dandoori chicken in the gravy and name it as Kadai chicken. PLEASE try some other Indian restaurant.

Jacqueline Ohmann

Great food with a decent variety. A little expensive but worth it.

L Anderson

Delicious food. Lots of options. Could be spicier

Purvi Panchal

We found concroch in gulab jambun (sweet ball). One Lady who worked there she took that concroch out and kept that same food there for serving. Pathetic service and food. Never ever try to visit .

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