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REVIEWS OF Spoon and Stable IN Minnesota

Erica Davis

An amazing dining experience. From the service to the decor, I knew we were in for a treat before we even tasted the food. The spinach cheese curds were an amazing treat. Loved the gnocchi and wagu steak. Such a wonderful way to spend our anniversary.

Ben Parker

I wish I had more time to give a detailed review. For me simple things done right speak volumes. The house made sourdough wheat paired with the local butter was beyond comprehension. This proved to be par for the course from service to decor.

Augustin McLaughlin

I ordered the lamb chop, and it was probably the most tender and best tasting lamb chop I’ve ever had. My Autumn Manhattan was fantastic as well. The service was pretty good and the restaurant had a well designed interior. Doesn’t get 5 stars due to laughably small portions. I’m not that big but could of easily eaten 3-4 lamb chop entrees (+ $100). No one should have to leave a restaurant hungry.

Randy Jackson

Every part of the brunch was enjoyable! I had the 'postcard' cocktail - refreshing and citrusy and the coffee was good too. Croque Madame was excellent, as was the sausage and buscuits. We finished with the crepe cake (do not miss!) and took home a box of pastries.

Ian Gacek

This might be one of the best restaurants in Minneapolis. The pork-chop I had was incredible. Returned within a week or two to give the restaurant another try and it was just as good. I'd give this place 6 stars if I could.

Julie Ann Klatt

Never disappoints, ALWAYS on point! Food and drinks are lovingly curated!!

Amy B. Wagner-Wieland

The food is impeccable and the staff really know their stuff.

Steven Li

The food is creative and the service is fantastic.

Tim Rose

Wonderful cocktails, service is always kind and professional and of course, the food unlike anything in the twin cities.

Ashley Hjelle

I chose this restaurant for the amazing reviews. I must say that I experienced not terrible service but slow service. I think this is a ‘trendy’ restaurant but not one that actually has amazing food. I had the bison tartare, scallops and cream cake. All of which I let the waiter pick. I have fine dined a lot, and I am sad to say this ranks low. I just simply was not impressed. There are too many dining options in the city, so I would not return.

Sylvie Bouffard

Great food (sourdough bread was fragrant, the portions were appropriate, the presentation was refined). Staff attentive to food allergies. Staff should be trained to not take bread plates away after bread service. The bread plate is needed to lay down fork and knife. Don't like that more than one waiter waited on me. This created a lack of continuity. Very crowded in the evenings, noisy atmosphere.

Shelly Dailey

Amazing service, food and super accommodating to gluten free!

haley sween

Great service and great food!! Lobster gnocchi and porcini mushroom side was lovely! Desserts were fabulous! Will definitely go back.... And they even welcomed us in our running gear! ❤️

Charles Edge

I love this place. Great ambiance, great food, great people watching! It's really a Minneapolis gem.

Johann Enquist

Amazing food, excellent staff! Thanks for a great experience all around.

Michael Brush

Excellent brunch. Main course was delicious, pastry bar was superb. The staff are wonderful. A nice place in the north loop.

Ryan Bolduan

Spoon and Stable deserves its hype. For all meals it's food is quite good, and it's open, airy, bright space is wonderful. The servers are some of the best in the biz, and I'm always amazed at how good they are at knowing when to show up, and when to just let the table eat. Brunch though, brunch elevates their good food tenfold. I know restaurants hate the brunch gig, but Spoon & Stable has it down pat. I've yet to have anything bad for brunch, and their pastries are beyond good. Lastly they have the best coffee in town, hands down. Do yourself a favor and go.

Mike C

Never fails to impress. The scallop crudo is unique and fresh. The bison tartare takes a classic and elevates it. The gnocchi is rich and satisfying. The duck is perfectly prepared. The lamb is paired with an other worldly mustardo. The steak will beat any other in the city outside of Burch. And the service is better than top notch. You will not be disappointed here.

Ksenia Ledneva

Great place! Atmosphere is nice, classy vibes. Try creamy spinach and honey cake for desert

Sarah Irish

This is one of the best restaurants I’ve been to. Brunch menu is great, but less impressive than the dinner menu. They have a fantastic cocktail bar, but I don’t think you can get the full menu at the bar (though everything I’ve had there is delicious). I’ve been a few times and already have a reservation to go back. It’s hard to get a reservation so make sure you pay attention to when they are going to release the month if you have a specific date in mind and want to eat in the 6-8 pm range (usually early in the month before).

Cael T

The scales on the crispy scale snapper were chewy, not crispy. When this technique is not properly executed it’s pretty much inedible. It’s also easy to visually see when it’s executed properly or not because the scales will sort of stand up. This means that not only was it improperly executed, it passed the visual test of the chef in charge who plated the food and also the person running the dish. Embarrassing sign that they don’t really care. I also ordered the side of potatoes, but wasn’t informed that they were out of them until the main course was brought to the table without the potatoes. Desserts were excellent.

Emma Sax

Food was unbelievably tasty. By far the best meal I’ve had in weeks. A little on the expensive side, but the price is made up by the great taste. The service was friendly and attentive, however it did seem a bit slow at times. I would definitely return again, and would for sure order the butternut squash ravioli again... yummy yummy yummy!

Faisal Al-Kandari

Great experience it is really 5 stars restaurant. Make sure to try Steel-cut Trout and Honey & Cream Cake

Ryan Cummings

So good! Elegant atmosphere, top tier service and food.

Zachary Royce

Excellent food. Smart drink menu. Good atmosphere. Pricey but worth it.

Eric Larsen

13/10 would recommend. I cannot say enough about this place. Amazing staff, that knows their ever-changing menu well. Open concept kitchen, which is cool to see. Killer cocktails, seriously just get one- if you don't like it they'll make you a new one without charging for the first. But most important is the food. W. O. W. Everything was on point: they have apps that are share-size if you're into small plates, they offer half/full portions of their killer pastas, and then full on main courses that are also amazing (but big). Even their sides kill it, flavorful-A-F. Note: NOT cheap, but well worth it. Pro-tip: they have cotton candy they give out for special events. It's fancy, mine was pineapple flavored.

Jason Goldsmith

Absolutely incredible experience. I can't recall the name of the pasta dish we had but I still think of it to this day. Sea scallops were silk smooth and the Bison tartare is a dynamite. Can't wait for my next visit!

Valerie Jardon

Didn't find this place to be worthy of the hype. Only half of what we tried was actually good. A little too much of a gamble in my opinion. Cool atmosphere and nice people though.

Jeff Polson

Everything was amazing. The service spectacular. It's an experience I won't forget.

olaf lee

Gave us more then we asked. Food was a experience in texture and taste... absolutely amazing. Thank you for a great evening experience.

Michelle Damico

We stopped in your restaurant by accident yesterday. Took an unplanned walk on the Stone Arch Bridge and looked for restaurants nearby when we started getting hungry. Our Freshman told us she heard wonderful things about Spoon and Stable. We lucked out with 3 seats at the bar. It was the highlight of our trip to pick up our daughter and return to Chicago. Loved our server at the bar, Ashley. She surprised me with a glass of Sauternes with my Pavlova. I was thrilled to have a server who knew to pair foie gras and Sauternes. The duck and pavlova were amazing and wonderful. My husband loved his bison. We loved sitting at the bar next to Elden the commercial photographer and on either side of us women who didn’t know each other from Saratoga Springs. It was by far the most delicious, skilled, sophisticated, fun,stylish and smart dinner experience we’ve had in ages. Plus we made new friends! We will be back. Congratulations on your awesome restaurant.

Josephine Walsh

We were here for a date night while in town and it was fantastic. The food was delicious and I wanted an ice cream sandwich for dessert which is not part of their regular menus, they're only given for birthdays. Sooo I said it was my birthday hahaha. This place was fantastic. I am so bummed I can't find the photos from our visit.

Lydia Kaiser

The food was amazing, and the staff was very friendly and courteous. The price was very reasonable for how delicious and well plated the food was. We ordered the Snapper and the Duck Confit (among many other things) as entrees-- pictured below. We will definitely be going again!

Kanisha Boer

"Great food, fresh ingredients, friendly staff, great service."

Gregory Schwartz

Wine and food were fantastic. Imaginative and flavorful dishes. Katelyn, our server, was spot on with her suggestions. Service was impeccable and we were never rushed. Open kitchen showed a well orchestrated machine in elegant motion.

James Khuong

The atmosphere at night was super enticing; it felt like a local bar while also having the aesthetics of a really high end place, and they did treat you like you were at a high end place. The service was incredibly quick and when the food came out, I wasn't even surprised at how good it was, it was just expected. My personal recommendation would be to try all the cheeses. Even though $15 sounds like a lot to fork up for cheese and cherry spread and other sides, the wonderful, strong, and explosive flavors are wortg every penny.

Harper Pace

Ok, so quite disappointed by this place. Lovely website, inspires confidence that they would be serving good food. All the right bells and whistles advertised. I ordered as an appetizer the Snap Pea Salad and for my main the Crispy Scale Snapper. I could not finish the salad as the stems were not properly removed so parts of the salad were inedible - an amateur move in my estimation. And, the dressing should have been more flavorful. Before ordering, I asked the Server about the Crispy Scale Snapper as the word "Scale" in the name made me a tad nervous. He described the cooking technique and stated that the skin would be crispy and edible. This sounded great to me. Now I do cook, and I cook a lot of fish; Snapper is one of my favorites (so here, experience) - the fish literally had scales on it, making the skin inedible. Once one removed the skin, the dish was tasty but I was extremely annoyed that I had to descale my fish in order to eat it. So, I have to say, this Restaurant is a charade; you get the idea that the Kitchen has no idea what it's doing. Would not recommend until execution of the - pretty good menu - improves significantly. They only got that 2nd star because the wine was good.

Vladimir Shkut

By far the best restaurant in the twin cities. Great atmosphere, food is always great. Can’t wait to come again

Choice Mpls BTS enjoy!

It's such a treat to get a seat at spoon and stable go early you can sit at the bar get full menu it is magical the bites are so good impressed Everytime the crowd is next generation hipster foodies


Great food! Definitely suggest a reservation before you go.

Christopher Green

Amazing!! Can't-miss if you desire fine dining while in Minneapolis. Quality/Price unbeatable. Special mention for service: perfectly trained Thai staff which makes a big difference. Thank you very much for a lovely evening. We all loved the entire evening from your hospitality to decor and the good food.

Luckie Vang

Up scale place, delicious food, amazing service, absolute must date night! We went in on a Monday night and was able to get front Street parking. The north loop is made up of old town buildings renovated with the best local breweries, high end restaurants, and very chic boutique shops but the area is offset just enough from downtown to be more quiet and semi-private. Seating can be a little tight but comfortable and if your sitting in front of the brightly lit open kitchen in the back (like we did), hard to have a quiet conversation amidst the bustling chefs and staff delivering food, though the smell was amazing and mouth watering. My wife and i shared all the dishes and our waitress was very helpful to explain everything and split or dishes for us. Though busy, she checked in on us regularly, cleaning the table promptly and refilling water several times without asking. We felt she really too care of us even though we could see she was busy. The dishes were delivered to us by other wait staff immediately when ready (we directly observed them from where we were sitting), so they were fresh and hot. We enjoyed every bite and then at the end of the course, they being you freshly spun cotton candy. What a treat! Would highly recommend for a date night!

Do-Yeon Cho

Excellent place. Really enjoyed the dinner! Bison Tartar was so good!

Arthur Stoute

Salmon a bit undercooked.. great atmosphere, great service

Child Of Universe

I'm trying to be honest here. So no Minnesota nice ☺ The pasteries were fantastic and would earn 5 stars. We were not happy with the food (brunch). The waiter could have made this a better experience so we would forget about the mediocre food and leave with a positive and better impression, but she didn't. There were more than half dozen tables available and never got used (reservation?). The pastry chef was very kind and humble. Our waiter (blond straight hair) should learn some of that. It'll come handy☺

Maddy Newman

They went above and beyond to create an amazing experience for my boyfriend and myself. We initially sat at a very cozy booth, but my boyfriend (it was his birthday celebration and he is a Sous Chef at another establishment) wanted to get a view of the food in the making. They were so accommodating to get us front row seats. Our server was ASTOUNDING. He answered all of my (vegan and non-vegan) questions and never left a glass empty. I am speechless regarding the food, the flavor compositions were on point. I will definitely be back and I will recommend this establishment to all of those looking for an upscale dining experience!

Bryan Herbst

We had a phenomenal time at Spoon and Stable! From the moment your walk in the experience is great, from the bright and inviting space to the welcoming staff, it is an excellent experience all around. We loved everything we had on the menu (my favorite was the lamb), and the cocktails were fantastic as well.

Alex Golimbievsky

Fantastic burger! Crepe cake is outstanding. Stellar drinks and solid bartenders. A bit expensive for what you get, but a great choice overall.

Stephen Anderson

Are you kidding me? It was so good. The green salad and halibut were my favorite items on the menu, but gosh darn it, everything was delicious!

Ellen Dean

We thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Spoon and Stable. The food was excellent, the service was good and we can't fault anything of consequence. The food really is outstanding and everything was perfectly cooked. We had two pasta dishes to start with. One, gnocchi with mushrooms is a dish many restaurants produce, but this was just a cut above. The pasta were succulent and the mushroom taste more pronounced than other places can achieve. The other, a biogo (a thick tubular spaghetti) with a sauce of ground veal, anchovies and a few other things, was also excellent. It was a bit salty, but the server had said that was how the dish was prepared.

C Tang

We celebrated our anniversary here and both the food and service did not disappoint. The spaghetti Nero was a great start to our meal. The trout and wagyu beef for entres we're outstanding. I would highly recommend coming for a special occasion or if you just want to "treat yo self".

Keenan Olson

Impressive at every turn, spoon and stable will not disappoint anyone in your group. Cocktails and apps are stellar. Entrees are exquisitely crafted. Its a dream restaurant. If you like Spoon and Stable try Bellecour in Wayzata. Gavin is genius.

Mark Andersen

This is one of the best restaurants I've been to anywhere, including one in Peru that's operated by the chef who was recently voted best in the world. Chef Kaysen is doing some great work here.

Brynn Johnson

Best night out I've ever had. We sat at the bar, a regular Sat next to us and recommended the oysters that night. The staff was so sweet and nice. I've never been treated so nicely. Truly an amazing experience.

Matthew Stephens

Bison tartare and mushroom soup were excellent. Had the lamb leg and the wagyu flatiron and they were good as well. Nice ambience inside with some natural lighting at dinner in the summertime.

Richard Liebhaber

Check this place out! The bison tartare is really good. Oysters were on point. The pastas are fresh. Meats are cooked on a wood burning grill! Desserts are savory and delicious. The staff is very attentive and polite. If you are one of the fortunate ones, you can get seats right next to the kitchen and view your meals being made.

Nick Gray

Terrific food rivaling any upscale farm to table restaurant I’ve enjoyed, this coming from a jaded New Yorker of 10 years. Hip, fun vibe, buzzing on a warm summer Monday night.

Hillary Buis

Great service, good prices, and delicious food in a nice cozy place.

Jacob Olivieri

Gorgeous space with incredible food. I had the pot roast and it was absolutely delicious, my girlfriend got the gnocchi which was wonderful. Great cocktails and top notch service. Highly recommend!

Lena Marquise

Delicious, friendly and incredibly helpful staff.

Chase Nelson

This is hands down some of the best food I've had in the cities. The inside is fancy, yet it still has an inviting feel to it. We ended up getting most of the brunch menu, no complaints all around. I think the best dish was the Red Wine Poached Eggs. Stop in if you can, it's definitely worth it.

Randall Furr

This is the most affordable and amazing place at the same time. The place offers the best dining experience. My mom is very fond of Spoon and Stable and she always insists on visiting this place for family dinners and parties. The staff , even the manager of this place is so so generous that they treat you in a very nice manner. The place has an absolute happy vibe , fascinating enough to attract you again and again.

Negin Chahardoli

Amazing food, polite and friendly staff!!! Loved this place.

Raddie Ruple

I've been to Spoon & Stable for both dinner and brunch, and both experiences were great. If they still allow it, it's a cool experience to sit at the kitchen bar in the back. You can watch the chefs prepare everything, and they tend to give you complimentary food. Brunch was delicious, especially the fresh pastries.

Ali Siddiqui

It was good but not amazing. Expensive and may not be worth the price. Alma definitely better


We came for a private dinner/birthday with a fixed price of $75/person. No prices on the drink menu (suggesting it was included in the pre-fixed price) and the room was paid for separately. Somehow our bill was $150/person including the mandatory tip (maybe 2-3 glasses of wine each). Food was good, but we could have ordered the same food from the dinner menu for less than $60/person. And it took 3 hours. Not a great experience.

Olivia Roberts

The place is so amazing. It serves such tasty food and the staff is so warm and friendly. The vibe in this place is so good that you would love to visit the place again , just like me. I can't wait to go back to this place and have amazingly amazing food.

Jason Hernandez

This place will never disappoint you. Will serve such good and tasty food . Also , will give you an altogether fantastic dining experience. This place probably offers the best dining experience in the town. I usually visit Spoon and Stable with my wife and I find this place really good. My wife also likes this place. They never let you down and always give you memorable experience. We usually go for birthdays and anniversaries to this place to celebrate.

Drummer John

Excellent vibe, great service and the food was outstanding. Top ten experience. Beyond expectations. Go...

Jasmine Ortiz

Nice place. Food was good

justin mork

Yumm. We went here for our anniversary and decided before the start of the night that we would be treating ourselves. Our exact meals aren't important as the menu changes with availability and season, but everything was amazing. I had duck, my wife had ravioli, the drinks were amazing, the dessert was incredible. The service was impeccable with perfect descriptions and suggestions for our meals and a complete awareness around crafting a meal for my vegetarian wife. For us this is probably a once in a year treat, but I would recommend Spoon and Stable to anyone looking for a place to host an intimate celebration.

Nick Lawson

As good as the reviews say. We had a party of 8 and the service was great all around. Bison tartar was amazing. Pictured are the stripped Sea Bass special and the seafood pasta. Both where outstanding. This place has a great atmosphere, high quality delicious food and excellent service. You can't go wrong.

nicholas dale

Very good place to eat. The food was great, not too expensive and the service was amazing.

Markas Welke

Amazing food and great atmosphere

Andrew Erickson

I like this place. If you're in the market for a $150ish dinner/drinks, this place is worth checking out. Service was perfect as expected. We had the pork chop and the duck as our entrees and would happily recommend either. One of the best top tier restaurants in the metro. Been around for a while and they still care about the experience.

A Holiday

Amazing food with impeccable service!

Michael Rinder

Despite the high quality of food and drink the cost definitely shows. This place is past the "new and hip" vibe. It has become the crowded and inaccessible. The staff are fun and knowledgeable but the clientele are something to be desired. Overall, it's a great place worth the hipe but not worth the fuss. Best to wait until it calms down a tad. I will check back in 6 months or so. Hopefully I can get a drink and food without 15 people bumping into me.

J Roy

Great vibe on a busy Sunday night. Innovative menu, professional and attentive staff. We will be back! Slight issue with hostess, who was corrected by a more senior staff member. (That first impression role is important, otherwise it would have been 5 stars. )

Brady Davidson

I was very impressed with our experience! The waitress displayed knowledge and conviviality with every question we had on the menu! The food was delicious and coursed out to our satisfaction! I had ordered a Rusty Nail, and it was one of the most tasteful cocktails that I've ever had! I strongly recommend this place!

Doug Topping

I decided to share each dish. We ordered the Bluefin Tuna Crudo to start, followed by the Spaghetti Nero, and finally to the Scallop entre and the lamb rack. We ended the evening with dessert. Of all dishes, my favorite was probably the spaghetti nero and the lamb. The scallops were very rich in flavor, and that being our last dish was a bit much. The nero was amazingly flavorful & full of fresh octopus and mussels. Would definitely order again.

Markie Mitchell

Such an amazing way to spend Mother’s Day. Food is fantastic and the space is magical!

Kristen Herber

Came here for my birthday last month and it was hands down one of the best meals I've ever eaten. The attention to detail and layers of flavors and textures is unmatched. The service was top notch. They sat us at the kitchen counter. If you get the opportunity to do so, it was so much fun watching everything!

Jon Preston

Celebrated an anniversary dinner there on 6/22/19. First of all the staff was attentive, polite and extremely helpful. A table of four and we all shared bites and everything was amazing. Started with Bison tartare, which was amazing. We had two teenagers along, with their first experience at this caliber of restaurant..... my daughter is open to trying new things and she loved the Bison Main courses we had salmon, the lamb, and two pasta dishes. Every bite was amazing. An amazing experience that will not be forgotten .

Liz Martin-Smiley

Delicious food, perfect atmosphere.

Ludvig Stone

Definitely recommend stopping by we weren't particularly hungry but were in the mood for a dessert so we ordered two ( can't remember the names) but they were amazing. he attention to detail here really elevates the experience - the complimentary sourdough bread and whipped butter is quite good, and the complimentary petit fours at the end of the meal were a nice touch.

Marc Anderson

Excellent food and atmosphere. Dining while watching the chefs in the kitchen is an added surprise. Great waitstaff as well.

Melissa G

Celebrated our anniversary here and they made it special. Wonderful service. Upscale food.

Stacy Fisher

We had a fantastic time at the bar and enjoyed a fantastic meal. The lady that waited on us at the bar was fantastic. We enjoyed the octopus for appetizer, I had duck breast, hubby had fish, and dessert was phenomenal.....creme fraiche and honey cake. Wonderful!!!!!

Tracey Fredrick

Oh my gosh, this place was so good. Decided to go for brunch on an anniversary, and Spoon & Stable did not disappoint. First, the space is beautiful. I think it might have been part of an old post office based on some of the decor. Lots of natural light, views into the kitchen, and a giant wine cellar. Second, you are offered first to order pastries, which are displayed out for you to se to help make your choices. Let me tell you, this didn't help me at all, because then I wanted all of them. You get around to ordering food and it is next level great. We tried a ravioli and a corn dish that were both very flavorful and tasty. Would definitely return.

David Hong

Like the appetizers and desserts. You won't be dissatisfied with the food. The space is a bit crowded, but the atmosphere is nice and simple. They pull out all the stops when it comes to service. I spilled some wine on my shirt and someone got sofa and towels for me. They also went out of their way to accomodate my vegan preferences.

Josh Helminski

These guys are doing something right and the accolades are well deserved. The food was exquisite, the service was friendly and knowledgeable, and the atmosphere was welcoming. Not your everyday restaurant, but a great choice for that special occasion.

Graystone Hill

Came here for a corporate event. Service was excellent, and the food fantastic. I can't recall the name of it, but there's a type of almost-eggroll baked on top of anise and cardamom that's pretty unique, and absolutely delicious. (Edit: spelling and a couple adjectives)

Regina Hernandez

Definitely recommend stopping by we weren't particularly hungry but were in the mood for a dessert so we ordered two ( can't remember the names) but they were amazing. I also couldn't leave without trying an appetizer so I ordered the tacos and so glad I did they were delicious. I live in Houston so unfortunately won't be back for dinner but I'd recommend anyone to stop in you won't be disappointed.

LeShon Lee

Spoon and Stable has been the best dining experience I have ever had in Minneapolis. Everything was done to perfection, from the seating overlooking the kitchen and getting a glimpse into the process of plating. To the absolutely beautiful preparation of everything that came out of the kitchen. It made for one of the best date nights me and my girlfriend have ever had. We went to celebrate her birthday and the staff really made it a special night.

Andrew Zoller

Phenomenal dining experience! Excellent food, service and ambience. On the fancier side, makes for a great date night or celebration dinner. Their take on the Manhatten is my new favorite cocktail! Also, not enough praise can be given to their fresh baked sourdough bread with whipped butter!!

Sarah Espinoza

Spoon and Stable is worth the hype and the prices--had a fantastic first experience for a birthday dinner and can't wait to go back! Plenty of fresh and interesting options, thoughtful service, and a beautiful space.

Brian L

Disappointing. Octopus was overcooked. Duck was REALLY overcooked. Gazpacho sounded amazing and tasted bland. If you can't serve your proteins correctly I am not sure what you can do.

Dakota Hain

The staff here is so nice; it was our anniversary and they hooked us up with some free dessert, even accommodating my dairy allergy. Our waiter was ridiculously knowledgeable and could speak about everything on the menu with confidence. The drinks were fab. The oysters were so fresh and sweat I had to order another round. The razor clams were ok but lacking something but I don't care because everything else was amazeballs. The halibut was perfect and the snapper was beautiful.. I even ate the skin; it was so crunchy and flakey. I asked for more bread to sop up the liquid from both of our meals... yup, I'm that guy. Oh and the desserts were so amazing my wife went to thank the dessert chef (patissier?). We had to make a reservation waaaaaayyyy in advance but we were given an inside tip that I'm not gonna tell you

Brent Anderson

Oh my gosh! The best food and wine experience I've had in 10+ years. From the oysters, to the bison tartar, and our servers knowledge of wine - just wow. My friends visiting from Atlanta and Washington DC were equally charmed. I'd choose this place again in a heartbeat!

Karina M

I'm lucky this is in the neighborhood since it's my go-to spot for celebrations, out-of-town visitors, client entertainment, and last minute, late night meals. Spoon and Stable never disappoints! Their Synergy series is awesome too.

Jeremy Morgan

If I had to rank space, service, cocktails and food; it would be in that order. Great atmosphere and the best gin and tonic I have ever had.

Jackie Whelan

The food and service was amazing! Wonderful menu selections and flavors. Great choice to celebrate our Anniversary. Thank you to our server Lester for making our evening extra special for us!

Bryan Kuechenmeister

Waste of hundreds of dollars on poor service and horrible food. Not worth the hype. Save your money for a better meal.

Carolina Margaria

Everything we ate was simply amazing. Fine dining at it's best, simply delicious food with fantastic service. Nothing pretentious or snobby about it. You can tell that every dish is carefully thought out and made with the best ingredients. We had the duck, lamb, and fish which were all great but we all agreed the duck was the best. Appetizer portions were tiny, not exactly sharable, but given that they tended to be high end seafood or cuts it's understandable. We had a birthday in our party and they brought him out some house made cotton candy which was delicious. You can really tell they have a pastry chef in house, don't miss out on the dessert! All I got was a scoop of vanilla ice cream and it was flawless, possibly made in house.

Davis Turner

Really good pasta with an incredible atmosphere and ambience. Spoon and Stable might be the best restaurant in Minneapolis!

Laramie Otto

Spoon and Stable offers delicious food and a truly beautiful space - is it weird I want to design my house after their bathroom? We have enjoyed eating both in the dining room and in the bar area, for both dinner and brunch, and have had no complaints regarding food quality or taste. The cocktails are very good, as is the house made bread! Sitting at the counter with a view into the kitchen was amazing and so interesting - the chefs were open to answering a few of our questions about the food and ingredients, which was appreciated! The only reason I did not give a 5 star review was that while the food was delicious, it was not quite as inventive as a few other places that we enjoy. We will absolutely return to Spoon and Stable many times in the future, I'm sure!

Cindy White

Very impressive operation from top to bottom. Staff was very helpful and you could tell they were having fun. Clean, well priced, couldn't be more impressed.

Lauren Peabody

Fabulous food. The spaghetti Nero was to die for. Our waiter, Nathan, took super care of us! A wonderful birthday experience (they even brought out pineapple cotton candy for the birthday amenity) 12 outta 10 will be back again

Laurel Cheple

We each had different items from the menu. To sample more. It was fantastic. Our server, Meghan was excellent and helped us decide. Great evening

Her Gawd

Beyondddddd amazing , the waiter Lewis was extraordinary. Super impressed, service and food above my expectations and we came after midnight . Can’t wait to go back for the full menu . Went here about a month ago and still can’t stop talking about it. Excellent excellent excellent, hope Lewis is there when I come back . Ambience was everything, definitely a vibe!!!!

Paul A. Fernandez

Sat at the bar for dinner. Food was amazing and service was top notch. We really loved the interesting take on the gazpacho. Lobster gnocchi was stellar. Highly recommend and will be visiting again whenever we are back to the twin cities

Takako Lysne

Went to brunch with my family. Good atmosphere, wonderful pastries and drinks, but their savory food are way too salty. We were not be able to enjoy flavor of the fresh ingredients itself. At their price point, we expect more. This was our second time to visit there for branch, but last time (about a year ago) was better.

Zachary Kahn

Oh my goodness the brunch here (although Dinner is a 5-Star as well)! As always we received incredibly friendly and responsive service from the moment we walked in the door. This was our first time in to the restaurant for brunch our server did a wonderful job guiding us through the menu. All of the menu items are unique, original takes on classic items - and everything is prepared fresh in house (from the bacon to the breads). The real star of the show here is the pastries. We loved that you can get up and walk over to see everything that is available (like at a bakery), and then you just fill out a card at your table (Dim Sum style) and they bring you out your items. Also - everything here is CRAZY reasonably priced for the quality. Pastries are what you'd pay at a bakery $3-5 (and are better). Entrees were generously portioned and ranged from $14-20.

Laurencio Ronquillo

Excellent ambiance. Superb friendly professional staff. Amazing plates, might be higher price on some per portion. Some other have good price. Overall it can get a bit pricey with drinks. But 1 beer or wine and entree puts you around $40 pp which is decent for this level of restaurant. Plus it has excellent quality food. You can street park or valet. Please tip valet, this is their job. Clean well kept restrooms. Service at the bar was friendly, quick and you meet other patrons. I had a great experience.

Emily Day

What a marvelous dinning experience! Authentic French flavors and dishes done to perfection. Portions are on the modest side and it is hard to leave for less than a hundreds dollars, but is worth it. The food and drinks are phenomenal. Service staff is very friendly and attentive. The space is well lit with both cozy and contemporary decor. An assortment of fresh baked pastries to sample and share with the table. Reservations are recommend. Enjoy!


Went for brunch and will definitely be back. The staff was fantastic and food was delicious. Definitely a must.

Pedro Girardi

The food was fantastic. I highly recommend their meat options and cocktails/mock tails. Appetizer portions could be larger.


Best 70th birthday party ever. Friends and family from coast to coast treated to Minnesota's finest fare. Service was so professional. The food was unparalleled. You cant find a better place to celebrate a great event

CoryAnn K

I had brunch here on Sunday and was quite impressed by the pastry chef. All the pastries were cooked to perfection. We also ordered some main courses for lunch and everything was on point. The lunch prices are very reasonable and the staff is very attentive. They even gave us a special birthday treat.

Lois Belosi

Good service, lots of seating, good prices.

Jake Schmidt

Phenomenal food and service. Best restaurant in the Twin Cities.

Todd S

It's just one of those amazing places in Minneapolis that we're lucky to have. Truly is as great as you've heard.

Morgan Tyndall

Absolutely lived up to it's name. Some of the best food I've had. Service was excellent. I don't think I would change or recommend anything.

matthew gregg

Amazing atmosphere, hidden gem in the arancini rice balls you can get from the bar. Nothing else compares. The rest of the food was also incredible of course but the details will wow you.

Darian Johnson

We are regular customer of this brand. We love it. And always wish to celebrate every special moments here. Thanks Spoon and Stable for giving us such delicious food.

Stephan Kieu

The service is always top notch. I ordered my go to dish, Spaghetti Nero, and it tasted better this time than previously. Out friends all enjoyed their foods, drinks and desserts.

Chelsie GawneMark

It's a missed bag and given the powerhouses behind and in the kitchen you would think consistency would be at work here. One cannot run a restaurant on name alone. I've had hit (awesome waiter) and miss (a snobby, dismissive waitress) service and hit (the bison tartare with dehydrated egg yolks) and misses (any of the pasta). After eating/drinking here roughly 6 times, I would offer this--go to the bar during happy hour--it's lively and fun and the staff at the bar are better trained than those on the floor. You'll get some great food but won't be disappointed when the bill comes. Excellent wine selection. This is also not a place to call for special requests even with weeks of advanced notice. I dare say I had the most disappointing anniversary dessert here ever (specifically asked not to have sorbet as my dairy free option and guess what I got on my plate...) The space is really well decorated and I like the bar area best with it's large windows and cavernous ceilings.

Andrew Yee

It was okay but expected more. But all the waiters had beards and short hair with vests and urban work boots. Very hip and cool...

Matthew Kemmetmueller

Just dined there with my wife and another couple and had an amazing experience. The place was busy for a Friday night but not overwhelming packed. We loved the bison tartare that we opened with and the duck was next level. Crispy skin while not over cooking the breast. Lester was amazing server, tonight I wasn't the easiest the dinner in the world and he went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience. I can't say enough great things about the service and the food. Treat yourself.

stan christiansen

The entire evening was incredible. Wonderful food and service in an incredible space. A definite must for any foodie. You will not be disappointed

Jon Gifford

Our waiter would simply not leave us alone. Once seated he immediately ask for our drink order. I mean immediately! We weren't ready. Not to worry, he was back 1 minute later. Still not ready. He interrupted our conversation and again wanted our drink order. Got the feeling he wanted us out of there as soon as possible. He also had that European attitude that he was gracing us with his presence. I fail to see what the hype is over this place. If the economy sours this will be one of the first places to close up shop. S & S isn't doing us a huge favor to serve us. I truly dislike pretentious restaurants.

Barbara Bakal

Service was excellent and the location had great energy. But I found my pasta dish overpriced for what you got. It was bland, small and had very little seafood in it. The bread was delicious!

Marianne Wells

I read the online reviews and really looked forward to an incredible dining experience last night. Yes the restaurant is bright and open. The seating was very comfy. The staff was very attentive, and highly professional. These folks are the stars of the show. Every restaurant should have such a wonderful staff of servers. They are really focused on the customer experience. And the wait staff is completely honest in telling the guest how they like to run things at S&S. "Please order your complete meal upfront so the kitchen can schedule how plates come out". I liked that we would not wait intolerable amounts of time for the next course. And boy did they ever keep things on schedule - almost as if it was ready before we were. The appetizers were really good. Gnocchi was amazing, as was my husband's bison tartar. The bread served with butter is fine - a little too well done crust creating crumbs, but that's how some breads are. Where the evening didn't live up to the hype was the entrees. Now this is a rather high priced restaurant with meal for two with wine and two beers costing $195 with gratuity. The three scallops were overdone and tough, with a rather salty sauce. The striped bass - described to be lightly seared, was also overcooked - but to be honest it would be hard to get the skin crispy and not overcook such thin small pieces of fish. The sauce wasn't all that complementary to the fish in our opinion. For each entree, the presentation was underwhelming - particularly after really being wowed by the appetizers. We also ordered brussel sprouts that were a bit overly charred and bathed in a sauce that didn't really work for us. More careful preparation of the dish, with a simply balsamic reduction would have been preferred. The creamy spinach with deep fried cheese curds was simply out of the MN Hot Dish playbook. It didn't really wow us. I really wanted to love this restaurant because everyone online raves about it, and the wait staff was amazing. Know that it is noisy due to the brick and steel interior. It has a very poor sound system. You may hear music but maybe not. For the price, beer and wine portions are rather small. I want to thank the wait staff for helping us celebrate an anniversary. I would return for a light meal with just the appetizers due to the outstanding service and quality of these dishes. For the price, the kitchen under delivered on the entrees and sides in our opinion. I think we deserve to grade this restaurant harder, because of the prices they charge. For me, a restaurant is all about the food as the reason for going there. On this night, Spoon and Stable was merely average on their entrees and sides.

Gianni lachance

Very nice and modern place to grab a good eat in Minneapolis. There might be a wait for a table bet you should wait will all the great eats that are offered.

Valerie Fortin

Amazing food, great service. I can't wait to go again

Sara Dettloff-Moats

I went to the milk bar event last weekend and it was awesome! I loved the cereal milk soft serve

Pang Zoua Thor

The crepe cake were great. The service was okay for how praised this restaurant is


Amazing dining experience. Great ambience and energy. Loved the decor and attentiveness of the table servers. Very nice staff...

Moses Njuguna

Great food, service and atmosphere. I recommend making reservations in advance.

Michelle Sensat

Matt, aka Gus, was a phenomenal waiter. Ambiance was fantastic. Service impeccable. Decor out of this world and elegantly understated. LOVED IT. WILL BE BACK. Thank you for the ultimate dining experience for my birthday!

Mike Skogen

Outstanding experience, and even better eats!! The Duck was perfectly cooked and the Halibut was tender and delicious.

Brian Dunham

We walked in and had a wait that was made very easy with the superior wait staff. The apps were delicious and large. Timing for our meals was perfect. Flavor, spot on! I ordered the Pot Roast...OUTSTANDING!

Nidal Hamzey

Place is unbelievable! Ambiance is wonderful. Bright and open with high ceilings. Love an open kitchen. Service was excellent and professional, but I'd expect nothing less from them. It does full up quickly, so get there at 430 and sit in the bar until the dinner menu starts at 5. So worth it!

Joan Marketos

Warm, elegant, comfortable. Knowledgeable service, delicious interesting food.

Sean Gage

Amazing food. Well worth a visit.

Nathan VanBeek

We are never disappointed by anything we eat here. The service is impeccable. The staff is warm and inviting. The chefs are masters of their trade, constantly innovating new, novel flavors. You won't find an experience like this anywhere else. It is truly one of a kind.

Jan Sotelo

Eat like a viking at the bar. Excellent service amazing food

Ron Hogue

Guest-focused without prevention. Amazing food and atmosphere for breakfast!

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