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REVIEWS OF Short Stop Custom Catering IN Minnesota

Shawma Jones

If I could give negative stars I would. I was just in your restaurant, and this is the FOURTH TIME I ordered onions rings. And every time the same guy who is very tall and wears glasses, became beligerant with me, yelling that it is not every time, and I said yes it was the 4 th time... He continued screaming at me after I pointed out how many times this happens. He screamed and said well it's Saturday I don't have to make them. And I said you won't make them because you don't want to is what it is. The previous time I watched him make onion rings for the order before me than lie to my face and say they have none. In the process of this guys screaming at me, my husband watch a kid who was just sweeping, touch our daughters chicken nuggets with NO GLOVES, AND WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS. the giant guy continued yelling, when I said to forget it, we would not be eating there. He is absolutely the rudest employee I've ever encountered at your restaurant. We used to go there a few times a week, and I will NEVER return, and I will tell everyone I know, what disgusting treatment I had at your place.


Wide Selection Of salad and ribs,chicken. good ice cream

Anita Fischer

Fabulous chicken, excellent catering service with a smile. The restaurant serves excellent hamburgers at such a reasonable price!

Ula Jean

Best chicken around!


My fiance (now husband) and I are really big foodies, if you will. When we travel, it is just about the first thing we research and plan. It was much the same for our big day on July 7th; just a few days ago. We did our research and had a few tastings with caterers- from Minneapolis to Brainerd near our venue. We weren't disappointed with any of it, but the others did not compare to Short Stop Custom Catering. They truly listened to what we had envisioned, our price points and got a feel for who we were. This came through in creating a very personal and very refreshing purple and yellow specialty cocktail for our guests to enjoy during cocktail hour. SKOL, VIKES ;) We had a large reception of 300 people over an hour from their catering HQ in St. Cloud...each plate was equally beautiful and so delicious. We received rave reviews from SO many guests and they keep pouring in. From cocktail hour and the impressive charcuterie display and perfectly prepared watermellon skewers, to the summer salad then tender and so tasty short rib and chicken entrees and everything in between...SO. SO. GOOD. We cannot thank Hailey, our event coordinator and Janice the banquet manager the day of- she was truly there all day and night, along with all the other staff/servers, bartenders and chefs enough. They even helped me to surprise my groom with late night snow cones...he was SO excited along with many others who got to enjoy them. Absolutely fantastic professionals and, more importantly, people. I would recommend them a million times over for your most important day/event. We look forward to the next time we can enjoy their food and hospitality. Hoping it is sooner than Holly Ball in December!

Robert Kessler

never been here or used there services sick of other people using my acct.

Daniel DeMars

Food is great

Michelle Goebel

I hate giving such a low review, but I've never gone to a restaurant to stand waiting to order for 15 minutes. There were people waiting for call in orders so the two guys working were filling those orders. Makes sense, but at 5pm, they were very short staffed. The phone kept ringing and the tall guy working the front kept picking it up and putting it right down. So, essentially, no one was answering the phone. Finally, they started asking people standing there if they had a call in order and then he got to us, although we were there first ones there. But by then there was a group of us. We said we just wanted to order and sit in the restaurant. He said, "I bet you'll call in next time." It took us about 45 minutes to get our food from the time we walked in the door. And no one was in line when we got there. I worked at a place that serves chicken in high school, so I understand it can take 5 minutes or so to fry chicken. But this was not ok. My friend's chicken sandwich and fries were great. They looked great and she really liked it. My chicken tenders and tater tots were so over done, they were all a dark brown. Very thin chicken tenders. I asked my friend to push on my tator tot because it was so hard. The potatoes inside were nonexistent after frying that long. I asked the guy who brought us our food if I could have sauce with the chicken tenders, and he told me my choices. I said sweet and sour would be great. I even followed him to the counter, so I could get them quicker and he couldn't find any. He went in the back, he looked up front. Out. Not a huge deal, just one more thing. I would have said something right away when I got my plate, but after waiting so long for food, I let it go. How much longer would it have taken to make me to get more food? Thankfully, my friend shared her fries with me. The saving grace was the ice cream. Two days later, I still can't believe the service we received. I now know why the place had only two tables with people sitting there for dinner. Only two other tables were used the whole time we were there. I've heard Short Stop is a great catering place. I've used them once. The food was good, but they ran out. And they were given correct numbers of people. That was frustrating in itself. I know that's where they seem to shine, but if they are going to be open as a restaurant, then serve those that come to eat in. There are too many restaurants in St Cloud that serve chicken, that would make me ever want to go back to Short Stop.

Randy Barthel

That nice place to go for good food and great service.

Trae Hutchinson

I’ve had a couple experiences here. Most recently had a chicken sandwich with tots. Friendly staff gave me their input and had an upbeat attitude. Chicken and tots were fried great. Nice portion and nice atmosphere on a hot day.

Lisa Abrahamson

Very good chicken and service! And they were busy!!

Mr. Lee

Great place for chicken. Friendly service.

Chuck Head

Best fried chicken in the county.

Jolene St Sauver

F R I E D C H I C K E N ! ! !

Tom Mattocks

The chicken was very good. That's the only positive thing I can say about this place.

Dawn Marie Frank

I love their chicken

John Stemper

Especially good old school burger and tots. Great family atmosphere. Also have nice lunch buffet.

Matthew Osterholt

Great chicken!

JC Stinson

I walked into the store to get something to go. The store was already closed up and I was there a little before closing. By the time employee got around to me it was 8 pm. He said "Technically" they were closed. So I went down to Famous Dave's . I will never be going there AGAIN

Kelly Groth

Excellent food. Good service. And closed Sundays...I love a business that is bold enough to do this!

Donald Burge

This was very good, but they keep running out of chicken!

tina hemmesch

Called in an catering order 5 days before and event. Called the same evening to confirm order just to make sure they had order correct! Came Saturday at 11 to pick it up they didn’t even have my order started. Was told order would be ready …

tim nash

Stopped in for lunch. Found out they have a lunch buffet, so bonus there. To bad I was in the mood for fish. Really good food, reasonably priced, and very friendly staff. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a good chicken place.

David Woitas

Love the lunch buffet, it was all great, service was excellent. Love the Pantown pictures and information on display.

Mike Hohman

Excellent food and service.

Charlotte Ostlund

Its actually Famous Daves and they do cater. Excellent food.

Towanda Life

My favorite

Tebra Petersen

Great fried chicken. Best cheeseburgers in town.

Jacob Crosby

Not many choices, but the choices available were excellent! Highly recommended!

Lucas Rajkowski

Quick good buffet

Codey Weitzel

This place was horrible his mom would be ashamed used to be a great family sit down now its about retirement look forwrs to his son hopefully taking over soon

Nicole Lee Matson

Short stop catered our wedding and I can't tell you how amazing it was! The food was out of this world and the staff were so nice and helpful and went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect! Hailey was amazing and worked with me from day one, customizing menus and answering my 8,000 emails! People are still talking about how great the food was!

Alicia Ban

Good employee s

John Woodward

Great eats. The carry out broasted chicken is perfect, quick, delicious for any meal.

Sandy Hedrick

Tried three times calling ahead to place an order and no one picked up. Then when we arrived to the restaurant the employees asked why we didn’t call ahead...ugh. While standing in the empty lobby, I called their phone to make sure it worked too. Then after that was cursed at by an employee. Moral of the story, super bad service. Never even tried the food, will never go back.

Tracy Schmidt

The food at my brothers wedding was FANTASTIC! It was a couple years ago, but I am surprised at the bad reviews, so know, they are not all bad! The restaurant is good also

Zach Leen

Absolutely amazing chicken dinner with awesome employees

Thomas Dickson

Wonderful chicken

Kelly Murphy

Best broasted chicken in MN! They have burgers and other items as well, but I always get the Chicken. The burgers do look good though when I see others getting them. The kitchen is completely visible from the ordering counter and is very clean, you can watch them make your meal. They have a lunch buffet as well, though as I live about 60 miles away, I don't get there anymore for lunch so I can't review that.

Shawn Deadrick

The best Catered Christmas Meal at a job I have ever been part of! A+ all the way!

Erin Siebert


John Schroeder

I have been to numerous events that Shortstop has catered, including more than I can remember in large settings like the River's Edge Convention Center. Their ability to handle large events like that one, all the way down to graduation and other smaller parties amazes me. The way they coordinated and executed the various parts of the meals was impressive. And they also seem to consistently offer a very creative spin on the featured food and its presentation. They're pros.

Joe Baratta

What's not to love about short stop's chicken! The lunch buffet is a local institution! All you can eat chicken, salad bar, ice cream, and desserts for $10! My only dings about short stop is getting in and out of the parking lot is a chore, though that's half Saint Cloud's fault. The other is their a little too cozy of seating. I'm a big guy, and I have a hard time getting to and from my table. The a/c is a bit weak on the hot days too. Otherwise, food's good and I'll keep coming back!

Barry Hein

Always a great product at Byron's.

Shaina Orcena

They are so kind and respectful I would definitely go there again they have best food there and the man that works there is so cool and very nice thank you guys for a good meal I really enjoyed it I'll be back there again soon

Dick Clark

Chicken is tasty and can be ordered by selected pieces at reasonable prices

Cathy Chaika

The food here is always excellent. Have yet to be disappointed. Very casual and clean.

Keith Piskur

Good food. The staff was really accommodating to me and my service dog as well.

Paul Nierenhausen

Great food

Bob Bry

Very good friend chicken.

Mohammed Khalil

Best chicken in St cloud. Really, moist, crispy skin, just as good as the hoods. ;)

Isaiah Ogud

Pretty good food

Jill Suzanne

I love the lunch.

Todd Smith

Great food fast. They actually care about the food prepared for the customer. Definitely recommend Short Stop Restaurant.

Carrie Walz

My husband and I recently had custom catering provide our food and beverage services at Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Center in St. Joseph's, Minnesota. We could not be happier with the services! From our initial meetings to the final details, Custom Catering truly met our wants and needs. We heard many compliments throughout the evening on how friendly and professional staff were and how quick service was from drinks to food. The food was absolutely delicious and drinks were spot on! Many of our guests were very pleased with the portion of food they were provided and reminded us that they NEVER went hungry and our wedding! Thank you Custom Catering for helping us create the perfect day for us and our guests!

Jody Staples

Best broasted chicken and jojos! A wonderful treat when you are working late and don't have time to cook supper. Call ahead for take-out, pick up on the way home, and everyone loves you!!!

Jessica Kerwin

A very tall man served us, he was helpful, funny and the food was great.

Brad VanderVegt

Nice atmosphere and ok food. A bit too costly for what you get though.

Meemee Love

Rude and not very clean. I only seen them use gloves once! Lady had a baby walking through the kitchen! She was holding a new born and just cruzing through the kitchen. Not safe or sanitary at all!

Melissa Foote

I was greeted friendly and funny service. He left the lunch buffet open a bit longer for me. The food was pretty good. Sometimes you just need a little good, old fashioned comfort food. Some extra salt was needed, but obviously that's what the packets are there for lol. I guess the one thing I don't care for is having to use packets of salt and pepper instead of shakers.


Chicken was decent. The tall dude behind the counter shouldn't be in customer service. Food is better than KFC, but nothing that really separates itself from the 1738 other restaurants in town.

John Meyer

Great service and great place to eat broasted chicken and other items. You might want to check out their catering service.

Greg Stang

Good chicken the service was awesome.

Thomas Horn

First time there,. chicken was good, portions very filling, good service. Will definitely go again.

Gary Lenneman

Food is always good, especially chicken

1G Bestsnipz

They didn’t even recognize me for like 15 min didn’t even say hi. They were very rude.

Garrett Cummings

A very good local place to grab a bite to eat. Their chicken and mashed potatoes are very good! Well... Its all very good actually! They have burgers as well, and their buffet is never a disappointment!

Stuart Lund

Fresh made Chicken, while you wait. Can't beer that.

April Tremblay

Went to a picnic you catered today. Was buffet. All the food was cold and Cole slaw tasted spoiled. I catered for 11 years. That company should get money refunded for Short stop food.

Rebecca Miller

Excellent food and service, especially from the gal (whom I believe is named Darlene) who has the bun with the scrunchie. She is exceptionally accommodating and clearly a dedicated team member who makes our visits memorable.

Max Kahlhamer

"Just like you remember" is what the sign says. Onion rings are amazing.

Mary Mulbah

Best chicken around. Broasted so it isn't greasy or slimy. Always made fresh so it takes a few minutes but def. worth the wait. Also great Fish! Burgers and fries too. Lunch buffet is popular but I just like the chicken or burger meal.

Scott Walker

Nice little place with buffet or direct order.

Stephen Person

Great chicken

Mike Kellner

Great food nice service

Ken Kleppen

Great lunch buffet, check it out!

Jay Hilley

As always, great food and great service.

Clayton Conley

Great chicken and service !!!

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