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Egger G.

Delicious chicken. Sides good too except the Mac and cheese. A bit Runny for my taste. Friend that took us there said it's usually better. Off day I guess. Definitely be back to try other menu items when back in Minneapolis area.


This place's atmosphere is best for those that want to have a fun dinner with friends. Not quiet, but upbeat and exciting. The Tennessee hot chicken is the best in the area and I'm always craving it. The service is always good too! I have yet to find a place with better fried chicken. Note, their pickles are really good too.

Cassandra Kenneally

The food was incredible! The drinks were delicious, the service was great and courteous! It has a low key, Honey atmosphere. We simply loved it!

brook harste

It's a small place so you could wait quite long for a table. But it is definitely worth the wait. Willie Mae's Scotch house in NOLA is the best fried chicken, greens and beans&rice anywhere. Revival is the next best thing in Minnesota.

Josephine Walsh

Found this Very cute and small space while in town. Feels homey. It does get packed and can be a little loud. The staff were great and attentive. Everything on the menu sounded delicious but I went with the their house favorite. They do serve beer and wines with good selection.

Chris Williams

Extraordinary amounts of grease! Wish I would have taken a photo.The breading had a decent spice but there was hardly any meat under all that breading and grease. Key lime pie was tasty.

Molly Zupancich

Our server was the perfect amount of attentive. He was just great! The Food was out of this world. I will have dreams about the burger. (Also- don't be shy! Get the Pork Rinds!!) The Atmosphere was great. I WILL be back next time I am in town and in the time being I will tell my Minneapolis based friends to come here.

Maria Cote

Lunch was lovely, walked right in at 11:30 on a Friday. Chicken definitely lives up to its stellar reputation. Don't forget dessert...their pie is worth the extra time at the gym. (But not cheap...$60 lunch tab for two...before tip.)

Janice Davis

Great food, wonderful service, and great location!

Ross Sodahl

Awesome fried chicken. Brussel sprout salad is also amazing.

Tina McCambridge

Everything was awesome! Had the Tennessee Chicken, mac n cheese, hush puppies, and Tennessee fries. Chicken was cooked to perfection. No pink, lots of flavor and juicy! Customer service was great. Checked on us just enough.

Ashwin Mathews

I personally like the food but this location definitely can't handle the volume of customers. Wait time for food is an hour

Manny Miner

Some of the best fried chicken in the state.

Gavin Grivna

The second you walk in the door, you know you've found a local gem. Outstanding chicken and waffles! Either would taste amazing in their own, but together the create a symphony of flavor! Definitely a must visit!

Aaron Williams

Excellent fried foods served by an exceptional staff.

Aaron Furuseth

The food here is wonderful but the service and the pricing, not so much. While I can kind of get behind the chicken pricing (9$ for two pieces) the 2 pieces I got had almost no meat on them. I am willing to chalk that up to my own bad luck. However, the wings were a pathetic serving of 5 small pieces, albeit w/ all 3 joints on them, for 12$. Sides were ok but still on the expensive side @ 5$ and 6$ respectively for small ramekins of green beans and collard greens. Maybe the mac and cheese and others are better deals? The real disappointment was the server who made a minimum of effort to check on us during our almost 2 hour lunch. The place wasn't very busy and a table that had come in after we had gotten our wings had finished their entire 4 piece chicken by the time we got our 2 piece. When I asked her @ about the 1 hour and 20 minute mark about our order she acted like I was crazy and said it would be out in another 5 minutes. It took about another 20! While I can understand that this is cooked to order, it would have been nice to have a little more attention. I flagged her down for one drink refill but didn't bother with the second and just drank water. She wasn't even alone in the place as there was another server and someone who I took to be a manager who was standing around and eventually brought us our chicken and sides. All told, I will be going back to try the food again but am really not impressed with my first visit and my second may be my last. Food-5/5, service 3/5, price 3/5.

Rachel Sporer

Revival is so tasty! It's small so it can be difficult to get a spot, but if you go in during off times with a small group you shouldnt have to wait. The food is worth the crowd! My partner gets the chicken and has so many good things to say! I have gotten various appetizers and always been impressed. They used to have a delicious pimento grilled cheese, but since i tried the cauliflower with coconut rice I will never go back!!! This dish was so flavorful and a great texture. I want to go back and get it tomorrow. Their wine and beer options are decent and the service has been good.

Joanna Fox

Tennessee Hot Fried Chicken, Jerk Cauliflower, Fried Green Tomatoes, Baked Mac & Cheese - all out of this world! If they have the Blueberry Rhubarb Pie, do not pass it up!

Xena Maki

Best friend chicken that I've ever had. The Tennessee hot style was the one I went for since I love spicy food (their medium hot sauce). It was delicious, and had a creeping hot flavor that stuck with me for a while. If you're with others I suggest trying the beer battered cheese curds to share, they have unbelievable flavour; out of this world!

Michael Brush

The best fried chicken in Minneapolis. Good fried chicken is hard to get this far north, but this is some of the best. 10/10 would recommend.

Topher Dean

Best Tennessee Hot! Outside of Tennessee. Great food. Never had anything below an outstanding meal here.

Lewis Ching

Solid fried chicken, but is it worth $9 for a two piece? Nope. Nice place if you want to be all fancy and still eat fried chicken though.

austin smith

The food is great! I have brought everyone I know here. Favorite place at least 2 times a month!

Tom Nelson

Every time I come to this place, it never disappoints. Anytime I want to introduce someone to food in south Minneapolis, this is one of my first go to's. There might be a wait but it's well worth it. Keep up the good work!

Gordon Fisher

Just not great execution. The livers and chicken were overcooked. The liver was burnt, the chicken was merely overdone. Surprisingly greasy version of hot chicken. Not at all what I've experienced in TN. Oddly sweet greens. Excellent fried green tomatoes. Service was not good. Our server only addressed the women at the table. I was really excited to go, but do not understand the hype. Will not be back.

Rev. Cooper

Decent fried chicken. Was a little too hyped up for what it was, in my opinion. Still tasty, kinda pricey for what it was.

Lisa Mauri Thomas

Food is quite good, no doubt. From starters to entrees to desserts, and in a laid back spot to boot. Rotating taps with hard ciders are a plus. I struggle with Southern cooking as it's so HEAVY. Tip: Hit the gym first or drop in after doing a marathon, lol!

Larry Decker

We had a party of 6, incl 2 kids. They were busy, but made room for us. Service was good. Tennessee hot chicken was a little too hot. Regular fried was very good, as was double burger.

Danielle Maser

Great food!! The fried chicken is divine

Bridget Bruels

The Nashville hot is absolutely amazing, as are the grits and brussel sprouts. Great service and we got our food quickly. Will go there again and again!

Cristina Silva

Worst place I've been in a long time! Service was horrible

Mohamed Al-Nahrawi

The chiken and waffle they serve is amazing. I tried their lemonade. It's nice and fresh. I'd recommend the place to any one visiting Minneapolis

Carlos Figari

Amazing chicken. The best fried chicken on Nicollet Ave. This location has less seating than their St. Paul one so getting a table is difficult for groups larger than four. Parking is also tricky. Try and go on off hours. If you're in a group larger than four get the whole bird and 3 sides.

Chanell Owens

I came to satisfy my craving for the hushpuppies, and was even more satisfied with the service the great food, and will definitely be back.

Breanne Ciepielinski

HORRIBLE service ever had a waiter throw plates at you? Elbow your aunt in the head and not even ask who ordered what? How about a waitress or whatever he/she would like to identify as never ask if your food is ok can then get you anything else do you have everything when your order was not even complete I will NEVER visit this establishment again. Hard pass

Dana Menard

Southern cooking done right! Best fried chicken and cheesy grits around!

Sean Palmgren

Great food and service

Evan Witten

Some of the best chicken in the twin cities. Try the johnnycakes!!!

Hal Werner

Amazing. Fried chicken 2-piece was so crispy, juicy and flavorful. If you're a fried chicken lover, you need to stop here. Place has a fun but cozy modern retro country thing going on. But be ready for a wait. The dining room is pretty small, and this joint is pretty popular. Cheese curds were wonderful. I wanted to try the mac and cheese too. I saw one on another table and it was the creamiest mac I've ever seen. But I also didn't want to explode, so I'll have to save the mac for another trip.

Jessica A

Great food! Great service! Love to go here with friends!

Rasna Kc

Great juicy flavorful chicken. Their Poltergeist is seriously hot. but tasty. started off with poltergiest and had mashed potatoes and hushpuppies and beer to cool down the heat on my tongue. if u love spicy chicken, this is the best place. Their Tenessy hot is very flavorful and yummy. got a set of those too. tastes amazing. Medium hot. ghey have mild option of southern as well. great place for wings!!

Dustin Cater

I was really not very impressed. Much better chicken elsewhere for more reasonable pricing.

Alex Cabrera

Always a long wait so i sat at the bar. Tight squeeze but overall a good experience. Johnnycakes, biscuits and Tennessee Hot chicken are so good.

Jeff McCarthy

So cramped but so worth it. Always order too much and never regret. Get the burger... And the Mac and cheese and the fried chicken and the biscuits and the hush puppies. Also be prepared to wait because, again, it's cramped as h.

Born Awsumb

Listen to me, and listen to me good! If this isn't the Best chicken you've had in forever, if not ever, you need to point me to the place that dares rival the Revival! I was lucky enough to try the crawfish boil as well, and I hope to enjoy that delight again soon

Elizabeth Daniel

Delicious Southern fare. The fried chicken is wonderful, of course, but so is the rest of the menu - so either get a variety of things for the table to share or plan to go more than once!

zakkat 123

Friggin delicious. Staff was super nice and food was top notch. Polutrygiest is no joke that stuff is insanely spicy (my waiter warned me and I didnt listen). Really enjoyed my meal it tasted super good and I ate every bite but wont be getting my chicken that hot again. Unfortunately the bathroom situation isnt the best. One unisex toilet sometimes allows for lines which is a level of patience very difficult to achieve when you have ghost pepper chicken burning your face off and you just drank a gallon of water to wash it down. Overall very good experience

Alexia Suiter

REAL SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN. GLUTEN FREE. I can handle some cross contamination so I did great with it. I almost didn’t come because I didn’t want to want to watch my friends eat delicious crispy chicken while I ate naked chicken-or gf mushy battered chicken. My Gluten Friendly fried chicken was SO crispy and perfect I actually had to check with the server to make sure it was gf! Sides were good, service was efficient and very hospitable.


The hype is real. One of the best friend chicken around and their fried green tomato salad is very tasty.

Alec Larsen

Food this good truly makes for a dining experience. Had a hard time determining what to save as my last bite for the meal.. the chicken, mac, green beans, biscuit.. all phenomenal

Jessica Enger

Absolutely delicious. Best chicken & waffles I've had in a long time. Maybe ever.

Brian Reyes

Really good fried chicken. It has a really good spice and crunch.Tennessee hot definitely has a kick that hits you a few seconds later. You can't go wrong with any of the sides. The revival burger may not be the best burger in MN, but it's definitely a good damn burger. I suggest not getting the bacon because it is too rich and kinda takes away from the rest of the burger. Service was great. I like how the bathroom has a basket of wash cloths that you can use to dry your hands. Would come back again if I ever visit MN again.

Ellen Dean

I’ve now been to Revival about a dozen times now. The food, service and homemade pie never fail to please the palate! My go-to is the Tennessee Hot chicken, a side of collard greens and a glass of Jazzy Belle. My friends love the decadent and delicious mac & cheese. And, I don’t go just for the chicken because they have one of the BEST cheeseburgers in town. Classic thin patties with American cheese and homemade pickles. I’m usually too full for dessert so I’ll grab a slice of their amazing homemade banana cream or key lime pie.

Pat Clusman

Smaller sized restaurant with good service and great southern comfort food. Southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw was finger lickin' good. Key lime pie for dessert was delicious. Great vibe and popular.

ty lightle

Was not happy didn't get all my order rice was gummie super overcooked fried green tomatoes was not fully fried beans and rice was canned smh. Maybe I'm looking for soul southern cooking and if you are to this ain't it

James Brennan

A little taste of the old country. This chicken would impress Kid Rock and Dolly Parton.

reggie domineck

Food is phenomenal! Loved the Shrimp& Grits! Can never go wrong with anything you order from here! Seth was very helpful!

Michael Lucke

The fried chicken was some of the best American fried chicken I've had. The chicken and waffles were really good. It was seasoned really well and tasted great. I would recommend trying this place out if you live in the twin cities area. Also, the parking in the area is not the best, so make sure you are prepared. Also, note that this is not the same thing as revival smoked meats in keg and case. I don't know if there is a relationship between them, but just be aware that they don't have the same menu items. This place focuses more on fried chicken. Another thing to note is that it is a little hard to notice since the sign does not stand out much. Other than the sign and parking, I have no complaints. They have good food and good service.

Jakob Ealy

Best Southern Soul Food joint in the Twin Cities! One of the few places that do spicy. Beware of the poltergeist sauce: that sauce will burn the enamel off your teeth. I cannot begin to praise the fried chicken enough. Go there, order some to dine in, and order some to take out. Also, get the mac 'n' cheese, along with the hushpuppies. I'm not a big fan of liver, but Revival's chicken liver helped me to understand the appeal. My complaint? They need to expand! Take the whole block and not just the corner.

Leah J

Five stars for the staff - they were nice and attentive, and they were having fun while being professional. The fried chicken was good, but not as good as I hoped it would be. Surprisingly enough my favorite item we ordered was he burger - it was amazing and is a must. The fried green tomatoes, dry rubbed wings, and cheese curds were also delicious!

Marie Koenig

Known for their fried chicken but their fried green tomatoes were the best I have ever had.

Michaëlle Abraham

I know this is supposed to be soul food but I was underwhelmed. I got the crispy jerk cauliflower which was good but the coconut rice was so mushy; I felt like a baby eating it. The seasoning wasn’t that great either. The portion size was so big too so I couldn’t even finish the dish. The mac n cheese was the only fantastic thing on the menu. I definitely won’t be back. They should work on their portion sizes and try speaking with more authentic soul food cooks who understand seasoning.


Good food. My family wants to dine here every time we visit Minneapolis. We always get the cheddar biscuits and the macaroni and cheese to accompany the fried chicken.

T-Bone 2112

Great stop for lunch when with friends and no one had a single bad thing to say

Fredrick Dixon Sr.

The Tennessee White 2 pc. Was amazing and the Butterscotch Pie... Muy beuno¡¡¡

Sofia Gayou

A little something old, a little something new, perfectly married. we had no idea what was really waiting for us, but we are so glad that we went. My friend and I shared the Johnnycakes, half bird, Mac, grits and hushpuppies. Way too much but so worth it! The chicken was one of the best cooked fried chicken that I've had in recent memory, and if you want to try something new - johnnycake is the way to go (unless your from the area, then they arent new). Great atmosphere and friendly staff!


The food is fantastic. It's an outstanding authentic southern dining experience. I know ill be back.

Paul Malcore

Fantastic food. Great breading on the chicken. Amazing mac and cheese. Fantastic service. Will be coming back for sure. Now my go to recommendation for great comfort food.


This place stands out in my memory for two things: the best macaroni I’ve ever had, and the most physically uncomfortable restaurant I’ve eaten in. I’d go back to get takeout.

Alix Dahl

The food was so excellent that I'm giving it five stars despite the fact that the inside of the restaurant smelled a little like urine?

Nic Ricci

I tell ya I need a revival as im waddling out of here after stuffing myself. The chicken and waffle sandwich, grits, and biscuits are all so incredibly decadent you're just going to have to get all 3. Bring friends, you're going to need help eating all the food.

Thomas Kent

Love this place! The chicken and Mac and cheese are my go to! The Tennessee hot is a bit spicy but bearable, haven’t had the guts to try the hottest one! Also love the Minneapolis waffle and chicken sandwich with over east egg, so good! Both locations are awesome!

Michael Maddox

The food is 5 star, very delicious. Unfortunately the price isn't equal to how much you get. If you don't care about over paying for unique flavor it's worth it however, if you are a value seeker or want to be full, don't bother. With that said I will definitely return in a month or two.

Matt Dietz

I ordered the hottest chicken wings, and the execution and presentation was just poor. The chicken was dripping sauce, and for an exceptionally spicy sauce (which had great flavor and I enjoyed) there was simply too much. The bread was ruined underneath as my plate was a pool of excess sauce. I’m disappointed in the execution of a good flavor and chicken, uncertain if it is worth going back for.

tara king

I had the best spicy fried chicken here!!! The cheddar cornbread was amazing!! The service was wonderful.

Jack Edson

ALWAYS a great time -- tellar service, fabulous food and awesome atmosphere! I myself have only ever been when it's busy, thus a little loud -- though that's quite a lot, if that's indicative of what you're expecting! :D

Ray Duncan

GREAT southern/comfort food at a fair price. Our server, Tory, was incredibly hospitable knew the menu inside out, had great recommendations and made this Texan feel right at home. We visited with our two-week old newborn and were accommodated without hesitation. This will definitely be a spot that I come to again and again - writing this review as I sit in the restaurant and wish I had room for more of their delicious fried chicken.

Lisa Lundstrom

Absolutely fantastic food. My fiancé said it was the best food (Tennessee hot fried chicken) he has had since we moved to Minneapolis from Chicago.

James Ballenger

Nice homey atmosphere. I would have loved to had a pimento cheese side option (by itself), and the same with the fried catfish ( nuggets). But my fried chicken was crisp on the outside and juicy inside. Unfortunately there wasn't an option for dairy free due to the nature of everything being fried in the same oil. Otherwise I recommend that you visit.

Loren Lampson

Woo boy! The crispy-st fried chicken around! Super juicy meat with a good coating of crunch. We had cheese curds, hush puppies, mashed potatoes and gravy, traditional fried chicken, and Kentucky hot fried chicken! Everything was so good! The cheese curds were fried just right, the hush puppies came with this great sauce, and the mashed potatoes had a great white gravy.

E davis

Soul food , not !!! I'm from the south, no one serves collard greens without cornbread, I had to order hush puppies. They dont k ow what soulfood is. Too much breading on fried chicken, red near bones, couldnt tell what price of chicken it was, no beans on menu, mac & cheese, soupy, yuck.!

Scott Koelsch

The chicken is amazing. Burgers are top notch as well. Mac and cheese is very good.

Jazz Sommers

Excellent restaurant. Chicken sandwich and a side for 15 dollars is a great lunch deal. Banana cream pie has got to be a top 5 twin cities dessert.

Andrew Zabel

Would not recommend. Overpriced for quality of food. I'd recommend Chic-fil-A over this place if you want some fried chicken

Kurt Stechschulte

Hands down best fried chicken I've ever had. Poutrygeist sauce was also amazing with it.

Elaine Johnson

Chicken is greasy and biscuit was chewy. The hush puppies were delicious but that was the only thing that was good. We tried the banana cream pie and the bananas were very brown and tasted old and the whipped cream was not sweetened, which was really odd. Disappointing experience.

Amber Hill

Came here for a lunch date with my Fiance. Had been wanting to check it out for a while and finally got the time. Love the location. Amazing setup. Food was absolutely delicious, the menu is well thought and fairly priced. The biscuit's, the dry rubbed wings, herb crusted catfish, mac and cheese, red beans and rice...everything was delicious! Our server was one of the best we've had. Have already been telling people about it. Come see for yourself, this place is fantastic.

Michael Melby

The BEST chicken I have EVER eaten. Fast, friendly wait staff. Mac and cheese was baked to perfection to reveal a creamy blend of pure comfort. Vivacious atmosphere which makes it hard to visit with those at same table, but the food makes up for it. Cheddar drop biscuits were a bit too chewy for my liking, but flavorful and were a hit at our table. Find this place, you will not be disappointed.

Gloria LaFleur

The chicken is very flavorful and definitely worth the price. The waffles on the waffle sandwich were drenched in butter. I never thought I would say something could be too buttery - but it was. The hush puppies were delish. Overall worth the trip but skip the waffles.

Beau Bartoni

Outstanding southern food. The burger is top notch

Ralph Pohl

Went New Year's Day to get my greens and black eyed peas. They were great. The Southern Fried Chicken is fantastic also. The staff is very friendly. Definitely a go to place.

Deedee S

I am writing this as I sit here in the restaurant. I don't know if the server is new but is not friendly or knowledgeable. I have allergies and need to know what's in my food. The server was going to check on a dish and hasn't came back. Its embarrassing as you bring a friend here for her birthday. I've never experienced this service at the St. Paul location.

Brent Fencl

Amazing Tennessee chicken. Their hot sauce is legit!

Regina Hernandez

So I've been gluten-free for over eight years now and I can't tell you the last time that I've had fried chicken..... so when I heard about this place and that they offer gluten-free fried chicken I knew I had to try it! And I am so glad that I did, not only is there chicken super juicy but the crispiness of the gluten-free outside is fantastic! Collar greens are also fantastic and pair well with the fried chicken and the hot sauce that they serve! Highly would recommend going here and I'll definitely be back!

Kim Kildal

Had better chicken, I thought it was greasy.

Lauren Dudek

We loved Revival! The best chicken I have had, great taste and super juicy. The Mac and cheese was to die for. The waitress we had was so pleasant, really fast service. Would definitely recommend.

Rachel Herr

Three words: Tennessee hot chicken. It was the best fried chicken I’ve ever had, and paired with the housemaid pickles and homemade Mac and cheese - the meal could not have been better. And for an extra little surprise, their house sparkling wine was a lovely accompaniment for fried chicken - who would have thought?! Plan for a wait, but it is well worth it!

Nicholas Popehn

Great food, smaller menu, for a tiny restaurant, which I think can be expected. Dessert's can knock your socks off, often times they run out, so It may be wise to order dessert first thing I you think you're going to. Honestly probably the best fried chicken in MN, I think it's maybe possible to find even better fried chicken, but I haven't yet. Grits aren't too be missed.

Alli Foreman

Delicious fried chicken!! Expect a wait, but well worth it!

Derick Hildebrandt

Before going to Revival I never understood the hype that people have for fried chicken, but Revival redefined what fried chicken should taste like for me. The fried chicken at Revival is incredible, hands down the best fried chicken that I have eaten in Minnesota. The wait here can occasionally be a pain, but it's more than worth it.

Michael Latterell

If you're in Minnesota this is as close as you can get to the real thing. Excellent traditional menu with some unique but respectful interpretations.

Steven Trinh

Amazing fried chicken though the establishment smelled like sweat when I got there. Regardless of the smell, the food was amazing and the service was amazing


I always try to make it a point to go to Revival when I'm in Minneapolis. The fried chicken is addictive. I don't eat chicken any other time except when I'm in Minneapolis because this chicken was supposedly locally grown, free range and not tortured. I hope it was pampered, got to go to the spa once in a while, had a pedicure and got to see as much sunlight in its short life.

Trey Johnson

Ordered the Fried Chicken and the Revival Burger. Both fantastic. A bit high for two pieces of fried chicken and no sides though. That being said they do a discounted side with the burger. Ordered the mac and cheese and it stole the show!

Netia Shores

With all the hype around the fried chicken at Revival, I wasnt very impressed. First of all, i got a two piece white meat meal. Turns out a two piece is a chicken breast cut in half. Since when is a two piece a chicken breast cut in half?!?! I got the Tennessee hot and for whatever reason the chicken tasted bland but it was spicy. Then I decided to get the plain chicken which was better but I don't think I will return. Also the sides were small for the price.

Carolyn Packard

Excellent gluten friendly fried chicken. Great hot sauces, collard greens, rice and red beans and cider. Moved to sit at the bar and had a wonderful experience.

trisha daniels

Saw this guy on Beat Bobby Flay. I was really disappointed. I was excited to try the cheddar biscuits but they were really dry. The macaroni and cheese was super watery. The chicken was moist and crispy but not seasoned very well. For the price I was not impressed. Not worth the drive.


The fried chicken was great. We ordered half a bird regular and half Tennessee. Good mac and cheese. Coleslaw is a must if you're going to have spicy, very nice cooling effect. I didn't find the Tennessee spicy at all. It was mild just to give u a relative idea. But my friend thought it was spicy. The poultrygeist sauce I had on the side, It is spicy but good in the right dose . I wouldn't want it slathered because I want to taste my food. I have a ridiculous tolerance for spice but dont want to hurt my stomach either. Only beef I have about this place is it has an odd smell in the restaurant. Very musty. Otherwise food is excellent.

Donique S

The chicken is delicious, but it's a very tight seating arrangement. **Note to waiters** Do Not stand in the tiny space between the tables...your butt is right in the face of the person at the table behind you!! Other than that the food and people are GREAT!!

Crushedinnershadow H

The chicken is the star full stop. If you're coming here for anything else, you're wrong. Flavor crispy and juicy. An experience you can't miss


Food is amazing, pretty spicy. Was 47 dollars for 2 people, no drinks, took one chilli to go.

Morgan Tyndall

Very good food and excellent service. The only part I disliked was that it was a small location and it was fairly loud.

Stephan Kieu

The fried chicken did not disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the Tennessee hot fried chicken, the biscuit was so so. The acoustic could be improved as we shouted to have a conversation.

Byronlyn Mappy

Food is great! Get the signature fried chicken and waffles. They are bone-in but take your time and it’ll be fine. The restaurant itself is very small and tight so it’s hard to get a seat sometimes and you’ll be elbow to elbow with another restaurant-goer. Good cider and beer, don’t order the pop cause they come in a non-refillable bottle.

John K

Soooooo good!! Their chicken is excellent. Our Tennessee hot was pretty dang spicy this time. I'd just get regular next time and add my own hot sauces, which they offer some home made options of. They were rated best burger in the twin cities so we had to try it. It was absolutely my favorite burger I've had yet. Make sure to add bacon to it! The mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were delicious. The table next to us got the cheddar biscuits and they looked so good. Cant go wrong with this place!!

Eric Simon

Pretty tight resteraunt but food is top notch!

Jeff Hutchinson

The Southern fried chicken is great. But serving a big plate of chicken with several side dishes and not providing bigger plates was kind of disappointing. The service was very good, the atmosphere was loud.

A Park

Placed an order for pickup recently. As requested, I arrived at the time they told me. 15 minutes passed so I asked about my order and was told “they were working on it” After 30 minutes I asked again was informed that there was a large order ahead of mine that they had not finished. Working on my order huh? After 45 minutes my food was finally ready. Absolutely NO apology from the staff. When I asked if they double checked the order I received a look of disgust and a snappy “of course!”. In their effort to make things right a young staffer offered me a gift card but I declined bc I’m never going back. And the chicken is meh. I’ve eaten it on location as well and I don’t know what the hype is about. Seriously average stuff at premium prices.

Heather Hansen

Revival is delish. I have been craving the jerk cauliflower since my last trip to MN. The Southern fried chicken is seasoned to perfection. Mac and cheese is on point. The Nashville Hot chicken has a nice kick of heat...but seriously, the Jerk Cauliflower with coconut rice and pineapple. Just go there and enjoy!

Raul Sanchez

The chicken was really greasy. I get that's its fried chicken but I could see little pools of grease. I wonder how much more there would've been if it wasn't for the white bread that soaked most of it. Mac and cheese crust was tooth breaking hard, it's a shame since the rest of it was actually really good. Idk, I was expecting a little more for $80 fried chicken.

Cassie Raway

Horrible horrible horrible service. Showed up at 5 and was told it would be an hour wait which was fine. We waited patiently and watched and they kept filling all the tables before us. An hour passes and we ask what's going on and none of them know even tho they took our name and number. My husbands birthday was pretty much ruined thanks to this. We had to leave and try to find another restraunt because they would not accommodate us.

Adam Zondervan

Awesome service and food! Will return again and definitely recommend it!

Amanda Adams

Service was a bit curt and the lack of any sound absorbing objects makes for an echo chamber sonic nightmare. The food however was excellent. Best chicken and waffles I have ever had.

Carol Kratzer

In addition to their extremely popular fried chicken, they also have an amazing burger and shrimp and grits. The chicken and waffles dish easily feeds 2 people so you can try a couple of their sides, greens and Mac&cheese are my favorites.

Miguel Mellon

You must try this place if you are looking for excellent southern cuisine.

Amrutha Appala

cute looking American restaurant. Very good food. Wait time is a little high on weekends.

Bob Barlau

Delicious chicken! The Tennessee chicken has a nice zing, but not overpowering. Friendly staff. Limited seating, be prepared to wait for a table.

The Refunked Kennedy

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Fried beautiful Chicken, GLUTEN Friendly FRIED BEAUTIFUL CHICKEN, Not that pricey, but oh so effin good you will want to eat here forever, while this would be a short lived life, sustained only on FRIED BEAUTIFUL CHICKEN, it would be a sweet sweet death through over indulgence... Did I mention I kinda dig the Chicken

Neal Lewandowski

Fantastic fun food. The catfish was nestled in some rice, beans, onions with (not a fan) pickled beans. the portions were to be shared. Make sure Monica is your server, she is VERY good.

Michael Mosley

If you like southern fried chicken, come here! We thoroughly enjoyed our meal! The sides come in ramekins. We enjoyed the red beans & rice, the cheesy grits, and the green beans. The food is delicious, the prices reasonable and the portions generous. This place has a fun vibe with good service. I also appreciated the ample on street parking. Come! While my son has been here, was my first visit with very high expectations. All were met! Great chicken, great sides, great great waiter, and very hectic vibe. Only disappointment was beef brisket- very dry. Prices are a bit high-$320 for six of us- but varied menu and whole experience left no one complaining. Will certainly visit again.

Matt Allex

Excellent chicken. Great sides. The heroes and collard greens are not to be missed.

Zachary Duncan

This restaurant truly is a gem. The food is exceptional and truly elevated from the traditional "fried chicken" and features many other wonderful entrees. The Tennessee hot is a personal favorite on any of the chicken, be it a "whole bird" or the delicious chicken thigh sand which. If you're going here a must have is the Brussels sprout caeser, mac and cheese, any of the chicken, and the cheese curds! The restaurant is small but you won't notice anyone around when you're enjoying the food and large beer and wine list!

Dave Wicks

I had heard that the chicken was great and it did not disappoint. We had the Tennessee Heat and it had a very good kick to it. . I also had the cheeseburger and it was one of the best I've had. It practically melts in your mouth. Good beer selection. Great spot.

Brian Seman

Cheese curds are sweet and delicious! Holy smoking hot, bring a fire extinguishers if you have the balls to go with poltergeist chicken!!

Todd Meadows

So good. I got the hot chicken and my son got a burger. Both were fantastic. The pork rinds ( hot Cheetos style) were great too.

Kent Tsui

Wow, so good! We tried the beans, mashed potatoes, cheesy grits, pork rinds, chicken, and chicken and waffles. Just Wow. All so good. Luckily I arrived early in the evening as a line was formed out the door. It would have been worth it to wait. Next time I am going to try to up the heat on the chicken. I am sure it is going to be great!

Justin Wiertzema

This place is a great place to go with friends or loved ones. Don't expect to get in quickly with a large group but if you can wait, it is well worth it. There is something for everyone here. My friend and I share the Tennessee hot whole bird and for two adult males it is a good portion size. I highly recommend that for your first time to order a ton of sides. You will be surprised by just how good they are. I have always hated collard greens but I was adventurous and gave them another shot. Boy was I surprised at how good they were. The staff are all delightful and will take great care of you. Please don't pass this place by without giving it a shot!

Joel Fowler

It is our favorite place to eat in Minneapolis. It's simple, delicious, southern-fried chicken. The sauces are rich and flavorful. You can get 3 levels of spice for your comfort level. "Poultrygeist" is not for the average Minnesotan. You can complete your meal with a bevy of southern sides. My favorite are macaroni and cheese and the hush puppies.

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