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7465 France Ave S, Edina, MN 55435, United States Located in: Centennial Lakes Park

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REVIEWS OF Q. Cumbers IN Minnesota

Anson Santos

I had an amazing experience in this restaurant. We loved the excellent environment and the meals. The staff members are very friendly. I am glad we eventually managed to try this place.

Mark Dundas

I always enjoy eating here! What an excellent salad bar. It makes it easy and enjoyable to eat healthy. The staff is always friendly.

Toan T Nguyen

Love this place so much. Very healthy food, you can lost in there long salad bar! Lol. That’s the first time i felt “safe and sound” when walk out of an all you can eat place! Wohoooo. Plus, nice view, right next to centenial lakes, super clean, from top to toe right to left! Worthy money.

Debbie Loomis

I love all the fresh, well identified items and food. It's also refreshing to see the owner there, walking around, helping staff and customers. I wish we lived closer. We moved West 20 years ago but visit whenever we are nearby.

Michelle Beech

We absolutely LOVED! Q. Cumbers! They had such a wide variety of food, restaurant was very clean, and the staff was very friendly and helpful! If your in the area, highly recommend it!

Thomas Hoffer

Great salad bar. Good buffet

Ritika Dahiya

I loved this place! If you are reading this review you have to have to drop in for a brunch. The salad options are amazing! You can have a full stomach just with the brilliant salads. Moving on to the main course, there are good options for both vegetarian and meat eaters. And for dessert you can make your own cone too! It's pretty good

Mark Caddo

Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, chicken Lasagna, pizza, salad bar was like always........

Parry Chen

Great buffet, good prices

Sergio Najera

Q Cumbers is shaping the way buffets should be done! Truly fantastic food, very friendly and relaxed environment, I would highly recommend this as a healthy option for Sunday brunch, Saturday dinner, or anytime that you are hungry, really. The staff is friendly, the place is clean, I can't think of a single thing that is wrong with this place.

Richard Lindskoog

Always has good food. Hard not to over eat!

Myron Netterlund

Wide sellection of salad (+salad bar extras). Set-up as a buffet... come hungry, stay for dessert & cofffe/tea. Easy to enjoy a meal with family or friends.

Shuchismita Dutta

Qcumbers is my absolute favorite place to eat in msp. The salad bars are fresh and lots of option for everyone. Wait staff is nice and the place is clean.

Jonathan T.

This place is great healthy alternative to other buffets. They have a good variety of food to choose from hot food to a salad bar at a reasonable price. They also provide great customer service.

jorgea MENA

Me and my wife love this place, hands down the best salad buffet I been to. Prices are great, food is good for you. Took our parents here and they agree

Scott Dryman

It's really just a basic, but really good place for a salad buffet. Nothing fancy...just a salad buffet...i love the place. It's good.

David Williams

The place is CLEAN! The food is fresh & the employees are sociable, friendly, smiling. The fruit section is B+. If you are there for the salad bar or are a vegan, this is the place to go. "A" grade there. Lot of gluten free options. Top shelf. The entree table is fair...not sure what was going on there. Bland. Pizza was gooey & soggy... tasteless and tasted like dough, but don't go here for the pizza. Soup & dessert options are B+. Breadsticks & rolls were fresh tasting & warm. The people that eat here are polite & exude intelligence & class.Trendy feel. Nice high ceiling -- gives an open airy feeling. Price is fair. Drinks are soda fountain & bottomless. Nice berry water option. They have a senior citizen discount (60 & over) One complaint is bathroom is almost 30 steps away from dining area & mens restrooms are small for the size of the restraunt. Two of the people in our party are handicapped. Doors were opened for guests in wheelchairs. Nice! We go here often & will continue. Located off France in beautiful Edina. This place is an overall A/A-. Good handicapped access. Parking is adequate.

Fekesh Worku

Very healthy and tasty.

Sheri Smith

Good food. Clean. A favorite

Leilani Hall

This is one of our favorite eating places when visiting the Twin Cities. It is a buffet style restaurant with excellent food. There are views of the water and great area to walk after you eat.

Les Stern

Great salads; main courses suck; good deserts

Raghunandan Muralidhar

I love the varieties they have! Cheesy hash brown was fantastic

Marshall Kays

Really enjoyed the food. Fresh salads and the amount of toppings on the salad bar was awesome. A couple different items with the hot food along with fresh fruit, ice cream. And to also have pizzas and soup. Well worth the money and a very clean place to eat.

Danielle Holst

I absolutely love the salad bar. Mmmhm.


Normally I’m not a fan of buffets. Q.Cumbers is the one exception. It’s clean and the food is fresh. I love the salad bar and the homemade soups and breads.

Kent Levi

Definitely our favorite restaurant right now. Large selections of great food, salads are high quality, ice cream is great!


Excellent salad bar/ hot food buffet! All food is delicious, high quality, and leaves you feeling good inside! Q Cumbers is a little on the pricier side of eateries however the food is well worth the price. I recommend to all.

Brian Wasner

Food was fine, but bland. Menu needs to change at least once - been eating here for five years and still the same. Someone needs to learn how to present mushrooms on the salad bar - wash the manure off of them before serving, and then when they turn dark and rancid looking, throw them out. Other than that no other complaints...

Kim Brown

Love this place!!! Great food options. I love a good salad bar & Q. Cumbers certainly fits the bill!!!

Steve Schmidt

Great service from my server!

Missy Isles

Loved this place! Super friendly, attentive staff! Awesome salad bar with lots of yummy, unique options. Their premade salads we're great also. We loved their vegetarian pizza. There were foods for both meat eaters and vegetarians. We spent some time thinking of all the people we could tell about Q.Cumbers and meet them for a lunch there. We arrived on a Monday shortly after they opened, and it was fairly busy when we were there. Definitely worth a stop! Great food and great staff!!

Mitzi Beliveau

One of my favorite places to eat at. Fresh food. Vegan foods. Lots of places to sit at.

Frederick Koenig

Nice buffet. Goog service


We went for brunch, food was amazing but if your going on a sunday get ready to wait

Augustvs Lintag

Great .good food


All you can eat, on a whole different level

Stewart Smith

It was my daughter's birthday and she was in heaven. The salad bar is excellent, and who doesn't love an ice cream bar with wonderful toppings!

Gordy Grover

Great salad har. Pretty good hot bar. Lots of choices. All you can eat.

Zoe Richter

I love this place! There is something for everyone, so many healthy choices!

Jayne Stenstad

Wonderfully fresh healthy food

Carol Peshman

Best salad bar, wish they had more of them spread throughout the country. Great salad bar with many options. it's mainly a cold salad bar with option of soup and some other hot menu items. They also have a desert bar. The price is good and the place is clean. Highly recommend it.

Paul Aerison

Get creative with brunch. Grab some eggs, beans, rice, and chicken and you've got yourself a breakfast burrito when you put it on a tortilla. Fresh fruit is always a nice accompaniment and a much healthier option than the ice cream or pudding. Just keep the chocolate to a minimum or you'll undo all the hard work you put into the burrito. Iced tea or water is an excellent and refreshing beverage and Cucumber's tea is a safe alternative to the sugary sodas which contain nearly 40g per 12oz. That's TEN TEASPOONS..

Auntie Kei Kei

Great salad bar! They do not spray their lettuce like a lot of places do. Clean food. Great selection of veggies. They have been a staple for me for 20 years! Good place for large parties.

TM Evenson

I love this place. Great foods; meat selections are a little sparse I think, but the salad bar, the fruit bar, deserts and other offerings are wonderful. The service staff are very helpful. They take away finished plates so you can go back again to the buffet selections. We only get there once or twice a year. But plan to go more often. It is very clean, well kept up. Great for groups, family, meet-ups with a friend or two, or just by yourself. Leave a tip for your servers, they deserve it!

Daniella Collier

LET ME TELL YOU. I love buffets. As such I find Q. Cumbers to be a delightfully healthy and robust buffet that I love going to! Solid salad bar line, delicious soups and breads, and a decent hot case. The ice cream bar is STACKED. Last time I was there they had PISTACHIO pudding. I love that shiz, please keep making it. I do think improvements could be made in places (pizza and some more variety in hot case) but it's not big enough of a deal for me to not give this glorious little gem of a buffet 5 stars. (Please keep making that puddin'!)

Pablo Andrés Ortiz Solano

Nice place to eat.!

Bruce Svare

It's the best salad bar I have ever had. Everything tastes so good that I want seconds. The only problem I have is that I fill up on sakad that I forget this place also has a Hot Bar, Bread Bar, Soup Bar, Fruit Bar, and Ice Cream Bar. I recommend to come here as often as possible. It' worth it!

Mike Lieb

One of the few buffets you can walk out feeling better than you came in as. With many healthy and hearty offerings, you can feel confident about finding delicious food options without sacrificing your health. Also, if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can indulge in an ice cream bar as well.

Lynn Nehring

Great healthy food!

Jamie Gordon

Food is dry not as fresh and good as it used to be a couple of years ago

Jess Birken

Fresh and delicious, there's always something for everybody. Been here many times and it's always great.

Karen Johnson

Used to be my favorite place to go. Tonight hot food was not hot and pizza was awful super disappointed

winnie velner

Great buffet ...fresh salads,soups,rolls,main dishes,desserts...enjoyed everything

Michael wright

So me and my wife have Been to this restaraunt countless times. This time however was different. The bakery in which use to serve assorted muffins was replaced by a pizza service. The pizza was awful, but that’s besides the point. No muffins. Those were the main reason we came, that and this great lasagna, which also was not there this trip. We will not be back.

Rubin Brandner

Food is so fresh and huge variety. Will be my first stop in the cities everytime.

Linda McKinney

Love it! Could eat here every day!

Raymond Butler

The best buffet in Minnesota hands down.

Jim Kaufman

Good salads. Good breads and soups. I heard the hot table had very good baked chicken. Would have liked vegetarian chili and chocolate pudding, but I ate plenty and left happy.

Howard Glad

Excellent! Fresh, wholesome buffet with an amazing selection from soup to nuts. Clean and spacious dining area makes it easy to have a conversation with friends. A must stop when I'm in the area and ready for a good meal.

Ryan Sunny

If you haven't eaten here, take the time and make it happen. Best 12 lunch and everything is ready to eat. They have stevia drinks as well

Victoria Balogh

This is a great lunch spot and the cookies are absolutely amazing!

Kendall Crockett

Great fresh food at a decent price

Mimi Conroy

Huge selection, including gluten free options. All-inclusive buffet, with desserts and sodas.

clover weckwerth

Glorified cafeteria. Small salad bar with only chicken and bacon for choice of meat. 4 random cold salads. Gluten free pizza looked better then the cheese or pepperoni (boring). 4 odd soups. The hot bar was unappetizing. 6 choices of fountain pop. Overpriced for minimal selection.

Justin Time

Well managed. Great healthy food. Great prices. Very nice park next to it. I particularly love the diversity of the people who come to this restaurant - something you see on the East Coast but not much in MN. Always a wonderful time for us.

Saul Nunez

This is the place where you want to go when you crave fresh products!

Nicole Morgan

Surprising variety of quality buffet foods.

Tammy Fletcher

We enjoy the food. The staff are all very friendly. Our kids get excited every time we go there. We just wish they would bring back the mini muffins.


If you want soup and salad it's ok. The hot food lacks flavor. Tastes like cardboard

Russell Barnes

Food was acceptable, but liked it before the changes.

nikki C H

I used to work at cucumbers when they first opened[Mickey @ Shiela} and I love everything back then [I was 19) {I'm now 46} and to this day I crave the salad bar but now they have more!!!

Deb B

Amazing heslrhy food choices

Mr. Jalal Z Wilson

My kids loved this place a healthy option for buffet

Courtney Foss

We went here for our first time tonight and had a fantastic experience! The gals at the front were friendly and helpful. The food was amazing (tacos, nachos, ice cream, huge salad bar, potatoes, and chicken). And the guy clearing plates was so nice and helpful! We'll definitely be back!

Nancy Lawal

Nice fresh salad bar. Friendly staff.

Suzan Kobbe

I love this place! It's probably my favorite buffet in the Twin Cities at a great price. Not only is the salad bar really fresh --- with almost endless options --- but the hot bar entrees vary every day, as do the soup and pizza varieties. Speaking of soups, they're great; the breads are yummy, the pizzas really good, the dessert bar/ice cream with all the toppings is great, the pot roast is scrumptious, and the service is wonderful! The employees are very helpful (especially Alex) and they're on their toes all the time. The owners are great; I just can't say enough good things about Q. Cumbers. I love the fact that this place is locally-owned. The restaurant itself is open, airy, light-filled and very clean, all of which I really appreciate. The employees, including the cooks/chefs, work hard to make sure everyone has a wonderful meal and experience. What I like best about Q. Cumbers is that everyone is welcome there, from Hispanics, Asians, Africa-Americans --- everyone! Very inclusive! Thank you, Q. Cumbers, for making everyone feel so welcome and for providing a wonderful restaurant with great food. Keep up the great work!

Saba Vojoodi

I’ve been going here for years and every time is better than the last. Kari is very accommodating for my families big parties and has the sweetest most kindest soul. I would say I come back just for Kari after all these years but that would be a lie because the food also never disappoints. Wholesome food, great atmosphere and even more amazing staff. This will continue to be one of my favorite spots!!!

Paul Johnson

Salad bar price is $14.75. Good place to go for good & fresh food.

Jessica Wojcik

Healthy and delicious salad bar/buffet and great service! I will definitely be back soon.

Rebecca Anderson

I always like coming to Q.Cumbers with my Mom! Nice buffet for soups and salads. They do offer some main dishes, but face it, no one really comes for those!

Reuben L Correa

I've already rated this place several times.

vivek shinde

Good salad bar sweet tomatos of central america, discounts for seniors

Robin Hughes

Just a HUGE salad bar...not much else offered. Was VERY BUSY & wait list


The only thing anyone enjoyed at my table was the soup, but definitely would not go and pay $15 plus tip for all you can eat soup

Mohamed H

I love this place for its affordable and most importantly healthy buffet.

Jason Comstock

The salad bar was better the Jason's deli and the food on the barwas really good too. I wish we had one close to where I live. We would eat there often.

Linda Kline

1st time here. Fun going to different stations. Salad bar very cold and fresh. Big selection. Pork on hot bar excellent!

Tara Cormican

This is the best buffet I've ever been to. It's so fresh. The salad bar is amaaazing. So many options. There are plenty of hot food and soup options too! The desert bar is mostly ice cream or cookies, but the toppings for the ice cream are so good, you don't need anything else! Everything is labeled well for gluten free and there are vegetarian options besides the salad bar! The restaurant is well-kept, and the staff are friendly, (though not toi much interaction, because it a buffet). The window seats, (at least on the east and south sides), are nice, because the view looking out on the Centennial Lakes is very pretty! I really enjoy coming here and would recommend it to anyone!

Danny Deleto

Always love the food and having a healthy alternative to buffets. Usually waits end up not lasting too long

Topher Clauson

Amazing salad/soup bar with supplemental hot food bar that usually consists of a basic taco bar, a couple of soups, and a baked potato bar.They also have 2 or 3 homemade pizzas and homemade bread, soft-serve frozen yogurt and a ton of healthy topping options. Also their salad bar has got to be the largest and freshest one I've ever seen anywhere, and I'm counting all of North America and a good chunk of Europe and the UK in there :)

Nolan Chaloner

It was amazing. I really loved it

Joseph Bristlin

Was going there Saturday morning and expecting a breakfast buffet like Sunday because that’s a weekend thing but we’re surprised to find out that it would only be lunch. The pizza was not very good, basically thin cardboard with cheese on top. The soup was delicious, but that was the best part. Employee hovered 4-5 to get a single a plate from my wife.

Hamid Sbai

For people that enjoy Sunday brunch I would definitely reccomend this place. Their salad bar is great and it has a variety of veggies and dressings that you can pick from

jl hatlen linnell

Good variety of food. Quite fresh, quick cleanup when needed, gf options clearly labeled for my daughter. Good filling varieties for meat eaters or vegans.

Judy Winslow

The best salad bar plus a nice selection of breads and fruits. I rarely go to the hot food bar but they have a nice little selection there as well. Prices are pretty low.

Jared Weniger

My wife is a vegetarian this is one of our favorite restaurants to go to

Jayme Thompson

This place is awesome. We just finished brunch. The selections are wide ranging and well prepared. Bonnie was an absolute delight. The staff were all friendly and working hard, cleaning, picking up things off the floor. You can tell that they all take a lot of pride in their establishment. The space is bright and welcoming and very clean. Best Greek/feta dressing I’ve had in a long time.

Benjamin Mauser

Had a good time like always. I go for the salad bar and they've got that down pat. I tried vegetarian gluten free pizza that had dried cranberries on it, it was actually pretty good.

Charles Davis

We could use another here in St. Paul. Nice place

Olufunso Oresanya

Healthy eating options. Great ambience for families!. Close proximity to the MSP airport

Kristin Rose

Food is always fresh and delicious. Great place to eat.

Andrew B

Love all the options. The salad bar is well kept and filled with fresh veggies. The soups options are good and plentiful! The hot bar is always changing foods so make sure to check what they are serving so you don't get disappointed if they don't have your favorite dish the lasagna! Love the ice cream bar at the end of the meal! Always good and recommend for a good meal.

Darin Rebertus

Great food.

Sandy Pukay

Went for dinner. Food was great. Nice variety to pick from. Everything was nice and hot.

Brian Goatley

Very good food

Efraim Salach

One of the best all you can eat buffet in Minneapolis. Clean and tasty food. Vegetarian friendly. Great place for friends, family and kids.

Linnea Kocher

Excellent salad bar, I love this place!

Kyle McCabe

It's been years since I was here, but it's still the best place to have a great salad the way YOU want it, and awesome soups. Everything else is a great bonus.

Richard Brooks

Great salad bar and some impressive hot foods as well.

Deborah Uhlemann

We had a great time at this restaurant, with its delicious buffets serving salads, hot foods, and soft serve low fat ice cream. It's possible to eat a healthy meal here with a variety of interesting choices. The baked chicken was especially good, as was the kale salad with cranberries. It was Monday, so kids could eat for 99 cents, & many families were there. It was cheerful & everyone seemed happy.

Nikolai Petrov

It's a good place to eat something healthy, many choices of salads, good cooked other dishes, there are all delicious.

Mary Niesen

Seriously I had never been there before and we went for my nieces birthday and the food was so good, the salad bar was so big with so many choices, every food choice was gluten free, they provided sippy cups for your use and the price for the buffet was a good deal. I would recommend this place to family's, date night or just someplace to go if your in the area.

Robert Ward

not a bad place if your not big on meat. if you love salad this is a good place for you. not so much for me but food was decent and staff is nice

Craig D

Hot bar is not very good, but the salad bar has phenomenal variety. Good soups too! A decent value even if you just have the salad bar.

Pauline Misiak

Great place. Fresh food. Variety of vegetarian dishes. Lean on selection for non vegetarian.

Ramon Padilla Jr.

Unfortunately I have to call it overpriced cafeteria food. Website gives the illusion that there is more variety than there is. Unless you are going back for your third or 4th plate, you overpaid. Too bad the food isn't good enough to make you want to do that.

Kathy Martin

This place is awesome! Buffet style. All fresh salad bar, fresh fruit and other options. Lots of meat and fish, different pizzas ,deserts etc. Some very healthy, some not so much. Reasonable price. Just enjoy!

Tim Kwan

I have come to this restaurant at least once a month for the last decade that I have lived in Minnesota. While the food remains the same and not much changes with this restaurant (except for the redesigned interior, which has made it look like a 1950's night club, i.e. worse, tacky, awkward) I still love this restaurant. The salad bar is extensive and spans a large section of the centre of the restaurant, with quality greens, plenty of toppings and pasta salads. There is basically every type of salad dressing you could ever want. The hot food section is more wanting as the foods are a bit bland, with cheese pastas, rice dishes, roasted meats and others which are not bad but not impressive either. They did add a pizza section to the buffet but the pizzas are quite dismal as they are thin, almost like cardboard in texture and the cheese has an unpleasant aftertaste (hopefully, they did not make the pizzas themselves). The soups are usually decent, with chicken noodle soup, pork and beans and cream soups. Soft drinks come with your meal and you can get whatever soft drink you want and refill as often as you want, as well. The service has always been excellent and it is nice to see a restaurant where staff are the same year after year. Overall, I love this restaurant and consider it an indispensable staple in the local area.

Paul B.

Q.Cumbers is always a great place to take the family. They have something for everyone. From an amazing salad bar to pistachio pudding.

Victor Ekstrand

Great food, wide choice, would go again.

Katie Coombes

Nice atmosphere and great food!

La Chica Cumbia

long salad buffet!! great soup selection, great quality vegetables are very fresh, great food presentation, very clean, plates and utensils are clean. Love this pkace! I just wish your could add more hot dish items. prices are good.

Nur Kasin

Nice healthy meals! I wish it stayed open little late on weekends.


Great food, nice staff.

alyssa sax

Food is cold .... and not properly cooked. This place food poisoning waiting to happen

Wendy Wimberley

Always a good experience here. Food is fresh, good, and staff are great. My only complaint is that they won't expand & open one in St Paul! ;-)

Paul Tapia

Don't expect a meat-heavy selection with a name like Q. Cumbers. It is delicious. Brilliant, simply Brilliant

Karl Wise

Fantastic salad bar, all the extras. Steam tables with meats, veggie lasagna, veggies. Pizza, rolls, 4 soups (2 veggie),. Cookies, soft serve with toppings, fruits. Plus more! All good! Reasonable price. Tuesday senior great price.

Christine Bofenkamp

Food selection was good. Both my husband and I were very sick about an hour after... no good.

Vic Larson

Good food and great staff

Jolene Johnston

Good food and service for a buffet.

Debra Rose

The food was very good, the portions were just perfect. Definitely a place to come back to!

Matthew Thompson

Buffet style salad bar with more options for a salad than you can imagine. Composed salads Kiley cranberry kale salad, broccoli salads and more. Small hot food area usually has pulled pork some steamed vegetables and some kind of potato. They also have breads, soups and desserts. This place has been around for years and is still alive and well. Great place to stuff your face and not feel guilty about it.

Gina Ross

Food was pretty good but our table was asked to leave after 1 hour on Mother's day so they could sit others. Not impressed with that service.

Susan Hanson

Decent food for a decent price. Love the diversity of the customers. Looks like the United Nations.

Janel Davis

Best place to grab a healthy lunch to go in a rush. To go prices are very reasonable amd best value

Katie Evert

This is your standard American Buffet. Nothing really stands out and the food quality isn't the best. I wouldn't go here again. I'd rather spend my time, money, and calories on higher quality nutrition.

Hershey Lima

I feel like I eat healthy when I go here, then, on the way out, I grab a delicious chocolate chip cookie

Firestone stonefire

Great service, good food options , place is well kept and clean.

Joel Stegner

If you like unlimited salad, this is the place for you!

Bob Taylor

Salad bar is good, warm food selection usually average. Good for the price.

Barbara Bakal

Love this restaurant! It's clean, food is great and staff is friendly. Great value for the price.

Kathleen Chilson

Fresh food, very good at an excellent price

Karin H.

I don't usually like buffets but this is something else. Great selection of salads and other healthy options! The salad bar is always very clean and fresh. I do wish they had a better selection of fruit but other than that everything is great!

Chris Smith

This is, hands down, the best buffet I've ever been to. Lots of fresh (actually fresh!) veggies, a reasonable hot bar and delicious chocolate chip cookies. Kids love it, too! Monday nights kids under 12 eat for 99 cents.

Nicole J

Amazing salad bar! Was disappointed that the pizza they placed out was burnt (no joke, black) and ice cream machine was down. No one bothered to put out better pizza or fix the machine. But salad bar was on point

Brad Jackson

Q.Cumbers is a wonderful buffet with great food and desserts and beverages! Great customer service too! Will definitely tell others about this place!

Musa Qandeel

Great place. Nice salad bar. I have been going there for many years and it is still great place to have a nice , quite lunch or dinner. the manger Kari is awesome.

Terese Tamminen

I enjoy Qcumbers. It's a salad plus some hot food buffet. They always have hot soup choices and fruit Anna ice cream too.

Linda Larson

Great value , great selection and friendly staff

Chanda Cha

I enjoyed the salad bar, lots of options to choose from and I really enjoyed their slow cooked roast beef. I just wish there were more food options available, I see others wrote reviews about having lots of food options but I probably missed out on them?, we went as a group of about 15 people at around 6/7pm so I'm not sure if timing had anything to do with it. I will also say that their chocolate chip cookies were delicious and the workers promptly cleaned up used plates. Ice cream machine was down at the time but I'm sure it's good judging from the photographs of other reviewers :)

Allie Gentry

This might be homemade food but the only thing fresh is the salad bar. I think it is pricey and the quality of the hot meals does not have flavor but maybe that’s because everything is gluten free. So if you are okay with gluten free this could be you place. But for 18 per person, I will go to steak restaurant.

Toni Morrison

Awesome food. Very healthy

Sin Collector

Awesome selection of food. Great quality. Never disappointed.


My sister from out of town was eager to give this place a shot because she lives in the south, and she loves buffets. She was over the moon with Q Cumbers, but I was not. The place looks like a backdrop of a Duran Duran video, circa 1983. Picture your eat-in cafeteria at an 80’s health club and that’s pretty much what the set up is like. There’s rows of salads and plenty of healthy stuff, if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for some meat or other filling entrees you’ll be disappointed. It was Turkey and stuffing night, and the turkey tasted like something SPAM would make. The stuffing looked like some bland concoction you’d feed your hogs. Everything down to the gluten-free caramel sauce was lifeless and devoid of flavor. The only appetizing dish was the bruschetta chicken soup. Yum.

Pamela Mattia

Always clean, great selection of food, great staff.


The food was so good I didn't want to put my folk down. The food is fresh and extremely delicious. I found a new healthly restaurant to eat at.

A Michelle

A magical place with an amazing salad bar, surprisingly delicious pizza, amazing desserts, and lots of other food options. I'm pretty sure I could eat here every day and be perfectly happy.

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