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12251 Elm Creek Blvd N, Maple Grove, MN 55369, United States Located in: The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes

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REVIEWS OF Portillo's Hot Dogs IN Minnesota

Fox Ravencroft

2 words. CAKE SHAKES! The food is great, but the cake shakes are the reason to come here. A large chocolate cake shake includes one whole piece of cake mixed IN the shake. It is the most amazing, delicious way to get diabetes ever invented.

Timothy Cunningham

Great food for quick food and the staff is very helpful. They always have someone cleaning the dining room and staying on top of emptying the trash. Food is made to order and quick.

Nell E

Food is just as good as the Chicago area. Large restaurant with plenty of parking. Great location. Staff was super friendly. I was able to place my order online for carryout so no wait. Awesome service. I will definitely be back.

Kevin Plyler

Well, trash taken out with apron on, expensive, employees in a bad mood. One instance of a customer ask for an attendant at the bar and she rolled her eyes. Manager was sitting at a table, for ten or more mins could have been on break. For the price we paid for the burger not worth it. The frys were good, lots of grease on the burger. So I really hope the manager was on break because the food needed checked.

Luis Montenegro

A bit pricey, but I love the theme and feel of the restaurant, and the food is fairly decent. Plus, they serve beer!

Alex Bergum

It was good. Nothing I would have waited 20+ minutes for though.


Alway delicious food: beef, hot dogs, sausage, lemon cake & eclair cake...

Johnny 99

Great place to eat. Quality is fantastic, service can still be awful during peak periods. Great customer service and continues to be a favorite- just fix your speed of service please!


ALWAYS good food.... don't think I've ever had a bad experience in a Portillos. Order taker Robert was a treat that day... very much into his job!


I love Portillo's food. Burgers, dogs and chicken sandwiches are made fresh when ordered. Just don't expect anything to come quickly.

Roger Alt

Much better service now that the newness rush is over. Good food and friendly atmosphere. Jazz music playing over house speakers.

Rochelle Petty

They are fast and the service is really good. Also its very clean inside. One of their employees is a older woman that works during the day and she is very polite. And, keeps the place looking nice. She's one of the reasons I keep going back.

Jim Androff

Best hot dogs and chocolate cake!

Lars Sternberg

Best place around to get an Italian beef places clean people are friendly food is the greatest

Mary Tracy

Super yummy sandwich and a clean restaurant. Also the drive through is quick and accurate.

Richard DeLacy

Always good but expensive that's just the way it is

Johnny Limpet

This place has a great feel/aesthetic. I had never been to a Portillo's before, as this is a Chicago regional chain and I'm not from the area. I wish there was a Portillo's closer to where I live. If you've never been and you like hot dogs, it's worth a try.

Heather Sucharew

Very good food..a little pricey for fast food but worth it. Quality definitely better than your average “fast food” place.

Patrick Kimbrough

Not the same quality that I grew up eating in Chicago. But overall the food is good. I’ve always received good/quick service. The restaurant and bathrooms are always clean and stocked. Good place for a decent fast meal.

Stephanie Marquez

Their Italian Beef is TO DIE FOR! the hot peppers are out of this world and their chocolate cake tastes just like my mom's homemade chocolate cake. The staff is beyond friendly and always willing to help.

Mrs Read

Food was okay. Nothing to write home about. Just enough to keep you from starving.

Joseph Blaney

I've been about 10 times and it's been great for the most part! Two of those times the Italian beef (My go to is beef combo hot) tasted freezer burnt which was disappointing.

Trenton McAnally

Great food. A little slow the second trip but worth the wait.

Jared Ruppert

Fantastic as always! The lemon cake is delicious.

Rick Brown

Great food! The fries and hotdogs are excellent. I had a sausage/beef combo sandwich recently. It was the best one I have ever had!

Evan Russell

Cost a lot less than I thought it would. Nice people. Food is good. They give you plenty for what you pay for. Fries aren't the greatest but onion rings are delicious. Should get now credit than they are currently getting on here.

Janice Lange

Staff at the counter taking order was awesome. Food was great as always.

Dee Melcher

They made a mistake on my order this is the third time they did it, I've been in Hospitality if you make a mistake on someone's order and they have to drive back when you offer them something in return like, I'm so sorry we made a mistake here is a small chocolate shake, or here's a card for a free sandwich for next time. I barely got an apology!

Kevin Lake

Like other reviews, this place is all hype! It took over 15 min to receive our food after ordering (21 people were waiting around the pickup area). I got the jumbo chili dog and it tasted just like the chili dog you can make at Speedway gas station. Also, using a Styrofoam clam-shell container for a sandwich and Styrofoam cups is environmentally irresponsible!! The malt was tasty though!

John Vangalis

It was our first time there and we enjoyed it. Flame broiled burgers and the Italian beef and sausage were very good. If I could complain about this place at all it would be because of no sweet tea just unsweetened, so that's not much of a compliment. And they honor military discounts.


Love this place! Everything is good and I mean everything!!!


Portillo's has good food at decent prices. I only gave it a rating of 3 because I had been there before and I was meeting with a group there. I'm really trying to watch my carb intake. The only thing really that meets that guideline are salads, no fault of Portillo's of course. They made a mistake on my order but to their credit they fixed it right away. It's a good family place for American style food and some pastas.

sandra rollins

The prices were decent price, although everything is sold separately, it tastes better then any fast food you'll get from anywhere else. The atmosphere is also warm and inviting. Wish there was one of these close to my house

Harry Moran

Not impressed. Maybe too much prior hype.

Jack Culbertson

A lot of hype for this place. The staff were friendly, place was clean, nice atmosphere and the food arrived quickly. They were great about resolving an issue with our order. Beyond that...... we ordered the Italian beef, bacon burger and an Italian beef/sausage combo. The Italian meat was cold and the buns were a terrible, soggy, wet, doughy, cold mess. The sweet peppers inedible. The fries were under cooked, not a little, but really under cooked. The bacon burger was okay, not worth the price. Strange to serve sausages and hotdogs without mustard. The only condiment available Is ketchup???? Is this some sort of strange Minnesota version of a Chicago sausage? The Strawberry shake was just okay. At least it was thick. Overall a huge disappointment. Only getting two stars because of the staff and atmosphere.

David Jacobs

First time. Not impressed. Our sandwiches sat in their bag for close to 5 minutes before the server then added fries...which had already been sitting for 2 minutes. When I asked her why, she said the beef must have taken a while...not true. Then we get home & no gravy on the side. The receipt had it on it. While I was waiting, another customer eating in came back to the counter asking for their missing it wasn't just me. Won't be going back

Amanda Baxter

Delicious!! Wonderful Chicago dog and their chocolate cake shake is sinful!!

Jeanne Gniewek

Fabulously good beef, and great chopped hicken salad. Chocolate Eclair Cake is the bomb. Seemed like the beef sandwich was even better than the ones we get in Illinois.

Skip Jafry

Italian beef with hot peppers is the best! Quick service/not that busy. Workers are a little rude...but the great food makes up for it!

Breanna Plach

You cant just refuse to stop if you see a portillo's :) the vibe is perfect. I love it because you dont have a waiter so you can eat and chill with your friends as long as you want! Theres definitely always plenty of tables for seating. You'll never have to wait!

Austin Schulz

One of the best local Chicago style spots. Love this place. Great prices, great service. The Italian beef and sausage combo is to die for.

Scott Braam

Do not like ordering from a wall menu at checkout. Greek salad was great, hotdogs are hotdogs - nothing special.

Rebecca Craft

Great bread! All beef hot dog is really good. Not the best fries, but I go there for the hot dogs ☺️

J Rothstein

The best thing on the menu for a chocolate lover is the cake shake. Appreciated that we could order a plain hot dog for our picky eater even though it isn't listed on the menu.

Heidi Fedje

Used Door dash for delivery. Big mistake. Delivery time kept getting pushed back. Finally got my order 25 minutes after the initial delivery time and 15 minutes after the updated time. The burgers were warm and the fries were barely warm. It's too bad, because I've never had an issue with the food when I get it myself. Always hot and tastes wonderful. I know it was because of the delivery. Seriously, 55 minutes from when I placed my order until I got it. Shame on you Door Dash.

Joejo Delaurentis

Come on this place is one of the best in the world the food is off the Wall the pricing should be lower the price of should be even lower for shipping out of state

Joseph Jurek

If you like Chicago style foods like hotdogs, Italian beef or burgers then this is a must. They bring Chicago to Minnesota! I'm a huge fan of the Italian beef, dipped, with spicy Pepper's. They have been making hotdogs for a really long time and know that they're doing. Worth the stop. ($-$$)

Alyssa Anderson

The visit was okay. The employee taking the order was rude along with the manager had sort of an attitude for no reason. When we got the food which was wrong. Plus the employees just leave the food there without even saying anything to the customers waiting. So nobody knows whose food it is unless someone went to ask. Had to go back up to get the bacon that was ordered for one of the burgers. The cheese for the fries was barely warm. Luckily it was put on the side. As for the pricing its really decent cant complain.

Robert Rohbock

I love coming here, I’m from out of state and will almost always be willing to find a Portillo when I come back to the area. The food is great and won’t break your wallet.

Lilliana The Great

It's pretty good. But they always get my order wrong.

Joseph Eckes

This time the food had much better flavor. This was the Greenfield location on Layton Ave.

Jon Davis

Awesome food..... live this place. Sure glad they came to the twin cities.. The only time I got to have them was driving a Motorcoach to Chicago..

Leslie Kasperowicz

Walked in here not knowing what to expect - from the exterior and even interior decor it seemed a step above the average fast food. It's not. Ordered the beef and cheddar croissant and received a soggy mess. The only way I could eat it was to transfer the meat to the piece of bread my mom got with her salad, which came with rubbery pre-cooked chicken. The bread was the best part of her meal and she gave it to me. Two stars only because my dad's burger was decent and it was reasonably priced, but I won't be back.

Matt Miles

Not our best trip here, it's usually better. Bread with salad was super hard. Bread on sausage sandwich had also seen it's better days. Was not given silverware with salad at drive thru. Sausage itself was good. Fries were a little under done.

Brian Esmay

We love eating at Portillo's. But be careful with the take out. Two times now they have gotten our order wrong. The first time they left items out. Today we ordered 3 spaghetti with meatballs and got one spaghetti with meat sauce, one cheese ravioli with meat sauce and mostaccioli with meatballs and meat sauce. Everyone made due with what was there, we are 15 miles from Portillo's. We will still go to the restaurant but we may not do take out again.

Rachel Klaphake

I’ve always gotten the hot dogs and fries with cheese sauce. Tonight I tried their double bacon cheeseburger and it was cooked perfectly medium with a slight char on the outside. Needless to say, this is on the top of my list for best fast restaurants!

Dave Witczak

Best food ever! Hoping for a Portillo's to come to the Fox Valley.

Serg Zastavski

Ordered Flounder sandwich, Portillo's Hotdog, and the Italian everything was great. Food was great and so was the service. Highly recommended. Will come back.


I love the food here. There's many different things, my favorite is the Chili dog. I could eat many of those. I also love how there's drive thur. I would recommend.

Jess Buckner

The customer service was fantastic!! Shout out to two specific employees.. Crystal and Jesus you two made it a great day! Thanks for your hard work!! And food is fantastic.. had the beef sandwich with gravy! Yum!! It took a little while for the food but the teamwork and staff really rocked it!! KwpKup the great work! Thanks to everyone who I didn't get names but know u work hard behind the scenes!

Gina Lenzen

I always ordered the same kind of sandwich and fries. Consistently good taste unfortunately they've cut down the portions and are not paying as much attention to the overall cleanliness. It is absolutely not the thriving place it was when it first opened. But the good news is you can now find a seat. The bad news is you still have to stand around the front waiting for your food to come up.

Vernesia Murry

The TV commercial make the hot dogs and an Italian beef look so good I'll finally went there for the first time. I was not satisfied the hot dog bun was Morse it was not right I don't like it I wasted my $15 all on this

Brenden Conner

Nice people, great food.

John Walker

I had the flounder sandwich with a side salad. Flounder was over cooked and a bit chewy. Side roll with butter, excellent. Salad dressing choices were not on menu board, so needed to ask cashier, who seemed annoyed I did not already know. He mumbled the choices. Servers spent too much time talking amongst themselves while very slowly preparing my meal. I loved the ambiance. Hardly anyone was there at the peak of dinnertime. I'm not certain this restaurant at this location will be in business very long.

Robert Holloway

I used to really like portillos because it was a little different from the typical Milwaukee faire. I think I've OD on it because the hot dog I ate almost made me sick. I used to like their hot dogs. Maybe I'm just sick of it. It's great for soups and sandwiches etc.

ilida perez

Love there Beef dip. All the food is GREAT! Love it!

Cj Edman

I always enjoy Portillo's although this one that I went too I was on business leave and they forgot one of my hot dogs and I don't live near a portillo's so it's a bummer when something doesn't get packed in and you realize it as soon as you get home. I called and got refunded on the dog which was cool but there was no apology no going the extra mile for the inconvenience. Seemed like the manager didn't care about anything other than collecting his paycheck at the end of the day. I'm sure I'll come back to Portillo's because you can't beat the prices and quality of the food but I guess I'll check my bag next time.

Colette Bromberek

Love this place! The food is delicious (plus their Coke tastes better than all other Coke, don't know their secret) and the music sets the atmosphere and I am already planning on going back for the Chocolate Cake Shake.

William Swanson

I was happy with the food, I had a hamburger onion rings and half a loaf of bread. The reception on my phone (Verizon) was non-existent and I asked a boss if they had Wi-Fi and he said not for customers, only for management. His bosses have Verizon and they can't get reception either. I suggested they get Wi-Fi for their customers who are eating alone and the manager said that was a good idea. I doubt it will happen.

A Allred

New favorite place! Great food for a great price. I love their polish hot dogs and cheese fries. Their burgers are a bit greasy. Their chicken sandwiches are also fantastic! The best thing though, is their strawberry shortcake!

Angie kultgen

You should probably go here and gorge yourself on hot dogs and chocolate cake shakes occasionally. The shake tastes like someone took a giant piece of chocolate cake, frosting and all, and a tiny bit of ice cream and put it in a blender. It's effing delicious!

KevinBeth Nordstrom

I brought my cross country team in here tonight after our race. I was so busy with wrapping up stats, etc, that I did not have time to place an order. Jeff noticed me not eating and offered to get me a meal so I could keep working. These guys are the best! The back room they set aside for us was perfect. I would highly recommend Portillo’s for your next team meal! Thanks Jeff!!!

Kivaonna Fields

My first visit to this restaurant was Friday (10/11/19) and I wouldn’t even give it one star at this point. The experience I had was awful. First I was charged for something I didn’t order but I understand human error so politely asked that it be corrected which it was with my money refunded. While waiting on our food I had to ask them to clean one of the four booths that were available but dirty. Shortly after my friend I get my meal and cut my cheeseburger in half only to find a long strand of hair cooked in the middle. I take the food back up and ask for the manager who appeared to be annoyed with me that this hair that clearly wasn’t mine was in my food. At this point my friend was already eating and I’m disgusted. They never offered me a refund I had to ask for a refund which they only refunded me for the cheeseburger initially. I then talked to a third guy who seemed to be the general manager and told him I’d like my full refund seeing that my friend was already eating and I didn’t come for just a fry and lemonade which weren’t touch. When getting back to the table I noticed my friend had thrown her meal out from being grossed out by the hair in my burger. Honestly being a previous fast food manager the proper way to handle it would’ve been to refund my money in full and make the meal complimentary without the I don’t care or annoyed attitude from management especially when I wasn’t rude or in the wrong. The professionalism and customer service was definitely missing that evening.

JC Hsie

Hot dogs, Italian beef and more. The food is good, if not good for you, and reasonably fast and cheap.

raising strickling's

Not sure what all the hype was about I've had better...

Nicholas Hansen

The food was excellent! I was really impressed by the service of their friendly staff. Several employees greeted me and offered assistance throughout my visit. The manager circulated and conversed with customers. I will definitely be returning. The atmosphere and friendly staff makes the experience great!

Alison Fifer

Good portions, tasty burgers and really yummy chocolate cake with enough to share

Antoinette Kinlow

this was my first time visiting Portillo's and it was not what I had expected. I had heard great things from my friends and family, but I didn't enjoy it so well. The food selection was skimpy and my Italian beef sandwich was dry. I don't plan on going back anytime soon.

Curt Crowdis

8705 w.sura on, ordered my meal, was sitting right in front of pickup counter waiting for my food. After lengthy time I observed others who ordered after I did pick up there order I approached counter, seeing few orders on counter, I saw my order. After being seen for minute, I asked if this order had been called out. Two other employees just stood there...An employee turned around and said yes he did 3 times...I was sitting within 10ft of counter...I said that if he called the number out then he should say it louder...his reply was maybe I should listen...I will not be back to a place where customer service is lacking...there are other places that can manage that deserve my money more.

Allen Lindgren

Muy excelante! Enjoyed very much!

renelle paradowski

Awesome Portobello mushroom sandwich, the best I've ever had! It should get 5 stars but they need to add a veggie burger and veggie dog on their menu first. Then I'd rate the entire experience 5 stars from ordering to eating for sure!

Rebecca Grunfelder

Mmmmm...roast beef sandwich & cheese fries

Jackie M.

Poppy seed buns. Amazing. Definitely a huge fan, now if I'd only tried the cake!

Pree da G

Them cake shakes are the best!!!! I had 4 in two days during my visit. The dipped Italian beef sandwiches were awesome. Definitely will be back anytime I'm near one

Frank LaChance

I don't think you could ever say anything bad about Portillo's except wait times if you happen to drop in at a busy time. Believe me, the wait is well worth it!! They have so many good things on the menu, but I absolutely can't bring myself to get anything other than Italian Beef or Vienna Sausage. They do it the best!! If you order online, you can even have it at home and they give you instructions on how to properly prepare the beef. I always get the combo sandwich. It is Beef and Sausage on a bun. Oh man!! Now I want to go get one. Please don't be intimidated by line length. It does move pretty quickly but remember everything is made to order so it may take some time to receive. Well worth the wait no matter which location you visit.


I was just in and got a dipped italian beef sandwich with extra gravy but my sandwich was just full of oil. It was impossible to eat so I just removed the bread. I gave 2 stars cause my kids loved their food. Very disappointing though

Allen De Keyser

Horrible food and horrible service. My wife and I goto portillos all the time in brookfeild and thought this one would be the same, which it isn’t our burgers were burnt, and my wife’s chicken sandwich was charred black and she ended up throwing her food away, was horrible won’t go here again.

Larry Eby

Fun atmosphere, good food, reasonable price. Takes a while to get food, but it is all made to order. I'll wait for that. Last word, the Chocolate cake.

chris mckinney

Love Portillos!!! Italian beef is superb, make sure to get it dunked. Can't go wrong with the Chicago dogs. So happy we have a few in MN now

Erica Schurman

Foods great, some employee's have wicked bad attitudes.

Kathleen Anderson

Atmosphere busy. Employees great workers. Prices are little pricey for us. Delicious and messy foods. Don't care for the seperately orders, (

Sharon Cole

Husband had Italian beef which was good. I tried the tuna over cooked and fishy. Would not recommend the tuna

jesus moyett

I loved it my first time but i be back

Laura Hey

Great atmosphere! Loved the space, and the food was really delicious. Appreciated the quick service and helpful, attentive staff.

snehasish maity

Great place to eat. One of the best burgers i had in Brookfield WI

Vicki Spencer

Great Coney dogs. Fun atmosphere. Great shakes. Really good pricing.

Priscilla Holmes

Always good, thus one is almost as good as my Chicago "the original one " lol but it was great

Shawn Hoppert

Great food, friendly service, short wait time

Jennifer Wilson

I got the Italian beef with mozzarella and hot peppers dipped....AMAZING!! The service was fast and friendly. Definitely going back.

Jeremy Feuk

Fist time here. Amazing atmosphere very fun food was great had the big beef dipped

Ryan Sprynczynatyk

Food was terrific and prices were very respectable.

Dean Stoner

Didn't get my full order, was supposed to have been told that I had to go to a different counter to complete my order. The Combo Italian Beef & Sausage was delicious.

craig giebel

Quicker and easier than driving to Chicago. Get the dipped beef or combo. Skip the cheese

Omar Fernandez

Great food and service was great. Highly recommend for a semi fast food experience. Their malts are worth trying!

Jim Hopper

Greasy fast food - burgers, dogs, etc. Not bad, but Kopp's is always a better choice, just down the road.

Diego Varon

I've heard of this place and finally went to try their dipped sandwiches. They are really good and the place makes you feel like you are in Chicago. Good service and the place was very clean. Will recommend it to my friends.

Randy Laib

The hot dogs are great and the hot beef is over the top!

Dick Arnold

They didn't put the onion rings in the Rib dinner order, ribs were pretty fatty this time. Will give them one more chance, have been very good in the past.

eric pone

Ok in fairness the food was great. But the prices are way too high for the quality of the food. I paid as much as I would for Red Lobster or Olive Garden and that shouldn't be.

Jered Wilson

Nice new establishment with great Chicago style food. The restaurant is very big with plenty of seating. The Italian beef with extra gravy is my Jam!

W.B. Fritze

Chicago dogs were good. Why anyone would even think to offer American cheese (on anything, really) on Italian beef is beyond me, and they use an obscene amount of styrofoam. Really sad amount of waste.

Dave Lohse

wrong order first, then we get our chili dog's and they use squeeze cheese and it's not edible without getting filthy. I also want to mention the boiled hot dog in the mess of a sandwich was not very good at all. What a messy sloppy average at best meal

Gene Hahn

Chicago style hotdog was'nt hot. Bun could have been steamed too.

Jacee G

Charbroiled burgers for and my girlfriend loves the Chicago dogs

Jose Colon

I have a very good feeling and or vibe about the staff and how they work . very fun experience at the time of picking up ones order. They do a little rhyme when they call out your order number. Chocolate cake shake is a must have . 3 star rating can be improved with food quality(temperature of hot foods)

Mindy Baumgartner

I will say I don't care for anything to do with the hype about this place or their food. However, I came with my Step Dad, as always he was wearing his Veterans hat, the server who took our order thanked him repeatedly and gave him an unexpected military discount. As we were enjoying our food another server approached our table handing him a slice of chocolate cake, stating that she came from a military family and dessert was on her. It really made his day. And in turn made me understand why people like this place so much. The service was remarkable. Thank you for all that you do to make someone's visit special.

Mr O'Brien

Best Maxwell street polish ever. Great food all around and great service!

Brian Dunn

The Italian beef sandwich with sweet peppers is awesome! The fries also great.

Nilly Bee

Amazing food. Reminds me of home back I'm Chicago! 5 stars for sure. I got the Italian Beef sandwich dipped with hot peppers and hot dog.

Laura Kraemer

Awesome service, order at counter and pickup at other end. Plenty of laughter and casual atmosphere. Highly recommend!

Stephanie Glover

OMG!! They are the bomb! The chicken is so good and tender, taste like butter!! I will b back!

Kelli Jackson

The beef is so flavorful! I dont like things too messy so I get the au jus on the side and dip as I eat. The large shake is huge! Its definately shareable.

Barry Anderberg

We waited a really long time for our food. When we finally got it it wasn't hot anymore. Still tasted pretty good. Decor is cool. Might give them another chance.

Kristen Karvala

Very impressed. For being fast food it sure was delicious and affordable. Onion rings were lacking, fries were ok but the sandwiches, hot dogs and salad we had was 100% on spot. Definitely coming back but avoiding anything they fry, no flavor.

William B

The flavor of disappointment is familiar to me. This is beyond that. Lower, slower, and wildly more terrible. With half a mile, there are - easily - 80 places that can ruin your meal. So...if that’s your plan? Just toss a dart at a map. You may end up at a McDonald’s, you may end up getting sushi. But, what you won’t get? To go through a poorly designed drive thru, twice, only to get everything wrong. Again. For the third time. My girlfriend likes it, so, I keep ending up here, but, she’s also wrong. By a lot. Way wrong. Painfully wrong. I just may break up with her over this place.

Jeanne Rasch

Love the Italian Beef sandwich and choc.cake.

Ruth Rowland

The Italian Beef is the best any where. Not a skimpy sandwich. Onion rings are so good.

Dantonio Cortez

Nice Chicago Sub comes to the burbs

Jarod B

One of the only places I will eat in Chicago. I always get the Chicago dogs. I have also tried their chocolate cake milkshake, and it is to die for!!

Daniel Kniess

Big beef with xtra gravy was top notch.

Megan Wilson

Always good food always fast fresh and hot nice friendly helpful staff! Love going here! One of our favorite places especially this location!

Julie Hallock

Good Italian beef sandwich!


I usually prefer Buona over Portillo's but seeing Minneapolis does not have one this was a good alternative seeing I was in the mood for a Chicago dog and Italian beef. The decor is typical of Portillo's, large, open eclectic. The gentleman who took my order was an older bald guy who seemed less than thrilled to be there. After I placed my order I waited for over 15 minutes while people who ordered before (at least 10) received their orders and were on their way. Seeing I only had two items I was perplexed as to why so many other orders were being fulfilled before mine. Once I finally was given my food it was warm but definitely not hot the way it should be seeing it took so long to make. I asked for it to be dipped and it was barely moist at best. Hence one of the reasons I prefer Buona over Portillo's, Buona Italian beef "Baptized" is dripping with their delicious gravy. Man, now I want Buona after describing it. Over all the experience was mediocre and I would only go back if I was dying for a taste of Chicago, albeit a watered down version of it.

Ko G

Only place with good hotdogs. Burgers are top tier and Italian beef is what it should be.

James Mohler

Such good restaurant quality hot dogs in a fast food or sit-down environment: you choose. Food was cheap, fast and delicious. I've craved the Portillo's beef hot dog (Chicago style with sports peppers, sesame bun, a whole dang dill pickle, etc.) since we were there a few days ago. I can't recommend enough. Love love LOVE.

Todd Braun

Some of the best Italian Beef sandwiches around. We were introduced to their Italian Beef and Chicago Dogs (also delicious) a number of years ago near Chicago and loved them, so we're happy to see them opening in Minneapolis (Maple Grove and Woodbury). Definitely add the hot peppers and be ready with plenty of napkins...the 'gravy' (juice) is soaked up in the bread and dripping all over (unless you order it 'dry' - which I highly discourage). You can't eat them without getting very messy fingers. Oh, and don't forget a piece of Lemon Cake or a Chocolate Cake Shake for dessert! If this review is helpful, please click on 'Like' to improve my status.

Dianna Moua

I really enjoy Portillo's burgers and fries. It has a very "old school" feel about the presentation. The burgers are a good size. The items are sold separately and there aren't any meals or combos. You can pick and choose individually what you want. The service is fairly quick and it's a pretty popular place for many locals.


Awesome food, people, service like being in Chicago

Rock Dwyer

Helpful drive thru staff! I had a special order "well done" Italian Sausage with-Extra Sauteed Bell Peppers!. Turned out great and I did get it pretty Quickly! A friend went with me, he had never eaten at Portillo's before ....He really enjoyed the Hot Dogs and fries! Nice Outing!!! (Avoid the desserts-Way Too Good!!!)

Mike Schleif

A lot has changed since those in Chicago. This food is more bland. The sweet peppers are chintzy. But my young son likes it, and there is nothing like this in the Twin Cities

Aidaliz Stys

Really great service and the restaurant is very neat looking. When it comes to the food it's good. I recommend going there at least once. And more times if your really like it.

Ushama Adoga

I went through the drive thru and didn't receive my entire order. I came from Minneapolis and didn't want to drive all the way back to Maple Grove. What we did get was pretty good.

Bob Carver

Ok place, but I was in there mid afternoon and there were ~15+ employees that took 20 minutes to complete my simple order. I'm originally from Chicago so I know Chicago dawgs. This place gets a 75% on taste and 30% on service. If you have hungry kids go elsewhere

Jack Faught

The food was nothing special. The Italian sausage was okay, but the onion rings were not very good.

Dakota Strege

This place is amazing, great staff, great food, speed. You really can't ask for more.

Sheri Murray

The place is decorated so cute. They have a lot of choices on the menu. There is a large amount of seating, and the portions were good size.

Heather Chasten

Good food, restaurant clean. Good for dates, families, or groups. The only negative is having to choose between the lemon or chocolate dessert. I say get both (when available).

Stephan Church

The food is great but it has been quite as good since it was sold s free years ago. Service isn't quite as good as the good is not posted to the same quality. Still delicious and I'll be back. Just wish the quality would come back.

Allen Knowles

The best place for Chicago dogs and Italian beef in the twin cities.

Gavin Burt

Fantastic place, the Chicago dog was one of the best outside of Chicago, and it even had the nitro green relish! The Italian beef was excellent, dripping with gravy and hot peppers. My wife got the standard cheeseburger and said it was great, if a little too big for her. Will definitely be returning next time I'm in the area


This place has the Italian beef sandwich. I get the big beef good portion nice price. If your in the area check this place out I promise you won’t be disappointed

Cindy Peters

This place is awesome. They have the best big Italian sandwiches and chili cheese dogs. They are amazing. The hamburgers and chocolate cake are just as good. I highly recommend this place. You won't be disappointed.

Justin Sticht

I go to Chicago quite a bit, so I have been a fan of Portillo’s for a number of years. I was so excited that they were building them in Minnesota and even more excited that they are awesome just like the ones in Chicago. Fantastic food and service and a great value.

Sue Wilmar

I've been here twice. Not happy either time. Hubby likes it. He'll have to go alone next time.

Angela Erickson

This is a nice place to grab a quick meal. My friends had talked it up a bunch and maybe I was expecting "more"... so I was under-whelmed. Overall my food was good and I would likely return.

david madden

Nice place..good selection

Kateri Cornelius

Amazing food! Recommend the Italian beef sandwich with mozzarella.

Skol Boi

The food was great! The service was marginal at best, the attitude of the workers was not pleasant. The decor was intriguing, but quite a few tables were unbalanced and lopsided, which had our group scrambling for a loved table and comfort.

Tim Hoover

Ordered a chili dog with onions and half a rack of ribs dinner. The chili dog was very messy they need to come up with another way of serving them. The ribs were very tender but not very flavorful would probably not order them again the service there gave us the impression that everyone was either lost or overwhelmed, other thing didn't care for very noisy inside and it wasn't the customers

Stephen T

It's pretty good. My Illinois buddy would be mad that I only gave it 4 stars, but to me they are just solid, not insano delicious. Get the chocolate cake shake.

Mark Webber

Ate outside and had lemon cake. VERY GOOD

Dallas Gibson

I have yet to try their hotdogs, but their burgers and shakes are amazing. And the coleslaw has a really nice tang to it that a lot of other places usually miss.

Tina Johnson

I had better service at Mac donalds the I did here in Greenfield I've been waiting 20 to 25 min for my two burgars and a large fries they told us to pull foward and two cars behind us got there food and left all the employees seen us waiting and just walked away. We knocked at the window and a male employee starts yelling at us don't be banging on the window so I walked in, to speake to the manager. I asked the cashier girl if can speak to the manager she rolled her eyes and said you gonna have to wait so I walked up the this manager and exsplain to her what's going on she looked at me in a confused look I've been in food services for twenty years I would of try to help instead of rolling my eyes or yelling at me or looked confused so they just lost a regalur customer

Marcel Suliman

Ever since portillo's changed from family own to CEO and franchise, trying to please/satisfy the stockholder instead of the customers the quality of food and service is noticeble. Back in the day baby back ribs had to be pre-order because of the cooking time, now with reheat-time its fast and you can taste the difference.

Jill Castillo

Food always good but workers could be a little friendlier

Lisa Corrigan

Not impressed- our family of 5 tried this restaurant for the first time and were disappointed. The atmosphere and set up of the restaurant was nice...and it had a fun feel to it, however the food was subpar. We had to wait in line to order for about 3 minutes, not terrible and then the wait for the food was almost 20 minutes- that's a long time when you're hungry. Each family member ordered a different item and all of the food was luke warm and soggy when we received it. No one wants to eat a hot dog or burger with a soggy bun! We've had better quality at Burger King. The only enjoyable thing ordered were the shakes and smoothies. Was hoping to make this place a regular stop because of the menu variety - but after this experience, we will not return.

Sharon Young

The food I've had here is good. The atmosphere is fun, however...I'm not a fan of the hotdogs. Personally I feel like I should sharpen my teeth before eating them. Some like the "snap" of the dog. It's not for me. Also, don't expect to be served your food or drink quickly. Every time I wait for what feels like a really long time for a sandwich. The beer you have to order separate and it takes them a long time to find someone to pour a beer. Ordering it separate also means paying for it separate too.

shana thiele

Nothing special... I was pretty excited to get a hotdog. (That's what this place in known for) super disappointing! It was just a normal regular frickin hotdog!

Jeremy Echuck

Great beef sandwiches and hot dogs, the fries are average. Get the sandwhich with cheese sauce, hot and sweet peppers, and a little gravy.

Rachael Bomsta

The food was great. Slightly more expensive than I anticipated, but the quality was worth it. It is a very busy place and more of a fast food type service. It was not what we were expecting, but now we know what to expect we will enjoy it much more in coming visits.

Daniel LaFond

First time eating at Portillo's. Had my little dog with us, so very thankful they have a patio. I had the Italian sausage sandwich and my lunch companion had the breaded chicken sandwich. Good food and service. I'll definitely be back to try other menu items.

Collin Dahlman

Awesome food with great prices! Must try the hot dog and Chocolate cake shake

Michelle Keaton

Hearty servings. Compliments from someone I brought with me who requested to go back.

Wade Kapanke

Great food. The restaurant is set up very nicely and it flows very well. The host who took my order was very nice, helpful and funny. It really made a great first impression. The food was also top notch. The fries are good, nothing out of the ordinary. However the Italian beef was outstanding. Also the chocolate cake shake was just amazing.

Tau Watts

This food reminds me so much of home. Nothing like an Italian beef combo dipped with hot peppers on the side. Drizzle the oil from the peppers onto the sandwich.. omg

Boomer Man

The flavor profile of "any" item ordered is identical from store to store. I've eaten at over 20 different locations in my travels, and tried most everything. Consistency is truly a reality!

Frank Folker

Classic Italian Beef as.well as good burgers and hot dogs

Adam W

This place has some awesome food. They turned out pretty fast but the place is usually packed every time I go there. Sometimes it's hard to find a parking spot it's so busy. But if you can get in there I would recommend it

Tyler Ziegler

I've yet to have anything on the menu that didnt meet my expectations. Rib night is such a great deal. Full rack for the price of a half.

Deb Reher

It's hard to get the taste of Chicago Italian beef and Chicago hotdogs here in WI with our Portillos

Katie John

So I was really pumped to go to this place since I didn't go to Portillos when I traveled to Chicago over the summer. I'm not saying the food here is bad, but it isn't really anything special. I've had better food at Five Guys to be completely honest and for about the same price. I was just kind of expecting something mind-blowing since I've been told by everyone how amazing it is, but it really wasn't life-changing. Still, I do enjoy their Italian beef sandwiches and their Chocolate Cake Shakes (which tastes exactly like a cake that has been liquified in a blender with a scoop of I've cream). The service is very quick, though it can be pretty crowded sometimes. I'd go back maybe once in a blue moon.

Andrew Scott Akin

Portillos is worse than martinos. For the price and quality i would avoid portillos

Nedra Gruener

Good salad and Italian beef sandwiches

Blaine DCmblza

I love Portillo's! I love it in Chicago and I love it in Minnesota! I get The big beef Hot and Dipped!

Felicity Rich-Michael

Every time I eat Portillo's the world becomes a slightly better place. A bite of a Portillo's hot dog is a religious experience

Craig O'Connor

Good hot dogs but beef could have more meat on it

Dan Kozlarek

Great food! They've got everything set up for an amazing experience. I had a steak and cheese sandwich and am excited to return to try something else soon. Wish I had tried one of there deserts!

Adam Mikels

Love the beef, get the sandwich dipped. The chocolate cake shakes are great.


I'm not a hot dog fan but I really like this place. The Italian beef with mozzarella cheese and sweet peppers is the best! Disclaimer - 2 of my kids work here.. :-) Update: Ok, my new favorite is the Maxwell Street Polish with mustard and grilled onions. Absolutely awesome! Their burgers are really good too.


Not busy and slow delivery of food. Food was good.

Curtis White

Our first visit was great. The food is delicious and it was quick to call my number. We also met a fantastic employee named Joanne, she helped us greatly with some of the other food options for us to try the next time we were in. She was so nice, it's worth just going back to talk to her. Lol. The only recommendation that I could make would be to put some sort of marking (tape) on the floor to encourage people in line to stand next to the wall rather than being right next to the tables when people are trying to eat. Other than that, we had a great experience, and have already been back again. Hopefully you can get that line figured out, because it was bothersome the second time also. Thanks.

Jonathan Woodley

Always great food. Staff is nice and friendly. Eager to take your order and offer suggestions. Keep up the great work

Dan Gaza

I haven't had any issues with the place, food or service yet. Great food! Speed on order completion could be better. Always a good spot to sit down for lunch

Brian stipitch

Milwaukee location can't do the ribs like down in Chicago.. they have no idea what giardineara is.. like down in Chicago.. Had the ribs twice now and won't order them again.. 1st time was when they first opened so thought opening issues.. second time a few months afterwards and still not good.. not as friendly as in Chicago.. just a different feel if you've been to one in Chicago

Kim Becker

Food was good, waited a long time for food.was not that busy.

Dawn Auld

Always great food. If I had this closer where I lived I would for sure gain a ton of weight!

Thomas Worcester

Excellent eatery. Bill of fare was very good. Chicken soup was fantastic. Great ambience

Randy Balistreri

In my opinion has one of best hamburgers around

Jake Miller

First time there. Awesome place to go. Great food and awesome decor. Great for families

Patricia Henkel

It's totally a place time has forgotten! Finally had a chance to stop in. The food is great. The employees were super friendly. A great addition to Milwaukee.

Rachael Paone

Love their beef sandwiches, especially dipped in gravy with hot peppers and cheese sauce

Cindy Alaniz

could be better if they get your order right

Michael Erkfitz

Had a Bacon Double cheeseburger . Big burger . Delicious !

Jessica Kvam

This place has good hot dogs, delicious fries & absolutely amazing fresh strawberry shakes! The chocolate cake shake is super delicious also! And the cost isn't too bad like most restaurants, so that's nice!! :-)


Very wide selection and great food, they even do desserts and have a drive through!

Dan S.

It was good but not the best I've had...

Mike Sandgren

It’s weird workers handling food were wearing gloves when handling the food. But, one of the female managers black and white top with glasses on her head was in back helping with the drive thru was scratching her head and adjusting herself and playing on her cellphone while handling the food with no gloves. This makes me very concerned health wise. No line very slow Sunday but, yet still wait 15 minutes for food. Food is cold and have to wait another 15 minutes to remake. I’m confused is this fast food place. I can go to restaurant and sit down and order and receive my food in 15 minutes. This has happened the same way the last 4 times coming in. I quest we don’t know when to give up.

Dillon Dudley

A little slow for lunch but any other time great!


Best hotdogs outside of Chicago! The Italian Beef is pretty awesome too.

Tom Drews

Fast and Good food nice employees and great atmosphere

ryan storkson

Awesome American diner type food, good prices

Melina Ramirez

When we arrived we were greeted by 2 employees, they gave us 2 menus then showed us where to place our order and where we would pick it up. We didn't have to wait long for our food, everything was hot, fresh and made correctly. we were super excited to eat because it was our 1st time. We proceeded to devour our feast and as we were eating Scott the manager came over and actually gave us 2 desserts since it was our 1st time, he just wanted to make it extra special which was so awesome! he was so nice and so friendly,it totally a made our experience that much more amazing. Our food was so delicious and yummy, my friend is literally in love with the Italian beef sandwich now and the chocolate cake shake was to die for. Towards the end of our meal Chris, one of the employees who had helped us when we 1st arrive, came over and started chit chatting with us and asked if we like the food, she was kind enough to offer to take our tray. Overall I would say my whole experience, and I know my friend would also agree with me, was absolutely wonderful, we will definitely be back! The food, the employees, the atmosphere it was all great and we will definitely be telling everybody about our vist.

Moises Delgado

Great food and decent waiting time.

Gabriel Briseno

Amazing food fun atmosphere for all I recomend the Italian beef and chocolate cake shake

Brandon Morton

It's nice to have these in MN now. The menu is huge, and the food is delicious! Cool vibe to the place.

Jeff Smith

The best dang Italian beef sandwich around!


Aaron served my granny and I, on our complex order with nothing but smiles and top notch customer service. God bless you Aaron and your team, getting our almost 100$ out in under 20 minutes, almost all correct and 100% delicious. Thank you, will come again. Also shout out to the sweet girl who handed us our order and muffin. Her name started with a K, but I do not know the spelling. Extremely great customer service!

tony barrientos

My brother and I happened to see this place and so we thought why not stop in to get a hotdog...well it was a great idea. The food is awesome and the place is cool with all old time pictures and relics. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for great food.

Patrick Liebl

Portillo's is a great place with a big menu. They have everything from burgers to dogs, pasta, Italian beef, and much more. Typically I get the Italian beef sandwich with fries and it is a good no-fail choice. I suggest to get it wet with the hot peppers. I know it is a trendy restaurant for our area, but it is a recommended stop. If you want that Chicago style flavor but are nowhere near Chi-town, stop in and enjoy!

Sonja Bones

We absolutely love all great food here! When we dined it- it was fantastic. Drive through was strange they had two workers out taking orders & payment - strange but it worked. I love the order online & pick up. Fast & super convenient!


This is a wonderful restaurant! The food is fantastic. I have happy with the service I received. The wall art is interesting to read as you wait for the food. It can get relatively busy but it is certainly worth the wait. I recommend this place for sure.

christine Brown

My hamberger was good. But it was a bit confusing,when you first walk in. All the signs,pictures, it was nice but we'd never been there before would we go back yes. To try again. I picked up a menu to take home and read over.

Stevie .

The food is really good but really filling!! Not a bad thing I guess :) I'm not a huge fan of gravy but I wanted to try to step outside of my box and I ordered the gravy bread - definitely recommend!! Very good! The large shakes are LARGE so you do get what you pay for. Everything I tried was delicious. I'll be back for sure.

Julie H.

Roast beef sandwich is pretty good.

Stan Dugas

The product is great. The inability to get the order right makes for a less than memorable experience.

Tesla Lockwood

It’s better in Illinois, where Portillo’s hails from. Does the job for a quick fix, though.

SirCarry Alott

The best restaurant in the city and shout out to Tyrese and Gino

Susan Schaff

After a hectic day didn't want to cook so my husband order 2 racks of ribs to go . One rack hot the other super cold so guess what. I had to cook. Ugh!! Mind you its 80 degrees outside. So it wasn't the ride home. Talked with the manager . He said he will let the cooks know really!!! I don't really think I should have to pay for ice cold food .this is the second time there was a issue first time there was a plastic cap in my sandwich from the bbq sauce I believe .

Austin Conery

Fun atmosphere, lots of options to please everyone!

Carissa Arens

This is the best hot dog I've ever had. I have mine with simply ketchup and mustard. My boys have them with other fixings. They say the relish makes the bun too soggy and the peppers are too hot. In any event, the texture and flavor of both the seed covered bun and the hot dog are exquisite.

So Thereitis

OK, so iv'e been here multiple times, but the last two times were way too long of a wait, i'm talking about 25-35 minutes for burgers and fries... AND there were only about 10-15 other people (patrons) in the restaurant... unacceptable and to add insult to injury, one order was wrong!. Our orders where not very large nor complex in nature. I do not know what has been going on here but I do not plan on returning for a while. The locations cleanliness was poor, there where multiple tables that had ketchup stains and the like and you could visibly see that the tables were DIRTY! NOW, after looking for a clean table which little avail, we found a decent table and wiped it off because it was also not maintained. If i could justify the quality of these burgers i would certainly wait (and i have waited over an hour for great food) however, this is neither that high of quality nor that prestigious of a business to attain my attention for that long. The only reason i am giving this a 2 star instead of a one is because the manager corrected the issue with no issues [except the 5 minute wait for the correction of the issue to begin with] i will probably try this again in the future, but i do not plan on returning anytime soon.....

Matthew Weiser

Been to Portillo's in Chicago a number of times and always liked it. The quality and variety of foods is quite good and I'm happy to report this new location - closer to home - was excellent. Opted for a double burger and it was hot off the flame broiler and delicious. Fries were a little too salty, but also hot and otherwise delicious too. For a "Fast Food" place, Portillo's comes highly recommended!

Easyii Hall

Great service. Fast turn around.

Kirk Heston

Love the food, usually quick service. Today it was slow, I was told we were waiting on fries. Fresh fries worth the wait.

Glynda Young

My husband likes the combo with the beef and Italian sausage rolled in the au ju sauce.

Aubrey Dutcher

Better than expected! Great food for even better prices!!

Eric G

I ordered an Italian Combo, tamale, fries and a hot dog. The Italian Combo had no toppings or peppers and I wasnt offered a chsnce to have it dunked which is customary in Chicago. However it was only 6.99 which is 2 or 3 dollars cheaper than the competition. The tamale was good but dry so it kept crumbling. I may use a spoon instead of a fork next time. The fries were great. The hot dog was good. In general, the prices were good. I will try them again to see if they are willing to dunk their beef sandwiches.

roger fliger

Best Italian beef sandwiches around milwaukee if your from Chicago

Randy Sharp

Best beef Hoagies sandwiches and the Chicago dogs are loaded.

Mary Ring

Surprised by humans by drive thru taking orders and very nice. We'll see how happy they are with Saturdays snow flurries

Cheryl Foster

First, just let me say the food was very good. We ordered a hb fast pack, 2 chicken sands, 2 o rings. All the food was good. And if that were all I had to rate, you guys would get 5 stars. But, customer service is terrible. I went inside to order but was sent to catering bc I wanted a Fast Pack. No one came out to help when I rang bell. No one. Even though I could hear them talking in the back. Even though the cashier KNEW I was there waiting. I mean, he sent me over there, surely, he could have notified whoever was working the bar. So after standing there long enough to browse over the entire menu twice, I decided to walk out. I went to my car and tried to order online. I selected the items and went to the cart. I could not check out. I tried creating an account, still could not check. Tried doing it as a guest, nope, did not work. At that point, I was ready to go somewhere else but my sister said she would go inside and try. She finally got someone to take our order but it took her almost 10 mins to do it, then we had to wait 30 mins for our food. So, we probably will not go back. Food was good and a good price but not worth the hassle.

Kevin Kuduk

The big beef sandwich with the sweet and hot peppers is dripping with flavor! Love it!


The costumer service is amazing. The place it's self on the inside was beautiful. So many old school things on the walls. Really cool old music playing. Loved it. Hot dogs are amazing, chocolate shakes really good.

Michelle W

I have been to this location 2 times, and never again. The staff was super rude both times. Sat at the take out window for 10 minutes and had to flag someone down for my salad. The girl shoved it at me and walked away. No dressing no fork. I just left... awful.

CJ Baierl

Great Italian Beef, and tasty burger. Very nice staff.

Natasha Hermosillo

Usually this is our lunch spot. Super disappointed today. We get a seat right by the front. I’m waiting almost 15min for a sandwich and onion rings. No number called out loud or on PA. I see a tray sitting there with a bag so I approach. Yup there was my food sitting there. Onion rings cold as ice. The sandwich box felt warm so I only asked them to remake the rings. Now about 25 min later I’m finally getting my food, manager barely apologizes and just tells employee make sure your calling out numbers. By time I sat to eat my bun was mush but I guess least half food was warm..... very disappointing guys

Cindy Graham

The food is good however we have ordered from here 3 times from work and had it delivered. The order has been WRONG all 3 times! If you order as delivery expect to be very disappointed.

Jo A. Jackson

The food here is awesome. I love their chocolate cake, and polish sausages with everything on them (like a hot dog). Tastes awesome. Their salads, spaghetti and lasagna are also yummy.

Katarzyna Augustowska

Horrible experience . Had to repeat my order 3 times and they still got it wrong...

Alicia Peebles

Portillos is amazing! Not just for the food but their customer service as well. Great prices! If you havent been, you are missing out

Marie B

Great food, I only come for Italian beef or beef chili dogs. Great staff as well.

Renee Hill

Always love coming here!! Love the burgers and the Chicago dogs... they're the BEST. French fries be perfect. Lemon cake is in season right now... it's thick and lemony!

Pretty Lady

Omg! The food is good here but the traffic around lunch time is crazy but i will go here soln in the future and there brats are my #1 favorite

timothy brown

Delicious food the BEST beef sandwich i've had in Minneapolis.

Seth Peake

The Italian Beef is outrageously tasty. Personally get it dipped. As for their hot dogs. "The Portillo" is the best Chicago dog i have tasted outside of Chicago. Marissa had the Chicken Club and that was tremendously DELICIOUS. Fried up super crispy and incredibly moist still. We are lifer's of your craft. Keep up the passion for outstanding tasting food.

tyler Smith

I used to visit this place when I was living in Chicago for college, the decor of the place feels like the one from Chicago, made me remember my college years... The Big Beef with Cheddar - Dipped is the go to. never disappointed of visiting this place!

Burke Tagney

Had a wonderful time here! The service was quick and the staff was very friendly. I had the Italian beef and cheese fries and they were great. After this trip, I’ll definitely stop back in sometime when I’m in Maple Grove!

Susan Dickinson

Tasty, fresh food! Fun, family atmosphere.

Jeffrey Hawkins

Great and various food. Good prices. And the staff were very friendly. We loved it.

Julia Maciel

Me and my hubby love this place .

Lindsay Juricek

Beef sandwich. Chop salad. French fries. Kids hot dog. My husband is a native south side Chicago suburbs guy, grew up going to Portillo's. It's consistent. Always great food. Personally love the chop salad without dressing, it's loaded fun of flavor.

Anna Barrick

This was 'OK'. We got the wrong cheese on our order. The atmosphere was funny, but I wouldn't necessarily say it was the cleanest restaurant I've ever been. Likely a great place for a family/kids, but not great for couples/dating.

Simon Prosser

Meh. Overrated. First visit. Jumbo chili dog is basically a tiny toothpick hot dog that is lightly smeared with bland chili. Burgers weren't bad. Small malt was enough for a medium sized village. Need to work on their definitions of jumbo and small. No rush to get back here.

Vikrant Mahajan

I absolutely LOVE this place! The food is always consistent and tasty, the staff seem enthusiastic and are always so kind. Although it is usually busy, the food is prepared quite quickly, and the staff are incredibly helpful when asked. Prices are incredibly reasonable, and the overall vibe of the restaurant is amazing. Portillo's gets 5 stars from me!!

reinhard rittmeyer

They have an excellent variety of food and it's all made pretty well. Sadly the staff wasn't all that great and the register operator didn't seem very interested in getting the job done. I sort of felt like our ordering food was an annoyance to her. Hopefully that was just one poor employee and not the general tone of the restaurant, but I probably wouldn't rush to go back.


It was awesome. Great atmosphere. Friendly staff.

Hunter Hernandez

Great Italian beefs & an it feels nostalgic being there

Peter Koenig

Great place to grab a bite. Cafeteria style ordering with great good.

Brandon Lambert

Almost as good as the original in Chicago. Same menu, same great taste. Although known for Italian beef and sausage sandwiches, their menu has grown with a bunch of other options for people looking for something different.

Peter Severin

This place is a great stop for lunch. I love the Italian sausage. The dogs are always great. Finally had a chocolate cake shake, and it was AMAZING!

Renee Marlenee

We visited the Portillo's in Maple Grove last Friday night around 6pm. It was my first time to the restaurant so I was excited with the ambiance, the new foods, etc. I was quickly disappointed! We stood and waited for over 30 minutes for "fast food". My grilled chicken sandwich was nothing more than average and the onion rings were hard and cold. Such a disappointment! With so many restaurants to choose from, I will probably never visit another Portillo's.

David Juleen

Ok. Won't go back. Just not my thing.

Volinda Butler

Always good food. The only drawback is when you order cheese on the Italian beef sandwiches all you get is a minute sprinkling of it. It's such a small amount you don't know it's there.

Julian Koppa

I've been to many Portillo's in the past but this probably one of the worst. I mean really, there was trash falling out of the thrash can and the staff couldn't give me the correct change. Honestly if this was the only Portillo's in my area I would NEVER go here again. I mean really... It wasn't busy there thrash was literally falling out of the cans. Many of the staff didn't pay attention. If there was a way for me to give 0-stars I would. Both times I went the register 2 different people helped when I made an order they didn't listen to my order and they couldn't give the correct change. I waited forever for my food after both times. Many staff (teenager) standing there on there phones. You are at work to work not be on the phone while people are waiting for food. Or if it's your break leave the food prep line. I wouldn't suggest this Portillo's there are other ones around the area go to those. Portillo's please teach your staff how to give proper change and not be on the phone while working. Thank you very much.

Mary Jo Parbs

Ordered the Chicago style hot dogs large fry and sodas. Took over 15 minutes for our number to be called with our order at 6:30 pm. The bun was soggy and on the 1st bite it fell apart and missing was celery salt. 1st time at Portillo's and it might be our last.

Sharon Rich

They take forever for fast food. Order wasn't correct. Even not corrected correctly. Ribs burnt. Fries luke warm.

Nathan Rogerson

Not sure why this place is popular. Food was awful. You would think a place famous for hotdogs would have good hotdogs. Disappointing. We ordered a little bit of everything and nothing excited us about the food there.

Nick Camp

Good burgers and a nice clean establishment. Still fast food but I'd go here before any other fast food joint in the area that I currently know of.

Kris Kreider

Big beef sandwich was really good! I'll definitely be back to try their other hot beef sandwiches.

Maurice Little

Nice place to go to if you like polish and hotdogs the Berger was good

Chris Tombs

Such a fun place, lots of items to choose from, more than hot dogs.

Arvind Sagar

Train your folks to be respectful to your customer. Please!

michael wagner

The hot dog was great, burger was great, pasta salad was good, garage salad was good, strawberry shakes were awesome, combo sandwich was only ok. Was our first time there but will try again.

John Lund

Loved it. Went to it before it came to Wi.

Joey Bingham

I was skeptical of all the massive hype of this establishment since they opened about a year ago. I finally went and tried it and have to say it’s completely overrated and the hype is unwarranted. The design of the place is interesting and the atmosphere and decor is a nice touch. However the food itself was very expensive for fast food. I thought I’d try a jumbo chili dog and was a bit taken back it was around 5$. I expected something very big and got a regular sized hot dog with virtually no taste with some Chili on top. It was underwhelming and I could’ve saved my money by buying a 3$ pack of hot dogs and a dollar can of chili and had 6 of them over time for the same price if not less. Also the fries had no taste. Maybe some of the other items are good but at 8-15$ I wasn’t going for it. I don’t think I’ll be going back. This place is all hype.

Jennifer Schulenburg

Easy online ordering. Easy pickup. Yummy coleslaw!

Tom B

Good food and service. Waaaay too expensive for what you get. 1 chili dog = $4.75??? Almost stadium prices. Yikes! But good quality

Jonathan Anderson

It was very busy when we arrived, but that did not affect their efficiency at all. It didn't take long to get our food. The food didn't disappoint. You could tell the burgers were made to order and fresh because the pickles, lettuce and onions were crisp.

Robert Sass

Always a wonderful experience awesomeness me food and exceptional service!!!

Andrea Polis

I'm not from Chicago, but I have been to Portillo's enough to have a standard for what it should taste like and this restaurant fit the bill! I tried a hot dog for the first time (usually I get the beef sandwich) and it was excellent! Love all the fixings with a squishy bun. The fires are Kringle cut, slightly crispy. I suggest getting the cheese fries-so good! The service was pretty fast (as per usual), but they got a couple things wrong. They didn't give us a Coke we had ordered and gave my mother Marinara instead of meat sauce. I love this restaurant chain and was so glad to see one come to Arbor Lakes. If you haven't been, you have to try!

Garrett George

Fast service with a smile. The food was great for the price. Nice place to have lunch well shopping.

James Hilderbrand

Chicago dogs are always great. Wish the burgers had better cheese options than American "cheese". Still, great atmosphere and friendly service.

Brittany Baskin

Wasn't that happy with my experience at all here i guess I'm just used to the Chicago location because everything I got tasted completely different than I remember.

Ben Rulli

If you love food that's delicious, but may not be good for the health, then this is the joint! Every single item on the menu is worth a try (but not all at once) :)

Deana Hansen

Never been inside always got it delivered. Was overwhelming, but they were kind and let us take our time. There hasn't been anything here that I haven't liked.

Cris Stan

Honestly one of the best places to go. If you just want a snack you can get a chilli dog for example. And if you came there because you were starving you could get a huge hamburger. And it is nice dim so you do go blind. Best place to go any time even if you're not that hungry!

Thomas Mickelson

We're looking for Chicago Hot Dogs. This one is best taste! Two regular size hot dogs is good enough for one meal. Yummy.

Bob Jonson

Great dogs, great chocolate cake. Nice atmosphere.

Scott Engh

Great looking place with great celebrity endorsements. My shaved beef tasted freezer burnt and I got sick afterwards. Doubt this is common. Expect most to have 5 star experience.

Mema Vee

Roast beef sandwich had lots of flavor. However the bread was very soggy. Burgers are good. Will go back to try their hot dogs .


Went thru the drive thru and the staff was rude and unfriendly. It was Friday, I’m assuming they were expecting long lines because the people taking the orders and delivering were outside. The employee that was handing out the orders had half her body through the pickup window, facing inside, so her rear end was towards me and my window the entire time.

Aftan McCurdy

Always great food! I've had the Italian beef, Chicago dog, cheese burger, onions rings, fries, cheese fries and a chocolate cake shake. Everything is so good! Worth a shot if you've never been here.

Jim Wygralak

I love their food, but they seem to have a problem getting orders right. The first couple times I visited they were insanely busy, so I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Tonight they weren't very busy at all but they still made mistakes. (Wrong drink & an extra item. I wouldn't complain about extras, but that probably means that someone else didn't get all of their order.)

Jena Coleman

I love the atmosphere inside the restaurant, the various signs, posters, etc. The employees are nice and helpful and it's always clean. I highly recommend you trying it out.

Rob Pachan

Didn't really get all the hype. Good food, not great. Liked the style of the place. Will have to try again.

Jeanna Lowman

The double cheeseburger was delicious! It is huge so share or order it when your really hungry. The downside is the wait especially if you use the drive-thru

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