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5557 Xerxes Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

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REVIEWS OF Pizzeria Lola IN Minnesota

Señor Bigote

I think this is my favorite pizza ever, better even than ones I had in Italy! Every time we are in Minneapolis we go here. The crust is perfection, chewy and thin, the toppings are so flavorful. Its a busy bustling place with a great atmosphere and we look forward to it every time.

Josh VH

Recommended to us by friends of family from back in NY. Glad we decided to stop in. Had both a marinara and margherita pizza. Simply amazing. Best ever and the crust was so tasty. Will definitely be back again!

Zoe DiCicco

Delicious pizza. Very unique. It's a small place and its always busy so I would recommend a reservation or ordering take out. Food does come out quick despite how busy it gets. I ordered the soft serve with olive oil and salt for dessert which was surprisingly delicious.

Sammy S

Interesting pizza flavors. I definitely recommend calling and getting a reservation first! It's always busy when I go!

Jerome T Evans

I went to Pizzaria on a just-after-work date and had a great experience. They don't offer a happy hour but with food like this - I can't blame them! The picture in the photo is one of the specials. Prosciutto, sliced asparagus, and drizzled honey... YUM! I'll definitely be back!

Ashley Anderson

Incredible atmosphere and even better pizza!

Anthony Sciuto

Had a great experience here. Pizzas were fantastic. I’d go back

Larry H

This is my 4th time here. I try to go more than once before reviewing so in this case I came in on a Saturday night. The service is excellent and the serving staff were very attentive. Empty plates disappeared and drinks were refilled before I even thought about needing one. The restaurant itself is tucked into a upscale neighborhood with a outside dining area and seating inside for larger parties. The inside is a open setup with a beautiful copper clad wood fired pizza oven right in the middle of the space. The chef was there the whole time keeping up with the oven itself and the food coming out of it. Now for the a word it was great. I have had 3 different appetizers and 6 of the pizzas over the last 4 visits. I have not found a bad one yet. Even the more eclectic types were great. Just enough crunch on the crust and the chew afterwards was just right. The toppings were generous and of very high quality. To top it all off was the little bit of char gave the crust a character all its own. Overall a great little gem of a restaurant with a great taste and cool vibe.

Brandon Schrank

Best pizza place ever wood fired pizza with ultra fresh ingredients intimate atmosphere in the evening, priced right. Will go back

Kevin Pettie

It's been a long time since basic pizza was made so well. Being I have had the gambit of the chain pizza and frozen pizza - like everyone. This place is by far one of these best places for pizza (authentic fire oven, cooked super fast/hella high heat, with tasty toppings) I have had in my 46 years on earth!

Patrick Mulder

Small pizza place but really really really good pizza and friendly staff! I love the copper oven that you look at from your table. But yet brickoven on the inside! All in all awesome place!

joe schmoe

Possibly the best non traditional pizza in Minnesota The kbbq, boise and sunny side are my go to's

Xena Maki

Love love LOVE the pizza. I'm from Canada and everytime I come to Minneapolis I have to stop by. Try the spicy ginger ale too, it's the best!

Ann Bernstein

Best meal I've had in months. Sitting at the counter saved us a half-hour wait, and gained us an excellent server who tracked our every desire and suggested some winning dishes, like the sea salt & olive oil soft serve, which was surprisingly delicious.

Ryan Bolduan

Pizzeria Lola certainly isn't bad, but I don't find it to be nearly as good as is usually described. The crusts are typically a little more done than my preferred doneness, and I'm always just a little disappointed because my expectations are set so high from the rave reviews it typically gets. So worth going to, but not worth fawning over.

Cristal Dominguez

Crust was great!! Chewy and soft! Lovely place inside. The toppings are OK. The cheese/sausage board was minimal for $18 but the hummus was amazing!

Aric Bertram

Very good, unusual pizza. I enjoyed the crust, it's thin and oven fired, but stays a bit chewy. We split 3 different pizzas, and each one was much more spicy than I expected or would prefer. My choice obviously, and they were good, but very spicy. Like I was sweating while eating. The peach soft serve ice cream was kinda blah flavor wise, but very smooth. The chocolate chip cookies were fabulous.

Brian Rude

5 star pizza but not the best in the Twin Cities! My wife and I met two friends at Pizzeria Lola on a wet spring Saturday night. I have been wanting to try it for a while since seeing it featured on DDD and more recently hearing it won a James Beard award. After an hour and a half of waiting it was time to try this renowned restaurant. We went with 4 pizzas so we could try a bunch of stuff plus an appetizer. Was it good? Yes, it’s amazing. Is it the best in the Twin Cities? No but close. The Italian sausage and pepperoni was amazing (My Sha-Roni) and I liked the Korean BBQ. The other two were good not great (Sunny side and Boise). Our appetizer was bread with peas, pesto and cheese (Peas and Burrata) was probably the most disappointing lacking in much flavor. Would I go back? Yes! It’s great pizza that comes at a price and will test your patience as you wait for a table.

Bryan Frana

Loved this place. The wait was a little long, but that is expected on a Friday night for great food. Great variety of food and fantastic staff. Can't wait to go back and try more.

Lindsay Wagoner

Pizza isn't my first choice in food which is why it's taken me forever to try this place, but I'm happy I did! We ordered the Boise, My Sha-roni, and Summer Harvest Pie. All were excellent with that perfect smokey-crisp-yet-soft crust you can only achieve in a wood-fired oven. For me, the Summer Harvest Pie was a standout. The combination of ingredients struck an unexpected high note that has me wanting to go back. The service too was quite good. We were greated with warm smiles from the hosts and immediate seating. Our server Nick was prompt, curtious, and attentive. The support staff were unobtrusive and efficient. Everyone worked together seamlessly as a team which made our dining experience extra enjoyable. I'll definitely be back!

Rev. Cooper

Decent pizza. The crust was definitely the winner being cooked in that beautiful oven.

Robert Fitzsimons Jr

We had the My-sharoni and the Forager pizzas. They were both very good. We had the roasted cauliflower as an appetizer. It was excellent. It started lemony and salty. The Thai peppers gave it heat at the end, but not overpowering.


The pizza was very tasty. I had the korean bbq beef pizza...bursting with flavors of sweet, tangy and spicy all in one to satisfy the taste buds and fill the stomach!

Daniel Krancer

Some of my favorite food. Wait can be a bit long because it's so popular. Good atmosphere and you have to say hi to Baby Godzilla at the host stand.

LeighAnne Houfek

Very nice people and GREAT FOOD!!

Brandie Piper

The absolute best pizza I have ever had in my life!! Can't go wrong with anything you get.

corey p

If you have never eaten at Pizzeria Lola, you should. Its amazing. Many times when I get a recommendation for someplace to eat it never lives up to my expectations. Pizzeria Lola exceeds them. I dream of the Korean BBQ pizza.

Balancing Touch Massage

Margherita Pizza is Awesome! Taste like pizza in Barcelona, Florence, Rome - etc. Super yummy!!

john mulhern

Excellent pizza great atmosphere. Highly recommended

Geri Goldberger

Great pizza and Great Waiter. Even walked me to my car with his umbrella in driving ran.

Raphael Leslie

Great food and service!!

Andrew Summers

Yo. Forget Area 51. You need to storm THIS place.

Kirsten S.

Came here for my birthday dinner. We opted to sit at the bar area, which is first come first serve. My mom and I ordered a margarita pizza, and we received it fairly quickly. The crust was perfect, and just the right amount of sauce and cheese. After finishing our pizza we decided to get cookies from the dessert menu. They put them in their fire brick oven briefly to heat them, and the added salt simply makes this a very enjoyable dessert. Because it was my birthday I got a free photo booth ticket, which is normally $2. Definitely coming back in the future!

Jisela Jones

Very good! Service was amazing! Overall great time:)

Ben Harkins

Apparently great ingredients make great pizza! Prices are a touch high, but the food and service were both very good. The big, copper-covered oven in the middle of the restaurant creates a nice look

Chuck Rostance

The first thing you'll notice is the big copper wood burning pizza oven in the middle of the space. The restaurant is smallish, there are probably 20 tables and bar seating which can see directly into, and feel the heat from the pizza oven, not to mention being able to watch your food being prepared. Expect to wait on busy nights (pretty much every night especially weekends) but you can order a beer or glass of wine while you do and check out the hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures of customers hanging on the wall that were taken in their photo booth in the back, and maybe add yours to the story. The food is great. As you'd expect, handmade Neapolitan pizza is the primary fare. And it's good, really good. The menu doesn't change much, so it's more than likely that the pizza you ordered and loved a year ago is still exactly as it was. But they do have a special pizza and some sort of salad or roasted vegetable thing that does change, which I almost always try because I've had most everything else. There is an interesting Korean flare to a few of the dishes, but only a few of that's not your thing. They have chocolate chip cookies which are warmed in the oven and you must get the soft serve ice cream with olive oil and salt... It's crazy good. Atmosphere is casual to nice in the evenings, bistro almost with good lighting and decor. Neighborhood feel, and service is very good with casual dress. There is a tiny parking lot which fills up immediately so expect street parking. The good news is it's not metered, no permit required, regular neighborhood parking. They have a small patio which makes for a great lunch spot in the summer.

Abby Fleck

Amazing!!! The pizza was incredible delicious and the wine list was extensive. A perfect summer meal out on the patio.

James Scarson

Great food and great service. Order something outside your norm and you will be rewarded. The Korean BBQ and the Iowan are particularly tasty...

Ryan Sherry

Great flavor. Cool place. And super yummy.

shane pechacek

Really great pizza! Love going here. Atmosphere is really neat as well.


Just amazing! Wings, Pizza, even the cookies and ice cream.

Wade Christiansen

If you are a follower of Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), this place was featured. Fantastic atmosphere and awesome pizza. The copper oven is impressive. Employees were friendly. Try the homemade ice cream with olive oil and sea salt. I know it sounds bizarre but trust me, it was excellent. Definitely worth a visit.

Taco Wolf

This place is home to some of the best pizzas I've ever ate. The dough is perfectly chewy, yet crunchy at the same time. The toppings are all flavourful and have the perfect amount on each pizza. Not cheap, but not overwhelming. Make sure to try the spicy ginger ale if you are in the mood for something zesty to wash it down with.

Elizabeth Daniel

In my opinion, this is the best pizza spot in the Twin Cities. The Sunnyside is my absolute favorite, but all of the pies are great. Additional standouts are the meatballs and the cauliflower appetizer! And don't forget to hit the photo booth if you dine in.

Kimberley Alvares

The pizzas are unique, many with a Korean flair, and I appreciate the creativity, but I was underwhelmed. I wasn’t wowed by any of the flavor combinations. The chef’s sister restaurant, Young Joni, is much better.

Ariel Rosenberg

Excellent pizza with unique toppings and taste. What makes it special is their crust and seasonal selection pizzas.

Andrew Maltzen

The seating was quick and efficient even while busy. The service was friendly and helpful. The food was fantastic. The dinning area was surrounded with acoustic treatments, which provided a comfortable atmosphere for conversation.

Sydney Cariad

Very delicious and unique pizza place. We had the Korean BBQ pizza and wow, it was so good. Definitely will be coming back

Brittany Davis

The pizza was fantastic and the service was so friendly and quick!

Ellen Dean

This is not your typical pizza place. Very unique combinations with fresh homemade ingredients. A large wood-fired copper pizza oven is in the center of the restaurant. The crust is thin but firm and fantastic. A good chew to it. I had the Korean BBQ pizza and ate it all as it was so good. I've never had arugula on my pizza but with the chili soy vinaigrette it worked perfectly.

Leah Rost

Pizzeria Lola is one of my favorites. It is 100% worth the wait if you go during a busy time. The appetizers, food and cocktails are always top quality. Each pizza is cooked to perfection. We always have friendly service and have never had any issues with our orders! We have been to Lola so many times, it never gets old. The vanilla soft serve with olive oil and cocoa nibs is the stuff of dreams.

Terri DeAustin

A Wonderful experience for unique tastebuds!

Jeff Blanchard

Drop what you’re doing and go here now. Incredible pizza at this place. They use fresh ingredients to make very creative and crazy delicious topping combinations. You may have to wait a bit to get in, but there’s a reason for that and it is absolutely worth it. Great service and a good beer selection top it all off.

Jovahna Sheldon

Today was my first time here, this place is amazing!

Glenn G

Visiting from the west coast, first time in MN. Found this place and what's not to like? The pizza is good, really good; it's some of the best I've had. Check it out. And the beer is yummy, a perfect pairing, but get a bitter IPA. To boot, I learned how to be a good looser in the men's restroom. It takes a lifetime to learn this really well, but I'm getting there. Cheers and slices!

Jakob Ealy

One of the best pizza joints, period. I don't just mean Minneapolis, and I am not just limiting it to the state. This place is one of the best on a national level! They cook their pizza in a wood fire oven. They use fresh ingredients. The combination of toppings are so perfectly put together, like the 1992 USA Olympic basketball dream team. The appetizers are limited but will please those that are health conscious. The beer selection is pleasant. The staff are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Get there early, as this place is always packed!

Chase Nelson

I absolutely love every pizza I have tried here. Their unique take on pizza keeps me coming back. The Korean BBQ pizza is hands down my favorite. You really can't do wrong with any choice, they are all so different. I'd swing by if you're in the area, I highly recommend it.

John Hiebert

A stellar neighborhood institution. Not a 5 only because there are lots of pizza joints similar to this place throughout the city. Still, a very solid choice for pizza if that's your thing. Also, not the place to go for what I would say are traditional pizzas (though you can get them here) as the menu is more eclectic in that regard. Take that as a good thing or a bad thing, based on your own definition of what "good pizza" is.

Kellan McDonald

This place is as good as the reviews say it is. The pizza is some of the best wood fired pizza you will ever have. The real star of the show was the soft serve with olive oil. You won't be disappointed!

Anthony Kuisle

This place never fails to impress. The pizzas are always worth the wait. If you have never tried the cookies I would highly recommend saving a little room for the build your own ice cream cookie sandwich. Yes there is sometimes a wait but don't let it deter you from enjoying some of the best and most unique pizzas around.

Diana Hannah

A+++ We had dinner here tonight. Me for the many-eth time, my boyfriend's first time. Kate and Leah helped us at our table and were amazing. Emily the manager was so adorable and friendly and my boyfriend couldn't stop ranting about how good the food was. We love it here and will definitely be back.

Dave Nabeta

Chewy thin crust, local beers, creative menu.

Max K

The zaza pizza is amazing. Don’t miss out! Great service too. :)

Raddie Ruple

I am a vegetarian. Lots of veggie options. Super unique pizzas. Have you ever heard of a potato pizza!!! Sounds a bit weird, but I promise you - it is the best pizza you might have ever had. Their homemade ice-creams are delish. I tried the vanilla one - with olive oil and sea salt. Yummy Yummy Yum. Awesome service, friendly waiters and great ambience.

Christine Beckmann

The service and food were.excellent!

rory dahn

Beautiful atmosphere and the pizza was absolutely delicious. Highly recommend the Iowan !!!

Brian G.

Ten stars if i could. Absolutely one of the Best pizzas... Ever!!! Love Lola' s! The staff and service is A+ and the food even better. Stop in and prove me wrong please! I dare you.

Eliza JA

The pizzas here were unique with interesting ingredients. I lived the ones we tried, but can't remember what they we called. They are baked in a very large copper oven. We also ordered a side of olives which were very good also. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five was because it was so noisy in the restaurant. The other thing which is no fault of theirs is how busy they are. We waited about 30-45 minutes both times we were there. Would I go back? Definately! The pizzas were amazing.

Dana Grethen

This has got to be one of the best local pizzerias in Minneapolis proper. The menu boasts unique twists on your favorite combinations and a creative rotation of specialty pies. Anytime I have a friend in town, I am inclined to bring them here. I have a gluten intolerance and am always searching for restaurants that offer gluten free options without compromising taste and quality. The gluten free crust here is delicious! They also have several gluten free starters. Bonus? Use the photo booth to get photos of you and your date.

Charles Hayes

Great pizza and salad, cookies also

Alvin H

I always said if I ever visit Minnesota I had to come to this place, because I seen it on "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives". Ordered the Margherita pizza which i liked. I'm kind of a picky eater and wanted a semi healthy pizza. After the pizza i had room for dessert. I ordered the ice cream sandwich, but I didnt eat it like a sandwich. The chocolate chip cookies were made to perfection.

Josh Freeman

Delicious food and fast service from the bar!


Excellent service and food

Michael Jewell

Great wood fired pizza and unique options to boot! The wings and Lady ZaZa were both unique with a Korean twist, and DELICIOUS. The margarita pizza+sausage was also tasty, as was the kale salad. Would definitely return!

David Osland

Best pizza in town.

Mikaela Maglich

Some of the best pizza I've ever had! If you go at a busy time it will take a while but it's worth the wait. The chocolate chip cookies with sea salt are perfection.

MOlly Quigley

My experience was perfect. Walked in during dinner hour and there was a place for 3 at the bar. The food was wonderful and dessert was a fun treat (since I normally do not get dessert but how could I pass up hazelnut - think Nutella, ice cream and cookies?!). The staff was attentive and even took some pictures for us. Would definitely recommend


Delicious pizzas. The chicken wings were freaking awesome too. Wonderful service. Can’t wait to try a different pie on my next visit. 5 Stars for sure!

Lindsey Zimmermann

Pizza Lola is the best pizza place in Minnesota! The have so many great options; I haven't tried one that I didn't like. The cookies are also delicious. Go at an off-time, otherwise be prepared to wait in line.

Adam Bonner

Some of the most amazing thin crust pizza in the twin cities! If you can sit at the bar where you can watch the wood fired oven it is quite the spectacle of skill, with the pizzas moving around constantly. Gluten free crust is about as good as they come, if a little pricey ($4 upcharge) Good rotation of tap beers

Layron Brito

Excellent staff, excellent pizzas!

Brad Smith

A clean, modern, yet cozy pizzeria with extremely friendly staff and delicious pizza. I got the Hawaii Pie-O, which was well worth the pun. I also said I was feeling a little chilly, and asked if they had any hot drinks and they gave me a little tea menu with a cute little get-well mug. The meat and cheese board was also really good, and a perfect addition to the meal since our leftover pizzas became the perfect lunch size.

Dr. Shields

The Korean BBQ pizza is mouth watering delicious! Nice atmosphere.

Jim Farrell

So awesome! Can’t get anywhere near without stopping. Love how fresh and artisanal everything tastes. Get the meatball appetizer. You won’t regret it.

Rebecca Yu

Always delicious. Special are great to try. If you are ever in the area, stop and try their pizza.

Bob Antonsen

Great place for pizza! Pizza is one of the best for sure. It’s great that they have awesome food but every time we treck the hour to eat there it’s an hour wait to get a table and another 20-30 to get the food. Love this place but probably won’t go much anymore unless they get a bigger place and can serve quicker.

Claire Kast

Let's see. After eating here for the millionth time, the food is just as amazing as the first time. The pizzas and service NEVER disappoint. Our favorite is the Korean BBQ pizza, but we've tried almost single one and they are all good! Only con is getting seating in the summer, you'll have to wait a while. I recommend getting a beverage at the bar, and having a few sips until you get your table.

Heather Bendel

Enjoy all the unique pizza options!

Abbi Burgess

I tried the Hawaii Pie-O, Forager, and Korean BBQ pizzas. The ingredients were obviously very fresh, and all of the pizzas that I tried were very delicious. I was very impressed with this quaint little pizzeria. The atmosphere and service were also noteworthy.

Rod Oman

Wish I could give a review... We showed up on Friday June 21st, at 12:15 and asked for a place outside with me and my wife and puppy, there looked to be at least two tables available but when we went inside the greeter said it was going to be 20+ minutes because they wanted to fill the tables with more people.


Oh my goodness. One of the BEST pizzas I have ever had in my entire life. I had “The Forager”, a mushroom lover’s delight! Everyone else at the table loved theirs too. Our waitress was excellent as well. I can’t wait to go back.

Davia Curran

Great pizza! I had the Boise and my husband had the Lady Zaza and they were both excellent. The crust is crispy and chewy at the same time, not soggy at all. We went there for lunch on a weekday and it wasn't crazy busy.

Tom Badaczewski

The Korean BBQ pizza is out of this world. The Kale Salad is literally one of the tastiest salads I’ve ever had. The roasted cauliflower is to die for. What else can I say? A Minneapolis staple.

Stephan Verdeyen

Pizza was great! Unique spins and flavor combos.

Jake Eisenwinter

My favorite pizza place! The Iowan is amazing and there is nothing else like their hatch chile specialty pizza. Great gluten free options too!

Brenden Nguyen

If you want pizza done right, Pizzeria Lola is the place go! I’ve had 3 different kinds of pizzas here and there all delicious! Plus there soft serve ice cream is oh so delicious with the extra virgin olive oil and Caramel! I highly recommend this place! Awesome service!

Kara Carlson

Get a reservation because it gets really busy! Not your traditional pizza place but it's excellent!

Therese Linderholm

Good pizza, very creative. Lots of families in the evening, great place to stop with friends after a movie. Pizza, drinks, soft serve ice cream...what more do you need? Just go there.

Kyle Wardin

The place has a really cool atmosphere and the service is good! That is what saved it from a 3 star review. I think the pizza is good but not what I would call life changing or amazing. I have been here plenty of times and every time I walk away saying it was fine.

Michelle I

Omg I cannot rave about this place enough. They have dairy free pizza options without compromising on toppings or flavor. The only thing I don't like is you can't get a tap beer list and the waiter has to verbally tell you what the beer is which is kind of annoying cus that makes it hard to remember and choose. I came here for my birthday and it did not disappoint!

Fletcher Chambers

A delight. Great food, great service. Highly recommend sitting at the bar with an oven view!

Ian Payne

Great pizza. Great service from host, server and kitchen. Fun, casual atmosphere for top-notch flavor.

Yael Ripoll

As expected, it was some incredibly unique choices for pizza and a really cool environment. The staff was very kind and easy to get along with. Certainly looking forward to going back!

Sarah Dalluhn

Best wood fired pizza I've had.

Malik Bush

Amazing pizza or the highest Calibre. Please try the Sunrise Pizza you'll not regret it... I promise.

Nader Banilohi

One of the best pizza experiences I've ever had! The Korean BBQ is my recommendation on the menu! Very good!

Felix Miranda

This is the place to go if you are looking for AMAZING PIZZA and service they have local BEERS plus an artisan variety of pizza had one there and took one to go here visiting from Miami, the Korean BBQ amazing get that one

Joey Blattner

Fantastic menu. Great service. Stopped for lunch.


I've been here numerous times as the pizza crust is amazing. You can put anything on this and it would be good. I was in New York last week and I can say this place stacks up to pizza in New York and even Italy if u prefer the Neapolitan style. I love their unique use of toppings. The star is the crust.

Josh Pence

While visiting the Minneapolis area, someone suggested for great pizza, try Pizzeria Lola. The venue it self is small, but you still have plenty of room for a small party. They also have outdoor seating. This a great place to go visit and get some delicious pizza. There are no TV'S, so if you are thinking of watching the game and grabbing a pizza, you'll have to get the pizza to go. The pizzas are 12" in size, about 6 decent slices per pizza. They have a large variety of specialty pizzas, all ranging $12-18 in price. The pizzas have some great flavor and the staff was very attentive. From the hostess who sat us down to our waiter following up with our meal. If you live in Minneapolis or visiting, try them out, you won't be disappointed. For more reviews on food and places of interest, follow me on Google.

Kristina T

Unique flavors! I really enjoy the Korean bbq pizza.

Selena Elton


Lawrence DeAtley

Delicious pizza!!! Server was super friendly and the pizzas were so good. I ordered the Forager which was amazing. The mushrooms, outstanding. The Cesar salad was also very good. Great place. Would come back if in MN again.

David Greenburg

Very unique! It's actually a place you can sit down and relax and not just grab a pizza. And their pizzas are very delicious!

Alvaro Hoyos

Good crust, good flavor combos, fun photo booth. Tastiest pizza in MN! Maybe. Probably. I don't know.

Darren LaCasse

The staff was really friendly and we got in with no reservation in a Saturday night. The pizza was great! The only potential drawback is that parking is limited so you might have to walk a block or two after eating too much pizza!

Tom Kusnierek

Pizza was fantastic but service was super slow. Waited over an hour for our order.

M Burnett

Even though they lost power for a half an hour last night they took excellent care of us! Thankful for the skylight, coal embers, and candlelight! Delicious pizzas with beer and wine to wash it down. I had a smooth Malbec from Argentina. Great Monday evening dinner.

Christopher Jones

Literally the best pizza in the Twin Cities, probably the state, and possibly beyond. Their pizzas are delicious and many of them have very unique toppings. The Korean BBQ is such a treat, but no pie has ever been disappointing, so try them all!

abbey pattison

There is usually a long wait time but that is only because the pizza is amazing! I love that there are traditional toppings options for the pepperoni purist but also more unique things, like kimchi, for those that like to venture out. I have not tried their salads but I have had a few appetizers and they've all been great.

Richard Lingner

Nice pizza, unusual toppings, friendly staff, lively atmosphere. Highly recommended.

nick dombrowski

Every single item that comes out of their oven is heavenly and delicious!!!

Wes Mays

Fantastic pizza and service!

Joe Bottensek

Best pizza in town! Check out the Korean BBQ pizza in the soft serve.

Thomas Zeise

One of the best pizzas we have ever eaten and we have eaten a lot! The crust is perfectly chewy with tremendous flavor and texture. Cooked but not burnt. We had the My Sha-roni, Iowan and Forrager pizzas. Small but good beer list with rotating taps. We had the roasted cauliflower and the meatballs appetizers as well both were very good.

Dan Auslander

The food gets 5 stars, or even more if I could. The service, however, was mediocre at best. We were told 20-30 minute wait upon arrival, which became almost 45. Once seated we ordered immediately, and got our starters in about 10 minutes. The pizzas, however, took nearly 45 minutes from when we ordered. When we asked what was up, the server replied that they had lots of carryout tonight so pizzas were slow. This was making table turnover slower, in addition to bogging down service. It feels to me that the carryout business needs to be managed better to allow the dining room to stay on pace. Frustrating diners to sell more take-out doesn't feel like a welcoming formula for an otherwise excellent restaurant.

Daisy MarcAnthony

Very good pizza! Tried the Korean BBQ it was pretty good. The venue could've been bigger and vibe little better but will definitely give another go!

Paul Rodemeyer

Everything on the menu shows a careful attention to detail. Eating there was a charming experience, and I would gladly do so again.

Jessica Hertel

Pizza is amazing. Hands down. Enjoy a beer while you're there too! Worth every penny.

Sandy Kanko

The seating was quick and efficient even while busy. The service was friendly and helpful. The food was fantastic. The dinning area was surrounded with acoustic treatments, which provided a comfortable atmosphere for conversation.

Tom Green

Good place for pizza lovers. Also good for family. Seating and other facilities are attractive.

Victoria Sickler

Amazing delicous pizza highly recommend the marguritta Za !! Service was also fantastic


Great place, great staff, great pizza! Some of the best pizza I've had since Italy! I will be back for sure!

Matt Curtis

Korean BBQ pizza is the bomb! Love this place!

tessa silver

excellent food. great atmosphere. chill, friendly staff. tried their specially crafted, vanilla softserve/gellato with olive oil and sea salt on a lark and was blown away by the taste experience.

Sandra Ashley

Yum great service

Leland Meyer

I am an absolute jerk when it comes to bad food and service. By far the best pizza you can get in the Twin Cities comes from LOLA! Korean BBQ pizza will make you orgasm and the Bel Paese (seasonal) right up there as well. Chris the chef behind the oven was friendly and welcoming. Liz our server was genuine and knowledgable. Anyone who says this place is overrated and over priced dosen't see what good pizza and service is.

Clifford Rosean

Always a great experience.

The Refunked Kennedy

Because it's beyond lovable, there's no reason you shouldn't be there. I don't know if it's the the copper birch wood burning stove, the 2 day process that overtakes the dough before it gets stretched to perfection that lends to the tasty finished product. Whatever it is, it works, this pizza is to die for, a peaceful death full of fury, only at opportune moments, it's good. KOREAN BBQ SETS THE SCENE, robust, satisfying, all realms of flavoring from salty to umami in their best order, this is the dream that pizzas have when they go to sleep.... so dreamy.

Carlos Holmstrom-Sabo

Some of the best pizza in town. Try the one with mushrooms.

Michael Mosley

This is not your typical pizza place. Very unique combinations with fresh homemade ingredients. A large wood-fired copper pizza oven is in the center of the restaurant. The crust is thin but firm and fantastic. A good chew to it. I had the Korean BBQ pizza and ate it all as it was so good. I've never had arugula on my pizza but with the chili soy vinaigrette it worked perfectly. My mom had the beet salad which she loved. We tried the vanilla ice cream with sea salt and olive oil. Not my favorite combo but the homemade vanilla ice cream was amazing.

Laurencio Ronquillo

Excellent quality and taste pizzas. Peak hours can get a bit of a wait. So arrive earlier or later and your experience will be even better. AWESOME menu and friendly staff. Street parking. Walk a little.

Annika Ronning

Ordered the margarita pizza and added kalamata olives...BEST DECISION EVER. It was absolutely delicious in every single way the fior di latte was excellent, the red sauce was perfectly light. For a good meal, 100% recommend.

Megan Gonyo

The pizza was good and the wine and beer list average, but what disappointed me the most was that I came at 4:00 for an early dinner with two friends who were visiting from Europe and we felt unwelcome. I intentionally picked a casual place at an early time so that we could sit down and talk for a while but we were shamed for not ordering food fast enough and rushed to eat after we did. Multiple servers and hosts came to our table to ask if we had ordered yet and it did not present a good dining experience. We left at 6:30, which is still before the dinner rush. For the accolades this restaurant has, I am surprised by how we were treated and I won’t be going back.

Ben Overmyer

New favorite pizza place! Unique fusion of Korean and Neopolitan flavors and techniques. The house made soft serve ice cream with olive oil is a must.

Kor Pace

FABULOUS! Awesome, unique pizza options. The staff were all super friendly and helpful. Cool decor, love the cans as light fixtures. Eclectic music selection. Sound was great and volume was perfect, I could comfortably talk when the my table. Photo booth is a really neat feature. Love to see all the patrons on the wall! Will 100% be back.

Ange Tharaldson

Love this place. Great pizza. And gives a small town feel in a big city.

m w

Went here for dinner. We tried four different types of pizza. They were all very good. The service was good they were very busy but we were well taken care of.

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