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500 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454, United States Located in: Riverside Plaza

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REVIEWS OF Palmer's Bar IN Minnesota

valerie mack

It was very good celebration for my friend Mis. Eva Two-Crow.

Sissy Brown

Best bar in the West Bank. If you want a classic neighborhood dive, this is it. The patio is a huge bonus!

Becca J

Nice little hole-in-the-wall place. Would be better if they accepted credit/debit cards.

terry pernsteiner

Man oh man, if you like little neighborhood bars lots of flair - hundred year old looks - then this is the place for you. Hamms on tap - oooooh that’s as close to heaven as a man can get. Tonight there’s a smooth live jazz band that’s what I needed to hear. Highly recommend this place.

Lowell Cin

Dive bar ratings peak at me. Great dive bar

Stephen Gray

Fabulous little dive. Good music, especially on Thursday nights. Give it a shot if you're in the area.

Craig Drehmel


Brandon Jay Rockensock Sutton

Quintessential West Bank watering hole, with a "Hippienanny" a folk music jam. Want a taste of peacenik? go here. Local old-timers, neighborhood flies, and the new owner Tony is about the sweetest guy around, who when he took ownership, just cleaned the place (forty years of smoke and cobwebs), otherwise this local gem is just the way they left it in the 70's. Local beers and local liquors (but trust their rail!) and cheap bar pizza with events going on every night of the week. They'll put a plastic straw in your cocktail but won't give you stinkeye you say you want the Eco version. Bonfire outside, but love music? Someone might be playing the piano inside--go ask 'em if they knew Dillon. Take the LTR so you won't have to park in the neighborhood.

Marty Arns

Great small bar. Good service was only a couple people in there which was nice to relax and have a couple beers. Good place

Damian pelletier

Great place to enjoy Popdooks and a Shirley Temple, best patio in the twin cities.

Shaleen Meyer

Great music comes through here. Strong drinks, tap beer selection is heavily local. Historic place full of character, and characters. Heggies pizza here, and in a neighborhood full of diverse restaurants open late. A great place to come before or after a show at The Cedar, or to get a decent drink compared to where you're going or just came from. West Bank, Cedar Riverside neighborhood, close to Downtown, UofM, Augsburg.

Valerie Nordin

My favorite bar. It has a great patio.

Frank Janik

This bar can be a fun place to grab a drink and see a band. The drinks are reasonably priced and the selection is good. Be aware that the bar is cash only (I believe there is an ATM available). The crowd can be a bit rough at times, there seems to be some tension between the regulars and those that are there to see bands. Additionally, some of my female friends have been borderline harassed here: lewd commends, "accidentally" being bumped into and rubbed on. Definitely something to be on guard for. Patio is nice though.

Dane Kufa

Palmer's is exactly what it needs to be.

D Bens

Comfortable, small dive bar with a good selection of drinks. Their Bloody Mary's are AWESOME, as well!

Joshua S

Kinda seedy, but a nice bar. The patio in back is probably the best feature, and the live music can be good too. Elsewise nothing too special unless you are a regular.

John Gorra

Great local bar with trending entertainment

christopher Vaughn

Best bar on the westbank, every Sunday the best bands play "Cadillac"

Dale McCormick

Palmerfest Sass played. Better beer selection then last visit. Palmer's is always a little creepy, but that's why you should go.

Teresa Mattila

I have never been to a bar that takes cash only. I was really disappointed. They had an ATM but I wasn't willing to pay the extra service charges. The staff was very nice about explaining it though. I would go back, with cash next time!

Pamela Sullivan

Love this place! One of the oldest bars in the city. Awesome drinks at great prices and a very eclectic clientele! The owner, Tony Zaccardi knows hospitality and makes everyone feel comfortable and important. Can't beat that!!!

matt schiefelbein

Best bar in the area!

Jaclyn Brown

this bar 100% makes you wanna ruin your life.

Oliver Swehla

Decent atmosphere, excellent live music. Drinks were well priced.

Judy Ostrowski

Of the dive bars left these days in Minneapolis this is one of the diviest! I go for the Hipananny Jam on Wednesdays which is big fun. Lots of great music

Pedro Tanure

It's one of the classic dive bars in Minneapolis. It's cash only, so be prepared for that. They have good rock/blues concerts as well.

colleen kinoshita kinoshita

Real music, genuine people.

Sumayyah Beck

Love it or hate it; it's the diviest bar in the Twin Cities.

Cameran Bailey

This 5 stars relates to the type of establishment it is: a true dive bar. You’re likely to find people grilling on the small bit intimate back patio, or a dog wandering around inside the bar. You’re also likely to find a small, motley crew doing a live music performance directly in front of the bathroom, so you may have to maneuver through the performers to get to the urinal. Cash only bar with a slew of ID photos hanging for who’s banned from the establishment. One of the best drink specials going: $5 = a beer and a shot. A great pregame spot for a show at The Cedar, or before heading to a sporting event a couple stops further down the light rail into downtown Minneapolis.

Fineco Brescia

I am impressed with the live performance when I visited the place. It's crowded and many seem comfortable getting fully drunk in the area. In addition to that, the place seems weird because of the wall art. Overall, it's a great experience and I want to come back next week.

Derric Johnson

Great atmosphere. Great Minneapolis City crowd. They've got great deals on beer that are hard to come by these days and an incredibly varied live music selection. Plus, they've got a big patio and an eclectic clientele that'll make your night a lot of fun.



Sheila Purcell

Great bands, little cramped for bands and crowd. Friendly staff, very clean

Mat Pfeifer

Drunkest bar in Minneapolis 10/10 would drink again. Emily's the best

Yannis Da Greek

A place where weird is normal and friendly. Music acts are hit and miss but who cares.

Steve Rinker

This place is AWESOME! I have had a great time every time I've been here. Great service, great bands, fun times.

Alex Widdel

I love the patio out back, and the nook that bands play in is pretty cool. The interior is somewhat crowded/claustrophobic, but the drinks aren't too* expensive and the actual music was great during my visit. Now, bouncers don't really have to be overly positive or friendly, but Palmer's bouncer at the front door may be a turn off to folks with thinner skin - just a bit of an abrasive dude. With an attitude adjustment would probably come an extra star.

Keith White

Always a good time at Palmer's! Good beer selection, strong drinks, fabulous patio. Takes dive-bar to new heights!

Kerry Govan

Nice little Pub to have a good family get together

Jacqueline Brand

I love that their patio is twice the size of their actual bar.

Mindy Luth

Very tiny and GREAT bands

Mark Mchugh

The live music was good. But their motto is "Sorry! We're open!" and neighbors complain about the low life clientelle. My complaint: variable cover charge. I got charged $5, but cute girls and regulars went in for free.

Alex Tibbetts

Great music

dayna LadyD

I hope this place never changes. Its classic dive live band bar. Always a good time!

Charles Byas

Best spot for drinks and fun! One of the best hole in the walls in the city!


I drank, saw a wonderful band, drank more, saw another great band, drank more, etc. Everything I want in a bar!


Always great people. Always fun. Great outside patio.

Koa Rosa

Seriously. If you need this review. You need to get a life.

Ted Dewberry

This is a drive bar, but the bartender was a really friendly lady and the drinks were strong and there were interesting people. What more do you want?

Nasim Hasan

Nice place for picking up new companions and making up new friends...!!!

Avi Sarfaraz

Enjoyable small watering hole that the locals frequent with live music and Heggie's pizzas for the famished.

Amy Blumke

Love their patio and the dives.

Brian Wene

Palmer's is a great place for live music because from anywhere in the bar you can easily see the band instage. Drinks are not terribly expensive and the bartenders are very nice and the live music is always great! I highly suggest giving Palmer's Bar a visit. You will not be disappointed and you will be planning your return. Enjoy!

Joseph McCumber

My band had a gig here this past Saturday. Though things are a little tight space wise, the bar is awesome. The staff is super cool and friendly, the sound engineer was on point, and they made sure we got paid (which for an original band these days, is pretty awesome). Thanks Palmers!

Kaitlin Walsh

$8 pitchers of hamms on mondays and frequent live music

Andy Holmaas

Excellent staff. Amazing clientele. Lives up to the name Esquire Magazine gave it as one of America’s Best Dive Bars. Stiff drinks and eclectic live music.

brian botkiller

Fun little dive bar, cheap beer, crazy small stage for bands, but good vibe.

Allan Mueller

Sort of an emotional campground. Spend enough decades warming your hands around the fire pit out back, one day you’ll make it to heaven

Ryan Whitesparks

Cheap drinks, extremely colorful patronage, large patio, and live music.

Carol Knight

It was cool the drinks are like super duper strong

Berni Sarazine

Always interesting. Never a dull moment. Service is decent enough.

Nick Pyper-Holz

It's just like I don't remember it!

Michael Sullivan

A favorite. Since 1982 I have come here. Great atmosphere on historical West bank. Part of film Factotum was filmed here using Spider jonh as an xtra . Highly recommend.

Joel Luth

Fun place, cool stage tucked into the corner. Probably makes for few good spots to watch the band, but works well if you can get a place at the bar.

orgulloso kaye

Perhaps the best Ethiopean reastaurant in Minneapolis. Our Ethiopean friends agree. Flavorful and lean cooking, great service, and friendly staff. My favorites are the veggie sampler, Dulet (beef, tripe and kidney), raw kitfo (spiced ground beef), the doro wat (spicy chicken stew), and the Ethiopean spiced tea, and the beers (of course)...

Maren Knep

Cool venue for shows and nice patio in back.

Joshua Lewis

Fun little place, did feel like non- regulars weren't welcomed with open arms, but that's ok.

Frank Grant

Best bar on Earth.

Deucalion TheDestroyer

Cheap drinks and fun atmosphere

Adware man

Its a community livingroom with great music, a big patio, and interesting characters from all walks of life. Also good drink specials

Jackie Neely

Went here for to see an artist perform and it was fantastic. Smallish space but accommodating.


Found this place on a recommendation from a friend when I was in town for the night. It was awesome. Everyone was super friendly. The music was great. Definitely will be a stop next time I'm in town. My kind of bar.

Bob Gehrz

A heavy drink

Steve Clarke

Great place

Jalisa McGary

My favorite bar in Minnesota

Lee Troska

Best bar in Minneapolis! I absolutely love this place. Once inside you would have no idea that you are on the edge of downtown Minneapolis. Feels more like a dive bar in the woods up north... except for the clientele... they're from everywhere!

Matt McCoubrey

I am not from these parts, butblet me say: this is a real bar. There is just enough of a craft beer selection. Speed nozzles in (literally) every bottle of liquor is the bar's declaration that they are for drinking, not for show. Liquor pours are easily doubles if not triples. Friendly (but drunk) crowd makes this an inviting place to briefly dive into a drink or seven. Live music when I was there was a nice plus.

Julian Davis

Great venue. Mixing the classic old time musicians with the house music and friendly staff. Will definitely come back

Jennifer Willms

Still the best.

Ceri Anne

A small friendly local bar with a great outdoor patio.

Uhh Nope

Didn't get palmed. Still liked it. Great sound!

David Blake

A true dive bar. The beer selection is good, the customers seem gregarious. The building and the bar both feel old, well lived in. The patio space is split up well to accommodate several large groups, as well.

justin corniea

People seem lost there

Drew Cradit

Stiff drinks good folks

Ahmed Jamal

Very good place

Jeff Blesi

I love this place! People were awesome! Caring atmosphere and lots of Jameson whiskey!

jimmy lyback

The best divey bar on the west bank. The owner operator is an excellent person and the staff are wonderful. Music music music.

Jon Mikkelson

Best f****** bar in the whole world


Been to palmers a handful of times over the past year or so and never had any problem until this past weekend. Went there with a group of friends; several who ordered the same drink. However, the bartender charged different prices for these drinks; pocketing the extra as his "tip." When we confronted him he told us "tough crap." We then talked to the manager who gave us the money back and said it was an honest mistake, but then followed up by telling us to "stop whining." I will not be going back to this bar and I would caution others if they are considering it. This place that has crooked bartenders and manager who turns a blind eye is no place for honest people looking for good time. Not a place I would ever recommend.

Samuel Wagner

music is hit&miss for me, but in their defense, constantly playing live local shows! small inside space, but a great back patio!

Michael Mueller

Watch out for the contact high, synthetic mj is an ugly experience.

Chakra Zulu

Great dive bar on the West Bank Minneapolis

Ian Russell-McCoy

Chances are you have a friend that's been roofied here if not you yourself. Yet you and all your friends still go there. Until a younger crowd starts coming through for the opportunity to feel like they belong in the fold and dont know how unsafe this place is for Afab and all women.

Robert Flitcroft

Best cocktail in town.

Clint Weathers

Best bar in the Twin Cities, hands down. Great drink specials, awesome service, always interesting.

Terry Olson

Go there yourself, why ask me? Computers is way 2nd hand and I'm old school. Go yourself

Chris Huff-Hanson

The best neighborhood dive bar in the universe. Every kind of music or person might step in here and relax and be slightly degraded. Beer is food.

Karyssa Jackson

This is a nice bar with a small stage. I love their patio, it has a lowkey vibe and they make strong drinks. Unfortunately one of their bouncers are very off-putting. Unnecessarily rude. I've ended up just walking in and walking right back out and heading across the street twice now.

Erik Nielsen

Great bar, great crowd, great music. Doesn't get much better than Palmer's.

John Anderson

Palmer's was noted for being one of the best bars in the USA. It's certainly not for everyone but if it's good enough for Spider John Koerner it's good enough for me

Narf Cisel

Typical dive bar on the West Bank. Decent music. Loud and crowded.

John J

Great character, characters, and atmosphere!

nicholas castano

An inbuyable legendary establishment with uncountable stories.

Googleyspook !

If you dont have fun and get hammered at palmer's ya dont know whatcha doin

paul droegkamp

Strange bartenders, Pete is the strangest with the two Joe's close behind. Will? Well Will is Will. Emily is ok. Normal you could say. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Kobe's Memorial Channel

OMG! The peanut butter cups.

SCiE Fie

Whiskey beer backs is my city

Loren K

You have to have a certain kind of something to enjoy Palmer's. I am the kind that does. Dark, old school, drinks of lethal strength and a crowd that might scare the suburbanites, it's the place that separates you from those that favor Applebees.

Gaius Tullius

Here is the real with this place.....if you think that Cedar-Riverside is a cool, funky, hip neighborhood, you'll love this place. Personally, I've never understood the "charm" of Cedar-Riverside--which has impacted my perception of Palmer's. The bar itself is pretty small and has same strange smells and run-down feel that most of Cedar-Riverside has. It has a very eclectic clientele that at first seems kind of fun and quirky. However, the novelty of having weirdos interrupt your conversations and the heavy drug presence in the bar makes for at least a few uncomfortable interactions every time I've been there. Finally, the drinks are pretty pricy. Therefore, when I think about this place, all I can think of are overpriced drinks, bad atmosphere, and unwelcome (and uncomfortable encounters). I can think of scores of bars in the Metro area that you'll have a better time at. Of course, if you just moved to MSP from the suburbs are you want to get to a "gritty-urban hip dive bar" by all means head over to Palmer's......

Bryan Pierson

It's Palmer's, what more do you want?

Lindsay Benson

Love this place and the drinks and bar tenders are badass.. I think I pay more in tips the. Drinks.

K'rin Jacobsen

Everyone is welcome

David Wilson

The perfect dive

Deana Hansen

So glad to see the new management/owner

Victor Balling

Music was great!

Jason Young

Nice dive bar, great patio and live music

Shane Oborn

Good bar and good bar tenders. Worth a stop if in the area.

Olive Long

involved with the community

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