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394 S Lake Ave #106, Duluth, MN 55802 Located in: DeWitt–Seitz Building

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REVIEWS OF Northern Waters Smokehaus IN Minnesota

Laura Potter

What can I say other than wow? We love this place! No matter what you order you will not be disappointed! All of the food is amazing. We love getting it to go and taking it hiking with us for a picnic lunch. The meats and fish are out of this world delicious! You can tell they are made with so much passion and inspiration. It is a culinary explosion of taste from bite one to the last bite! Definitely a go to spot if you love delicious and amazing food!

Eric James

A very good place to get quality sandwiches. There are a ton of options for neat and toppings. I recommend something with salmon on it, and the salmon paté is excellent. There interior of the restaurant is smartly decorated but quite small, with only a few stool chairs available for indoor seating. The service was friendly and quick. All in all an extremely positive experience.

Summer Phillips

Best smoked fish in the world. I plan trips to Duluth just to go here.

James Bjork

Northern Waters has a great selection of smoked fish and meats as well as Midwest premium cheese. The smoked salmon is some of the best you'll find anywhere with a variety of seasoning options. You can mail order for delivery almost any of their products as individual items or as variety gift packs. The shop is also a full-service deli with creative and delicious sandwiches. One of the best, The Cajun Finn, is also available as a mail order sandwich kit.

Alex Bienko

It's packed during lunchtime, but well worth the wait. First time eating Bison Pastrami, the Pastrami Mommy, and it was excellent!


Get the Cajun smoked salmon - you won't regret it! It's one of the first things we get when we travel from the Twin Cities!

Sean Deutsch

The food is amazing but it takes awhile to get a sandwich. The fact it is so busy shows it is very good food but it seems they should scale up there ability to finish sandwiches in a decent time. I came in and it took literally over 20 minutes to get just 2 sandwiches. That is unacceptable. Would have gotten 5 stars for the food had the service been better

Pearl Vork-Zambory

Prepare for the distinct possibility that you will wait in line. Use this time to design the appetizer trays of the fabulous cocktail party you've always wanted to attend/host. Get the smoked salmon, the whole smoked brown trout and whitefish. Choose from the many salumi, the many cheeses and deli meets. And we havent even gotten to the lovely and varied sandwiches and it's your turn already. Yum.

up northwi

Such great service, selection and amazing meats, plus a chill environment. Love this place!

Carrie Baney

Great smoked meats and sandwiches. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Fun outdoor seating area if you happen to be there during one of the five warm enough days in Duluth to eat outside.

Kenneth Zimmerman

Excellent source of smoked meats. Their Socket salmon is excellent. The line can be long, but worth the wait.

Seamus Reilly

Simply outstanding and eclectic sandwiches. One of the best places I have ever eaten.

joslyn brugh

Came here after a trip to the boundary Waters wilderness area, needless to say we were ready for a good meal. This place blew our minds. Definitely will be back.

andy larson

Sandwich was great but don't be in a hurry. Longest I've ever waited at a counter service restaurant.

Josey Jee

Hands down my favorite sandwich place. Cold turkey sandwich is so good, I could eat it every single day if I wouldn't get obese. Haha

Edwin Lindsay

The Salumi is so soft it melts in your mouth. It is a little expensive, but it is worth it. It takes them a little but if time to make the sandwiches, but everything is homemade. The sour krout is remarkable. All of the smoked fish we tried was beyond excellent. We drove over 8 hours to get here.

Rebecca Sorensen

Excellent and interesting food options! Fun atmosphere... If it's nice out you can sit on the patio but if not, a bit crowded inside. Stopped in during a weekend in Duluth... Definitely will find a way to get back to this shop. So delicious!!!

Sam Praneis

Delicious smoked salmon, melts in your mouth. The wait time was long but absolutely worth it once you try any of the masterfully crafted sandwiches. The real move would be to order ahead and pick up. to avoid the line and wait and still enjoy these dishes.

Travis Johnston

Best smoked salmon I have ever had by far! Nothing compares to it. I have eaten here many times and it is consistently delicious. Cajun Finn is a top notch sandwich to.

Brittany Hawley

Best sandwich shop in Duluth, hands down. Because they are so good, if you try to go during a busy time-like lunch, expect to wait. However it is well worth the wait.

Jansen VanLin

Always have to stop here at least once during our yearly FIRST Robotics Competition event. The sandwiches are great and the meat sticks are great to take home for lunches and snacks the following week.

David Robison

Traditional is my favorite. Just remember to order by the piece. Just because they sell it by the pound, doesn't mean you can buy it by the pound.

Josh Welch

Fantastic sandwiches! If you show up around lunchtime be prepared to wait in line.

Steve Wang

The best smoked lake trout that I've ever eaten. Also, they have other smoked fish, like salmon and white fish. They have great sandwiches, soups, coffee, and more. A fun atmosphere.

Ralph Zinter

You name it, they smoked it and it's delicious.

Will Matthews

Great New York Deli style service with a northern Minnesota menu/vibe. One of the must go places in Duluth if you want fresh smoked fish! They have a very efficient but friendly staff. This place could use more seating, but it's not really their fault with the space that is available. I recommend the smoked white fish or salmon, but really you can't go wrong with any selection.

Kyle Knutson

Great staff, average product on the day we were there.

Blake Young

The restaurant next door would make an excellent space for the Smokehaus to print money. TAKE OVER THE LEASE

Mark Esslinger

Fantastic salads and sandwiches. Best smoke salmon in the state, healthy foods, cheese, sausage, wine and beer.

Dan Bird

Worth every penny, super delicious hand made sandwiches. Great selection of smoked meat and fish.

Mark Anderson

A number of people have mentioned northern waters smokehouse to me, so I decided to give it a try. I selected a good sized whole whitefish and a big chunk of lake trout to take home and try, as these local species and personal favorites. I don’t know if these fish were from Lake Superior or not, but the species are represented in local waters. Prior to smoking, the whitefish was cut several times on one side, presumably to speed the brining and smoking process. These cuts made removing the skin and bones from the fish a little easier, but also obviously increased the penetration of the brine and sped the drying process so that the flesh was salty, leathery and off white in color. Whitefish jerky, really. The preparation suggest processing that is meant to provide a product that stores well long term and is physically stable for packaging and shipping rather than yielding a product consisting of the delicate textures, bright white flesh and subtle flavors I usually associate with smoked whitefish. To be clear, the Northern Waters whitefish is not bad, very different from some of the other excellent products available in the area. The lake trout was was processed as a fillet rather than a chunk of fish in the round and dried to a jerky consistency as well, though I give it higher marks for the subtle seasoning and better overall flavor than the whitefish, probably because it is any oilier fish to start with. It was a little sweet and reminded me flavor and texture wise of candied salmon I’ve had Elsewhere. As with whitefish, smoked lake trout can be a delicate and wonderfully subtle food that is not so on the nose as the Northern Waters Product. Overall this is a neat little shop with a wonderful array of products. The smoked fish isn’t bad. I will try some sausages the next time I’m in the neighborhood, they look fantastic.

James and Aubrey Welch

I had hig expectations for this place and I was not disappointed it was amazing the best smoked fish I have ever had there salami is amazing

Charles Bouschor II

Great smoked fish. Atlantic salmon and Lake Superior Lake Trout with many different flavors. Oh and fabulous sandwiches custom made for your eating.

Russ O

Food was awesome. They did mess up my wife's sandwich twice which is why they get 4 stars instead of 5. But I would recommend going. Nice cozy feel to it.

Paul Wescott

Had a Big Dipper. Nice cuts of meat. Great sandwich. A little pricey but it is on the waterfront.

Jade Giron

This place is Duluth's Smoking Gun. The flavor of a city lives here.

Jocelyn Kilpatrick

Picked up a Cajun Finn this last weekend to eat when we stopped later at Moose Lake Brewery. Sandwich was excellent, as usual. Wish they had a Nordeast Minneapolis location! Please, please?

Ben Geyer

Highly recommend this place for a quick bite to eat for lunch. I got some smoked fish and a sandwich. The prices are fair and the food is fantastic.

Randy Reynolds

Delicious in house smoked meat and fish.

Michael Calhoun

The house made smoked meats and fish are outstanding. Do yourself a favor and stop here

Timothy Fanning

Great place for a sandwich! Huge sandwiches! Excellent flavor. Great folks running it. Service was quick, friendly, and polite! And CREAM SODA!!

Liz Heizler

The Cajun Finn is one of the most delicious sandwiches ever. Last time I ordered it, I think I paid around $16 for just a sandwich. In the last couple years the price of that particular sandwich has gone up several dollars. Maybe salmon, cream cheese, roasted peppers, lettuce, and banana peppers, etc have become hard to find. Maybe they're being hit up by the mafia. Either way it's pricy. Might be worth it for some but it's not for me. Five stars for the most delicious sandwich ever and one star for the ridiculous price. Averages out to 3 stars.

Oscar Reyes

Great artwork and feel, as well as extensive choices for sandwiches. Got the Cajun Finn. Absolutely delicious. Wish I could come here to eat every day.

mike Greenwell

Amazing smoked fish and sandwiches. My wife and I stopped in here while.we we're back in Duluth. I HIGHLY recommend giving it a go and waiting. If you like a little zip, ask for the "Jean jacket" on your sandwich.

Cesar Gonzalez Buenrostro

Defenetly better than expected! I had a Cajun Finn, and it was fenomenal. The guys savers me a beer in the back! And they even called out my name as it’s Correctly pronounced! I was amazed. The only “but” I give it, it be great if in the outside they had a speaker and called out the name, this way we would not have to wait inside

Nicole Berning

Love this place. Sandwiches are amazing every time! Friendly and fast service too.

Randy Peterson

Excellent! Great food the cajun finn is always a win. The customer service is always friendly. I would highly recommend to try this place out.

George Crawford

Friendly service and great food. So many choices.

Jonas Hutchinson

Easily the best deli food I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend the Cajun Finn or the Purple Range. Also, I love what they’ve been doing recently with the weekly specials: I had a brisket sandwich, coleslaw, and baked beans for 15 bucks and it was incredible. So much flavor in every dish. This is a must visit.

Catherine Gruat

The Sitka Sushi was great. The gravlax was delicious, and the hero roll it came on is the best bread with a hard crust I've eaten in a while!

Rebecca Bosanko

Best sandwiches in if only they could add a more convenient location for us locals.

Jennifer Pedersen

Amazing atmosphere and employees. Food is second to none.

Tara Cormican

Awesome smoked meats! Process seem high, but then again, the meats are really high quality! Worth a trip over here at least once!

Ben Metherell

Stopped by for a quick lunch. Food was amazing, the sandwiches had wonderful fresh ingredients and we're perfectly assembled. The carrot cake cookie was also a perfect desert.

Paula Bernini Feigal

Great smoked meats and fish, and the NWS Salad is amazing! This is a deli-style place and not much room for indoor seating. They were very accommodating for my take-out order too.


The food is simple yet creative. The sandwiches all have some sort of exotic garnish like picked onions or cranberry/wasabi spread. It's worth a 20 minute wait. The only negative would be, the waiting area is pretty crammed and its usually standing room only for the lunch crowd.

Tumi Lewis

The best smoked Foods in Duluth!!! YUMMY!!! My favorite spot!!! A little pricey tho!!!

Jessica Wieman

Very delicious food, but VERY long wait. Recommend ordering ahead if possible!

Leo Bay

I have gotten food delivered from here a few times. The NWS salad is amazing they have the best wasabi dressing. The salmon is delicious. When you order the its going to be a wait but the food is worth that wait.

Maybeyourdaddy ?

Expensive... 13-15 for a sandwich. Their club doesn't have ham or bacon. Can't make your own sandwich have to choose one of the premades.

Michelle Engstrom

I love this place so much. Everything is great but some favorites include the Purple Range and Hedonist sandwiches and the country pate.

Adriana Ernst

The Cajun fin is my absolute favorite. I would definitely recommend this yummy place to grab a quick bite to eat in downtown Canal Park!

Linda Norland

We always stop here for sandwiches and Bison Buddies meat snacks when we're in town. It's become a family ritual to grab lunch here and then head down to the beach to eat. I haven't had a sandwich here that I didn't like. Can get very busy during lunchtime, so arrive early or be prepared to wait in line, especially during the summer. It is worth it!

Brad Tombers

An essential stop anytime you're in Duluth. Get literally anything and you won't be disappointed. Buy some smoked fish for later.

Chris L

Very good says zach and max

Johnathan Morrison

Oh my. Great local food. I’ve eaten here two days in a row since finding it. Parking is limited, but it is everywhere in canal park. I almost feel bad for cutting a guy off for a parking spot, but this food is totally worth it.

Heidi White

Fresh taste, great service, delicious combinations. The perfect spot to grab a picnic before you head off on an adventure!

Kurt H

I can't say enough about this place! They smoke everything from pastrami and prosciutto to salmon and lake trout to turkey and even pulled pork. The Cajun Finn is an exceptional sandwich featuring a cajun-seasoned salmon, which my wife or I will order every time we go. We also love the Club Haus, which has smoked turkey and bacon on it - also amazing. This is one of our favorite restaurants in town, and has become our tradition to stop by after watching a ship come through the canal.

John Olson

Every time I'm in Duluth I make sure to stop by and get their smoked salmon bagel sandwich. The bagel is great, but the salmon is the obvious star of the show. They pile plenty on, and the flavor and texture is just perfect. One note: try to get there early, otherwise expect to stand in a pretty lengthy line. However, if you do have to stand in the line, it's worth it.

John Hansmeyer

The smoked salmon salad was very good and I could tell the fish was very fresh!

Megan V

Waited for ever in line and then for my food. Sandwich was good but not worth the price.

Matt Koski

Worth the wait in line! Amazing food!

Lance Yoki

Always a good option for lunch when in Duluth. The Cajun Finn is my go to sandwich. Only complaint bid it Gets a little expensive with a soda and chips.

Jordy B

The food is good, but a bit pricey especially for not coming with any sort of side. I think the selection is good but with only one person taking orders during a busy Sunday lunch, the line gets very long. And for two cold sandwiches we waited for quite awhile to get them. 4 stars because it’s pretty good food, just docking 1 for pricing, service, and space.

Sebastian Spurrell

Have never had a bad sandwich from here this is a Duluth staple. One of the best spots in Duluth. Highly recommend.

Patricia Dwyer

Wonderful choices of smoked fish. Picked up some for two of my nieces husband's birthdays. What a treat!!!

Melissa Smejkal

Wow. Best sandwich I've had in ages. Sitka Sushi is to die for. I can't wait to stop in on my way back to try another sandwich. A must do in Duluth.

Jason Pearson

We had the great salmon caper and spring roll sandwiches, both were excellent.

Andrea Hiracheta

So fun to grab lunch here! The smoked salmon bagel sandwich was to die for! Definitely looking forward to our next trip to Duluth and to this place!!

Luke Magness

1st time there. Great food. Really busy on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely not fast food so plan accordingly.

Jared M

Amazing food. Price is a little steep is all.

Paul Malinka

Fabulous fish sandwiches and wraps. Prepare for a long line during lunch.

Anja Hogan

If you like smoked fish and delicious sandwiches eat here now.

Jj Swa

Do not order the Purple Rain unless you want a ton of fat. That's after pulling it off of the meat... Gross. How do you not see that when making the sandwich?

Rick Roth

I'm 65 years old and been lots of places and eaten lots of sandwiches, and I think I just had the best sandwich I ever ate. I had the "Sitka Sushi" which was a delicious tangy mix on a perfect roll.

Jonah Keszler

The sandwiches are great and the service is awesome!

Michaelava h

Great sandwiches. A few beers too

Melanie Kennedy

Delicious sandwiches! I always pick some up before heading up North to go hiking.

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