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Jason Winget

We won't return, this used to be our favorite place and now it has become a health concern. The cold food is warm and the hot food is cold or just warm. Clearly staff are not taking temperatures of the food or they would know some heat Wells must not be working. Today the rice in the pot is burnt and mushy. On the surface it all looks nice until you start to dig in. Since their remodel the quality of ingredients has quickly went down hill. Too bad we will miss this as a quick eat option.


One of the best buffets in Rochester. Lunch is under $10, dinner under $15. Food is always fresh and restocked. The chicken skewers are the best in town, and the Mongolian grill has a lot of meet and veggies. Sushi is pretty good too.

Seth Robinson

Cheap, good food, good options. Looks like they've added a grill to order from and expanded seating. Very open layout.

Chelsea Rose

Middling fare. Food ranges from tasting blandly unfresh to merely "okay". Interior is roomy & surprisingly fancy, if you don't mind the incessant stream of mediocre religious music.

Frank Salwolke

Not very good at all

John Dean

The food is usually pretty good. Tonight the chicken wings and egg rolls were cold but everything else was good.

Jennifer Sobiech-Pariseau

Staff is always friendly. There is a variety of warm and very tasty foods, as well as a hibachi and sushi.

Jody Ahrens

Not very impressed. Ate lunch there. The crab ragoon was dry and overcooked. The sweet and sour chicken was very dry and tough to chew.

Dan Abramczak

Good quality consistent product, service is good

Ashley Messin

Very dirty restaurant! Food was not very fresh. Over priced for what you get!!! Wouldn't recommend eating here!!!!!!

juan victoriano

Very good food Bad servers

Erik Felten

Love it here! Weather you want hibachi or sushi or just ordinary asian food.

Patricia Giffen

Delicious buffet and the stir is excellent! They are constantly making improvements and adding new things! Great restaurant!

John Kuschel

If you like Chinese buffets, this is one place you need to check out.

Steven thede

Good was just barely warm. They started shutting down the line at around 8:30. There was a very loud profane family next to us that made the experience very uncomfortable.

Alex Alexandro

Great Food

Hazen Hawkes

Great food great price

Sum Dood

Best in town, myself and friends go every week. Japanese chicken is legitimately out of this world.

Siddharth Diwanji

This place is amazing. I never had fried fish at a Mongolian grill before. For the price. It's a must visit

Saraya Freeman

I LOVE this place. It's got so many different foods with a fair price and different choices of ice cream. Food is fresh, and the employees are always friendly.

Jami Zipperer

Food is ok but it isnt the first place I'd go to.

Savannah Carlson

Good food decent prices could be cheaper on soda.otherwise friendly and nice place for family dinner

Esteban Parmesean

Recently gave this place another try and was extremely disappointed. SO DISGUSTING!! Could not believe the terrible quality of the food, even though its your typical Chinese American garbage. It was cold, slimy, and all of it tasted like it was molded from soy sauce. This could have been tolerable if I hadn't noticed the torrent of fruit flies exploding from the buffet after an employee changed one of the dishes. I immediately left without paying and will definitely never return. This place should be shut down for the safety of the public.

susan gillis

There is a fair amount of variety, if you like chicken. Several entrees, plus a lot of different sides. They also have sushi. Drinks are free, and two can eat all you want, for under $20. Fri and Sat evenings, they serve more shrimp, crab legs, and the price reflects that, but still a great bargain. Menu tends to stay the same, week in, week out, but there is enough to choose from. This is a medium sized restaurant, so you won't see an acre of food, but still a good spot when you are hungry


Awesome food and our waiter was very friendly and great at re-filling drinks and keeping the table clean. We will for sure be coming again!

Raiden Berg

After coming here many times, its sad to see it keep going down hill. The child labor is also pretty sad aswell, its like im watching the little grow up in small increments here and there through out the years.

Seneca Kier

Always gets my order quickly, and a staff that's trying their hardest. They get things done quickly and honestly, about 85% of the time to my liking. Sometimes it's stale, but it might not have been just brought out. Praise the sesame seed chicken

Kevin Williams

The absolute best

Anastasiia Bundy

The food manly was good. The service was good. Super cheap

Bob Chan

Great tasty food and the service is outstanding.

Mary Rios

I usually don’t have any type of expectations for Chinese buffets because usually they’re all just average but this one really took me out. As soon as we come in and got our drinks, all the sodas had 0% carbonation. So stale. Some food was alright but a lot of the pastries had MOLD on them from sitting for so long. My family has come here about 4 times now and every time 4/5 family members end up with diarrhea (TMI I know) but something has to be up with the food. It’s not a shocker that some people have expressed health concerns. Stay away from this buffet.

Xin Huang

This buffet is great for it's value. The service is nice, drinks are fill, and food is good. I got what I paid for, so I'm happy.

Ashtyn Groves

Very good food... VERY NICE STAFF.

Mike Buerskin

Re heated foodssticki tables kids playing with silvercwear. Not going back

betty jean

Very nice food to select from

Dan Beers

Good food.

Mary Loritz

Good food!

Aleksandr Kindruk

Great experience, the servers were tremendously helpful, especially with two little kids

Fernando Tovar

I really liked it, it's a very clean place

Mika Baer

One of the freshest buffets I have been to, no matter what the time. They also have a mongolian grill and a small sushi bar, but don't get too excited. The sushi bar primarily has small rolls with immitation crab and a lot of rice. But it's something, and it's never been bad. They also have an ice cream bar (that includes green tea ice cream), dessert bar, fresh fruits and veggies, and a variety of Asian and American dishes. Great for hangovers!

Tracy Abrahamson

Great for quick lunch or dinner. Always good and the service is quick.

Kenneth Haboush

ate at noon today everything was amazing. I don't really recommend going when the place is slow seems like the food isn't the greatest then. I recommend trying it I would just go when it's busy or order it to go not trying to talk bad at all. I definitely like going I just make sure I go at a certain time.

Archangel Azrael

Mediocre standard Asian food buffet. Desperate need of a renovations. Friendly staff though.

Julia Radke

Chicken was mushy. Advertised that they were serving cream cheese wontons when in reality it was crab ragoons. I can't eat crab, so good thing I checked before I put it in my mouth. Really disappointed.

ed hawksford

Always great with friendly service

Peter Millin

Decent food

Martha Aceves

Love it

Charles Brown

Good food, but only average selection.

Pete Bremer

One of my favorite independent Chinese restaurants. Love the peanut butter chicken.

david belisle

Great food great price

Thomas Velure

Very good food, I think the sushi was very good and all of the buffet items were fresh and hot even though it was mid afternoon.

Derek Peterson

The price is ok, and the employees are upbeat, but other than that below average. The buffet is somewhat cold and are lacking in seasoning, the selection is ok but not very large. The sushi is the worst I'v ever had. Pasty, dried out, and room temperature, with only about 4-8 choices. My brother and a couple of friends have gotten sick after eating there and I have once. Overall I wish there was another chinese buffet close by, but making at home is a lot better, even making from a box, can, or frozen bag is better. If I had to go there again I would eat the sesame balls, and mussels, and probably some compow chicken, but I wouldn't even look at the sushi.

Matrica Lieva

The food is warm not bad, attentive service, they have variety. At all is not a fancy restaurant if you are looking that, to go service has a good price

Enna Boos

The food was very fresh and the buffet was being attended by wonderful staff the entire time i will come back some day.

Nikita Chavez

Decent prices, my family and I go there all the time, great sushi and hot food when we go! Always friendly staff, if food gets low or too cold, I always see them bringing out fresh hot food. If you go too late, obviously the food will be cold, I am assuming they are not expecting customers 30 minutes before closing time. Plates are always clean, staff always refills drinks when needed and take away old plates whenever they see them. It is rare for them not to do so!!! It usually only happens when they get busy, but that's understandable, not everyone can be taken care of all at once. I rate this the BEST buffet in the Rochester area. Never had a serious problem with them. Will be returning soon :)

Raymond Beavens

Good food good service

Mike Shier

They always have a wide selection of dishes beyond what I normally find at a buffet. The food is cooked well and the staff is friendly and helpful.

william bush

Good food and clean

Bill Hoeft

Very good food with at excellent price!

Carolyn Shiell

The food is usually good. Sometimes the trays aren’t refilled so choices are limited. Staff is friendly. Because it is a buffet, i would like to have a staff member available to supervise the food. I have seen children serve themselves with no parent supervision. The children have served themselves using their hands and at times putting the food back. A sign saying children need to be served by an adult would be the least they can do to help with this.

Zira Uchiha

The food and service was great.

John Clark

Food was cold worst Chinese I've ever had

Daniel Musall

Great selection. Decent pricing also.

ArtsyMom MN

They have a huge selection but everything was lukewarm or cold and just ok tasting. They might serve themselves better by concentrating more on quality vs. quantity. Our advice is to narrow your selections but do better on the selections offered. This would also help you avoid over-cooked foods (chewy dry meat or soggy veggies) as well. Labels on the sushi contents would be good too. ( Even the cook was not sure what was in them when I asked, other than "meat".) Good luck.

David J. Smith

I'm not a huge fan of buffet's. The food is hit and miss but on the plus side the service is fairly good. This isn't the first place I would recommend to anybody.

Joseph Munson

10/10 great service. Recommend the chocolate milk Kennedy package

Doug Greene

We enjoy going out to eat this is a very good place to eat

Prophet J

Great food and great service. Happy there was sushi there too

Gretchen Torgrimson

Food is always good. The selection is great! Table service is touch and go....a lot of times you have to wait for refills and plates to be cleared.

Rathsan 33

Eat here often. (2-3 times a month) Always full and happy when we leave.

Virgel Lovell

Great selection of the best in all you can eat

Scott Fiveland

Awesome Food and Service

Gabriel Serrano

Great service, I think the male owner was very friendly and attentive to details for us. The older female lady was not as friendly towards us. There was not a big selection but everything was hot, fresh , and clean. Very affordable for 2 adults, and 4 kids.

Martin Empson

Always good service and good food. Not once can I complain about anything. Frequent customer that's always satisfied

Sherry Bennett

Good hot food, plenty of space for groups, family liked the ice cream too.

Dawn Churchill

The remodel looks really nice, however the food was much better before. It seems like it is very bland now.

Victoria Potter

Had went quite a few times before was always good raved about it this time I brought my daughter and grandson and was very disappointed not even close to what it was maybe they have new management but won't be going back

Curtis Olson

Great selection of Chinese food and I'd strongly recommend their BBQ chicken its to die for. Wouldn't recommend their stir-fry however, definitely not their strong suit.

Thomas Haze

Great variety of Asian food

Jacque Ogilvie

No longer serve crab legs... food was either not cooked enough or burned .... quality has gone down hill

Deanna Blackwell

We walked in around 325 at 335 not even 10 minutes they brought us our tab and we're pushing us to go and we has just started our meal and I walked up to grab another plate and the waitress came to the table took my plate and said you have to pay extra it's dinner time did doesn't start till 4 they had been putting food out but I guess because it was nearly 4 we had to pay extra for the plates because she has already giving us a tab and we came at 325 but what was even worse she put the food she took from me back out in the buffet and also gave us soda from another table after pouring it into a pitcher just two tables from us then bringing it over to our table and giving it to us Anyways horrible service never going again!

Raymond Wold

Awesome selection, hibachi grill and sushi bar to boot.

Stephanie Wright

One of my favorites. Prices are reasonable. Friendly staff. They have done some remodeling and it looks very nice. When I lived in Hudson we frequently visited and have always enjoyed it.

Rodney Butler

Great Chinese food. But prices fluctuate depending on the day you go. But for all you can eat, it's worth the price.

Neal McPhillips III

decent good, great price. friendly staff. love this place.

Aaron Weets

Awesome lunch buffet!

HEREs Jonny14

Great food, great service, good atmosphere and good prices.

Marilyn Peplau

Food was very fresh with many choices. Very polite service.

Mary Taylor

Always good food and great service

Phoenix Blaze

Amazing wonton soup, and they have green tea icecream

Beth Joy Miller

Great variety of American and Asian food

Mitch Hobbins

Much improved appearance and atmosphere under new ownership. Fresh stir fry to sushi and decent buffet selections.

Jessica M

UPDATE: new ownership. The food has gone downhill this last time we was horrible. We are/now were frequent customers. We will not be returning. Prices went quality went down. Its sad to see it go this way. The owner has done renovations to make it look nicer but I would rather have quality food. Great friendly service. Very family oriented workers. All kids of different ages help out at this restaurant. Always have a smile on their face. I recommend this buffet! Food is fresh and they always have a teriyaki grill cooked to order! Delicious!

Eqo Iasha

Get a coupon from their web site before you come. With the coupon, the price is pretty good for a buffet. The food isn't hot though. Don't pile your plate high like you would at other buffets, because they charge a fee if you waste anything. Overall this place isn't too bad, but it isn't very good either.

Jenn Swen

This is my all time favorite Chinese restaurant for food and price. I have a family of 6 and the price is great for all of us to eat. They also always have my favorite dishes, such as peanut butter chicken, and coconut chicken, among lots of other things. They have yummy mint chocolate chip(and other ice cream) and fruit for dessert. The atmosphere is calm. However the owners/workers have added charges to our bill that weren't ours on two occasions. After checking our bill, they have gladly removed the charges though. So always check your bill there. Otherwise enjoy the food!

Shannan Stoltz

Great service, and great food.

a P

Great food, very low prices

Diane Huskisson

Awesome food great times

Josie Abraham

Delicious and great service!

Amber Sonsalla

Very fresh buffet food with a lot of variety to choose from. Friendly service and timely with refills and emptying the empty plates. Very comfortable environment plus it's conveniently located.


Love this place! Always delicious and staff is always nice.

Frank Irwin

We paid for seafood but seafood was not available (crab legs).

Bailey Peterson

My partner and I always go here for the best chinese buffet in Roch (so far). Food is great, and prices are good for the variety. I always hit up the sushi bar and ice cream freezer. This buffet also does a great job keeping their rice fresh and moist/sticky. Service is alright but it's a buffet, so there's minimal interaction with the staff.


Pretty decent food, I like some other places in town bettwr

Anthony Lichtenberg

Lots of food good stuff.

Victoria Greer

We always love coming here, each time our food is fresh and hot and service is good too :) good eat in Rochester!

Lorenzo Wright

Would Give More Stars, But There Wasn't Much Of A Sushi Selection, Everything Else Was Wonderful And Excellent Service

Harry Hight

Very good. Nice variety

Shawn Tio 420

I'm not big on Asian food but it was good and their ribs where awesome

Lokal Rezension

Keep your place at-least with minimum hygiene! Felt vomiting while taking lunch!! Don't recommend this restaurant at all and so many nice places in town to try Chinese cuisine!

Sam Carlson

Nothing tasted bad, but then again nothing tasted good either

Matt G

All of the food options were fresh and hot, the size of the buffet is small enough that none of the food sits out too long. The staff was super friendly also

Josh Matter

So I was looking for a lot to eat after I got done with work at 9. The worst time to be hungry in Rochester. Saw this place was open till 10 and hadn't been here so I did the seven minute drive and arrived with 45 minutes to eat. Not many, if any, other customers. So I specifically ask the hostess if they were open until 10 and if it would be alright if I ate. I was assured it was fine. So at 9:33 I noticed that there is just basically a ring of employees standing around staring at me over the top of their phones. So that's kind of uncomfortable, and then as I'm eating my food with over 20 minutes left before the restaurant closes, the hostess comes and tells me that I'm done eating and they're taking all the food away so if I'm eating anything else I'd be eating it right now. I've worked in a lot of restaurants and I know what it's like to want to go home. but on a Friday night I think maybe it's okay to run the business until the actual stated closing time. Also the food that was there was absolutely nothing special. It was not horrible by any means but it was not special or great or even close. So $11 for all I can eat buffet then I get kicked out of with over 20 25 minutes left before the business closes. I'm not going again. You do what you do.

Robert Knox

I really like this place just too far from my house

Curt Olson

It's ok not to bad Asian food ..try the octopus!

Jayson Wolf

Japanese Chicken is my jam. I have no idea what is Japenese about it but I would eat here every day if it was financially viable to do so.

Tammy Rider

The food was good, the service was just a tiny bit slow.

Tammy Paar

No crab legs

Aaron Louks

Probably the best buffet in town. Large variety of Chinese food as well as some American. Make your own stir fry (Hu Hot style), sushi and the fruit is always fresh. Variety of ice cream choices.

Kaleb Asfahl

The food is so amazing! It is like being in CHINA without having to go there( thank GOD).

Timothy Yang

Pros: Price is nice for the buffet, the time (closing time) is a good time to go get a late night bite. Crab rangoons are delicious. Best egg rolls I've had at a buffet. Most buffets I've ate at had cabbage-only egg rolls. Kingdom buffet has meat in their egg rolls. Very delicious. Cons: Costs extra for sushi (I know multiple buffets that don't charge for sushi), Shrimp are not on ice and are warm and soggy, fortune cookies are stale. Small buffet, not much of a selection. Half of the things weren't even being cooked again and put into where they should be served. So i basically didn't get to try half of their food. The customer service was disappointing. Half of the employees are sitting on their phone and there was always a kid running around the place and staring at my friends and i eat.

Richard Gibbons

Food is always good and the service is even better. They are the nicest, kindest, most caring people. It's like walking in on family.

Tom Moore

It sucks

xl bass

Always hot and tasty


Great food, Friendly Staff, great place to eat with family or friends!

Bryan Goertz

Food was kinda old.

Shelly Nelson

Nothing special

Eric Nelson

Pretty good buffet is recommend

Thomas Apel

Great food

inmar gonzalez

nice place to eat with the family

Alisa Huss

Poor selection

Dan Nelson

Great food for a buffet but not many options.

Eric Bisel

Fantastic every time! Highly recommended

Jeff Stubbs

Great selection and fair price

bob silver

Food was fresh an hot we will go back

Delia Guajardo

If you like seafood this is the place to be. I like the noodles but they no longer make my black pepper steak dish. All in all since I'm not a seafood person, the little variety I did find was really delicious. I would reccomend this place for everyone.

alex fisher

Great food, sushi was ok, clean and friendly service

Matthew Adams

My favorite buffet so far in the Rochester area...

Vinny Holter

Food was gross, environment was run down and it needs an upgrade.

Peggy Patton


ReVitalize Spa

Very Friendly Clean and Amazing Food!!

James Morris

Even better for supper

richard volkman

Very good food. Very good staff, friendly. Reasonable prices. Definitely a place to check out.

Krista Gilbertson

Very good service and food

Mark H. Harris

great food, reasonable price

Tl Phone

Changed their Friday night crab, took pea pods out of everything, going down hill and FAST

Darla Bernard

Very friendly staff. The lunch buffet is so good and reasonably priced at $9.95. Great salad bar! The pineapple was so sweet. There's a variety of choices for everyone to choose from.

Darrell Sible

Good variety, service, food.

Amy Maslanka

Huge selection, even a Mongolian grill and very good price


Its cool one of the guys there is a hard worker always tip him big

Vicky Cook Fenlon

Smaller buffet than some. All of the dishes were good that I ate. My granddaughter said they had the best coconut shrimp. She also ate from the stir fry area where you put together your own ingredients. They also have sushi. The staff were also super nice and accommodating.

Nathan Schuh

Average Chinese buffet, though the ice cream was surprisingly good.

Craig Anderson

Flavorful selection of food, albeit limited in scope and originality. Food temperature, presentation and freshness were great. Affordable family pricing, but they need to upgrade why they are in this business. Just because you cooked it, isn't enough of a reason to expect people to flock to your restaurant. Three lunch time visits and I e never seen more than 10 customers. There are better Chinese buffets nearby.

Ann Klavano

Large buffet with wide variety of Chinese food. There was a large number of seafood dishes. The night I was there one of the steam tables had gone out so not everything was warm. They fixed it, but it made some dishes less enjoyable.

Pete Guldan

Awesome food, good service.

Thomas Beauchman

The new owners sucks and so does the food.. take out prices are over priced with smaller containers you get less for more money,,, I use to go there once a week ,,, never again

Chris Sullens

Good food


One of the best places I have been so far and the staff are very kind

Judie Alred

Nice atmosphere and great food.

Marie Moore

Food good but they didn't have any juice. Also they mixed up my daughter's drink she asked for lemonade and got a very chlorinated Sprite.

Kayla Meixner

Hours are incoreect. Doesn't open until 11 AM

Cindy Groves

The Kingdom Buffet is Fantastic! The new owner and manager have done an outstanding job with this restaurant. The food is great! Don’t forget to try out your own customized stir fry.

Thomas Moore

6 adults 6 kids had the buffet. Big variety of Chinese and some American cuisine. We all left happy

Ray Gillis

Full meal under $20, wide varieties

Melanie Stettler

Yummy! Everything was delish, fresh and low priced! We had a wonderful girl day out!

Bevan Paarmann

Sat down to eat at 3:10pm at 3:25pm we received the bill for 2 lunch buffets although we were not done eating. Got 1 more plate at 3:30 PM and they took the bill back and said they had to charge us dinner prices since we got some food that was set up at 3:30 for the "dinner" buffet not the "lunch" buffet. The food was good but thought this was rude since they already gave us the bill.


I love the food! My favorite place to eat in town by far. I have been frequenting this place for over 10 years. Also the prices are really nice, especially for a take out box from the buffet. The lo mein, sweet and sour chicken, cream cheese Rangoon and the general tsao are some of my favorites! The staff is friendly and attentive as well.

Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty

A good option for Chinese buffet

Steve Woods

6-4-19 This is an addition to a review from 6 months ago. Came back to Mayo and had to come back here!! Service was great! Waiter was pleasant and checked on our drinks numerous times throughout lunch. Plates were picked up in a timely manner. The calamari salad was cold and delicious(in salad bar) would have had a whole plate full if I hadn’t wanted to try the Mongolian Grill they have. The food was hot and delicious. If your looking for a great place to try, eat here you will enjoy the trip. I posted some more pics to tempt your tummy. Had a trio of pics for the Mongolian Grill (before, during, and after) didn’t even come close to all I could have chosen to add to my plate. 1-13-19 I heard someone say it’s hard to stop eating. I agree!! Japanese chicken, crab meat nuggets, coconut shrimp, sushi fry were had twice! Sampled many other dishes and they all were impressive in the flavor balance. My wife was impressed with the variety of food and FRESH food. We have been to a number of Chinese style buffets and we both found dishes we had never had the opportunity to sample. PLUS they had a Mongolian Grill also. There was no way I could sample all dishes available but I WILL be back next time I’m back in town. I posted some pics, check them out! Thanks Kingdom Buffet for a delicious lunch! Forgot to mention the peanut chicken had a wonderful peanut flavor and was crunchy without being over cooked


Food was pretty good. But they lose points for not using real butter to dip the crab in.

lindsey b

Waste of money. Food was cold on many choices... so i tried the habachi and it was not even cooked/seasoned all the way. Some of the food must have been there for hours due the fact it was hard and dried up, worst buffet experience.

Ellie Tri

Great selection of food. Includes a Mongolian grill [I was surprised there wasn't an extra cost for this!] , sushi, Japanese chicken is awesome, salad bar and a ton of other food! Has some unique food [Japanese bread puff things , which are great -in first row closest to icecream in a steam container] their stuffed mushrooms are awesome too! We have had to leave a few food items on a plate and we were never charged extra. Never. This is just for people who pile food up and don't eat it! We did once have to pay extra because of coming and eating a late lunch, and ended up paying dinner fee even though we hadn't eaten it. But since I couldn't communicate clearly with any of the staff it wasn't worth the fight. I just wish we had known ahead of time we wouldn't have talked so long. We have eaten there many times now and never had bad service or been sick. [We almost didn't come because of a few reviews] Overall awesome selection, great food and cheap price for the amount food you have available.

Brenda Smith

The last couple times I have been there the food has not been that warm. It seems the food is old. And they never put out fresh crab legs. The same old ones there was about a dozen in the pan and there was still sitting there when I left they weren't even fresh. I will not be going back very disappointed. I did tell the hostess but she didn't seem to care

Dan Curran

I go here frequently, and every dinner was hot and fresh.!! And also the best business in the world if i could eat there everyday if I could the home slice s that run the joint feels like family

Lee Felter

Good pricing for Chinese takeout.

Jill Suzanne

Mostly empty dishes and hardly nothing to pick from

Keith Hamm

Great food, decent price, lots of choices.

Mirsad Slomic

Good food.. nice place...


Really 2 1/2 stars really. Really read all as it's short but I feel important advice. I have gone to Kingdom Buffet maybe eight times in three or so years and food was always hot, yet I went usually around mid after noon or dinner time. I also felt the food was good and worth it to return, not excellent, but lunch price to 4PM was only $7.47, cheapest I've ever found. Also I found if I came before 4PM and ate past that time they'd usually, not always, charge the lunch price which was very nice. One of the servers had told me that was the rule to charge lunch price if one started eating within their lunch price time frame... yet found not all servers honored that or remembered when you came in. Servers have always been very nice, however young lady was business like tonight, Friday 7-18-14. This time, and I just returned, I felt I better write something. The whole buffet 1hr and 15 min before closing on a Friday night, (they close 10PM and I arrived 8:45PM) was room temperature! Even the interior of the nuggets of like General Tso's Chicken, and even the egg rolls, were room temperature to the core as though the heat to the buffet had been turned off for quite some time! I can't imagine the reason for doing that as electricity bill can't be that radically effected. Also I think the FDA or whatever rule of I think 160 degrees Fahrenheit minimum buffet food temp is very necessary. I could see why a high temp for another reason too, to keep any flies away. I only saw one fly landing on the buffet food, but if it had been heated it would not have even been near the food. I never complained and just paid, left a tip, and briefly used the restroom. When I came out three people who sat next to me only about 10 or at most 15 min starting just before I left were already in the parking lot! I didn't ask; but I bet they must have refused to eat! I'm not sure of that; but only guessing. I was very hungry and ate anyways but strange feeling that I could get sick but okay so far 1 1/2 hr later. Otherwise I'd recommend going there during busier time of day... only after today for quite some time I don't think I'll go back there.

Kathleen DeLonais

Buffet & order off menu options..I enjoy the select from the buffet & pay-by-te-pound take-out...smal steam table containers used so food is refreshed often...good pricing & nice selection...friendly staff.

Amanda Yang

Best chinese buffet in Rochester. The service is quick enough. The food just tastes better than other buffets.

Ally Sorensen

Buffet was well stocked, clean, and nothing felt like it was sitting around too long. The staff were attentive and smiley.

Ronda Lewis

AWESOME food... always leave full...

Tasha Martin

I've been in Rochester for about 2 years, all the different ones I've tried this is my favorite! Close to my house and easy to do carryout.

Justice L

Some good food, very nice staff, nice restaurant. But they need to have more food for vegans, such as vegan meats and dishes.

William Evans

If you smother it in soy sauce it actually tastes like something! The Lo mein looks like drowned noodles and boiled chicken. The chicken fired rice isn't fried and it looks like the same chicken as the Lo mein. The food wasn't even hot. We had take out, got there no later then 15 so our food should've been steaming hot.

Karen Rustad

They cook the food right in front of you and you get to pick what you want on it and friendly people and very concerned if we need anything else

Mellony Pearson

It was good buffet for lunch. They have more variety for supper.

Daniel Bender

Good, but I sure miss garlic chicken!

Joyce Chopper

The prime rib and crab legs were delicious!

Hosnareak Choy

Good buffet. I usually go there at least once a month. Lunch is good for the price, but dinner time on Sat or Sunday is best. Make sure to go during prime dinner time, so the food is fresh and hot, they have consistent tasting food, I have my favorites. Price is also reasonable.

Richard Wondrow

Decent food, decent prices. Not the classiest joint but not the worse either. Pretty good place for a lunch or easy dinner date.

Robin Myhre

So incredibly disappointed. They got my whole order wrong so I requested a refund an they gave me a gift card.... if I didn't like it the first time don't think I'd like it the second time.

Michael Michael

Very nice and clean. Great price and delicious food. Recommend whole heartedly.

Somsiri Grinnell

Love their sushi.

Jessica Leyendecker

There sushi is always fresh and amazing great variety too! Also have a great choice of foods to pick from. Great people who work there so nice.

Lisa Hanson

Very good food, lots of sea food! Excellent service! Good place for kids too, pizza and mac and cheese.

Sarah Severson

I will never come here again 90% of anything pre cooked isn't done.unless beaded the meat is slimy and nasty. Read reviews before going. I know I should've

Catherine Gallik

If I could give this place no stars, I would. The food was cold and disgusting. It was overpriced and the service was terrible.

Shelley Voeltz

Love the food

sue shelby

With new ownership in last year or so, great changes have taken place to decor, food. Great Mongolian stir fry! Great service, friendly staff!

albert ballanger

Great food all you can eat, no reason to leave hungry.


love this place, I spent great moments there. Also the food is good for the price


I eat here at least once a week. The food is great and the service always prompt. They serve all your favorite Chinese buffet dishes as well as a sushi and dessert buffet. My favorite Chinese restaurant!

desyre anderson

Very nice buffet!

Lucy Reiland

Never disappointed. A+

Nicole Lamey

Very good food!

Dee Slinde

Good selections, small batches cooked, so usually fresh, and sushi bar...fair prices too boot!

Amy Meyer

Clean, staff friendly and priced Right!!

Todd Mitchell

We first tried the Kingdom Buffet about 10 yrs ago when we started coming to Rochester for the Mayo Clinic. We were incredibly impressed then and still are today when we returned. The food is always fresh and there is a huge selection to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. I hope my photos show the many choices available. The decor is modern and we have been happy with the cleanliness overall, including the restrooms. If you want a great Chinese food value at a very affordable price, don't beside to give this place a try. I know you won't be let down.

Shaleea Carsten

Good food good prices

israele lukong

Love the food

Sino johan

Good Food and Choices

Cole Schimek

Awesome food!! The best all you can eat buffet in Rochester!!

Keith Triebold

The best Chinese food around!

Savanna Raciborski

Excellent food. Lots of options. Cleanly. Staff is kind. Our son has a dairy, egg and nut allergy and there are quite a few options for him here!! Fresh fruit bar is amazing. My young kids eat fantastically well here.

Brett Covey

Decent Chinese buffet. I enjoy the friendliness of the staff. You know what you're going to get when you go there so don't go there with these high expectations. But overall its pretty good.

Paul Halverson

9 bucks huge selection drink not included best wontons in town

Karen Nay

You want spicy? Sweet? Fried? Sushi? They have all of it and it's not like a lot of other buffets where many of the dishes develop a film from sitting all day. Everything has great seasoning and is fresh. I was very impressed.

Tanya Traaseth

Good food, friendly service and clean, yummy buffet.

Tara Conroy-Nation

Great find. Prices are great with coupon was under 20 for two. Small section but fresher section. Have had egg on your made fresh food with noodles? Its different.

Caleb Lewber

So I am giving this a 2 star review not because of the food but the service, I had little to no complaints about the food. The problem I have here is out side it is 100 degrees, I get seated and drink I drink it relatively quickly not once the entire time I was here did I receive a refill, also no one would come take my old plates. As I walk up to the buffet there is one worker standing at the soda machine glued into his cell phone, across from where I am sitting there is another worker sitting a booth glued into his cell phone watching a movie very loudly. Very poor customer service, maybe put your phone down and take care of your customers. Even once I got them to come get my plate I asked for a drink and never received it.

Steve R

Kingdom buffet has the largest selections and the freshest food of all the buffets in Rochester. It even has a sushi bar and a Mongolian grill. The dessert bar has a large variety to choose from, even green tea, rainbow and Cookie's & Cream ice creams and several others. Large enough to accommodate buses. Bring your meat lovers for Salmon and prime rib, barbecue ribs, chicken on a stick, sweet & sour chicken, spicy chicken. Also, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables for the vegetable and fruit lover. You have to try the sweet buns and pork buns!

Elite Exposure

Not too much of a selection but the flavor tastes like a really good restaurant. Everything in it was very very fresh and full of flavor. Much better flavor than every single buffet in Minnesota around the Twin cities.

Haylee Bruns

I just went to the buffet today and I was definitely not impressed. The pizza was not cooked fully. The crab Rangoon didn’t taste good. The ice cream was freezer burned. The cookies were hard as a rock. I would not recommend this place.

Matthew White

Seems to be better at this time then evening when prices are a bit more affordable.

Hatti Gary

Outstanding & thoughtful service today! I went in to avoid the rain for a minute and pick up food to bring home; I'd never been in before this and soon realized a buffet style menu + me walking around on crutches wasn't going to be easy. The gentleman working up front walked through the buffet with me AND upon realizing I had driven myself, offered to go get my car and pull it up front so i wouldn't have to hobble out through the storm. I was astounded and so grateful for his help & kindness today. I wish I had asked his name. Food was good, but that attention to customer service was amazing. Kudos.

russell peters

Under new management and it shows . The food is great and the service is fast.

Mark Bisping

Some of the food was great other things i tried where below par/

Cassy R

Thoroughly disgusted! We have been there a few times and thought the food was decent, although never hot. We went back in today and my child saw a fast moving creature behind me, it was a cockroach that was over an inch long!!!! I didn't know what it was so I told the waitress to come remove the thing. I sat back down to google what it was and it was most certainly a cockroach. We went to get yup and leave and noticed at least two more on the wall by the booth. We made sure to discreetly tell the lady in the front and she went back to ask the waitress who proceeded to tell me I was lying and that it was a bread crumb. I have never in my life witnessed a moving bread crumb! First time for everything. We had gotten plates and had minimal bites before realizing what it was and were charged full price, they even had the nerve to point out the line for the tip!!!! Disgusting place and disgusting behavior. I called the health department as soon as we stepped outside the door! Do not eat there, unless you are comfortable with roaches near your body while eating!

Brian Wallerich

Kingdom Buffet is a good all-you-can-eat asian buffet, and they have so much good food. You just cannot eat everything. If you walk away hungry, it's your own fault.

Dustin Garden

The buffet food is pretty standard. The Mongolian Bbq is a nice touch, but not as tasty as you might expect. High quality ingredients but sauces lack flavor. Bathrooms are pretty disgusting.

Kimberly Mann

So much to offer for the price. Kids enjoy also because of the variety.

Dustin Hebel

HORRIBLE!!! Went here at 730pm (didn't feel it was too late considering they are open til 10) atmosphere was great but once u get food it is cold,never recived refills on any drinks plates were picked up once in an hour and a half (we had 5 ppl @ our table) food selection was okay. A lot of new thing's the best thing I tried was in the cold section. They started taking food down at family and I will NEVER eat here again.

Jon Theis

Food is always great. The service is wonderful. And fairly cheap.

Becky Deroy

Everything hot and fresh

byron brown

Nice place friendly

Robert Dumanch

Best Chinese food in Rochester!!!!

Owen Olson

It used to be a lot better. Now with the new owner, the food is Luke warm and not good. And they don't keep the food in the buffet updated. One time I was there for about 45 minutes and there was no chicken wings out.

Gary Blok

Good selection, nice staff. Will be going back. Place was well kept and clean.

Juliet Henderson

This place is awesome! It's very clean, the staff is exceptionally kind and polite, and the food is delicious! There is a big selection of fresh hot food. I came on Friday night with my children. There was so much seafood (my favorite), and it was prepared beautifully. Big dessert selection too. I will be back over and over again!

janelle beal

Jalapeño chicken is good, most of the rest of dishes are just ok. Restaurant uses punch cards to earn free lunch or dinner; the girl at the register first refused to ‘combine’ our two cards we had to get free lunch. When she finally gave us the lunch, we lost 3 stamps because she refused to transfer them to the new card. Poor customer service lost this customer.

Chris Ashwood

I am being patient with the new changes. Definitely an improvement on the atmosphere with the remodeling, but I miss a few of the things they used to have with previous owners. Mostly they should put seafood back in for the grill for both lunch and dinner. Good price over all, still a great option for taking the kids out to eat and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Anthony Hellerstedt

Not for the health conscious but it does offer some limited healthier options such as fruit and sushi.

Dana Kramer

They have a great buffet. Lots of food choices.

Patricia Green

Took daughter here for birthday

Cathy Finken

Great food, always fresh. Excellent variety. The service is friendly as well.

Kevin Ronken

Food was cold even though it was during the lunch hour rush and the sesame chicken was chicken covered with ketchup and sesame seeds.

Martin Kaster

Alley S

Food was good but my opinion its alittle overpriced.

Rachit K

Wide varieties of buffet

wayne styba

Cold and dry old. Not as good as other visits. Im not sure i would go back. Cashier super nice.

Mary Shemon

Some food was great others not so much

Stephanie Somsen

Wonderful food as always and super fast service for pick up, short wait time!:) this place is way under rated. I wish i knew how they made the cream cheese wontons sooo yummy!

Tyler Molina

Decent food.

Jon Cockerham

Very good food and always stocked with fresh food.

Joe LaJesse

I really like the food here. It's always been hot and fresh. There's tons of variety. They have fresh rolled sushi and a hibachi grill. Prices are very decent. They have drinks also. For me, it would be a tie between kingdom and star ocean buffet, but star ocean doesnt have the hibachi grill.

Susan R

We were there at noon on a Wednesday, the food was fresh and hot , lots of hungry customers, very friendly staff, they now have three flavors of soft serve ice cream, very pleased with our lunch, we eat there often.

Clinton Duval

Hit and miss on the food quality and service.

Chris Tashjian

Family Favorite

Floyd Linaberry

Love the variety of the food here. Always a great meal.

Cory B

I was there around lunch hour. Good selection, fresh food, friendly.

Sandy Weitgenant

Was very fresh and tasty.

The Almighty Lunchbox

A great little oriental buffet in the busy busy of Hudson off 94. Pretty standard selection at the buffet, the extra twist was the Sushi Buffet that is served everyday: not a big selection but it's filling and affordable as sushi goes. Will deffinetly go again!

Gerry Fiddler

Great food, great prices. You won't go hungry, that's for sure!

Michelle Yeager

So yummy. The keep my pop full and the buffet full. I love going here whenever i get a chance. Love their egg rolls.

scott czerwinski

Not very good food, small selection of foods.. Staff was very slow on keeping drinks filled

Jorge Reyes

It could of been a 5 star rating but, I was eating the good food, unbeknownst to me, that the time I arrive (3:13) was just before the dinner (3:30) and they put out the "dinner" food, which I was then charged an additional dinner fee

Sergey Shar

For the price its a killer place. Fabulous dinner. Defty worth going

Kelly McMahon

Very good food, atmosphere is great, wait staff is awesome

Dan Bell

Kinda people serving the Chinese cuisine everybody loves.

Al Jones

As always, just great!

Barry Hakala

We believe we found a hidden gem-well as far as Chinese food buffets go! Buffets near where we live are just... adequate. The food at Kingdom Buffet in Hudson was quite delicious! And the whole presentation of the buffet made the food look quite appetizing!

Vang Lor

This place is super bad. Like super bad and I'm asain. Only good thing was the ice cream but unsanitary. Most of the food lacked flavor and I don't even know why I'm still here. Never gonna come here again period.


amazing ambiance superb selection of everything good to eat, prepared daily yum price value will always stop here for the goods Dr Ernie RICHTER DC MS MT ASCP

Yassin Abdi

I like to come to this restaurant every time I crave for seafood & Asian Cuisine!! It's one of my favourite restaurants here in Rochester..

Jennifer Booker

I would highly recommend Kingdom Buffet to anyone the food is always terrific and the employees are great.

Pete Reeves

Price and food is good. Stopped in for a quick bite and it accomplished our needs.

Diane Burns

The restaurant is clean, the food is fresh, and tasty.Needs more beef, and less chicken dishes .

Don Maasch

I dont think the food temp is being monitored enough

Edward Kido

I was actually surprised at how good it was . Lunch buffet was definitely worth it .


Great place to be

Barbara Bauer-Chen

Fresh yummy foods, lots of variety, freindly staff!!! I wish we lived closer

Nick Fitzpatrick

Worst experience ever. Went with my girl and we went to share a drink and they yelled at us. They also had old good out on the buffet. I ended up puking the next 2 hours. Never coming back

Mihaela Passow

They got every thing good food.

Joseph Sanders

Good food, I'm from a smaller place and thought prices were high but good food

Fernando Hermelinda Lopez Cid

Good taste, not much variety

Gina Cherny

Best Chinese buffet ever

Jaron Sensenig

Good food for a good price

Emily Grace

Really good food at unbeatable price!

Tom Cat

One of my most favorite spots to eat at! Staff very friendly cheerful and food is always delicious!

Michael Sullivan

One of best I've been to.

Anna Muller

Best Chinese buffet I ever been to!

Deborah Zappa

Very good buffet with many great selections.

Carmen Kraus

This buffet is one of the best in Rochester. Large in size and selection. They have a reduced price for lunch, but bring out higher priced items for dinner. The service is always good, simple, and to the point; just like buffet service should be.

Noah Gernes

Best buffet in Rochester. Love the crab rangoons and coconut shrimp

Pa Vang

Great customer service. The food is your typically Chinese buffet food.

kathy Johnson

Good food and the service is awesome!!! The restaurant is clean. The steam table is turned up and the Food is hot.

Zhen Zhang

The right amount choices of food with the corresponding price. It's not fancy Michelin starred restaurant

Tiffany Cate

Gross, gross, gross!! Have been there twice and both times have been horrible. Heard it was new owners so thought we'd give it a second try. Nope. Ice cold food, some was warm. Nothing tasted good or even looked appetizing. Yuck. Don't waste your money!!

Brea Marty

The buffet had a lot of different things I don't usually see it was really good

Vallard Logan

Such a great place very relaxing..

Eli White

Not bad. Here on a Sunday when passing through. Was going to avoid it due to some reviews but our other options dried up. Anyway. It's very decent. What I expect from a mega buffet. The majority of the food was decent (tho standard heavy salt & butter buffet fare) Filled the need of quick filling food.

Diana Ohm


Nic Jackson

Serve crab legs!

Amber Travis

Great service! Great food!

John Hahn

Decent prices, best Chinese buffet in Rochester. 3 stars because its exactly what you expect, not great but good food.

sarah barta

Great food

Charles Vlasaty

Every item was good except a lot of the hot food items were cold. If a MN health inspector were to drop a food thermometer into them,he would be forced to tag them.

Amanda Leach

This was my favorite Chinese in the area, until now. The food has changed. Nothing tastes the same. It's all so bland. No flavor. The renovations look great, but the food quality has gone down.

Paul Berning

The atmosphere is great. Staff is friendly. Food is good. There is a Mongolian grill and a limited selection of Sushi that make this stop a tremendous value.

Sabrina Blair

I've been to many Chinese buffets all around Minnesota. Kindom buffet is by far the best of ALL of them. Huge variety. Good area. Good customer service. Food is always hot and never running out and tastesee the best.

superman sm

Best see food .. I only go for dinner

Joleen Kenitz

My absolute favorite restaurant in Rochester!

Rose Crabtree

Haven't been there in a while. It has changed since our last visit. They took out a wall and moved some things around. Food was very tasty. New owner came over to talk to us and was very friendly.

Annie Jansen

I know that there is new owners and so forth, but I went here a few weeks ago with friends for dinner and the food has gotten worse than before. I had the Chicken skewers off the buffet and they tasted like cleaning solution and like they had been sitting in a sink before they were cooked. If Mongolian BBQ did buy this place, then start having foods like your Stillwater location, especially the Chicken skewers. I'm not going back.

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