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REVIEWS OF Hunan Restaurant IN Minnesota

Ken Tribbey

Exceptional food !! Excellent service Will continue to return at this great place

Aaron Jurrens

Yum! Excellent hot fresh buffet. Friendly, fast, attentive staff. We go here at least every three months; never disappointed.

Wendy Palm

This place used to be so good, but in the last 4 years it's gone steadily downhill. The servers are really nice, and lovely people, but the food is terrible. I ordered fried dumplings and cashew chicken to go, and picked it up around 4 in the afternoon. There was no one in the restaurant (to be expected, it was mid-afternoon), and you'd think the food would have been right if it's the only order going on. The fried dumplings were burned on the bottom, doughy on top and the dipping sauce was too spicy. The cashew chicken wasn't cashew chicken at all, but some kind of massively sweet walnut chicken. The "sauce" was sweet colored water. It's the last straw for me for this restaurant. I won't be back.

Nick Pooler

Excellent food. Shrimp with lobster sauce is amazing. Staff and service are exceptional. Options for people who people who don't like spice, but also plenty of spicy favorites as well. Gets busy around 5pm for dinner buffet. 4pm is a great time to get there.

Alex bono

Delicious food and fast service


Just movd here from out of T, def a thumbs up

BreTiques Art

So good!!! Really polite staff.

Petra Tlaseca

Fantastic service! And the Tiger-pork it's the best we ever had.

Pamela Lubansky

Great food very friendly employees


A good lunch buffet selection for only $10

Aaron Carper

Quality and consistency is top notch for their lunch buffet and service is great!

Abby Anderson

I like the food just wish they had ice cream at the end of your meal to offer

Roland Weigman

Very high Quality Chinese Food just Each dish a masterpiece and unrivaled customer service highly recommend I'm going back many times!

Matthew Trujillo

Not only is the staff extremely personable, they offer some of the best chinese food i've ever had. My go-to is the Sesame chicken, and if it isn't yours too, you're doing it wrong. I don't know how they make it like that, but the competition better take some notes. My family came from out of town and thought the food was unreal. Overall, it's a restaurant with a truly great staff that offers amazing food. What more can you ask for?

Stewart Wounded Knee

I liked their food, the atmosphere was nice, price was great and it's so close by.


Good foods with good price. Went there multiple times and definitely will go back again.

Vijay Merugu

Not that great

Margem Okalwa

Delicious food and wonderful service. I asked for oyster-free the first time we came here and, the second time, the server remembered my request as well as gave us shining service. I definitely recommend at least giving this place a chance. Bonus for those with families or want a sampler: they do have buffet every so often, if that fancies you.

Jaime Gervais

Friendly staff, awesome food, always on top of everything and overall worth the visit.

Alex Carroll

Tasty buffet and great service. I especially like the spicy chicken, and always a fan of cream cheese puffs. I would definitely come back again.

Mehdi Ahmadizadeh

I liked the vegetarian options in their lunch buffet.

Matt Dowell

High quality, extensive buffet. Good service and low cost.


Fantastic service and buffet

Daniel Picard

Nice lunch buffet option during the week. It is typical Chinese-American goopy-sauced items to choose from, but the price is right! The service is always friendly and speedy too.

Absalon Prieto

Super friendly staff and delicious food!

Leah Mendoza

Always excellent service & consistently good food. The people who work here really care and it shows.

Sarah O'Rourke

Food was fantastic! Great atmosphere and friendly staff!

Kathy Griffith

Food here was absolutely delicious I love the service here they're so friendly and wonderful

Shandon Sullivan

Fresh delicious food. Great service and a good price. The meat is so tender and full of flavor. Probably the best Chinese food I've ever had. To bad I live in Phoenix....

Logan Paquin

The price is reasonable for a lunch buffet, and the food is pretty good. Although the buffet items don't seem to change, there are a few items (spicy chicken, beef and veggies, cream cheese puffs) that are consistently good. I would recommend it for a fast meal in the area.

Language and Programming Channel

Standard Chinese fare. Good buffet.

Kenny Li

The food are very flavorful and tender. Top notch quality what the price you pay!

Kyle Esse

Amazing buffet! I love the sweet and sour chicken and cream cheese wanton. Egg drop soup is also wonderful!

Matthew Natysin

I LOVE this place! The best lunch buffet in the metro!

Alex M

The food was fresh and delicious! Fast and friendly service and very good food. We've tried several other local spots and none of them came close. This is the first place we've had good sesame chicken and fried rice in the area.

Loulou V

Sadly all of the food I've ordered and eaten taste like frozen foods and thawed out and cooked, like the one near my house. They both taste the same, frozen and recooked it. Wasn't authentic Hunan food, this brand my heart.

Nori Miller

Delicious!.! Amazing Chinese food about as Good as P.F. Chang’s. beautiful authentic atmosphere and great service. Quiet n quick. n easy

Coppercat 8

Great food. Great service. Good looking and clean.

Jeffrey Serrano

Pretty good food great staff

Tom Huston

Apparently this Hunan restaurant has been around for a while, The guy working at the counter was telling me that he has worked there for fifteen years already. I ordered the chicken and beef chow mein and it was great. It comes with a bowl of white rice, And a portion of crispy chow mein noodles on the side. From the minute my chow mein was brought out to my table I knew that it wouldn't disappoint. Everything was extremly fresh and it tasted delightful, Even the gravy- brown sauce that the chow mein base is made in was great. I will definitely be back to Hunan restaurant again very soon to try one of there other many amazingly awesome menu sections. Fyi they also serve a lunch buffet.

Dear Dead Days

Human restaurant is excellent! The food is amazing and so it's the staff! I will definitely be returning.

bratley modes

The food is good but it's the same stuff everyday


Great food

Michael Richie

Great food and friendly service!

Felicia Vivas

The food was great! I really loved the quality of it and I also loved the atmosphere of the building.

JAFS Bridget'smom

The fabulous none...fresh & delicious. ..extensive menu sufficient for all palates. Expeditious service and take-out!

Tom Colenso Colenso

Always super and the people are super nice. Super service top

Anonymous User

Very delicious and great service!

Selena Young

The food was good, very fresh and hot. Also, the staff was friendly and helpful. The only downside about this experience was the buffet selection is small.


Delicious food very great customer service

Gerald Bumanglag

Good service, friendly and very good food. Highly recommended

Brent Hauger

This is one of the better Asian buffets around. It's reasonably priced and there a lot of variety. Everything I had was good.

Andre Bryant

Great place


Decent, guilty-pleasure Chinese food. I had the lunch buffet, full of sesame, spicy, lemon, sweet and sour, broccoli chicken dishes, beef and broccoli, lettuce salad, jello, egg rolls, spring rolls, egg drop or sweet and sour soups, cantaloupe, fried sugar rolls. All very tasty and quick, but probably not good for you.

Chris Halverson

Lunch buffet is decent but kind of small. Staff was attentive.

Bob Becker

Food always fresh, staff always happy to see you. A must for Chinese. Danny and Jimmy are the best hosts, period.

Britt Nelson

This is a really great place for lunch break, one of my personal favorites. The buffet isn’t huge, but the food is delicious and always fresh. Get there around 11 for the best seating and first run at food during the week.

Dan Bird

Great service hole in the wall Chinese food. Delicious.

Cindi McDonald

My favorite lunch buffet!

Blake Sullivan

Fantastic service and the best cantonese food I have ever eaten

MaKayla Deneffe

Friendly employees and great tasting food!

Chase Krause

Cheap, good food. The lunch buffet is $10.70

Rog Gab

Every time I have gone here it was delicious and the staff were very nice.


We just celebrated our son-in-law’s birthday with a group of nine at the restaurant of his choice - Hunan in Bloomington! The food was really delicious (sesame chicken, hunan triple crown, Singapore mai fun, mandarin chicken), the portions were generous and the service was attentive (quick to refill water and ask us if we needed anything) and friendly. The manager/owner knows how to treat customers right (the donuts were awesome). We will be back.

Becky Mittelstaedt

Good food at the buffet

Barry Thao

Went in for the lunch buffet. There was scraps in the pans. I scraped what I could, had cheese puffs and eggrolls and 3 bowls of soup. Had more eggrolls. They never brought out any fresh food in the 40 minutes I sat in. 2 stars for refilling my glass of water. But I don't think I'll be returning in the foreseeable future.

Laura Thibodeau

Love the buffet. Good prices, amazing food!

Ryan Sunny

Great food here. Quality food choices are offered. This place is very popular come by 11 on weekdays to get the best seating. Great owners and staff

Cj Hanks

I was a little taken back by the lack of patrons inside but now they're on my go to list when I get in town. People are constantly flowing in and out with to go orders. It was some of the best egg foo Yong I've had in a long time and I travel every week. It's true what they say about the customer service. Nice personality.

Cory Miller

Great noon buffet. Friendly service and they keep it well stocked.

Tim Szeliga

Good inexpensive food

Cole Funseth

Went for dinner on a whim and was not disappointed. They had a great buffet with many different types of food. Would have liked a few more veggie options but the food was great regardless.

John Albindia

Good buffet. They always replenish their food. Good service too!

Sarena Nelson

The employees are killing it on the floor here. They are so quick and ready for help You! Not to mention the food is Amazing! Better come here!

Robbie K

One of our family's favorite restaurants.

Janet Sirovy

My new favorite place!! All food was delicious!!

Nick Wong

Great food - was not expecting authentic Chinese cuisine in MN but found it!

Jarod Silverman

VERY IMPRESSED! Great spread & great price. Went for lunch in Feb 2018

Laura Muus

Delicious food and EXCELLENT service! These guys rock. Always paying attention to your drink, your plate, asking if everything is okay. This is the best example of Team work. Best Chinese Restaurant in the area. Highly Recommended ♡

Mitch Ashburn

Found this excellent restaurant by chance when I was in the area, sure glad I did. Excellent food, fast and hospitable service. Check them out!

Jessica Bush

My husband and I love this restaurant. The staff is welcoming and always remembers us. The buffet is great!

Tom Wilkins

Always a good buffet but the exact same items everyday. I would like to see one or two dishes changed out daily, like Monday they have x and Tuesday they have y. I would go more often (every other week for lunch now).

John Wagner

Xellent as always!!! Great little buffet!

Andrew Nelson

Really good buffet. Loved the spicy chicken and the Thai noodles!

M. F. Saari

At 1:30pm the dishes where almost empty. Not going back.

Rob Nguyen

One of the best Chinese restaurants I've been too. If you're familiar with Yangtze in Golden Valley, you'll be right at home here and it doesn't hurt that the prices are cheaper. My favorite picks there are the sesame chicken and the cantonese chicken pan fried noodles.

Mary Huffer

My favorite buffet! Food is always fresh!

Srikanth Narayanan

The buffet is one of the best in twin cities

Lori Hanken

We are regulars for their lunch buffet. Great food and great service! Friday night buffet is also a favorite.


The lunch buffet is amazing!

Bjorn Aelony

Friendly service, good buffet, and the best kung pao chicken anywhere.

Andrew Krahn

good food, friendly service

Jacob Hark

Great lunch buffet. Small spread but fresh. Won tongs are legit!

matthew workcuff

Great food and really great service

Jon Zeipen

Great food, good service.

Melvin Canafranca

Great environment with friendly owner and crew. They make sure that you'll be assisted within 5 minutes of entry into the restaurant. The food are also great. I suggest that you try the House special fried rice and the Mushroomed chicken. Definitely our favorite.

Linh Do

I and my boyfriend come here often at least once a week. Friendly staff, good foods. As an Asian, the taste is good for us. Best Chinese food in town. We have lived in downtown, eat Uptown but no place taste as good as Hunan-Bloomington. Some ppl complaint about buffet selections, but here is the thing: it’s only $8.99 (or so for lunch) and $11.99 for dinner with foods of your choice (buffet?!?). If you think Panda Express is better than this, then you must have a cheap taste. If not, pay $20-30 for a nice buffet with sushi and seafood. Anw, highly recommend Hunan


Fresh lunch buffet was very delicious! Service was fast and friendly too!

Matthew Knutson

Terrific lunch experience! My wife and I have never had a poor lunch here. The staff is friendly and very quick (seating, waiting, and bus-ing tables all done fast). The buffet is reasonably sized, constantly replenished, and all of the food is well above average buffet quality. The best part - great buffet price! Haven't tried it for a take out or other non-buffet eating experience, but would definitely give it a shot. Giving this place a try for lunch is a must.

Charles Kobernat

Typical Chinese Restaurant. After hearing how great it is I was disappointed in its sameness. The sesame chicken was the only standout everything else was equal to or less than average. I only had the lunch buffett so maybe table servicevis better. $14 for buffett and soda...

Mary Ellen

Fresh, good quality food. Good service as well.

Ashley Berg

The food is amazing, big portions, and I've never been treated better at a restaurant. Very convenient that it's right by my job, I will definitely be coming back

Rebecca Hardy

I really don't understand people's 5 star reviews! It's not bad, but it's definitely not 5 star worthy. It's a solid 3.5 in my book. The beef chow fun was delicious, the sesame chicken and sweet & sour pork were just ok, the fried rice was not very good, and the egg rolls and dumplings were gross. If you want delicious Asian fare, go to Cadao Express in Richfield, Cafe 99 in St. Paul, or Quangs on Eat Street.

Todd Christenson

Our favorite buffet in town!

Bill Kreisle

I have been going to Hunan sporadically for nearly 15 years. During that time, my daughter left for college for four years, and then moved to Japan for two years. Recently she went into Hunan with me and they remembered her drink order from seven years prior. Consistently good food, too.

Anthony Trinh

Decent Chinese place but probably not worth a second.. lots of better I'll options around but OK if you're in the area looking for Chinese food.

Carrie Dahlquist

Great service, good food !

Todd Winge

For the price of a disappointing Le Ann Chins experience you can have all you can eat deliciousness!!! Was sceptical, but had to check it out. Smaller buffet, but plenty of options and each are very richly flavorful. Seriously.... super impressed and yes they are constantly filling trays. Customer service was also 5 stars. You WON'T be disappointed and I'll surely be coming back here!

Laura's Loves

The lunch buffet was tasty and refreshed very frequently while I was there. A good variety of dishes were available. The restroom was clean and the staff very friendly. Overall a pleasant experience.


I'm a Chinese food Fanatic, And this place was nothing special. it was a very small buffet the atmosphere was nice, so were the servers for $10.95 plus tax it was decent enough. probably wont be back though. but it was an okay spot.

Vanessa Mccahon

The food was good but not a big selection

Clayton Haapala

Lots of veggie choices. Good food.

Thomas McConnell

Waiter was very nice and meal was excellent.

Jeff Dietman

Wonderful. Great food, friendly service.

Andrew Yee

Good Chinese staples with friendly service

Seth Peake

The gentlemen that run this are exceptionally kind. The food is great here. Especially the buffet. Black Bean shrimp is out of this world tasty. Hunan Lamb has a little kick to it. And their fried rice is never dry. Must check out if in Bloomington or Richfield.

Dave Daley

'I think I'm starting to hallucinate a little bit as well now the couch is beginning to look like a spring roll'

Jenia Burns-Cadotte

good service and fantastic food.

K Martin

Above average Chinese buffet. Lunch was about $10/adult. The food was hot and refilled quickly. I really enjoyed the sesame chicken. The bathroom was a bit dingy.

Ti Can

There are a lot of good foods. I have to limit myself to eat there twice a month.

Scott Olson

Pan fried noodles are the BOMB... SO GOOD... I highly recommend this dish.

out of the box thinking

Great buffet and never an empty beverage glass, great service.

Nikolas Gray

Amazing small scale but high quality food. 16 trays of food, that's it! They are never empty, and they know what they're doing.

Joe Lo & Co.

As always, great service and delicious food. Some of our favorites are the Pot Stickers, Hunan Lamb, and the fried rice. Fridays and Saturdays are buffet nights. Their hot tea is delicious. Portion sizes are good and the price to value ratio is good. Simply put, we've never had a bad experience here, the host knows us after a dozen or so visits, even if it's been a few months since our last visit. We will be back.

Abdi Barre

Buffet was delicious but limited options

cecy alvarado

Great place, Great Service and always fresh food.

Joshua Palfreyman

Hands down the best chinese food. Hunan Lamb and Orange chicken is a must

Troy McCabe

Nice small place. Buffet is good for the price (12 different dishes + deserts if I recall). Staff is always super friendly

Ryan Laing

Good food, prompt service. Friendly staff!

J. Scott

Great place great food great people

Tom B

The best, real family atmosphere.

Stephen Langer

Better than decent (Midwestern) Asian buffet with a focus on fried food. Popular with the big-boned community.

Jordan Radaj

Great selection of food choice for the lunch buffet. Everything they make is amazing.


They have a buffet, They also have menu items all day long.. I order off the menu,.

Valerie Mayer

We have been going here for ten years. We love their just the right size buffet

Matt Sanders

The food here is delicious and always hot and fresh. Even during the non-portions of lunch, the food is carefully replaced to maximize the freshness for you. Their sesame chicken is absolutely wonderful

Jodi Angell

This place is a little pricey; that's why I didn't give 5 stars. However, their egg foo young is the best I've had. I also highly recommend their sesame tofu.

Todd Cavanaugh

Good quality and a larger selection to choose from than most.

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