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REVIEWS OF Hoagies Family Restaurant IN Minnesota

Ken Sevald

I ordered my breakfast with my eggs over easy and they came and both Yokes were broken. My sausage was still pink in the middle. And the grease they used on the hash browns was awful. It also took a long time to get waited on sitting at the counter. I Won't Go Back

Willi Shaw

Waitresses attentive and fast. Food is hot and made to order. I highly recommend the plate size pancakes I love bringing my daughter's here.

Michelle Knutson

Awesome food and service

Richard Larson

I eat breakfast at Hoagies every Tuesday and have done so for the past 15 years. Food quality and service is the best.


Great food, poor service. When I first came in I was greeted by no one there were no clean tables at all. The wait staff seem like they didn’t want to make eye contact with me, they kept glancing over me and walking past me. I asked a patron if it was a seat yourself restaurant they said yes. I continued my wait because well there were no clean tables. Waitstaff continued to walk past me. After five minutes of standing around waiting for someone to clean a table for me to sit down I was seated in the back corner. My waiter came and took my order and I waited for my breakfast. My food came quickly but no one checked on me to make sure that everything was OK my entire meal. My check was placed on my table maybe five minutes after my food came and I felt unwanted. I understand if this is a small business and very popular but I also know customer service and making your customers feel wanted and welcome is part of the job. That’s why I gave this establishment two stars.

Mike Johnson

Decent, old fashioned restaurant. Nothing too fancy

Richard Webb

Nothing fancy, good food @ great prices.

Carlos Perez

Good food, friendly atmosphere.

Kim Hovey

Go back in time to an old fashioned diner for great food! It's a popular place in the morning, be prepared to wait a bit on weekends but it's worth it. You have to seat yourself so be looking for a table to open up.

Michael Paul

Service was a little slow. Food took a little bit of a long time to get, but once it was served it was hot and delicious. The hash browns are awesome.

Katherine Hardee

Good traditional diner food make sure to have cash as they don't take cards.

Lisa Stewart

Really enjoy this throwback true diner-style restaurant. It’s no frills, but filled with lots of great local friends meeting up over a cup of coffee and conversation. You can’t beat their prices. Paid $15 for 2 FULL breakfast meals this morning. The parking is a bit of a bear, with street parking seeming to be the only option - but never more than a couple blocks away. If you like drinking alcohol with your breakfast, this isn’t the place. It’s a restaurant. Not a bar/restaurant. Great service and food!! Always recommend.

Sean Rodgers

Good food, and I'll be honest, their prices are basically still stuck in the 1970's, and this dude is definitely not complaining. A tad disappointing that they don't accept credit cards, I mean it IS 2019?? Outside of that, just a standard little breakfast joint, with cool decor that pumps out some fairly solid food.

Rick Pellinger

This place is so classic! Everything you need for a great breakfast. Good service and a nice family restaurant feel.

Hallier Duran

Nice local family diner

Myra ATT

The food is great but the service was a little poor. Our server ended up being awesome and he was very friendly. The girl with short blonde hair tied back into a ponytail who originally spoke to us when we first walked in was extremely rude and very short with us. We were trying to decide where to sit because we wanted a booth and she very rudely came up to us and snapped at us to go sit at a round table in the back of the restaurant. The area where we were going to sit was going to be closed but we didn't know that. Instead of politely making us aware of that she said "fine sit wherever you want" so we headed to the round table where she told us to go. Then after she realized she put us in the walk way to the kitchen she then proceeded to roll her eyes and loudly complain about it within ear shot to her co workers even though she told us to sit there. My sister goes to this restaurant frequently with her family because it's close to her daughter's basketball practice. I will not be returning. I am a frequent restaurant diner and previous server and would never be this unprofessional and unpleasant. I have to say it ruined my dining experience and that is why I gave it two stars.

Peter Simpson

Good but ok

Sean Ansolabehere

Wonderful food! Great mom&pop shop. Low prices. Kind and courteous staff!

Jen Vivant

Every few Sundays we try to make it here, great prices with very nice portion size, bring cash but if you forget they've got an atm. You can pick a booth, table or cozy up to the counter. We'll be back, again and again.

Sarah Olson

Love this place. No frills. Cash only. Homie and delicious.

gwen lewis

I Love to have Breakfast here! Best deal in town! Old Diner feel

Jennifer King

When you want breakfast the way your Grams made it for you, just go to Hoagies. There might be a short wait for a table, but you'll amuse yourselves by looking at the nostalgia that covers the walls. The food is homemade and delicious and always served with a smile :)

Eric Dashow

It's the best cafe/diner I've ever been to. The food is great and affordable, the staff is always friendly and welcoming, and the ambiance is homey/retro 50's dining. It's a cornerstone of downtown Hopkins. Highly recommend.

JC Hsie

Cozy little place with fun decorations. Service was on the slow side though. Showed up on Sunday at noon, it was mostly full. However it took 15 minutes just to get water and slightly longer to place our order. Our server wasn't lolly gagging so maybe they were short handed. Food was OK, although the canned mushrooms on the omelet were disappointing. Prices were pretty good and staff was friendly.

Steve Merwin

Great service. Basic breakfast. Inexpensive.

Lisa Gignac

Love the staff. Prices are very reasonable. Quintessential small town American cafe. Great breakfast and better atmosphere than say Perkins.

Steve Runyon

I would have given 5* as it is a great and cute little diner, but they do not take credit cards and I didnt have my atm card with me as this isn't the middle ages any longer and who doesn't take credit cards. Even small businesses can use square and take credit cards. Food was good and sensibly priced and the coffee was comparable to coffee shop drip coffee. Be careful if you plan to use a credit card.

Cindy Niemann

Bargain breakfast in quaint small town diner.

Ted Webber

Good comfort food at s good price

Kevin Honius

Great food at reasonable prices

Maureen Westendorf

Great old-fashioned menu that covers a good selection of both breakfast & lunch items. My breakfast was fast, huge, delicious & reasonably priced. If you go..they open earlier than most & close at 2pm on Friday & Saturday...mostly 2pm during the week! Yum!!

Minnesota Minnesota

Great family diner

Lazuara Stone

I LOVED the atmosphere! Very Mom and Popish ♥️♥️♥️ The pancakes I'm pretty sure were as big as my head and DELICIOUS!! The 4 stars is because the sausage patties we're just ok. But I would come back

Mike B

Excellent Good and Value!

Craig Lindvall

Good breakfast great price

Tom Devitt

Toast was cold and eggs had no flavor. Used to go there weekly. Haven't been there for awhile and it is not good like it used to be.

Ronald Doran

Love the environment food and service. Small town feel.

allen wood

Nice comfy feeling

William Fernow

Homemade Food, Great Service! Loved it!

Mallory Manning

Very affordable, location is super cute, food is just basic fare done well. If you go (and you should) you better tip nicely because I've never once seen those workers stop to catch their breath- this place is always busy but they don't leave you hanging. Seat yourself when you arrive and don't forget to bring cash- they don't take cards.

Elijah Rosenn

Super good food. Fast and friendly service. I really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Kimberly Brown

They give kids reusable straws in a plastic bottle.... the straw my child got was all chewed up! ... yuck!

lynn forrest

CASH ONLY! No wifi. More parking across the road from the back of the bldg. Seat yourself. Don't expect too much except good food with good prices in a casual environment. Family friendly.

Nick Lawson

Have been coming here once a week for going on 15 years. Great value and good food. The staff is the best. Let it be known, I have a minor crush on Dan. classic diner atmosphere. Go there

Ayanna Nathan

This place is great for breakfast and I've recently started trying their lunch menu. It's typical greasy and delicious, old-school diner food. Servers aren't very personal because of the fast paced environment, but that doesn't take too much away. The prices are great, though in comparison the prices for specials are kind of high. This place would make great dinner, so it's a shame that they're only open until 2 pm. Processing transactions done with credit or debit cards is expensive, so I'm sure that staying cash only keeps the prices low. I will definitely keep coming back and hope that they don't change too much.

Calisha Sanders

Wonderful small family owned business with great food, excellent service and low prices. Great neighborhood staple. The pancakes are big and there are many options. Great spot

Victoria H

We love Hoagies. So glad we found out about this place, but wish we would've known about it sooner. It seems to be stuck back in time when it comes to both the interior, food quality and prices. It's a gem. Absolutely perfect.

Keith Austin

Food was awesome and our server was great. We'll come back!

Ray Alex Perry

I've been coming to this place since 1993. Glad it hasn't changed.

Aj Jaxon

Food is good. Comes out quickly. But only takes cash


I have been coming here for years. The food is perfect classic diner fare, and the prices are very reasonable! It’s a good thing I don’t live within walking distance otherwise I’d be eating here every day.

Camren Blank

Great home made food. This place is busy so expect to wait for a seat and plan to wait for your food. Our visits with 4 people take 45 minutes to 75 minutes. They are cash only, they do have a cash machine on site.

Corey Lloyd

Neglectful service. 15 minutes of waiting and we finally had to flag someone down to even get our coffee and order breakfast. After getting our food we were basically abandoned, we ate, paid and left with no additional service from anyone. It's also cash only, but they own the ATM, so it's just a cash grab by them. I hope the $2 in ATM fee profit was worth losing a new to the area customer over. This is a big metro area, and it's not hard to find a competing diner that actually cares about their customers.

JSW Sheldon

Great food, great prices, friendly staff. Seat yourself and they come help you.

Jean paul Paquette

Good food fast service

Jodi Linberg

Great breakfast here. Incredibly cheap prices, friendly staff. It's a cute little hole-in-the-wall type of place with a very retro atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit! The only confusing part was we were to seat ourselves, but there was no sign and multiple employees walked past us without mentioning it.

Steve O

Fantastic food breakfast like just when I was a kid,good prices too

Tony O

Classic diner with a very unique interior and welcoming family atmosphere. Great food and amazing service. They don't make them like this place anymore, and sadly these types of spots are becoming extinct. Get your Hoagies experience soon and often because you never know when this gem could close their doors for good. (I hope it never does!) Love it and would highly recommend it.

Sarah Doss

Went for the first time this morning with a friend. Our server Tracy was an absolute saint with her patience with us while we dilly-dallied in ordering! Her energy was phenomenal and always had a smile in her voice and on her face! The food was amazing, large portions and at a fair price. Cinnamon rolls are to die for, pankcakes are large and fluffy....every was just perfect! Great homey and laid back atmosphere!!

Rachel Petersen

Great place to go with the family. They have a good selection of choices. They aim to please everyone and hope your visit is good. They do have a children's menu. The price is fair the don't accept credit or debt cards so come with cash. They do have an ATM if you don't mind paying the fees.

Peter Teigland

Excellent portions for price.


Simply Breakfast. Old fashioned food and atmosphere. BEST HASH BROWNS I HAVE HAD. Old fashioned prices too!

Michael Ryman

Best place for breakfast in the West Metro hours are great price is right can't beat it

Kim Krattley

Great small town breakfast and lunch place! Highly recommend the sticky bun/roll

edwin brown

Great family style restaurant

Jonathan Peterson

Food is great for the price but the wait was longer than 30 minutes or more.. if u have kids might as well go to another place cause they get very impatient...

Anna Hoenack

Ate here for the first time today and loved it. Food was great and staff was really friendly. We'll definitely be back!

Gabriel Rios

Very bad service, great food, but takes an hour just to get your food. Not staff's fault, understaffed.

Jeremy Rust

Hogies is a classic diner with very affordable food, large portions, a great and low key atmosphere with friendly server's. Its an old school greasy spoon that is iconic for the neighborhood locals. They also have great Burger's for lunch and pies for dessert. Just remember that they are CASH ONLY and Enjoy!

Todd Kellogg

Great value..Great Breakfast..Top Service..Friendly Service..

John Mayer

I totally love this place. Old back in the day nostalgia! Cozy and friendly atmosphere. Good menu at very reasonable prices. I Would recommend this spot to everyone!

Brandon Grady

Really great local diner, only open for breakfast and lunch.

Tom Etchason

I know the waiter kinda tried to warn me off the home made fries, they were awful. Otherwise a nice place when you're on a budget. Their prices are so reasonable I almost felt like saying something. The whole meal was a complete success when the busboy kissed my granddaughter goodbye as we left. (They've been! For some time now)

Josh Hanson

I order my steak med rare and i got it well done. and i was a little thrown off that they don't except cards. But otherwise i like the environment and food was good.

Justin Holmberg

Tracie is the best server. Always makes me laugh and feel comfortable. She deserves a raise IMO.

Willard Ward

A silent fog clouded the streets that morning. The thin layer of transparency through the haze allowed him to traverse the familiar turns, however, with uncertainty. Guiding his hand along a building side, he found solace in the solidity of this tether. The rough brick suddenly turned cold, smooth and metal. Feeling back again, the brick was now gone. As the fog dissipated, he fell to his knees. He never thought he would return to this place. Best breakfast in town!

Erin McDaniel

Great service and decent food. Cash only but there is an ATM on-site. It's seat yourself and gets busy quickly.

Tom Anderl

Good breakfast fast service big portions!

Bill Baldwin

My absolute go to favorite. I’m there 1-3 times a week and it is always fabulous. Cash or check only so remember that. It’s the gem of Mainstreet Hopkins. Good old fashioned breakfast and lunch with no frills. Their great serving teams is very efficient and friendly. They all help each other make sure everyone is well taken care of.

Neville Perera

Great old time feel with food at amazing prices. Great breakfast on the weekend.

Will Charlton

Stopped by for a pleasant engagement with the locals, damn good burger and a standard American cup if coffee. Love the authentic adherence to it's simple mission.

Lisa Cardenas

Old school dining awesome homemade menu pancakes the size of a pan

Metal Thing

Small town vibes in this place. Stopped in on the way to family from the cities and the boyfriend and I loved it. Good food, SUPER GOOD PRICES, and the guy(I think owner?) Was nice and helpful.

Phil Smith

It is truly a step back in time to the late'50's or very early '60's.interior menu and prices


Great place. Reminded me of a small hometown restaurant. Church basement dishes, no credit card, simple decor, great cafe menu. My only gripe is that the green beans were canned. Blech! They wouldn't let me swap them out for chips. The turkey special was plentiful and delicious, the gravy was super! Mashed potatoes were so buttery and yummy. I'm happy to return anytime, but please consider fresh veggies.

Alice McGough-Pose

Went on a busy sunday morning for breakfast. We had to wait about 5 minutes for a table, which wasn't bad at all! The place was packed and more customers kept coming, for good reason! The food here is just what you want from a small hometown diner and for amazingly low prices! Two of us were stuffed and spent under $20 for the entire bill. Staff was friendly and working hard to keep up with the packed dining area. Cash only, but atm is onsite. Just be prepared to wait a bit if you're visiting on a weekend morning.

Thomas Sigwalt

Love going here! Great food for a great price!

Matthias Opitz

Great food, friendly service!

Stephen Carey

The best food. The middle booth seats.... The back rest part are annoying. Eachtime the folks sitting behind you lean back, you move forward and vise versa. Its super annoying. Trying to stay still with a 3yr old next to you is impossible. I should go fix em for them. Otherwise excellent all around!

Biff Blanstin

The food is good. Tracy, is a great and friendly server.

brad mcnabb

Great food great service and super great prices

Bethany Lindvall

When I walked into Hoagies I felt like I was taking a step back in time. They have an old-time diner feel with the decor. Our waitress was super friendly and helpful with our orders. We had the special of corned beef hash and from the menu a classic sausage, egg, toast, and hash brown combo. The food was very reasonably priced and everything was good. We will likely be back!

Frank Arnzen

Very busy. Food service inordinately slow. Nice staff.

Kyle Bongard

Very family friendly. Easy eating.

Carisa Fegers

What a gem! Basic, good priced, portioned right, and so yummy! A perfect small family owned restaurant with friendly staff. NOTE: Make sure to bring cash or check as they do NOT accept credit cards!

Grant Nelson

Food and service are top notch! Don't forget to bring cash!

Jacob Kane

Good food and good service. Seat yourself. Cash only, but there is an ATM in the place. Expect a cold blast in the winter if you are seated by the door.

Harriet Stifter

Family priced and family atmosphere. Great food.

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