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REVIEWS OF Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet IN Minnesota

Christy Lamoreaux

Seriously one of the best if not THE best Chinese buffets I've ever eaten at. Tons of variety, great tasting food, and a very clean restaurant. Definitely will be going back.

Beth K

I think Hibachi Grill is one of the best Chinese buffets in the Cities. I go for their sushi and the Mongolian grill. Both are always excellent. Also their potstickers, honey shrimp, and triple delight are my favorites. The staff is always friendly and the place is always clean. Never a long wait in line and prices are reasonable. Generally all around wonderful!

Jude Kelly

Had a large variety of entrees. Not a lot of non seafood Asian choices however.

Robert Walker

I brought my family here this Saturday and there were cockroaches everywhere. All over the clean bowl and plate areas and on the floor. I have not had much experience with cockroaches in the past, but what I have heard is that they tend to hide when people are around or lights are on. Well, a ton of people were there and the lights were bright and these roaches did not seem to care. I can only imagine what the back of the house looks like and all of the crawlies that were in their food they served.

Dan Miller

I love this place Hibachi beef is my favorite. Service is great foods even better 5 stars forsure.

Bethany Lopez

We came here because it had really good reviews and people said it was better than tepenyaki grill. They do have a large selection but the food isn’t that good. The fried rice was very gross and the hibachi was okay. The server was very slow with getting us refills and our bill.

Michael Moen

It was good with a wide selection of food

Crystal Wolfe

Decent selection, but got sick afterwards

Roxanne Fosse

Came at the end of lunch they had some really hot (temperature stuff) but had stickers that said dinner on them so we were not to take from there. Everything else hardly anything to eat so much gone. And not very hot. Make sure you go at the very start of lunch or dinner.

Tiger Vang

Food was pretty decent. Only downer, was they didn't bring food out as much. Even though it was a little slow.

Tonya Tiemann

Food was aweful! I barely ate.. what a waste of $34.00..

Scott Rousseau

Usually the food has been great. Tonight the grill was flavorless and the coconut shrimp was old. The only things that were half way decent were the things out of a can, like the puddings and cookies.

Steven Pregler

My mind was blown by how good the food is here.

J Whelan

This place has really gone down down hill from it's glory days. For example, there doesnt seem to be any difference between any of the chicken dishes other than the sauce and names, and basically 1/8 of the buffet is the same chicken. There are plenty of other better buffets to spend your money at.

Eric Marshall

So the good thing about this place; The aquarium! Honestly the food here is good, it's the service that makes it deplorable. From the moment you walk in, the hostess has absolutely no personality and couldn't be colder if she was my ex-wife. The gentleman (and I use that term loosely) manning the hibachi either doesn't understand the English vernacular or doesn't care and I can only speculate. He must have been in the same "customers suck" pre work ritual as the hostess or maybe they're married and hate everyone but each other. Now for the waiter, his other job must be with Google because he was on his phone damn near the whole time. I would have had more luck summoning drinks with Carol Ann from the static laden television in the back of the restaurant. Everytime we needed something we had to chase him down. The food was really good but the experience overall ruined it for me and I will never go back. If you can deal with the agony of serving yourself, I wish you luck.

Constance Porter

Food ok for Asian buffet. I was overcharged by about 15.00 so watch your receipt.

Gene Krekelberg

Always good food and a lot of variety. If you like Asian food this place is great.

Christian Kluge

I enjoy the amount of food options. The chicken on kebab is the best. My daughter loves them. I also enjoy the bbq chicken.

Dan Beers

Nice grill and sushi selection. Lots to chose from and staff very polite.

Matthew Ferguson

Decent food, great atmosphere, OK value. I would have liked the food that were meant to be spicy to have significantly more heat. That being said, they offer a wonderful blend of standard "Chinese" food along with a number of more authentic options.

Adella Rimer

Great food, all you can eat, service is excellent and very clean and comfortable.

Danielle Coleman

The food here is always good service is always impeccable. There is a lot of food variety. I have come here many times and brought a whole bunch of my family members.


Honestly. The buffet was super gross.

rosa l c

Horrible they changed the cooks and the food is terrible I won't go back again

Wendy Beers

Buffett. Need I say more.

johnny herlofsky

One of the best in the city!

Gary Wood

It's ok, as far as buffets go. Teppanyaki grill is better.

Arthur Sprague

Great sea food.

lindsey donner

The earlier the better, u can thank me later !!!

Jean Hoag

Food was very good. Service was awesome. Friendly atmosphere.

Lynn Everling

Great food at a great price.

Steph D

We've come here for years and like it very much. Consistently good cooked food. Love the veggies and meat/seafood options, and crab rangoon has great flavor. The sushi here isn't for me, but I'm not coming to the buffet for that. I missed the creme cakes they used to have but that's ok because the mille feuille is my favorite and they still have that. Wish they had boiled crab legs.

Bobby gamer

They have really good food

Tony Jaroscak

Great buffet and priced very reasonable.I have been back many time since.

Kaththea Trotter

Our favorite buffet. Always fresh food. Good, courteous staff.

Jacm M

The best ever..always

Erika S

Excellent service and the food is delicious! Theres a wide variety of seafood, sushi, chicken, pork, and beef. First time here and definitely wont be the last.

Liala Helal

Great food! Love both their sushi and Hibachi. Friendly service. The only downside is there's lots of waiting during busy times like Friday nights, but that's typical of all restaurants. But it's worth the wait!

John Keymer

An affordable buffet option with a larger than usual variety and selection of items, served in a casual but aesthetically pleasing environment. It's clean and the service is proficient, and the food tastes and looks fresh whenever I visit during lunchtime hours. It's not head and shoulders better than the competition overall, but it's my clear preference in the area and their sushi actually is head and shoulders better than the competition, and the remainder is a modest improvement.

Rebecca okoe Anthony

Food was very nice

Bee Vang

I would avoid going when it is slow and especially when they open in the morning, I have experienced reheat food from the previous day. Must go when it is busy for fresh food.

Ramon Villegas

Varied & delicious buffet for the price.

Dakota Grant

Great selection fast service

Brian Gouge

The great variety of food clean environment and good service.

Ryan Flannery

Great selection and good quality. One of my favorite buffets, make sure to try the lychee fruit and sushi

Rosefire Myst

Love eating here when we are in Minnesota. Lots of variety and very good quality cooking. The Sushi is awesome! The staff is all very nice and attentive.

Allison Schulz

Today was the first time we tried this place. We were looking for something new. It was a nice change and we liked almost everything. The pepper chicken was amazing and the sesame chicken was really good too! The only downside was it seemed like every dish was chicken...if you like beef dishes, you will be disappointed. We will be back. Wish they had fried spring rolls instead of just egg rolls.

Sherri Smith

First time there and I absolutely loved it! Ppl were super friendly, and and made me feel welcome as soon as I walked in the door.

Daniel Abad

Today I was in this restaurant and the service that the person gave me was very bad. He is very arrogant and is annoyed by being asked to notify me with the person who charged me in the front. I hope they talk to this person because the service What each employee gives is very important to us, the clients

Laing Zhang

Cheap, rich in ingredients, the best choice

Lori Jean

Every item I tried tasted had a freezer burnt aftertaste and it was not cheap to eat there either. I don’t know how this place gets any good reviews, but I will never go back here. Worst buffet food ever!

Thomas Lingbloom

Great variety of food and tasty food!

Corinne Cornell

Just stopping through, and had the buffet. 2 adults just under $20, can't beat that! Food was fresh and delicious! Lots of veggies, and lots of sushi!

Lavon Thomas

Good food and service.

Jason Ramswick

This place is the best all you can eat restaurant I've been to. Especially good deals during lunch.

brian underdahl

Good food good service


Service was extremely good, food was a little underwhelming in both flavor and pizzaz.


The wait wasn't so bad. The food tastes amazing and definitely would recommend it for anybody.

Lexi Toberman

This is by far my absolute place to eat! Food is amazing and has the largest variety I’ve seen at a Chinese restaurant. Has amazing sushi and seafood, hibachi bar that I haven’t personally tried but I’m sure is just as great! Prices are good for the quality and quantity they have to offer. I will never get enough of this place! The waiters/waitresses are very polite as well.


Good pricing on buffet, love the price and so many varieties to choose from.

Marsha Peterson

If you're looking for quantity, this is a good place to go. Quality has gone down-hill since first opening. My son likes it especially for their sushi. I don't eat sushi. I will eat some of their other choices, but it's definitely not my go to place.

Hitarth Desai

I just love this place..varieties of Veggie stuff available and it is economical place to have unlimited lunch...nice customer service too

Tara Matthews

I was satisfied with the cleanliness of the facility. All the food was neat and for the most part labeled. Especially because it was extremely busy and was mothers day, the service was decent.

Chris Mickelson

Seafood! Like... all of it.

shawn waldron

Food was really good and fresh a little spendy

Madalyn Ryan

To-go option is cheaper than dining in and they weigh your food by pound.


Dinner time a bit packed felt like the food was not as good as it is at lunch.

Andy Munson

Food and staff were great. Definitely going back!

Pat Wegerson

Fantastic selection at a reasonable price. Nearly impossible to not find something you'll like - or to leave hungry!

Thomas Reinke

Great variety of food options at the buffet

Mike Edsten

The staff here has always been nice to my children. Decent food selection. Not a bad price.

Val Cats

Great selection. Need limes though!!

Erin Siebert


Raul Cervantes

Good food and good sushi

Precious Precious

Buffet is not supposed to charge for the drinks separately. They don’t even let one pay upfront and let clients know the charge for drinks is separate. Poor customer service. Needs an update. Worst one I have ever been to.

Peter MacInnes

Good food, a little pricey, but expected for a Buffett. Coffee not all that great though. Lots of food options, nice atmosphere, worth checking out.

Nee Y

This place is okay. They have a hibachi area, variety of food, soft serve ice cream, sushi. Only wish their waiters/waitresses would not demand another tip on the table when a tip was given on the receipt. I don't get the reason for a double tip. They did that twice to us before. Makes it awkward and uncomfortable. This place is our last option because of that.


There's a lot of variety, which is my number one requirement for a buffet. Sushi, pineapple, chicken, deserts, soft serve, rice, salmon, all kinds of stuff. They bring out a pizza every 20 minutes with different toppings each time. The food quality is... alright. It tastes fairly cheap and reheated. Fairly standard buffet quality. I did enjoy their pizza and my friend really likes their sushi. The service was quite solid. My drink stayed full and they took my used plates quickly. My waitress earned her tip that day. It was also a tad spendy. I paid about $13 with the drink included. That's more than most buffets in the area, but with the food selection and the Hibachi it's probably reasonable. Come here if you want the variety or you want to eat a lot. I tend to get one of everything, so it you're like me, it's worth the price. If you want great food, this probably isn't the place. TL;DR: Fantastic variety, solid service, alright food. Come for quantity, not quality.

Theresa Gehrke

Lots of choices but too many americanized dishes

Minneapolis Photography

Food and atmosphere good. Unsupervised children were running up to the buffet with dirty plates and weren't stopped. I was misquoted the price on the phone.

Teaunyia Hodges

Love their food the staff are so friendly. The food is amazing I would eat here everyday if I could. The price isn't bad either. Try it you will love it hopefully as much as I do.

benjamin hawkins

Solid. They don't have the LARGEST buffet. But it's big lemme tell ya. It's always busy and I attribute that to the food being so on point every time I go. The hidden gem is the hibachi beef. The guys at the in house hibachi grill make this, not the guys in the kitchen. And it is easily the best thing to devour because of its flavor, seasoning and best all, the tenderness. Ironically it's better than the beef dishes they make for individuals at the grill. Despite always being busy, there is rarely a wait that is longer than a minute. The staff are all very courteous and unlike many restaurants, I never seem to run out of diet Coke or water.

Troy Fountain

They have a great selection of food! I has mostly sushi, which was very tasty and looked great. We went for Mother's Day and beat the rush to get in. The line got very long very quickly. The staff did a great job. Highly recommend!

Mike Korluka

Large selection, but the food could be warmer

kristen morehead

I wish they had snow crab legs like mandarin buffet. Some food was awesome tasting n some not so great. Pop is pricey there.

Jacob Zwack

Everything is great. Great lunch. Dinner cost more, but worth it!

Diana Johnson

My family and I LOVE this place. The staff are nice, the variety of food is excellent, and my daughter LOVES the giant fish they have in their aquarium. Fun place!

Flare Side

Hands down best Chinese buffet I've ever eaten. 6 or 7 plates of delicious food for me

JRob Zetelumen

It's a Chinese buffet, pretty much like any other Chinese buffet. It's clean. The entry area is beautiful. Seriously, the furniture in the foyer is astounding, and the pond is very nice. I often wonder if there is one distributor for most Chinese buffets and they all just put their own names on the building. Most Chinese buffet websites look the same, so it's possible that there is a network

Abigail Peirson

Family likes it. Buffet is nice.

shaun freeze

Great food! And the servers are nice.

Emily June

Love this place. Have been here 5-6 times and had no issues. Great Sushi!!

Nancy Carlton

Very good food, many many choices for all appetites

Liliya Lapik

Great food, wide selection. Sushi was very good. Really enjoyed this place. They always have fried shrimp and octopus legs. Yummy.

Angela Ernst

Overall this place was pretty good. Salad bar could use an update. A mixture of food so everyone has something they like.

cj col

It's got a lot of food to offer and the choices are great! From sushi bar to all the regular plus crawfish, and said it was amazing.


The food isn’t as good as it was when it first opened up but it’s still pretty good. As far as customer service, I would rate this a 0 if possible. I have been coming here since the place opened up and the employees are getting worse as the years go by. Today I happened to be sitting by a sweet African American lady when 3 of the servers thought it was funny to purposely slam dishes behind her to disrupt her dinner. She asked them to stop but I could see them right behind her laughing as if it was a joke. After personally confronting the guys and telling them to leave her alone and that she asked them to stop, they felt like it was okay to make more noise than the first time. They continued to laugh and when we spoke to management she simply said okay and went up to the lady with a million excuses as to why her employees don’t know how to behave. It was definitely a way to drive this poor lady out of the restaurant. I know she wasn’t able to enjoy her meal. It was clear they did not like her simply because of her skin color. She did absolutely nothing to cause a disruption even after the employees continued to harass her. They want their money but not the people. Therefore, if you are not white, you are better off finding another place to eat. I am truly disappointed.

Hlee Her

For the past 2 times I've been here servers always ask for tips but never wanna refill your drinks nor take your empty plate away. Overall the food is good.

Dia Lee

I love their fried whole fish and other seafood dishes. Servers ask for tips and did not refill water for a group of 10.

Tamaka Winford

My first time at this location. It was good. Good selection on food choices.

Brian T

I loved the buffet. Many different item and they did not all taste the same

Brittany Misuraca

Delicious food and impressive sushi bar. I think I tried every kind of sushi (some more than once). I also sampled many of the buffet items and everything was great. There was a hibachi station, but I was too full before I thought to try it. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was really nice. I'll definitely come back!

Tydus Lee

Service is good. Food taste as all buffet.

Kim Marino

Love this place. So many good options to pick from. Always great tasting. Excellent service

David Steinke

Not too impressed. Food was dry and lukewarm, and not worth it for the price I paid. Although they had a lot to choose from. But a lot of people talking on there phones making what was an ok meal even worse. I don't like phones at the Table...

Jason & Lilian

This place used to be the best around, sadly it hasn't kept up with the others and has suffered in the quality department.

Pye R

This place is where my grandma andrea (who recently passed on) always chose to meet up with family and enjoy eachothers company over some good sea food, wide variety of foods we all loved...its a place not only do we go to have a bite now, but where we can go to memorialize the times we spent with my grandma there also

Jesse Brueshaber

This place makes for a " win win " dining experience. Heavy traffic of patrons equals fleshly made dishes being turned constantly. I've never had a bad experience here.

Ben H

Great selection of food. Delicious

Missn Missn

Very disappointed for removing from menu baby octopus salad from cold section. I am wonder why it was remove.. octopus is not very expensive dish. Going there I eat just sushi. Another sea food and menu which available in dinner time .. is not interesting for me because it is all the same everywhere. Baby octopus salad was the best in Minnesota!!!

Cory M

Food is satisfactory. Service and ambience are average. Price is about right.

Ethan Strom

One of my favorite places to eat. All you can eat buffet for $13.99 - Worth every penny.

Tim Johnson

Nothing special. Food was hot, flavor was lacking. Average for a buffet.

Nathan Maneke

Excellent choices, fresh food, wonderful presentation. Price was well below expected. Staff was friendly and working to provide the best. Won't find a better buffet in the price range.

Rick Stafford

Googled "Asian restaurants by me" and this place came up. I don't even remember them being there, and I have gone to the nearby Sams Club for 15 years now. (and had been to Key's cafe a few times). Thought we (my g/f and I) should give it a try. Good/large selection, the Hibachi grill was even better. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. We will be going there again.

Liliana Boyd

Food good, cute fish, parking lot is good for photos... service however one star, waiter came to out table once and we never got a drink refill. Our glasses had gross filth on the rim.. very disgusting:(

Justin Thomas

Great Buffett. Excellent sushi!

Derick Hildebrandt

For starters, it's a buffet, you can't go into it expected amazon food. With that said, I have been pleasantly surprised by Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet. The food here is really good for a buffet, and the staff does a great job at keeping everything clean and fresh looking. The pineapple that they put out is actual fresh cut pineapple, not nasty syrup-y canned stuff. That alone. Well worth the price for the quality of buffet food you're getting.


One of the best iv been too for the price and the staff are nice. Not really any complaints but the desert selection is kinda small

Korrin Falck

Went with my good friend. Buffet was fresh and good. Will go back:)

David Anderson

Food was a little disappointing. Most of the chicken dishes were small leathery chicken bits in sauce

Randy Rimer

This was very nice, I was very happy having hot food and they kept stocking up the different dishes .this was a very clean restaurant also, the staff was very polite and friendly. Not high priced.

Shyna Jay

Was waiting to be seated was the only person in line. The guy was sitting at the booth right in front of me . Didn’t speak, seat me or anything . An Asian family walks in he talks to them completely by passes me standing right in front of them . Seats them right away . He then comes back ask me if I was eating here . (Which clearly I was since I’m standing right in front of the wait to be seated sign . ) I say yes I was waiting to be seated and you took the family that clearly came in after me . He just walks off ..... You have very very poor customer service ! That was my first time coming and I will never be back ! Nor will I let any family or friends come .

Beckham Berg

The place offers a great variety of fresh food. I liked dining here. Employees are always kind, prices are fair and the place is always well organised.

Brandi Agenter

The food is good. You can usually get seated fast. The only thing I was no a fan of it their lettuce at the salad bar is usually empty. And their prices online are not what they are when you get your check.

Eddie M

We like this buffet. Food is always consistent. When it's busy it is busy. Fresh fruits are my daughters favorite. My wife likes the hibachi grill. I love hibachi chicken and the crawfish. I try as much selections as I can. It's how I know the food is always good and consistent. Our server today was Anna. She's the first person my daughter went to and Anna helped her get a bowl of ice cream. Thank you for always being friendly and courteous.

Ryan Hicks

The service is very good and the prices are fair. I highly recommend it.

nic schmidt

A bit spendy and the food was a bit cold. Still a decent place just not the greatest.

Eric Rindahl

I go for the Hibachi, build our own, and have them cook it... Always good. They have a good selection of buffet food, and Sushi! I'm not a sushi person, but I tried some and it was good. Staff is usually nice, it's usually clean. There tends to be young kids here screaming if you go at kids dinner time...

Michael Peterson

Great Korean buffet. Very high quality and lots of variety.

Julie C.

Really good food... LOTS of really good food, and very nice waitstaff


Love this place yummy !!! I could eat here all day !

Robert Vang

Way better than teppanyaki down the road. Excellent service and great food. Plus they dont sit there waiting for a tip at the end like waitresses at Teppanyaki. Highly recommend this place. Food was fresh and tasted good.

Scott Bensen

Its a good buffet lots of choices to pick from.

Lara Henrikson

Great selection of food. Enjoyed the food and the big fish tank. Was happy and full when I left. Will go back.

Matthew Jorgensen

pretty good but sushi quality changes a lot day to day

Patrick Farley

Hope you have your tums handy.

Sri Vinjamuri

One of the better buffet places around. Food reasonably tasty for a buffet. Nice, sometimes crowded, consistent quality.

Joan Williams

One of the better buffet places around. Food reasonably tasty for a buffet.Well recommended.

Leon Propson

DELICIOUS food at great prices

Stephanie Mae

Great selection of hibachi items and typical buffet items. Food is good and appears fresh. The place is always pretty busy and service is friendly and fast.

Chellie Alden

Food was cold and old. You could tell they were waiting to replenish the all you can eat bar until the dinner rush hit. It wasn't too expensive BUT you definitely get wat you paid for.

Lindsey King

Great place! Good food reasonable prices

nabor osorno

Good variety of food decent price

Stefanie Hernandez

Great food. The food is always fresh, Not goopy or soggy.

Im NB1969

This place is one of the biggest buffets in Minnesota. The food is fantastic. I will go whenever I'm in the neighborhood.

Je Moua

Love the sea food variety.

Tim Meyers

It was clean and food was always fresh. It would be a shame if you didnt go

Will Jones

Good and affordable!

Jo Singer

Food was great. Nice cozy atmosphere!! We'll be back.

Karl Moore

Best buffet in the area as far as I'm concerned. Everything you could imagine for delicious Chinese and Asian entrees. Good service by friendly staffers. Give 'em a try. You won't be disappointed.

Andrew Parrott

Favorite all you can eat place in the area. Sushi is also fresh fir a buffet

Chong Yang

It was alright. A wide variety selection of foods, but can tend to get boring. It's an all you can eat buffet.

Patti Thompson

Great selection of food. We arrived in between lunch and dinner so some food was a bit old. Pricing is great!

Slay & five

This experience was horrible, I saw a cockroach next to one of the food trays , horrible service and very I overly price for nothing ... I don’t know how to ran a business but it’s seriously horrible and need some improvement. And I have a video of the cockroach

Dustin Nyblom

Wide variety at good price


The hosts we're very quick and business like, not trying to make the usual connection a waiter/waitress tries to make. The food was great though and the sushi chefs behind the counter were very nice to talk to while you grabbed your food from the buffet area.

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