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REVIEWS OF Hibachi Buffet IN Minnesota

Riki Yamashita

Came here because of the review about the best tasting water. Their endless Diet Dr. Pepper is to die for. Constantly filled up, has just the right amount of carbonation and attentive service. Totally, took my mind off the food.

Amy Martinez

Food was old and dried out, found hair in the won ton soup. When I told the employee, she just pulled the hairs out and continued to serve it as is. Prices are higher than other buffets in area. Dining area smells like paint and chemicals. Won't return ever again. Terible customer service.

the whale that ate jonah


Rajesh Kannah

I had a lunch with my brother's family just at the end of the year, thought the weather was very cold, the restaurant was fully occupied, the food was good, staffs were amazing, except there's a few minutes wait and has few parking lot.

Brielle Teal

The food was disgusting will never go back. I don't know why people like this place. Far better Chinese buffets in Minneapolis.

Eric Smith

Great place for to go lunches!


Small But Good

These Are Shapes

Huge selection of really good dishes. Unlimited beef and broccoli, orange chicken, sushi, etc. No rush to eat but there is a general respect between the staff and guests for how fair it is priced. I will be back soon.

Wally Heinrich

Great food and location

Justin Wicks

Really good food great atmosphere

Dan Johnson

A okay

Tarrean Braxton

iblame chante

Not always so fresh

Shane R

Very nice place Clean operated with kindness Very respectable place Excellent food and generous variety of food

Lucas Johnson

Great place with many options! Usually pretty busy, so the food is always fresh. I haven't had a bad item yet, and I go once a week. Sushi is great, craw fish are bomb, and everything else is tasty!

Marcelle Spano


fithealthynhappy 88

Food is mediocre here. Service is good for Asian restaurants. Nothing impressive or stand out though. Just a convenient location to get a fast grub in.

Parry Chen

Just go to teppanyaki grill down the street. This place is no good

Kurt Peterson

They lie. First told me total 14.07 then at checkout they charged me extra. Its a matter of principal not really the extra couple bucks. It must be a cultural thing. Getting caught lying or cheating is not cool especially when not apologizing though you admit you lied. I don't respect conniving liars thieves.

Leigh Leastat

Rude staff Good food

schlick mick

Good selection of food. Hibachi grill was good and they have a large selection of sushi.

Nicole Harris

david sandy

My favorite buffet in the area. I've been going there for years.

Manny Sanisaca

They keep the food fresh.

Nick Colbert

Food cold

Brent Clary

Best Chinese buffet in the area

G D. Fluker

lisa jones

Food was great

Pookie Evans

Awesome sushi

Adeisa Cooper

The food was nice, though a few items were not being restocked quickly enough. Establishment was clean and the workers were very friendly.

Bethany Walker

Very friendly waitress, might be one of the owners, not sure. She let me know all the vegan options. The hibachi is great because it's included in the buffet price and you can pick exactly what you want them to cook.

Dr. Jaded Pictures

The service here is good, the food was a little bland but acceptable, place seemed clean to me. Doesn't have a huge selection of foods but does have a decent amount of them. Sushi seemed good to me especially like the hibachi grill. I don't consider the place pricy at all. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the blandness of the food, would definitely recommend a visit to the place e

Kristina Johnson

Great food but not so great service


Plenty of choices at a fair price

Shawn Wright

Its ok for the price, however there have been empty spots on the buffet that long to replace and some of the wait staff need lessons in proper techniques on waiting on people.

Bernie Snodgrass

When my wife and I are craving Chinese food this is where we go. Good food... Great price.

lavar king

Great place to eat with family and friends and have birthday and etc

Kristen Meadows

When we walked in it smelled strongly of motor oil or some kind of chemical. I dont know what that was about. Some of the beef tasted like fish & the sweet& sour chicken tasted/smelled like it was rotten, not to mention a week old. Was really gross, even the fried rice was nasty. Noodles were gross & mushy. Everything was disgusting except for the stuffed mushrooms, however even those were old & rubbery & I couldnt figure out what they were "stuffed" with. After we left, we were standing outside and another customer came out and said "wow that restaurant was trash." We agreed

Dave Keene

Large selection of great tasting food and clean too.

Ntses Xis Vue

I love love love their coconut shrimp. It's very yummy better than other buffets I've tried. They don't have as much variety selections as other buffets too but their food taste very good. My only issue was their floor is slippery due to moisture of the room. Gotta be extra careful with ur steps. Other than that me n my bf always go there for lunch bc he works nearby❤

Zachary Doggett

Michael Hudy

first plate was cold. Premium steak had to be the dollar steak from next door. Cost was too high to be rushed out after two small plates

Ronald DeSellem

Michelle Carrigan

Great place! I try to visit every time I visit the Twin Cities!

Elaine J. Amos Painting

Food was good but employees seemed very indifferent to waiting on you.

Anthony 2006

Food is good for the price. The price has changed for 1/1/19... Age 11& up ...$9.45 for lunch... $12.99 for diner or holiday but that price is for Food only... Additional for beverage likely $1.99.

David Shank

It's good for the most part, but if you go in the evening you'll generally get food that seems to have been left out and isn't the best quality.

Robert Duke

Friendly staff, hot food, good food.

Hugo Hackenbush

$9.59 after tax for lunch with beverage. Lots of choices, typical, but also a "Soul Food" section (customers were 50% white, 50% black), fried ocra, and catfish. Incredible service/ personality- I've been to many Chinese buffets, but never had a very friendly and nice server and cashier.

Anita Welshans

Foods pretty good services good too

Seseley Everett

Great food many many selections

Dennise Jones

Not as good as my favorite Chinese buffet, but it was good. The staff were very nice and never let our glass get empty, but weren't constantly at our table and the empty plates were immediately removed.

Jami Morris

Needs fresher food, more choices and some type of bread

kevin english

Just an ok place, very nice people though. They suffer from offering too many items from different genres of food. There was nothing that stood out as great, everything was just ok

Theresa Martin

Very clean, friendly staff and good selection of food.

Jose Luis Morales Garcia

Food taste great, not to crowded great service they do sell beer and wine. Would pay attention to the doneness of the food, sometimes over done others not throughly cooked.

Steven hawj

Food was tasty and seasoned well. Fruit and dessert was delicious. Sushi taste better than other buffet. Service was fast and attentative. Worth the $9.05 lunch . If I only i didn't have a job interview right after I would stuff myself

Marissa Deleuze

The best place ever takes me back to Japan where i felt at home especially Tokyo. I miss it in Japan. Here they have the best sushi, chicken, and steak willing to try more Japanese and Chinese food

Ed Irwin

She told my girlfriend to leave an not to come back an my girlfriend went up to ask y the lady said i dont like u .

Rachel Silberman

Generic Chinese buffet for a great price! It’s larger than most in Minneapolis... the sushi was what really made it worth the trip. It’s a family place, so unfortunately there were many screaming kids. It kind of killed the joyful mood when there are kids running and screaming with parents ignoring that behavior and staff not calming anyone down. Next time I’ll try to go at a time that’s less busy. If you don’t mind that environment then I recommend this buffet! Again the food is fair, but based on the price and the amount of options it ends up being worth every penny!

dr miller

Amazing I nutted

Shirley Harris



Always have a good experience when I come to this Hibachi. They make you feel like you're at home eating a meal. Very helpful and full of smiles. The food is great with a decent amount of selections. It is also a kid friendly environment. I would recommend here if you're looking for a laid back home like friendly place to eat or bring your loved ones to. They have a small selection of beer and wine as well. And a phenomenal sushi bar!

Craig Hawkins

AAAAA++++++ Owners are super friendly & very hard workers & they go above & beyond to make certain their customer's have the best dining experience they can offer!

RUBY Davidson

Food was delicious, and it was clean.

Drew Simcox

Food is good. Cant complain.

joel schreiner

The sushi is actually really banging.

Lakeshia Mcgee


Really good food reasonable price.

Bette Gleason

We eat here quite often. Food on the buffet line is refreshed often ... No dried up leftovers. Staff is friendly and service is great. I once went in after falling in a puddle of water in the parking lot. They provided plenty of towels so I could dry off. Feb13 2019 ... This place has been redecorated and the food still great.

Margaret Johnson

Beautiful place wonderful environment best peach cobbler in MS delta.

Michelle Corder

Food wasn't fresh service wasn't the best either!

Chris Campos

Great food and a great family. They will take care of you

Renee Eldridge

Food was really good even thou we stopped inbetween lunch and dinner

Andrew Walker

Good food

Shannon Loveless

Food was terrible

Rayaun D Webster

NEVER GOING AGAIN 34 BUCKS FOR ONLY 2 Plates Not to mention the Sushi Was Done wrong Who Puts Fake Crab meat in a spicy tuna roll the one plus would be the fish was light and crispy yet flaky

Dave W

Average Chinese buffet. Smaller selection than some Hibachi cook very grumpy and rude. Rest rooms dated and dirty.

reese preset

Food wasnt too horrible...the indigestion and explosive diarrhea soon after was bad . Im not joking either . Something was off about the fishy taste of some the chicken items...and you could tell it was made from a PREVIOUS day . Dry and chewy . OLD . Wontons were ok . Amazing the egg rolls although expired were still warm . The lo mein and pork with mushrooms was decent . BUT overall when you have to hit the bathroom 3 times in 15 minutes within 45 minutes of eating it....something just isnt right . I will be returning to the toilet..but never again there . Again i am not joking about my bathroom experience. Thank god it wasnt date night . Unless it was happening in a bathroom with a roll of toilet paper and some malox .

Emma Skipper

Tanesha Evans

Loved it

Veronica Dotson

Great place for you an your family can eat good peoples also

Sam Powell

The place had a weird lingering smell and many of the food items were bland in flavor.

Big Herb The Destroyer

Really nice place for a good quick meal. Friendly staff!

Daniel Picard

Great value at this restaurant! Sushi bar, hibachi grill, and standard Chinese buffet items available. The staff are super friendly, pleasant, and helpful! The prices are incredible and combined with the overall selection of available food, it's worth a stop whenever you're in the area!.

Flo Robinson

Deborah Rubio

Perfect variety of food and amazing service!


There today 9/25/18 and the food was terrible. Dry, cold and no taste. Desserts were just as tasteless. Waste of money.

Hernando Brunson

Food was great

Jessica Marshall

The food was good BUT there are so many rules i.e. can't share meals, kids do not eat free, no take-out plates etc. Buffets are 12.00 per person and I think you have to be 70 to receive senior citizen discount.

Mary Bays

The Buffet is good, but miss the catfish fillets (Whole)

Debbie A Mitchell

Good food

Clara Bryant

Food not good at all be cold be dry and old like last on doing the day


Love the variety of food

Mary Doyle

Clean friendly all around awesome

Charlie Mangle

Good place to eat


Mike Sindledecker

Cold buffett food. Spit it out and scared me.

Nelson Obul

John Gracie



they food was nasty

Cynthia Gordon

Great food..loving staff..warm welcoming environment...patient and kind to my mother..very considerate of her condition and made sure we were seated close to buffets so she didn't have to walk too far. I would continue to visit and recommend others to come and enjoy!!

Mason Mccall

Wonderful food great service wonderful people

Sarah Elizabeth

Love the food nice staff, BUT the slots at the buffet bars are usually empty and the waiters take time to ask you how your doing and refill your drink. But my overall response is they are a nice place to go to have a nice quick family meal.

summ thing

waitress was hovering over my table as I was eating


Favorite place I've eaten in Minneappolis so far. The other night my girlfriend and I went there, and we were both very happy with the food quality and variety. All the staff is very hard working as well.

Jack V. Horner Jr.

Good variety of food.

Gabriel Day

Really great value. Food is okay

Clinton Jackson

Very Good service

John Morton

Great selection!!!sushi and hibachi grill!!

John Mayo

Good, hot, tasty foods.

Shelby Beagle

Good food and friendly service. My favorite place to come and eat with my cousin, parents, and sisters!


Food their is decent, especially when ur a hungry soldier who haven't eaten anything since 0400. I would recommend.

Jason Dahl

Overall, everything I tried off of the buffet was tasty. Really liked the updated flooring compared to the carpet they had.

Keon Burton

Beautiful quiet

Rob Pascavage

Lotsa fun. Good sushi. Way more than i could eat.

Norma Glass

Great Selection, Delicious Hot Food !!

Ben Castro

Awesome food it was hot unlike some of the other buffets I've been to and everything was refilled in a timely manner deff recomend and will come back

Janice Gonzalez

Love this place,great food!

Yaya's Way

There are better places over south to eat. It cost touch you don't get alot of options and barely any staff to help you with refills and getting the check was a challenge when it was time to go. Decent food for the most part just not worth the price

Renee Watson

Always wonderful service..always excellent meals that are so delicious! John is the best....we love it there!!!!!

David Holmgren

This place is awesome, the food is always fresh and delicious. The pricing is reasonable also. Peak times are kind of tough to navigate through but anytime ive ever came its been manageable.


My go to place, good food and friendly staff.

Mary Pearson

Very family friendly atmosphere...super nice staff and great food!

Aloradana Zschokke

Good prices, food wasn’t great, but tasted OK. Some of the food on the buffet was *cold* that should have been hot, not a lot of it was very fresh. I wouldn’t necessarily eat here again, but it wasn’t awful.

Nicole Devault

Food is delicious, staff are friendly and helpful. No complaints!

Samantha Red Feather

Newly remodeled, good quality food and salad bar, fresh and customizable stir fry made to order quick service and very friendly staff. I recommend.

Liz Dowda

Awesome tasting food, and even better staff and service!


Food was ok, nothing to brag about, clam wasnt good but it wasnt horrible and the shrimp was bland but full of calories, overall it's an "ok" restaurant

tunisia collins


Jerry Jones

Great service and great food


Low price

Lorraine Fleming

My husband and I used to go at least once a month since 2003, same owners, the last few years I started complaing to my husband that their food was cold, well we kept going hoping things would change, it didn't, we guit going around June of 2017, so today I said let's give them another shot, we went for dinner, the good food was horrible/cold/or nothing in the trays, in the meantime the lady that's been there forever stands there and watched every move you make, never felt so uncomfortable with her just starting at me, put it this way I rate this place a BIG FAT 0 NEVER AGAIN !! They should of been shut down a long time ago, I'm thinking on calling the health department FELLING PISSED !!

Azzie Roby

Good location, love the food

Rooster Toons

I experienced severe food poisoning the last time I ate here. I let them know and they didn't even say sorry much less offer a refund.

Chris Murphy

Nice friendly home environment

Sun Sirawattanakul

I've been here multiple times, all you can eat for $10-11 with decent food.

Sherry Citchens

Good place to gather, but the food, well!

Maggie Ewing

I love the variety but I wish they would consistently have a tofu dish for vegetarians.

rayann nale

Friendly staff, good food... hibachi grill is awesome

ShawnCassie Wright

Nice little place. Friendly staff and good food. A little pricey for small kids that don't eat a lot though.

Earnestine Greer

Love the food

Beatrice Shaw


Dhona Sanders Williams

One of our all time favorite Asian buffets. They have something for everyone AND everything is good! To-go by the pound price is a bit spendy, however, over all still a good value.

J Waterous

I got there before 3 as lunch is $3 less than dinner. Extensive buffet three long two sided tables with Mongolian style grill, Sushi and many other choices. My hostess was extremely pleasant towards me!

Ray Hudson

I just take a little bit of many things. Second time around I take a lot more of what tastes good. And all of it doesn't taste good.

Lorren Rogers

Real good

Dan Ekas

Decent Chinese buffet. Staff is attentive. Clean restaurant.

Robert Fletcher

Food and service were great always enjoy eating therr

Scorpio Love

The food is always tasty and they offer crabs at no extra cost with dinner

fred marshall

Was not good some of the food was cold

Jessie Clark


Alphonsus M Roberts

Great food.

Jeremy Corazzi

Same as all the rest.

Michael Maltese

Not bad for your typical Chinese buffet. Prices start at $12.95 for dinner for one adult. Buffet offer all the usual Chinese dishes plus sushi. This place also offers a variety of seafood dishes such as mussels fried in black bean sauce and stuffed mussel shells, one of my favorite's. Definitely casual dining in this restaurants spacious dining room. You certainly won't feel cramped in this place.

Michael Pernell

Food is always barely warm

Don Ramsay

Good food

Nurse Gates

Good food and service

Joseph Barrett

Great Chinese buffet, good selection, fair price

Meka lovely

It was great

billie fleming

Enjoyed lunch with Amber Great food and company

Gladys Jones

Love this place

Ryan Wright

Great food for a reasonable price.

Jimmy Taylor

Good food for a good price. Staff very friendly

Vallenry Thomas

The employees were nice and constantly checked to make sure everything was fine. The Hostess interacted well with everyone.


It is very good, the food is great, the staff is nice, and overall the experience is pretty good.

James Roberts


frederick sorrell

Tunisia Collins


Rog Gab

I made the mistake of looking at the city’s health inspector report on this place and I liked it before then maybe they got better.

Tommy Fisher

LaTasha Williams

Healthy options along with the typical soul food selections.

Andrew Heisz

Food was not fresh.

Lin Huynh

The food is quite good for $10 lunch. Hibachi is spectacular

Alnora Lone

The food and the service is excellent

glen dodd


Food is just not good tried this place several times

D Staub

Chinese American Buffet. They're all the same.

Denise Bevins

2 adults, 1 teen 4 children under 9 $85 And food was old, hard and cold. Will never go here again.

Bernie Smith

It's a Hibachi grill and buffet... Hard to go wrong.

Diana Grundeen

Food is great as always. Love the recent dining room updates as well.!

Colleen Brown

Awesome food

Pam Mercer


Debbie Proznik Jackson

Yummy. As usual, I ate too much...LOL!

dakota cousins


Customer service is amazing. The waitresses were Soo nice and helpful, I felt like I was getting the royal treatment. The place itself is update and clean, the atmosphere is real laid back and the food is PHENOMENAL!! The one downside is that I found a couple of plates and forks that weren't clean...

Yeet Skeet Smith

Its so nice

Hugh Banks

Not Bad ate 2 plates and then dipped.. But they made me pay in advance while others didn't and then when I asked she the cashier ignored me like she didn't understand.. Oh I was the only African American in there at the time also

Jim Fox

Good food for a good price. I think the best value here is the sushi. There aren't many places where you can get all you can eat sushi period let alone the price they are charging. It's not the greatest sushi you'll ever have but for the price it can't be beat. I would say the rest of the buffet is really standard. Nothing stands out as all that great or bad. Service is good and it's always easy to get in and out quickly.


Love the customer service.

Natalia Li

This is a typical all-you-can-eat buffet where you grab whatever food on your plate and pay at check out. You don't know the prices but I figured in this type of place in this part of the city it shouldn't be too bad. One food plate and a can of pepsi was $15.95. It's not too much but another place would have better food for that money, I must say I wasn't satisfied. The food was OK. To me it was a bit too fatty and some dishes were what it seemed re-cooked leftovers. Food selection is great though, you can get many vegetarian options (although you don't know whether they were cooked separately from meat / fish), different kinds of meat, fish, shrimp, sushi, grill options, and even some soups.

Sherry Butts

Wonderful and courteous

Jeff Lewis

Great variety for a Chinese buffet.

Maria Vazquez

El Buffet es bien variado tienen sushi y además hibachi tu escoges y ellos te lo hacen delante de ti. Delicioso

Jammye Robinson

Joe Heagy

Food still on plates after being washed an stacked on the bar area,food way over cooked

Mikah Marie

I love eating here. I always feel right at home when I go there. The staff are so polite and respectful. The food is delicious. Over all awesome restaurants.

Diane Lithgow

Good sushi

Ashley Patterson

If i could rate a -0 i would. Maybe even less. This place SUCKS. Just paid 23.50 for 2 people and it tasted like crap. Cold food is not good food people. I would rather eat dog food. Smfh. Never go here. Ever.

Phyllis Doak

Good food and reasonably priced.

elizabeth baker

Me and my sister went out to eat there they serve such great food we loved it and we are going again

Bill Marshall

Very good food for price strongly recommend if you enjoy buffets

Jason Christensen

This was a pretty darn good place to go eat. We came and all the food was fresh and good. Not as huge of a selection as I would have thought. But all the food was good and warm. Probably because there was not too much food. I didn't try the Hibachi Grill which I regret. But the sushi and everything was good.

April P

Wonderful selection of food.

Richard Nguyen

Great buffet for all you can eat. From seafood, sushi, desserts and so forth, this place is good.

Angela Larry

Always good food and service

janice killebrew

Love eating food is good and owners are very nice

Kevin Ramirez Ruiz

Nothing special but it is okay for most peoples taste.

Bryant Genchi

Food is fairly decent great Chinese food you leave satisfied that's for sure, waiters are very attentive to what you need.

lashell jones

World needs a whisper

We really love this place. EXCELLENT service. And food always fresh. Kids love it so much,they always pick it for their birthday dinner.

Anthony Modrow

Here for the dinner buffet. Not bad at all. Couple things I wish they had but good for local eating while shopping.

Frederick Daniels

Wanda Davis

Much better service than a few yrs ago

terryn risk

Do Not Eat Here!

Peggy Patton

Terrible atmosphere... Children climbing all over my booth walking in my wool dry clean only coat... Food wasn't very good... My husband got a stomach ache from it too... Never going back again...

Krishell Hemshrodt

It was good this time we stopped going because the food was terrible

ommie artis

Great service n food!! Clean

Dr. DarthBatHulk

They have upgraded their look!

Maliyah & Mary M&M action

Very racist owner the food is very dry I actually got food poison from their baked chicken they are not what I expected

Makayla Parr

I love this place. The only complaint I have is that once in a while they don't get all the bones out of the chicken.

Terence Walker


Great service

Hillary Ensminger

The food is always great here!

Gale Harris

Brian B

Everything about this restaurant is 5 star for the neighborhood, but if this was located in another location, the parking lot, building and furnishings are below average. I hate only giving it 3 stars because the staff was great and the food was good. I would eat here again if in the neighborhood.

Dmitri Mogilevski

It's a lot more expensive than it used to be. But the food is better than a few years back. They have a decent Hot&Sour soup, tasty hibachi grill, good selection of hot dishes. The fruit and desert selections are enjoyable. Soft serve ice creat - chocolate and vanilla.

lorina marks

I stopped in for a to go order. I was placing food in my container and thinking this does not look fresh. Then I heard the lady owner say something and laugh so I looked up at her. Then a waitress walked by me and started laughing and said something. The owner said something else and started laughing again. I looked right at her and I could tell by the look on her face that she knew, I knew they were laughing at me and talking about me. So they gave me the perfect excuse to not purchase. I closed the container, left it on the buffet and walked out. Even after I caught her talking about me she actually had the nerve to follow me out the door saying something. I will never go back.

Skyler Sutherlin

Nice buffet featuring a variety of Asian food as well as sushi. It's reasonably priced, clean, and the service is good. The food was very tasty. The only issue I had was that there were not many labels on the food indicating the ingredients, so if you have allergies or dietary restrictions, it may be a bit of a struggle to find out what exactly is in the food.

Chastity Fleming

The pricing should be posted somewhere more noticable instead of while leaving.... I was charged extra all bc my child is taller than average sized children her age. So if yall are curious, it's good food but pay attention to how they price kids meals! That's INSANE to me. Not all children are short nor do all parents lie about their childrens ages!!!

terri stanton

Good food, friendly service, clean place. Food was restocked when bowls were low.

Lynne O'Leary

Food was good. Restaurant was clean.

Christina Lee

Loved it

Dan Bell

Yummy is right

Ashley Bell

Foods not that good and take out cost alot more then dinning in.

Jessica Ashmore

Food is okay during lunch hours.

Colton Pearson

Good food, great service as always!

Morgan Jones

Food is ok, price is a little more expensive than I would like.

sheddy wickham

Loved it! Lots to choose from..try new things

Hassen S.

Went to this place many times with my kids the food wasn't that bad and the price was ok as well. On July 19, 2019 went to this place as usual and was using the bathroom when I noticed someone was making a lot of coughing and snezzing while using the toilet. And then while I was washing my hand this man came out from the bathroom wiping and still coughing. He had a red shirt on and realized was one of the guys working at the sushi stand. I was extremely disgusted and he was staring at me when i yelled to get his attention to wash his hand. He never did. This is it for me and I am sorry for all those unsuspecting costumers who are devouring disgust at the sushi stand.


Pretty eh and expensive...

Angel Carter

Gross felt sick all night worst feeling to pay money for!

Timothy Ward

Chris Campbell

Good food

Thomas Brown

Very nice


That was the first time eating at Hibachi Buffet. And I most likely won't eat there again, the food didn't agree with me at all.

amber Rose

It was ok but some of the waitresses are so rude

Mary Ivy

Great food and a great place to take your family to eat.

N Frame

Good food. Nice people

Chyna Imon Smith

Eric S Houser

Foods is ok if it was hot. But the server is very pushy it's like she wants you to hurry up. Going to try it one more time to see if it's the same

kaila coker

Good selection. All you can eat. Get there early.

Lawrence Garias

Usually very good, today most of the food was cold and very slow to replenish. Not very good.

Sam Mixter

Normally not bad but everything was cold today. Plus had an all day "special" for dinner and there was no lunch. Dinner is more expensive than lunch. Didn't feel very special. Waitress told me happy New year it's Independence Day...

Jeffrey Gandy

There sushi buffet is high quality and very delicious.

Joann Roper

It's ok some of the food was hard

Jeffrey Wright

Great food Chinese service I love orange chicken and spicy chicken very delicious

Carolyn Fleming

I love it, this is my special eating place the food is so good and clean.

Cody Olsen

Jenny gamer

It gas good

Takara Taziki Sauce

Do you want to know a secret? I grew up eating Chinese food my entire childhood, only to come to the conclusion that this is the best CHINESE BUFFET *including sushi* IN THE METRO AREA. Yes. I eat here twice weekly and the waitresses know my face. So what? They even know my entire family. But we're Asian and we still come here and we're addicts to this good sushi and Chinese with hibachi. It's not always perfect but it's quality and taste is better than 99% of places.

Joyce Riddle

Always plenty of food and the help is great.

Lennon Gianfrancesco

Tasted like cat

Sandy Kocher

Hubert Petrie

Roberts W. Taylor

Great place Great food.

Chanika Harvey

Steven Lewark

Delicious buffet at an incredible price!!

Ty Thompson

I go every weekend. The staff are wonderful and the food is very good.

Jairome Wright

Meat selection is a lot of fried and bake chicken legs no other parts if chicken. Food pretty bland just go next door to Popeyes better food and cheaper

Chris Frederick

Love this place for it's sushi all ways a treat. The food is all ways well seasoned and delicious lots to try for an adventurous eater and plenty of other options for those who are not. Great polite staff serving great food at bargain prices.

Devin Delgado

Easily the best chinese/hibachi in south Minneapolis. Even has a great, fresh sushi selection.

Mila Bahuto

The food is ok, but the place could be cleaner.


Food tastes great, but the stuff on the Buffett is cold like they don't have a heating element underneath turned on or failed to stir the food. Easily could be a 5 star Buffett without this strange flaw. They have a grill included in the Buffett, I would recommend using that instead of eating off the prepared food on the buffet. Amazing friendly service.


Pam Ott

Love it

Courtney Ware

Best food around and very polite staff and owners. Always have great experiences eating here. Prices are very affordable especially for such yummy food and great service. I would eat here every day if I could. You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure. Their sushi is my favorite around. They also do to go orders. Overall this place is the BEST!!!


It was ok but they shouldn't charge $15 if serving low quality chicken and beef, the rubbery kind.

Kamel Man

- I gotta tell you this is One of the Best Chinese Buffet in Minnesota. - Verity Of Food hard to count .

Dawn Thurmon

The food is always hot, kept filled, very friendly staff, reasonable price, you want be disappointed.

JaQuen Johnson

Very racist owners and the food was not at all what I expected!

Jesse Bolduc

I love this place. Wish I could go more often

Joe Southern

Good food staff is a smidge rude

Renée Gamble

Had lunch here with my family. They had plenty of options for all of us picky eaters. Everything I tried was very good. I'll be eating here regularly!

Abbas Sehat

Low quality food and OK service it’s not worth all the money you spent .

Da Gra

The food was very good. Hot! That always seems to be the comprise at a buffet. Not here. The make to order was freakin awesome.Price: cheap. $23.10 for 2 with a soda. Sunday dinner is about the most expensive. Also kid prices....seriously! This place rocks!! Edit to add service was really good too

Robert Farrow Jr.

Great buffet for the price. Great service.

Carol Behmlander

Yummmmmy & Cool bottle Beer's ☆ #8

Brian Law

Food sits out to long. Food isn't good at all. Just my opinion. Don't waste your money or time.

Kelsey Vireshwara

This place is A VIBE!!!! I love it so much. The waitresses are super great and the food was bomb.

Kaitlyn Thompson

One of best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. Friendly staff, great food and all around clean place

Craig Eafrati

Always good

Eric Brock

Good and always fresh

Jas Graham

Always good

Genesis Smith

My fiancé, children, and I have been going here for years. We have not ever really had a bad experience here. The food is always good, and everything is usually fresh. If they run out of something, all you have to do is ask them to make more, and they always do. My family and I especially like the food made on the grill, and I like the fact that they have some sushi. We plan on making a trip here soon. Yummy, I can't wait!

Jay Perry

Abigail Burns

Good food selection. Very clean.

Yana Podolyanchuk

Small crab legs, nice variety of Chinese though. Hibachi grill. Fresh sushi. But cleanliness of the tables and cups... not the best. You can tell they just wipe around the salt and pepper shakers and don’t pick them up and wipe underneath. Service was good, refills were quick. Cleaned up our plates. Lines were quick.

Kyle Stevens

Good food. Good prices. Nice staff.

Heather Beagle

Don't go here. They serve raw chicken.

K. Joseph Thomas


Lame Jobes

Its hibachi, it's a buffet. Foods good, just dont waste none or they may charge you extra.

Mark Dougherty

The price is reasonable and the food is decent, but as others have stated, a lot of times the food is cold and/or the trays are empty. The restaurant was run so much better when "Andy" was there. He was very friendly and attentive. The woman who runs it now looks like she is mad at the world. The last time we were there was in February when without our knowledge, was the Chinese New Year. When we entered the restaurant, she immediately pointed at a sign with the price for that day and shouted "all day!!!" It was a lot more than what we had been paying. She didn't bother explaining why, because I don't think she can speak English well, but with the usual scowl on her face, we turned around and walked out, and have never returned. We always tipped well when we ate there, so I never understood her attitude. They need to replace her. She is very unfriendly and the food quality and quantity has suffered since Andy left. We immediately went to the one at the Ft. Steuben mall, and he explained there that it was the Chinese New Year. I ask you, have you ever gone to any restaurant in America, be it Italian, Greek, Mexican, Irish, etc., and have had to pay more when it's those countries New Years? What a gimmick!!

Danielle BW

The hibachi grill was delicious and affordable

Christopher Watson

Pye R

My grandma andrea (whose passed on now) always thought of going here for a good place to eat and enjoy family time

Marie Brown

Super friendly staff. Very clean. Food is great and plenty of room for a large group.

Curtis Flowers

The service there is great. The food is great..

Jonathan Sgalla

My favorite buffet in Weirton. I have always received good service and food is always fresh.

Damon Locke

Desiree Shilling


Clinton Lang

Food is usually really good... Everything tasted off... IDK if they got a new cook or what but it wasn't as good

Stephanie Roman

OMG, it's a regular buffet but the food was particularly delicious. The servers came fast to remove the empty plates from your dish and to refill your drinks. I loved this place and it was cheap.

Gregory Daniel

Excellent! A

Jonathan Jenkins

The food is fresh, the owners are very kind and very welcoming

Douglas Pack

I've been here a few times & the food is always hot.. great seafood & sushi display, salad bar could use some attention(different lettuce assortments) but, as always the full array of hot dishes are a thumbs up.. ty

Brian Cooper


Susy Wood

Love it here

wilfred reed

Great service, good food

Willie H

The food was pretty good and our waitress nice and helpful. I will be be going again in the near future.

Sanchita Paul

I love this restaurant... everything is there in menu...only dumpling is not there... but taste n quality is so good...stuffs r very friendly... every one can try it once...price is also reasonable...

Vitor Yamaoto

Came here a few times for lunch and never had a bad experience. Good is tasty and I like that they have a sushi and hibachi station.

Chuck Olmstead

Food and reasonable price

Matt Graham

Always a good time and plenty of food. A great buffet

Stephen Burns

If they want to close early, you get chased out. Mediocre food.

marcelle spano

Good food

ABE Real Estate Investments

There's a wide variety of fresh fruit to choose from the buffet. The Hibachi is great. It is reasonably priced.

deric crump

Tom Bowman

Staff was extremely friendly during my visit. The man running the Hibachi did an excellent job at cooking the steak. Some of the food, though, was lacking, but otherwise good. The host was also really friendly and even talked with the patrons. I would recommend this restaurant as a good place for all you can eat.

Julie Redd

Food was great like always!

Robin Anderson

First and last time eating there, I litterly got sick when I got back.

James Sutlief

The food, the service, the staff and location are on point. This is an amazing spot, especially for the price.

Dorothy Brown

Will not go back

John Farris

This is one of my most favorite places to eat. Buffet with shrimp, crawfish, froglegs, sushi, as well as asian and typical Southern fair.

Ronald Hansbrough

Great Food and Services

Elvira Bryant

Brian Russell



Service was great. Qin is a very efficient and gracious server. Very attentive. Food was good.

Vic W

Paid less than 20$ for the best Asian buffet I've ever had. They have a plethora of different foods available - sushi, fried chicken, beautiful and yummy desserts, and so. Many. Different. Types. Of. Shrimp. Oh, and ice cream. Seriously, guys, anything you can think of, they have it. And while i didn't indulge in the customized hibachi, it is available! Parking lot is perfect - plenty of room for the time of night I went. Great atmosphere, clean, fresh, yummy food, kind staff, there's nothing to not love about this place. New favorite Asian food!

Trevor Blake

John McConnell

Food is not that great but the service is good.

Mark B

Lunch is priced right. Variety, hibachi, sushi, and polite.

Andre Lampkin

Two D Creations

Always a good selection and nice employees.

Ahmed Lotfy

Great food. Great price

Tyler Gosney

They manage this place very well. Facilities are kept up to date and cleaned routinely. Good food quality. Selection isn’t immaculate but good enough to warrant another visit.

Tim Richards

Denice Aranda

The food was delicious and the staff was great!

Ryan G

Food is fantastic. Always hot and being rotated and restocked. Lots of selection. Staff is super friendly and very polite.

Craig Anderson

The Lake Street, Minneapolis location has a good selection of buffet entrees, but they seem to take forever to replace offerings when food is gone. Steamed dumplings that sit in a pan all day long aren't tasty. By simply putting them on a bed of lettuce will keep them soft and palatable. My dining companion and I both were having an adverse reaction to the smell of what I would characterize as a foul diaper smell. There were no children present while we dining at 3:00 PM, but we asked the server to wipe down our table and seating area again. It didn't take long to figure out that the wet cloth they used to wipe the seats down with was then used to wipe the table top with. Anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows you use a white cloth for the table top and a non-white cloth to wipe the seats with. Otherwise you transfer the germs from the seating area to the table top and/or then use that same filthy cloth to transfer germs and bacteria to the next seating area. Scratch this place off your list until the management or their owners invest in retraining their employees. Disgusting!!!

sirena talbott

Love the Hibachi scallops

Tasharra Jones

Great food and very cheap prices it's definitely a win win

Rain Big Crow

Great service and decent price for 2 adults. Can use a bigger variety of food.

Tyng 1978

Alondra Benitez

Love that buffet it’s my favorite buffet so far I love the waitresses they are extremely nice and don’t get mad if they get a tip or not unlike other buffets , everyone is extremely nice and are great people to be around, they always have a positive attitude and are always doing their job

Steven Thomas

Great owners, good service and good food

Reuben Ponce

This spot offers superb service and tasty food. The best spot in town. The food arrived rapidly and the prices were affordable. Will definitely recommend this spot.

Teres Bruno

Always good food. We have never left there unhappy. The service is good and the staff is nice.

Marty Childers

Large selection of good food to choose from. Friendly staff. Good prices.

Marilyn Huckabee

Food was delicious. Wait staff rushed you along even though the restaurant wasn't at capacity. This made it an uncomfortable experience.

Amilcar Vásquez

It was better, but now food is not made in same day, I guess so, because its tastes and looks. Attention is okay. One of my favorite places since 2013, when I came for the first time onto.

Joshua Forse

They have a normal selection of Chinese food from the buffet. They also offer fresh food cooked on the hibachi grill. I go for the sushi which was great today. My wife, daughter & I ate till we were stuffed full for only $28.

Jim Philson

Much better than some other Chinese restaurants I have been to. All the food was fresh and hot. Plan on going back soon.

Pam Shea


Good food at a decent price. Fairly large buffet with a grill. Have eaten there many times.

Sandra Hill

Love the food and the people who works there. Very clean place I will b going back really soon.

Kayla Denton

This is a very average buffet. The sushi was good, not great. The food was bland overall, I guess they really have to tone it down for people out here.

Anthony Fuscardo Jr.

Food was terrible, want you to pay for feature entres, but they let them deplete without refilling, management was also terrible when approached about problem, total rip off !!!!

Carolyn Franklin

It was great as always !!!

Lisa Scheurer McGee

First and last sorry I was really hoping to say something good. The food wasn't even edible it was so cood and chewy, They had a kid running around the place playing with everything and running in to people.

Evelyn Williams

Linsay Pugh

Ericka Flippin

Great customer service

Vincent lakes

Food not fresh

ROSIE Senkai

Food is good for the price and there are lots of options to choose from.


Monday is Meatloaf Day!


Food wasn't all that good. I think thet could do a better variety.

Jasmine Goldenstein

Place felt dirty and it was pretty loud. Tjis is definetely a place where familys go. Service was nice and so was the staff. Probably won't go there again.

Pastor Thacker

Great food!

Me me

Not the best but the best in this area

Darryl Johnson

After eating here several years, tonight I noticed a worker drop food and put it back in the serving pan. Told the owner and he didn't think it was anything wrong with it. He offered me a dollar off. I didn't take it. VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT HE DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT CROSS CONTAMINATION. This is a health risk. Be very careful.

alex skidmore

Never a bad choice

Lisa Friday

Princeton Jappah

Friendly, good customer service.

Jeri Logue

One of best Chinese buffet in area you choose precooked food or you pick your own and they cook to order as you wait.. or you can do both for the same price all you can eat... take out you pay by the pound very reasonable pricing and food is good

Rotonia Gates

Love the staff.. Especially Carla!! She is my favorite along with the front door lady..oh yeah her name is Sandy.. Lol comfort food! Give it a try!

Martha Kuntz

Good food good price!

Kayden Wellington

O. L. Laditan

I don't recommend eating here for you health. I experienced food poisoning and was bed ridden for 2 days. I let them know and they would let me talk to the manager. I explained what happened and left my name and number. I have not heard back fro them.

Stephanie Burney

Oh my goodness! The variety is amazing. The buffet is always full, food is piping hot, and the flavor! Oh! The people are very friendly. The atmosphere is very nice as well. It's a must visit place!!!!!!

Frank Cole

average quality, good selection

Anthony Svegal

Foods good sushi sucks


The food is usually good and as fresh as you can expect for a buffet however tonight at 8:25pm my wife and I went there for dinner and the food was horrible.. Chewy potstickers and over cooked meat , most of the food was stuck to the pans .. The food must have been sitting there for hours as they probably don't want to cook fresh food an hour before closing. So as I do like this place i recommend not eating there late at night .so 2 stars for this experience

Thomas Smith

The workers here were very nice and courteous. We hosted a birthday party here for my mother, and they treated our group very well. The food was very good. Definitely recommended.

kristen letellier

Always is crowded, but has pretty good food & nice variety of desserts.

Lonnie Shepard

Good food,staff very attentive, good price

Deb Westfall

Decent food cheap price

Ben MacKinney

Predictable quality for price. Lots of options. Good location

Charla Macy

Food was good and service was good.


I typically get the buffet to go. The only reason I have 4 instead of 5 stars is that the trays aren't big enough to really pile on the food (though you can't expect them to let you walk out with all the food on one plate I guess). Still, it seems like I get two sides and one meat and my plate is full and for like $6-7 that's enough to make me keep one star. Overall I love it though and frequently go back. It's quick, you walk in and get a plate and fix it yourself. Although they do have sit down tables for those who like to enjoy a buffet; I just tend to get full do don't see the point in sitting there to eat when I won't go back more than once anyway. Sometimes there are premium dishes like seafood that costs you extra so you have to watch out for the signs but they are clearly posted. Desserts aplenty and the food is a nice mix of soul food, chinese etc. Fried chicken is pretty good and their peach cobbler is to die for.

The Fox

The food was decent for a buffet

Crystal McDaniel

Absolutely amazing staff and food.

Chan Haggan

Poor service from owners!!!

Dave Daley

Refills and service so prompt it's like they're watching me all the time. Buffet good like the chinese chicken.

Robin Kenefick

The food was cold

John Mission

Buffett is always hot & Fresh Sushi Rolls ready.

Ohsnaps Gaming Channel

Great food, great price and decent staff.

Rachael Doerfler

My favorite buffet of all time. I always eat here when I'm in the area, and I always get thirds! Best buffet around.

shylah fessenden

Amazing food, never disappointed! Great atmosphere and prices. The waitresses are all super sweet, cute, and on top of clearing the tables. Overall wonderful service and place to eat. I keep coming back and plan to go again very soon.


I love this restaurant it has nice food , clean place , great service

Clarence Roberson

Good eating

Kamillia Evans

I just really love the meatballs lol

Kristie Evans

Best buffet

Jerri Bean

Very Clean , Food Was Hot And New Fresh Trays Were Bought To Buffet Table Almost Every 10 Mins If Not Sooner

John Mathieson

Sushi here was really good.

Red Fox

Heat and eat. Poor quality food

Tonya Yvette

Great service and good soul food.

Keith Lee

Food very tasty, and good variety with reasonable price per person $13 and some change.

Joyce Mileski

I was surprised that all the food had there own flavors. Usually everything tastes the same at a buffet. Great service. Clean dinning room.

Aleah Osaba

Yummy food. Some times slow at restocking the buffet though

Angela Mouldin

Family-friendly Environment with a good variety of American and Chinese foods. The prices are reasonable for anyone.

Angie Wilson

Was good

Bob Korch

Average food quality although there was plenty of it.

Ernesto Mancilla

(Translated by Google) I liked (Original) Me gusto

Jordan Cass

Just as good as when it first opened I think.

Brian Smith

Good lunch place

Patricia Stewart

Love Hibachi Buffet can't wait to go back

Samone Lee

Cold and nasty food

Vicki Hines

Great food and great price. Laid back atmosphere.

Lee Oneill

Got sick afterwards

Taylor Wright

All you can eat, can't go wrong there

Heidi Clayton

It usually is good. Went tonight, there was barely anything out. Was watched, and rushed out. Had my bill before I was even done eating. Rude!

Wanda Walker

Love it

Joe Ingino

Great Food. Exceptional buffet. A must visit. Joe Ingino West Virginia Central Newspaper

Ian Mac Moore

There's a surprising diversity of food options, from your typical American Chinese faire (broccoli and beef, chow mein, fried rice) to fresh sushi rolls to fried plantains. Everything was fresh and enjoyable. Decor (for what it's worth) is simple and modern.

Amy Anderson

Food and service was amazing

Sgt Profligate

Great food and employees

s_ 1star

Patrick Allen

Pretty good buffet for the price. Lots to chose from.

Heather Bozoti

Julie Chiu

Exceeded expectations with good food and service! Filled a plate with sushi and that was half my meal. Stir fry green beans and chicken were tasty too. Wish they had a better selection of desserts.

Samiul Hasan

Good food. Price also good.

Super Nerd

The staff is always great and super friendly! Prices are great especially for the great food they serve. Im never disappointed!

Melissa Miller

Britney Harris

Great food

Dareatha Tatum

The food here was really good, a nice clean restaurant, with really friendly nice staff but if you are looking for a verity of sushi or Chinese food you are out of luck the menu has been Americanized.

Victor Games


hk Hj

I got very sick eating at this restaurant. It was also very expensive for me.

James Bridges

Good service

Michael Graham

Not a very wide selection but they did have the favorites and it was all well prepared and fresh. Very lovely staff would definitely go again.

Lore Bado

My favorite place to is very good.been a faithful customer since they first opened in weirton.

Venoy Walker-Funches

I really liked the buffet and good choices to choose also not to far from where my Son had his ⛹️ games

William Rico

Derek Selman

Food quality fluctuates. Way over priced for what it is.

Felicia Porter

I really enjoy the staff. They greet you coming in and as you leave. Love the carry out plates

Jake Lounder

The water was excellent. Best water I have ever tasted. The food was also good not as good as water.but still really good.


Nice place to eat, good food and great attention.

Ben Lewis

Tylee Staggs

Love it! Always a good variety. Staff very nice.

Leslie Cobb

Benjamin Burdine

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