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REVIEWS OF Farmington Steak House IN Minnesota

Maryann Brummund

Excellent food, love the workers, so helpful. The young lady helped RB, let him sit down an brought RB his dinner. The young man named I guess pony, was the best. He was so nice and he was funny. We all had a great time and will be back! I can't wait!

Kevin Mossing

Seriously the best place ever. Cheap prices for amazing food. You get soooo much food!! Bring cash. The lady was super nice and let us eat while it was hot and run across the street after to get cash. I would rate this 100/10 if I could. AMAZING.

Sebby Lozano

Food here is always amazing!!! But if that wasn't enough the customer service is some of the best in all of Minnesota. Will definitely be coming back for a ribeye steak and gyro!

jennifer witte

Great staff great food great price!

Debra Pederson

Fillet Steak dinner was absolutely delicious! Will definitely be back again and again!

Janelle Sikich


shawn staupe

Amazing food, great people, low prices.

Brian Eggert

Best deal in Minnesota.

Nancy Karnick

Awesome food And you get way more than what you pay for

katelyn stewart

Super good food, you get a lot of food, the workers are super nice and very low prices

Bob Melson

Food was very good. 3 large pork chops salad, baked potato and salad and pop for 11 something. It was good staff was friendly. Cafeteria style

Ricky smith

Great food and service

Eachan Galewski

Hands down, the best value per dollar for a great steak!

Anais Valle

Great steak, great price

Eric Jacobson

Delicious..huge..I mean HUGE portions.. very reasonable prices

Lillie Magic

Always friendly staff and good food. Generous portions and amazing prices.

Good Guy

Cheap food and lots of it. This is a an old school Lunch type counter. You grab a try and get what you want. They cook it right in Front of you. Large portions and about the best prices I've seen in the area. If you want to fill up on good food for a good price this is your place!

Guillermo Herrera

Best place in Farmington mn

Katie Lawrence

Steak is fantastic. Friendly staff. Very economical

Shaun Kihega

Worth the drive! Lovely staff!

Nick Lindsay

Absolutely great food, especially for the price. Family owned and run. Will definitely be back time and time again.

Tyronne Johnson

Good food,Good price.

kevin Roed

Good food at good price

Lee Berninghaus

Good food. Good service

Janis Conrad

Great prices you can't beat and great food!

Mike Rothbauer

The best steak dinner for the money

Michael Rohr

This is one of the very best places to eat anywhere! Great steak, great service & an excellent value!

Toby Turlington

Food and service is great. Been going for 25 years and will continue to go. Best place to get a good steak at a reasonable price

Angel Keniksman

Loved the food, great place to have a family reunion!

mike carlson

Very good steak awsome specials

Dave Campbell

Great place. You know what to expect and what you will get. Recommend.

Blake Griffin

Good hometown diner atmosphere. Pick your meat sides and salad and they grill it up right in front of you cafeteria style. Affordable too.

Eli Kaine

Really good food at a great place

Sergio F

Family owned and great food all the time. Been coming here for years and they’re always great and friendly

K fritsch

Great place and people

Sofia Di Marco

Would do 6 stars if I could

dave alvstad

Awesome no frills "Cafeteria style ordering" Steak house. Get the T-Bone. Amazing and a great value. Definitely will be a repeat customer.

Randy Edwards

Little has changed in the past 25 years since I first dined at Farmington Steak House. The food is still priced very reasonably and tastes great! Everything is served with large portions and you will likely have left overs unless you have a large appetite. If you do manage to eat everything you will be very full.

Alan Reyes

Great steakhouse. Was a little skeptical from the pictures but this is another example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The steaks were delicious and the staff was very friendly. If you're debating where to eat, you've now found where.

Kelly Meyers

Surprisingly tasty on a budget.

Rosalind White

Easy to find and good food

Naidy Zavala

Amazing food and good service thank you!!!

Brian Stockland

Good food and good portions

Jeff Minandar

Great steak with homy atmosphere.

Stacy Collier

Honestly some of the best food around. Ive been going there since I was little and the place still has a great vibe an amazing steaks.

Kim Zweber

Good food for a good price.

Brian A

Sirloin and shrimp... I could eat it everyday!!

Paul Warner

Best steak in Minnesota if you dont think so go check it out

Scott Williams

Absolutely the best place in the state to pay a cheap price but yet get the best tasting steak around. The girls learned from their wonderful parents and hope you keep it going forever. Thank you

Arthur Rodriguez

Good food for a great price. They take cash or check

Hakim Nageye

Service was excellent even do they don't accept credit cards the lady there made sure my food got served perfectly and then give me time afterwards to go to the ATM. I will definitely visit them in the future

biokat 93

Love this place so much!! The owner and their family run the restaurant I think? The same people are always there and always so nice and helpful. Whenever we visit we always leave a nice tip for them. Prices are really nice and you get a LOT of good food! My favorites are the steak burger and their Gyros. I love watching them cut the slices of meat off the rotating chunk of goat(?) that they have for fresh Gyros. Have taken multiple friends there and eaten there often enough with my father and sister that we are recognized and asked how life has been and wished well. I dont know when Pete passed but we thanked him on our way out the door everytime. We still thank them on our way out however. 10/10 would go back in a heart beat, preferably with friends and family.

Alex Thai

This steak house is good. The steak is fresh, and the price is average.

John Rost

Good food. Kind of a dive. Cafateria style.

Tony S

The food here is good, I love how they butter and fry their bread it's so delicious! They are a cash only business.

Chad Mayne

The food is incredible each and every time I go there. Portions are large you will not walk out hungry. Staff are very friendly. You are treated like family.

Brian Tackett

Very friendly family type atmosphere. The food is very good and very affordable.

Thomas Hansen

I haven't been here since it first opened, it was just as good now, as it was back then. Pete and his family have done very well there, and I hope they continue to do so even after he has passed.

Karen Sellers

Very good but very crowded

Wilfrido Fuentes

Excellent food . Friendly people.

Dj Roberts

Weve been going for over a decade and it is still our favorite place to eat. The prices are the lowest you'll find in 50 miles guaranteed and the food is pretty good for that rate. Family owned and the mother and sisters are great.

Perla Ramirez

Great prices, friendly, good food

Jeremiah Lawson

We usually get a great and cheap steak meal here. Only have had one bad experience, which was the most recent one, in which the Ribeye steak did not taste right at all. Hard to complain about a Ribeye for under 10 bucks though...

Dolores Larsen

Always great meals every time we eat here and the owner are wonderful people very friendly and always smile.

Jess Hills

Best place to eat. And a good place for a family night out for dinner.

Theodore Klotter

Everytime I travel back to Minnesota, I always make a trip to the Farmington Steakhouse. As a kid, it was the first exposure I ever had to a gyro. I've had many different gyros, in different places, but none compare to the gyro here. Great portions and truly great people who run the restaurant. Miss you, Pete.

Brian S

Good food. The environment is really run down.

Chris Moore-Koren

So cheap great food

Adam Hanson

Great steaks, fun ordering from the line and watching your steak being cooked

Todd G

Very Friendly people. They will treat you as family. The food was great too.

Fernando Gonzalez

Staff makes your feel at home, delicious steaks and very affordable. Best bang for your buck.

Heidi Perry

People are nice food really good

Lauren Mitchell

Awesome restaurants! Really cheap with huge portions. Nice to see some honestly priced food! I would not doubt coming back.

Cinnomn Cinnomn

Food is delicious but the place could use redecorating.

Hani Hamdan

A very unique experience. Delicious food. Amazing prices. Lovely atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Jean Hart

Love this place! Wonderful steaks and chicken options at phenomenal prices! It's cafeteria style and you stand in line to order, sometimes very long lines! How the steaks are cooked really depends on who is at the grill, I usually order mine cooked slightly rarer then desired and it usually comes out the way I wanted. Very friendly, family run. Family remembers regulars and always has something friendly to say.

Shanda Copeland

This is our 2nd visit and am amazed at the generous portion sizes at such low prices! It is definitely not a looker of a restaurant, but the staff are very nice and the food great!

Lloyd Friske

Reasonably priced steaks


One of my most favorite places in Minnesota!

Sara Maassen

My family and I go here every year on Memorial day.. we absolutely love this place! Food is great and staff is incredibly friendly! Highly recommend!

Patrick Stitt

Great, food, wonderful service, very moderately priced. Love this place.

Reed the Swede Munson

Down home Midwest small town soul food

Maria Gonzalez

I have been coming here probably my entire life. The food is fantastic and you feel like you're part of the family. I cannot recommend it enough!!!!

Mohamed Ally

Best deal in Farmington! You want a fresh meal for your buck? Come here and enjoy a fresh meal at a really great price! No kidding, I had the cheeseburger meal with fries and with a Texas toast. Tasted great and didn't put a dent in my wallet! Service is great and people are so friendly and helpful. Very affordable. The only thing is you must pay by cash or check (with proper ID). From one $ for being best price to four $$$$ for being the most expensive. I give it $ (for the best price). Can't argue with best price and fresh food with friendly staff! Bravo!

Tom Anderson

The staff is fantastic and the selection is the best in the area! The portions are so large; 50% of the customers get a TAKE HOME box! We drive 1 hour, per direction for this good food!

James De Garmo

It was soooooo gooooood

CJS Shannon

Very very good. Busy but great service. Good value!

Ethan Johnsrud

Really cheap with huge portions. Awesome restaurants! Nice to see some honestly priced food!

Angela Barnes

Come hungry cause you will leave full of home cooking! family owned and operated been going for 19 year and my family have the nicest family dinners and love every bite of it a must go place :)

Vonney Zephirin

Love there food and the family that runs it. ❤

Linda Elliott

Great food! Great price! Friendly smiles!

Emily Nelson

Great food, great atmosphere, great prices! Family owned! Highly recommended!

Rick Besk

Good food, large portions, great value. Bring cash, they dont take plastic. Come hungry and you'll leave full.

James Grimes

Great t bone dinner

AOL.COMGuida Meyer

Huge portions of really tender ribs

Joy Bliek

Steak so tough I couldn't eat it.

Abundant Vine

Been going here since I was little. They are awesome and you feel like family. Great food and SO much of it, for an unbelievable price.

Leah Dawson

I grew up eating at the Farmington steak house. Even went to school with some of the girls who now own it. Great family restaurant. 4 generations have dined here

Chuck __

Always a friendly place to visit i highly recommend to anyone who havent been there

Jim Munger

Very good food and large portions

Mike Chiasson

We got a lot of food for what we paid, quite a few side options , only issue really was my steak was cooked a bit more than requested but overall great place to eat.

Ucherbelau Allen

Cash only, owners nice

Michael Clifton

Great food and prices! Love the staff. Doesn't take credit though.

Kayden Fox

Amazing food at amazing prices.

Long Doan

stand by favorite No frills good place for family to enjoy a meal together.

Just Berry

Great lunch was well prepared

kristin holmes

Excellent food Portion for the price friendly staff would recommend this place to anybody

Julianne Vance

Great food reasonable prices nice family

Raven Danzig

Pretty nice atmosphere. Clean, friendly staff, and of course, the food was delicious. A bang for your buck steakhouse place.

Miguel Anrubio

The workers took a very long time to give me the food that I ordered.(I understand that Saturday is a busy weekend). Also I was the first to order. I am very disappointed

Russ Rice

Awesome place excellent food

Katie Hanson

You come in order your food and watch it be made. Very good food!! Gets busy for meals but we'll worth the wait!

tracy timm

Good stuff as always

Ty Ejiogu

Love this place...its totally worth the drive from Rochester every time! The staff are great, the food is good and you won't break the bank trying to treat your family to a day or night out. Thank you all again for always being so nice each time I come in. Love you guys

Patricia Paschick

Super cheap meal that was good and fast. No frills place but good

Bruce Boettcher

If you want a quiet, elegant evening out...go somewhere else. If you wants lots of great food at a good price in an exceptional atmosphere, this is the place. It's loud, but not like a sports bar. Just a lot of hustle and bustle, construction workers, families, older couples (like us), bumping and crowding and talking and laughing. I was in for about 7 minutes to get take-out (fabulous gyros and fries) and heard at least 5 different languages and saw a dozen colors of people. I don't know where they all come from in Farmington, but it's wonderful. This is a 5-star restaurant for the rest of us.

Rich L

Very friendly service good food at reasonable price.

Jared Morton

The prices are great, but you get what you pay for.

Aaron Sorenson

Low prices and great food.

Sean Clancy

Reasonable prices and delicious food, it's a bit of a trek from the cities but well worth it for the value!

Angela Hatfield

Food is great, the price is right. Staff very efficient and nice.

Michael Sundling

Great food and you get enough to feed a family!

Larry Jensen

Good food and good sized portions, usually take leftovers home. The staff is very friendly.

Sound N. Fury

Feel welcome, feel full, feel Farmington Steakhouse. Almost 40 years now. Still loving this place.

Penny Ward

Really great steak! I'm definitely coming back!!

Dawn Breimhorst

Best place to eat!

Todd Hahn

Awesome Food and Good People!

Serg Dane

Always fresh steaks and salads, nice people , yummy food

Jeremy Huseth

Great Food! Love the atmosphere! Great family! Good price for the food! Go often!

David Story

Saturday night is busy but worth the wait. good quality food. generous portions of steak. I really like the baked potato, sour cream, cheesecake and lettuce salad.

Gennadiy Fainerman

Unbelievable how kind and down to earth the owners are. This is the definition of family owned and run business. We try to eat here for lunch everytime we are working in Farmington. Every visit we get treated like family. Thank you for being consistently awesome every time.

ohHh wOrdD

Been coming here for years, and I love this place. The food is amazing and the staff is very friendly. I recommend the peacan pie or a baklava to go along with your meal

Gabriela Romero

Super good steaks! Friendly staff and awesome prices! New favorite place!

Enrique Maciel

Great portion and quality food for a cheap price.

Brandt Ferris

Phenomenal service and great food. Very old style restaurant but worth the drive!

auntie well

The ribeye special.. With salad baked potato and toast. Ask for extra toast. Cafeteria style family friendly dinning now with free refills. You will leave with leftovers. Leftover steak and potato make great with eggs

Carolina Maricic

Disliked the food. Greasy spoon and fast service, therefore not high quality. Not a returning customer.

Jennifer Pennington

The food here is amazing! And the service ia fantastic. You can't beat the price.

Minam Choe

I miss this place, the best steak house, best price, little bit run-down though.

Nick Morrow

Excellent food. Huge portion. Nice people. Worth every penny. And it's unbelievably cheap prices

Jessica Phommajack

Always excellent and wonderful food. The staff are awesome :)

Kara Stankey

been going there since i was a kid. great family owned place with great food and the amount of food for the price is even better!

Parker Talley

Amazing place, if you are in town and want a good burger, steak, or something with meat. This is the place to go, just make sure you bring cash or a check.

Jonathan LaBore

Best food

Mitch Barry

I eat there a couple times a week. Very friendly and the food is amazing for low price. This is the only steakhouse that I will eat at.

Barbara Anderson

Open on Friday through Sunday only. Easy access. Watch TV . Sit at bar or relax at a table. Good server. Daily specials. We got Fish n shrimp. Comes with fries and big toast. Also tarter suace, cocktail sauce, lemon wedge. It was nice hot. The lemonade was good too. Got a side house salad. The dressing was so good. Blue cheese . And friends French. The shrimp was a little too done for deep fried. Fish was excellent. You can get it 3 ways. Place is like all on Farmington business area. An historic town. Where people know to say hi.

tom mee

Hell Yes, It's a frickin Steak House

Sarah Grace Benjamin

Best steak....

Michael Staerkel

Loved it. Awesome seevix and great prices.

Terry Trebelhorn

Always enjoy eating here. Good food, nice people, reasonable pricing. I'll be back again.

sonata meng

Cheap and big meal and really friendly customers service. They only take cash or check's no cards

Tyler Bassett

Excellent service and amazing food. Love this place

Jen Odell

The best gyros around! Great prices friendly service!

Chez Man

Jokingly called the "Roadkill Cafe" by some locals, but honestly this is a great, reasonably priced place to eat. If you are looking for fine dining with top quality service and food--keep going, this isn't your place. If you want fair food with generous portions, low prices and friendly atmosphere you've found your spot. The meat might not be top quality but you get plenty of it. My only complaint is the cooks have some difficulty cooking the steaks to order---but it's not a deal breaker unless they really over cook one. Give the place a try---you will know after one visit if it is for you or not.

Terry Knott

The food and price is great!

Gerardo Santarriaga

I love it.....buenisimo

Hollis Gleason

Great food better prices

Lynn Christopherson

Friendly staff. You order your meal while in line and they cook it right in front of you. You get a lot and it's not expensive.

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