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5001 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN 55437

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REVIEWS OF El Loro Mexican Grill IN Minnesota

Kayla Kuhlman

This is one of our favorite mexican places. Total comfort food. Free chips and salsa is a plus. Food always comes out very quickly and they have always done perfect with any requests with my dish. I always get tacos

jordan brown

Very good food and service. One of my favorite places to eat. Good portion sizes, affordable and delicious.

Anthony Dickinson

Not great. My wife makes better enchiladas. Perhaps an isolated event. Though the staff was very friendly and service was quick so I'll give it another shot when I'm in the neighborhood.

Zachary DeHenes

Great food, good service, okay environment, bad menu selections. Overall not sure where it lands.

Will Gleason

Excellent food, great portions, really well priced and very friendly customer service.

Andrew Parrill

Fast service, great pricing, kind staff, massive portions, and delicious food. What's not to like?

Susan Keeler

Great friendly service, good food served piping hot

Abby Anderson

Margarita was so good, the food is good nice pleasant atmosphere and the service is always excellent

Clint Morrow

Great food, great service, and good prices!

Seth Ficke

El Loro has generous portions, friendly service, and a diverse menu. You won't be disappointed.


We had fajitas and margaritas, both were fine. The rice and beans tasted a bit bland. The service was sketchy at best. At times it appeared there were no servers at all and then a group would reappear from the back. We watched several customers sit and wait way too long for service at the bar. It seemed like the staff was more interested in visiting with each other than taking care of the patrons.

Amy J Jenkins

Love the service, food, atmosphere...all of it.

Hilda Dominguez Perez

We arrived at the restaurant and they were like 5 or 6 servers setting on one of the tables, no one greeting us or try to help us. Very disappointed. Good food.

Tawnya Wylie

Very nice atmosphere. Good food.

Alfonso Manzano

After 2 years at Minn, I use to come to this Restaurant every time I have the chance...generous portions...staff it is pretty friendly, service is real all people find his place at el Loro


Great Mexican restaurant. Love the food. Definitely recommend.

Candy Crooks

Good food. Good prices. Fast service

Rebekah Moffett

Good basic Mexican at the normal price point. But with some nice variety like street tacos

Robert Sellmeyer

Fast and friendly place. Great lunch specials.

Patrick Ilboudo

The food was good and in large quantity. The menu option is so huge I got lost at first

Jeremiah Jones

I moved to the Midwest from SE Washington. This place is hands hands down the best food I have had sinecllce moving out here. Aside from going to friends house. Try the street tacos, and the salsa they give with chips. Excellenta. !!!!!

Cheryl V

Actually the best enchiladas rancheros I have ever had. Quick service too. If I'm ever in town again, I'll be back..

Nicholas Olson

I really like the food but service is inconsistent. Most times when we go there the server pays the right amount of attention but our last visit we felt ignored. Hopefully it was a fluke.

Bryan V.

Waiter (Miguel) added an extra $2.00 to his tip on my card without permission.

Jen Soto

Great staff. Amazing food. Friendly atmosphere. Javier and Darwin are excellent. I’ve spent tons of time in restaurants with an ex who is an executive chef and these 2 outshine everyone. They are always anticipating their customers needs, they maker personal connections, they make excellent recommendations and they remember their customers. It’s like hanging out with my friends every time I visit. Plus the margaritas are awesome!! Oh food wise- I get the chicken chimichangas. My kid loves thr chori pollo. It’s chorizo on top of chicken. It’s excellent. I’ve had most of their food over the years and I’ve never once been disappointed!

Isaiah Scharber

They always have fast service when ever i eat here and are always keeping an eye on you, if need help. Besides that even with being surved fast the food is still prepared very nicely.

David Koplos

So good, so fast!

Kristine Simons

Fabulous food and atmosphere. Staff was attentive and helpful. Reasonably priced with chips and salsa provided.

Joni Helmer

Nice ambiance, excellent service, damn good food!!! Oh, and did I mention the giant margaritas?! One of my favorite places n cities, walking distance frm seveal hotels!

Erika Jimenez

Super friendly staff, delicious food, amazing margaritas, and great prices. Our food was brought out super fast too. Staff definitely make sure they go out of their way to make sure you're ok. Came here during a family trip from Chicago and we will definitely be coming back next time we're in town.

Trish Wanik

Delicious margaritas! I'd go back just for those. Food was good but not great. Service could be improved - one of our meals was brought to our table a full five minutes after everyone else was served. The place had a good vibe, with a mix of families out for a meal and a bar full of people enjoying their margaritas. Has an outdoor seating area, too.

Mateo Rodriguez

Great music. Nice atmosphere.

Kory Kompelien

Good service, clean place, I would return again. Great bar service.

David Freese

Good service and food. Usually enough to bring for lunch the next day.

David K

Good food good service festive atmosphere. Check them out.

Lucas Miller

This place was great for a quick lunch. Salsa was spicy while the service was friendly and quick. 9/10 for a chain restaurant.

Amber Dahl

Great atmosphere, great service, clean restaurant, great food and drink.

Mike Davidson

Better than I remember visiting years ago. Margaritas were very good, guacamole and chips were also very good.

Sandra Thon

It's pretty darn tasty with better than fair pricing. I only wish they offered hot sauces and traditional Mexican condiments. Bring hot sauce with if that's your thing. Yummy food.

Judy P

Awesome tacos! Good price! My granddaughter and I go here almost every Tuesday.

Jeffrey Millunzi

Good food. Good prices. Good service. Nice atmosphere.

Jeremy Egli

Amazing food, super friendly staff, and a fun atmosphere (especially during Halloween or Christmas). One of the better authentic Mexican places around.

Michael Tate

The food here is generous, fast, and most importantly great. As far as the Southwest metro is concerned, these guys are the king of Mexican food.

Leah Koppi

Yummy yummy. Had great deals on food and drinks. Friendly staff and a good place to sit. Also would be a fun place to see a game or something like that. Have a great bar area

Kelly Maldonado

Nice open atmosphere. Decent service. The food was hot and smelled delicious but I was way over salted for my taste.

Dirk Wiese

Very Gold Drinks and foodstuff. Love to be here!

Jeff Blanchard

One of my team’s go-to spots for work lunches. The food is authentic, delicious and very affordable, and the service is super fast and friendly. Also a pretty decent happy hour.

Zachary Shelley

A robust staff, a huge selection of mexican favorites and good drink specials.

Jeff Cada

Great food and great service. Enjoy!

Yeyo Chaparro

Great like always

Tim Hornbacher

Great food and a fair price!

Suzanne Bogan

Great taste excellent service!

Joel Madenwald

Food was good. Service was fast. Sis not have any drinks this time.

Brent D

food and prices were good

Ethan Harris

Friendly staff and an expansive menu. Went out to lunch on a week day with some friends and we all enjoyed the large portions of their lunch specials. The drinks were large too! A medium tap beer came in a giant mug!

Rose Hoye

Loved the food. The staff are great!

Debby Venne

Good food Great decor

Bd Braaten

The food quality was excellent and the feel of the place was very nice. Our server didn't know what day of the week it was though which made me a little bit nervous but there were no issues with our order so all in all it was a pleasant experience

Stephen Padilla

I must say that I have never eaten anywhere else that managed to make a truly bad taco salad. In fact, I recently had a better taco salad at a fast food restaurant! The service was also, at best, lackluster. If I'm going to eat at a restaurant with table service and mid-range pricing, I expect food and service that are better than fast food, not worse.

Matthew Hallacy

We've been here a couple times and absolutely love the quality of the food. All the fine details are great, the tortilla chips are thin and crispy and warm, the salsa is delicious, everything has so much flavor and the service is great!

Lois Berhow

At end of the meal, a friend's plate was removed when she was still eating. He removed water glasses when we were Still drinking from them. As he was cleaning an adjacent table, he sprayed us with cleaning chemical. I asked to with the manager but no manager was present. The location was at 494 and 100. I have been there numerous times and food is excellent but this time the waiters behavior was unacceptable.

Erin Ahrens

Food was great but service was terrible


Nothing special here. The staff is nice, the restaurant is spacious. Plenty of parking and easy to get to.

Chad Whipple

Very good Mex food at a very reasonable price.

Jacqui Hills

Great service, efficiant and friendly staff, wonderful food. Thank you for a delightful evening!

Cameron Brousseau

The food is great but I was one of a hand full of tables in the while place. There is zero excuse for the terrible service I received. I waited over 10 minutes after being seated to have out drink order taken. I then waited over 20 mins for our server to come by again.and ask if we wanted another or to take our order. After we ate our server never came back to ask how it was and I had to get up amd ask him for another beverage and some limes that I ordered at the time I put the food in. I have been done with my meal amd all drinks for over 20 mins and I'm still waiting for him to come back so we can get a to go box and our check. I will never be back. Regardless of the food it is not worth it. I always leave 20% min on tabs. I will not be leaving a penny for a tip. It's very unfortunate because the owners clearly have a great apostrophe and cooks but terrible servers. I will be telling everyone I know to stay away and I live here in west Bloomington.

Patrick Hierlmaier

Love the staff and great food.

Bridget DeVos

Pretty great margarita, huge portions

Kevin Culum

Good food. Great service

Philip Kelley

It's fine. Good deals on beers. Food is certainly not authentic, but who cares. Service is usually pretty good.

David Risser

Fajitas were great. Service was fast. Beer was ice cold.

Qaadir Young

Very tasty and feeling

Shilpa Pawar

Ambiance was good..Nive place to sit outside and have quick lunch. Service is fast..not much wait time. Not giving 5 star as I found my food was not that fun..littile plain for me. Not much spice and taste is okay.

Jonathan Sands

Good food, good service, Fair prices.

Doug Birkeland

Large portions and great food

Lynne Olson

Love this place ... the food and the atmosphere. Service is excellent!

Paul Niesen

Food was good. We had to double-back on a few special requests, but overall we were pleased. We saw the waiter return once about mid-meal.

Bill Kreisle

I have been here about 30 times and usually order the exact same meal. It consistently arrives hot, delicious, and fast. The staff has low turn over and is friendly, and the restaurant owner loves to decorate the place near Halloween and Christmas.

Inam Sheikh

Had Mexican steak. It was delicious. Great authentic Mexican restaurant and friendly staff. it started to turn into night club when I was leaving at 10 pm on Saturday night. Had live DJ and great atmosphere and turn out was not bad considering 3 and chill like -12 degrees.

Kim Mize-Humphrey

Completely generic, except for the staff. They were nice, despite my son getting the wrong meal.

Michael Linert

I am giving El Loro 5 stars because it met every expectation; quality, quantity, service. The food was very satisfying and served in a timely manner. The Vikes were on and won. All-in all a great way to spend a gray and rainy Sunday afternoon.

ッRad Shawn

if you want a better experience go to gilbertos. the rice and beans are better but sometimes they mess up your order. i did like the chimichanga i bought here though.

Megan Dowrick

We've only lived in the area for about a year now, and this is THE BEST restaurant we've tried so far! The customer service is exceptional and the food is always amazing. The portion sizes are also HUGE so you always have second dinner or lunch the next day. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone!

Ryan Zentz

I had the Chori Pollo. Fantastic! Service was fine and the free chips and salsa was good. Guacamole wasn't the best I've had but it was still very good. There was no wait and we got our food quickly so if you're in a hurry you'd probably be safe to grab a bite here. I'm from out of town but I'd definitely eat here again if in Minneapolis again!

David Melin

Really great dinner. Great service. Food was tasty. Margaritas were generous. Not our first visit - nor will it be our last!

Hershey Lima

Always happy when I go here. Generous portions, fun staff- Margaritas! It's really close to my home too. I wonder that they aren't busier? Ambiance- it's got a comfortable, lived in feel

Perry Johnson

Great food, great service

Cameron Klos

Fast service, good food, low price! Great spot for a quick lunch.

Brady Hasbargen

The staff and food were off the chain! One of the best authentic Mexican restaurants we've been to

Connor M

Great service and good, inexpensive food (not “cheap”, big difference!) Gargantuan menu, be prepared to make touch decisions. Though, I’ll save you... get the “piña el Loro” - you’re welcome. A great local spot, will be back.

Allison Justin

Came here with a friend for hh- awesome and HUGE margs!

Kandasamy Ramanathan

A very satisfying experience. Food was good, not any different from other mid-range Mexican restaurants. Horchata drink was great. Service was extra-super. Will go again..

donald burgess

Mexican in Minneapolis? Idk but I’m from Tx so I wasn’t at all impressed. The food was flavorless service was not that hot... the salsa was some sort of pasta, what i imagine Mexican spaghetti sauce would taste like. Maybe I’m to far North of the border for authentic Mexican food, which is strange because all the employees were Mexican.... idk I just expected more from a place w 4 stars.....

tony perez

Really good, clean, friendly and super affordable.

steven sandtorf

Wouldn't accept a coupon that said Bloomington locations only. There was no specification on what location just said Bloomington.

Allison Lesch

Great food great service

Thomas Pearce

El Loro, please listen. Great service, nice atmosphere, great margaritas, but your food is blah and flavorless. I want you to be successful, so I hope you listen. Go compare your tacos to Taco Libre. Their food has mouthwatering flavor, especially their tacos.

Jacob Lynn

I love Mexican food and this place is my favorite, big portions, delicious and great prices. Great place to get a beer as well, under $4!

Deanna Kern

Quick service and food always hot. My favorite for Margarita's

Mike Cook

Great food and great service! We'll be back!

Cindy Inman

Great place to eat and have drinks drinks outside!

Denis Schaefer

Fantastic food, fantastic service! We would definetly come here again.

Joey Diablo

Great service here. Food was quick as well

Byronlyn Mappy

Frozen strawberry margarita was the best I’ve ever had. Went during lunch, the Camerones a la Diabla was also delicious. Comes with free chips at the table and good salsa. I’d tweak the guacamole a little and put the food out a few minutes faster.

Brucie Allen

Food and service was amazing

Kailyn P

Pretty fabulous for a cheap Mexican place! I was impressed!

Casey Kaplan

Super fast (food was up in no time), and no wait time during lunch. Good salsa. Can't complain about anything really.

Duck Sensei

The atmosphere was really nice and the employees were really friendly. The menu prices seem pretty reasonable too. Overall the food was really good but I'm giving it a 4 because the rice and beans seemed a little stale to me. I recommend this restaurant for anyone that's either new or not from the area.

Brian Telesh

Great food and atmosphere. Enjoyed some Dos Equis and Some Enchiladas with a group staying at a nearby hotel. We sat at the bar and were glad we were able to watch NCAA BB tourney. Service was great as everyone was attentive even with our groups staggered arrival. The draft beer was cold and not skunky telling me they clean their beer lines. My enchiladas were awesome as well as the various food items we ordered. Food was hot and tasty and my special request was handled with a smile

Abbe Pedersen

Food is a little bland, salsa was like puréed tomatoes. The chickenyolandas were packed full of juicy chicken, but nothing else. But the worst thing is the smell in the restaurant- like mildew and grease and dirt. However, it was better than the last time I was at this same American Blvd location when it smelled so strongly of pinesol that I couldn’t eat.

Cathie Cottrell

You receive good portions. Great tasting! You don't have to wait long for your order! Plenty of seating!

Matthew Nault

Good Authentic food and a Great Margarita.

Rick Pelechek

Good food with friendly service. Good crowd on a Saturday night.

ann machacek

This is a very nice restaurant. Moderately priced. We were there late on a Saturday. The staff proved to be very attentive. The restaurant is very clean. Everyone in the party enjoyed their food. My only recommendation is if you are looking for a light salad skip the fajita salad. I found it to heavy for a late dinner, very tasty though.

Peg Klun

This place had a great atmosphere and was clean. However, we were there when it was pretty empty (2 pm), and it took asking 3x before we got our water. The food was ok at best. The tamal had a huge amount of cornmeal around a scant amount of meat. The taco meat was a bit mushy, without much spice. Only the cheese or bean entrees at our table were fully eaten.

Thomas Sigwalt

Great food, great drinks and great service!

Camryn Sigman

#24 is my favorite! Great service and good chips and quac!

Stephanie Cannon

Service is sketchy. A different El Loro has better cheese sauce. But all in all not bad, but I won't go back.

J. Scott

Great place great food great people

Zachary Bohlman

I end up at El Loro about once a month for lunch. Very good Mexican style food and the lunch menu is a good value.

Edward Latimer

Ok Mexican food...doors were open. Funny when it's hotter inside than out.

John McGrath

Watch your bill. They charge a surcharge for using a credit card for payment

Ken Moyer

Our daughter said she thinks this is the cleanest restaurant she’s ever eaten at. The food was VERY good! Extremely hot and served Very fast! Loved it! 10/10 !!

Amy Warwick

Nice place to grab lunch. Menu lunch specials are a good value and size. Free unlimited chips and salsa. Will be coming back here.

sandra nelson

Just ate last night...worse Mexican food...wheres the good food...

Phil Matheis

I love this place! Always great food, service can be a little iffy depending on who you get. Was a little frustrated with the most recent time we went. Hottest day of the year and they had the patio door open and AC off. It was actually hotter in the restaurant than outside. Bad move.

Angela Potter

Nice clean place. Food was great prices are right n drinks are amazing. Server was prompt n very nice.

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