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REVIEWS OF Eddie Cheng IN Minnesota

Missy Winter-Jernigan

Yummy and very reasonable for all the food you get!

Debbie Pikkaraine

We go often always good service and excellent food!

Steven Juracek

Eddie Cheng serves some of the best Chinese food in the area. Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 they set up a lunch Express line where you han get two or three items and rice for five bucks and change or 6 bucks and change. The food is always fresh and delicious and everyone who works here is super friendly. I pick up lunch from here at least twice a month.

M zheng

This is the best place to get your food. The food there is delicious and well made. You should go here. Their sesame chickens are really good. And their service are good. The delivery are really fast and it is free. It's awesome!!!!!

Mitchell Guimont

Connor Boran

This is a favorite take away location for my family. Prompt orders, friendly staff, and quality food keeps us coming back for more!

Kerry Kosel

Try the lemon chicken!!

Doug Melaas

Quick delivery, tasty food, reasonable prices.

Todd Wilson

Good food

Scott Lepsch

William Neu

Great food great prices

Jon Clark

Ellen Hubris

The food not bad but the service cashier way to rude;(

Roseabelle Shelton

The food is nasty and rice take like old sink. The people don't speak English when it's convenient to them. Ask to speak to a manager. They refused and kept playing games they don't speak English!! Don't order from this place. There is a lot of Asian cuisine better 98 pounds and Fresh Wok! Never ordering from here again. After spending 40 and 50 dollar orders yet you forget spicy mayo and she tried to lie and say she didn't have hot oil yet they brought that in the bag. Shady people, I think what about the food if they can lie like this!!


A friend recommended the eggplant in garlic sauce. It's oily but oh-so delicious—I'm hooked! However, some cooks prepare it slightly better, more flavorful, than others. Eddie Cheng's sesame chicken and pork fried rice are also very good dishes.

raj singh

Chinese Restaurant that doesn't know how to cook rice??? over done mush.

Joel Brand

They have great food and a great selection, but sometimes their carryout packaging is a mess.

Holly Anderson

Erica Plourde

This is my favorite restaurant! I love broccoli and beef and curry chicken!

uriah peterson

GodImUrz Wade

very very good food!!!!! fast delivery the orange chicken was great!!

Ursula Ayame

Dropped in to get something in between classes, and the lunch special is pretty amazing. Online it says it ends at 3, actually ends at 2 but there was some left overs so he was nice enough to still give us a deal. :) Everything was delicious, and the portions were nice. I've ordered online too, and even then everything was super flavorful and the pricing was right. :)

Dave Arnold

James Lilley

I ordered from them this week and got the wrong order, I was asked to bring the food back (kind of a pain), then I was given the right order and I came home to find that the other part if my order was dry and not good as well as the egg rolls given to us. I was given a replacement exact dish for the bad meal so I call and asked for a slightly different plate and "the owner argued over the details instead of be customer focused. I don't complain to companies unless something is wrong and I believe in helping businesses with Q/A. I was not happy with the response of the owner when I went in to get my replacement meal I told the owner this is my last order and he didn't care. Good bye Eddie chengs! Hello golden wok

Robert Sellmeyer

Great dishes, bad apps. Every time I order from here my main dish is great but the wings, rolls, or soup tastes stale.


I've been coming here for 10 years and now with the food poison I've had from this place, I'm now thinking twice coming here again. If I was not a regular customer, it would have been a 1 star.

laura lopez

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio

Brandy Larkin


They have the best food and if you order delivery they are usually quick

Jodi Messenbrink

The lunch buffet looked delicious. I got white rice and the egg drop soup which was very good and the soup temperature was very hot.

Max Mataya

I work close by and order delivery, take out or dine-in at least once a week for lunch. This is the best quick serve Chinese food I have ever had. They always get the order right. When I order delivery there is no delivery charge and the delivery is quick. Plus, the portions are large and inexpensive. My staple is the Sweet & Sour Chicken. At most places the Sweet & Sour Chicken is hit or miss with each bite. Not at Eddie's! 100% white, tender meat with every bite! Also, always get the pork fried rice. Add some complementary hot sauce and you are ready to tackle the rest of the work day. Love this place; highly recommend!

Tyler Kazlow

Worst Chinese food I’ve ever had!!!

Bradlee Karan

Cheap Chinese!

Bumble BEE

The food is good and the taste is alright. The rate is good. But the person at the cashier is just very disrespectful. Just simply put he is arrogant and i wont eat there any more. A stranger ...i think a student walked in a asked "Whats your suggestion on what to eat..The reply was..."everything is good and a blank arrogant face". The person walked away.. SMILE MORE and be respectful...Ask the guest what he wants and pls do seat him..All these things look like an afterthought... Good Luck!

Nasim Hasan

Nice place for the Chinese food lovers

Sean Coburn

Great food and service

Jacob Lepisto

I have normally am not one to complain but the cashier at the restaurant was so rude that I was compelled to write a review. My wife order food and sent me with the cash to pay for it. When I got there she insisted I give her a coupon which is posted on their website for cream cheese wontons. She insisted I have the printed copy and them added the cost of the items without the coupon. I stated please leave them off. I had only brought enough cash for what they quoted us on the price. Any other restaurant would have honored this coupon regardless if I had printed it off. if nothing else off my phone screen. But to then be rude about it in attitude and words is inexcusable. There are to many Chinese restaurants in this area to provide such terrible service. I will not be returning ever.

Qing Cai

Greg T

Joe G

Some of the most consistently good fast Chinese take out around.

Chris Boden

Amazing service, amazing food.

Hailey Murdick

Giovani Plaisted

Great food, fast delivery and nice staff.

raed al jas

Samantha Lynch

BASIC mall food. i prefer more authentic

Mike Fernandez

Debbie Pruitt

Eddie change is my favorite restaurant

Maritere Garcia

Awesome Chinese near mall of america

David Lowe

Love the food fills u rte uo

Brett Stembridge

Ed Reitano

The lunch special is $5 and change and it's enough food to feed a lumberjack. Service is quick and the food is fresh. If you're expecting anything better for the money from anywhere you're setting yourself up for disappointment in life.


I went here the first time with my boyfriend and we ordered beef and broccoli. We dined-in and when I tasted the food it was SUPER SALTY. It was so gross all I could taste was salt. We took a few bites trying to over pass the saltyness but it just got more gross. So we asked them to see if we could get something else because it was too salty, they told us we could not get anything else of we would have to pay for it. They offered to wash the beef and broccoli in water and reheat it. I was like the fudge?! We talked to the manager and she offered to give us a small beef and broccoli with less sauce. This is my first and definitely Last visit here.

Marx Domah

Well is Chinese fast food. If you know what you want. I always like the wings and shrimps here. The wait time here is a little longer than 10 minutes.

Patrice Clermont

Cynthia took my order today and she was wonderful. Her customer service reminds me of the old Chinese restaurants. Pure grace and smiles and just good old plain courtesy. I was thinking the whole time she is so nice wow..... oh and the food is good also.


I come here regularly and one day I forgot my wallet. They gave me the meal anyways and said that I can pay next time

Jason Meyers

rahul peddi

Fried Rice is not at all good, and even the chicken is half cooked. Not at all recomemded.

Rog Gab

I really like this place it is super fast and delicious I’ve never been disappointed.

Robert Marano

Jim Beekman

The food is really good!! The service is really good!! Your on-line menu is really LAME!!

Stephen Cross

Nori Miller


Henry Conrad

E Nelson

The food's always made well and the staff is friendly and prompt.

Sheila Cole

Always great, hot food, and delivered quickly.

tanto tanto

Amanda Kristina

Carl Luoma

ourida johnson

Ismael Saldivar Mrtz

Sometimes they forget the food

Florencia Rodriguez

David Gore

General Tao chicken was the only part that had any flavor, fried rice, hot and sour soup, crab Rangoon, egg drop soup was flavorless. Sweet & Sour chicken was tough and chewey. Shrimp roll, and egg roll was just ok. This is the second to worse Chinese food I have ever had. 40.00 for yuck! Not recomended!

Lisa Pedersen

Jeremy Wolske

Leo Morales

Great food not to pricey quick service and the delivery is really quick and theres always leftovers

Ben Bradford

By far this is the BEST place of it's type in the area. The prices are fair, the portions are huge, and the food is always up quick and DELICIOUS! We moved 10 miles away and still make it a point to go there a couple times a month.

Amy Roop

Food was hot, plentiful and delicious. Staff was very friendly. We received our large order of food within 10 minutes. Thank you!

Brianna Loughrey

For a cheap fast lunch they are not bad. They also mind if you request all fresh food and they also deliver right to my work for free!. Can’t complain for fewer than ten dollars I get two meals worth of food and the service is not bad.

william warlick

Andrew Hanson

Fallen Fate Official

Mr. Sweavy

Food was horrible... I ordered seasme chicken it was too watery. The chicken was crunchy, the rice was nasty and soggy

Pamela Carrigan

Fast service

annette Noldy

Delicious hot and fresh


A nice restaurant with great food. Awesome lunch specials!

Jordan Hanson

I was sitting at home and decided to order eddie Chengs this is the secong time I order from them and this will be my last for the following reasons. I opened my eight piece chicken wings and there was only five wings. I opened my rice and it was cold. I opened my chicken chow mein and food a cats foot in the middle of the box you tell me what happend

Nancy Stephenson

Basically flavorless mall style Chinese food. Steamed dumplings were flavorless. Fried rice was flavorless. Paid .80 extra to get broccoli added to my sesame chicken and got 4 little pieces of broccoli. Reviews said the sesame chicken was great. Only if you like flavorless rubbery chicken that's batter fried and drowned in syrupy sweet sauce. My husband's hunan chicken, which was supposed to be spicy, was rubbery and, again, flavorless. Almost didn't want to take the leftovers home.

Todd Guttormson

Tyrone Hoover

Great, filling Chinese food!

Kadeem Richards


katie sanderson


Jacob Hark

Good eats and great pricing and portions. Lunch deal is insaine for amount of quality food. Wontons are legit. There is better out there, but not for what you pay here.

Ben C

mike harris

In my opinion some of the best Chinese food (of this variety) in the metro. Their crab rangoons are second to none and remind me if Chinese food back home in New England

Kelly Campos

Bad costumer service and overcharged my food.

Juan Torres

Nice and fast delivery . Will b buying from them again :)


I called and asked if they had a lunch buffet and the hostess said yes. Turns out it's not all you can eat, just for getting lunch specials out fast. The service staff was friendly and prompt when I got there, and the food was good for the price ($6 lunch) I didn't mind it wasn't all ya can knosh. If you're in a rush for lunch check it out

Jay Rivera

Best food around

JK Bit

Pretty good Chinese take out place. For vegetarians, Hunan Tofu is a good choice. Also, I like the fact they are open late at night. The staff is polite and friendly.

Sara James

As an adventure of eating different Chinese places to find our favorite one, i enjoyed this one most. Yes most of the staff speaks half broken engrish, but dont take that as an offense. (actually there was a young boy who spoke precise English) My suggestion, the sesame chicken! Why? Cuz you get a good full piece, not the dinky fried stuff from leeann. I suggest you go at Lunch. They got a lunch express which they fill with fresh food. The combo plate is at 6.25 for 3 different items and the portions are pretty generous for. Better then pandas 8 buck tray. The dinner combo i asked comes in a single small black container and is way more expensive... :/

ma madi

I love Eddie Cheng Bloomington, MN. Their food is delicious because the sauces are not too sweet, and you can get them as spicy and garlicky as you want. They have a daily lunch special menu every day of the week and those prices are less expensive than a meal at a fast food drive through. We get carryout at least once a week. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, keto or paleo, you can get something to eat here.

Samora Redding

I looooovvveeeeee Eddie Cheng and I've had different Chinese dishes from all different places here in the cities and I want to say that they are the BEST out of fast food delivery!! The food is always hot and packed to the brim, the food tastes clean and always has white meat. Very fresh!! If you're staying in this area I would definitely order from this location and now my boyfriend will only eat from here. 10/10 on prices and delivery time.

Peter Fitzpatrick

Huge portions, a great value.

joshua coil

Amazing delivery! Best sesame chicken I've ever had and amazing lo mein and great wontons. Really great prices! I was very impressed.

Javier Lopez

(Translated by Google) Good fast food (Original) Buena comida rapida

Lael Benjamin

Horrible experience did not mention that the fried rice had pork in it and I do not eat pork

ThatGuy 2219

Matt B

Christian Genis

Jennifer Carlson


Mike Tyler

Alejandro Caballero

Marcus Klacke

Thomas Neu

Amie Davis

Worst place. They delivered me the wrong food and even I called to complain they argued with me and told me I was wrong. Horrible customer service! Don't order from here!

Corey Ford

Great food at great prices.

chauntayna nelson

Always hot and delicious food. Good prices and fast service.

Jamison Hicks

Excellent spot to get something when in a rush. Their service is quick, prices are fair, fantastic vibes. Will come back again

Doug Hanson

Good food and an even better value!

Sparky #

Kung Pao shrimp had four veined shrimp a few carrots, peanuts and water chestnuts and a stalk of celery. Should have been called Kung Pao celery. Asked for Rangoon instead of an egg roll. Got charged extra and got two egg rolls and eight Rangoon. Seriously. The Rangoons were not very good either.

Mark Fleming

Great Sesame chicken and General Tso's chicken. Lunch specials are very reasonably priced, they deliver, and portions are good (big if you pick up yourself)!

C Chao

Great price and outstanding quality of service and food

Andy Goo

Fast food delivery, delicious food, friendly service! Reasonable price! Large volume!

Nathan Fisher

A standard cheap Chinese lunch place. The food was good (I had half sweet and sour chicken and half general Tso’s chicken), the service was quick and the staff was nice. Bathrooms were clean also. It seems efficiently laid out; there isn’t a huge selection of stuff but you go from arriving at the place to getting your food in less than 3 minutes. It got a lot of foot traffic in the 30 minutes my wife and I ate there. Lots of Asian people coming here, also (I’ve noticed the good Chinese restaurants are ones that you see Chinese people go to). If you’re in the mood for American-iced Chinese food, this is a good choice I think.

Heather Kaeding

Teresa Johnson

David Smith

Ordered two nights during our stay. Absolutely delicious food. The Sesame Chicken dish the best I have ever had anywhere. Egg rolls where hand made and crispy. Everything is fresh and piping hot, even delivered to the LaQuinta Hotel. Super fast Delivery! Will look forward to eating here anytime I am in Bloomington. Great prices as well. Huge portions.

Jaretta Peterson

James Stanley

Very delicious food!!!!

Debra McGuire

Great fried rice. Everything is good I have had. Quick delivery , friendly.

Nan Persaud

Sheryl homeactivist

I love this place for take out food. I would use delivery too, but I live too far away. My favorite dish is eggplant in garlic sauce. Spicy, sweet, savory, vegetarian. Yum!

ronald young

Ordered a Delivery Dinner from The Richfield Eddie Cheng location. Great Overall experience!!! Delivery was Hot And Delicious.... Delivery Also got to My Door in Half of the Original Quoted Time((20 mins,instead of 45mins.)) WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Giving them a Try.

Harrison Lawrence

Great food, served on styrofoam. Easy simple lunch spot

anthony Brown

Hot & sour soup whenever I feel sick

Jonathan Pullis

always fast and delicious!!

Taylor Green

Aspen Paigge

Chicken wings are good.

Shawn Lindblad

andrew Hop

Great food

yannely sanchez

Food was great!

Debbie Smith

Josephine Books

Good food at good prices. From 11:00 - 2:00. You get a meal to go for $5.70. It's all I can eat and more.

Kat saab

Very good Chinese food. Staff great

Peter Anderson

The lunch menu at eddie cheng's is very cheap (less than $5?)and the food, especially the sesame chicken, is very good. Make sure you get your food when a fresh batch has come out, otherwise it may not be as good.

Mike Szaroletta

Very good food. Despite low prices, the food is in large quantities! The sesame chicken was excellent as were the bbq ribs. Will definitely come again.

Tomas Jankauskas

Shirley Crespo


Tom Lee

Very fast service great food even have delivery

Ryan Laing

good prices lunch!

Sampson Abrahams

John Lindsey

Food is excellent!

Philip Marlow

Great takeout. Always hot, fast and tasty, and at very reasonable prices. The Singapore Chow Mei Fun is amazing.

Prabha Singh

The food is made fresh, the vegetables are crisp, and it is all served with a smile.

David Smittkamp

My wife and I have eaten there Many times and it just keeps getting better.. U guys ROCK

Jason Lee

Cheap Chinese cuisine! And they give good proportions!

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