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1124 Payne Ave, St Paul, MN 55130

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Belle Yang

Really a great place! Waitress is so kind, greets and treats you like a friend. Food is also fantastic, an unexpected but delicious twist on Korean AND American food.

Txenyi Hurshuajer

Chimichanga was bomb but the hash wasn't or I'd give 5/5 stars

Shelby Edwards

First time here but definitely not the last. The Bi Bim Bop was delicious and unlike anything I've had before. Perfect for a savory late breakfast.

Lanie Hei

Ugh yes everything I wanted for my Saturday morning. Chimichanga burrito w/ tofu & Mac were both great. We shared & had enough leftovers for another meal. Waitress was also delightful & coffee was worth coming back for by itself -- rarely do non-coffee shops have good coffee

Khanh Nguyen

Overrated! Poached eggs were cold. Over easy eggs were overdone. Hashbrowns were mushy in the middle. Soggy bacon. Mushy strawberries (canned?) Pancakes were ok. Would never come back.

Damien Nichols

Always amazing!

Carrie Michels

We waited for 1.5 hrs for the bi bim bop salad and pancakes. While others around us came in later and were served similar entres. We left unsatisfied. They told us the eggs were too fresh even though 4 other people got eggs Benedict and arrived later then us

Jacob Nitz

Suburban omelet is life changing.

Tim Curry

Average, I had the Egg's Benedict it had like Roast Beef On it ? the meat should have been seasoned better it was Okay, I wish it would have been the standard Benedict, It would have been better. My Daughter (10 yr ) said the Pancakes were Okay The meat she had she said was tough hard to eat ??, She Said she liked flamebugers better, My fiance said her meal was okay also new place I hope they change a few things on the menu or it will not last you have to have a signature meal ??Didn't see it Not indicated anywhere .We didn't order it for a family meal, it's okay place small and expensive $50 + with tip there's nothing to make me go back. That's just me and My Family saying so, Try it you May like it ??

Kevin Le

The moment you walk in, you're introduced to an extremely cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The waitresses are nice. Although people began storming in once it hit noon, the service never went down and they continued to provide excellent assistance. My friend and I started off with a cinnamon roll for $7. The roll was huge and the creamy, sweet glaze was plentiful. It was piping hot and just delightful to eat. After finishing that, I had gotten my $12 order of "Chicken and a Cake." The chicken was crispy and tender, practically to the point of where the meat fell off of the bone. The sauce on the chicken was nice and pleasant. Salty, savoury, and paired well with the pancake. The pancake was nothing unique, but it was a very well executed pancake. Overall, I'd give a four star to COOK and it's people. The food was good, but it wasn't amazing. The portions were nice, enough to make you full and not feel too heavy. The service was great, the atmosphere was enjoyable, and the prices are reasonable. It's not a five because it doesn't blow me away, but that doesn't mean that it is not worth the visit. I'd recommend it to anyone.


Quite literally the best biscuits and gravy I've had outside of the South. Did not need any salt or pepper, which is rare. Friendly staff and cozy atmosphere, although the prices are a bit high. I should note my Husband got the cooks combo (I think that's what it's called) which had eggs, meat, hash brown, and toast. He said that while it was good, it wasn't worth the price. All in all, we will be back!

jessica quiet

Everything was overly salted. Toast was dense and not toasted, sausage patty way too thick, still pink on inside and greasy

Ted Huang

This diner is much more than the average hole-in-the-wall restaurant. From the moment you walk in, you will be slightly pleased with the sublime decorations and great lighting. Try the Shakshouka, a sweet and savory dish prepared with two sunny side eggs in a rich tomato sauce.

John Mount

Fresh Korean fusion early in the morning. Whomever created this place has a commitment to brilliance. Easy going atmosphere and unique menu choices as competitive prices. Food and drinks expertly branded for enjoyment, combining both cultures. Food was great, clean and dining atmosphere laid back and enjoyable. Highly recommended and will return frequently for other menu choices!

Jeff Maki

Amazing. We have been here for brunch and really liked it. This visit it was a pop up called the Golden Horseshoe and the killed it.

David Belt

Almost about a year ago, a friend of mine who had previously visited Minnesota suggested I try the food at Cook in St Paul. We had been planning on it ever since! Avid readers out there might have come across COOK in Mpls St Paul magazine's list of best brunches places in the twin cities, EATER and many more! Eddie WU is the chef and owner of the restaurant which focuses on Korean eats for the most part. However, the true essence of COOK is that of a classic American diner. Before sharing more details about the food, the friendly atmosphere needs to be commended. As you enter, the " All are welcome here" sign makes the place seem all the more inviting. We were received with a warm welcome and seated to our liking. The small yet comfortable space has walls covered in more inclusive posters/pictures on one side and a colorful kid friendly corner on the other.

Donlashoni Cowley

All the way from Texas and loving they have to offer.. Food great... we come back every chance we get.. Korean with a twist.

brook harste

Great food!


The Peach with Allena Dancer pop up restaurant was excellent!

Nicole Springer

Love this place. I had the breakfast chimichanga and it was amazing. The service was friendly and attentive. I am only sad that I live out of town and can't come here more frequently. I will definitely come back next time I am in the Twin Cities.

Beth Grady

Oh I just absolutely love coming here. The burgers are the best I've had. I can't wait to come back again.

Lowrance Scutts

We had a short wait on the Saturday morning that we visited Cook. It is a smallish restaurant, but the turn over was quick. The service was efficient and friendly. The menu was a VERY pleasant surprise - eclectic, yet not too far out there. It gave us the chance to try something a little exciting, but not too scary/strange. I had a ham, cream cheese and pickle omelet, another in our party had a coconut french toast with rhubarb sauce. Both were very good. The prices were reasonable and fair. All in all I would not hesitate to recommend Cook to a friend and I can say that I will definitely be back.

Kathleen Kortus

Food was wonderful and Staff fantastic! Will definitely come back. Will have Mac & cheese @ Kimci or Chimmichanga(sp?)

Nate Kastle

Breakfast lunch and dinner are all some of the best in the city. The staff and owners are great.


Place is small but super cute. Order the Mapo Tofu, that's such a good dish. Just melts in your mouth, and that's coming from a guy who feels indifferent about tofu. Great customer service and because it's not a huge restaurant, it feels really personal and comfortable, and that you as a customer are really tendered to. Highly recommend!

Tim Mead

Service was outstanding, food was great too !

matt kuhn

Great food open for breakfast and lunch

Alex Aaron

Love this place. Very intimate dining space with the tastiest dishes made from locally sourced products. The short rib Benedict is outstanding and the hashbrowns are the best I've ever had! Highly recommend this place to anyone who loves a good breakfast.

Mike Mikkelson

Eddie Wu puts no effort into the restaurant he owns. He barely works and treats his employees terribly. All the credit for Cook St. Paul goes to the staff, and after years of their loyalty and hard work, Eddie has the class to fire his dedicated employees via text message, and not for a legitimate cause either. Real professional, Eddie. Rethink your life choices.

Ryan C. Van Wyk

Recently changed to counter service. Great flavors, quick service & food prep. Our group tried each of the bowls and the burger. Chai tea & lemonade was super tasty! Excellent prices and friendly staff. Worth the visit!

Amy Gooder

Today wasn't my first visit to COOK and it definitely won't be my last. But today I figured how to sum up my experiences here; I've never had a bad bite of food. From the pancakes (best in the city) to the short ribs, everything is expertly made and thoughtfully prepared. But whatever you do, make sure you try the hot sauce! (If you're afraid it will be too spicy mix it with the ketchup.) You won't be disappointed.

Grace Jones

The flavor was amazing! My husband took me here for my birthday. He had the Mac & Chi and I had the Korean Burger. Both were fantastic! You could taste the culinary expertise in the cooking. You can’t get this everywhere. This is unique gem hidden in the hood.

Ken Boyd

This is the best new place I've been to in years. Don't let the location scare you off. In fact, I think it works for them. I had the Bi Bim Bop, one of their specialties. It was fantastic. Just the right spiciness. Not scorching. Something for everyone. The servers were very welcoming also.

Danielle Stein

I visited Cook St Paul after spontaneously deciding not to run a 5k in the rain and to eat something delicious instead. It was definitely the right choice. My friend and I both had the kimchi omelette - it was seriously amazing. 10/10 would eat again. Service was great, attentive without being annoying. Great experience.

Cheryl Hall

Very nice place

Wachen Anderson

I had a bi bim bop bowl. Quite good!

Juho Littlehill

Love this place. Delicious and interesting food.

Christian Spraungel

I work next door and we often order lunch through Cook and it's fantastic every time. Their house made hot sauce is extremely good and unlike anything else I have tried. Will always recommend for a unique experience. Plus, they provide a discount to those who work on Payne Ave. I am right on this correct?!

Carrie Wittenberg

I stopped at Cook for breakfast before a local business meeting. Their mushroom omelet was good. Their hash browns were divine. Hello fried up in butter! I didn't love that the only jam option for my toast was Orange marmalade which sits on the table, open for all. I just don't dig marmalade. The place is pretty tiny but you can tell they have a loyal following. There was a family there having breakfast before school and the waitress was clearly familiar with them. I kinda love that we have some foodie neighborhood spots again. Overall, I'm going to find an occasion to go back again for another meal (lunch perhaps) and try more of their menu.

Edmond Hanson

Food and service were fantastic. We tried 3 appetizers and 2 meals. We will be back.

Pejmon Nadimi

A cozy spot with about 40 seats. Nice furniture, quick service and good food. The coffee is phenomenal, the hot sauce is like sriracha on crack... so good! Thanks for a great experience!

Alan Dupay

We've never had bad service and food, never disappointed. We've always look forward to stopping for a bite to eat.

Jazz Crosby

AMAZING place to eat. The environment is friendly, and casual. While the place is a bit smaller, the staff and environment really make up for it. Very divine selection of food and unique drinks. 10/10 recommend the mac & chi.

Peter Cosentino

This was once a very enjoyable place to eat. Recently most of the staff who made this a enjoyable place has disappeared. With this the place has gone down the food was sub par the bathrooms were very dirty as well as the dining area very sad.

Natalie Cook

Small, quaint place. Food was different but very good. A little too pricey for me especially for breakfast. I spent $66 before the tip for 3 people's breakfast. Service was super friendly and amazing. If it weren't for the cost, I would go there again.

Shelby DuPontq

I had such a flavor experience with the Mac and Chi - creamy, spicy, bits of crunchy kimchi, tender noodles - I could not get enough. I will eat it again, for sure. Atmosphere here is that of a local restaurant, but with the friendly service and culinary standard of a high-end one. I love the kids pictures on the wall. My partner got the Bi-Bim-Bop and loved it. He really appreciated that the rice was actually deep fried, and how he could mix everything around himself. Truestone Coffee was delicious as always, and I loved the personalized mugs & glassware they serve here. Overall, fantastic and unapologetically awesome but humble eatery.

German Velez

Cook never disappoints. Try their dinner menu, limited to one day a week, you will be pleasantly surprised

Gao Thao

Great place for breakfast by yourself or with a friend. Food and the Atmosphere was delicious and cozy. Super friendly staff.

Andrew Craven

Not only is the food and service consistently top notch but there's no other local restaurant that experiments as much. They frequently open their kitchen to other chefs and experiences while still insuring a predictable and delicious experience. Ask them what you should try and then trust them and enjoy!

Siah Borbor

Love this place! I use to go quarterly for work meetings. The staff is always friendly. The vibe inside is great. Unique food menu. I would suggest to go early on weekends because its usually packed before 9:30 a.m.

KC Boon

The food was extremely salty. I feel the cook didn't clean the cooking surface which would explain parts of entree being saltier than other part by a lot. Same with my girlfriends...i wouldn't go here again.

chris charlsen

Great place. A little spicy for me.

Peter P John

This place is awesome, great creative food. A little pricey tho (talking to you $7 cinnamon roll...)


The food was so good!!! I ordered the short rib eggs Benedict, my husband ordered the chimichanga, and our friend ordered the mac and chi. We were all super happy with our meals. The only thing that was a little sub par wad the service. It was super busy which is why I'm not lowering the rating.

Seebz R

As a visitor to the state, this place has a super welcoming environment and excellent service. The food is delicious!

Kimberly Nelson

Absolutely amazing. I loved everything about this place! Can't wait to try the whole menu!

Jazmin Reese

Hey guys. So Cook Restaurant gets five WHOLE stars and I’ll tell you why! First of all the atmosphere, oh my gosh, it was so friendly and comfortable. I had no issue with gnawing at my lamb chops down to the bone marrow ! The food was G O O D ! And we get COMPLIMENTARY TEA! And I kept seeing customers order more and more and more ! ( My budget didn’t allow for that so I tipped 20% and bought cake. ) I really liked my meal because it was spicy and was done in what felt like 20 minutes or less. Now let me tell you about the SERVICE! Ohhhh my goshhhh my waiter’s little daughter brung us our menus and she was just so helpful ! My waiter was a handsome fellow with BEAUTIFULLLLLL tattoos and such manly hair

Damian S

Fantastic food. Chef Eddie Wu and his staff truly pour their hearts into the food and it shows. A real gem hidden in East St Paul.

Ian Lane

One of my favorites on the east side for breakfast and lunch. Their food is high quality American with some Korean influences as well. The service has always been great, but get there early to avoid a long wait.

Chase Nelson

Korean inspired diner food, great take on American classics. Limited seating and short hours. I'd recommend this place to anyone.

Spencer Johnson

Wicked awesome short rib eggs Benedict. Best in MN

Jessica Bonn

It was okay. I was not impressed for the cost and the quality of food and service. We arrived and it took over 10 min for is to be greeted and given menus. There was only one waitress on duty for a full house. I had the biscuits and gravy. Again, it was okay. The biscuits were hard but the gravy was good. My friend has the breakfast chimichanga. I don't think I would go back for the high prices food.

Deborah Ashamu

Loved the food it was so good I have no pictures to show and the kimchi omelet is delightful. Service was good as well. Great place to grab lunch or breakfast.

Hannah Baker

Loved the new chicken sandwich and the pork rice bowl, food was AMAZING.

Jacob Scearcy

The breakfast chimichanga is great. Crispy, filling, and flavorful.

Sophia Cox

Amazing breakfast food & the service was even better!

Nathan Lassen

Had their Texas omelet with salsa verde and chorizo, and it was a excellent balance of flavor and spice. And the hash browns, which came with the meal, were cooked to perfection--just like its predecessor, Serlin's Cafe! Cook is easily my new favorite place for breakfast!

Rachel Greyson

I love the hot sauce SO MUCH! We bought a bottle. :D My husband loved his chimichanga, and I loved the breakfast sandwich! Nice big sausage patty, not the thin little ones you typically get. Thank you!!!

Nicole Henzel

Great short rib benedict! Can’t get traditional drinks tho, so a heads up if you’re looking for a traditional bloody. Theirs is good but thick and made with Sake.

Amanda LaChance

Food was very salty. I also noticed that the bathroom was very dirty as well as the table I was at.

Raymond Robber

Excellent fusion of Korean and American food! They make their own bread, jam, hot sauce, and spicy chips. Will be back again!

Ishraf Ahmad

Great food great service. The Mac and chi is exemplary

Victoria Barrett

The food was good, the wait was terrible and it's cramped. Service was friendly though.

Rob Carson

Great food and friendly staff! Definitely worth checking out.

Derrick Le-Tran

Best breakfast chimichanga I've had yet


Unique fusion food. Interesting flavors. You can taste the creativity! Cozy little restaurant with friendly staff.

Desmond Brooks

Simple just amazing food.

Dallas Taylor

Stellar food and a very interesting menu. The whole experience was comfortable and satisfying. Excellent value for the money with an exclusive atmosphere. 5 Stars all day everyday.

Katelynn Muri

Flavorful food, wonderful customer service, and clean restaurant! Such a great experience here for breakfast-thank you!

Pati Hyun

I’m still sitting in the restaurant as I type this. First time here and I’m in love. Staff was very friendly, food was INSANELY GOOD. Idk who their chef is but I got that veggie bennie and for real, I’ve never had broccoli cooked that perfectly in my life. Thanks for a wonderful meal!

Isaiah Young

They have great food and I had a great time there.

Erin McCabe

The chimichanga is incredible! Absolutely must get this!

John Carson

Love the place every time I’m in Saint Paul I was make a special trip to come here

Emily White

We have made many visits to Cook. The food is fun, inventive, and delicious, particularly if you appreciate Korean food. The Kimchi pancake is great (very spicy). On more than one occasion the restaurant has not been particularly busy but our service has been painfully slow.

Van Ripster

Excellent classic American breakfast and lunch options along with a wonderful variety of Korean fusion dishes made in house with locally sourced ingredients. Everything was fresh and clean, skillfully prepared and all the food coming out of the kitchen looked outstanding. The hash browns were a crispy pillowy rectangle of beauty. Bacon and eggs were equally tasty. My wife ordered house favorite Bi Bim Bop with Crispy marinated tofu which was outstanding and exceeded expectations! Can't wait to try more of the menu. Burgers and sandwiches looked great

Jason DeMoe

I recently enjoyed my first visit to this restaurant and I had the breakfast chimichanga. It was the most brilliant taste sensation that I have had in a very long time. The flavors and the taste and the spices blended beautifully but also each individual taste stood out just enough that each was highlighted but none overtook the entire dish. I very much look forward to return visits.

Ludvig Stone

When that chimichanga arrived, I immediately saw what the hype was/is about. I usually don't take picture of food I eat, because I'm an impatient slob that inhales food in record time, but I had to sit and admire this unique, mouth watering creation for a minute, and capture the experience before demolishing it.

Katie Weimer

Unique little breakfast joint. We love the shortrib eggs Benedict and have been back several times for it! There is also a fantastic house made hot sauce. Great flavors!

Broderick Richardson

Almost about a year ago, a friend of mine who had previously visited Minnesota suggested I try the food at Cook in St Paul. We had been planning on it ever since! Avid readers out there might have come across COOK in Mpls St Paul magazine's list of best brunches places in the twin cities, EATER and many more! Eddie WU is the chef and owner of the restaurant which focuses on Korean eats for the most part. However, the true essence of COOK is that of a classic American diner. Before sharing more details about the food, the friendly atmosphere needs to be commended. As you enter, the " All are welcome here" sign makes the place seem all the more inviting. We were received with a warm welcome and seated to our liking. The small yet comfortable space has walls covered in more inclusive posters/pictures on one side and a colorful kid friendly corner on the other.

Cheryl Calloway

Nice, casual dining. Short rib benedict is filling but meat needed more seasoning. Pancakes are plate-sized but good. Real maple syrup.

Bryan Miller

I was back in the Twin Cities for just a day or so and had the chance to scratch my itch for bibimbap and Koritos. I regret nothing. It was every bit as delicious as I remember.

Ronnie Teare

High quality food and high-quality service. I highly recommend coming here n

Christine Hazuka

My husband hates going out to breakfast/brunch, but this is one of the few places that can convince him to enjoy a breakfast out. We shared a cinnamon roll and I had the breakfast chimichanga. It was huge, so I took the second half home and had it for lunch. The salsa verse was perfection. We are so glad to have this gem on the East Side!

Tsamchoe Palmo

Food was great, but option was limit! Really cozy, liked it

Kiah Smith

I stopped in for lunch at what I had basically thought of as only a breakfast place. I was not disappointed in the lunch. Korean fried chicken was just a great as their awesome breakfast items.

Brandon Campisi

Amazing food. Quality friendly service. Personable staff.

Rachel Welsch

I had the tofu melt and it was crazy good. Little spicy, very crisp bun. The tofu was seasoned perfectly and cooked extremely well. The staff was friendly and fast. I can't wait to go back.

Kerensa Erickson

It is a "seat yourself" environment and there are times it can be particularly busy due to the food quality. The staff is just hands off enough! There when you need them and easy to get attention if needed. Great customer service. We had the sticky curry roll, shashouka and braised ribs eggs Benedict. All of the food tasted great and fresh. Their hot sauce is amazing! I definitely recommend going and I'm sure my husband and I will be regulars. The food is decently priced considering it is all made in-house and made from scratch. It is not microwaved, so expect the prices to reflect the care and work put into making the items from scratch. I felt the portion sizes we're just right, and completely filling.

Reg Hammond

Nice quaint spot for breakfast. The food was tasty and had a lil gourmet flair to it, which I thought was great addition to this resurgent working clas neighborhood. I believe they are holding up the tradition of Selin's(I hope I spelled it right) and beyond which was an excellent neighborhood experience in it's own right.

D. D.

The chef is a genius. Everything was just perfect and delicious. Service was stellar.

Cathy Perry

Ordered 2 eggs, which were good, bacon which one piece was paper thin and the other was thicker, both were burnt on the edges. It also came with hashbrowns which were good and toast anly one piece and they were also burnt on the edges. The meal was $10. Nothing great with the decor, many tables in a small space. If you want to charge $10 i would expect two pieces of toast an 3-4 pieces of bacon.

Salman Sadiq

Pretty solid breakfast and brunch food. Totally a hole in the wall

Katherine Fines

I love this place. They have my favorite pancakes in the Twin Cities - the Korean Pancakes are fantastic! Especially with the housemade hot sauce! Yesterday I changed it up and tried the build-your-own omelette. They did a fine job. I enjoyed the variety of filling options, too. There were many items not present at other breakfast locales, like caramelized onions and kimchi. My dining companions were equally happy with their meals. The short rib benedict was another favorite. Give this place a try! You will be glad you did!

Devin Manigo

The food and service were excellent! The entire vibe inside the restaurant was perfect. From host, to server to cook's was amazing.

Nate Arch

There are good places to eat and then there are GOOOOOOOODDDDD places to eat. Cook is the latter. There is nothing fancy about the joint but you will not find a better meal in town. Cook is a mash up of a classic American diner with a big ol jar of kimchi. The highlight dish is the bibimbap, which has cracked the code of getting the fried rice bits from the dolsot version without the volcano temperatures associated with the hot pot. How did they do it? A fried rice ball. Absolute cooking genius. The gochujang is a perfect mix of sweet and spice and can be used on just about everything on the menu. Staff is friendly and professional (Candy is one of the best servers in town) and there isn't a false note on the menu. The restaurant also serves as an incubator for up and coming chefs by renting out its professional kitchen. We have been to Hawaiian, Peruvian, and Vietnamese pop ups there and they have all been fantastic. This is the type of place you take out of town family and friends to so you can show off the Twin Cities foodie culture. It is a treasure. After the bibimbap I suggest getting the Kimchi Mac and Cheese, Korean pancakes, and the Trust Me PB&J. You also can't go wrong with the burgers. My only complaint is that it isn't closer to my house.

Wesley Fair

The food is great but the only thing thats bad is its hard to find parking. There's little seating and it close quarters. We go to our stuff to go and the waitress was great about it all.

Anne Clark

Having brunch here was an absolute delight. The staff were so helpful and kind... And the food was out of this world!

Ian F

This is the cool cozy spot to show your friends who don't know. It's quite, clean, and cozy. The food is delicious, the hashbrown cake is the best, it's crunchy and smooth all in one. Their vegetarian eggs Benedict (see photos) is a must. Cook supports women and minorities, when you eat here, you directly impact your community. Support local and eat well.

Mary Bailey

My food was excellent. But my fellow guests orders were incorrect and our waiter was overworked and inattentive. They ate what was served to them.

Samir Islam

Cook St Paul offers a brunch service, but on certain nights operates as an incubator for prospective restaurants in the Twin Cities. Currently, a Sichuan Chinese eatery, called Golden Horseshoe is in residency at Cook. Open from Thursday-Sunday from 5pm-9pm, the food is incredible and prepared by a chef from the Sichuan Provence. A complementary veggie starter and black tea is included with the meal. We tried the fried eggplant (outstanding), the mapo tofu (we tried it without the minced pork, and it was one of the best tofu dishes I've ever had), and the Sichuan dry pot (amazing spice and flavor). As an fyi, Golden Horseshoe serves only five main dishes total.

Lindsey Smaka

Highly recommend. Food is amazing!

Daniel Ryks

Great food and sevice!

James Her

Great people and delicious menu! Beautiful little neighborhood eatery.

Monica Inthathirath

The Korean fusion food was exciting and different from many restaurants in the area. We were a bit disappointed with the lack of authentic Korean options. I would definitely go back for breakfast, but not a go to for a good Korean cuisine fix.

James Gebhard

Good food with very large portions. Prices are a little higher due to the portion size. We had the breakfast sandwich with home made sausage and with a large serving of hash browns. Very good. The cinnamon roll was huge, the size of a plate and about 2" thick.

Drew Cradit

Korean influence on great American classic breakfasts the short rib Benedict smothered in their hot sauce.....soooooooo gooood! Looking forward to trying lunch there sometime....oh and a good cup a coffee too!

Andrew Sean

We came to COOK for breakfast based on a list of top restaurants in the Twin Cities for 2018 in the local paper. When we arrived, there were few people in the restaurant, and we were seated quickly by very friendly staff. The restaurant filled up quickly after we arrived, so I would recommend coming a bit early to ensure that you can get a place. The menu is filled with unique dishes that combine traditional American fare with Korean flavors, such as the Korean omelet which contained kimchi and Korean spices. The food was delicious, cooked to perfection and filled with a variety of flavors and textures not typically expected. We enjoyed the atmosphere, which gives off a local community vibe, complete with a wall filled with children's drawings and coloring. I would come here again for breakfast or lunch, and would recommend it to others as well.

Sam Engsberg

Small menu means they do their stuff right. Great coffee and great Korean twists on breakfast

Emma Blomberg

Wonderful breakfast!

Ron Pechmann

BEST Place for a Great Breakfast! Candy is a delight!!!

Ben Willenbring

Great food! But not a great place for picky kids this time :(

Axel Stiven Ruiz Jimenez

Yessssss x1000000 it was an amazing night there, peruvian food was sooo nice and amazing

Louis Cashin

Some of the most creative and best food I have had ever. This place is a an absolute gem. They have multiple inspirations and they do them all well. Do yourself a favor and come here often.

Brian McLean

Every meal I've tried is a deliciously creative twist on breakfast (and lunch)! Always start the meal with a sticky buns!

Jason Klietz

The food is always amazing and the service is top notch! Anyone looking for a good breakfast definitely needs to come here.

david shahin

Tasty food and friendly service

Craig Early

The food and staff are always great!

Jennifer Lenander

My husband and I happened upon this place about a year ago. It is a hidden gem! Plus, as someone with a young child, it is open early on Sundays, which is a huge plus. The food here is out of this world. If you ever see the Breakfast Nachos on the menu, order it, savor it, and pray it is on the menu the next time you go. Everything is delicious. And the staff is pretty awesome too!

John Keefe

Amazing restaurant with an inventive menu. Wonderful pop ups and guest chefs as well. Went there yesterday for the Golden Horseshoe Sichuan menu and everything was amazing. Will definitely be returning to try new menu items

Jamie Tysseling

God, what a place. Amazing food. Great drinks. Wonderful staff. The menu is ambitious as hell, but the chef unquestionably has the skill to back it up. Bad news: you are going to have to wait 30-45 minutes for a table. There's no getting around this. But trust me, it's entirely worth it. Try the chicken and pancakes, or the breakfast nachos.

Dee H

Delicious food, good service, fairly priced and cognizant of its eco footprint. An excellent, intimate place to relax with friends.

Joaquin Munoz

This place is the bomb. Period. I had the breakfast nachos with prime rib, and everything about the dish was unique! Super good coffee, and super great price. I have to give a shout out to Candy, who is an incredibly friendly, gracious and kind hearted person. Be sure to say hi if you see her, she does great work!

Bri Engh

Interesting and flavorful ingredients, with an innovative menu. Cook did not disappoint. Only one waitress was staffed, yet our food came out in a very timely manner.

Angi Desp

Cook is our go to place for breakfast on the weekends. We've never had a bad experience and we love the pop up events! Eddie and his staff are fantastic!

Lizabeth Kyser

My food was very good, but my husband's was mediocre. I think we'd get something with Korean flair next time. The space is cozy and cute and the server was nice but a little slow. I might give it another chance because it does seem to have very good potential.

kaitlyn kuehn

Everything blew me away. A Must eat


Food was amazing....great flavors, service was impeccable....great prices.


Love Cook for breakfast. We go every weekend and it's great.

Marc Radinzel

Really well cooked food! Delicious!

Nic Skrade

One of my absolute favorite places to eat in the metro! So much love and care is put into every dish you can definitely taste the difference!

Isaac Boyd

Absolutely amazing. Bi bim bop was enlightening. Definitely in my top 5 twin cities spots.

Athena Hollins

Our favorite place in St. Paul! Cozy and family-friendly with phenomenal food and the best coffee on the city!

Jessica Buss

Absolutely get the chimichanga - brunch perfection!

Jay Erickson

The food was delicious I had pancakes, and the Spicy Korean Burger

Rory Merlino

Today was Peruvian food pop up, and food was very yummy

Julia Olson

My family and I come here for breakfast a lot and we always enjoy it very much. Today I ordered Skip’s Choice and asked for the steak *very* rare/blue rare which usually restaurants don’t do well. But here - my goodness - it was THE BEST steak I had ever had. Perfectly cooked to the way I wanted it (which isn’t much at all

David Levine

Neighborhood gem on Payne with great food and friendly service

John Mitchell

Personal favorite place to have brunch. The way they meld Korean and craft foodie is unique and delicious. We've tried nearly everything on the menu. In the metro area, we have yet to try a better Eggs Benedict - no other place compares to Cook's version of it, hands down. Try their homemae red pepper sauce.

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