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REVIEWS OF Chino Latino IN Minnesota

Hilda R

Don't come here often but every time is always great! Love the food! Very interesting menu and not your typical food from restaurants. Everything is made with a twist, hence, fusion and I love it.

Ashlee Croaston

Absolutely the worst service I've ever experienced at any restaurant, ever. It took a full 38 minutes to get our drinks. We were then told that our server had been cut, so we were getting a new server and could place our food order with him. Our new server didn't arrive at the table for another 15 minutes, so it was nearly a full hour before we even ordered food. Food took nearly an hour thereafter to come out, and it all came separately and sporadically. If it were busy, I would be more understanding, but the entire lower level was unseated. There was no reason for such inattentive, terrible service. Unbelievably disappointing, and I will never go back, and I will encourage others not to go here as well. Edit: The hostess and the security guards were very kind and took a photo for us when we [finally] were leaving. That was the only highlight of this visit.

Shauna Valdez

You haven’t lived til you’ve tried their Bang Bang firecracker (sriracha-laced) chicken wings! They come with the most delectable sesame dipping sauce. This is a good place to come on a date or a special occasion. The prices prohibit me from coming here too often, but it’s always worth it when I do. I enjoy the atmosphere as well, though it can get noisy during busy times.

D N.

Returned to this place on friday and the big tall waitress was awful! she literally ignored me and didn't give me a drink or asked me if I needed anything..I sat at the bar for an hour..Inhumane behavior!!!!!!


Awesome staffs and service. We went here for my birthday and they were able to accommodate us 20 people. The food was delicious. They arrived fairly fast.

Jason Littlefield

My daughter's graduation dinner. Everything was amazing. The chef noticed we received some incorrect apps so he comp'd us a couple of fun desserts.

Mike s

Amazing. When we arrived for our reservation, we were quickly seated. Food and drinks were excellent. (You have to try the three way). Music was really nice. Had a great time.

Ramon Ramirez Q

Happy hour food has improved a lot. Chicken tacos are delicious.

Christopher Annand

A long time member of the Uptown restaurant scene, Chino Latino has awesome food and atmosphere to make a special night out even better. The menu features a neat fusion between Latin and Asian cuisine, and fused in a way that brings out the best of the pairings. In addition to some really unique items, like Senegalese curry (pictured) and a wide variety of sushi (also pictured), the appetizer, drink and dessert menus have received equal attention to make this place one of my favorite places to go. A few pointers for those planning a first visit. (1) Have a reservation if you plan on going on a Friday or Saturday night. This place gets busy quick and the bar will fill up even faster. (2) Menu items are sized for sharing with the table, so be careful not to order a ton of things. You'll end up with a great doggy bag, but a pretty high bill as well. (3) If there's one knock on the place, it's the loudness of the dining area once it gets full. An intimate conversation will be challenging when you can't hear your partner that well. Then again, if you want to be loud with friends, this is a place to go.

limberg gomez

Good food, great drinks and a very kopasetic environment overall

William Dworsky

Always great food and lively atmosphere

Milund M.

Food was great service was another story my neice brung me out here so I was asking about price just to get the gist of things meanwhile the server although being nice insult me in front of my niece stating if I'm asking about prices then I shouldn't be here so I end up lowering his tip at the end of the night. Some thoughts you should keep to yourself.

todd burton

Was ok , not into hipster boutique food, cool atmosphere ,staff was pleasant

Crystal McMillan

Service sux. Management condescending and doesn’t show any respect. I can find better anywhere else in the twin cities!

Michael Brush

This is a great place for a group outing as it is best if you share different plates. The menu is unique and diverse, but very good. It is a fun atmosphere, but can also be intimate. The staff was wonderful and made the experience better.


This place is loud, exciting, and overpriced. The tacos are fine, but the queso is absolutely sublime. For a special occasion, though not a romantic one, this is a good place to go, if you're ready to spend.

Lisa Conrad

Been coming here for years! Love the fact that you can get sushi, Mexican, Spanish, Thai, etc all at the same place :). Fun to take out of towners visiting Mpls!

Niño Dico

Always good food and the ambiance of Chino Latino is always good.

Patricia Reeves

My favorite place to go to for happy hour. Times are a little weird depending on the day, but the food always comes quickly and it's good quality! Plus the drinks are really potent for a reasonable price.

Drew Beninati

Excellent food and service as usual!

Sean Conley

Haven't been there for a while but I loved some of the changes to the menu. I'm a little disappointed that they no longer serve the drink in a coconut, but they did have a bubbling little watermelon drink that kicked butt. Great, great place with a lot of variety.

Ray Lexvold

Chinos is one of our favorite places to celebrate special events. The foods are so creative and delicious!!

Jonathan Lee

I love Chinos! One of my favorite places for a good vibe and good food. Waiters are always cool and hip! Bartenders are the exact same way, its hats not to leave this place happier than what you were upon entering. I wished they'd stay open later during the week!

Diane Blaschko

What a delicious dinner! Went for my daughters birthday and just loved it. We want to order the roast pig next time. Yum

Sarah P

Outstanding food and friendly staff!

Peter May

Great food. Have yet to have something I don't like. PuPu platter is a must. Usually very crowded and loud.

stephanie fox

Great atmosphere! My drink was awesome, our waiter was fab and the fortune cookies were hilarious.

Andrew Solberg

I love Chinos. Of the many times my wife and I have been there, never have we ever had a bad meal or drink. If you ever get the chance, sit at the bar when Nick is mixing up drinks; he is so much fun!

Jaime Willems

Went there for my bachelorette party last night and the bartender working there (white dude with brown hair, didn’t catch his name) was immediately rude, condescending, and impatient with us before we were even able to order a drink. Nonstop scoffing and acting like we were wasting his time (we were the only people seated at the bar on his side) and repeating what we were saying in a nasal, mocking voice. God forbid we order a drink and talk at your establishment! Tell your condescending bartender that if he’s so upset at a bunch of girls ordering tiki drinks and having fun in his presence he should find a dive bar to work for.

Steve Pederson

Food was pretty good, but everything was very expensive. Service could have been better.

Zeke Domowski

Delicious pig roast feast! The pork, rice, beans, sushi, ice cream and more were so delicious. The experience was awesome too!

Kaleena Weishoff

Amazing everytime!

John McNabb JR

One of the most unique restaurants I have ever eaten at. Little pricey but would how back.

Christoffer Hanson

Still one of the best spots in the Twin Cities. Mouth-watering sushi, tacos, pad Thai... you name it. The chicken tinga tostada is to die for. The Cuban pork crisis is

Matthew Harrington

Good atmosphere food people and service

Angie Sheppard

The food here is always amazing!! I love stopping here and grabbing a bite before I go out to the club..the chicken wings are FIRE. I love the cream cheese wontons, they have so much extra cheese in them, and they are made with ginger! They taste like little deep fried cheesecakes!! The bartenders are knowledgeable, and the chefs are pretty awesome too...I see them come out and greet people occasionally...this place can be a little pricey, but I really feel it's worth every drop. If you have a little extra cash, and really want to get a great taste of the Uptown life, check this place out! You shouldn't be disappointed

Sierra Bowden

Amazing location, vibe, and staff! Great for couples, groups of friends. Wouldn’t really recommend to families with more than one child, unless your children are mature or very well behaved. (I have four sister and nanny for work, I know my stuff). Our waitress was wonderful, very nice. Loved this place, if you’re reading this... you’re wondering if you should go & you shouldn’t be! GO!!!

Courtney Bolte

Fun atmosphere, low lighting, very fun and the best queso dip!

Virginia Hunt

The food was extremely delicious. They had nice dishes and the spin was a total delight. Will come back very soon!

Brian Gilbertson

I bought $400 of gift cards when they had the Buy $100, Get $25. When I tried to use one at Chino Latino(1/9/19) after we were done with our meals, the waitress told me that their gift card system was down and that we would have to pay with a different method. I asked if she could give us the 20% off like what the card offer would've provided. Both her and her manager were completely irreasonable and demanded that I need to pay the full amount without using the gift card. She told me that I already got the discount when I purchased the gift cards. They've got $400 of mine and I've got nothing in return. What's going to happen when the people that I gave gift cards to find out they have to pay out-of-pocket instead?

Ian Allen

This is a great place to come with groups. On the one hand the menu is huge so there’s definitely something for everyone’s liking (most are big enough and intended to be shared). Also they are great at splitting large bills—while most restaurants scoff at having to split a bill amongst more than six or eight, I once came to Chino Latino with a group of 20+ and our server was exceptional at getting our order and tabs organized. The food is pretty good, definitely pricey though. The peanut curry is probably my favorite dish they make. The cocktails are all fun and creative, and their sweetness belies just how drunk they’re making you. All in all, if you have a birthday celebration or a large group dinner this is a perfect place to come.

Roshan Rajkumar

First off, our server Rose, made the experience. She treated our party like friends and my four-month old son like a prince. The sushi was surprisingly fresh, unique and well presented. The craft cocktails and beer selection was solid and complimented our sharing plates. My only two-point was the host stand that didnt treat us well without a reservation or baby in tow.

Samantha Harper

Great food great drinks TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Chiana Welsch

I LOVE this place. There is a very cool, young vibe with the chic setup and lighting. They have all sorts of delicious fusion foods and unique drinks. The best drink I got is served in a full pineapple and it's very fruity and delicious! It can be sort of confusing to know what door is the entrance as there are a lot all together with no markings but there are usually workers outside that do valet I think that helped us. It's in a fun area and has large windows so you can see what's going on outside and people watch, which I like.

Amy kay

Drinks are not strong at all and the food is ok. Nothing too spectacular here. The bathrooms can use a little work. The menu needs an update for sure.

Tessa 苔珊

Amazing food. Very pricey. Great for special occasions!

Jeorge N

We visit chino Latino almost every week. Nice place, good vibes, the food is tasty. We’re definitely recommend this place.

Prashant Sharma

Totally Disappointed with the taste. Ordered Dragon Lady Veggie Fried Rice and it was totally bland. No taste at all. It was like some soggy rice dumped in a bowl with a few strings of veggies thrown here and there. It didnt live upto the hype that was created by peers. Gave two stars for the service. The servers were really polite and accomodating of special requests. Also ordered pot stickers and they were palpable.

Andrea Marbury

Best chicken wings and mixed drinks.its kinda loud, very crowded, and definitely a cool social scene. Service was good but the food and drinks are incomparable.

Gregory Schlee

Service was great. Good food and a decent wine list. Fun atmosphere and the "strange" restrooms.

Denny Stallman

Awesome food, very pleasant staff!!

Charles Butler

Love chino latinos great ppl awesome food

Alison Petroski

Happy hour is the best! Great food. And fun cocktails. The hot tub cocktail bubbles for 15 plus mins. The desserts are huge!

Lazuara Stone

The food is decent. The prices are high but you get a pretty good amount. Best time to go is happy hour!

Alyssa Vander Galien

I have been here so many times and have never had a poor experience. I usually go for happy hour and order appetizers. The guacamole with plantain chips is my favorite. They also have a wonderful cocktail menu full of fun flavors and unique names (i.e. donkey punch). The only downside is parking can be difficult to find especially if you're looking for free parking.

Jennifer Corley

Hard to choose what to eat ~ there are so many delicious choices on the menu! Use valet parking for $10. Service was excellent; many hands on deck.

Mark Godfrey

Favorite date night spot. Wonderfully unique food that tastes amazing. Service is pretty much always excellent as well. If you're having trouble finding the entrance, it's the unmarked red door under the big shiny front.

Oscar Morales

Very very yummy restaurant. I was here last Wednesday celebrating my mom's birthday. The staff is very great especially our waiter. I don't remember his name, he was bald with a beard. He was very helpful going over the menu and giving us some recommendations to order. We ordered pad thai, sushi, Brazilian empanadas and the Cuban pork crisis which was my favorite thing we ordered. The music here made me want to get up on my table and start twerking and badly strip dance.

Robert Wicks

Great cocktails


My favorite place in Minneapolis bar none. Had my birthday party here and the staff was nothing short of stellar. Food is always incredible and there is nothing on the menu that lacks creativity and unique qualities! Try the plantain nachos or the Tinga tacos. Out of this world.

Katy Bonello

After coming here for 12 years, I am never disappointed. Great ambience and fun menu. Great for big groups!

Nancy Schroepfer

The pulled pork I had was great!

Casi Finstad

Visited for restaurant week. pro-tip: very glad we made a reservation. it was slowish when we arrived at 5.30, but when we left there was a long line to be seated. portions were generous and food was good-- very spicy but still flavorful. drinks were interesting and strong. the cold noodles, pork buns, and orange chicken were table favorites. Dessert was exceptional (cant remember the name, but it had a chocolate base and a caramel sauce). fried ice cream was decent but too much coconut

Malak Saud

Had dinner twice over there , Food was delicious, waiters are friendly. Will come again.

Stefan C

The Cuban Pork crisis while not completely "Cuban" traditional is still mouthwateringly delicious and GIGANTIC. Definitely worth splitting with another person this generous portion definitely highlights the great Latin flavors, while still being presented with a hint of "Chino" slaw. If you like spicy dishes I recommend the Asian Style Wings over the traditional buffalo, which are highlighted as part of the Happy Menu, which is fantastic and a great deal. The environment can be a little loud making it more festive and less intimate, but once you see the table next to you do a round of Saki Bombs you will almost feel compelled to take part yourself. Highly recommended with a group or a birthday. A Minneapolis must-do.

Tony Vang

Had a party of 16 for a birthday dinner and we enjoyed every moment of it. Staffs were stellar, food was great. Don't try tackling a huge plate on your own.

Corrina Mamat

Flavors are wonderful but some of the dishes were oddly put together ( like bones in the meat for making tacos). This family style so take that into consideration when ordering. Nice atmosphere. Our server Jordan was the bomb!

Michael Schuster

The staff was very friendly and helpful! The menu has such variety that it is great for everyone!

adara thomas

Family style food always delicious. Try the nachos and if you like spice the bang bang wings

Jessica Leon

Pros: have a good happy hour for drinks and apps. In general, not super impressed by their general menu (Good menu options, but I feel a good chunk of the food options are pretty bland. With it being a fairly pricy place, for me the normal menu price isn't worth it.


Happy hour here is pretty good, and this place does a nice job at infusing a mixture of both Asian and Hispanic cuisine....all of that with the atmosphere, and location are prime for a good night out! Make sure that if you make a reservation that the majority of your party is on time or your going to have problems with seating...


Our server patrick was SO accommodating and patient. We had a large, needy party. Half of us haven't been there before and he explained all the food, made sure our orders were correct, and we always had ice (which to my family is a big deal haha). I almost left without my leftovers and he ran out to give it to me!! Cant recommend this place enough. Thank you Patrick!!!

TJ Clark

Music is too loud to hold a conversation across the table. Food, alright. Expensive. Drinks were hella good and the only thing I was actually impressed with. Wouldn't come back for them, though. Mainly just came because it was a convenient location.

Mai Mai Wang

Great restaurant, the atmosphere and location were amazing! Same as the food and the cocktails. Just beware some are quite strong. I've been here 2 months ago, and I would definitely like to back here sometime soon!


I absolutely loved my dining experience at at Chino Latino today. The food, atmosphere and customer service was awesome. I ordered ywo types of chicken dishes and guacamole and I could not be more pleased. Happy Hour is from 430pm till 7pm during the week and that's a great time to sample the food items at a discount price.

Brandon Hunt

Terrible service and management. A couple of friends were laughing when we walked in and they refused service? We were well dressed and well behaved, enjoying our time together. I’ve never been so disrespected by an incredibly rude bartender. I’ll never be returning.

Eli Janelle

Excellent bean tacos and happy hour menu! Late night happy hour starts at 10pm. My go to late night spot. Always excellent service! Highly recommend!

Krista Linn

Nice atmosphere but unless you order the Chino Bomb, good luck getting an order to your table. If you order hot sake make sure you test it, for being hot. We actually recieved a cold sake thinking it was hot and it was awful. Upon addressing our waiter about the cold sake, he made us very uncomfortable. Instead of offering to immediately fix the problem. We weren't compt or anything. Slightly unsettling for a almost 5 star restaurant.


This place is an absolute gem, the food is incredible, the fortune cookies are even better

Steve Kevin

A bit spendy, but fantastic food, great service, lots of choices..


Nice place, but service is slow and a lot of people in the bar are trashy. Also, be prepared to pay an undisclosed wellness fee for the employees at the end of your meal. Will probably not come back.

Levi Kent

Very pricey but the food is amazing. Cool atmosphere as well.

Cori Mill

I was very impressed by the upscale atmosphere and variety of dishes from various regions. We had a great experience trying 5 different dishes. By far our favorite dish was the fried rice & the Korean Bulgogi Lettuce dish. The Korean Bulgogi dish has tender beef with great flavor alone. However, wrap it all together & use the Empanada sauce & it’s amazing. The variety of flavors blow you away. The dishes come out as the come up so it may not be in the order you may desire but it works. We added on wings after all our food came & we waited awhile. The food walkers must had left for the evening because they weren’t that hot. I’d say the jerk wings were just ok. The Empanadas were ok but not authentic enough for us. They came with sauces that made the flavors pop more though. Do the sauces the hearts of palm is best part. The pot sticker were pretty good as well. Nothing exceptional about them. One of the best dishes by far was the fried rice. I highly recommend this dish. The flavor is exceptional with their personal twist, as well as the comfort of your favorite fried rice. By far a great experience here and our server was great! (Wish I remembered her name. Sorry) This is a great place to enjoy the atmosphere and variety of dishes. Thank you for the great experience!

Takara Taziki Sauce

This place will cost you a pretty penny but let me tell you why it's always ok to come here: 1. Service: Almost never a bad waiter or waitress, you are attended to like you're on vacation. 2. Food. It's so near authentic and mouth watering, I've never eaten anything here that I could not fall in love with. They have happy hour on food and drinks and a great variety of Asian and Latin food. 3. Ingenuity: Chino is playful and keeps things fresh. Even their drinks are playful and take a stab at the mundanity of life. 4. Just go. Life is short. Eat good.


Great food and awesome staff.

Isaac Mullin

The drinks are usually pretty good, and the food is great. Although, the excitement behind the food definitely comes more from the flare than taste. It’s delicious, but the presentation for more dishes is amazing! Chino is a great place to go with a group due to the size of many dishes. And if you’re going for a birthday party, be sure to let them know the person’s name when RSVPing. They go a step above to make the birthday person feel extra appreciated.

La'Tasha Odom

Excellent food and the atmosphere was perfect. The only thing it was dark n I had to use my cellphone to order. Other than that it was perfect

Kalliopi Panagi

Mediocre customer service. We asked to sit on a booth and they didn’t want to let us do that cause they only seat groups of people. Food was okay but a little overpriced. I would recommend this place for drinks.

Leah Morgan

When you 1st hear someone say Mexican Asian fusion it sounds a little odd! But this place is amazing exclamation fight great for parties or intimate dinner dates they have seating for everything and the drinks are delicious.

Zoe Vang

Really cool variety of Latino and Asian foods! Everything was authentic and the building was also very enjoyable!

Tom Martichuski II

Really cool place, just not for me. The food selection was random and expensive. It is definitely a highly encouraged "family style" restaurant which I am just not a fan of. A fun place but overall would not go here again unless it was to just get a drink. The bathroom set up was pretty cool, all of the washroom parts (like sinks and hand towels) were communal with the ladies.

Niko Belic

Good restaurant and the atmosphere was very unique. It is definitely great spot for big groups. The food was not bad and drinks were excellent. Please be aware this is a bit spendy place.

frank fajardo

Food is really bad and expensive. Is a huge place but terrible manage, service is no good and is very loud inside. Don’t loose your time going there.

Javier Fajardo

This place is a MUST go! The menu is a blend of Asian and Latin food , one be aware that the plates are massive and the menu is always changing, so instead of recommending a dish, ask the waiter and he will point out what to take. I had the bao bun w pork, super good!

brandon F

This is a lively and trendy place. The crowd was younger and a bit loud, but we really enjoyed the food! We found the half Asian, half Latino food menu to be unique. Our server was polite and attentive. We would go back!

Kent Carr

Wasn't the greatest experience...experience...the jerk wings was under cooked and 4 raw wings for $16 bucks absolutely was for the birds. The Spicy Shrimp fried rice would have been the saving grace but it was skimpy on the shrimpy...Henry the waiter was op point...i paid and left too tired to complain

Andrew B

Great ambiance. Good service and good experience with a large group of people or entertaining out of town guests. The food is good but in my opinion overpriced. Unique menu as it has numerous different types of food combined into one restaurant. Love the pineapple drinks.

James Wendell

This place has been around for 2 decades; Figlio didn't even survive for 2 decades in Calhoun Square. Incredible Asian/Latin fusion; a must try!!!

Anna Vasyleva

Amazing food, great atmosphere.

Miguel Olvera Cortes

Great food and great get together for a nice fulfilling night out. Food had great position sizes. And drinks were great.

Craig Kitching

Love chino latino, Chinese Mexican fusion in theory but what you will find are modem dishes with a little international flare and an excellent drink menu.

Cherie Martinson

The Senegalese peanut curry was delicious!


A must if ur in uptown mpls! Sunday happy hour is the best! Hot saki,

Robert Peterson

One of the best in the twin cities. The stuffed plantains and steamed pork buns are especially good.


Fave item: pork belly steam buns w extra hoisin & mayo on the side for dipping. Never fails to amaze. Many other very creative and delicious items on the menu. They also make birthday celebrations the best. Servers are always knowledgeable and friendly. Best random music selection ever last night, too. Favorite songs from growing up.


Had not been there in years and booked it for something different. Did expect the big doors to be open, but they were not. So, they only get 4 stars as the place was so darn noisy. There was a party of women just yelling it up and we could not hear ourselves think. I had the curry shrimp and it was to die for. My husband did not love his fried chicken as it was not what he was expecting. But I think that was mostly due to us not asking about it.

Gary Keeler

Food was amazing but incredibly slow service. It was 10 minutes before we got water brought to the table and could place our drink order.

Ann Zed

Best happy hour, good deal on drinks and food

Taylor Jordan

Very much worth the price. It isn't cheap but it is a fun atmosphere! For sure coming back!

ellen larson

I almost always have the best time at Chino Latino, save the most recent time I was there when a waitress really gave our friend from Florida a hard time about her ID. And it basically ruined our entire experience that night. But every other time I have gone it has been wonderful! Keep in mind, it is a “fancy” restaurant. So loud-ish music, dark lighting, but amazing food. If you’re going with a group, get a round of Sake shots! They are super fun to take.

Alok Srivastava

Nice place for fun although loud music.

Shawn Pettus

Great date night place in Uptown. Good food, drinks, customer service, music and nice vibr

Lps CuteBunny

Food is delicious and love the ambiance of the place. Food is served family style so it is a little more expensive, but well worth it.

Jason Norgaard

Amazing food and a great place.

Caleb Kollie

Popular with the locals, good happy hour spot. Drinks and servers are amazing!

Kathleen Waite

Very unique atmosphere. Menu with great variety. Everything we tried was excellent. Hard to sort out a favorite. Enjoyed sharing plates and fun dinner.

Melissa Garrett

Phenomenal food and service!! I ate at Chino Latino for a company event and enjoyed the sushi boat, pupu platter and fantastic service!! Everything we had was delicious, and I can't wait to go back soon!!

Ulises Contreras

Great is always delicious. Definitely coming back.

William Owen

I've been going here weekly for 4 years. During their restaurant week prix fixe promotion, they wanted to charge us $10 extra because we wanted to split it. No extra food, no extra cost to them, just price gouging. Absolutely disrespectful.

Raoul Boudreau

Food was fantastic. Wait staff was not very responsive, and left us waiting several times during the visit. I'm not a demanding customer, but serving ordered drinks during the meal after the table is clear made the meal feel ill timed. For the price, I expected a little more.

Michelle LaPlante

The atmosphere was very unique and trendy with an orange and red lighting. The flavors in the ribs as well as the sauce with the fried chicken had delicious Asian accents. The Mexican Fried Ice Cream was definitely big enough to share.

Laura Hanson

I do like this place but giving it this rating because most times I go here, there is some kind of mishap with the service. Today was my birthday and I came here to pig out with my friends. I ate too much and threw up in the bathroom, and was asked by the manager to stop drinking. I was drinking, but I didn’t have more than one drink and was not drunk. Drinking was not the problem or reason for me throwing up and the way the manager approached me made me not want to come back for a long time. For what everything is, not all that worth it.

Andrew Schuerman

We have been here a couple times in the past and always loved it. This time, we weren't quite as happy. Great Brussel sprouts and empanadas, but the grilled avocado and tuna dish had too much aioli and warm avocado? The sushi roll was ok, but overpriced. I would prefer fewer gimmicks (flaming this, that drink in a hollowed pineapple) and better, reasonably priced food.

Pankaj Bagri

Good food, a variety of cuisine. Can get a bit noisy.

Xieng Eng Lee

Yummy food, crowded though

Jada Elizondo

The grilled pineapple

Amirat Popoola

It's a nice fusion of Mexican and Chinese. The drinks are good. I dont like the menu because it's almost like reading a book.

Majestik Genesis

Nice experience. It has a very unique taste.

Neil Becker

Fun environment, great food and overall a phenomenal experience.

emily m

Extremely over priced and food was mediocre at best. Our waitress was horrible and the manager was completely rude. Unless you are with a medium to large group and everyone wants the same dish dont go here. Its large shareable portions for a very steep price per dish. We went here for a birthday and if we didnt have a nice buzz going on it would have been ruined by the rude waitress but we ignored her rude comments and extremely snotty attitude and almost forgot about her sarcastic comment and totally fake "yeah happy birthday" as she threw the almost 300$ tab across the table. That tip went from 30% to 12% real quick. Will never be going back here again but not really a bother since I hadn't been here In 12 years anyway. There are much better places to go in uptown and downtown than this place that have great food for better prices. They need a revamp and some smaller side dishes for someone that doesnt want a meal prepared for 4 people.

Todd Hanson

Amazing place to try many different shareables. Just go for it. Everything was delicious.

Chad Berseth

Food is good and drinks are good, but weird that they market this place as for special occasions and parties. Seams like they could trim down the menu, improve service and make this an everyday restaurant that has availability for larger parties.

Andrew Sincebaugh

Really a poor experience overall. I used to come here all the time many years ago but this visit was disappointing. Courses came out out of order server was not attentive and the food was not of the quality I was used to. No manager interaction and little to no knowledge of the menu or cocktails from the server.

Lola Janet

Really fantastic, took my girlfriend out for dinner for her birthday and it was absolutely wonderful (drinking a pineapple worth of run didn't hurt either)

Inga HalvorsonJohnson

So glad Chino Latino has lasted with all of the changes uptown has gone through. Fun and somewhat upscale atmosphere. Good food with fun presentation. If you do not like to try food that is a little different you may not enjoy the food much, but I suggest you give it a try. $$$

Joseph Vasylev

Waited 35min then told my food was taken to a different table. TWICE IN ONE NIGHT! Terrible moronic servers


We visit chino Latino almost every week. Nice place, good vibes, the food is tasty. We’re definitely recommend this place.

Adrienne Slater

Very relaxed atmosphere. Great food and service. Would be nice to have a parking lot. They only have valet parking or you have to drive around the blocks to find parking in the street. Which is the only reason I gave 3 stars.


Love this place. Always good, and a must go in uptown

Matt Then

Food was incredible! Great atmosphere and excellent drinks.

Charles Leary

Waitress fabulous and knew her stuff! Food was attempting at best, and is not what it used to be.

Chaz W

Good food, ambience was good, service was passable. Venue was far too loud....impossible to carry on conversations with other guests without yelling. Clearly quite a deficiency!!!

Eric Stephenson

Went in with high expectations. I might have been there on an off night. The service was excellent and we appreciated everything about our waitress. The food left a lot to be desired. Some was bland, other dishes just didn't taste good. With how high the prices are, we were definitely expecting some delicious dishes, but only 1 of the 8 were good.

Sara Wollin

Went here for my bachelorette party. Food was amazing, and they made special menus for our party. The staff could have been friendlier.

Philip Welch

They only have tap water available. Only stupid people still drink tap water.

Raquel Morales

My #1 FAVE RESTAURANT! Everything is so amazingly delicious!!

Tabbatha Keegan

Absolute favorite place to hit in uptown from the specialty drinks, happy hour apps and of course delicious fusion foods. If its your birthday make sure to call ahead and let them know for your reservations and they'll personalize the menus to say happy birthday to the guest of honor!

Kristen Beadles

The food is amazing. One big meal can feed 3-4 people. They have a unique variety of cocktails and beverages. And the atmosphere is cool. It has a club-like feel on the top floor, but the bottom floor is more conversation-friendly because it's a bit more quiet.

Joe Beacom

Interesting food offerings. Nice wait staff. Bar can be a bit noisy but overall a fun atmosphere.

Tracy B

Really delicious food, good happy hour prices, nice atmosphere.

Leymer Rodríguez

Service is Well, environment is nice, design and stuff I considered good except the food, I ordered sushi and the fish was dry and old, if you like sushi you should know than the secret is the freshness and here doesn’t. I’m not asking for the best sushi, just something fresh. I asked for Ceviche too and was the same, Ceviche’s taste was old, like a home fridge when doesn’t working good . I hope they will work hard on fish and food quality. Thanks

jennifer r

Food phenomenal, so many options, Staff delightful and accommodating and kind.The atmosphere Spacious, hip and beautiful, low key and glamorous at the same time. Would recommend to anyone and would love to go again. For a quiet time definitely go late on an early week day.

Aaron K.

Never changed....just the food menu has changed it up as trends change. Still a good place to eat and drink!

Christina RT

Great place for drinks, if they actually show up. Disappointed they changed the menu and got rid of all my favorites. The service was horrible (April 13th), the server was a space case who kept forgetting our drink orders.

Obsession Green

Fun atmosphere. The food was amazing.

Rachel Boudreau

Love the vibe. Food was good but definitely overpriced. We had a terrible server but the other servers made up for her lack of attention.

Cdab 10

Great happy hour & drinks! .. Order the pineapple drink ! So good ! Can't remember the Spanish name for it but its only like $12 bucks . Be aware it can get very crowded in there so head out early to get a table. And expect to spend alot on food. plates are pricey but have good portion sizes to take home for left overs.

Kristy Tran

This place is a little expensive however the food is always amazing!! the chicken lo mein the pork belly buns are my favorite to order at this place! Customer service is excellent and every time I come back the staff is accommodating and helpful!

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