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REVIEWS OF China Star Buffet IN Minnesota

Austin Baptiste

It's a buffet; sometimes you get there when things are little fresher, and sometimes you don't. Maybe the last group of folks didn't eat up the chicken-on-a-stick, so it's been sitting there a little while and it's dry. I consider that kind of thing to be a standard feature of any buffet. I think the variety is sufficient and the prices are okay. It's a place I would visit more often if it weren't as expensive, but eating out is a luxury. Imagine how hard it must be to do the math on an unknown number of customers and an unknown amount of food that they might eat? Yikes! I would also eat here more often if I were personally wealthier. That might also say something about me. When I'm in the mood for food I enjoy, and it's the right time of day, and my budget is a little higher, I visit the China Star Buffet. I don't return to eat at places I don't enjoy or consider worth the money. Now that I've taken a moment to remind myself of their prices online, maybe I would be a more frequent patron if I didn't tip so damn much... I think I normally jump up to $30.00 or $35.00 for 2 buffets and 2 drinks (my partner and myself). I might have even paid $40.00 once. Sometimes it's just a nice place to be, with nice music, an appealing space, and pleasant food. *shrug* I don't know what the math looks like for them, between the portions we might eat in a visit and the intertwined frequency and cost (because of my unpredictable tipping habits) of visits. I was going to give three stars over the cost, but I'm giving the fourth star back because I'm definitely involved in that. In any case, I consider the China Star to be the go-to Chinese buffet in the area.

Marge a Wojtanowitz

Was ok/ not everything full on item tables

Ana Cuchetto

We go there pretty often, my only complaint is that the chicken is mostly breading. We still go there a lot because I think it's the better buffet for Chinese food in town.

Anna Makolandra

Me and mom eat there and we loved it a lot have a lot of food

Mike Jeffers

I ate here for lunch today and it was one of best experiences I've had for a Chinese buffet. The food was extremely flavorful and fresh. The service went above and beyond all expectations.

Dan Zrucky

Good ,hot , fresh variety of things on the buffet to choose from. Friendly staff, clean environment. I've been to a lot of buffets, and I will say that this one is ONE OF THE BEST!!!

Brenda Scherr

Love this buffet! Hot & fresh & best!

Will Vervair

No bad, not great. Your average Chineese buffet

Sarah Neveaux

Good food good prices

Alex Johnson

great food and selection

Kaity Petersen

Not a lot of chicken out on the buffet mostly seafood.

Thomas Hasslen

The food was great and service was excellent

Ian Galligan

Great variety of high quality food. Been going here for 20 years and I've never had bad service. Great place to bring the family, co-workers, or groups. Love this place.

Arne Bokkers

Great selection. Kid friendly and good service.

James Gabrielson

This restaurant has been in the community for a long time and provides fast, friendly service. The food is good, reasonably priced, and freshly prepared/changed out. Most of the dishes are fairly "Americanized" so if you wanted more of a authentic Chinese cuisine you might be better served looking elsewhere. But I put China Star above other local or chain Chinese restaurants in the area.

Neitra F

Food was okay. The attitude of the cashier because I didnt "figure out" my tip was horrible!!!! Sorry but I was trying to slide out the way considering she started processing the customer payment behind me while I was in the process of signing my receipt. I was more concerned with getting my credit card back in my purse since she was in such a rush and was processing two separate customers at the same time. There were no other customers at the counter besides myself and the customer behind I wasn't holding up the line. I still believe in boundaries and personal space. This has been my second bad experience at this restaurant with my first time ever coming here was 2 days ago. I assumed the first day she was in a bad mood because their air conditioner was not working and they were just irritated from being hot. I totally understood the time but after today...I refuse to go back.

Daniel Grunwald

Could be better but most definitely could be alot worse.

Penny Haan

A great atmosphere, delicious variety of food and friendly service.

Griselda Sanchez

Great we enjoyed eating there that's are favorite place

kasha olson

Food was EXPENSIVE considering the low quality. Food allergens we're not posted. Causing quite alot of pain and a night of discomfort. Coconut shrimp didn't have shrimp in it and was COVERED in a sauce that tasted like sweet and condensed milk. You could feel the sugar granules in your teeth. Will not be returning.

Gerald Seurer

Very good service and food.


Not a fan of their cream cheese wantons but love that their veggies are always fresh and the food is always hot

Chelsea Juiliano

I love this place.

Richard Kielty

Food and service has always been good.

Molly Xaysongkham

I just luv this place i love my servers as well. Them ladies are the best.

Angel Klip

Great food,wide favorite place to eat

darla parsons

Was shocked at the cost of the pops we had with our dinner.

Sara Schutz

The food was delicious as always. The sauteed greens were divine. But the service was lacking yesterday. Had to wait a long time to get my check and a different server had to bring it. Overall, atmosphere was good.

Bill Hoeft

My favorite place in St Cloud area to eat Chinese food!! Very reasonably priced.

Marie Middendorf

Food is always good here. We picked a busy time but it was ok because the host was accommodating to my request and very kind about it as well. It's always a cozy warm atmosphere in the winter. A great place to warm up and fill your belly.

Devona Emerson

My usual go-to when I get a craving for Chinese buffet. Sometimes I eat in. Sometimes I take out. I love the variety - can get what I want. And even my picky eaters can find something they like there.

Carla Zell

Great food and very clean

jose Ramirez

The food was fresh and good

mike deboer

Good food ,great selection, reasonably priced

Maxii Larson

Great food. Stuffed myself to the brim

Leah Kesty

The salad looks awful! The rest of the food looks fine.

Todd Kuikka

The best service and variety of food found in St Cloud Chinese buffet.

ice wolf creations

The staff speak English for the most part so that's a positive. It was warm and welcoming when in the restaurant, however the outside looks rather sketchy. Other then that it was absolutely lovely! There was a restock whenever something was even a little bit low and the service was lovely.

Duane Vornbrock


shayna west

Drinks are spendy but good choices are great!!


Food sucks, if all you want is chicken this is place for you, they have 1 beef dish, the meat is unadinfiable, trying to make it out here without barfing.

Kendra Willison

Food was good, service was good. Very clean. Allot of seafood which I have an allergy to it but knew there would be some, just not that much. But everything was labeled so didnt have an issue. Price was $32 for 2 people. Not bad.

nikesh chawla

best restaurant i have ever been to. high quality food with a great variety. Love atmosphere and adorable service.

Lynnette Hess

I love this place! Huge selection, great food, and friendly service. Plus you can usually find a coupon.

Donald Harrison

Best Place in Willmar and the area for 85 Miles, excellent food at an affordable price with a vast Selection of Chinese and American Dishes.

Tebra Petersen

Love the buffet. Anything and everything you want to eat. Friendly staff. Pleasant atmosphere.

Jamie Cobbs

My go to for that Chinese fix- good selection... Go at busy times and food just keeps coming out fresh n hot!

Sherry Denzer

Food was cold employees goofing around way to much never seen them wash their hands after picking things up off the floor or touching money Grossed me out

Monica Bock

Surprisingly cheep for good food, the only reason i didnt give it a 5 star is becasue the waitess never really comes to tables as frequently as they should. You can be there an hour or so eating and you may see them once. I do recomend it though if that type of thing doesnt bother you its defintally worth it.


Had a very enjoyable and delicious meal


This place has a nice big buffet and the food is decent quality. The building though is located in a very busy area and it's hard to get into the parking lot. The restaurant itself is also a bit dirty and overcrowded sometimes. The price is fair. The main pro is the amount of food choices and the main con is the location of the restaurant and building itself.

Qing L

This is the best Chinese buffet restaurant that i’ve ever been, their food is really good and tasty, especially the salt and pepper shrimp and the house meifun these are my favorites in here. Even the food is already so good but their servers and cashier are really friendly as well, you guys should really check out here!

Behnaz Malaei

Their food variety is not a lot, the quality of food is acceptable.

Dorrie Walters

The food was so good ,hot, fresh and delicious...... We had a wonderful Waiter. His name is Peter so kind and friendly. I had a problem with my debit card and he so generously said he would pay but we had enough money to cover it but I wanted to give him a nice tip .... They are the best

Rebekah Sather

Great buffet, lots of selection.

Kevin Stack

Very good selection and freshness on the buffet tables.

Mark Waldorf

The best Asian buffet in town.

Shawn Schacherer

Really good Asian cosine at reasonable prices!

Bill Dibb

A lot of good food, but much of it was to cold to appreciate. Also, just an odd thing, the waiter picked up my half-time water as he walked by (I assumed he was refilling it), but then he just set it down with the dirty dishes...I had to ask for another water. This visit was a real let-down, as this use to be one of my favorite places to eat!

Dan Floy

Super buffets better

Jamie Jensen

Great Chinese buffet, always friendly staff.

Elijah Rosenn

Super friendly staff and the food is tasty

Kenneth Huffman

Mnnnnn Not Authentic, but good Americanized Asian Food.

Travis Schaar

This is THE place to eat when you are craving GREAT tasting Chineese food. Friendly staff just a great place to eat, a must see!

Colleen Luthor

The food is pretty good quality. Lunch prices are really reasonable. Decent selection. The staff is amazing

aaron rennie

It's ok, it's kind of a hit n miss. You might get good food, you might get nuke warm food not best tasting. I guess just depends on who's working

Jamica Lenoir

Food is very good staff is polite

Shawn Deadrick

I’ve visited China star buffet for the first time on Saturday, May 26, 2018 and I was thoroughly impressed with the variety of Chinese food I have come to enjoy and love! Everything was fresh and hot and tasted and smelled absolutely delicious! I love the fact that I can order a beer prior to my meal as well! The staff was very friendly and accommodating because I brought my mom and she can be a little bit picky LOL

Adam Bilotta

I was very disappointed with this place. The customer service is good, and the staff is friendly. However, it lacked quality when it came to food. It seemed like some of the food was old, and I went for dinner at around 6 pm. You would think the food would be fresh. The food selection is good, but the quality just wasn’t there for me.

Joshua Eastridge

Love this place. Good food, good variety. Love the salmon and hot and spicy chicken and mushrooms oh my. Hot and spicy soup is hit or miss. Either awesome or bland. Roomie likes the egg drop and fried green beans. All you can eat Mandarin oranges for desert!

Andrew Goenner

Always great food, good staff, and honey chicken is to die for.

Dustin Pede

Food is pretty good, always a variety of dishes and desserts. I'd recommend this place to someone looking for a Chinese buffet

KRW 823

This is the best Chinese restaurant in the St. Cloud area ! The food is very good and the staff is very friendly ! Have been coming here for many years !

John Schroeder

I don't know of another Asian buffet in this region that has the selection and quality that China Star offers. And they step it up even further on weekend evenings when they also have salmon, mussels and other seafood in their buffet. I've also gotten their food "to go" at times. You get more food than you might expect in their "to go" containers.

Jim Pohl

The food was horrible and overpriced. Years ago I used to eat here all the time and the food was great. This was the first time in years that I've ate here and never will again.


The food here is always great. And the staff are very attentive and kind. Of you have an empty plate they will come up and remove it off the table.

Ravicka Raven

If you go between 4:30 and 6:30 you will get fresh hot food. The food is pretty good for a buffet standards. Very relaxed atmosphere. This time the water had a weird taste to it, almost salty. Everyone at the table could tell. It seemed to be an issue with the ice but I don't think the girl understood what we were trying to tell her. I know it can be frustrating when you have an entire table telling you their drinks taste bad. The restroom is very small, they crammed 3 bathroom stalls in there and if you try to dry your hands near the trash you're likely to get hit with the door. I gave it 3 stars because my experience always varies every time I eat here. Will still recommend for general out to eat but this isn't a first date kind of joint.

Todd Carnine

Great Chinese food. Always freshly made. Lots to choose from. Nice staff. Great location. Priced decently. 9.99 for lunch. Till 3:30 pm. Dinner 12.99. till 9 pm. Bigger selection after lunch is over. But never an empty spot on the buffet line

Impose Inc

Good spot for a quick lunch. Was in town for a job in the area and brought a couple guys on the crew through for lunch and was seated promptly, our drinks we refilled quickly and the food seemed to be refilled regularly. The only knock I can give them is the selection is rather small but being this far out of the city I can't blame them for not having too many wild or unique offerings. You need to cater to the clientele after all.

Michelle Bestgen

My FAVORITE Buffet! When I'm hungry I always crave The China Star. So many delicious options! My whole family loves eating here

William Tanhoff

Very good food Best i've chinese ever had and reasonable price

daniella babs

Ice cream is good, clean and had many food options, friendly staff. Would come back when passing through area again.

Donna Lechner

Chicken 20 different ways and all of them good.

jodi houdek

Always fresh and delicious, with a huge variety!! Excellent service and clean comfortable atmosphere!! I highly recommend coming here. Take out is fast, too!!

Ron Lesnau

Awesome food and service

microwaved Lemon

Food was delicious and service is the best I've seen in a long time.

Kundan Pandit

Small place for a chinese buffet in comparison to others but the items were tasty. Staff were great, we went on friday afternoon not too busy hence we had a lot of opportunity to devour all the recipes. Slighty sweet on all dishes couldnt find any without sugar except for dumplings and lowmein.


Large variety, lots of selections and everything is hot and fresh. Only complaint was a couple dishes were empty and there were no bowls for ice cream or sauces.

Michael Zenk

It was ok. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either

Chris Frederick

Have had great experiences here in the past this time was unfortunately alot of soggy frozen veggies and old tasting and looking food. In the past everything was fresh and new when I have gone at noon when they open this time alot appeared to be leftovers from the previous day on the buffet.

Kristie Hoffman

Gotten way better than it used to be!

Spencer Warzecha

It's a standard chinese buffet. Fairly reliable selection. Lacks good egg rolls though.

Ron Wochnick

Very good place to eat, good food Buffet Good place to take the whole family. Chinese Stir fry my favorite.

Ashley Rosenn

Great buffet for a reasonable price!

amy p

The food was not impressive. Friendly service though.

Andrew Salvhus

Food is quite good. Dishes like peanut chicken can be overwhelming at many places but here is very nuanced. Great flavor yet doesn't overwhelm. Good variety and staff was very friendly. We came at tail end of lunch too yet they were great.

Karen Hirsch

Wonderful! Great service, clean, a lot of delicious choices. Staff were extremely friendly! We definitely be eating here again.

James Alberts II

Always good, good variety, it's hard been a staple in the community for years.

Quaunn Suggs

Love this place! Excellent selection and AWESOME taste!

Carmyn Kasprowicz

My daughter and I love China Star! Delicious, beautiful, and adventurous cuisines! The staff is so wonderful, cheerful, and kind. I do wish they served sushi, but it's awesome regardless!

Barry Ross

Always hot and fresh food. Not just a few options, the most in St. Cloud


I like the food but they are a little pricey for what they serve. There is no special food that is on the buffet that they should charge almost 16 dols per person. When I leave I feel that I should have went to a real restaurant and had much better service

Robby Balsavage

Good food and hot buffet

Colleen Moyer

Nice variety of dishes to choose from.

Rick Stafford

Their potstickers (“dumplings”) are far superior to the other Asian places in the state (that I’ve tried) and they’ve absolutely mastered fried chicken...seriously, it sounds odd but when these first come out are amazing.


Slightly above average buffet. Friendly people

drk angl237

Food is always fresh and super tastey. Staff is super friendly and restaurant is always clean.

Stephanie Zeatlow

Decent food.

Jeremy J

Will never go back. My wife got sick from eating there. Food sucks now used to be really good and the service was awful. She went there with our son and friends and they even said not again. My wife called them to talk to a manager and was told one will call back and never did. Still waiting.

ッRad Shawn

great buffet hit this one up food lovers.

Sara Smith

I thought my waitress was not friendly at all, then I was over charged for two extra to go boxes when I ordered two meals off the lunch menu and one buffet... then they added extra$18 to my bill. I will not go back.

Brian Kasper

Great food and service , and it’s a buffet so eat as much as you want. Don’t forget the ice cream for dessert

Tom Z

Reliable in the taste and quality. The staff was friendly and the food was fresh. That's all I hope for in a Chinese buffet and they deliver 100%.

Musings At Midlife

Service was great. Food quality was only adequate, even for a buffet. It seems to me it used to be so much better, but now everything tastes bland and dry. It tastes like they cheaped out on ingredients and prep. It is a shame, as China Star Buffet used to be our favorite Chinese buffet in St. Cloud. Now it is only one of the many "adequate" places.

Don Schmidt

Always good food

Darin R

Been here several times and loved it. This last time the chicken and beef dishes tasted old. My wife and i complained and they gave us 4$ off ....we had sick stomachs later Its a shame because this WAS the best chinese place i had been to. My wife refuses to go back.

Ricky Robinson

Not to bad would go again.

Amber Blonigen

Service is always great! Kids love the fish tank, mirror wall, and chandeliers! Fresh food on the buffet, serves some liquer.

Daniel Gamboa

Great food, a little expensive, but the best Chinese buffet in St. Cloud so far.

Don Markwood

Happy to go and eat good food

Lorrie Bates

I thought for what they had as a buffet was overpriced

Karen Barg

Good selection. Food was hot and fresh

Renee DeLuney

Everything was fresh, and delicious! By far one of my favorite Chinese buffets!

Nita DesMarais

There is all variety in the food choices. Hot fresh food is brought out often. The price is very good.

Second Phone2015

Had a great lunch here. My son had the buffet and I ordered the Kung Pow Shrimp lunch special-both were great and so was the staff!

LaDawna Ruth

Great options and the staff are so polite!

Renals Homlmes

Love this place! Always a good assortment and food tastes good. Bathrooms could use an update but overall it's a favorite place to go.

Sunny Chawla

Best place to eat in town! Love it

Jessee R

Decent buffet, huge selection.

Marcus Enga

Good selection of good food

Liesl M

Fairly priced, attentive staff, take-out options, and a good amount of variety. Ice cream machine and pretty fish as you enter.

Lacy Popp

My kids absolutely love their food

Daniel Vyskocil

Good food and variety!

Shawn Conner

Decent food , always seems to be fresh and the staff are very fast at getting you seated and keeping your drinks filled

Karen Egerman

Love this place. Nothing fancy about decor but has a wide variety of shell fish in addition to traditional Asian fare. I especially love the endless clams.

Jasmine Gotschall

I found a chunk of what looks to be hair in my food, I went to talk to them about it and they told me it was cotton. None of the shellfish is marked, if I didn't look in the food I would've gone into anaphylactic shock. I mentioned something about it not being labeled they just blankly stared at me and told me they have to call the manager.

Leah Gross

I ordered online, got a verification that my order was placed and waited five minutes. I called the restaurant to verify my order and to see how long until I could go pick it up. The lady told me the order was in and that it would be done in 10-15 minutes. I get there 15 minutes later to find out that the lady never put the order through and that it would be another 25 minutes.... it wasn’t even supposed to take 25 minutes to begin with. Really really disappointed in the service. No dinner that night. Maybe the foods good, that is if you ever get it?

Timothy Barnes

Good food decent price

David Carlson

Excellent food great value

Brian Shields

Great price, wish they had more variety in the dinsum, dumplings and potstickers! Love peppered chicken and garlic green beans.

kachi Akwara

The best Chinese restaurant in st cloud. My opinion.

Joe Rausch

Good. Food was fresh and warm at the buffet.

Wyatt Atchison

Food was good atmosphere was strange

Deborah Lingenfelter

It was fine. The food was cold and didn't have much flavor.


No other Buffet even comes close to this one in St Cloud. It is the only one that I can recommend. Food is all always good consistent quality and the staff is friendly.

Robert Nelson

Best Chinese food in St Cloud area!!


Ok food, not as extensive a menu, bathroom. Was not kept up when I visited, probably won't be back

Ann Chmielewski

Excellent food and service! A great buffet with lots of food choices for everyone!

Jill Anway

Great place. Food is freshand service is awesome.

Stephen Person

Decent selection and a good value

Jeffery Booth

Delicious great food love this place!!!


Nice place and cozy..


The quality of the food depends on the time of day but my family enjoys it. Its usually most fresh going from 11am to 3pm.

Susan Lammle

This place is by far the best China buffet I have been to so far. With every bite I was mmm mmm mmm-ing. My only suggestion is they have warm plates to keep the food warm while you walk back to your seat. It seems to cool off quickly. Friendly staff, and they keep up with cleaning off the dirty plates.

Crystal Hodges

Decent selection and atmosphere

ken douglas

Food was okay hot but the price could use a little work on being a little lower than what it was. But it is what

Sandra Smith

As long as you get there when lunch starts, everything is fantastic.

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