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REVIEWS OF Bonchon - Uptown Minneapolis IN Minnesota

Waverly Moua

I was really excited about eating here. I did love the way it looked, but when it came to the food, the menu was a book. That wasn't a problem until my appetizers came out and they were cold in the middle, so I know they freeze them and reheat them all. It wasn't just one app, it was three. Fortunately the waitress gave me a 30% discount on the apps.

Miss LightBright

Super delicious! 10/10 would recommend. Get the fried chicken 100%

Katelyn Schramke

The food here is truly excellent. I highly recommend checking it out. We had the half and half fried chicken combo with fries, kimchi bacon fried rice, and the pork buns. It was all so good!

John Zanussi

average good fried chicken but nothing to blow your mind

Hien Le

So i came in today by myself, I forgot my phone in my after i ordered, so it looked like i was just leaving. Luckily the staff were pretty cool. I orderes the bibimbab, pork bao, and chicken wing. They were all on point except that the rice was a bit dry on the bibimbab. Coleslaw on the pork bao were a good way to cut the richness of the port. Chicken wings were nice and tender. 5 stars, good enviorment for friends

Shannon Ramey

Amazing fried chicken. Totally worth blowing Keto!

Michael Langdon-Phillips

Okay Bibimbap, no banchan included, which was surprising as that is the namesake of the restaurant. There are plenty of better Korean restaurants in Minneapolis.

John Yaj

Deep fry

Brandon Sylivong

Found some hairs in the food

Jerred Kincaid

Love the Japanese Korean fusion, the service was great, I plan on coming back many times!


The food was good and the service is nice and it was fairly clean I would come again

Kamila Onofre

Loved the wings! Only thing I didn’t like were the chairs! Too small and uncomfortable

Ryan P

The chicken drumsticks are amazing. They are good enough reason to go here all on their own. I prefer the spicy but it's nice to have half and half because the spice builds. Other than that they have a number of traditional Asian dishes from Korea, Japan, china, Philippines, etc and they are all very good.

Zhengyi Gong

My favorite Korean fried chicken place in Twin cities! Make a call in advance, pick up your order and enjoy your Netflix with decent wings!

muke mukerson

Very tasty. Best chicken


We enjoyed all the dishes we tried, and we'll definitely be back to try more!

Kaitlyn Nguyen

Bonchon Happy! Absolutely great with the pickled radishes.

Emma Davis

Spicy fried chicken with pickled radish was delicious!

Chris Wright

The Korean Chicken wing/leg combo was delicious!

Chuck Doehr

Fantastic food! Get the wings and you will not be disappointed

Insu Park

Real KFC(Korean Fried Chicken)... Yummy

Tim Kraemer

Actually the chicken itself deserves 5 stars. I've only been there once so my experience with the menu is limited. All items were good and the portions were medium. Service was unspectacular but descent. The flow of customers was steady which speaks to a favorable opinion from others. On street parking is limited so you'll likely need to use the convenient ramp less than a block away. Calhoun square is across the street and many other shops are nearby too.

Kevin Skogg

Love the wings.

Salika Pao

Website says the chicken wings takes up to 30 minutes to cook. We got ours in less than 10 minutes.

Tom MacNabb

Korean style fried chicken has arrived in Uptown Minneapolis and I couldn’t be happier!! The double fried crunchy exterior with a light coating of either the hot or sweet soy sauces keeps the chicken moist. Once they get their beer license it will be my guilty pleasure meal. Their Bibimbap needs a bit of work.

John Daly

Really taste chicken, the wings and drummies are some of the best I've ever had, definitely stay away from the boneless, it's not at all the same. Also the bulldak if u like spicy

519 chen

Very delicious!very suitable for my taste. The environment is also very good, I will come again.

Bob Friedheim

Amazing fried chicken, both the spicy and savory varieties are a must try for anyone eating at Bonchon.

Jane Francesca

My husband and I went to this restaurant several times because we both love Korean style fried chicken and other Korean foods. Foods were good, better than I expected, but their service was not satisfied. It took so long for them to take our orders after we were seated. They hardly checked our table. Their fountain drinks were flat. I took a star away because of their service.

Kevin Williamson

Yo where are the STRIPS?!?! I love Bonchons, but their menus are so inconsistent throughout different locations. This location didn’t have strips, but they had boneless wings??? I’ve never seen that before. I’ve been to other locations where they just call their strips “white meat”. Bonchons you confuse the hell out of me, but you’re delicious so I guess I forgive you?

Brian Michaelis

It's good, but no moto-I.

Vin Ngan-Nhul

We got window seats and it very uncomfortable, feels like being seated at the kiddy table. They shouldn’t even put chairs there. We ordered chicken wings (half spicy and half garlic sauce), it was ok but a little sweet for me. We also ordered Bulgogi, seafood fried rice and side order of kimchi. These dishes are too pricey for the portions and the quality is not there. The ribeye tasted old and as for seafood fried rice,I got 3 small shrimps, 4 little ring of squids and many 2 tiny scallops. I had better Korean food at Dong Yang.

bryan citrowske

Delish but I'm a tight wad and would go elsewhere for a better price

Justin Bjork

Honestly probably the best fried chicken I've ever had and I've had good chicken down in New Orleans. It's a small restaurant with big taste! Definitely will recommend this to friends.

Thanh Thanh Ho

Fluffy, crispy and flavorful!

David Lin

This is a great plece to go for wings. There wings are the best out of all other wings i have taste in all other resturants.

Kyle Johnson

The wings and the salmon ball are the best

Vinson Vanthanouvong

Waited 25 min to get any service, when asked what was the hold up they said they did not know we was ready to order, no one asked us if we needed anything or even offer water.

Monica Robinson

The best chicken I have ever had in my life!! And trust me I know my fried The staff is awesome and friendly. The food is amazing it's my go to for fried chicken forever now! Do urself a favor and go!

Stephanie Freund

Some of the best fried chicken wings I have ever had.

Tony S

I finally made it to @bonchonchicken ❗ The Spicy Chicken wings were

Peter P John

Great fried chicken that is super crunchy at a reasonable price! Tiny dining room so not a place for a ton of ppl but great food

Erin Spero

Service and food here leave something to be desired. Upon arrival for lunch the hostess was on the phone busily working while 2 servers 5 feet away weren’t doing a thing and proceeded to ignore us. We took menus and stated we were going to seat ourselves to the 2 servers. They then stated we couldn’t sit where we were going to sit despite the restaurant being 75% empty. The food came out and the boneless wings didn’t have any sauce. When I asked for a side of sauce I was told it was against the restaurants policy to provide more sauce. This was the second experience at this restaurant. The first was just as bad and I decided to give it one more shot. Needless to say, I won’t be back.

Dalena Vien

Only Korean fried chicken place in MN at the moment -- definitely love it! Favorite flavor of chicken is the garlic soy. Parking can be tricky since it's uptown but it's near both ramps and meter parking.

Benjamin Heldt

Great service and great food. Awesome menu with big pictures and many options to choose from. Will be back for sure. They do not have their liquor license yet but am very excited for when that happens. They said around a month until they can serve liquor.

Michael Lucke

Definitely go here

Christiana Wong

The atmosphere was great. The location is perfect for traffic. The staff was friendly and food came out at a decent hour. Staff took a little bit to get back to us to take our order. It was a Tuesday evening, 5:30 PM and it was not packed at all. I would say this is a great time to go. It started getting busy towards 0:700 PM. My favorite dish was the kimchi bacon fried rice. Wow, what flavors and textures to this dish! The only problem to this dish was the portion. For the price we really didn't get that much. I could definitely finish this dish on my own and much more. For the price you would think that it could feed more than one person. We ordered the pork buns next. The pork buns was good. In my opinion there was a little too much coleslaw that offset the flavor of the pork. The buns were soft and moist. We ordered a small entree of the wings. We got half spicy and have soy garlic. The spicy had a good kick to it, but was not terrible that you couldn't finish it on your own. The soy garlic had a little sweetness to it. They double fry their wings and I did enjoy the crunchy texture to it. It had a decent amount of batter, but for some it may be too much. Lastly we ordered the salmon avocado ball. It was my least favorite dish. If you combined the salmon and the filling it tasted good, but it definitely needed less filling and more salmon. It just tasted like a sushi roll dish to me to be honest. The crunchy tempura in the dish kind of threw me off. The pieces were bigger than I expected and it almost tasted like it was stale. Overall the atmosphere was chill, but the food was just mediocre.

Andrew Kondrup

Koreans know fried chicken almost as well as the southern USA. crispy, spicy, soy saucy, bits of another world. Order extra when you go so you can pop it in the oven the next day for even more enjoyment..fried rice is top notch too..basically go, sit down, and order everything on the menu

greg moser

I'll definitely go Beck to try some other things. We did boneless wings, pot stickers, and another dish. Decently. Service was good.. Quick to fill water glasses.

kou xiong

Love the salmon ball and the crispy chicken.

Nancy Schroepfer

The fried chicken is good.

Miyuzaki Ogino

Wings and drumsticks are a must! The secret is to do 1/2 and 1/2 of the sauce! The takoyaki; pass on that.

Charlene Boser

Stealing your employees tips is unacceptable, and the public apology was generic and insincere. Opening a restaurant is hard work, and those employees deserved to be treated with respect AND their hard earned money. As a career server, I would never support this restaurant. If they tried to pull this stunt once, I wouldn't trust them not to try something shady again.

Rick Liebo

Stealing tips from employees, this won’t end well.

Che Xiong

Delicious chicken! Perfect crunch. I gave it a 4-star cause when we went it wasn't busy, but service wasn't really all there. Otherwise it's a must-go.

Tim Sullivan

I love these wings. They are super crispy on the outside without overly saucy or mushy like a lot of wings. The spicy is definitely spicy and the soy glaze is super flavourful. We got a mix of wings and drumsticks and the drumsticks are actually pretty huge. I'll probably stick to wings for myself next time. Good kimchi, too. I really hope they can serve beer and wine soon cause that would make this place perfect. If there is any downside, it's that the tables and chairs are pretty small.

Jarrod Fitzgearlds

Mediocre Food. Greedy thieving management. I dont support this kind of trash in my neighborhood.


Bulgogi fried rice at $13 is too expensive for the portion size. It’s rice after all! See attached picture. The wings were really good though at $1.10 per wing. Taste and crispy texture was delicious! Get a table if you can, the window seating feels like being seated at the kiddy table. They shouldn’t even put chairs there.


Friendly staff. Tasty fried chicken wings. However, my date and I experienced pretty bad stomach aches afterwards. We ordered another dish with rice cake in a spicy cheese sauce (forgot the name of it), but didn't care for the entree at all. Not sure if I'd go back here. Maybe for an order of the wings if I'm in the mood for a stomach ache.

A-Dubb Morales

It's tasteful chicken and worth the money... But seating is very limited and of your overweight (I'm overweight and 6'4) there isn't much room without someone walking past you and getting a but or stomach swiping your back... Besides that. Food is delicious!

Rebecca Hardy

Very friendly staff and delicious food. Everything I tried was amazing. Fries, wings, pork bun, bibimbap. Will definitely go here again.

Christy Vang

Food was great. Just beware of the spiciness

Bla Yang

Always been my favorite restuarant that I'm so glad they opened one up in town!! Service was pretty good & on the menu you're told how long to wait for your food because yes, it comes out fresh everytime which is the best part! Will be coming back!!! Favorite was and will always be the chicken! Nice, spicy, crispy & juiciness! #bestchicken

Skol Boi

Our experience was amazing! We ordered five different dishes and all five were worth eating again. The salmon ball thing, reminded me of a sushi roll in ball form. Our server Amber was on point and was very helpful. Adult beverages are now available. It's worth a try, I think you'll be pleased.

Sharon Record

I love working here. I came in from a recommendation of a friend and got hired. The staff is so nice and really live up to makong sure the customer is satisfied. I love being a server here because of the diverse community of customers and staff. Plus the food is OUTSTANDING! LOVE THE CHICKEN!!

Nick Wilson

Chicken is super tasty, however they do not seem to out enough seasoning on each piece for my liking, it should be about double their current standard. The service here is a bit on the green side and feels like they need more time to practice before actually going live with service.

Marie Szepanski

Uncomfortable environment and seating. Still uses styrofoam and strange disposable gochujang sachets . Food was disappointing, a let down. Service, poor.

Jamie Alfaro-Glover

The tastiest chicken wings I've had, hands down. All the food is great. The interior design was horribly thought out. The entrance continues to get blocked up by people arriving, waiting, and leaving. The chairs are cheap, uncomfortable, and not accommodating to larger bodies. The seats against the window don't have a cut out for your knees, so legs are cramped and continue to hit the wall. The way their tables are laid out could have been thought out better to fit more people. It was a restaurant before, not sure why they switched so much of their dining space.

Lovely Thao

Crunchiness of chicken was good but the flavor of the meat under the skin was ok only. Japchae was bland and kimchi, radish and coleslaw tasted generic and mediocre. It's good to try once in a long while but I don't think I'd be going back much, if at all.

Dan Mason

Eat everything.

Sub Lein

Amazing fried chicken.

Huy Bien

Few people are saying that it is overpriced for what it is. I bet they're the same people going to Buffalo Wild Wings and ordering a Large Traditional. Smaller wings from bdubs and pretty close in price per wing. gtfo

Mai Nhia Her

Delicious chicken! We ordered the combo (wings + drums) and did half & half for the sauces - soy garlic and spicy. I personally preferred the spicy sauce, the spice builds as you eat! The soy garlic gave a good mix of flavors with just a hint of sweet (but not too much). It also wasn't overly salted! The chicken was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Bottom line: I'd go back for this!

jerred kincaid

Tried this place for the first time today, and I was super stoked on the selection. I will definitely be going back soon!

Drew Running

Good food, fast service.

A.R. Brown

So good. I went with low expectations but that's some really good chicken. I got the 2 drums and 4 wings for $9.99 (lunch prices) I got half and half (spicy/soy garlic) both very good. The soy garlic is my favorite. I also got a side of rice. I was a little disappointed that the side of bulgogi that I ordered didn't look like the picture, it was as though they just gave me a very small side of meat that they use for tacos vs the bulgogi that's in the menu with the veggies. For $3.50, I wouldn't get it again. It was like 2 bites. Other than that, I'd definitely go back.

Leah Morgan

Bibimbap had vegetarian option, otherwise very meat-centric. Bibimbap was delicious though!

Dia Thao

Good wings and sides. Not much for drinks when I went there. A little pricey too.

patrick truly

Kinda pricey for mediocre food and the coleslaw was dreadful. The chicken was surprisingly ok... just ok and nothing more. If you've never had good food you'll love this place.

Sven Raphael Schneider

The chicken wings and drumsticks are very, very good. The other dishes are good too, but not as outstanding as the fried chicken. Both options spicy and soy-garlic are delicious.

Stephanie Castellanos

Their chicken wings are so good. The soy chicken wings are my favorite

Tom Moran

This place seems to think it's okay to illegally take employees gratuities.

Sandra Johanson

Had a great first time experience today, the chicken was delicious! I got the half and half wings, great choice to even out the spice! Very nice servers! My server was so polite and got my food very quickly, very great service! Will be back again!!

Chang Yi

Fried chicken is delicious, but hard to park

Small Biz Courier

Very good service and delicious wings! The rice cakes could’ve been better but fried rice was on point! Keep it up!

John Kablan

Awesome fried chicken, get the spicy you wont be disappointed. We also got the bibimbap and Japchae and a steamed bun. The other items were fine nothing remarkable but not bad. But the chicken more than made up for their lackluster showing.

Damla Erten

Will not support you until you do right by your employees.

Tom Malik

Absolutely love their wings!

Haleigh Patterson

Food was okay, nothing at all to rave about. The bulgogi had little flavor and the bulgogi fried rice was a small portion for the price it was. I think they're still getting the hang of serving people since they're new that's not something I can complain about. I really didn't like that you had to pay upfront where people were trying to eat their food. The register is behind the little bar they sat people to eat so as I was trying to pay my group and I kept getting in the way of the women trying to eat

Vicky Bang

Food was okay but the pickled radish was such let down :(

James Riley

Fast food Korean with sit down ambiance. My japchae was tasty and well prepared. Not to much beef for 14 bucks though. Also, no condiments: cabbage kimchi only, and at extra cost, and when I asked for dried gochugang they said they didn't have it.

Aleta Davannavong

I love their chicken, but every time I go, even when it's not busy, service always seems to be slow. I never get my water refilled up until we're about to get the check and I feel like I'm always searching for a worker to come near us for me to ask for water.

Kyle Wardin

The chicken is amazing, love the heat! Just so you are not disappointed as I was, they do not serve alcohol or beer but wont ding them for that. Food was good and was a cool place!

Pa Yang

Really good wings. They only have 2 choices of sauce though, spicy or soy. Plus you can't substitute the coleslaw which sucks cause if you don't like coleslaw it is pretty much wasted. It's also located in uptown so be prepared to park off street and their space is tiny. So be prepared to be in a tight space with small tables. Their Bulgogi and Japchae wasn't as satisfying as their wings though. But their wings is nicely breaded and have a nice crunch to every bite. I gave them a 5 star because their wings are just that amazing. I would recommend their wings.


Horrible service. The person who waited on me was completely rude and got in my face. No thank you! I've been to Bon Chon in DC and Bangkok and never had this before. I just walked dollars can so elsewhere.

Ivette Valle

Food is good, reasonable price. It's a good place for Korean fusion food.

Ned Mattimoe

Amazing chicken! Be prepared for a wait, but they’ll call when it’s your time so you can go shop. Once you’re finally seated, be ready to order ASAP, but despite the hurry up and wait approach of this restaurant, it’s worth it for the delicious tastes! Definitely go with bone-in wings and get a mix of the soy garlic and spicy. The sliders were good, but I can’t wait to try the pork buns! Will definitely be coming back.

kojo khan

Food was exceptional and came out remarkably quick. The interior was nice and seatings were adequate. One of my tables was rocky but fixed it with a chopstick lol. Otherwise the chicken is very interesting texture wise. The spicy version was probably more to my preference but it will be fairly spicy to most people without a average tolerance to spice. That aside I tried almost everything! Lol. I would say food was great and I would definitely come back.

Edward stanczak

Best chicken wings ever!

Randy Khamvongsa

The chicken is on point. When paired with beer, you're in for a treat. Service is okay.

Isaac Broberg

Wings are awesome and so is the rest, go wild.

Emery Brush

The food was pretty good, for a reasonable price! The wait staff was very polite and quick to help out, and the food came quickly. The seating area was a bit cramped, but I was also there on a Saturday night.

Surabhi Singh

This is a great place to eat Korean food, especially if you are hanging out around Uptown. From Friday to Sunday they open up until 2 AM, which is always a plus if you get hungry after a few rounds of bar hopping. While we were there, we ordered the 10 pc spicy signature fried chicken wings (which was honestly not that spicy) and the tteokbokki (which was really good). This was enough for sharing amongst 3 people. It is a cute little place, easily accessible, but street parking might be tricky.

Nader Banilohi

I had Bonchon in DC and thought it was amazing so I was very excited when I heard they were opening one up in Minneapolis Amazing Korean fried chicken but a bit overpriced. Amazing location in the heart of Uptown! Perfect for after clubs/bars

Peter Vang

Spicy chicken is Amazing! Perfect crunch, sweet, spice, and for the right price. ❤️❤️❤️

Frank Raasch

The reason this place isn't getting 5 stars from me is not because of the food. The food gets 5 stars across the board. The location of this restaurant is definitely a challenge. Finding parking is very difficult and the location right on Lake Street just makes getting here tough. Also, who builds a restaurant in Minnesota without any consideration of coats. Our party had to juggle our thick winter coats on our laps the entire meal. Hooks are inexpensive and go a long way to make the customer experience better.

Dung Pham

Nice place. Good taste good. The staff was so nice to let us hang around for long time

Camellia Kalra

Some Korean places give out little bowls of pickled stuff when you order food. Not here. But they had the same type of fish cake (bits of fermented processed fish) as an ingredient in something else. I requested to get a little on its own (I had actually ordered some beef rib dish) and they obliged. It's not a typical Korean place: they have Korean fried chicken as their main thing vs rice and noodle dishes. I'm trying to say it's a little trendy.

minfang chen

The food here was super delicious! I got everything I wanted and the customer service was fantastic. This is my new go to place for fried chicken.

Rob Liebhart

Lunch specials are a great deal! Service was incredibly friendly, and food was served in a timely manner. The spicy sauce was delicious on wings and drumsticks!

Henry Xiong

This was our dinner yesterday. My GF and I thoroughly enjoyed every dish we had at Bonchon! We’re a huge fan of Korean food and this place definitely didn’t disappoint. From the salmon ball with its burst of flavors to the mouthwatering and chewy rice cakes to the mind-flipping bulgogi fried rice (yes, mind-flipping lol) and their infamous fried chicken wings, it was all very tasty and delightful. Mmm!

Crystal Roberts

Delicious! Very good experience! Will return many more times!


Pickle radish. Must pick pickle radish

Peter Yang

We love ordering take out from Bonchon. Just make sure you skip the Boneless Wings unless you like wasting money on hard crusty chunks of batter. There was more batter than chicken and I ended up tossing it out. Besides that, the wings and drums are fantastic. I definitely recommend it. Just beware, parking is horrible because of the great location.

anon ymous

5 stars for the chicken wings, 1 star for the bibimbap, literally 14.99 for 3 mini shrimp and very very few ingredients on top of a mountain of rice. Frankly, ridiculous.

Alex Sneed Miller

Good fried chicken. Fast service and friendly staff.

Jeremy Jensen

Awesome food. Was a hard derision after looking at the menu

Mani C

Not too bad there wings are sure jumbo, waitresses didn't understand much English and I didn't get my side dishes. Disappointed but some foods are pretty good.

brenda lee

I dont know what other opinions is, but i came here with my little family, for the first time. The server was very good, fast pace, and very polite. We got our food, pretty fasst. Lol it was sooo good that my 2year old walk out with a drumstick on his hands, and wanted to go back inside. (: (only if i can post a photo of him. Lol )

Kathy Huang

Great seasoned traditional wings, boneless had significantly less seasoning. The salmon avocado ball is amazing with rice. The shins i is pretty good as well. The katsu is a huge piece of chicken.

Kan L.

Love the food! I’ve heard a lot of people say that it wasn’t worth the try but I actually love it. The only downside is the space is pretty small and crowded. It can get busy and tight around the busy peaks.

David Nichols

Excellent. Quality

Eric Topel

First you steal your employees' tips, then you retaliate against them for standing up for their rights. Good food, but I won't be back until the GM responsible is fired.

Joe Bell

Great service....very very Good Korean food...!

chris williams

My brother found a staple and fingernail in his Korean taco. My brother took his food back and got a refund. So weird that this happened. Almost seem like it was placed their intentionally. I mean how can a staple end up in someone's taco? My brother will definetly not go back.

Emily Palecek

Get the soy garlic wings! Very good & crunchy. I tried boneless but next time would probably opt for bone-in variety. Plain fried rice is also pretty good--the spicy wings are pretty spicy for this Midwestern palette. I found myself reaching for blue cheese to dip them in several times, to no avail.

Lashalle Campbell

This was my first time here. The service was great! I ordered wings, seafood fried rice and hubby ordered that other meal. The food was good, the bathroom was clean and the service was awesome!

Avinab Rajbhandary

Worth a visit.

Vinh Nguyen

Coming from the east coast Bonchon is the few places I crave and miss! Waiting months from the news of hearing that one would open up over here got me beyond excited. Been here handful of times already and the quality is just as great with the amaaaazing wings. You HAVE to get the wings here and get both of their flavors, they only have two for a reason and thats because they’re bomb as hell. Takoyaki or the spicy rice noodle cakes with chicken are a favorite appetizers of mine. This will be your new favorite place, come through!


Great food and awesome services

Jahia Vang

Hands down amazing soy garlic chicken wings.

Patrick Maloney

super good lunch special! Try the takoyaki also amazing.


Delicious! Very fast service for Sunday lunch. Good prices for lunch specials with a variety of side options. The soy garlic sauce is the best! Food was hot and definitely has made to order freshness. Smallish dining room with modern decorations and somewhat uncomfortable chairs.

janesian janesian

I would have to say Korea's fried chicken is #1 in my book, but not MN bonchon. It's nice and crispy on the outside but once u bite thru the layers and taste the white meat, it's not savory and very plain. There were no flavors at all, just plain white meat inside. I finished it to see if there's hope but there was none and didn't want to waste my money. I mean it was edible but just not the best. I won't come back til bonchon figure a way to flavor the insides. Idk how korea makes their chicken so well like every layer of the meat to the bone was on point. Crunchy and savory !! Bonchon still needs some work!

Tom Jones

Okay... Nothing special and way overpriced with very limited options.

Marina Duchesneau

Great place! The food was delicious, the service was great and the atmosphere was nice. The fried chicken and pot stickers were awesome. Got really busy around 7pm, so go earlier if you don’t want to wait.

Laurencio Ronquillo

So the place is great. Great location. Attentive service, needs a bit friendlier or maybe patient IMHO. But main reason for 3 stars and not 4 is that my food was a bit bland. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I had heard great things about the food. The wings are great...except that once the batter is removed the meat is plain. No flavor whatsoever if in an earlier bite the batter went away. My banh mi sandwiches. Really good, but again some what bland compared to others I have tasted. Bc the bun is really soft and subtle as a steam bun should be, the fillings should somewhat compensate. I recognize some people might call it really subtle and delicate flavors and I'd agree with that. But in my case of I go for Asian and Vietnamese food, I am looking for rather punchy flavors. Cleanliness is superb. Ambiance is excellent. Prices I guess are ok for family oriented. If solo, then you can only order main dish. Seems no small snack for solo patrons. I did like my experience though and will go back to try different dishes.

Aaron K.

Fried chicken is amazeballs....sweet n crispy and the hot Were perfect in taste and hotness. The pickled Radishes also a great side....will be coming back to try more ASAP!

Hung Le

Been here twice since they opened. First time we had to wait an hour for our food to get here and never got our water refilled. Second time around, we had to wait an hour to get seated. Wings were good.

Michael Seffren

They have the good ice, that is all.

Judy Park

Finally opened. Finally tasted their chicken and both were takeout so I'll provide a review on a takeout experience. 1. Food: Spicy Chicken, Korean bbq tacos and Pork Belly Buns. Fried anything can be risky when it's takeout. My 1st taste of BC chicken was Spicy Chicken takeout from my husband's meeting. I was shocked how tasty it was even without being reheated. The 2nd time I went back to order and the Spicy Chicken is the way to go. You can taste the flavor, not just chemical pain on your tongue and it has a gradual buildup that surprises you. (Sweat and slightly runny nose) The Korean BBQ tacod and Pork Belly buns was okay. Nothing to write home about. If you've had Korean bbq tacos then you can expect similar flavors with BC's. The Pork Belly buns seemed more like Bun Pork Belly. I tasted more bun and had to look at my food to see if mine was missing pork. 2. Takeout service: It's new to the Uptown area and with a buzz so anticipate a line. Two employees helped me get my order in. The manager didn't smile or present herself as one who wanted to be there. Not friendly at all. The host on the other hand, did. Nice smile and carried a conversation. My only concern is if the manager is like that 24/7, I don't know if I'd want that type of leadership in my store. They have a "waiting" bench lined along the entrance on the right side of the restaurant when you enter. Appreciated that a lot as my order took some time.

Beverly Ross

Perfect place to go to. Had there wings, house fried rice with shrimp, Korean bulgogi (beef) Tacos - all portions were BIG. And service was great.

Vance Holmes

The Korean fried chicken was under-seasoned, overpriced and greasy as hell. The fries, too, were just dripping in grease. The food didn't seem well-prepared. The one-note spice of the chicken was cloying --- and after a few wings -- annoying. It certainly wasn't the worst take-out I've had in Minneapolis -- but with all the quality restaurant choices available -- I would not order Bonchon again and would not recommend it to other food lovers.

Pamela Rose

Great food, but service is pretty slow. Will update this review in the future once the growing pains are done and they nail down their routine. I had the medium combo of wings and drumsticks with the soy garlic sauce and picked radish, and it was soooooo good! Best fried chicken when you're looking for something lighter than KFC

Joe Bauer

A little pricey, but very delicious with a nice menu of options. Packed house, but it was still fast and attentive service. We will hopefully go back soon.

Kristy Tran

Loved the food and everything I ordered was amazing and the customer service was excellent!! My waitress was very caring and came and checked on us every 15 minutes and she did amazing at recommending what to order!

Tiannan Zhou

Good to takeout. Too many people there. Food itself is really nice.

Jocelyn Thao

Wings are good. I have gone to Bonchon in Chicago many times because of work. When they brought Bonchon to MN. I was super excited. The only thing bad is the size. It’s really small and tight. I also ordered a takeout order and they got it wrong. When I repeated myself twice to the lady I wanted just soy. Not half and half. I am allergic to spicy food and had to throw it away after tasting it. The box is check marked as soy wings but it was hot wings in there.

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