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2828 Piedmont Ave, Duluth, MN 55811, United States

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REVIEWS OF Big Daddy's Burgers IN Minnesota

Bob Saunders

Great food with unfortunately humongous portions

Thang Dinh

I only go here once in a awhile but every time does not disappoint! Love the local places around here and this one is a classic. Great burgers and fries are always crispy. Every burger I have gotten was always on point with flavor and always fills you up! If your up for the challenge, I done it, you can always do their belly buster burger which will test your limits! Definitely will recommend anyone if they want great food with a local atmosphere!

Lucas Phillips

Found this place thanks to Google reviews, so I thought I'd add to the chorus of people who love this place. First of all, the burgers are massive. Like, ridiculously big, and so, so good. There's quite a bit of variety and it was hard to …

James Grover

Food was is a mess look at floors. Garbage underneath everything

Tony Gjerdahl

Great food, large portions, fast and cheap.

Hannah K

Great food, great prices!

Josh peters

The Burger was Delicious and loved the hand cut fries

Leslie Judge

Food was way good my parents came with my husband and I to check it out. We all got something different and enjoyed the burgers! Mushroom, olive, regular cheese, and the jalapeno burger. Lots of fries come with it so be hungry!

Marya Zajchowski

Attempted the Bellybusyer Challenge and failed. It was delicious nontheless. The fries are amazing and they definitely give you plenty

Paul Van Natta

Great burgers and fries... pleasant staff

Noah Day

If you want an over priced hamburger come here full of awful liberals with low IQ and trust me it’s overpriced liberals will pay anything that’s trendy I could of made a much better buffalo burger at home Just like every place in Duluth the food is overrated and overpriced I travel the country and I have no idea why these business charge so much except that they know most who come are low IQ libtards that would pay 20 dollars for a sock stuffed between two buns if it was the in thing to do

Kevin Schmidt

Excellent food generous helpings and a good price!

Marco Zuniga

Hands down. Some of the best burgers I've had in Minnesota. I was out in the Duluth for a business trip and knew I had to try at least one local place. I made the right choice. Everything is grilled to perfection and had a very natural taste to them. No preservatives or anything. It's as if they grow potatoes right in the restaurant. If you're a burger fan and looking for a new spot to try. This is it.

Michael Breitung

Great coffee and soup with friendly staff

Janice Dufseth

Best burger in a long time! Yummy fries and onion rings! Service was very good! Will come back...... even the breakfast menu looked good.

Julie Paulley

Delicious food and fun for everyone

william miller

You get a lot of food for the money - burgers are decent . Fries are homemade and if you like shoestring cut they are good. They are closed on Sundays so plan accordingly.

Matt Rich

Great place, great food, great value

Aaron Geiwitz

Great big juicy burger! Its definitely an artery clogger, but its O' so delicious! Lots of fries too! Great value for the generous portion size! The restaurant has a very casual diner/truck stop feel - rather than a classed up feel. …

Jeff Richtman

Great burgers and heaping baskets if fresh cut fries. Wish there weren’t so many Religious wall hangings but the food and service is always solid.

Bill Berg

Good food huge portions you will not go away hungry

Shanna P

This unassuming cafe has counter seating and doesn't seem to have changed from a 1980's dive-diner which is PERFECT. Huge portions of a tasty greasy burger and fries are exactly what I was there for- and they have root beer in bottles! I was quite pleased.

joe hage

Great food awesome old diner atmosphere

Roger Wilkinson

Big burgers good fries nice menu. Cool staff

Dylan Leff

Pretty good place! Did the big daddy challenge with my dad and I, i finished it in 17 mins! Definitely happy with it

Rachel Brown

Burger had no flavor, I had guacamole and pepper Jack cheese but was still bland

Samantha Schilling

Huge Burgers! Good fries!

Christina Andrews

Wonderful. I liked watching the man cook right in front of me. The waitress was great.

John Fisher

Expensive and the fries are subpar. Burger tasted good though.

V Berg

Good burgers LOTS of fries. Recommend sharing a meal and ordering an extra sandwich. Very tasty.

John Keefe

English muffin for a bun on the Big Daddy is brilliant... It doesn't get soggy, and the burger is AMAZING. Tons of fries. Seriously. You will have leftover fries.

James Chermak

Delicious food! Breakfast sandwich and hash browns were very filling.

Talon Clifford

Burger was good, as always. They let me substitute my fries for cheese sticks, as I don't like fries.

Adam G

Tried the olive and cream cheese burger. It was awesome. The fries weren't much good, but I would definitely go again.

Sara Bachand

We had a reservation. They denied it

Randy Flannery

Great burgers, real fries,friendly wait staff, excellent service. Will definitely be back again!

Erin Lund

Always exactly what I'm craving! Best burgers and fries in town.

William Pollard

Great food, quality beef. Friendly and prompt service with excellent prices.

Art MacAilein

The staff was awesome. The food was great for the price.

Jonathan Goldsmith

Great please to eat

Joshua Egelund

First time, it was a very awsome experience, great food, polite staff, and good price on all choices.

Charles Carter

Yum! Great food and great prices. Come hungry and leave stuffed, guaranteed! I don't have a favorite item here, everything is great.

Ronald Faulhaber

Yummy food. Quick service

Tye Ostrom

The food was good. Our wait staff was very nice. Was there for breakfast for the first time. They do a good breakfast. Lunch or dinner though real good. Awesome burger joint.

Arne Thompson

Burgers are excellent service is good or at least it was the day we went price is compatible with most burger places

Angela Johnson

Definitely worth the visit! Great size portions!

James Greathouse

First time to this establishment! I was certainly not disappointed. I chose the Smothered Burger which was fantastic. The chili was great and very meaty. Also, tons and tons of fresh cut fries. I would certainly recommend is you are in the Duluth area!!

Iris E

Awesome burgers, fries are fresh, but huge portions;10 potatoes die unnecessarily for every order.

Augster O

Good burgers. LOTS of fries. Too many really. They have some interesting food challenges that have taken place there. Lots of pictures of “winners”. Good food. Served fast. Friendly staff. No complaints at all and I’ll be back.

Matt Boetcher

Awesome little burger spot, great food, staff is friendly, and lots to look at on the walls!

Timothy Montour

I had a great burger and awesome fries. This is a no nonsense place with good service. I came racing in a half hour before closing, but they had a burger on my place in minutes, and took time to answer my questions about the food challenges. I will be back for breakfast next time I'm in town.

Jacob Salo

The food and service was good, my kind of place.

Jeff Smith

Great food friendly staff . Work you money .

Glen Stiles

Great food, great atmosphere and service. Still one of my favorite places to eat!

Cortney Lutzow

Great Burgers!! No frill restaurant with friendly staff and great food. Only thing that would be nice, is if they would ask how you want your burger cooked...they were well done and would have been amazing just a little less.

Arielle Davidson

I love that the focus here is the quality (not to mention the quantity is great!) And not anything else. Customer service has always been top notch, and the food is superb. I always recommend to friends and family!

shaun spratley

Great prices, great value, and great taste. What a GEM.

Michael Basley

Awesome place if you want a good burger and a lot of fries.

Chris Smith

Great food! Reasonably priced!

Joshua Pitt

The food here is absolutely tremendous and the staff is very friendly! Highly recommend trying if you've never been!

Lora Anderson

Fabulous buger and fries. Great little restaurant.


This place looks like your run of the mill greasy spoon dive, but don't let that stop you from eating here. The quality and selection of burgers here are extraordinary! 10 out of 10, would recommend.

Jonathan Fechner

If you leave here hungry, that's on you. These portions are monstrous and still great quality.

Tom Walden

Great food with larger than life portions!!

Emily S

Love all their food!

Douglas Moen

It was my first time there. The Young Woman that waited on me was EXTREMELY POLITE and EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!! That Carries a lot of weight for me. The HUGE PROBLEM I Had was that NOBODY HANDLING FRESH FOOD WORE GLOVES! THAT'S a HUGE CAUSE of …

Phillip Long

I love this place! Large portion and awesome burgers!

Dave Stafsholt

Great people, food and prices! I reccomend this place to anyone. You wont leave hungry.

Candace Barnes

Burger was delicious and the service was great!

Caity Pryor

It has really good people there and good food.

Scott Neurauter

Found this place via Google as I didnt want some big chain restraunt....and what a find! Excellent burger and homemade fries! Wish I didn't live so far away as I would come back again and again. When in Duluth I will visit again. Staff was freindly and food was hot...actually had to let my burger rest a bit before i could eat it! Can't say that about any of the bigger chain restraunts. If you want a burger, I recommend giving them a try.

Kathy Munger

If you are looking for a great burger and awesome fries this is the place.

Scott Sandquist

Big portions, fries are great. Very good burgers.

Jesse Krulich

It was good but the burgers need flavor! But the French fries were delicious

Prime Minister of Green Team

Hmmm yes. Very big. Very daddy. Very burger.

James Farnham

OMG delicious food. Large portions

Melissa M. Sutton

Everything seems delicious here. My second time. However, the fries were dry and that was disappointing. I think I had onion rings last time, so this may have been my first time trying the fries. My friend with me was also disappointed in the fries. Otherwise, no complaints!

Jack Levine

Place was packed but food was mediocre imo not worth the cost

Torah Bear

Many mornings spent here. Cheerfully served by a great cook, you will be able to fuel up for a busy day, or go home and sleep off the homemade cuisine! Come and get it!!!

Jean Yelle

Always awesome burgers and fries

Zach Ruben

Great place to go if you like big burgers and a ton of fries! Belly buster challenge is also a ton of fun and you get your picture on the wall if you complete it. Some of the best burgers in the Twin Ports.

Jared Irwin

Great burger, massive fries portions.

Elaine & Jeremy Canfield

Must have been an off day at Big Daddy's because my burger was black on the outside and Fries were raw and clumped up in the middle. Usually it's much better than that. Next time I go I guess I'll have to mention.

Susan Ashwood

Awesome food and plenty of it. The service was wonderful. We will be back

Randall Coombes

Awesome food, great staff

David Wright

Great breakfast!

Sandra Berger

Awesome food , we can use are hum coupon, great person's

Hoss Zapf

Very good food and polite people serving.

Hannah Genadek

Their breakfasts are amazing!

Scottie Hallam

The place is a great place to hangout and grub with friends!!! Amazing food!!!

Charity Sweckard

Good people! Great food!

Bill Kantos

Great food and friendly staff. You won't leave hungry. A great place to stop at while in Duluth.


Great service. The waitresses were very kind to us. The cooks had a great sense of humor and were able to multitask. The cook Brandon has a great personality and can do it all. Highly recommend!

Pete V

Excellent food and service! We will be back when we visit Duluth! The burgers are very beefy and the fries are great!

Rob Young

Great food...lots of it. Good price. Friendly waitresses. Will be back. Missed the car truck was broke. Next time.

Irene Apane

Wow! Great burgers! Excellent service.

Jeff DeYoung

Lots of food for a reasonable price great friendly help

Brian Hundley

I just left this place. You know, it's the small things in life that make the difference! When people assume they can overlook what they themselves could care less about; thinking that it makes no difference, that reveals what they're constructed of! It's called their blindside and Big Daddy Burger has a lot of them! I walked in on a Saturday evening and waited to be seated. The restaurant had about four or five total employees, I was the only person standing in the front. I stood there for about 5 min. and every employee ignored me: strike one. I asked what the deal was and the guy in the front no older than about 20 said that you seat yourself. I started to wonder if I do everything myself like cook my own burger! All of the people working there looked no older than twenty and they could give a rip about the establishment or the customers! That was very evident by their casual and aloof manner. Strike two! I just about walked out right there, but I thought I would give it a chance. When I walked back to an empty table and turned, MY FEET ALMOST FLEW OUT FROM UNDER ME FROM THE THICK LAYER OF GREASE ALL OVER THE FLOOR! If there's a layer of grease all over the floor that means there's grease everywhere on the seats and tables! No thank you! It's also an indicator that the vent hoods are either inadequate, not in use, or clogged from lack of proper cleaning. If the employees don't host the customers, improperly manage and maintain the restaurant then they take the SAME CASUAL, DEVIL MAY CARE APPROACH WITH THE FOOD TOO! I realized all of that in about three seconds, so I pivoted on my heel and "high tailed" it out of there! I won't return because you can't fix the disease of "Idon'tgiveashitness!" It's something broken within a person's soul that only a vision quest that takes them to the brink of death before they have that eureka moment can solve! Sayonara suckers! I'm off to dine with the Eagles instead of gobbling with the turkeys!

Andrew Trautman

Nice local place, The burgers are pretty good and a great price for the area

Eddy Ed

Great burgers and tons of fries. Love it here.


Great car show and burger

Nora L. Eckstine

Juicy burgers and the onion rings are the bomb

Jason Jaspersen

Real place, real food, real nice people. Delicious burgers and piles of delicious homemade fries.

Niko Belic

Family owned restaurant. Great service, food and drinks. The waitresses were very kind and nice to us. Highly recommend!

Kelsey Ramlow

Great food great staff great prices

Sarah Schanus

The portions are HUGE, the service is friendly and the food delicious-comfortable.

joel Krochalk

Breakfast at Big Daddy's is always satisfying.

Brentton Paulus

Excellent burgers, fries, and more. The restaurant has an old school vibe in the best of ways. If you in Duluth and hungry I can highly recommend stopping in for an excellent burgers, heaped high with delicious fries. I'm going to have to stop in again soon to try out the fish.

Leo Bay

Burgers are always good. You wait a bit for the food especially on weekends. Service is usually reasonable but not great.

Corbin Chiodi

Big Daddy's has table seating and bar style seating as well. Hand cut fries and big portions. The Big Daddys burger was pretty good. Open style kitchen as well.

Jimmy4218 M

Awesome food, good prices!

Sara Jane

Down to earth Ma and Pa shop, as true as they come. If you want some good comfort food with huge portions stop in here. Casual, seat yourself at a table or at the counter. I get the Texas club almost every time. Amazing breakfasts too!

Chris Thompson

We read about this place on Facebook and it did not dissapoint!! Excellent food, service and just wonderful! We will return!!!

Jeff Jones

What year was of a nice size and the jar out on the outside of the burger was good. But it was under seasoned and overcooked. I was disappointed based on reviews that said this was one of the best burger places in Duluth. I will not return to this place.

Aleathea Modlin

Great place to eat. Take a sweater gets chilling in the restaurant.

Christian Idso

Best burgers in town for a good price and fresh cut fries!

Nicholas Strand

Food was hot fresh and tasty. Good order accuracy. Recieved a lot of food for the price.

Sabrina Onuma

Service was slow (it took us an hour to get food) but the waitress was very nice about the wait. The food was not worth the price. Fries were undercooked literally some of the fries we got weren't cooked what so ever. The burger was below average quality with no flavor.

Peter Atiemo

Great burgers! This place gives you massive burgers and huge helping of fries for such a good price. Only thing I’d ask for is to maybe cook the patties medium-well instead of well done but that’s just my preference.


Big Daddy's Burgers does burgers so right!!! This is not a fancy place, it's a bit of a hole-in-the-wall kind of place but go for the burgers!! My daughter had a wrap and I had a burger. Both excellent with a pile of homemade fries. Seriously delish. They accommodated my special request (keto) no problem. The waiter couldn't have been nicer too.

Sue Jones

For being supposedly one of the best burgers in Duluth, I was very disappointed. Burger was overdone to the point of being dry.

Don Kall

A great place if you're a big eater. Burgers are good, fries are fresh cut and you'll get plenty of them. Breakfasts are really good! You won't leave there hungry! Prices are more than fair for what you get. Bottom line is that Big Daddy's is a no frills grill that's worth the trip.

Connie Lewton

Great food and a lot of it

Mia Parendo

Big daddy's is really good, I mean their logo is kind of scary but their food is really good.

Kari Isakson

Great burgers and reasonably priced. Food is always good(though I admit that I've only ever had a burger when I go), service is nice and you won't go broke eating there either. All in all it's a great place to get a quick bite or meet up with a few buddies and get lunch.

Tasha Burns

Great food. Immaculately clean kitchen! I'm a former Sous Chef and I have never seen hoods that clean. Which shows the whole kitchen is clean. And moderately priced as well - along with great service.

Nimer Jaber

the fries are super. The burgers are wonderful as well, and are very filling. Price is pretty good, if not maybe a little high. The employees are wonderful. If you are looking for a pretty good burger, this place should be on your list. I definitely recommend. And the onion rings are good as well.

Jacob Yoder

Great food for a decent price. The atmosphere was really great as well.

Steven Cook

Large portions and good food at a reasonable price.

Zachery Shermab

Good food. Good service. What more can you ask for.


First time here and going to make it a tradition everytime in the area. Amazing and cute little joint high quality food for a great price

Paul Eberhardt

Smothered Burger very good, service excellent

Kerry Sly

A very quiet and friendly place. A real simple burger place that just has a focus and that is burgers. No alcohol but that makes it family friendly.

jess ness

Good service! Clean environment but needs updated. LOVE the fries!!

Payton LaFont

You Get ALOT Of Food That Taste Great Like Cooking At Home But Better ! I Had The Meatloaf & Potatoes Mhhh !!

Quique TroofSeekah

Big Daddy's has huge tasty burgers at a reasonable price. The pleasant, hard working staff give great service. The enormous serving of fries are fantastic. My family of omnivorous glutons couldn't finish the entire meal.

Melaura Lee Priest

Great Burger, small cramped restaurant. Smells like bacon.

Shea Docherty

If you want a good, high quality burger for a reasonable price, Big Daddy's is the diner of your dreams. This is undoubtedly the best hole in wall restaurant in Duluth and will surely leave you with a full stomach and full satisfaction. On …

Morgan Ehlers

Our server was great! There was a large group of us in addition to a couple of young children and she was great with them. Super attentive. Burgers we're fantastic too.

Steve Pitoscia

Always great food and a friendly staff.

Allison Hoxie

This place was delicious! Definitely yummy burgers, and they give you enough fries to be a meal all by themselves. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is the waiter forgot to take our order for a bit and the whole place is pretty old. But the staff was pleasant and the food was good!

Jeramy Mercil

Great burgers & a huge pile of fries!

Paul Mattfield

Wow! Excellent burgers and a huge plate of fries!!

Gabrielle Dwinell

I personally loved it and family did too! Good Burgers and fries! I had the Big Daddy which I couldn't finish but it has guacamole and bacon on a fresh made 1/2 pounder! Our son wants to come back to try and make it on the wall with their belly buster burger!

Rosie Moriarty

Great prices, lotza food, great service

Mark Lanthier

Very good

William Taylor

Very good food, cheap, huge portions at breakfast, expect to wait. Very very busy usually and a small quaint place. Hats off to big Daddy. He's also the cook.

Holly Belch

Best burgers in the Northland and the staff are great. I just wish they were in Superior

John Florek

This is the place to go if your hungry,its great.

Carl Sharp

Great food

Sandy Clark

Had a great burger while in town.

Kimberly Schlies

What can I say. Great food.


Had breakfast there and had the Big Daddy's Combo and that is the best breakfast around!

Julia Abbott

Stopped here on our way up north. The food was delicious!! I got the big daddy meatloaf for $9.99. There was so much food it could feed two people easy! I also ordered a malt and they basically brought us three malts worth for the price of one and it was delicious too! Super nice waitress and very quick as well! Can't say enough good stuff about this place!

Terrie Dignan

Big burgers and lots of fries. Great service. Would go back. Reasonable prices. Took many boxes of leftovers home.

cherri jones

love this place.

Carol Nelson

Very good hamburgers! They were able to adapt the menu for our special diets! Friendly atmosphere!!! Great for families! #familyrestaurant #dining

Rick Pennington

Food was good with very large portions.

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