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REVIEWS OF Annie's Parlour IN Minnesota

James Bjork

Great Burgers here and even better milk shakes. They have enormous baskets of fries too. Annie's Parlour gets really busy at lunch and dinner but they usually have a big enough staff to keep things moving.

Vincent Bystedt

Shakes/malts are phenomenal

Matt Robert

Chicken soup and hamburger was good but a bit pricey.

Lamar Nygaard

Old school burger and shake spot. This is the type of place we like to take our out of town guests! It has certainly made it's own feel and style. Haven't had a bad experience here yet!

W.C Fields

Needs air conditioning turned up.

Emily Castanias

Good food, convenient location, and great shakes!

Amy U

My nephew took us there while we were visiting. It's fantastic! The burgers we're great! The malts we're delicious and huge! And it was great to share a giant order of fries amongst the table. I love local places like this. I'd definitely go back.

Amy Robinson

Poor service!! My husband & I were seated and watch all three servers including the manager help other customers & clean tables. After 20 minutes of waiting, a server finally brought over two waters and said a different lady server would be with us. Meanwhile, she was taking an order from customers that came in after us. Not okay! I will not be coming back to Annie’s Parlour and I will let all of my friends know about this level of service we received.

Cynthia Williams

Service was spectacular, food was phenomenal.

Paula Harder

Great malts with lots of different flavors. Burgers are flavorful.

Russ LaPlante

Annie's Parlour has very good burger and fries. But their shakes really stand out as the best I've ever had. I like sitting in the main dining room or deck, purched over the U of MN campus. I highly recommend a visit!

Mike Trantow

Great food and shakes

Rita Vasquez

The Mill Shakes are the best.

Scott Mc Cullough

In town for a visit so we went to Annie’s Parlour late. Thank you for being open. Our server was very nice and friendly. I ordered a burger. I thought it was served hot and had good flavor. Our waitress suggested a basket of fries to save us $. Thanks. The burger was B+ but the fries were A+. We had fun. No TVs?

Daniel Dylla

The shakes here are absolutely great. The food is good but not better than other burger restaurants. The view from the outside seating is pretty good as well.

Tor Swanson

I seem to only write reviews for classic places or bad ones. Thankfully, Annie's remains classic as all get out. Burgers are still solid, shakes and malts excellent and huge. Love their fries, get a half order unless you are sharing with at least 20 other people.

Indy Andra

Ridiculously expensive for small burgers and over cooked fries. I hear the malts are good but they are so expensive, it is not worth it. Don't go here when there are so many better places to eat around dinkytown.

Diane .H

Annies has the best milkshakes and fries

Alex S

A classic. Fast greasy spoon service. Another MN tradition of simple maltshop food in the right place at 1990s prices and no pretense.

Anna ojalehto

Food is great, highly recommend getting the Riverside!

Gene Goldschmidt

If in Mpls you must stop in for the Malts and fries. The best!

Blu Mis

Six of us. All thought the burgers were good, not great (buns were great). Fries large order but way too greasy crisp and not potatoey enough. Malts fantastic. Cute server.

David Goebel

This place is still excellent after all of the years they have been in Dinkytown. Wide choices for food. Recommend the burgers and the fries. Great ambiance.

Ryan Kerch

That milkshake was fantastic. And that gave me way too much of it. But that's a good thing. Also had a great burger. Staff is super friendly.

Zakary Hughes

Great service, good malts. Went there with a number of friends however, and the 3 of us that had burgers all got food poisoning. Not entirely worth $20.

Dalton Uphoff

I've been here multiple times and both the service, and the food have been spectacular. I especially enjoy taking visitors from outside of the city here as there is an outdoor patio with a great view of downtown Minneapolis.

Michael Lucke

Good shakes and burgers. Get the fries, you won't be disappointed with the amount of fries you get

Natalie Steenrod

The food is always delicious! Be warned - they give you the entire malt container (equal to about 3 shakes), and a half serving of fries is plenty for two people! You will definitely order too much food the first time you go. But it's so good, you won't really mind!

Jerica George

Classic American burgers and milkshakes. They're fries are super crispy (which I love), their turkey burger was seasoned quite well and the hot fudge malt was amazing. I love this place and will be making frequent visits in the future!

Nicholas Willette

Good food for good price. Big malts and Huuugge fries

Robert Alberti

An institution, good service. Egg salad could be better. Restaurant could use a spruce up. Nice patio.

Kwang SY

Best known for their malted milkshakes. If you don't already know, you can mix up to 3 flavors. My personal favorite is Oreo + vanilla. =) I find the burgers average compared to other similar places, but I love the onion rings here. And their riverside dish is delicious! Its description is on top of the malted milk section. I realize not many people know that burgers, sandwiches or salads aren't their only meal options.

Patrick O'Brien

I have never been here and had always wanted to try it. I took my daughter and mother and took a seat on the patio. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed the burgers and malts. I was really thinking it would be better than it was, but it cam best be described as pretty standard diner style burgers and fries. Good, but have had much better.

Laura Burningham

This is the BEST place to eat on campus at the University of Minnesota! They have amazing burgers, fries (their fries are some of the best I've ever had and you get a ton of them!), and malts! They have a huge selection of food and I cannot praise this place enough. Due to its popularity, it can be a wait to eat. The staff are all friendly too which is great.

Caleigh Knight

Very good food. Hamburger was juicy but not pink. Fries come as a family side, which costs more but we had Just enough for the 3 of us with a half order. Chicken strips kind of plain, almost reminded me of chicken nuggets. Only difference is the breading here is more scattered instead of one piece like chicken nuggets from McDonald's. Everything else pretty too notch and exactly what you'd expect.

Stephen Duvick

If you're looking for a no frills hamburger place, this is it. Somewhat simplified menu with mostly burgers and sandwiches means they do those two things right. Huge side portions (a full order of fries serves 3 easily) and delicious burgers are well worth the trip. They even have some beer and wine options if that's your thing

Amy Jo Felling

Great food and shakes. Go with the half order of fries to share though. Orders are large.

Vika Arand

Love this place. It's usually really crowded but they get to you pretty fast. The food and shakes are amazing. I would definitely recommend splitting a shake with some one though because they are huge!

Emma Galligan

Annie's is our go to restaurant for burgers, fries, and shakes. Hands down my favorite fries anywhere. Shakes/malts are irresistible. Use to go here for for date night, now we bring the kids and they love it too.

John Ryan

Best burgers in DinkyTown.


If you're going to complain about how expensive a $5 burger is, stick to McDonald's... Even though that'll be the same price. If you're looking for a decent, inexpensive burger, this is the place to go.

Rob Miller

Great burgers and even better shakes and malts. There is something charming about the fact that the decor hasn't changed in the 30 years I have been going to Annie's Parlour. Good food and no surprises!

William Herrington

The malts really made it for me here. They had a great consistency; not too runny and not like concrete. The burgers were delicious and the when they gave you a full order of fries it was a FULL order of fries!

Grace O

Annie's is one of the finest establishments in Dinkytown. Come for the fries and chicken club sandwhich. Great meal, great price, great portion

Madison Chadwick

Ever wondered what the feeling of seeing your dog after a long day tastes like? An Annie’s malt, that’s what. Awesome food, with gluten free and vegetarian options. Gender neutral bathrooms as a plus. Staff was truly Minnesota Nice!

Amanda Müller

Went here on a weekend, and our order took so long (more than 30 minutes) that we were already preparing to leave when the burgers finally arrived. The burgers were small: good for the kids, but not for adults. Fries were so so. No reason to come back here when there are so many better places where to get a burger.

Linda Hart

Value (menu). ) & prices reasonable. Only the stairs are steep.

Nancy Shannon

Outside patio .. prices .. food selection

Jace Bresina

Cool atmosphere, just your normal basket food though, nothing unique there. Shakes and malts are legit!

Adam Achter

Fun little place, kind of a hidden gem. The people were friendly and attentive.

Steven Butler

The food is slightly above average but not great. Expensive for what you get. The fries portion size is very large, enough for about 3 people, but the burgers don't come with fries you have to order a side for at least $5. The milkshakes are big enough for 2, but they don't seem to use very high quality ice cream so it's about the same as what you'd make at home. The patio is kind of fun, but we got a small wobbly plastic picnic table to eat on. Ok overall, but not anything amazing. Probably not somewhere I'll go back to any time soon.

Becky Mahoney

Malts and fries, kids. This is the spot. Been coming here for malts and fries for 20 years, and they keep me coming back. The view of downtown is nice too. Be prepared for some bass thumping from the joint downstairs if you come on a Saturday night, though.

Tamara Ullmer

Yummy burgers in an interesting atmosphere

Dave Willette

Great Place to meet your friends or student. Causal atmosphere and decent food. Really like their malts and ice cream sundays.

Noah Franz

I ate here a couple of times in high school during visits to the University of Minnesota. The burgers and shakes/malts are wonderful. However, when I ate here with my family, my mother was not impressed with the Caesar Annie's salad. For $6, it was small, and adding chicken to the salad is another $5, which is absurd. I do know, however, that this restaurant is not necessarily known for salad and the claim to fame is burgers and malts. In terms of those items, Annie's does very well and has a good selection.

Emily Saumer

Great prices and a perfect location in Dinky Town. The malts are absolutely delicious and if you can't finish (since they serve alot), you can have a to go cup!

plum lover

It was not very clean and very run down there was no line but I waited 20 minutes for a malt. The malt was okay I guess.

Kristen Brisky

Based upon this last visit, we would never return. Absolutely terrible service, slow kitchen, and overcooked burgers, fries, and onion rings. The shift manager was inept at her job, never once stopped by to see if we needed anything after waiting for our food for an hour... Thankfully we've been to Annie's before and it wasn't this bad. Maybe you'll have better luck. Apparently 2 of their 4 Sunday evening servers didn't show up for their shift, it was a nice day, so their patio and main restaurant were almost full. Because they were understaffed our service was slow, our food took almost an hour (seriously), refills on drinks were never given, malts were never brought out, then when the food finally came (after we had to find the manager to request a status update) it was cold-ish and overcooked. Server completely avoided us (and all of her tables) since it was embarrassingly slow. Most of this could have been forgiven/been fine if the server OR manager had even bothered to stop by and say "hey...we're a little understaffed, just letting you know we're working on it and haven't forgotten about you..can we maybe get you a refill on your water?" but no...they left us to die. Very disappointing visit since we were all so excited to go try Annie's again.

scott mulcahy

Good food, enjoyable vibe. The shakes/malts and fries set them apart from other places. If you're in the neighborhood I highly recommend.

Callie Nimmo

Their fries are amazing! I’m not usually huge on fries but I could eat these all the time! Combine them with a delicious shake or malt and you are good to go! There are so many delicious flavors to choose from! The patio is also awesome if there is room, with a beautiful view of Minneapolis.

Jimmy Erickson

A classic for Minneapolis. I've been going here for a long time and I have never been let down. It's not "fast food" cheap, but it's not more than $13 to fill up.

Jason Wessel

Delicious food and great malts. Nice little American grease shop in Dinkytown.

Victoria Bayerl

Always delicious French fries and burgers, ice cream and shakes, handmade Cherry Cokes

Derek Nelson

Great shakes/malts and fries. I've always been a fan of dipping fries in malts and this is a great place to do that. The burgers are good, too. FYI, parking can be a challenge. Meter spots are often times full if going at a peak time.

Marcia Cooper

food but a long wait...we enjoyed ourselves

Bailee Lass

The food and the service are always great here. This is the go-to place to meet with friends for some great burgers, fries, and shakes. Wait times can be longer when it's peak hours or near graduation, but definitely worth the wait. Unfortunately, Annie's is not handicap accessible (2nd floor, stairs only).

Jack Hirschi

Wonderful food and excellent service. My date and I were seated and got our food within 15 minutes of arriving. That kind of service is not always found in this busy area. This is by far a perfect place for the local college students and any resident looking for a quality meal.

London Morse

Fantastic as always! Get a bacon cheeseburger and an Oreo malt for your order, you won't regret it.

Eli Schmelzer

Great place for a lunch or dinner. The food is amazing and very inexpensive. I would highly recommend it.

Annie Kathleen Thurston Pike

Wonderful service and good food.

Henry May

Great view from the patio.

Alicia Norton

Great food, and family friendly atmosphere with great service

Lisa Uttecht

I liked the outdoor seating. Burgers were good!

Rachel Walker

Been going here for years and years and their wonderful malts and menu items have maintained their good reputation! Fries are amazing as always! Staff are very nice and most are students. Service is relatively fast as well. My staple that I get every time is the chicken fingers from the kid's menu and it never disappoints me! Wonderful historical place to eat with its own unique charm!

Steve C

Great college restaurant that is close to the campus. Will definitely return and try some different food options. The staff was friendly and the service was superb.

James Kenney

Definitely good food, I enjoyed the fries most, the waitress forgot my malt so I had to stop and ask, but it was understandable seeing as an entire sports team was dining at the same time. I'd definitely go again.

Kevin Reed

Enjoyed the malt and great service

Tim Haugen

Awesome food next time will be trying a shake

Jeff Fellows

Perfect place for French fries dipped in a milkshake or a simple hot fudge sundae with banana. Sunny and cheery.

Jodi Carlson

The burgers and fries were excellent and so was the service

Jeffrey Peltier

Two of us each had a bacon cheeseburger, half order of fries and a malt. The food was excellent. The fries were the homemade style and were plentiful. We sat outside and selected our own table at the edge of the overlook. The atmosphere is very casual, almost too much so, to include generic tables and chairs, which is why there is 4 instead of 5 stars. The service was attentive and likely a student casually dressed. I look forward to having another meal in the future.

Johnny Garzon-Herrera

Annie’s Parlour is the best burger restaurant ever cause you can choose what burger you want and it has a great view of the Mississippi River.

is Mohammed

This place was wonderful I enjoyed it so much Especially the wild Blueberry Malted milk was great and the best.

Hibbs Family

Great food. Needs an elevator.

Debojeet Chatterjee

The Malts are extremely delicious and sweet!

Mary Mulbah

We went to Annie’s at 11:30pm after a concert around the corner. We had burgers, milkshakes fries and onion rings. The half order of fries is huuuge but we gobbled them is as they are so tasty. Not like fast food fries, really fresh and not too crispy. Milkshakes are a must and were all super tasty. We had strawberry, banana and peanut butter shakes. All around full bellies and smiles!

Khalid Abdl-Haleem

I have only ever had their sundays but those are amazing.

Xeeia K

Slow service and staff were not cleaning table quickly. Another point were not enough so might be the reason of slow service. Food quantity and quality both is good. if u like to sit on rooftop and enjoy food, than this is place is perfect. Evening mostly filled with students.

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