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824 W 98th St, Bloomington, MN 55420, United States Located in: Clover Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF 98 Pounds Buffet IN Minnesota

Mathew Wagner

Kind of small selection compared to some others. Good food, pretty good sushi. Not bad for the price. Only reason this is not 5 stars is the smaller selection of food.

Patrick malloy

Great food, sushi is good. a little expensive

Kevin S

Food taste OK but overpriced, nothing special.

Anna Zagaria

Great buffet with lots of meat and seafood options!

Cheryl Dilgard

.Excellent lunch choice! So good in fact I think I will be too full for dinner. They had a wide variety of fresh sushi that looked and tasted great. They had a lot of other traditional items on their buffet that you might find at many other buffets but everything looked fresh, full of meat and vegetables. They had traditional sesame balls, yummy. The fruit options were good too and they had vanilla and green tea ice cream...both a good choice.

Victoria Le

This is the worst buffet ever. My family and I are regular customers here. Therefore, we got to see how this buffet restaurant changes over time. We stopped by for dinner today, and literally there was no food for us to eat. Everything was almost empty, and they did not even try to fill the food up at all. I was waiting for some fresh salmon, there weren't none. I often got to eat sushi twice per visit in the past, but now for an hour long, there was nothing for me. The restaurant was damn hot. No seafood options. This is the first time ever that my family and I did not get to eat crawfish there because what they had in the tray already were the old ones like from days ago. This buffet restaurant is terrible. We will never go there ever again. Bye.

Angela Borho

Came in for the buffet at 8 PM and all the food tasted like it had been out for hours. Food was either warm, soggy, or stale. I would not recommend this restaurant after the busy hours. The $18 you’ll spend on the buffet will not be worth it. The jello and ice cream didn’t disappoint though.

William Cong

Not many options but sushi is very good.

Teh Hidden Hacker Ætlas

the cream cheese puffs were very good, clams, etc. Though the prices were high since I came with two other family members and the price was $49 for 3 people and the soda by the door when you come in, it didn't even have a sign if it was free or you had to pay, my brother came here a few times, thought it was free since he didn't know then an someone said it was $1 dollar but then he placed it back and started to cry because last time they said that he could only have 1 soda can. Thats the only thing I'm confused about, if the soda is $1 dollar or free for 1 one person.

Fernando Lino

Acceptable Chinese food for a little over $11 buffet.

Rachel Yahnke

Great food but very busy

Arthur Henningfield

Went during lunch, very fresh tasty selection of your common place chinese buffet items and sushi rolls. Servers topped off drinks consistent enough we never ran out with friendly service the entire visit. Best cream cheese wontons I've had at a buffet as they do not hold back on filling them! Will be eating here again!

Leslie Rowan

The air was broken it was very hot and food nothing to brag about!

Tammy Ross

My family and I enjoyed the large variety of foods. Something for everyone! My sons and I really wanted sushi and Japanese food, while my husband and daughter wanted Chinese food. We all enjoyed a variety of food and thought it was Good! We will go again. Thank you!

Jane Huggins

Friendly services, good food.

Kayla Cookie

Amazing sushi, not too expensive and by far the best buffet I've been to.

Braeden Morrow


Laura Pinske

Honestly 98 Pounds is the tastiest Chinese buffet I’ve had in the metro area. They have a great variety of dishes, including really fresh sushi

Kev P

Small amount of food available for the high price you need to pay. Chicken didn’t taste as good, every bite almost made me think I would get sick. It was quiet setting and comforting. But the food was a huge disappointment highly don’t recommend as a buffet of choice.

Anna Kovr

Food is good! Actually way better than I expected. Staff are friendly and very attentive!

Tyronne Johnson

Wasn't all that great.

Ling Ling

This is pretty good place to getting the sushi to eat but its only thing is they have kinda bad service the reason because I was said that just because when we are dining in for an Hour but No one coming to fill our water up that's kinda sucks

James Wallin

Very reasonably priced. Food is very fresh. Great selection of sushi and the likes. He k, great selection of food overall. The place is clean. Staff is very nice and on the ball. I'm going back.

Jess Breheim

Good food but really expensive. Paid $40 for 2 on Sunday. Better sushi buffets out there for that price

Nate Dog

The food is good But the service is very horrible I ordered pink lemonade and when she brought it there was soap in my lemonade. Plus they constantly stand and watch you the entire time

Missy Isles

Good food, friendly service. Really good sushi here, with a good variety. The Chinese section is also pretty good. It's usually pretty busy whenever we go here, but the service is still quick, and the buffet syas well-stocked.

Janis Conrad

Always great food and I especially love there green tea icecream my favorite.

Jessie Sheridan

Food was great. Clean. Friendly staff.

Erik Rapoport

$17.68 for an adult on a Sunday? That's NUTS. Food is on-par with most other buffets, not great but not bad. It would be nice if it were warmer. People are polite, but I can't get past the cold Seafood! Squid should be hot!!

Lyly Cutie

This place is really good

Tiffany Nelson

My 10yr old loves this restaurant! We go about once a month and it's always fantastic!

Leon Quin

Extreamly expensive for small buffet. Saint Paul great moon has much larger selection for cheaper price.

Michael Jensen

They must have new ownership because the last few times I've visited have been really underwhelming. Used to be my favorite spot in the late 90s/00s. Now not so much. Prices have gone up but the food hasn't improved...

felipe garcia

Very good selection for lunch buffet and sushi is pretty descent.

Nathan Garrett

Wonderful buffet with a huge variety of food. If you Love sushi and sea food this is the place to go

Philip Wels

Great food. Wonderful atmosphere. Service is fast and food is delicious. Great selection of Sushi and Chinese style dishes. Dumplings, fish, chicken, noodles, fruit. Will stop again.

Lay Keomanyvong

Pretty good selection of food

KG Thompson

This is a very nice buffet.

sue johnson

Okay but wish they had egg foo young

Lee Wiech

The food was tasty and the ambiance is very exceptional

Blake Lassahn

I quite enjoy visiting this restaurant with my dad because of the kindness of the employees/servers, as well as the variety of foods. They have most things from lo mein to fried rice, and even green tea ice cream! I also enjoy their wide variety of sushi and I make sure to get the sesame balls every time, as they are a favorite of mine. Overall, I would totally recommend the 98 Pounds Buffet to anyone looking to enjoy a nice buffet with a group of people, or just by yourself.


Despite the crazy name of this restaurant and being a buffet, it is definitely one of the better restaurants of this type in the area. Fairly clean and polite staff. A good value.

Tanya Kroontje

Loved the options here! Food was great, service was good. Exceptional buffet with many hot, cold and sushi options. Beverage was included in the fair price. It's in a strange location but I'm very glad we found it!

Carissa Villa

The only reason why I didn't give this place 1 star is for the good sushi and cheese pie. Everything else was either had dirt and feacal veins (the shell fish specifically) or had bones in it when the label said boneless. The sushi bar was good! The primary issue was one of my friends that I went with ended up with food poisoning due to improper treatment of the shrimp. I do not recommend this place, it is too expensive to have horrible food.

Jeremy Robinson

Not much to get excited about at the steam tables. Standard Asian buffet faire. Cheesy mussels were tasty and the fried shrimp was better than average with a lighter tempura style batter. But I came for the sushi and was not disappointed. Fresh and flavorful.

Hai Ngo

My parents love this place and a lot of their peers do too. There's all you can eat sushi and a buffet. For your typical Chinese Buffet in Minnesota, I would say it's better than average. They have green tea soft serve ice cream.

Kristina Bartlett

Friendly service. Great food. Clean. Best buffet we've had

Phoenix VanEyll-Gallagher

The food is good for a Asian buffet, pretty pricey for a family to eat, so make sure you go hungry!

Seth Downs

Overpriced given the quality and diversity of food unless you're just there for the crab.

Mini Package

Absolutely love coming here.

Cendy Estrada

Not that big selection but i really like the sushi and the food is really good. I really like the salmon and shrimp. Service goes they are very nice and polite I really appreciate them being so attentive. Is alittle more pricy than other places for dinner but is still good. I really like the sushi I wish they would make hot sushi also. The servers being so nice gives them the 5 stars. Not every place has good service.

Techie Panda

Shall DEFINITELY return to this restaurant! Delicious selection and variety of food from sushi to American Chinese! Loved it!!!

Joshua Jbryantjorgensen

Been eating here since 2008. Love it.

Tara H

Date of Visit: 4/30/2019 around 6:30PM - My husband appreciated the sushi bar. Since I do not like fish/seafood/sushi, the buffet felt rather limited compared with other asian-style buffets in the metro area. The outside of the restaurant looks a bit sketchy, however, it's very welcoming once you open the door.

Jennifer Kolter

Always good food and good selection

Jacob Lang

I went here for dinner. I was very disappointed with the food selection and quality for the $18 price. The food was either stale or cold. I could tell what I was eating had been sitting out for a few hours. On top of that, there was very little to choose from. I do not reccomend visiting this location.


I didn’t care for most of the food and there were hardly any desserts (5) and it saddens me that an asian restaurant could only make good american food. The food was cold and the fried shrimp just tasted like breading without the shrimp. But, besides that there were maybe three or four good asian dishes and a nice restaurant. The sushi I had was good and the Ice Cream was nice. I won’t be back for now but, possibly in the future.

Rolf Anderson

Expensive but worth it. Selection is average but that doesn't bother me too much since the quality is there. It's nice being able to load up on sushi while enjoying other items.

Tiffany Nguyen

This place is only 1 mile from my NailArtSalon, so I come here a lot of foods to go. The price is low & the sushi flavors really explode in your mouth. I'll post a review on my Instagram account at Kangen Water Panacea too & CuongUnlimted YouTube account also.

Sean VanMeveren

Not a fan at all. I normally am a huge Chinese food lover however this place the food was not good at all. The food that was supposed to be cold was like warm. I would not recommend. The service is good though.

Jelford Wade Jr

This place was disgusting the food was cold typically this place is pretty good but not today I got there right when they opened at 11:00 because I like having fresh food but the food was freaking cold and they were out of General Tso's chicken. ... that's the main reason why I go there is because of the General Tso's chicken...

Sadie Anne

I am a chinese buffet lover. So, lets begin. Pros: Good selection Lots of seafood They encourage not overtaking to allow quality Potstickers were bomb Green tea ice cream Moist towlette after meal Cons: Expensive Sushi was slimy Uncomfortably warm Food taste wise was meh For the price I'm not pleased with it

Pennie Bucilla

Expensive $19.95. Reasonable selection. Taste not as good as most other Chinese food restaurants. Nice atmosphere.

Hung Phung

Variety of foods to choose from Sushi to many dishes of Chinese cuisines.

Debarshi Mukherjee

Very nice buffet. Soooo many varieties of Chinese and Japanese food. Very nice behavior of the staffs. Good ambiance as well. Definitely recommend this place.

Joelle Torres

Terrible food! Way too expensive! General Tso chicken was undercooked. Butter shrimp was over cooked. Wait staff constantly monitoring how much food you put on your plate. Never coming back!

Howard Glad

Always more food than we can eat and it's all good. The best buffet selection of sushi and sashimi in the area. Many other hot seafood dishes, as well as traditional Chinese fare make for a delightful dining experience.

Dan Ramirez

Great buffet style foods, plenty of options to choose from. They offer sushi as well. You definitely get your money’s with eating here.

J Furey

Went there with a guest this past Friday, and OMG the food was even better than in the past. I had chicken wings, sushi, crab, fried rice, and the list goes on. They definitely nailed it. The wings were perfectly spiced, where in the past they've been a bit bland. The sushi was unbelievable, nearly perfect. What a wonderful experience overall. The staff if friendly, and I always enjoy my meal there.

Marie Lava

This was the worst food. The crab was dried out and wouldn't come out of the shell. The rest of the food was uninspired and dull. But the fresh strawberries and cherries were good.

Shaun Geyen

Large buffet. Food is good. Great variety. Service is ok. I come for the crawfish.

Jodi Soucek

Best buffet around! Nothing even comes close to the quality of their food. Definitely pricier but you get what you pay for.

Torch NightMoon

Their food there is great for family and friends

sueann moua

Best sushi

Ryan Lawson

This is the best Chinese buffet I’ve ever been to. The sushi is amazing for a buffet with a lot of options. A lot of non-sushi items as well. Food is always hot and stocked full. Not too salty or oily like many other places. The place is clean with a nice family atmosphere and is located a convenient location. Staff is always super friendly. It is, however, very strange and uncomfortable that the men’s bathroom door is always propped open, literally every visit. I have no complaints otherwise. It’s my go-to Chinese buffet and I hope they stay open.

Leng Chiev

Not much dishes to choose

thad grandt

1st time I saw crayfish @ a Chinese buffet and they where good.... decent selection but if you are into sushi they have many variations.... also well kept inside and tentative staff

Ryan Bandy

It's always a pleasant experience. Food is good. The staff is great. They make it a great experience.

Chrissy Von Itter

Always great service and great food at a good price.

Jason Kleist

Good food and really good sushi for a buffet

Lisa Miller

Good sushi!! Friendly staff!

Ryan Miller

I rate this place a 4 it. Was a decent buffet especially if you like seafood. it. Was clean...the service was ok no long wait times for drinks. The bathroom was clean. The parking is free. The place is right off the highway so that is a gift and a curse. Easy to .get to hard to .get out of . They could use more non sea food options. They also have sushi here. Worth a visit.

Song Hang

All you can eat sushi, gotta love that! Great price also.

Allen Knowles

I was very impressed with the amount of high quality options from seafood and sushi to rice and chicken. Friendly wait staff and just an 9verall good 0lace for coworkers to have lunch

Janis Bukstein

Great place for sushi all you can eat. and other food too.

ellen huang

My family and I are enjoy eating at 98 . Great food options. Steamed fish . Salted pepper shrimp . Potstickers . Green beans . Chicken broccoli and Seafood with vegetables. Were good . Sushi is fresh every time we go there .

Marisa Cochran

Food was delicious

Lauri Wald

Really good supper time sushi for the price. All the other food is hot and fresh. Will definitely go again!

JRob Zetelumen

It's on 98th street, and takeout is by the pound, so that's where the name came from. Other than a creative name, it's a standard Chinese buffet like any other. The soup selection is smaller (only 2 options) but they did make the hot and sour with more ingredients than normal, the deserts are slightly better than average, but the overall selection was not grand. Overall it was an average Chinese buffet, but I like Chinese buffets.

Cường Unlimited

The sushi flavor really exploded in my mouth, way more tastier than other sushi places.

Bud cool

The sushi tastes different than the kind you usually get in the sushi section of a grocery store. The selection of food is tiny. At least the employees are nice. It just needs a bigger food selection.

Nicole Anderson

Food was cold. Wasn't really a choice of chicken entrees and too expensive.


Their lunch time says 10-3:30. I went in at 3:16. They said it was $18 not $11 because it was dinner. I said the sign says 3:30. She answered, well its twelve minutes until dinner... I said, Yes I agree. Silence. Soooo... when did lunch end. Was I picked arbitrarily or was it the person behind me? Is it that lunch end = 3:30 minus how long it takes me to eat on average? Or a typical average american? How do I find my average meal time? Does it span over my life, or just when I became this size plus or minus some other variable?! How did she know how long it takes people to eat? Either the sign should read, lunch 10-3:30 minus the time the person standing podium wants and feels like. You may or may not be charged any amount of time before 3:30 for dinner. But I guess all that couldn't fit on the sign.



Roger Wogan

Lots of food to choose from. And fresh

Ty Thompson

Good selection. Very attentive server with delightful outgoing personality.

Princess Consta

It was great! I was just there during the lunch rush. It is stressful at the lunch rush.

Kevin Avila

Horrible place. Worst $18 spent save your money. for our future generation.

Leah Morgan

Went here with my husband to eat dinner and had to leave. I have a shellfish allergy and they informed me when we asked that nothing was safe for me. Disappointing as it smells great and all the food looked really good. My husband had been previously and stated that the food was good also. Too bad they couldn't keep it from cross contamination as I would have liked to try it out!

Mike Oliver

Yummy all you can eat sushi and crawfish.

Marlon Rott

Always a good place to go for variety

pragnan sudom

They have best in class sea food items. We came here to grab lubch duffer for $11.99 but they had only Dinner buffer since its past lunch time and it costed $20 or so. Initially I thought it was a bit high price limit but then it is worth it. Just to name a few they had oysters, squid, clams, quill, butter shrimp, craw fish and many more. Food tasted great! I liked the way service is done

Darken Haloz

Good food but expensive for what they had out for a buffet. Given a choice i would go to China Moon over in St Louis Park area. And why 98lbs? Its a nice place don't get me wrong but felt a little out of place when we went in. Lots of what appeared to be family or friends and they all looked at us like a Quinton Tarantino film scene. Strange but not enough to deter me from the buffet. Lol anyway...good food but too $$ for the options.

Sam Park

Not friendly or kind cashier/receptionist. Pretty expensive buffet $$$15.38 before tax in weekday~~~~ No crab leg, no oyster -----. Poor quality food, cheap small crawfish and shrimp, taste either. I'd rather go the others.

Johanna Knowles

One of the better Chinese buffets in the metro area. A decent variety of food and generally good service. Can be a hit or miss some days but typically it is good!


Good food decent price friendly staff. Waitress's are on top of their game. Refill drinks and clear plates off tables fast and friendly as well. Our server was pleasant and very knowledgable about the food

Samuel Desir

It is amazing food and great service. It has a amazing sushi bar.

Lorraine Eggan

Everything was great. Service was very good. Always like it there.

John Swanson

LOVE the food there! So very yummy. A favorite place of mine to eat.

Nathan Robey

I have to say this is by far the worst Chinese food we have eaten. My wife and I sought out this place for the variety of food including sushi. The staff was polite but not a very quick work ethic for refilling food that was empty out getting us or drinks. The sushi was awful. It was warm and smelled. There was also very little variety in the salad bar and the other parts of the buffet. This place is not worth the drive or the $45.00 for 2. We will be looking for another place in the future.

Semih Ayhan

This buffet had been open for a long time. Its location is very convenient. Their sushis are average. Noddles are little greasy. They usually have good selection but I am starting to realize that their days are not consistent. You might not find the same food on your second visit. Their staff is friendly. Prices are average. It is more expensive on weekends.

Benjamin Mauser

Went for dinner with my brother and my youngest 2 children. Was good as it normally is. There was no wait but it was a little bit busy, the good thing about that is the food was very fresh.

Laura Fogelstrom

Usually really great service and food. Today was really warm inside..

Sara Arndt

I heard this place was amazing and cheap. Food was really good, but Ive had better. The sushi however was amazing. Price wise..this place is not cheap. Based on price the food wasn't worth it nor the drive.

Soumen Choudhury

Good quality food with less price.

Adrianna Lonick

My boyfriend loves going here, however I am a vegetarian and find myself without many options. If there was a mixed vegetable without meat or a vegetarian sushi roll for options that would make all the difference. Otherwise the only option for vegetarian a main dish is lo mein.

Jennifer Barrera

Awesome selection on Buffet Food! Darn good sushi!


We like going here, it is our favorite local chinese buffet.

Teacher Sarah

We witnessed one of the managers yelling at an employee for some reason in front of customers. It was late in the night and close to closing. It was clear they didn’t want us there anymore. Only a couple menu items I liked. Good fried rice. Moldy strawberries. Decent sushi.

Doan Ngan

Good dishes.

Michael Bauer

Great food and a great value. They have an awesome selection of sushi.

Bryan Folstad

It’s a typical Asian buffet. The food is good. I thought it was slightly overpriced.

Eric Turlington

Good food and friendly staff! Reasonably priced.

Kássia Felix

I loved their buffet

Anisa Alun

I like the sushi selection here. it's very decent for an All-you-can-eat buffet. I don't like to go during the weekends because the price is higher and it's more crowded

jamie larson

So delicious!

Triet Nguyen

$17 Monday night seafood + sushi buffet. Worth the money.

Melissa Pina

I prefer dining here on Saturdays and Sunday's they have a a better seafood selection on the buffet as opposed to reagular week days.

Terry Patrick

Never disappointed in food or fresh sushi. Large tables and booths..perfect for kids. Dessert bar. Tasty food. Prices did go up. Parking lot easy. Just off if 35W and a favorite of ours

Paja Yang

First time here and most likely will not return. Only stopped by cause it was the closest buffet & it was getting late. Not many variety of dishes to choose from, especially with the price of ~$19 per adult. Food itself tastes mediocre. Setting was very small with dim lighting. My family & I were seated in the middle with 2 different families on each side of us. The 2 familes that sat close to us, constantly stared at us which made it uncomfortable & annoying to eat. Waitress was nice though. Overall, it's not really worth the price.

Justin Merritt

And upgraded version of the standard Chinese buffet restaurant. A much better sushi bar than most places. Fresh food, good service, and boisterous atmosphere. Recommended.

Ty Ejiogu

I only give it 3 stars cause its like every other buffet. Except the crabs are too small. Especially with 2 people dining on a sunday and price being $39. Way too expensive.

Penny LaBore

The shrimp is awesome here I love them all garlic butter shrimp, coconut shrimp, popcorn shrimp. The food is fresh and hot already. They have their souls, rice, veggies, lots of fruit, ice cream and cookies, sushi made fresh. Endless beverages. Great place and great service!! We already enjoy going here.

Shawn Vradenburg

This is to be my favorite Chinese place but something changed, no longer crab legs on the weekends. Used to be a 5 star place, now still good Chinese place just not elite

Janet Wambold

Name change. It's called Tokyo 23 now. It's hit or miss. Sometimes it's amazing. Sometimes it's just ok. But it has never been really bad.

Alex Mueller

Went in for lunch buffet. Food was good, good variety.

James Billington

Absolutely delicious. Came around at 12:00 and everything was better than my expectations.

Kelly Sherburne

Delicious all-you-can-eat sushi at a great price. The chefs mix it up so there is often something new to try. The Chinese food is great and there is a lot to choose from!

Dean Wolff

Good selection!

Chet McBride

Very disappointed with this restaurant. Food was very sub par at best. Wait staff was nice but could not out shine the bad food or cleanliness of the restaurant

Brooke Heesch

Yummy food but a bit pricey I think it’s over $14 for an adult with a drink. But if you come in past 9 they’ll give you like 10% off.

norma laredo

Very delicious food and loved the sushi. I will definitely go again when visiting Minnesota

Matthaios Ghanim

Sushi is good. The Buffett is just boiled sea food. Not very interesting.

Paul Mattfield

Outstanding food!! One of the best buffets in the twin cities area!!!

Tiffanie Warren

My family and I were in visiting family and my brother had recommended this place to eat. My kids really loved the options on the buffet and I did as well. They were very accommodating for out large group of about 20 people. I do believe their price was a bit high for a buffet price, and their oysters had someone hovering them constantly to pass them out.

Robin Kutz

What a great place to eat! Tons of yummy choices, and friendly, tidy service. I will come back!

Mai Yang

Love the crawfish there but this time the sushi were off!

Alex Stenberg

Decent food, very expensive. Wasn't very fresh though.

hyun kim

Terrible service and terrible food. Food was cold and dry. Food seemed like coming out of refrigerator. The manager said that cold air from outside cooled down the food temperature. Ridiculous. They should not have business during winter time in Minnesota.

Joshua Danzl

This place is horrible. Very small selection for the price you have to pay on Sundays. A lot of dishes were flavorless or tasted weird. I sampled a bit of everything. The table I sat at was sticky which means disgusting. The staff is rude as in they walk in front of you without uttering "excuse me". Overall a disheartening experience and will not be returning.....ever.

Joseph Lindberg

Food was decent but had obviously been on the line for a very long time as it was all dry and much of it was cold; which I found surprising considering that we were there for dinnertime. The sushi had very little flavor and was a letdown. Not worth the $16.

Payton Michaels

They call it 98 Pounds for good reason! The buffet was very reasonably priced and the food was fantastic. The wait staff was very attentive and friendly. The only thing that could have been better is the sushi, but hey, it’s buffet sushi.

Joel Coffino

There nothing unique about this buffet place

Zachary Bohlman

I end up at 98 about once a month. The food is a consistent quality and usually pretty good. The staff are always friendly and attentive to getting drinks filled and food restocked at the buffet. Their lunch punch card makes it a good value as well.

Jacob Staples

98 pounds rocks! Sushi and Chinese buffet! Great food, clean facility, and friendly staff.

Laurencio Ronquillo

Actually good value nice service place. Nothing major to write home in terms of dishes offered. Overall good quick chinese buffet restaurant with easy parking and convenient off highway.

Grant Nelson

Best buffet in the area!

Rick Jones

It offers a great variety of food along with a nice sushi/California roll offering. But, my favorite is the green tea ice cream.

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