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Good food. Great atmosphere. Girls dress sexy so keep that in mind

Shamira Murray

First time trying. Will definitly try again. The sauteed veggies were a pleasant surprise because I loathe boiled vegetables. The set up was really nice inside, although I picked my order up from the bar. Will be going back soon for a proper sit down visit

Brittany Washington

Our food was good the staff was accommodating and kind

Ka'Trenna Jones

The Beer Tastes Great at 29°, awesome staff and great service!

Dominic Rosa

The food is pretty good, but it is fairly pricy for the type of food you get. Beer was good. Bartender was kind of rude/ seemed kinda zoned out (which is understandable, seeing the type of establishment this is)

Jeanine Miller

Food is good. Service is hit or miss. Sometimes waitstaff is on the ball, and other times you get food brought out cold and you are sitting with an empty glass for a while.

Ramiro Diaz

Great food and cold beer and awesome service

Carllitta Jackson

Food and people were lovely. Great atmosphere. Went for lunch.

Nikki Sokolik

Best chicken and waffles ever customer service is superb never have to aak for refills

Tony Jackson

Yes hot waitresses.the food was good and drinks were great.royalty from my daughter and son-n-law..Thank yall.

Joe Smith

Had millionaires bacon and it was delicious and had the millionaires hamburger. Also very delicious with sweet potato fries. Also love the scenery.

Steve DeGregorio

Good place.. lots of options..

john turner

Great food great staff. Havent had a bad experience

Elliot King

Food was good but I noticed there is a lot less steak on the nachos. Waitress was also very stuck up. Being very personable with most of the other customers except for me. Stuck up waitresses do not make for a great experience.

Andrew Neubecker

First visit. We will go back!

Arun Babu

Wonderful eatery. We went in for a late night fare. The server took good care of us. The place is nice for a couple hangout or to be with friends. Food was good, though most wow! Loved the ambiance and would like to go again.

kayla bradford

This place sucked tonight. We came in with a baby. They had 10 seats open and available and said they wouldn’t seat us bc they were backed up in the kitchen. We asked if we could be seated and order drinks and wait to order food, and they said no. Waited probably 40 minutes just to be told again that we had to wait another 20 minutes. We asked again if we could be seated and told them we wouldn’t order. By this time 20 people left. The lady said I’ll go ask my manager, went back and was talking to a group of the girls and came back to say no. If I could give this place zero stars I would. Sorry to say but a group of waitresses aren’t the manager.

Shelley Szabo

Food quality definitely went down.So not what it used to be.

Tony Mo

Not to bad. Burger wasn't the greatest but, wait staff was awesome. Never had to wait for a beer. A lot of TVs. But why show a reply of out of town nfl games when live Football is on. Makes no sense.

george bowman

The place is very clean and the waitresses are awesome. Especially the one which is the one we always go to whose name is Kiara. The food is very good and they make sure it's made the way that you like it. And if you yet the right drink it will definitely give you a buzz. I've gone numerous times and I will definitely return in a future.

James Thomas

I'd give them more stars if I was just reviewing the great food and service. The extra cold beer is great too. But the day I was there was loungera day and the waitresses looked silly. Also what bugs me about the place is the stupidly too small 10 oz. "girls" beer and the giant size "mans" beer. No choices in between. Also what's up with "sit to pee" and "stand to pee" on the restroom doors? Maybe in this chains Texas headquarters this is amusing, but it's really just stupid and demeaning. Oh well I guess everthing is bigger in Texas, including insipid adolescent humor. Ha-yuk ha-yuk.

Arthur Christofilis

Girls here are brain dead. Went to rest room took my drink and then wanted to charge me for full drink

Larry Willis

Cold beer, good food and good service

Ken Huguley

Good food.... ice cold beer.... friendly service!

Ashley Rhodes

Twin Peak never fails on its beer and food. The food is always slappin'. And the beer is always cold. They could use a larger selection of Michigan made beers and beers on draft.

Brian Trumper

Very cold beer and lots to look at. Love this place

Randy Le.

Great food menu. Of course great sites as well!


The food was really really great. Hostess and Waitresses were on thier game. Atmosphere was all of the TVs with games on was awesome. Waitresses are stunning. I was stuffed on great food. I'm going back.

Nicholas Braatz

Great staff, food is good, and naked wings are on point. Moms Pot roast is amazing. Service is fast. Only reason why they don't get five stars is because the breaded wings were saturated with fry oil. I believe this happens when the fry oil is not hot enough. Happened to me twice. I don't get the breaded wings anymore but that won't keep me from coming back.

Tanika Taylor

Love the New look and fire pits

Thomas Barker

Decent restaurant. Staff is nice but food wasn't thats good. Fries were cold wings went done fully

Lisa Mikle

Great food and excellent service!

Tammy Woods

One of my fav cheeseburgers around. The bar staff always pleasant along w friendly managers. Great atmosphere


Was not aware before we got there that the "scenic views" were more of a hooters style establishment than actual decor. But our server, jessica, was super sweet & very efficient. Now it's a bit pricey, but please be aware that the portions are worth it-they're very big. The chicken nachos were amazing.

Thomas Rondeau

Great place for football and food and beer. The staff is nice. Highly recommend.


The food here is delicious! The beer is so cold that the froth freezes it's like an adult butter beer. It's amazing! As long it's not a holiday week the outfits that the girls wear are not that bad. Food comes out quick. Great place

S Ransom

Excellent customer service!!!

Bryon Weise

Good food and "views"

Michael Taillard

Treatment of the employees aside, the food is mediocre, expensive, and fattening. The best reason to go is for the beer and sporting events, but then you sit there and see how the servers are treated by managers. Would not go again.

Daniel Smelker-Cheeseman

I gave them 4 stars because the new Nashville Spicy Buffalo Chicken sandwich was really good. It was also nice that the beer was super cold. Which makes me happy because even though the girls were all nice and pretty. A nice ass and a popping set of boobies only takes you so far when you're hungry. With that the ladies were great and I thank you for taking good care of me.

Dakota Rigsby

I just ate here with my boyfriend & bother. My waitress Katie was the sweetest ever. Also highly recommend this place, great food. The wings are to die for.

Dfree Dfree

To much salt on the food other then that its cool... Went to other locations and the result was the same with the food.

Lindsey Diroff

Wings are huge and delicious! Beer is really cold! Love it!

Karl Schulman

Good food. Large menu. Super cold beer. Friendly waitresses.

Mildred Yancy

The atmosphere was a lot different than what I but the food was fantastic

Jeremy Moses

Zero thai foodz, great cubes

The Roarks

Food is so good! Service is even better.

Roc Maefield

Good Food . Nice waitresses

James Davey

Good service and our lunch was up fast. Steak nachos are huge and delicious. Can't beat 27 degree beers

Greg Graham

Admittedly, one does not go to Twin Peaks for the food, but still, you should be able to get a good meal while you're ogling the help. The menu is sparse, at least for lunch. I suspect there are more beers on the menu than there are food choices. The fish tacos I ordered we're okay, but I suspect that the fish we're microwaved rather than fresh fish fried on site. The people I was with said the food was okay, but no one said it was good. I guess I would recommend this place if you're looking for a place to have a beer, watch the game, and enjoy the wait staff. If you want really good food, there are better places in the area.

Gary Gusler

Over priced, food mediocre. staff overrated and my waitress was surely on Adderall. Just shut up and take my order, I don’t need your life story.

Ernesto Chavarria gomez

Sweet place to have drinks and watch sports.. especially the girls. Service is quick and for the entire family.

Chris Rain Man

Food was good the girls r better

Terie Bacalia

Loved my food and my service was awesome! Great experience and will recommend you to others.

David E. Heino

I've been there 4 times and always get the Grilled and Smoked Wings. With the sauce on the side. They are so good naked they dont need sauce. Also the Chips and Queso and Salsa are great. My next trip I'm getting the Southern Friend Chicken Sandwich. My co-worker ordered that and it looked really good as well. Probably not as messy as the Chicken wings. And they have THE Coldest Beer I've ever had outside of leaving your Beer outdoors during the Winter. And the Waitress outfits are really nice to


When it 1st open it was good,but the location is a literal black hole. Every restaurant that opens on that corner has failed, and judging by the last couple of times I've been to twin peaks it will be no different

Rob Franks

Food was good. Service was excellent!

Winter Reverie

Before I begin, let me give a standing ovation to my server Paige for being one of the most amazing ladies ever! She recommended the lemon peppers fries and they were good!. She complimented the Korean and the Thai Chili wings choices and I think I have found my go-to-meal whenever I go to Twin Peaks. (She ever brought me two glasses of water to help with the kick of the wings!) Twin Peaks is wonderful establishment filled with a beautiful women and mouth-watering food. I still have to explore the menu but my choices in the wings and the mozzarella bites were DA BOMB! Literally, my mouth was burning for awhile but it was good burn. Don't wait. Check this place out and if you are lucky enough to Paige as a server, I can assure you, she is going to take care of you!

Marcia Bushell

The coldest beer in town. That's true! Food was great and so was the staff.


This place is Boss! Waitresses we're all very friendly and food was great. Black Friday was top shelf!

Walter Howell

The food was awesome! The waitresses are hot! The beer was ice cold. Great place...

Michael Lightbody

I love 29 degree beer and the food is good. Oh... And then there is the attractive wait staff.

Nelson Beltran

Best place to watch UFC, Football, Baseball or Nascar! Great Cheeseburgers!

manish patel

Good food ...cold beer.....what else do you need

Max Kell

Been here two times and the food is really good. The blackened trout is the best trout I’ve ever had.

Barbara Lynn Kalvans

Beers are chilled and they have quite a variety . food is unique, quality stuff. I have never had a bad meal there. A little pricey so it's hard to get my husband to go often

Raymond Henderson

The food was great and service was even better.

Patty B

We are out of towners and happened upon here for late night food after a wedding on Memorial weekend. We were on our way to another restaurant when we passed Twin Peaks and decided to turn around and go back. So glad we did! The food and service was amazing! Have to admit that they were not busy 10pm on a Sunday, but Paige J was attentive, personable, and made great suggestions on the menu. The blonde bean & bacon soup was to die for! The billionaire bacon burger was delish! The bacon had a nice glaze on it, and it was so good that they should turn just the bacon into some type of appetizer. I'm not a french fry person, but even I could have eaten a whole plate of their fries. Cooked perfectly with a nice crunch and just enough seasoning to give it a slight kick. Everything paired well with their ice cold beer. The manager Steve spent time with us giving us information on the chain and about their made from scratch food menu. For those of you who would bypass this restaurant because of the "Hooters" style, you would be missing out on some amazing food. I am a woman in my 50's and will be seeking out this chain anytime I travel since they don't have a location in my state. The food and service is that terrific!

Morgan Elizabeth

Boyfriend and I went in while it was dead. The menu had some interesting things on it and I wanted to try a new place, we didn't get the sign that said with a view or the "twin peaks" so that made for an awkward entrance. It's a Texan style hooters but classier (for 3pm on a wednesday). Our waitress was obviously trying to not look at my boyfriend at all and talked to me the entire time (I get it, but we have a sense of humor and told her our surprise which she said she noticed when we walked in and we all laughed). The decor is outdoorsy and there is outdoor seating. The girls are dressed to show off their bodies. The beer is advertised as 29 degrees and the waitress told us they worked with At Water and had beers other places didn't (we weren't drinking though this would be a great place to get a beer). I tried the fish tacos (haha) and ordered the fried pickles too (just for my bf..actually I love fried pickles but still) and he had the boneless wings. The fish tacos had literally a sliver of fish each, would have been really good if they had more fish in them and they came with a temp hot unique style salsa with fresh tortilla chips. The fried pickles come chip style and were tasty. The wings were awesome (and our waitress told us that they were) they are made in house, never frozen and delicious. Did feel a tad bit rushed in the beginning but may actually go back there if we have a guy friend in town for the beer and wings and atmosphere. Nothing personal!

David Torok

It is what it is. Yes, the uniforms here for the servers are on the small side, and somewhat revealing. There's are always many beautiful women walking around waiting on tables. The clientele is 85% guys. So be aware of the ambience. That being said. Their food is delicious! The kitchen staff and management take pride in what they serve. I've had several items from the menu, and I've never been disappointed with a selection. Great job on the food. And the beer really is as cold as they claim.

Alan Luckwald

Good food and friendly staff. Semi-risque uniforms for hostesses and waitresses make it not-so-family-friendly.

mixed admonition

First timer . Met up with co-workers . Place was jumping ,great environment, our waitress forgot her name but she was beyond on point didn't skip a beat ,and was attentive to my beer making sure I wasn't empty in between the crazy packed place. Will definitely will be back

Christopher Bay

Good service, food and beer.

Greg Wutzke

Came in with 1/2 a hockey team, it was not busy and they appeared to be fully staffed. They couldn't have been more indifferent about our group, timing of anything, or logistics (which we were trying to help them with) ended up bussing our own tables, going to the bar for beverages, and a handful of meals were 75 minutes + for delivery, 30+ for 2 lemonades. Not sure if it was just a bad day for them but that was certainly our experience. On the plus side, the food was good according to most, but then again, we were starving. TP, ya done screwed up.

Vilmos Dery

The place is really nice and the service was great. I has the trout which was very delicious. I recommend this place if you want to hang out and have a couple beers. Prices are okay as well.


The fish and chips and mozzarella bites were very tasty. Nice service from the waitress. I would recommend this place

Patricia Petty

I love this place they are so friendly and don't mind if you bring your CHILDREN with you

Luna Marin

Went to have a quick drink and the bartender was drunk and incoherent. Bartop was sticky and dirty, slow service for not being busy at all.

Barbara Barbara

Was there for family Birthday. Food was good n staff was very nice. Took long time for everyone to get food

Eli Easterling

Bacon appetizer is great.

Dawn Yarrington

Obviously, the BEST beer around. Food is great too!!

Goddess Amaterasu

Love the food and the wait staff!

Brian Kendall

Stopped in a couple of times and had Britney and Gabriella as our servers. Out standing food and even better service. If you haven't been down here to check the place out, I highly recommend it.

Anthony Kurdunowicz

The first time I went there service was great I went right after it opened. I liked the lumber jack outfits. Now the girls wear trashy redneck outfits with short shorts and t shirts. I got service from Bambi who was in training. Took 15 minutes after being seated to take our drink order. Then another 10 to get our drinks. I had to wait a long time for everything. If someone is in training they need to be supported. I was watching the other tables and I noticed only one of the staff members was attentive. It was a girl with straight red hair. I feel like they borrowed the A team for the opening, Then never attempted to train a new team. Food was great. They need to fix their service.

Hailey Skicko

Decently impressed. Ordered the buffalo tacos that were great but did get a piece of plastic in my food but the manager came by and offered to make fresh ones & I accepted. Our server was super friendly and was overall a good time. Maybe next time the cook could be more careful then I’ll increase my star rating.

Sandy Jones

Food was good. I didn't like how little the servers were wearing.

Jorge Martinez

Great service and attention if the personnel . Much better than the other in the Detroit area


Meal was good....service was good, just really really slow.... specially for not being very busy...might try again and see if it's any better.

Nate The Great

I absolutely love this place! It was the 1st time I'd gone there and when I walked in, I liked it immediately! The waitresses were nice, hospitable, and they looked awesome! I'm definitely going back there again and again!

Angela Barnes

Super good food and friendly staff! The wings are great. Burgers are good and so is the Philly sandwich.

Audrey Porter

The food was great, as usual. I loved the steak salad. However, we sat outside, and did not get very good table service. (Meaning we waited a very long time for drinks, refills/more drinks, our food, the bill, etc.) The place was clean, the food was good, and the price was fair. I guess sit indoors if you want better service, it was just too loud for us inside.

Tia Thames

Nice place, the ambiance is good food, good drinks and lots of sports. The menu is great. I've enjoyed the food on each visit.

Harold Wright

Grate service amazing food and cold beer

Steve Sparkes

Third visit. Fish-chips were great,Octoberfest was ice cold ! Have yet to be disappointed.

goodguy doll

Great food and service one of the best places to eat and chill that i have been to downriver yet.

Stephanie Ruddy

Great food and friendly service.

Greg Konchal

Great food, beers, and friendly staff

jose ferrer

Nice place for drinks and some Grubs..lots of scenic views

Dawn Weeks

I would rather go to Wheat and Rye. They are actually family friendly and the service as well as the food is better. I also noticed your prices are not listed online. I rather patronize places that are upfront and have nothing to hide. I will recommend Wheat and Rye to friends and family.

Daniel Camacho

Gabby! She was great. Good food and service. Check it out the beer is so cold!

Dan M

Great food amazing service and the place is awesome inside.

Robert Ybarra

Imagine Hooters with good food and better looking women.

Ray Slumpff

A sandwich, fries, one beer and appropriate tip came to $20. Service was really very good. Food was very good also.

Jim Peterson

At the bar, before the game. Lulu suggested the chicken and potatoes dish that was the bomb. The house blonde beer is very good.. It is a great place for cold beer and a man's meal.

Kevin Leciejewski

The barmaids were not only very knowledgeable but we're also very friendly and kind! I had never been here before and they walked me through the paces and I had the most delicious ribeye! Thanks for the assistance tonight! I did tip them well! Over 20%

calvin Hinton

Great food. No problems at all. Friendly staff

Sara Willams

It was our first time stopping in and me and my friends thought the food and atmosphere was great! Our servers name tag said in training but she did out standing... she was very polite and attentive to us the whole visit. i think she said her name was Jessica! I had the spicy garlic wings and i didn’t regret it. All the staff was very kind and welcoming and over all an amazing time while i was there.

H. G.

3 stars because menu is very limited and pricey. Also, portions were small for the price. But quality of food was very good and the waitress was okay.

Kevin H

Great food, even better staff. You can get in, get a table and eat in a reasonable amount of time.

Quintin Green

Pretty waitresses doesent mean great service is what i thought to myself while leaving the very underrated twin peaks establishment in southgate. I sat at the bar and a young lady hesitantly approached me to take my order, she asked if i needed a food menu and i said yes and i ordered a beer. She then walked away and didn't return for quite some time. Durring that time she promptly served a party of two and immediately entered their order in right away. By this time i finished my beer and waiting to see if she is gonna realize that and see if i wanted another , she instead continued to walk pass and engage another customer. After about 8 or 9 minutes i finaly had to waive her over. She reluctantly took my order and and then vanishes which brings me to the second half of my horrible experience. My food arrives which was a very basic cheese burger and fries. And it was very undercooked which is not the way i would have ordered had the waitress stayed and actually took the time to get my order correctly. She never asked me how did i want that cooked. So after about 2 bites and another 10 minutes, Waitress number 2 comes up and asked "hows everything?" i said honestly the burger is a little too pink for my taste she has it remade and apologizes for the wait and my food. Some guy that works comes up and asked"are you the remake" i said yep and i then took my order to go. This was my fist time here and probably the last. The whole experience was very underrated and it made me feel like unwelcomed guest that didnt deserve to be there. I will not return.

Brian Brown

Excellent food, prices and scenery!

Gebo's Garage

The beer was running through the tap at 29 Degrees per the visible thermometer on display. It was my first time here - I liked it. Friendly staff and a clean place to enjoy time with friends at a table, in a booth or setting at the bar.

Daniel Muston

Very poor service. Girl's are good looking and all that for sure, just bad service. They stand around and talk to the other waitresses and you can't get another beer out of them there so busy chatting

Jake Bezaire

I didn't know anything about this place when I was brought here. I got some type of burger here and it was amazing. Super good burger, good fries. Thing is I also had my kid with me. My kid is very picky. There are no tacos (just buffalo chicken tacos), no frozen margaritas (no alcohol), or onion rings... All the things she wanted and I figured why wouldn't they have these basic things? This is a place to have wings with the guys, maybe not bring you ladies. The outfits are revealing. Hahahaha

Willie Carter

Great, food good as always, and servers was fun and nice

Robert Newman

Nice bar, lot's of TV's, cold drinks and food. Almost a sports bar. Good looking help also.

Tom Medsker

This is a nice place. The beer is cold and reasonably priced. The waitresses are dressed like lumberjacks in tiny plaid shirts.

Kelly Bellz

My server was horrible, maybe if she focused more on my drink refill instead of being thirsty for my date we would have got better service. Do not sit in Lexies section if you want good service. will not be back

D Marm

Great beer selection. Better than average food. Worth a try for sure.

Nick Strong

Despite the general theme of the restaurant, while my FIL are there there's always families and couples coming in to enjoy the freezing beer and great pub fare. The servers will sorta chat you up at the table, but don't think "Hooters" when I say that. They keep it tasteful.

Timothy McCartney

Good food. Service wasn't terrible, just a slow day.

Michael Ferguson

Food was very good. Service was friendly and outstanding! Prices were very reasonable!

Latina Sanders

Good food and drinks and nice view with friendly staff!

Samantha Samuels

Who doesn't love twin peaks?!? Destinee is the best waitress ever!!!

Andrew Pek

Amazing food ice cold beer and beautiful women

K. Johnson

Had a pulled pork sandwich that was truly terrible. Grease running off, pooling on the tray. The "slaw" they put on the sandwich had huge chucks of cabbage too.

Derek Johnson

totally enjoyed my night service eas grest food excellent

Mr Steve

Always empty when i go there. Good food. cold beer

Rex Tyler

Very friendly servers and good food choices

kelly andrzyczak

Had to send my burger back twice because it wasn't cooked enough. Fried pickles were amazing though. The waitress was really friendly and helpful. The place was very clean.

Lewis Parker

Surprising the food was incredible no complaints

Shanae Moore

Very nice atmosphere. Delicious food

Brett Helton

Excellent food and beautiful young waitress Cierra was very nice

Robin Davis

Great atmosphere. Great variety of food

Lisa Lass

I love this place. The food is great and the service is just as great.


First time visit...met with some guys from work to watch Mi. Basketball game..good food and great back again

Jim Newransky

Great selection of craft beer


Food is always delicious and the staff is always kind. The staff recognizes me for going so much! They always make a point to say hello. I would recommend.

Aaron Dawson

Terrible food and overpriced booze. Won't be back.

Mikey Mcmikey

Great beer great food great service! Nice environment real cozy plenty of TVs to watch sports. Server was very helpful with the menu and there were plenty of beers on tap which is what I loved the most. I tried their own house brew and it tasted great! Dirty blonde and Knotty brunette hahaha! Definitely coming back

Amy Cubberly

Not real impressed. The hostess/server was NOT friendly at all, until she realized the HUGE GROUP that was joining us. Then her attitude changed, but... too late. I am a restaurant manager, I know what the baditude was all about, then she saw $$ signs when my party arrived. As I said.. TOO LATE! I would go back but I would refuse her as a server

Gary Samons

Great staff. Friendly servers. Good menu.

Skippy Nagy

Better than Hooters and B-Dubs!

Timothy Tower II

Everything there was great except the drunk guy (at 2pm on a Sunday at the bar) and... girlfriend. The food was about as great aw you'd expect, the environment was convivial, and drinks only cost slightly more than normal which I attribute to the heating bill since the women are... a bit bare.

Michael Gonzales

Great food. TV's are perfectly located. Cold beer.

Eric Goleniak

Excellent food great wait staff

lisa Luster

Great service and great food and the atmosphere is great

Aaron Taylor

Really good food and really fast service

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