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22030 Farmington Rd, Farmington, MI 48336, United States Located in: Farmington Crossroads

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REVIEWS OF Sushi House IN Michigan

Visa C

First time to this sushi place and i would definitely go again! Sushi was great and the fish fresh! Nice ambiance too

Toby L

This place provides extraordinary service and delightful food. One of the best restaurant around here. The food arrived fast and the prices are economical. Highly recommended.

Yevgeniy Malkin

Excellent food and excellent service and atmosphere! Been coming here for years and hope to continue for many more. The remodel looks awesome, too! Keep it up, Sushi House!


I wanted to try a different sushi spot. I was recommend by a friend. I will definitely go again. The staff were very friendly. Sushi was really really good. Prices were great especially when you get an soup and salad with your order. Try it out.


Little pricey, but best sushi around.


Best Sushi restaurant in metro Detroit. Their lunch bento box is hands down the best I've ever had. The side salad with the white ginger dressing is delicious. The only issue I have is their ginger slices have a weird taste to them that I've experienced anywhere else.


the sweet and sour tofu dish is great. also recently renovated and a nice bright atmosphere.

Mathieu Marmier

I’ve been to a lot of sushi places including all around Toronto. This by far is one of the best sushi places I’ve ever been to. The Cancun roll will change your life


I miss the days where the shop was smaller and had more of that warm vibe, nonetheless it's still really good food

Sarah lynn

really good, moved out here from chicago and this is the best sushi place i've found so far. they give you a decent amount of food and the quality is amazing.

Mark Kaploe

The food was excellent as was the service

Chris Patria

Top notch restaurant! I have never had anything bad on the menu and the staff is always incredible!

Shehani Alles

I can't say enough good things about Sushi House! The staff is super friendly and welcoming, the food is absolutely delicious and quite filling, the prices are very reasonable, and the item descriptions on the menu are really helpful for people who aren't very familiar with sushi. I only went once and I've already made plans to come back again. I would also recommend sitting by the sushi bar because it was really cool to watch the sushi being made. I 100% recommend Sushi House to anyone!

Alexander Wilson

Great food. Decent service.

Uriah Armendarez

I have a family member with a severe allergy to gluten. After explaining numerous times that she has an allergy to gluten she was still served a salad with soy sauce. Sushi house must educated their staff about the risks of not knowing the menu.

Nikky Braxton-Whatley

The server's are very, very nice. The food is served quick. The price is affordable. What I had was $14

Robin Cooper

Great food. Good service. Good prices.

Aditya Shah

The new setup is very impersonal. Families have to share table with others. The attitude of staff is not great. This place used to be nice but not anymore. Thankfully there are other equal or better Korean and sushi joints close by

Meesh B

From the outside this place may not look all that inviting. But step inside and it's a fun place to grab a bite. You can sit and the counter and watch the chefs make the sushi. I didn't get sushi (I know, it's called sushi house) but my meal was delish just the same. My husband had sushi and it looked (and tasted) really fresh. Service was quick and friendly and no one gave me a dirty look when I had to ask for a fork. This would not be a restaurant I would pick but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.

Susan Brogowski

Everything was delicious and everyone was so nice

Zack Hale

The miso soup could be improved but the sushi lunch combo was great and you get a decent amount of food for $10

Matthew Evangelista

Best sushi in town. I've been coming here for many years, and it is always consistent. I would recommend the marinated spicy tuna nigiri the Pacific roll the steamed mussels and the Cancun roll . Their latest remodel is very classy and utilizes the space very well. I will continue to come here for years to come.

Laura Kathryn Evans

One of my favorite places. Very good service and food. I have been going here for years.

Sereana Oxendale

Always amazing. Has the best ginger salad dressing and green tea. The Michigan Roll is a personal favorite, and the Mocci ice cream is refreshing in the summer. Good decor and great service. Definitely one of the sushi places in the area.

Roxi Dlite

I was running errands getting prepared for my wedding and passed this place and decided to stop for lunch. The service was great and the food was good as well. I wasn’t expecting much but it exceeded my expectations. Simple sushi and delicious. They took me right before they closed for lunch and the entire staff sat down to eat together. I thought that was cute.

Eduardo Baca

Nice flavor, the gyoza soup is the best

Tarsiane Fonseca

Amazing food! I loved this place.

Gordon Stangler

The Sushi house recently merged with the Tofu house next to it. In doing so, they pared down their menu greatly, and rearranged the decor. They removed most of the tables and installed several large bar-like tables, which is great, if you like sitting next to, and conversing with, random strangers. They also got rid of most of their booths, what they do still have is easily missed from the kitchens, due to bad line of sight. They also dropped nearly their entire Korean menu, as well as most of their donburi options. So, if you want something other than sushi or soba, they no longer have it. It is such a shame the remodel went in this direction, as I used to love their layout and menu items. Now, it's a hard pass. :(


Service was excellent and staff members were nice.

Teresa T

Great food and staff! Loved eating in and watching them make the sushi.

Trina Rose

Very clean and friendly staff. I brought my boyfriend here and he loved it as well. He's really picky when it comes to Asian food! Their eggdrop soup is amazing!

Lisa Remmele

Best sushi ever! Sit at the bar and watch them make it. It's an art form!

Kayla Nissen

Great good, helpful staff, and nice atmosphere. Can be a little complicated to order with all the menus and options, but not bad once you become a regular.

Dan Brenner

All of the food is always amazing! They recently renovated and it looks even better than before!!!

Andi Lattimore

Always good food and friendly environment. Been coming here with friends for years and hopefully many more

Tim Aulph

Our favorite sushi place! Now even bigger with the remodel. Get the Dollar Sushi card! Best deal for sushi lovers!

Harry Wang

One of the best sushi restaurants in Farmington Hills hands down. The staffs are friendly, the food is fresh, wonderful and comes with a reasonable price, you can even get free salad and soup for your order. What's there not to love?

Stephanie Rogers

Best "American" sushi in the metro Detroit area. I've been to many many Sushi restaurants across the USA and this one is top 10 for sure. Fresh. Quick service. Salad could have been a little bigger. Delicious. Cant wait to go back.

Mike Partridge

I have visited this restaurant many times and have always had a good experience. The sushi is very good and occasionally they add new items to the menu. The service has always been good. They also have a variety if Japanese beer and soda selections. The seaweed and house salad with sesame dressing are two of my favorites. I recommend a visit here.

Hannah Davis

I've been coming here for a decade. The menu keeps getting better and the remodel looks so good! I love the Las Vegas roll!

Reelin with Ryan

Best sushi in the area! Super friendly!

Dakota Hamlin

The strip mall sushi experience you've grown to loathe stops as soon as you walk through the door! Prices are fair. There are plenty of original rolls to impress your friends/dates/coworkers with! Atmosphere is quaint, and staff is always patient and friendly! It's one of the 3 places I go for good sushi, and it has never let me down!

Samuel Vaseekaran

Went here for dinner while traveling for work and service and food was really good. The monster roll was unique and delicious, i have never had anything like it before it was really good.

Cyle Lublin

I’ve never had a bad meal at this place. I try to go whenever I’m in the area!

Tia Ray

This is my absolute favorite sushi place in Michigan. Hands down. They have the freshest fish, with the widest choices of seasonal options for Nigiri and Sashimi. (This is the only place where I'd have good uni/sea urchin) Their rolls are all amazing. The flavor combinations are the best. They have the /best/ crab salad recipe I've ever had in my life. And I don't even like crab salad normally. The hot dishes are to die for. I nearly keeled over the first time I ordered the unagi donburi. It's all just so. Good. I could go on and on about this place. It's our favorite date spot. It's our favorite birthday meal spot. I've gone all out before and between the two of us I still don't think we've ever hit over $100 either. It's really easy to splurge. Just the other day we ordered 6 nigiri and 3 rolls with soup and salad and only spent just over $50. I've done worse at less-good sushi places.

Albin J

Fantastic food, excellent team service from the entire crew. A clean and friendly place to eat. I love it.

Alexander Nahorodny

Good clean restaurant with a wide selection of food. Restaurant was clean and service was friendly.

Dan Messing

Quick service even when busy, fish was very fresh. Fair price for the large serving size.

Fuh Kew

Amazing! 25 stars! Always fresh, fantastic flavours, prompt service, cordial employees. This is our "Go-to" spot whenever we want Sushi! Hint- Get the Heart Attack roll ;) Love and will always go back.

Bjoern Haucap

By far our favorite sushi place. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. The place is spacious and we almost always find a table or a places the bar. Service is very good and usually quick. We had very few times when it was full that I took a little longer. What makes this place stand out is the Misu soup. We have never gotten anything close to this anywhere else. The variant of sushi is pretty big. From regular sushi over modern baked and fried there is a lot on the menue. Even if you don't necessarily want sushi they have a lot of other dinner and lunch choices. We highly recommend this place

Ronald Cunnings

Best sushi place

Silvia Cigorean

Best sushi in Farmington Hills. Very fresh and delicious. Good service. Favorite spot for good sushi

Kayla Clark

They chefs do an excellent job of making the sushi. The best sushi place around!

Patrick Steen

Absolutely delicious, absolutely gorgeous

Rob's Hobbys

This is the best Sushi in the area HANDS DOWN! The fish is always fresh and the food is delicious! For some context I used to work in an upscale Japanese restaurant so I've seen a lot of sushi in my day and I know the culture well. A pet peeve of mine is charging $ for a cup of hot green tea. Just plain hot green tea, I've had a place charge me $1.50 for 1 cup and no refill. That's not the way that it should be done and gladly not done at Sushi House. This is almost unthinkable in many Asian cultures, as they see cold water as bad for digestion. It would be similarly being given a bill with a glass of water on it. The menu contains more than just sushi. They have noodles like Udon and Soba. Also, a wide menu of Japanese food with some surprise items. The real reason for going( in my opinion) is for the fresh fish. So fresh that it tastes as if it just came out of the sea. The restaurant itself is casual and not intimidating to western eyes. I always feel welcome and at home in the Sushi House. They have a beautiful sushi bar and tables for large parties. If you're looking for a night at home they also offer carryout. SIMPLY THE BEST! A must try if you love fresh fish and amazing tasty sushi and Japanese food.

Tom Carry

Very creative menu. Obviously, they have been working to offer a creative interpretation of sushi, and I think the results paid off. Great sushi and sushi outside of the mundane.

Chuck Hall

Used to be good but they expanded and changed the menu.

Farooq Chaudary

Clearly the best sushi in the neighborhood

David Holmes

Always a good experience. My youngest loves to sit at the sushi bar. He loves the kids box.

Kelly Jean

Best sushi in the house!! Fabulous

Lori Umbanhowar

Awesome authentic food! And a huge menu ♡ honestly you should order the bulgogi, it was my favorite thing (besides the sushi). Plus their sushi menu was much more interesting than other sushi places I've been. I'm definitely going to be back.

Ryan Sketch

The sushi here is wonderful! I'd say it's a problem that there is a such a wide variety but honestly, that just makes the experience more fun. Go with a group of people and order a bunch of different rolls and then share!! That's the best way to get the most out of your visit to a place like this. Aside from the great tasting food (try the Heart Attack!!) The service is friendly and very quick! Looking forward to my next visit.

Jeff Kirsch

Great sushi. The All Kind EBI sushi roll was wonderful, highly recommend it

Chris Conner

Great lunch spot for sushi.

Anne Goranson

The worlds best sushi like I’m not kidding it’s so good everytime I go there I’m never dissatisfied thank your for everything idk how I’m ever gonna eh able to eat at a another sushi restaurant

Jordan Grnak

Huge selection of sushi. The firecracker and the heart attack were to die for

Kim K

Love the remodel and the Sushi is always mmm mmm good

Cindy Lawler

Can't talk English but good sushi

Erin Valencia

Amazing food the hubby and I had a date night just us no kiddos was fabulous

Charlotte Thibault

We go there ALL the time!DELICIOUS authentic affordable sushi, Asian food! My lack of a star is due to the atmosphere it's often the music is so loud and really hard to talk and relax.

nicholas summerlee

One of the better sushi houses in metro Detroit. The fish temperature is on point and the rice is made correctly.

Richaelle Domengeaux

This sushi is the best , incredibly fresh. Tastes like the ocean! We love Sushi House!!

Jessica Ward-Hertz

Amazingly fresh! I usually find myself putting ginger on every piece of sushi I eat to add flavor - I did not need to do that this time. Tons of flavor! This was my first time here. Got carry out. Will definitely be back.

Tori Bunker

I love all their special roll option. Staff is always very attentive. This is my favorite local sushi place!


Eat here often. Quick service good sushi and the staff is friendly.

Dave Petrie

Great sushi... The Las Vegas roll is amazing!


Great food, service and prices!

Jeremy Gemus

I have eaten at Farmington Sushi House for 14(?) years, and I still consider it a privilege every time I get the chance to come back. Having tasted nearly every spot in the greater metro area, I will continue eating here.

Debbie Lim

I love this place. Everyone that lives in this city know that their “Sesame Dressing” is called “Crack Dressing”!!!! Lol. You can get addicted to that dressing. It is the best around! The service is fast, the sushi is awesome! Their prices are a little high for the area, but the “crack dressing” is the best and homemade! My brother loved this place. When he was alive, this place was one of the only places he could eat at without getting (chemo) sick.

Dawn Maples

My favorite sushi place of all time. The best specialty rolls and I love dining in and getting soup and salad with my meal. The renovation is nice and I have been coming here for years.

Zainab Wahab

Really good sushi! Great place to go with a gang of friends!

Rachel Nash

Great service, great sushi. It's really clean inside too

Nicole Daihl

Sushi House is by far my favorite sushi place! The food is amazing and the service is great! Make sure to try the house salad with the sesame dressing!

Gary Eberhard

Love this place. Always good service and food.

Jody S

Great fresh sushi in a nice dining room. Their online order website is easy to use.

Ashley Dupree

Excellent selection of delicious sushi. The wait staff was very nice and attentive and the prices reasonable. I definitely recommend!

Deb Kolar

Delicious food, huge menu to explore and try new seafood. Only downside was the dirty, unkempt bathroom.

Kimberly Montgomery

Always love the food at this place! Very fresh!

Sue Owens

Always great food and great service! I try new things all the time and I'm never disappointed. This is my favorite sushi place!

Abhishek Joshi

Sushi house has one of the best Japanese and Chinese food in Farmington hills. If you sit at the sushi bar, you can watch the chefs creating the amazing sushi at an unbelievable speed. The dragon rolls are great to taste.

Deniese Lee

Quality sushi for a reasonable price.

Sam Whitehouse

Awesome sushi, we ordered 5 different rolls and they were all amazing. The Wow!, Mountain, Firecracker, Las Vegas, and Delicious rolls are impeccable. Amazing service, short wait time. Would eat here every day

mark anglin

Get the boat by ordering a bunch of rolls

debbie sunshine girl

The sushi here is amazing! They just remodeled the restaurant and it's really nice. All the employees here so friendly, I can't say enough how friendly they are. Thank you so much for being so nice :)

Zach Baker

I went here on a recommendation from a trusted foodie friend. He recommended a number of Korean dishes from the Tofu House; when I visited, they had just remodeled and combined both the Sushi House and Tofu House into one restaurant. Unfortunately none of the recommended dishes were on the menu. So we had sushi. It was good, but not the best I've had. The miso soup and sesame dressing salad were really good. Unfortunately only as we were paying did I find out that they do serve the Korean dishes still...but you have to explicitly ask for the menu. Sushi House - if you read this, just give all your guests the Korean food menus!

Stefano Bertera

Good quality and price , very good rolls . The quality of the fish was good . Service is fine . I got some rools that were good but too much teriaky sauce . Only for this a 4 stars .... Thanks a lot I'll be back

Lori Beauchamp

My first time was Awsom. The 2nd time was even more than Awsom it's not even 8 am and I want sushi. Thanks I will be back soon...


Great service and the Sushi is to die for. I can't wait to go back.

Jeffrey RATES

Best Sushi I ever had. You have to go

Thomas Rice

Best sushi in Detroit... period. They are great fun to watch make their craft. Stellar arrangements. And the food is SO good. You won't be disappointed!

Shelby Smith

This place has become my go-to local sushi joint. The food is always delicious, the service is prompt, and the atmosphere is perfect. They recently remodeled and the menu items from both the Sushi House and adjoining Tofu House, and they did an excellent job. I go there as often as I can, and my roommate and I are working our way through their menu. We have yet to be disappointed. I highly recommend their Teriyaki roll. So far, it is my favorite.

Hans Ihlenfeldt

The rolls here are always delicious. We made the mistake of ordering vegetable tempura for take-out, and the texture just doesn't hold up when packaged. Everything had a great flavor though.


No matter how many times we frequent. The food, service & atmosphere is just right.. Thank you S.H. for always be an outstanding place to be.

Mark Sutliff

The Best. Never Disappointed

Marc Patton

Been going for about 8 years, still the best sushi I've ever had.

lynne Singer

Great server lots of fun and delicious sushi!

Alesha Brown

I like the new layout - I used to go here 4-5 years ago and it looked quite different. Some waiters are much better/attentive than others. That's three only reason I've given 4 instead of 5

Its Nats

Great value for good food. My wife and I enjoyed. Only complaint was rap music in a Japanese eatery.

Patti Vassas

The new renovation is awesome. It looks like a completely new place. It is much more private and quiet. The service has always been great, and the food is excellent.

Maha Sarris

If you are looking for authenticity, this place is it!

Nicole Caudill

THE sushi place in the area. Everything is always fresh and delicious.

Elizabeth Kirsten

Fish is always fresh! Amazing!

Wes Tapp

Menu options were fantastic. Prices were reasonable. Decor was plain. Service was fast.

Crystal Balusu

Always consistently delicious!! Honestly my favorite sushi place in the local area.

raiyaan movania

A very clean and well maintained resturaunt with great food. Only probalem I found was there were many people there so there was a quite a bit of wait time but it was understandable seeing that it was a friday evening

william monette

Love the Tempura and Miso soup..Sushi is very good also

Christina Liu

This place is conveniently located off of a major highway in a strip mall and the restaurant is so clean and updated! It’s very comfortable and the food is so tasty! We got a sushi roll and tofu soup; will be back for more!

Kathleen Larabee

Delicious, fresh sushi with creative, appealing presentation. The heart attack rolls are divine! The seaweed salad is refreshing. Fast friendly service. Great environment, bright, beautiful, clean. Kids even host birthday parties there!

David Battistelli

Love this place!

Wylie Ken

I am sorry to be blunt..I agree with Billy. Sushi chefs have not been trained by aucentic sushi restaurant. Probably They do sushi chef or business for money without any passions. I know employees are not Japanese but , please learn about Japanese style sushi..

Ryan Schroeder

Best sushi in Detroit. Great choices, also great non sushi items. Great staff. Bruce, David and Mimi are so friendly make you feel like family.

Matt lemieux

Everything's good

Christine Kline

Incredible food and Fantastic Service even on a busy night! Our server was super accomidating even my toddler loved it!

Andrew Pyon

Best sushi in town hands down. Not only the best quality but very big bang for your buck. Will be coming here way more frequently.

robert dodson

Awesome Sushi...Good service and great atmosphere, you won't be disappointed with this little gem.

Natalie Ismair

Best sushi around by far. I’m picky when it comes to my rolls and they let me customize mine with no seseame seeds

Jordan Demchak

Very good service and food! I ordered a takeout here and was impressed with the friendly service and great sushi. Don't let the appearance of the strip mall deteer you because the food is great!

Jay Bird

The wife and I have been looking for some time now, trying to find that hidden sushi place. This is it. Everything we order is so good and taste fresh! My now favorite is the "Heart attack" and the wife likes the "Sexy Roll". They just rebuilt the inside and it looks beautiful! Highly recommend

Jennifer Morikawa

Going here for years, love the Korean and Japanese choices. Great size nigiri for the price. Dollar sushi cards are helpful for months with lots of birthdays.

Carly Cooper

This Sushi restaurant was excellent!!!!! I can't wait to go back!!!!

Michael Cibasek

Best place around , wide selection of excellent food , and I travel all the way from Sterling heights to get there.

ill mojo

Everthing was great and elegant

Rachel Dobson

Amazing food! This is the best place around for fresh, delicious sushi. Their entrees are also very good.

Beatrice Impton

Just moved to the area, will definitely be coming here often for my go to heritage restaurant

scott lee

Good korean restaurant in Detriot


Delicious and aesthetically beautiful food!! There is a very wide variety of sushi rolls, as well as other options which I can't report on. I went with a friend for an early dinner and was surprised that he got reservations, but when we got there I understood why. It was a Sunday evening and they were busy, and I noticed the line of walk-ins grew quickly and appeared to wait awhile. Although our table was ready it took some time for our server to initially come over. The food did arrive in a timely manner and we loved everything! From left to right in the photo, we got the no-name roll, sexy roll, kamikaze roll, and salmon roll. The kamikaze roll was hearty and I couldn't get enough of the yummy, crispy fish eggs on top, and the no-name roll is fried in a wonderful delicate batter that is much nicer for sushi than the typical golden, heavy American-style batter you usually see. Our server didn't give us plates or ramekins for some reason and when we asked for dishes for the soy sauce she returned with to-go containers of it. I think she was either new or overwhelmed with how busy it was--it happens. She was very friendly though and showed me how to open the Japanese soda, thankfully, because I had never ordered it before. Overall, great food, not the best service, but I'd definitely recommend this place and to get reservations!

Angela Espinosa-Gould

Always good service and great food.

Monica Spaulding

Fantastic food and service. Yummo.

Jerry Paul

Okay sushi for this area. I despise their dressing... I prefer ginger dressing. It tastes too peanuty.

Jodie Eastlake

Great sushi at a reasonable price

Dan Velago

Love this sushi place, good selection of sushi, the best entry salad with a sesame dressing that I haven't seen in any other place around. Place is family friendly and service is in general good, been here several times at diner over the weekend and it's not too crowded with almost zero waiting time to be seated.

Raha Enayatshoar

They roll & create the sushi & nigiri by love, & their sashimi is a piece of art. Sweet staff & fresh ingredients ALWAYS.

Alexandra Marie

Best sushi in town! Lots of sushi rolls to choose from. I will definitely be back to try some different rolls

Ghostyy xo

Great service, and great atmosphere. Im here all the time. Food portions are awesome!

Kelsey R.

Best place in town. While you often have to wait a little longer than an average restaurant for your food, it's well worth it. The staff is friendly and attentive. The food is fantastic and there is a great variety to choose from.

Ld D

The best sushi in town!!!

Brandon Hutton

Food was decent but the service was terrible. Four servers, two hosts and a bus boy couldn't handle 7 tables and our drinks went unfilled for 30 minutes and we only got half our food.

Jared Powers

Great place to eat in or pick up order and staff is always wonderful

George J Fox

Good prices for good Japanese fare. I'm taking a star off for our server being a bit cranky and the men's room was pretty dirty.

Eric Mitchell

This place is great for lunch or a casual date. They have some of the best sushi around IMO. My customers love coming here for business meetings and getting a big boat for the group. The only place that I think has better fish is Noble fish in Clawson.

Jon D

Get place to eat and good service. Food is awesome!!!

Devin White

Amazing menu, everything I've tried from this menu has been delicious (including the Delicious Roll). Presentation is always on point. Best rolls in the area.

Justin Greene

Amazing sushi, tea, and service.

Kimberly B

Fabulous food and service! Authentic sushi. Baked, fried or raw. They have it all. There is no alternative menu. You will not find a hot dog or burger for your kids. Only sushi.

Liang Neslund

Tasted good. Just a little bit expensive with the amount of given salmon.

Alex Slayden

Best sushi around. Great Korean food too!

Leigh McBain

Love this place! They recently remodeled and there's a lot more seating than before. Very clean & well lit. Try the Snow White rolls & the Las Vegas rolls, both are very yummy.

Mary Penberthy

This place is great. From the dressing on the salad to the beautiful sushi platters, they never disappoint.

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