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4163 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Royale with Cheese IN Michigan

Alaina Rhoades

Amazing food. You've got to try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake. Burgers and fries were also incredible.

the unicorn that loves rocks

SO SO SO GOOOOOOD. This is honestly one of my fav burger places.

tim b

Very unhappy with this place. You have to eat there in order to have their food? They won't do carryout? But they have Doordash!! How does that make any sense. Will not go back!

Jacks Tapleton

Great sandwiches and Amazing fries, however the sandwiches tend to be pretty messy and i wish the portions were a bit bigger but otherwise its a place i would without a doubt recommend

Anamul Islam

This place is a gem! My brother brought me here on a lunch date. The food was delicious and fairly priced. I will definitely return in the near future!


Amazing food, seriously wonderful and a great theme

L 7

Pretty unique selection of cuisine! I like the idea of replacing the usual hamburger with brisket. The only challenge is that if you place an order over the phone you have to pay over the phone with a credit card instead of in person :-(

Hina Ansari

Love that they have a menu in Braille. You don't see that often.

Jasmine Smothers

I ordered the pretzels w/ cheese which were good but SALTY ASF ! Had entirely too much salt there was the burger that was dry. I ordered a milkshake that was good the fries were expensive for so few and they weren't even all that good. The black girl that works there had a horrible attitude ! Very snobbish abd feisty. Never again!

Shaffwan A

Great halal options, really unique space. The staff are great, the owner is too.

margaret Davanzo

Food was awesome and best shake I ever had.


Right now it is my second best burger place. I got the Havana burger. It was delicious!

Asif Mahmud

Big let down. Was excited to try this place but the burger was undercooked and had no flavor. Milkshake and fries were pretty good though.

Jimmy Mcpike

This is a good place to get lunch before events like Dally in the Alley. The burgers are good and it isn't overpriced like alot of places in midtown.

Janice Martyres

Amazing place! Food is well done, menu is diverse, atmosphere is beautiful and laid back! Great place to go with friends and family. I ordered fries, milkshake, and a burger and omg! Best part is you don't feel bloated after so you know they put care into food and ingredient list.

Denise Terry

Had great write up. We just weren't too impressed. Sorry

Samira Maatouk

Gentleman who stands at the door makes every customer feel welcome!! Outstanding customer service from every team memeber. Horrible parking situation but I go out of my way to come to this restaurant for the amazing hospitality. They pick up after the customers, and sanitize each table after each customer eats. Amazing food as well. However, I wish there were more options to choose from. Overall, thank you for being great!!

Nolan Foster

By the name you instantly recognize the Pulp Fiction reference. This theme is carried throughout the restaurant. If your a fan of the movie you'll enjoy picking out the references from the decor. The kitchen area is very clean and the service is excellent. From the cereal flavored shakes to the burgers and sandwiches the food is also very good. Most dish's come with a chose of flavored fries so you can customize your experience.

Paul Woodson

So, i love cheese.... but this place left me wanting something better. Food looked and smelled good.... just wasnt that good.

Rasha Alghazali

I love going to royalewithcheese, I use to always go when I went to WSU. Customer service is at its finest, I’ve never had a problem. Always friendly and welcoming environment and not to mention amazing food! By far my fav. Go to burger place

Pushkar Kulkarni

Nice place. Good shakes (too sweet). One must try krunchers sandwich

Mike Nolan

Great place to eat. Wait staff and everybody working their very friendly. Food priced reasonably. And very good. A Hidden Gem in Detroit. Can't wait to get back on my next trip and try something different on their menu.

Andrew Hargrove

Really 3.5 stars. Fast casual style. Decent food. Confusing menu. No theme congruence. Its good if you're in the area but wouldn't make a special trip for it

Mohammed Uzair Admani

Best halal burgers that I’ve had. Lots of great combinations of flavors for reasonable prices. Always fresh and delicious. They also have amazing milkshake options (can’t go wrong with the Fruity Pebbles milkshake). Can’t recommend them enough.

Christopher Clifton

I accidentally dropped my milkshake all over the floor. I started to apologise to the manager that was near by but he didn't want any of that. He told me no apology necessary. He then moved my girlfriend and I to a new table and quickly got two other staff members to clean the mess I made. They made me watch as they completed the grueling task. I was mortified.. All in all, 10/10 would get embarrassed again. Burger was bomb.

Keroulos Youssef

This place is truly amazing. Delicious, affordable food. Great prices and service. We ordered take out and the food was fresh, cooked to perfection and everyone was extremely nice. Would definitely be coming back and highly recommend this restaurant.

Katherine Rufins



Chicken burger was good. Liked the fries.


Good taste. French fries are out of the world!

Veterans Elite

Food was great..location was very good

brandon stuart

Great food. Hard to find parking but the food is worth it

Pele Elisha

Food was great I got the royal with some tots. The royal is great if you like alot of different flavor meat was soft and flavor full. We also tried the nacho raviolis there are amazing I recommend them. My wife got the Havana along with the royal fry herb and garlic flavor and I tired the burger and Fry's there are amazing. This is a must try place

Taylor Travis

Thank you for letting me call you

Jaime Te-Ana

The fries are EXCELLENT!! I live that they have variety and none of them are disappointing.

Joseph Hartman

Awesome place. Great food. Great service!

Fadi Reda

Awesome food very friendly staff A++

Matt Browning

The food and shakes were good, but we weren't huge fans of the ambiance. The space was noisy, which usually doesn't bother us, and although the staff wasn't unfriendly I'm not sure they cared if we were there. The concept and artwork is very cool. This is probably a good spot for families, but I'd recommend couples go elsewhere.

Sharmin Hakim

Good food but very heavy! Service was lovely and the owner and staff are very hospitable.


Their menu is creative, and very well executed. Get the Royale--smoked Brisket, Southwest Corn Relish, Caramelized Onions, Avocado, Smoked Gouda Cheese Fondue, Creamy Cole Slaw, Royale Sauce--to say it's good is an understatement! The service is always top-notch friendly, and they put a good product out, fast. Family friendly, and they have fun milkshakes, like Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Nathan Clauser

Great food! And great place to go out of your comfort zone and try something different. The Krunchin was awesome!

Quinn Feldmeier

This was the most amazing restaurant in Detroit! The burgers and fries were so good and the service was the best I’ve ever had!! 10/10 would recommend:)

Sheila Young

If you LOVE burgers this is the place..the burgers are handcrafted to juicy perfection, fresh not frozen food. Semi spiral potatoes are just as good. Fresh and hot. Will definitely be back for more.

Matt Felice

The food was okay, but definitely nothing to write home about. I had a burger and I'd say it was about in par with a Wendy's burger maybe. The prices are pretty high considering the portions and quality of food. Also, there wasn't anything that screamed Pulp Fiction other than one mural on the wall. It's a neat place to try, but probably not the greatest choice if you're looking for an outstanding burger, nor low prices.

Maya Nelson

Great service, food was very tasty and filling. Prices are midrange but food and portions are well worth it. It's small but nice, definitely somewhere I'd eat again.

Aleisha Johnson

Pretty darn good! The melted cheese wasn't as flavorful as I would've liked by all in all a darn good burger. I had the Just A Burger but judging by the side of bbq sauce that I got for my Garlic Parm fries, I do believe I will be trying the Royale next ! I enjoyed my visit !

Yolanda B

Food was good but service was just ok. Understaffed at lunch time. Royal brisket was good but should be explained that it's not a burger or burger with brisket on top. It's just a beef brisket sandwhich. Herb fries were just ok but pricey at $4 for a small side. I will go back just not at peak hours.

Chris Ahlers

Good burgers. The meat is done well and they have interesting toppings. The wait was pretty long on Saturday when I went, but the food was good. The garlic fries had a lot of garlic, which is a good thing for me.

Nawres Alghazaly

Amazing food! Amazing service! They went above and beyond to make sure we were taking care of!! Definitely will be back again!!

blackdude 28

Delicious burgers and very friendly.


Omg I forgot what I had, but it was a burger with a egg and their fries with garlic seasoning. All of it was the bomb. It was my 1st time there and I will be back and I have told everyone about it. Loved it.

Desiree Watt

Came here once and continue to go here, and recommend to my friends and family. Customer service here is impeccable. The owner dives right in and makes sure to personally greet you. I love seeing that at businesses. Great environment, great location, great food. Little bit pricier, but I have no problem with this when the food is bomb. Brought my grandma and boyfriend back with me many times, and they have nothing but good things to say also. Highly highly recommended!


Fantastic food at good prices! Love how different the menu is but all the food is great quality! The place its self is really cool but gets busy fast (because the food is awesome) if you can handle a little wait this food is worth it! Fantastic job to the staff!

Toretta Pickens

Excellent food and amazing customer service. "The Royal" is my absolute favorite sandwich from here there brisket is DELICIOUS

Randy Latham

Food is great. Fast service

Brandon Kizy

Delicious burgers. They throw a lot of cheese fondue on each item on the menu. Definitely try the fried mac and cheese bites.

Heather Thompson

We come into Royale all the time with my family, and the food is always amazing! Good customer service, and the food always comes out fast. I will definitely keep coming here !

Ali Bazzi

Amazing food, great service with a very friendly staff!

Tamera Anthony

The food is amazing. My favorite dish there is the tomato basil soup..AMAZING. Their shakes are great as well, can't really go wrong with any of them

Nawana Lawson

I love the fries, always piping hot and full of flavor. Don't leave without ordering a shake!

brian wilks

Place is clean. Nice patio. I think my hopes were set too high. I didn't care for the spices they use. Not the all american burger. Macaroni n cheese appetizer was delish. Hershey shake was also delish. Garlic parm fries good.

Lawrence Robinson

Great customer service, comfortable dining experience and the food was worth every bite!!!

Huzaifah Abdul-Lateef

The best decision I’ve ever made was choice this place to eat. Excellent service, wonderful atmosphere, and the food is magnificent. It’s like seeing the movie for the first again but this time your part of one your favorite scenes. Hass, the owner, interacts with all his customers and runs this high quality restaurant. Best choice when it come to eating out.

Andrew Schimmoeller

Awesome food and customer service experience. The server saw us looking at a purple milkshake and brought us one for free. He then saw my daughter’s reaction to the cotton candy and brought her a ton of cotton candy. Burgers were great too. Six stars out of five.

Charlie Elsheick

I don't care where you're from, everyone appreciates a satisfying and tasty burger. This place gives you that......and WAY more. Arguably the best burger I have ever had and the fact that it's surrounded by the movie in which the restaurant got its name makes the burger taste that much better. Seriously, if you're ever in the area and you're even remotely hungry, eat here. You will not be disappointed.

Shehab Alfakih

Very nice place, CLEAN, friendly staff, Great and delicious food , I am planing to go there next time I go out with my family. highly recommended.

Bobby burtwoo12

Almost $40 for two people to eat burgers and fries. It's good but not even close to $40 good. If I paid $20-$22 then I feel my meal would've been worth it.

Valerie Burgess

The food was delicious and healthy! Very clean and professional staff. Overall the best customer service I've received at a restaurant in a very long time!

The Gainsta

They call me the burger man and I am not impressed. Pulp fiction is one of my favorite movies on time and I think this place does Quentin tarrentio an injustice. This place was hyped up and sounded legitimate but I was thoroughly unimpressed. I hope it goes out of business soon and a new owner can turn this place into something special with its ideal location in midtown. I will never be back. Thanks for nothing

Evan N.

I was duped into thinking this was a burger joint, and to my surprise, a big ole brisket came chortling down to my table! It was hella good tho! so no complaints. Highly recommend

Dwight Neal

Love this place! The food is awesome, and imaginative. The service is top notch. Great atmosphere. Just wish it was bigger. Hard to get a seat.... Another tribute to the quality of the food

Lauren Murray

The service here is amazing!! The staff is super friendly and goes out of their way to be kind to the customers. Amazing food as well. Would 10/10 recommend this restaurant

J. Donnemoi

YES! Just "yes" to everything good. Delicious burgers and shakes but is NOT LIMITED to only burgers, is vegetarian friendly and includes The Impossible Burger! Fries come in unique flavors. Quite reasonable prices for the fantastic quality of the food as well as the service and very friendly staff. Definitely one of my top choices in Downtown Detroit!

bree marrs

My family and I went there for my daughter's birthday and initially we were somewhere else but they accommodated us even though they were getting ready to close the kitchen within the next half-hour always great service there and great food

Hemzah Eljahmi

Stopped by today with a couple of friends and we were not disappointed. Amazing customer service and the best milkshake I’ve ever had hands down! Will come back again without a doubt.

Hades .

This place is my go too on my cheat day. The quality of ingredients is superior and no other burger place could compete with that. I love coming here every week.

Jill de Jesus

Get the Caesar with grilled chicken

Riva Tayah

Yum!!! The burger did not disappoint!! It was delicious and fresh! Service was super quick too.

Mitchell Blum

The Facebook videos were way more enticing than actually eating the paltry food.

E Edwards

My family and I probably come here about twice a week because we love their food and service. The owner is always there when we are getting our food. He is great and we always tell him how much we love the food here. Sometimes it may be a bit of a wait, probably because everyone else agrees.

UrBoi Baljeet

Customer service was great. I liked everything about this place except the food. I personally didnt like it.

Hassan Qasim

First and foremost I love the friendly staff there and the owner was so kind to us, I’ve tried many food in the metro Detroit area and I can say this place has the best food hands down. Highly recommended!!

LaQueen Nation

One of the best shakes I've tasted. Their burgers and fries are delicious.

Imani Kenefic

I love this place so much. Has really great discount for students and the burgers, fries, and milkshakes are amazing! I recommend the Havana burger and their garlic parmesan fries.

Lawrence Jones

Utterly disappointed with the lack of customer service needed to accommodate a large carry out order. A lot of lost business. Who ever heard of dine-in only shakes anyway .........

Nick Belaen

Quick bite. Friendly staff. Great Burgers and fries.

Elizabeth Mondragon

Everything about the food was great! Love pulp fiction and onlive the atmosphere. Customer service was fantastic. All around great experience

John Esse

It's hard to say whether RWC would get more or less business by changing their name. On one hand, the name draws in the cinema-files. But on the other hand, this place is much more than just European names on McDonalds burgers. As another installment in the Detroit-Hipster-Food genre, each dish is experimental and weird. My friends really enjoyed their intruigingly-named burgers and I loved my fallafel sandwich. The nacho ravioli appatizer and garlic/parm fries were banging too! Definitely check it out

David schmittler

Awesome food! Shakes are amazing.

Mark Scharf

Very cool and unique place to eat. The food is very good and well prepared. They definitely take pride in not only the food they serve, but also in how they treat their customers. Love this place and love where it got its inspiration.

Linda Zimmerman

The shakes are really good. I have only tried the tuna sandwich because it was so good I have not wanted anything else when I go.

zozo alaqoul

It's really delicious, and forgot to take a pic for the mac fries. I ordered spicey burger with fries. I enjoyed every bite.

Joanna Paluskas

Would spend my money at Slows. Not great. Fatty not meaty. However, they have amazing customer service.

Kari Jo Bank Wagner

Delicious food. Great for kids. We love the smiley fries.

Connor Cheyne

Enormous sandwiches. Delicious shakes. Crispy fries. Expect to pay a little more than your typical milk shake joint, but it is worth every penny. I ate a Royale with Cheese and a Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk shake. Highly recommend.

David Clark

Fast service, the staff very friendly...and was clean...hard to find parking... In this area...BUT THIS IS AN GOOD PLACE TO ALONE OR WITH A GROUP... tell then I sent you (smile)

Abe Tawil

Phenomenal food with excellent atmosphere

Katie Wetherhold

O so good!!! I love food, I love finding good places to eat and sharing those with others to enjoy the experience. This is one of those places you just need to tell everyone about. It is expensive but the food is worth it. The burgers are great! They are big too I could only eat 1/2 however I also got the fries which are amazing and a milkshake too because when in Rome. Let me talk about the fries... o my goodness they were so good!!! I would go here and just eat those!!! Not that I could because the milkshakes were amazing too. Only go here if you are hungry because you will leave here full!!! On a serious note if you have not been to this place you need to go for your next meal. I am sure you will be happy you did!!!

achraf houeidi

Wonderful food in general, excellent burgers, and the service is phenomenal. The owner offered free dish to my son just because he decided not to eat his order. Kids enjoyed the dinner and the price was very reasonable. I would definitely recommend it and go there again and again.

Octayvia Overton

Went here with my daughter. Got 2 milkshakes that were super creamy and thick! Loved them! The food was hot and good. The wait to order was long but given that you order and then sit it allows time for others to eat in house also.

Tiara Porter

The garlic parmesan fries were AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Fast service, clean restaurant. The cheese fondue on the burger was delicious

Joshua Moss

I tried placing a carry out order. I was told they are too busy to take care out orders. In my eyes, this is found money. I do not need to be serviced in the restaurant. I asked to speak to a manger and was first told we are again too busy to get the manager, so I got stern and asked for the manger and she finally got the manager for me. He explained we do not take carry out orders when they are busy because customers complain that they wait to long. He told me the carryout would take 25-30 mins. I said that is fine, I just do not have time to wait 15-20 minutes for food in the restaurant, when I get a short break for lunch. He then refused to take my order. He said this is at the direction of the owner. I am a business owner in Midtown right down the street. This is poor customer service. I am more than happy to remove this review if you are willing to make things right. You are loosing support of another local business that refers our clients to your restaurant.


The food here is out of this world. I will need to exercise twice as much this week to overcome the calories but it's worth it. The havana burger (which has turkey bacon, a fried egg and fondue) is one of the best burgers I've had. The garlic parm twist fries were just as good. A manager explained the entire menu to us and was extremely friendly and welcoming. Didn't get your name but keep it up bro.


VERY good customer service and very clean. Burger I ordered was cooked just right still moist and flavorful. Good spot for comfort food and good hamburgers. An employee came by and gave me a free mac and cheese appetizer on courteousy of the owner/manager which was a pleasant surprise and that tasted good as well.

Mohammed Mohammed

Food is really expensive for a subpar meal. Paid almost 20 dollars for a burger, fries and a shake, and it wasn't even that good! Burger lacked any originality or flavor, the fries were also mediocre with very modest taste and seasoning. I've been to many burger places that frankly blow this place out of the water in terms of burgers. The restaurant it self has nice ambiance and a nice sitdown area, staff was very friendly. I just really didn't enjoy the quality of my meal. I will probably never return here again. Albeit their shakes are pretty good.

Ryan Meagher

One of the tastiest meals I've had in quite a while, in a tastily (gentrified?) redone Cass Corridor. I'll definitely be back.

Abe A.

Amazing burgers, and phenomenal shakes! Best shakes I've ever had, try the cookie butter/nutella shake as well as the chocolate espresso shake.

Patrick Doetsch

Wouldnt accpet a carryout order for no reason. Very displeased

Joann Arpino

Went here after visiting the DIA Saturday. The fries were delicious- I preferred the BBQ over the garlic and herb. The burgers were also very good. It’s a great affordable place if you need a quick bite for lunch. The service was also extremely friendly.

Tammie Skursha

I really love the garlic fries! And the burger was delicious. The cheese on the burger is awesome!

Matt Layton

Not worth the price but a cool little spot for pulp fiction fans

Ben Jackson

I ordered the Havana burger. It was pretty decent. However, I do not believe it doesn't justify the price of $9. In addition I believe their portion size is a little small imo.

Bryon Steward

Best burger, Best experience, Owner Super Cool, Made for a Great Experience. Will definitely return. This time I will dine in....

Vernessa Hall

The one thing I have to say about my spoon is there while waiting in line some of the waitress was very rude to people walk over people like they're not there if you want your your business to grow to treat you out people have taking food out we're good service well food as well as you treat your customers that's sitting down and who's going to leave a tip the people who's walking out your door with Terry out these attempt by sharing their experience with others in the neighborhood sometime the people who's carrying out can hurt you worse than the people who sitting down and enjoying another table you serve them better than you serve people who carry your food out my food was cold the boat did not taste like it supposed to and maybe when you put in the box you can put a cover in order to keep the elements was sleeping in even if I was in the car is still open I got to eat it in my home thank you

kretta Ross

Love it, love it, LOVE IT! My only complaint was the bun. Was a little too soft and crumbly. Would of taste better if grilled. But other than that, delicious!!!!

Noah Ghan

Came in during lunch, so excited about the reviews I’ve read in articles, but I left so sick. Both our sandwiches were undercooked - pink meat - and the bread was mushy. The sauce was awful, the avocados tasted rotten. Positive: The Cajun fries were really good and uniquely sliced. The service was decent. I’ve never left a restaurant wanting to vomit. This experience was shocking. I can’t believe how sick their food made my stomach. I took one bite and instantly I felt like vomiting. Tried to keep eating and end up needing to throw away the whole sandwich. Even the shake was overpriced and awful.

ondrai staley

the burgers were nice and juicy. i just ordered the stuff that goes on it on the side.

Dr. Sandra Landsman

What a fun place to grab a snack. They have a lovely variety of apps and beverages. Each dish was attractive, wells seasoned and generous. Tried the Fried Cheese Ravioli, Soft Pretzel and a Fried Potato, Bacon & Cheese dish that and the Fried Cheese Ravioli were my favorites. Next visit I'll have to try some other dishes. Lots of items looked delicious.

Ay-hole Andy

Polite staff but everything else was boring and the interior has the look of "owner looking to sell" or "owner has no sense of design or ambiance" Hamburger was interesting but just okay loaded fries with brisket just tasted like sugar cereal. Quite expensive as well. Portions small. Probably the worst food experience I have had in a long time. Gimmicky, unoriginal, bland, "industrial"

Waterford Mom

Food was awesome. Little concerned about allowing customers to come in with animals. Even if they are in a carrier.

Richard Williams

I've been to this restaurant a couple of times and the food is really good. Now I will tell you that at times there can be a long line but the food is worth it. I also love the mural of Vincent & Jules.

Lindsay Cushard

While this isn't my favorite burger place this is a good and tasty burger. We both got the Havana burgers, shared garlic fries and a cookie butter and Nutella shake. I don't think there was a choice to have the burger cooked to order but I didn't ask so that one is on me. I did get to choose how I wanted my egg cooked so I went with soft yolk. The fries were spiral cut I think and they too were tasty and a little crispy in spots which I like. The shake was delicious, velvety, chocolatey, and rich with little cookie crumbles in it. The service was quick and friendly. The restaurant was clean. We are full, happy and we'll definitely be back to try more. :)

Mitchell Bartes

Very disappointing in the lack of being able to do a carry out order. My boss was looking to order in some milkshakes for us (hes a great boss)and was denied for seemingly no reason. I & my co-workers recommend people to this restaurant all the time, but no I will no longer.

Ali Reda

Just stopped by and need to say I’m more than satisfied. Atmosphere, customer service, and food was great. I had the Royale fries & brisket and the kruncher. Flavors were great and food cooked to perfection. A big plus if you’re also a huge Pulp Fiction fan.

B. Heard

It was ok, I liked the buns on the burgers, it's like soft pretzel without the salt. A fan of the movie, the mural is cool. Great food, great shakes, BUT, the mural is the only Pulp Fiction vibe there, was a little disappointed. There was some techno stuff playing too, it's more of a college hang out. Not knocking them, I'd go back, the food was good....the vibe there just wasn't what I expected.

Abser Halim

Fantastic place and service was excellent. The fondue recipe seems to have changed since they opened and it's a fantastic addition to the already tasty burgers

Jennifer Worden

Excellent beef brisket sandwich Awesome Fruity Pebble shake!

Bre Nourse

Ok so I love that this place is always clean like super clean! The burgers are great...but I must admit, I'm a plain burger with lettuce, tomato and pickles...but this is a spot to go if you want an inventive burger...the fries are amazing..not traditional fries but I think way better...and the cinnamon toast crunch milkshake is too die for! I mean seriously...I go often just to order that!

Alexandra Touchstone

I love this place soooo much, and all the workers here are super nice.


I love their brisket. The area is also super cute and such a fun place to hang out and just kick back.

Bev Clark

Uniquely crafted, extraordinarily tasty sandwiches, sides and other menu items. Add the friendliness of the staff. Try them, you WILL like them!

James Demko

When they first opened I came with my vegetarian daughter for the Alexandrine burger & it was delicious . I have been back many times but what earns 5 stars is how efficiently their staff handled the Dally in thr Alley crunch. The boss was hands-on expediting orders, encouraging the staff, and taking care of customers. Local businesses are the best!

Ray Davis

Delicious! The staff is super friendly too.

Alex Perkins

Good-ish... hear me out. I love trying all of the trendy places (especially when they have cheese) but they could've done better the fries were pretty soaked in oil and those pickes were rough on the burger. The atmosphere is great with a play on pulp fiction but cheese sauce was cold on my burger and they ran out of fried mac. And the people kept taking away our plates silently before we were done like....? Anyway overall okay and not as expensive as every other trend restaurant but could do better

Rebecca Benedict

Loved it! Royal with cheese as a burger was delicious! Super friendly staff! Would definitely eat here again!

Lana Dababneh

Best fish tacos u will ever have, everyone loved their food , i don’t give 5 stars easily but this place is def worth 5 stars

nicole nice

Good food, cheap cool place

Rob B

This was my first time at Royale with cheese. I visited here with two of my cousins. We all ordered the royal and added the drink and fries for $3 extra. The Royal is wonderfully tender smoked beef brisket that is covered with the Royal sauce fondue sauce and other items it is served on a brioche bun. It was very good all of us loved our meals and we all said that we would return. At some point I would like to try their burger. But given how well the Royal Beef Brisket is I'm not sure I'd be willing to give up that wonderfulness.

Gurjas Batra

Great food, wish it was open a little later in the night

Omari Barksdale

The food want seasoned well enough.

Pam Shorkey

Really good burgers and fries. The chocolate espresso shake was awesome.

Aaron Fulton

Went for my Birthday, for the first time. Everything was fresh, hot and yummy! Well worth the Drive from Lansing.

Al Cunningham

The food was good, the service friendly.

Syed Ahmed

First time visit ..... I just can't wait to visit again. Best Burgers ..... hands down & excellent service. Owner came to our table to inquire about food quality & service. A "Must" try for anybody visiting Detroit.

Danielle Adams

Great place!! Food was amazing

Cameron Bain

Really cool people! We ran in late and they still took care of us. The food was awesome and fairly priced.

SuperStorm 511

Amazing burger place! Wide variety and selection of delicious, high-quality burgers along with flavored fries. Food came out only 10 minutes after ordering! Very friendly owner/manager came to greet us and everyone else in the restaurant. Burgers were exceptionally tasty and flavored fries were a must! The fries were house made and it showed! Burger meat also was of the best quality. The restaurant itself had a nice, modern vibe to it and a wonderful atmosphere. Would definitely come here again!

Reg Mciver02

Good quality hamburger. Good services

Sharp Cut

Love the atmosphere. Detroit has very good food in general but Royale with Cheese has its competition beat badly; the food is amazing, extremely clean, great employees, downtown Detroit, close parking, price for the food is definitely worth it. The art work inside and good music makes the wait very pleasant, looking forward coming back.

Sherrice Douglas

First time visit - great spot for burgers/fries/shakes! Would definite give it five stars if they used ice cream vs custard for their shakes. Still good though - just loses the 'cold' too quickly. Will go again.

Hailey Klos

My boss was trying to do something nice for all of us today (all 15 of us) and order us milkshakes, but apparently they won’t accept call in orders.

Jonathan Best

Good burgers!!!!!! And they let us bring our doggie on to the patio AND brought her water, ice cubes, and a little bit of ice cream. Thanks!!!!!!

Yusef Saleh

The meat of the burger patties was too lean, its supposed to be a ratio of lean meat and fat. But the patty was just crumbling and had no flavor. The buns are too thick and take away all the flavors of the food. 3 stars for good customer service.

Shirley Franklin

I ordered the burger special with fondue cheese! Delicious! The Bbq seasoned fries were excellent! The staff is wonderful and very accomadating! Will visit often!

Nancy Mattar

Wow! Great burgers with unique toppings and flavors. The fries are amazing! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Very cool vibe.

Arletha Walker

They would be perfect if they worked on their customer service, although I think it was simply the person they had at the counter today. She wasn't pleasant and she gave me my cup without the lid on so the skate went everywhere.

Kale Burkett-Rader

Lonnngggg wait. Good food

Nathan Germay

Food was very good. Atmosphere is fun. The shakes are really good and the fries were some of the best fries I've ever had...I've never had fries like these before.

Killoud Dabaja

This place never disappoints! I've been here over a dozen times and it is my place to go when I have out of town guests. The prices are right and we never leave hungry. When you walk in it feels clean and the staff is friendly I enjoy a place that is upbeat with loud music. It allows you to have private conversations with people without the next table listening. I love how the owner stops to make sure we are happy. One of the few places in the area that has outdoor seating. Kid friendly and safe to walk

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