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REVIEWS OF Redamak's IN Michigan

Louis Schachter

One of a kind place. Hamburgers are excellent and reasonably priced. The ambiance is classic 50's type restaurant. Service is fast and friendly. Along with my hamburger, I ordered onion rings. The onion rings were overpriced and disappointing. Been there multiple times and that would be the only negative I could think of.

Tim mangapelo

Great burgers here! Normally stop here for lunch about twice a year and food along with service is always excellent. Food is priced decently. Depending on time of year it can get very busy though.


Great place for food and a drink. Very happy to serve people and has a up beat feel to it. Everyone is welcome not a single person goes home hungry. Best place in the area.

William Davis

My family loves this place. We go a cou9le times each year on vacation. The giant velveeta cheeseburgers are the bomb.

Matthew Correll

Best hamburger ever! Very busy kind of loud but awesome burgers and great service

Lily B

Drove from Oak Park IL for a mini getaway to New Buffalo MI. Redamak's was highly recommended by many and did not disappoint. So so good. Freshly made and great atmosphere. Drinks were on point must try the Redamak's Punch

Theda Hack

It's just okay. Not sure what all the hype is about this place. Five Guys burger are so much better! Heck, Culver's has better burgers!

Jennifer Milas

A great place for burgers and fries! The waitresses are efficient and amazing. Love this place!!!

trac mill

I am not sure how this place gets it rep. I have been three times now. each time the same, mediocre food that is just not very good. This time I ordered a burger to go, and it was quite frankly, gross. The meat had no flavor, and I added mushrooms which were really bad, I think they may have been old? The burger was thrown together so that it was smushed and wet by the time I opened it. The fries were undercooked and soggy, and this was right when I got them, not after sitting. I have such a difficult time understanding how a place that is so renowned is not making their own fries? This place is getting by on it's age, and the fact I guess, that the folks that like it do not know any better. I will never go back.

[YT] MusicBoi257

I love it do much. The best burgers I have ever had arw served here. Wait time to be seated and to receive your food can be a little long, but the place is pretty busy and it is well worth the wait.

John Bucher

Historic stopping spot for burgers in the summer. Has changed over the years, but worth a try.

Eric Jaeger

The burgers and shakes are so tasty! I usually get the double velveeta burger and add bacon. So delicious! Cash only, so be prepared. Price is modest for the quality of food!

Christopher Adamo

Food is amazing. Service is decent for how busy they are. They only take cash so that's why the 4 stars. Its 2019 - add a credit machine!

Layla Lawson

I have been going to Redamak's since I was a toddler. I can still remember the old bar before all the remodels. I sat on a few books on the bar stool so that I could reach the bar to drink my very special drink. Shirley Temple, I thought they made it just for me

Bill Hodges

Cool place you can tell has history. Service was fantastic!! Will definitely be back!!!!

Owen Lahm

This place is incredible. The whole atmosphere of this place just gives off the feeling of food that won't fail to deliver a great time. I love the arcade. The arcade is small, but is forgiven for Ms. Pac Man and Galaga. I just couldn't find me sitting down at this place at the table, I was glued to the arcade. The food needs no introduction, It's great. The quality of the food, and the overall fact that the slogan is "the burger that made New Buffalo, IN famous" just amplifies the burger's image. You cannot go wrong with this place.

Michael Coffee

Redamak's is an institution and as long as they keep doing things as they have, they will remain so in perpetuity. Burgers are always excellent. Sides are great. I can even respect their no credit policy. I only regret I always leave as full as I do.

Tonya Feid

We really enjoyed this place. Fantastic drinks. Try the Mermaid Tail, it was delicious & had a generous amount of alcohol.


Sure, part of my review is nostalgia for the New Buffalo area, but try their pulled pork fries, fried clam strips, or one of their new signature burgers, and you'll see the food is actually solid if you know what to get. Oh and cheap cocktails don't hurt either. :-)

Kasey Hanover

This place is supposed to be legendary but the only real outstanding part of this experience was the price. It was way too expensive for burgers and fries. The food was fine but I took 4 people and ended up paying about a hundred bucks. This was for food and soda with milkshakes. No alcoholic beverages were purchased. The place only takes cash as well which is sort of annoying.

Matthew Moses

I stop here every time I'm in town. Its always delicious and the service is always great. Great atmosphere and most of the people that come to this establishment are present and respectful. Give it a shot and I'm sure you will enjoy!

Jacob Young

This place was really great for our family, the service was excellent and the food was cooked perfectly! It’s hard to find places where the kids can find something they all like, but they all ate their burgers here. Yeah, it’s not a fancy place, but that’s why it was perfect for our kids. They brought all food out super fast and we all were able to enjoy a great meal quickly. I decided to order the Double Ultimate Velveeta Burger, because well, why not do it if you’re there? It was giant, juicy and delicious. I saw a couple laughing nearby as I tried to fit it into my mouth, but it was worth it! You’d pay close to $12-15 in other places for a burger like this, but here it was just $8-9! Picture below. Good tip: We got there around 5:00 and got in immediately. It got more crowded while we were there, so go around then. FYI: They are cash only - my wife let me know and we went to an ATM on the way to avoid the fees from the restaurant ATM.

Daragh Fogarty

A very American experience. Very friendly staff, great burgers and great prices. Be aware you can't pay with cards here, but there's an atm inside. Overall a lovely experience of you're in the area.

M.E White

I love this place. Pork and waffle fries is amazing. Also try the deep fried pickles.... Yum.

Gerald Berry

Perfect burgers. Always good service. Price perfect for lunch on week days.

Michelle Lawalis

Excellent! Friendly accommodating staff and good comfort food menu! Tried the Bison burger, it was yummy!!! Great spud selection for your side dish! Sorry we didn't get a chance to go back and try something else! A definitely good choice when in the area! Easy to find and it won't break your budget!

Donna Dodd Silvia

My Cousin Debbie took me there for my Birthday. It was FANTASTIC. Their famous Hamburgers are incredibly tasty!!! Their sides are numerous choices. If you have never tried these folks, put them on your bucket list now.

Ryan Whittenburg

Always delicious. Our waitress was on top of everything and really good for a table of 7. Even after the kids switched spots after we ordered, she knew where everything went still. Food was delicious as always too. One of my favorites in the area.

Dawn Lynn Washington

Haley was a fantastic server. Very friendly and attentive!! I had the small Tavern salad which was great and was thrilled the soup of the day was stuffed green pepper. My friend had the velvetta burger and fries!! Also what made our night was some restaurants actually having barq's red cream soda and Pibb Xtra!! We will be back!!!!

Kevin Knight

Good 'ol fashioned burger joint! It's a big place with solid burgers and a big menu of other options, if those aren't your thing. It's usually bumpin' and has a bar, too.

Tom OConnell

Always great food. Burgers, fries and sides all excellent.

Michael Singleton

Love this place. The hamburgers are always exceptional and the service is, too. The rest of the menu is good, as well. Very busy and only open during the summer but worth the wait and, for us, the two hour drive.

Mark Minch

Been going there 36 years. Always a great burger with their velveeta cheese. Yum. Parking lot packed like usual. 5 minute wait. Nice!!!

Brandice Schumacher

Very delicious burgers and fries! Friendly service ! Always so nice and crowded. It is cash only so be prepared for that ahead of time!

Roy Brozowski

Great place for a simple meal. Nothing fancy here just good eats. Just always remember that it's cash only.

Gary Nicholson

A little busy but we only waited 10 minutes. The buffalo burger was excellent. New Buffalo is a really cool little town right along the lake.

Salvatore Manzo

Nice place, good food, everyone minds their own business, it's perfect! Awesome burgers!

John Fenchak

2 years in a row, 5 stars. Velvetta cheeseburger is awesome. Actually, everything is great. I’ve been coming here since 1989, as a little kid, and it never fails to impress/ deliver. Now I am lucky enough to be able to bring my kids. The food is good, nuff said.

Paul Eberhart

Overrated. This place was packed, although the food is just slightly better then Wendy's. Better bring cash because that's all they accept. What year is this? The workers are nice though.

Rick Engle

No summer can really begin until you have had a burger from this local hot spot in New Buffalo. Fare is pretty simple, burgers fries and some chicken sandwiches but very well crafted and they won't break the bank. Expect to wait a little to get seated but it's worth it !

Stephen Hicks

I remember the burgers being bigger. They do have bison which is an awesome lean meat. Huge variety on the menu from a burger to lake perch. Always a fun visit if you can stand the wait.

Scott Mabus

Food was good and so was the service. Prices were also good. Will be going back again

Kathy Meuninck

Been going to Redamak's for years. Not sure why they're adding all the different kinds of hamburgers when the original with Velveeta is the best they can serve. I understand, to each their own. The staff is usually friendly and the service usually quick. That's usually about a 40-minute drive to get there and it is worth it every time

Larry Kruse

Located somewhere between Three Oaks and New Buffalo Michigan is a hamburger joint called Redamak's . By their own hype outside and in the restaurant, it is a MUST GO to place because of its history. My friends had hot dogs that came in a basket. I had a hamburger with Velvetta cheeze that was placed before me wrapped in waxed paper. The burger was average, but the chocolate milk shake made up for anything lacking in taste or presentation of my burger. The prices, for a tourist place, were very reasonable and service was very good.

Gerrin George

Actually didn't intend on stopping at this place but a detour brought is to the restraunt. Atmosphere is nice, more casual dining with a small arcade area. Was super busy the night we were there but was served our food relatively quickly. I had there burger which I would give a 3 out of 5 not there best not the worst. My wife had the Philly cheese steak, which there not known for, and it was delicious. Probably 4.75 out of 5 it was that good. Even though there known for there burger. Definitely recommend keep in mind they only take cash or check.

Liesa Swejkoski

Nice place. Delicious burgers. Will stop in again.

Denice Jewell

I absolutely loves this place we drive almost an hour to go for the food. Very clean very nice and the ppl are the best. And their Redamack Punch is by far the BEST Adult drink I have ever have

Sam Bryant

Great size portions and very unique. It's cash only though and although they have an ATM, the fee is above average to withdraw any money.

Deborah Stewart

The staff was awesome. However, their food was not that good. A little disappointed.

Nathan Kazier

Great food, the 8 oz burger was amazing! Highly recommend. Line wait was 40 min but it was definitely quicker for our party of 9. I highly recommend the chips with bacon.

Waqas Ahmed

It was good. Not great. I have been to cash only establishments before and I believe they can do a lot better. The service was great but I do believe the beef could be improved. The tourists and locals obviously love it because it was packed.

Lenard Lynch

Burgers are famous, I can see why now! Double pattie mayo, raw onion, and tomato (my style) was good, less greasy than most, but not dry. Really awesome! Sides we're good too. Only open April-October (or close to this) so call ahead if you are not sure if it will be open.

allen hodges

Great food! Same as it was 10 years ago I now live in AZ. I am from SB, Indiana. I ate there many years ago....Allot. It was nice to see that good food and service has not changed. Nora was our waitress. She was awesome! Offered great suggestions for my family who have not eaten there before. Thank you for a great dinner Redamak's

Mary Rodeman

Supper with Courtney, Kyle, Landon, Myah, & John-Imre. Good burgers.

Grafton Hopkins Cook

Our family has been coming to Redamak's since the early 70's, when the new dining area was a sand-blown concrete slab. The food, the service, the atmosphere are like bacon and eggs. Once you know the smell, you'll never forget it (nor stop craving it). What's up with the Velveeta on the burgers? It's SW Michigan's version of a Philly Cheese Steak-only better. See you in July!

Dustin Fritschel

Delicious burgers. Good atmosphere. The only warning is that it is cash only, which can be difficult, but as long as you know ahead of time, it isn't that big of a deal.

ted klinger

Nice cozy restaurant, great burgers. Fair prices

David G

It was OK. On Sundays everything was a la cart, and they always do Cash Only, so be prepared for that. The burgers are okay, nothing to write home about and the wings are SUPER SMALL. The blueberry BBQ sauce doesn't taste like blueberry or BBQ, it's simular to Buffalo and simular in spice.

Mark Bedella

Another great experience, double cheese velveeta burger with a side order of chili cheese fries was outstanding. My wife orders the Ruben samich which is also outstanding. They only take cash here just a heads up and closes for the season real soon so call before coming.

JD Robby

We ordered the 4 slider combo, one of each: Turkey burger, hamburger, pulled pork, sloppy joe. We ordered cheese fries, $1.00 up-charge, with the combo. Drinks are separate, ordered 2. The bill was $17 and change. These were sliders, mind you, $17+.... Over priced, especially based on the quality of food. We were there because we were hungry and we were told they had the best burgers. Well, the recommending individual must not have had a good burger to compare to this. Nothing had much flavor; the fries were undercooked, waxy cheese to dip in, even adding condiments didn't help. The food tasted like old leftovers nobody wants. We wouldn't recommend this establishment, even though it's been around since the 40's. Maybe they need to reevaluate their menu, or the recipes. Something.

drew peek

Love this place! Never miss a chance to stop in. That being said, expect a 20 minute wait to be seated because the place is always packed. The "famous" burger is really pretty regular, but the atmosphere and service are what have made this place a tradition for our family.

Misty Snapp

Love this place I have been coming here for years! Drive almost 2 hours a few times a year just to eat here! Will continue to come and bring family to this awesome establishment!

Frederick Morrow

Best cheeseburger I've ever had if you get a chance to go before they close for the Year go you will not be disappointed

Lisa Kluszczynski

My husband and I were very excited to revisit this place after 35 years living out of the area. While the burgers were good with the Velveeta cheese, they were not as juicy as we remembered. The lake perch and fries were very good.

Ryan Fontanez

Got the Fried Veggies, Pretzel Bites, and a Cheese burger, loved every bit of it. It was delicious. Can't wait to go back!

Steve Holland

Good food, reasonable prices. The nostalgic items throughout the building were really cool. Old candy machine from the 70's was really neat to see.

Robert Kosin

Last Monday of a great New Buffalo Michigan visit with the obligatory stop at Redamk's before the seasonal closing ... March 1, 2019 can't get here quick.

Maximus Carontus

Love this place! It is a staple in every trip out this way. A tradition of sorts as I've been going since I was little. And we stopped every single time we passed. Now I do the same with my family and my kids are excited when they know we are going. Great burgers and atmosphere!

john vollmer

Family had a good meal and we enjoyed the local round barn kolsch.

Trang Boos

We got the black bean burgers and it was great! Nice patties , very tasty

Ryan Meagher

People say it's "gotten worse" since back in the day, but as someone who's only had their first burger here last summer, I have to put it in my top 3 burgers of Southwest Michigan. If you go during off-peak season, $10 can get you a burger, fries, and a beer! It's cash only, so make sure you bring an Alexander with you.

Nancy Herrin

What a cool place! Loved the decor - hockey memorabilia and antiques, lots of wood. Big place with cozy areas, great food, a kid zone. Wonderful service, friendly!

Bill Marcosa

It wasn't a bad Burger, but it definitely wasn't the best burger I have ever had. I expected a lot more because of all the reviews and people I had talked to, but experiencing it myself with my wife and daughter they all said the same thing. A bit overpriced for what you get, everything is a la carte unless you look at the special menu. They don't tell you about the special menu you have to find it on the table yourself. The wait was only about 30 minutes long when we get there at 4:30 on a Sunday, was it worth the wait, not really.

Kyle Myer

Amazing food. Great service. Always a pleasure to eat here. One of my favorite burger spots in northern Indiana.

Brian Vandygriff

First time there. Parking lot was packed. Have been by many times but never stopped. I will be going back. Great food and great service. Their signature burger is awesome.

Jason Damaske

Got this as a pickup order calling ahead... definitely glad I did... the place was busy and for good reason, I got a velveeta burger with sweet potato fries, both were pretty good!! I'll definitely stop back when I drive through!

james chanin

Line was to long to get in. Great Service. Burgers were good. Prices were fair.

Kristin Turner

We came all the way from AZ for this burger, but this time they were not as great as they have been in the past. Hoping it was just an off day, usually absolutely fantastic

Nora Grace

Great food! It's amazing how fast they can get people seated when they always have so much traffic. Also even though the burgers are famous the ranch is incredible!

Jerome Ratkiewicz

Over all. Very good. We had a very attentive server...I would have liked the french fries cooked a little crisper..

Pamela Hershberger

Very nice place and the food was good. It was very very busy the day we went and had a long wait to be seated. The restaurant and the parking lot was full. This part of New Buffalo is a tourist spot by the beach. We had a great time and will go again...

Kevin Case

Good food and good service. My family liked everything we tried. We would recommend if you're in the area. Be prepared, it is cash only.

Loman Fox

One of the best burgers I have ever had. The prices are fantastic for the amount of food you get! Even though it's about a 40min drive for me, I will be going back soon!

Michael Hageman

A double Velveeta Burger, yummy!!! Friendly Staff and Fantastic Food...

Kathryn Celeskey

My burger was so good. Crazy good. That bbq sauce though!! I'm so glad I stopped here to have my birthday lunch. Had never been, but will definitely be back

Thomas Ford

Had a wonderful double cheeseburger and tator tots with chili, cheese, onion and hot peppers.

Shelley Anzalone

First visit Saturday evening. We each got a cheeseburger, tater tots and chocolate malts. Yum!!! Server was nice and friendly too.

Dima Rasnitsyn

They were very busy (almost an hour wait), but their service was excellent; our waitress was quick, personal, and attentive. Unfortunately the food fell short of our expectations (based on other reviews). The hamburgers were over cooked, and the salads were average.

Beth Drotar

Enjoyed the bacon bison burger. Tender, juicy and packed with flavor. Yum!! Worth the tag of, "bite into a legend"!

Marc Marroquin

I’ve driven past the signs on I94 for 15 years and finally had a chance to come here. I like it and if you can stand a (brief) wait to sit you will be rewarded with a way better burger as compared to the typical fast food places along the highway...and it won’t cost that much more. I had a simple burger with Velveeta (very nice) and fries...all told it was about $9 (no drinks, just water). Burger was good (a little dry), toppings were fresh, and the fries crispy outside / tender inside. I’ll go back but as said below, this place is CASH ONLY. They have an ATM inside but expect to pay the obnoxious out of network fee.

Jim Hart

Legendary for a reason. Does a few things very well. Cheeseburgers fries onion rings shakes. What more could you want?

Lou Schultz

This place does not take credit cards. I understand the operational cost and all. Went there on 9-11-19 and yes they have an ATM Z but it was out of service and the sign was old. I really wanted a burger but the BBQ place (Buffalo Bills) across the street was amazing and guess what they take credit cards. So go there!

Ruben Gamez

Love coming here! Food is always on point. It gets busy but I never have to wait very long. The whole staff is super friendly.

Brian Dressel

I don't get the hype of this place. Fun vibe, but the food is just OK. Solid service.

Tony Laskowski

Great burgers. Good prices. Busy place so expect a wait.

Tara Warden

I know it's a hamburger joint but I don't eat red meat so I got the chicken. Everyone praised the hamburgers as one of the best they ever had. The chicken was dry and stringy. I'd get the turkey burger next tine

Alex Thoennes

I'm going to preface this by reminding (one more time) that Redamak's does NOT accept credit or debit. Bring your cash!! We went on a Monday night during the off-season. It was still relatively busy. We had to wait about 15 minutes for a table (8 people), but the staff was efficient and courteous. We were quickly seated. Drinks were delivered quickly, and the service was exceptional. The atmosphere is VERY casual. You won't be underdressed. The food was fine. Not bad, but nothing truly exceptional. More than anything else, it was just an extremely comfortable and friendly experience. Very kid friendly, and a good selection. I'd recommend it, and I'd go back. Don't expect truly exceptional food, but the service is great, and the whole experience is very nice.

Hans-Peter Forster

I would never have found the place if a friend had not told me. Great food and service. Not a chain store, definitely worth visiting.


The best! Fresh juicy cheeseburgers with lots of fried sides and appetizers to choose from. No summer is complete without 2-4 trips before they close up for winter.

David Moran

My opinion would be to get everything they offer on your burger, and get the pretzel bun. I really felt that pretzel bun just knocked it up a notch. And they have that combo side that is basically a sampling of appetizers. It has a lot in it, so that's a good choice.

Nick Pollock

We have been eating here for decades! That alone says something. Kind service and great burgers! Weekly dining staple.

amy golembeck

Sorry, mediocre at best. I really dont get the attraction here. I have been here 3 times since 2002. I always get the burger because that is was they are "known" for. Always disappointed. They first sat us at a table that was so small, the condiments took up 3/4 of the space and the plates wouldnt have fit.. They advertised outside seating, it was a beautiful day but wouldnt let us out there. Their bbq sauce is good and the waitress was nice.. that's all I got, that is positive.

Amy Beckberger

I'm giving 3 stars because I'm sure this place has good food, plus I've only been here once and can't really rate it harshly based on my personal experience with one meal. I ordered the southwestern salad... atleast, I think that's what it's called. It came with some romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, lots of cilantro, and LOTS of black beans and corn. Usually you get a small serving of beans mixed in with lots of lettuce, but it was the complete opposite with me and unfortunately I ate only about 1/3rd of the meal because the rest of it was basically beans and cilantro.


The best place ever! Every time I'm in the area we make sure to stop (well when it's open for the season anyway). Most people go for the burgers, but I can't help it if their pulled pork is my favorite.


The locals seem to like it. Two things to note before you decide to go or not: This is a cash only business (ATM is available inside) This is primarily a burger joint but all burgers are cooked medium well, it says so right on the menu, that's just how it's done. Service: Alright, so I'd say that the best part about this restaurant is the service, although there are some odd things about the service as well... When you first walk in the door there's a counter, you would assume that this is where you would wait to be seated, and when I went there were anywhere from 4 to 6 highschool to college aged girls standing at this counter at any given time. One of them told us that if we continued walking past the founder there would be someone there to seat us (she was very polite for the record) The lady who seated us was also very polite, even fulfilling a request by my girlfriend to be seated in the quietest portion of the restaurant, on account of her having a headache. Our server was also great, she was very attentive, polite, helpful with questions about the menu, and made a point to make us feel welcome, and not rushed after the check came out. Five out of five stars for service, despite the odd gathering at the front counter/desk. Food: The food, in my opinion, was much less enticing than the service. Don't get me wrong, if you're into "Velveeta Cheeseburgers, cooked one way" then this is your place. But I definitely didn't realize what I was getting into. For starters, I wouldn't necessarily consider Velveeta a selling point... But "Velveeta Cheeseburgers" are what they're listed as on the menu, I didn't try one of these, but I had a bite of my girlfriend's and I still don't understand the hype. I had the Bleu Burger. There isn't an option to have your party cooked any way other than medium well, or I would have, and honestly, I wish I'd pushed the issue to see if they would do it on request. The burger was kid of dry, despite the gallon of purple barbecue sauce (it was supposed to be blueberry flavored? I think? It wasn't.) But the only redeeming factor was that they absolutely loaded on the Bleu Cheese. They had a large selection of sides, a lot of which, most restaurants would consider appetizers, if you do go, I recommend you try one of these rather than getting the fries. Because the only way I could describe the fries would be "reminiscent of the skinny, crinkle cut, frozen fries from the super market" only with no salt. I overheard one of the bartenders telling a patron that the burgers "aren't seasoned in any particular way" which sounds about right. All in all, the food wasn't BAD bad. But it wasn't anything special, apparently this place is a favorite with the locals, I don't write understand that, personally. BUT! If well done Chuck slathered in processed cheese product is your cup of tea. I wouldn't dream of taking this experience away from you with a biased review, go get you some!

Stefan Carter

Classic cash only burger joint, great options for burgers amount other dishes. Minimal draft beer selection.


Awesome burger!!! Juicy, tender, and flavorful. I ordered it with the cheese light. I only like my cheese burgers with a slice, here they add Velveeta, so if you like it heavy cheese don't do anything, just enjoy. If you like a hint of …

Meaghan B

Always a great burger! 8yo said it was the best, juiciest burger he's ever had, and he eats burgers everywhere we go. Gluten free buns a good as well. You will have to wait, more than likely, but service is fast and food comes quickly.

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