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4480 Hagadorn Rd #103, Okemos, MI 48864

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REVIEWS OF Red Haven Farm to Table Restaurant IN Michigan

Tessa Johnson

We enjoyed our dinner at Red Haven. We tried almost everything on the menu with our group of 9. Everything was absolutely delish and unique. The desserts were our least favorite. The cocktails were also unique and delicious. Expect to pay a pretty penny but a nice place for dinner for sure.

Sage Miller

Delicious, unique dishes. Great service.

Brad Huizenga

Excellent portion sizes. I take issue with the other reviews saying the portion sizes are wrong. The portion sizes are spot on. This is tapas. Excellent tastes. Truly a unique food offering, which is very difficult to find. Simply delicious. Cocktails were great too (except for being $9 for mostly ice). However, I have a problem with the restaurant presentation. They can't seem to make their minds up about being rustic or not, and honestly the answer should be definitively NOT. I don't want to spend $170 for two people on a rustic farm drinking out of mason jars. Class it up or lower your prices by 30%. Will likely return but not soon. I hope they don't go under as they ARE doing something unique and wonderful, but the price seems out of line for the presentation.

Jackie Lancaster

Absolutely incredible. Service. Atmosphere. The food... Inspired and well crafted. Beautiful presentation but the flavors explode. What a gem.

Mark Huckabee

Outstanding farm to table restaurant with great small plates. Lamb was to die for!

Robert Howe

Love the variety and creative menu.

AJ Seelye

Best food I had in a restaurant ever.

Shari Causie

Good food and the service was great!!

Emma AG

Highly recommend this farm to table tappas bar during happy or at the bar 5-7pm!!! Support local!

Katie Shankster

Went here as a party of 3 for MIL's birthday. The menu is "disguised": you know the ingredients of the food and the title.of the dish is how it is cooked (ex: dish named "Toss" was described as "tomatoes, watermelon, sherry" but you could infer it was a salad). All of the plates are meant for sharing, so we ordered 6. The wait staff paced them to come out 2 at a time so we had enough time to enjoy them. Everything we had was beautifully presented and delicious! Atmosphere is great, good drink selection, desserts were fantastic. None of us had drinks, but with 6 plates and a shared dessert we left for $100 ($120 with tip). This place is a must try!

Patrice Hentz

Happy Hour is a must! Great food, staff, and atmosphere. I’m new to the area and this is the best restaurant I’ve been to so far hands down! I’ll definitely be back.

Connor Crombez

Red Haven is simply one of the best restaurants in the area, especially for small, sharable plates during their 5-7pm daily happy hour. Reasonably priced for the quality of food as well. The bisque (which cycles between different types) is always a highlight.

Jared Kramer

Great food and comfortable atmosphere. Smaller dishes meant to share. Nice having a place like that in the area.

Rishi Rawat

Excellent local option. They accommodated my wife’s dietary restrictions (gluten, dairy and soy).

Louie Dewey

This place rocks! Red Haven out California's California Cuisine and the Barkeep is a PhD level Mixologist! We will be dinning here every time we fly in from Sacramento.

Kathy Bozyk

Red Haven is an amazing restaurant with unique and delicious paring of ingredients. Great place for a group to share small plates. Farm to table at it's best. Love, love.

Alex Sylvester

Please go to Red Haven. This place is a spiritual experience. The food is worth the price!

Irie Lott

Hidden gem near the south end of MSU campus. Pricey but creative upscale food. Seasonal menu with small and medium plates to share. We ordered 10 different items to share, all unique and delicious. The brisket wrapped in blanched romaine was incredible - a play on stuffed grape leaves. Homemade foccacia was yum as was squash blossom. Lots of great drinks as well! Great place to celebrate a special occasion with a fabulous meal.

Julie Frei

So different. It's a dining experience...not rushed. Everything was delicious. My favorite was DREDGE...don't hate on beets...they are your friend. Amazing. A must try!

Sharzad Es

The service was good, but food was horrible, expensive and very little portion. I never come back here.

Brian Morden

Amazing! Unique food and drinks

Kimberly McCord

A gem. Playful, creative and fresh. Seems like they just opened but they have been there 7 years! I ate a salad of flowers!. Lyrical ricotta dish. Not for everday budget or calories but a worthwhile visit. We were passing through from up north.

Anthony Wolf

I wanted to like this place. I came out for a date with my girlfriend, and went home down $100 and disappointed. I don't mind an expensive and fancy meal. My problem is that the "fancy" part is poorly planned and executed by whoever decided on the menu, portions, and kitchen personnel. I would've given this place a 1 out of 5, but the wait staff were very professional and accommodating and the beverage selection was nice. The farm to table concept seems compelling, until you see, and pay far too much for, a sub-par kitchen to table performance. In case you need an example: the tomato "bisque" was served cold. The menu fails to mention that the bisque will be cold. I asked the server if the word "bisque" implies cold, and she agreed that it did not. There was a shrimp burger served on a brioche bun. The burger costs $24 and is served with some over-vinegared leafy greens, and the brioche bun it comes on is inexplicably greasy. High prices, small portions, as another reviewer put it: "supposedly to 'share'". Don't buy the hype, you'll be more satisfied at McDonald's.

Sara Dodson

Wonderful meal and service!

Kathi Braunlich

Happy hour at the bar is a nice deal - 6 days a week, small plates and select drinks for $5 each. Actually, no. It's awful. Forget you read this and don't tell your friends cuz I don't want it any busier than it already is!

Jon Collins

Interesting food, reasonable prices. If you like food that is unique and creative, something you may have never tried before this is your place. That doesn't mean things you don't want to eat, it means simple ingredients made in a creative way with lots of flavor. A great place to go have a couple beers and try some simple happy hour appetizers to share.

Tracy Peters

Excellent experience! Palate approved!

Joseph Marinez

Wonderful experience, food was incredible

Zack Carlson

Impressive flavors, beautiful plating, amazing drinks, top-notch server! I’ll definitely be back!

Daniel Symonds

It's good, I'll be back

3 Dudes & Dinner LLC.

Amazing!! Best meal I've eaten in 5 years. Went there for the Wifey's birthday and ordered 1 of everything. Nothing but Kudos. Local, seasonal, tons of talent on display. Experienced some ingredients 5+ different ways and each was unique and tastey. Drinks were on point. Service was attentive without being intrusive and warm with a smile. We drove an hour and a half both ways and will definitely be back.

Mat Denison

First time we loved it, second time it was meh. Hopefully next time we get back to track

Frank Taylor

Small plates and a farm to table menu. Items change weekly so go with the recommendations of the staff. Well worth the premium price.

Juanita Li

Firstly, I think you need to come to the restaurant with the right expectations. This is tapas (small plate) style, so it will cost more. This is pretty typical of a tapas restaurant. There are some entree priced items in the $20+ range that might offend some, but you cannot compare this restaurant to a $20/person restaurant. This is definitely a $50-60+/person restaurant. We like to try "farm to table" restaurants. We lived 10+ years in CA (pricey Silicon Valley) and are now in the DC area and we've tried a few places where the restaurant either gets produce directly from family farms, or they have a garden next to the restaurant. We had a party of 5 (one 5 year old and one 8 year old), so we ordered just about everything except maybe 3 or 4 items. Everything was very tasty and unique. My kids were very happy clams, trying bits of everything and enjoying everything but the hash. Dishes were served at a good pace, new items arriving just as we were finishing a round of dishes. My father-in-law, who had never heard of a farm to table restaurant, was very pleasantly surprised and enjoyed himself immensely. For someone accustomed to meals in the $50+/person range with an adventurous palate, this is worth a visit. I hope to visit again when we are in town. I will say that this is *not* the best place to bring kids. While my kids were happy and kept themselves entertained by drawing, they've eaten a really wide variety of ethnic foods mainly because of where we've lived. Red Haven serves a fusion of different flavors. We were actually pretty surprised they were so happy and had fed them a healthy snack before we left the house for the restaurant.

Scott Rudy

This place has awesome food and drinks. I highly recommend you should visit at least once in your lifetime. I have every intention to get back there as often as possible.

Trevor Hoover

Authentic fresh food with a nice refreshing look. Awesome food!

Adam Nack

Absolutely wonderful food and service. Great presentation and flavor. The price is high, but totally worth it. Every single thing was delicious and Melissa (our server) is one of the most pleasant people I've ever had as a server.

Nicholas Humphrey

Food was too salty, as in inedible, and I love salt. One of the few times I have ever sent food back, the kitchen manager could be heard yelling expletives about me. Sever handled it very well, though and got a fat tip.

Emily Spurlock

Cool atmosphere. Had to Google most ingredients but good food.

Jay Jung

Tried bisque, broil, Carbonara and cheese. Bisque was salty and cold(I am not sure that is normal, but not tasty). Carbonara has onion noodle, not spaghetti.

James D. Snook

The food, plating, and service was incredible. Jeff, our server, was amazing!

Emily R

So fabulous & tasty!!! Fresh, delicious food & definitely a unique gem for the Lansing area!!!

Carrie Reno

Wonderful! Fresh & unique plates. Great service.

Katrina Tollenaar

Great food! Great service! Can't wait to go back.

Nate Leonard

I love the food here! There are always combinations that I would never believe work, but they pull it off. Great for adventurous food lovers.

Jimi Owen

Great food and service. Comfortable atmosphere. 10/10 would go again.

Jesse Soldan

High quality, fresh food and made from scratch. Cooked right. Staff and chefs seem to really care. Love the atmosphere.

Lisa Harvinderk

It's a bit pricey but oooomg it's delicious!!!!!

Go4hcky uws

Absolutely must stop when you're in Lansing, MI!

Martha Preckler

Expensive, loud and slow. Good was poor, good and great. We sampled every dish on the menu so I can say that.

Aubrey S

The food was SO GOOD and the service was FAST and friendly. Would totally recommend. I will be back! Would recommend their Greek wrap!

Hariharan Murthy

My fav restaurant in East Lansing. My fav is the Pavlova.

Daryn Pobanz

Enjoyed a fantastic lunch with a good friend. Wonderful service and tasty food. I'll be back.

Esther Garfield

The shrimp burger was amazing!

Susan Linton

One of the best meals I ever had. Lots of interesting delightful dishes l have never had before. All yummy.

Sunny McKaig

Pickle-fennel to die for but pickeled cherry was a bit off and threw off the balanced the plate (not bad but surprising) Bake-was nice and very crunchy Waiter humored is finding the right bottle of white wine Jeff 3 chefs at the kitchen/stove under the lumps-efficiently working together Enjoying each other but not taking from the pace they are working at Mash-heat In tomatoes goes well with cream. Cream and ham within the potato was very salty (only plate so far that we didn’t finish) Tempora-flash fried flower filled with amazing ricotta but the foam on top is pretentious however I could eat 5 flowers⭐️⭐️⭐️ Grind-was perfect Saute’-a lot of work for a sweet bite of shrimp. Once you peaked the shrimp you lost the bread crumbs. Pavlova-treat from kitchen Candy bar-rice treat cocoa powder paw paw fruit Za/beignets-with cherry “that’s a happy place” Dark roast French press-on point

Larry Rueff

Fantastic food and service. Hard to find from the roads but close to Michigan State University.

Wil Thieme

After a trip full of disappointing restaurants, it's nice to find nice ones on my way home. Red Haven was the perfect place to stop after a long day's drive. Small enough portions to be edible and utterly delicious fare with craft cocktails that are unique and inviting. The cheese plate was my favorite of the 5 plates that my party ordered with a really scrumptious balance of flavors. The service was very good with a friendly and attentive but not overbearing waiter. We got a reservation and we're glad we did as it filled up quickly after we sat down. They appeared to have a pretty nice beer and wine selection as well although I didn't try any.

Dean Parrott

If this were New York, LA or Chicago there would be a six month wait for this place. They have an inspired menu and environment backed up by an impeccable staff and bar!!

Jason VanSickle

Just celebrated sweetest day here and all I can say is that I will be back! The food is absolutely delicious and very good quality. The service was on par and was genuinely fantastic. Look My forward to visit #2!

matt petree

Very interesting dinning experience. Unique food and drinks. Come with an open mind. Would definitely recommend. The restaurant is small, and due to popularity can become loud. The tables can seem a bit cramped with all of the good (small plates) food. Def. worth a date night or something special.

Les Hayden

Food was good, an interesting change from the usual fare. It was slow getting the different servings to the table. Would prefer a menu that better described the dishes.

Amy Mumby

Great food. Quaint atmosphere. Friendly staff

Donna Kay

Probably the most awesome food I've ever eaten. Truly remarkable. We had a table of four, and ordered 11 dishes, so probably 2/3's of the menu. And what they can do with an apple!

Rick Evans

I just moved back to Michigan, from Portland, Oregon (the foodie capital of America), so I was a bit skeptical at first. Let me just say, this place did not disappoint! Definitely will be coming back, and bringing my foodie friends!

Brian Titus

Delicious shared plates, some over-priced.

Duane Kerkstra

Great food, great service, enjoyable night with friends

Clarissa Grimes

Absolutely everything is delicious and fresh. The ambience manages to be homey and classy at the same time. The menu changes with the seasons, so don't count on ordering the same thing twice, but it doesn't matter, because everything is delicious.

Jill Grogan

Mixed experience: some things were very good, others not so great. Small portions. Pretty expensive. Our waiter was a bit snarky and seemed impatient even though only 3 tables were occupied. The menu does change periodically, but not sure if I'll come back.

David Ewoldsen

Red Haven is one of the better restuarants in East Lansing. The dinner menu is primarily small plates. Everything I have had at Red Haven has been excellent. Some of the food is very creative, but I enjoy that in a dining experience. The soups are amazing. Tuesday night is 1/2 price bottle of wine. The wine selection is very good. I have always found the staff to be extremely helpful. One of my favorite destinations in town.

Katrina Groeller

More people need to know about this place! The food is super delicious and fun to eat, the atmosphere is refreshing, and the service is great. Would return for sure! I thought "small plates" would leave me hungry -- not at all. I'm stuffed!

Christopher Klaus

Excellent and very friendly staff. I was a bit too ambitious in trying a dish that sounded a mildly spicy, my fault there. The duck was really good, but the baked meringue was amazing. :)

Ann Chrapkiewicz

One of my favorite places to eat in Michigan. Fresh and creative, always local. They use the Okemos-grown shrimp too - the only shrimp I really like to eat these days because it is SO fresh. GREAT desserts, and one of the only places I order mixed drinks at.

Clark Switalski

Very good food. Good flavors in every dish. Dishes are small, so order more than usual.

Mike Walker

Awesome food, great drinks, the best service I've ever had.

Eileen Hauser

Great farm to table. Menu changes seasonally. Little pricey but delicious.

Melissa Fischer

Excellent farm to table food

Elizabeth Miller

Very unique dinning experience. Also very expensive. And very time consuming.

Marc LeCureux

Quality, fresh food

Laurie Ludlow

Service was excellent! Food was delicious!

Dave Krage

First time back since they first opened. Everything we had was delicious! The bread and pickles (really nice flavor to the brine - less pickley and more herbal), the brisket (very tender and great depth of flavor with the killer gravy) and the cheese plate with Brie (I’d ask for extra honey). Our cocktail with rose and thyme notes was also great. Kinda pricey, but very satisfying.

Myles Barlow

Every meal is perfectly prepared. Everyone who I dined with remembered everything they ate, and how amazing they were. They are farm to table so their menu could rotate but their scallops were absolutely fantastic. It's pricey, but the food is so good that it's worth it.

Ahmed Issawi

Food was good, customer service was great nice ambiance. it is a little a pricey

David J Yuan

Love and care is put into every plate. Red Haven is one of the most creative restaurant in the area.

janghee cho

Very creative dishes. They feed you a fresh food, not like typical American food.

Michele Breech

Chef's plating is fabulous and the Tate to match

tom adams

Unique, stunning meal and service . E.lansing is lucky to have this great dinner option.

Wendy Bollman

Great service, food and experience! Will be back. Thank you so much for a Wonderful evening

Brendon Thiede

Delicious, unique dishes, and the staff was wonderful.

360 Photo & Design

We just went on a culinary adventure. What an amazing place. Their menu changes regularly because it's seasonal, but don't let that discourage you. If you fancy yourself a foodie, then do yourself a favor and try this place. Pro tip: Sit on the patio and get a sangria. Nothing tastes more like summer.

Sean Corp

Menu is so focused on being hip (read pretentious) it doesn't do a good job of actually describing the food. Not into any restraunt that Instagrams every dish that comes out of the kitchen.

anthony bui

Fantastic food. Great service. You are going to have to spend a pretty penny here but it's worth it. You order 2-3 plates per person and it can quickly add up. I hope you love it as much as we did!

Amy Bay

Wow- great experience! Braden was an incredibly welcoming host at the bar. Food and drink... impeccable. Best happy hour around- I look forward to my next visit.

Guadalupe Luna

Extremely expensive for not fully cooked squash; teeny tiny portions supposedly to "share." I love the concept and seek these types of restaurants but maybe we had an off night? Bottom line for me is to spend my funds elsewhere.

Thaddeus Kunkel

Casual atmosphere for fresh, seasonal, creative dishes. They never disappoint

John Schnettler

Poached walleye and Pavlova for dessert.

Christine Hill

Everything was great! Fantastic food, awesome atmosphere and very friendly staff! We will definately be back...highly recommend!

Andy McIntyre

Oh my, extremely unique and delicious, and yes you can eat the flowers!

Joseph Roth

Portions are small and the menu is a bit pricey, but this is to be expected since it is locally sourced and served to a very small group of people each night. The small portions allow your party to try many different dishes. The experience was great. However, the food is simply hit or miss. The mussels and shrimp sandwich I had were made to perfection. Unfortunately, most food is over-seasoned. I expect to experience the flavors of the meats and vegetables, and not only salt and the glazes. The bisque tasted like salt, and you couldn't even taste the morel mushroom behind the maple glaze. I love the concept, however, the food is simply not prepared well enough for me to justify the expense of going back.

A Gunny

great small plates and drinks!

Fred Van Antwerp

We came with a group of six for the first time. We decided to order everything on the menu, which ended up being about three plates per person. The idea is to share the plates to create a very social activity; this worked pretty well as we all had a lot of fun. Most of the dishes were very creative and innovative but some of the dishes were nearly impossible to split even four ways (like the walleye). Some dishes were so small that it was a little ridiculous, like one small shrimp on one skewer and bone marrow. The bread that accompanied the dishes was delicious. The portions of wine were skimpy. We were anticipating more vegetable offerings, given this is farm to table. Many of the dishes were rich and vegetable or salad offerings would have been appreciated. Overall, the experience was fun, the food innovative and tasty, but the prices just too high. With tip, and two glasses of wine apiece, we spent $80 per person.

Anne Johnson

I attended their New Year's Eve event and it was wonderful. The food was creative and delicious, the staff were friendly and extremely helpful. I was dining with a friend who is a bit of a 'foodie' and the waitress cheerfully answered (or got an answer to) all of his questions. Definitely would recommend this place.

Jeremy Wilson

If we didn't have food sensitivity, then it would have been a very creative interesting meal. We informed them of our food restrictions and instead of asking us to clarify they moved forward with confidence. Well, lagumes are not Paleo and putting soy in our food when we specifically said we could not have it was not ok. With 35 minutes of eating we felt bad with stomach and head aches. UPDATE: we felt crappy for a week thanks to this very expensive meal.

Chanavia Smith

The service is amazing, the food is wonderful, and the alcoholic beverages are crafted to perfection.

Bruce Zapor

Terrific food. Expect to be challenged gastronomicly, worth the challenge

Pete Palazzolo

Great waiters and small plates. Very creative menu with many vegan options.

Travis Stoliker

One of the most uniques and highest quality food in the greater Lansing area. From how they source their food, to the presentation of their drinks, it's always a great experience.

Clay Skougard

Absolutely love this place. Being vegan and vegetarian it is hard to get a great date night. This place kills it everytine. Seasonal offerings and wonderful service. Hats off to the Chef and staff.

Stacy Graves

The food here is amazing and the staff is so friendly! I love that everything is made using local vendors.

Kerry Lohr

Unique menu. Changes with the seasons. Fantastic food. Staff is very friendly and helpful with the menu

Brandon Collins

All of their small plates were refreshingly creative twists on old tapas favorites with delicious fresh ingredients. They encourage sharing so definitely bring a friend so you can mix and match off each others plates! I wasn't a fan of everything I ordered, per se, but the culinary adventure and sampling so many types of foods was great and I didn't even begin to explore their surprisingly extensive beer and wine list! Will be going back.

Victoria Kaye

Very trendy. My party loved the food. I personally am a picky eater so if you are too then you won't like %90 of the food. But very pleasant service!

Moore Life Health and Healing

Hands down best local quality organic food I've eaten out in the Greater Lansing area. Food is always local and in season, so you'll always try something new. Fantastic atmosphere and great friendly service.

Jim Glennie

Jannel and I are regulars. The menu is interesting, different and changes often. The presentation and preparation of the food is wonderful. We love to sit at the Chef's counter and watch the "show". The food is always unique and tasty. Red Haven is one of our favorites - always a good experience!

C. Ryan

We hosted a dinner party in their cozy side room. The fresh, seasonal menu had something for everyone and was expertly prepared, with playful but delicious nuance. The craft cocktails and approachable wine list allowed everyone in our party to pair their meal perfectly. The service was top-notch, friendly, responsive. I highly recommend this restaurant!

Linh Nguyen

This place's atmosphere was very airy and relaxing. The food was great, although the grind was too salty for my taste. The bisque was amazing. The shrimps (saute) were exceptional, and I'm picky with my seafood. We had an apple up-side-down cake for dessert and it was delicious, especially the icecream! The highlight, though, has got to be the homemade sugar that came with my coffee. I could feel the care and the hospitality from the chefs and servers, and that showed through the ingredients, the food, and the service. My husband and I definitely come back to support this business and try other dishes.

Rick Klemm

Great and unique meals

Ryan Uhl

Fantastic a creative cuisine. Love the atmosphere and great service. opem kitchen concept with hyper locally sourced food. If you get a chance check out their food truck "The Purple Carrot" at farmers markets around the lansing area.

KCA Coleman

Love it!

Gary Zembow

Loved every bite

Ashley Hewlett The Baketarian

Delicious and a constantly innovative, changing seasonal menu. Good vegan and vegetarian options.

Andrew Popowich

A fun and inventive experience!

Shawn Gilley

It's kinda out in the middle of nowhere, but it's also worth the drive. The food was fantastic and the service was even better. I had the Chivita. The flank steak was perfectly cooked. The tapenade was delicious. And the garlic aioli was actually aioli, not watered down mayo.

Tom Schmelzer

Wonderful fresh and creative small plates. Fun to share. Great craft beer and reasonable wine selections. A great value and excellent service.

Josh Joshuaa

Came here for Mother's day and shockingly it wasn't that busy. Server who took care of us did a good job although when asking her questions she didn't know anything about the menu saying it's a new menu for today. It's a little strange because usually when a new menu comes out for a holiday the Manager and Cook would get together and have the staff try it and know questions about the items being served. I ordered the French Toast which was ok besides the fact a quarter of it was completely burned and the carmel was clumped up and stuck so could only eat half of it. Then our entire table ordered Quiche and everyone's was cold. The best part was the Fries and those also came burnt but adding Ketchup helped.. All in all wanted to try this place for awhile and well the portion sizes and quality of food for the price isn't worth it. 19$ for a small slice of Quiche and a small side...

Alexa Warwick

Terrible food - salty and bland. Consistency for our tiny and ridiculously expensive dishes was either way too rich/creamy, soggy, dried out, or too crunchy. So disappointing and the server did nothing to remedy when I said the food wasn’t good repeatedly. We couldn’t even eat the fourth dish it was so gross and I just asked for the bill ($83!?) right after it arrived. Wine was the only palatable item. I really don’t know what people like about this place. We will never be back and will definitely warn off any of our friends.

Juli Smith

My tastebuds were excited! Everything was amazing. Tip.... the pepper soup is amazing but FILLING. we should have ordered the shot glass size. The glazed cauliflower was spicy and sweet and just amazing. Excellent service!

Walt Linn

Always happy with a visit to Red Haven. Fresh food, interesting combinations, always vegan offerings or adaptations. Sit at the bar between 5:00 and 7:00 for decent wine, beer and cocktail prices, with $5 tasting plates. Great way to get familiar with their food without breaking your budget!

Patience Miller

Delicious food and the service was great. Locally sourcei when possible. Eat clean!

Brandi Wright

Amazing service, cute and courteous waiter, wonderful flavorful food. Would definitely go again if I lived in the area.

Desiree Wright

Amazing food, great atmosphere, will definitely come again!

Cindy Anderson

It was such an amazing place to eat. Unique food choices, delicious and eye appealing as well as excellent service! Will definitely be going back!

Martinique Narezo

Deliciously food and fantastic atmosphere

Jeffery Gower

Red Haven is the best restaurant in the Greater-Lansing area. Unique, well-planned menu. A staff second to none. Highly recommend!

Kay Lee

Yummy yummy yummy! Creative, beautiful dishes with amazing service

Michael AR

Friendly and professional staff . Great and cozy atmosphere for dinner. Went for my wife’s birthday and it was our first time visiting after hearing great things about this place. The food was excellent from presentation to taste, with a creative combination of fresh ingredients. Our server did an amazing job explaining the menu and each dish ingredients . Will definitely go there more often.

Laura Delgado

We tried the BAKE, FRY, MASH, ROAST and SEAR. None of the plates was mind blowing to me - which I expect when I have a $140 bill for two. There was always something: FRY was an awesome flavors combination of spices and tart, but then the cauliflower was a bit burnt. Mash had DELICIOUS beets and arugula but fried cheese balls with a dissonant flavor were added - these were yummy and melted in your mouth, but i felt didn't go with the earthiness of the rest of the plate. The SEAR could have definitely gone better without the mayo-like sauces and should have exchanged the sweet potato chips for some veggies. Altogether, this restaurant charges similarly as some restaurants that were delicious and cooler looking (quick examples could be Toasted Oak and Seldom Standard). On the good side, the drinks were good - which is important in a place like this.

Jim Hall

Cute place. Very fresh and delicious food! I can strongly recommend [CHEESE] (check out their Tapas menu). A little expensive for my general taste, but food was wonderful and service friendly and attentive. Reservations recommended for supper... we didn't have one, but arrived for an early supper; if we had arrived 30mins later, we might not have got a table.

Michelle-Randy Carlson

Really amazing. This place is a special treat for my friend and I to meet for a girls' dinner. The food is always fascinatingly delicious and creative. Each time I come, I'm always worried that I'll be hungry when I leave because the portions are moderate (compared to most restaurants), but I always go away feeling so full and satisfied. It's not a cheap place to eat if your on a budget like me but it's worth every penny. Probably what food SHOULD cost if we didn't buy factory farmed stuff. I love that they source so much locally and regionally. Great service, amazing food, nice ambiance. Give it a shot for a special and fun meal.

Herbal Warrior

Terribly expensive, especially for what you get. My family of 5 was over 260.00 + tip,didn't include dessert, and I walked away hungry. Tapas? How can I share a plate when there is only 3 bites on it? They may get it from the farm but they've sure never worked there. # hardwork=appetite # valueofadollar

Ryan Hawkins

Our date night spot. Always great food and bartenders have been awesome!

Epic Auctions and Estate Sales

Unique and interesting food. A bit pricey. Would go there more often with a lower price point.

Summer Kriegshauser

Excellent! Interesting dishes with unique combinations that are delicious. Plenty of gluten free options available! Service was great.

Alyssa Ackerman

I live in California and have been here only once. My family, however, comes here often and rave about it constantly. The one time I did eat here, we literally ordered the entire menu. The menu is creative and clearly well-thought out. They offer some very unique dishes and tons for different kinds of eaters (I'm the only vegetarian at the table). They also offer an array of fun cocktails and great local beers. The staff is super friendly and helpful, and the atmosphere is clean and cozy. It's clearly loved by locals and always pulls a crowd. Looking forward to it on my trips home!

roy muthler

Decent. Not amazing. No drive thru options annoy me.

Natalie Garr

Best restaurant in east Lansing! Hard to frequent because of the price but well worth it. Every bite you take will be an amazing flavor you've probably never experienced. Always a pleasure to eat here!!

Joanne Galloway

Personable service! Unique menu. Creative dishes. Menu lists the ingredients but how it is prepared is left a bit unexplained! Clever combinations. Not ma's meat and potatoes dinner! We loved it.

Business Hours of Red Haven Farm to Table Restaurant in Michigan

11:30AM–2PM 5–9PM
11:30AM–2PM 5–9PM
11:30AM–2PM 5–9PM
11:30AM–2PM 5–10PM


Red Haven Farm to Table Restaurant en Michigan
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