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REVIEWS OF Nonla Burger IN Michigan

Kenia Torres

Basic burger- everything about it was basic, except the sauce. The sauce is tasty. The fries were also basic, even though they’re made there.

leah ankney

Love this place, the food is great and the service is excellent. I love supporting local businesses ✌

Maxwell Berkowitz

Just as good as the original nonla, just cheaper and with burgers

Mary Hurd

our first time there and it was great will definitely go again

Peter Churchill

Greatest burgers in town! The price is a little higher but the quality matches. The portion of fries is more than gracious. The burger of the day is always amazing and my favorite is the breakfast ones.

Doris North Ohler

I finally found my perfect place to get a good burger their fries are delicious to. They will also wrap your burger in lettuce if you don't want a bun. Delicious.

Armando Munoz

Tried it for the first time today!! It was pretty good. I'll be going back to try out the chicken sandwich!!

Blaise Ndukwe

Since I'm a vegetarian, I can't eat any of the other burgers, but their burger option for vegetarians, the beyond veggie burger, is really good. I've gotten it every time I order along with fries and their house-made pickles. Everything I get is always really good! The customer service is always top notch too.

Dexter Dakota

Excellent hole in the wall burger joint. Limited menu, and everything we tried was delicious. Service is quick and friendly. I recommend going there after 1pm because they get pretty packed for lunch.

Phoebe Duisterhof - Knapp

Friendly staff/management, great food and quick service!

Kayla Young

Yummy food❤️

Sarah Garnica

Simple and classic. Outdoor seating and really good shakes.

Caleb White

Not a lot of seating. Not a lot of parking. But very worth it. Great cheeseburger and fries. The chicken sandwich nonna nonla style is the best item though.

Kendra Combs

A tiny, lovely neighborhood burger joint with a cool vibe and great prices. Seriously, very cheap for how good it is. The quality is evident in all they serve. The fries make me want to weep with joy. Only one shake flavor a day, which bummed me out at first, but it makes me try new flavors which I appreciate now. Rotating special burgers are always exciting.

Ashleigh quinn

On of my favorite burger joints. In kalamazoo

Eric Westmoreland

Good veggie burger, tasty fries. Small building, not much seating.

Michael Sage II

I will eat nonla burger everyday. I can remember the first time I went in there and got just a single nonla burger....big mistake you will want two. They also have shakes of the day and I have not been disappointed with any of them. I will continue to go there and will not have a bad thing to say about this place other than it needs more parking spots!!

Nicholas Lester

I love the burgers here. Shakes are another go to. The French fries area soooo good too.

Justin Baur

The regular menu here is amazing but they also have incredibly great and unique specials that make this place even better. The staff here is also fantastic.

MICountryLife 1983

Quite the quaint little burger joint. Very busy which was worth the wait. Great place, great prices, and probably the best fries I've ever had. Went with my wife and 3 kids, and all loved it. My youngest was upset because she ate all her burger, and wanted more.

Casey Grooten

Cannot believe how good the prices are, very very happy. Parking sucks but that can't be helped unless they tear down the building next to it. But it was DELICIOUS! Thank you Nonla!!

Martin Erity

Fantastic! Great local alternative and competitor for five guys.

Todd Ramsdell

Great food and friendly service! Very limited on seating though.

Joshua Norris

Great food. Menu is small, maybe try adding something new every so often. Staff is very polite and friendly. Really needed a fast food place in that location.

Scott Yoho

Extremely friendly staff and amazing burgers... this place is awesome.... Looking forward to our next visit.

Matthew Nason

Gotta have it Nonla style.

Anthony Parente

Great little place tucked away just south of Kalamazoo Mall.

Jess Fales

The vegan impossible burger is everything! I love this place.


My third visit and it was as good as the other two. I had tried the chicken sandwich my last visit and it was good but the double burger and fries is still my favorite at this place. Seating is always a challenge so be prepared to eat in your car if you come during the busy hours.

denise thrash

I didn't like any of the food .

Nicole Wescott

Small, cozy atmosphere. Delicious food for spectacular price. Next time mention the $1 upgrade so I can put all of that yummyness on my sandwich

David Hatten

We got carry out, because there's not a ton of room and the tables are almost always full. But regardless of where you enjoy your food the burgers and fries are simply incredible. Truly one of the best burgers I've ever had. If you're a fan of hamburgers, I cannot recommend this place enough!

Dylan Walter

excellent food and better service! The flavor of the burger was amazing. The fries are perfect and not too salty. I would love to try their shakes sometime.

brian opdycke

Very small but amazing Burgers

Jeff Panaka

A great burger and fries with a great atmosphere. Very nice staff as well. One day I was here and there was a thunderstorm that was rolling through the valley. Everyone here stopped to watch it. A kid came in with long hair and order a shake. The staff upgraded it to a large and the kid was really happy and went back outside into the storm. The place has a subtle ambiance which is really special and I love coming here on a cool saturday night.


I like how simple it is. Great experience and very nice employees.

Sarah Smith

Super cute and cozy Like a step back in time with the music, shake, burger and fresh cut fries with a modern twist. Love the chicken sandwich! Food is wonderful ❣

Damien Hawkins

Staff is awesome. Food is fabulous. First time here and I will make it a point to come back. Very warm and inviting.

Kyle Hibbard

Cheap basic burger, fries and shakes (small menu with few rotating flavors). Tiny place (outdoor seating doubles capacity) so expect to likely wait though you can order to go also.

Jim Laurain III

Best fries I've had in a long time. Good burgers too!

Brittani Davis

Wish this place had honey mustard or bbq. If you don't like ranch or "Mac sauce" your out of luck at this place.

TJ Pounds

The restaurant was nice & clean, very friendly staff BUT the food wasn't as good as eveyone hyped it up to be.

Alex S

Great burgers! They’ll even make a lettuce wrap burger if you don’t want the bun!

Amber Jones

Fricken amazing chicken sandos. Best ever. Tears to my eyes so good. Get the fries the nonla way. You won't be disappointed.

Tricia Dinda

Burgers were excellent, as always. Large portions of fries, but there was a hair in our fries. It wasn't ours, I was wearing a hat and hubs doesn't have any. Additionally, there were so many people behind the counter, it was hard to order.

Queen Rose

Awesome! I loved the burger and the chicken sandwich! The toppings and sauces are fresh and yummy. I was full after eating half of my burger. They also have a vegan burger and a lettuce bun option. It was only 11 dollars for my sister and me to eat there and we were really happy. The seating outside is decorative and the staff is really friendly.

ek gjothesen

Another stop on my endless quest for the perfect burger. Nonla did not disappoint. It's a very small place, with limited seating, and not a lot of places to stand and wait for take-out orders, but worth it. There is also not a lot of parking so I imagine peak times might get a bit hairy. Their chicken and fish "sandos" look amazing and their specials are unique. Will definitly be back to try something else. Have my eye on a Monte Cristo burger that looks sinfully good. Also, their house pickles were quite good, and the fries satisfying.

Joey Azar

Had the veggie burger. Very good!!

George Snells

Fresh homemade food hot when you get it

Jonathan Shadoian

Top notch Burg's!

Austin Whipple

Nice simple menu, generous fry portions, and their spread is great.


Friendly and tasty

Tara Gauthier

Great burgers, friendly staff and quick service. Very small and kind of crowded but a great place for take out. Will definitely be back!

Tim Barnett

Friendly, clean, Good food.

Ron Howard

My favorite burger spot in town. Fresh ingredients, killer specials, and a friendly staff that makes sure you enjoy your visit. Oh and it doesn’t break the bank. I would highly suggest skipping the chain burger joints and giving this place a try, you won’t regret it.

Nick Perez

Just had a burger there. Its f-ing good!!

Samuel Newton

A little pricey, long wait and not great fries. However the burgers are great

Dan Miller

fast food prices but mich higher quality.

Christie Kepler

Cheeseburger was nice and juicy. The fries almost seemed sweet. The interior seating was minimal. The daily specials seem hard to come by it seems, first come first serve basis.

Angello Cruz

Great food. Service was great. Came for a second time in less than a month...

Julian Lubitz

Excellent fries. Chix sando had perfect crisp. Ordered chix "nonla way" - comes with jalaps, nonla sauce, etc gives it just the right kick. The vanilla ("flavor of the day") shake was no more than mundane yet filled the dessert void adequately.

Eric Knapke

Straight forward and simple menu. If you're looking for a gourmet burger you'll be disappointed, but there is something to be said for the simplicity of the menu. Burgers, chicken, and fries are all great. Seating and parking are both very limited, but it's worth the wait!


Possibly the best burger in Kalamazoo. It's a very small restaurant and parking can be a challenge. The menu is very small, however, every menu item is amazing. You must try the hand-cut fries with your burger. You won't be disappointed.

Kellie Rose Collins

When I think of Kalamazoo, amazing food isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but that’s exactly what you’ll get when you go to Nonla Burger! I traveled around Michigan for a week and I can say without a doubt, this is the best food I had on my trip. I even went back for seconds! I’m a vegetarian and was unsure if they would have anything I could eat besides fries but followed my carnivorous friend in anyways. The super friendly staff was SO helpful and patient. Offering me a delicious veggie patty or a grilled cheese which is off their secret menu. I recommend ordering everything you get “Nonla Way” which adds grilled onions, cilantro, cucumbers and jalapeños. Drool worthy. Everything we got was beyond delicious and both meat eater and vegetarian were more than satisfied. Seriously so good, I’ll be dreaming of this place on my way back to California. Good bye for now, Nonla!!!

Fabian Banuelos

They have great service and great food

Colleen Kimberly

Nonla has great service and awesome food. I've had the Double cheeseburger and fries and the Korean BBQ chicken sando (sandwich). The burgers are always made fresh and hot. Perfect amount of toppings. The Korean bbq was so good. I loved the egg on it and the "slaw" on it helped give it a crunch and cooled it down a bit since the sauce is spicy but not too spicy.

Matthew Wells

Good friendly service, great food.

Wayne Perg

One of the best little local burger places in Kalamazoo. They are able to accommodate vegan and gluten free diets and their fries are amazing. Definitely a place worth checking out. Though be advised there is almost no parking (they said to park by the fence at the car repair place across the street).

Fab5IVCoopers 32

If your looking for a great place to eat, something that is different this place is it!! Really great quality food!! Price's are just right for the portions you get. Staff is very friendly, place is extremely nice and clean. What I like the most is... The menu is plain jane and simple!! Keeps it easy for you to make your selection of what your eating. Very fast turn around time for the to make everything. Little building but packs a HUGE punch!!! Thanks guy's for an incredible experience. Definitely will keep me coming back for more!!

David Kobb

The burger wasn't bad, but nothing special. Better than most fast food places, but not quite as good as Five Guys. Fries were good and service was nice. A little overpriced.

Dan Burkett

This place is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a delicious burger or chicken sandwich! The fries were really good and portion size was plenty too!

Troy Wallace

Super yummy fast-casual hip joint with great prices and better food. Follow @nonlaburger on Instagram to see their daily special (always something great!). The basic burger and chicken sandwich are amazing, especially for the price!

Elanor Riley

Small location but cheap, great quality food and fries.

Matthew Sovers

Prices are cheap and you get what you pay for. Probably the most lackluster burger I've ever had with the thinnest patty imaginable.

Matthew Van Horn

Do you want to eat some of the best unknown food available? Do you want phenomenal fries and a milkshake to top it off? Want that small town burger joint feeling? This is your place. Eat here and it'll likely be the best burger you've had in a long time.

Bill McNair

Very friendly staff. Local business. Excellent burgers and fries. Reasonably priced.

Chad Gowan

Best tasting burger I've had in a long while.


Great food and friendly staff.

Kevin Martini

Keep up the amazing specials!

Mason Alt

Best Philly cheese steak I've ever had.

David VanLuke22

One of the best places in town to get a burger. They know what they are doing. I highly recommend ordering their fries; They are super addictive just gotta add a bit of salt. After you try the burger try the Chicken Sando. You won't be disappointed! My mouth is watering. Gtg!

Rich Miholick

I love this place! It is clean, relevant and the food is delicious. I had a double cheeseburger and fries. The double was delicious and a throwback to all the best bar cheeseburgers I have had. The fries were the best I've ever had, really. And one order is easily enough for two people. It's close and delicious. Parking may be challenging.

Ahmed Alfaraj

I kinda had everything there, Burger is the best they have, it’s not the best but it’s similar to five guys!

Luke skywalker

Always worth it and their daily specials are usually super good. Makes me happy seeing a local place becoming super popular, support local businesses!

Andy Esper

Simple, honest burgers! Cool place, out of the way spot

Blain Jenkins

Ive never been dissapointed!

Melissa Snells

Good hot burgers and fries

William Hartley

Hole-in-the-wall kind of place. Very limited menu. Excellent hamburger.

Andrew Bermudez

A more homemade version of in-out burger LA

Hendo ThaNeezy

Excellent value. There's clearly a ton of homemade going on in the food. They need to anticipate more demand for their daily specials!

Chad C

Unique place, was looking forward to the best burger in town. Fries were good. The burger was average, but not bad. Will not get their cheese again on the burger. The cheese had no taste and was Hot N Now like or McDonald's like. A good cheese should have flavor not tasteless melted mess. Will likely return, but not often.

Calvin Cobb

Prices great, food good, space adequate. Order accuracy below Expectations. The ordering process seems over complicated.

Emily Groth

Always love it! The staff is always super helpful and friendly! Food is at a great price, and now that its warmer out there is even additional seating!! Its a must have experience for sure.

Nic slocum

Food is delicious and reasonably priced! The ladies working were friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a good burger!

John Connell

Place is quiet and quaint. Lovely atmosphere but the burgers are nothing more than a frozen patty. Fries are delicious. Price of the burgers are slightly high considering the frozen patty. Nonla Burger needs to step up their “burger” game

Samantha Williams

Great little place in Kalamazoo. The NB Double was delicious. The burger was put together just right; flavors good. The fries are a huge portion, definitely shareable between 2-3 people. They are pretty good. Quick service. Price reasonable. I got the impression there is more to the menu than meets the eye, but I didn't have time to ask. My only hesitation at this point is related to the milkshake of the day. Maybe the strawberry was just an off flavor but it wasn't special in any way.

Chee Cheong

Great burger. Chicken sandwich would be awesome if it was sandwiched with waffles. Their shake is pretty good. Priced very fair. If you're looking to dine in, you may not find a place to sit if it's busy.

Alina Tuthill

Consistently delicious burgers and fries at a super reasonable price. Service is always fast and friendly. Great to have something at this location.

Dana Cunningham

Wish it were a bit bigger with more seating. I froze every time the door opened. Burgers were fantastic, perfect size!

R How

The slaw they put on the chicken sandwich only had carrots in it, I expected at least a second veggie, the chicken was very moist and seasoned well.

Richard Swenor

I know a lot of people who genuinely adore this place, but I personally found it to be a pretty average burger. My friend and I were trying to identify the spices they put into the burgers and felt like it had a taco seasoning quality to the patty.

Braden Collins

Great place for a cheap burger, just found it and will definitely be back!

Maritza Graca Lobo

Really good burgers and fries. The place is very small but nicely decorated. They need a better parking, or a place where one can park on the street. Other than that, it is a good place preferably to go.

Ariel Stanley

While parking can be difficult, the food is so worth it! Everything tastes amazing and nothing is over priced. This place is the perfect middle ground between fast food and a more "sit down" dining experience. Think In-N-Out but, dare I say, better?!

Corey Brasher

Excellent burgers! Kids loved it and ate everything they had in front of them. Wife remarked that they are really great quality for not much more than a fast food joint, so win-win! Some website pics are a bit misleading, so just look at the menu. Two orders of fries fed four of us. Friendly staff to top it all off.

Brett Zukus

Excellent Kalamazoo burgers. Small menu, but not lacking in flavor. Sweet service and hip decor. Can’t beat the music selections. Limited parking. We’ll be back.

smg 4

Chicken sando was just a yummy as their burgers❤

Ben Steffler

One of the best burgers in KZoo. The fries are freshly cut and the Nonla spread is fantastic.

Debbie Fernandes

Best burger I have ever eaten.

Elaine Bussema

Good food, service and prices. Classic burgers, delicious fries and shake of the day!

Jennifer Derr

Small but funky place, great burgers and the biggest best chicken sandwich I ever had. Fries are phenomenal to and you get Plenty of them. 1 order for yourself is enough to share. Unless you're really hungry. LoL. Everything is super fresh with a nice Nola twist.

Raelyn Sanderson

Have not personally been to the restaurant — however I just ordered through DoorDash and it is DELICIOUS! If you like pickles, give theirs a try!

Miles Bennett

If you want a delicious affordable burger in a casual atmosphere, this is totally your place. Nola Burger is simple and clean. The atmosphere is kind of like a five guys, limited indoor seating and some outdoor seating. Can get kind of load, but it has great energy. The menu is relatively limited and lacking something that really only Nonla burger serves, but what they do serve absolutely meets and exceeds the need. The staff was respectful, cheerful, and ready to take complicated orders with ease.

paulette hunter

Very good burger place. The burgers and fries taste like they were made in your own kitchen. I actually had the Beyond Burger, their vegetarian option. It is delicious! I upgraded it to the "Nonla" way, which is additional condiments. The place is very small and parking is very scarce but I have never had a problem getting in. The service is quick and friendly and my delicious meal was fair priced at $12!

Bart Wheeler

Tasty burgers at reasonable prices. Chicken sando is very good also.

Twala Woods

Need more favor to meat love the French fries

David Miles

Cool place! Love the vibe here. Great burgers with fun and creative specials! The chicken sando is usually pretty great too but my last one had a bit of gristle. The music tends to be a bit on the loud side but I love the eclectic soundtrack. Overall this my current favorite place to grab a burger and fries.

Ray Fulkerson

You've got to stop by for a tasty burger along with their amazing hand cut fries. Did I mention the prices...oh so reasonable. The interior is cramped but the tables come open quick or you can get your food to go. Definitely a must stop in Kalamazoo.

Thomas Goostrey

The burger here was good. I would definitely get it again. The fries left something to be desired, but the milkshake was very good.

Danny Dunn

Burgers and fries are great, milk shake of the day is a don't miss.

Brett Black

Delicious burgers, great fries and friendly service! Try this place, you won't be disappointed!

Anders Dumont

Quaint spot. Modern and delicious take on a classic American burger joint. If you've never been, try the chicken sando with fries, nonla way.

Jose Sebastiani

Food so fresh and delicious, French fries addictive, definitely a coming back place.


Fantastic burgers

Lorne Gaum

Might be the best burger in Kalamazoo

Heather Baker

Best burgers in town !!! Get your burger the nonla way!!! Amazing food!

Brittany Dominick

Nonla burger is like In-n-Out with a funky twist. Simple menu & very affordable but everything is very good. Their fries are the best I've ever had.

Jay Vanbuskirk

Delicious! Staff was awesome as it is at all the Nonla locations!

Rian Caldwell

This place is fantastic! The place is small and the parking is difficult but your wait is completely worth it. These are the best burgers in the city. Fresh made with a fantastic sauce, sends these burgers to another realm. You only need 1 fry, the shakes are also awesome, if you're feeling shakey get 1.

Zackary Cowan

Simply great food at fair price. We've become regulars here. Highly recommend.

Whitney Briggs

Best burger place ever!

Megan Scott

Amazing chicken sandwich!

Jason Groth

All the noms!! The chicken sandwich is bomb. Ask for light onions on your burger if they are not your favorite. Fries were super tasty, fresh and lots of flavor. Shake was good, but lacked a little something.


My favorite burger spot in Kalamazoo. Quality ingredients are used, and you can really tell. Their specials are always fun and tasty. Only downside is the wait, but even that isn’t too bad.

David Whiting

Great food. Friendly service. Had a chicken sandwich like nothing I've had before. Delicious

Amy Hohler

The parking is always a trick. There are times that I don't stop because of a lack of parking. I always get my food to go since it is so small. Love the shakes and 1 order of fries is big enough for two people.


The best double cheese burger you will find around the area.

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